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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 17, 1873, Image 3

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DECEMBER 17. 173.
: t ri .' Mo ART1IUK, inc . M
Advertlaors who tuny wish to reach til
1'ooplebf Vnton and adjoining; counties,
Cfin And no, better medium tlinn tlio Mo.
Arthur -Kiiqulror,
Advertising- Agent,
is an-authorlsed A (rent to Venleve' advertise
ments for this paper, ilo has special ar
rnngeincnts with religions, agricultural aud
otiior newspapers.
Xy IN Di NU. Persons having magazines or
I 1 hooka of any kind they wish to hnvo
hound, can leave tlicm at this office and In duo
tiuio ran receive them properlr bound. Wo
uuve in ami arrangements woreny wo can nt
teud to tliis branch ol' business at low prices.
Green Apples for Sale
At this office. Come and gbt sotpa
before thoy are all gone. , ' ;
ma . tm Urn
The roads iu many parts of this
county were badly washed by r tho
rains of last week.
Ir. N. J. llotvors, Dentist, MoArthur, 0
Sr-uuii's Port Chafe Wine. This
'excellent product is prescribed and
used by the leading physicians of
the county.
Danveus Tearce, formerly a res
ident of this place, but now tele
prraph operator it New Straitsville,
is (.pending the Holidays with his
many friends in McArthur. Time
docs not change Ida quiet, gun i til
ways which were so characteristic
to him in his school-days.
Have not purchased any Goods
for the Holidays, have you? Then
go to the House of Will k Co., nt
Zaleski! They have just received
a superior assortment of goods of
every description. Go vind sou
what a magnificent assortment they
kavc, and learn the low prices!
Nr. N J. llowers, Dentist, Mo Arthur, O
Zaleski Loduz, At the first an
nual communication of the Zaletiki
Lodge,. No. 472, P. and A, M., held
December 3, 187:$, the following
olllccrs were elected for the ensuing
year: "Robert Thompson, W. M.;
J. A Putz, S.'W.;"T. E.' Knauas, J.
W.; J. H. Walters, Secretary; E.
1'isher, Treasurer; C. Stockliu, S.
1).; E, Murray, J, I).; A. Vansky,
'mi f...
J. S. Hutiv, Dealer in Tinware
Stoves, ifec.,' opposite the McArthur
Hons?, keeps ou hand for sale in
23, 50 and 75 cent boxes, the cclo
"brated Vacuni Oil Blacking, for
softening and preserving harness,
boots, shoes, buggy tops, Ac. The
best article in use Directions on
each box. Go and get a box and
try it.
JJr, IIuiin has for sale the Na
tional llroiler, for broiling bocMoak,
ham, chicken, oysters, and for toast
ing bread. Only perfect arrange
ment for broiling meats ever invent
ed. Tho attention of the people is di
rected to the advertisement of Mr.
luiN, in this paper,
Anotiieii Flood. A Hood in the
middle of December in this climate
is a rare occurrence, but in tho last
twelvo days there have been two
Hoods in this county. During tho
urciitor part of las,t week rain cuu
tlnuud to Call, and on Friday after
noon a general deluge of rain camo
down. Elk Fork, Puncheon Fork,
and all the other streams in this
vicinity, and Big Raccoon, were
higher on Saturday , than ' they
were ever known to bo wUliin tliP
memory of the oldest inhabitant,
Tho water covered tho railway and
entered the Car Shops at Zaleskl,
Many farms . along tho streams in
Vinton county, aregroatly damaged
by tho great flood.
m i '
Pktkrson'b Magazine for Jan
uary is already out, oud a magni
ficent number it is! The principal
Hpool engraving, t'Qoo Morning,
Mama." is one of the mosirTusa
fill wo ovor Baw. Jrond- its com
panion, "The Trailing Arbutus,"
which illustrates a story by Fran1
Lei? IIehepict, nro alone worth (tlio
prico of tho uumbor. Tho double
size, colored, steel fashion pinto is
unrivaled, and will fascinato all the
ladles, Then there is a largo col .
orcd Berlin pattern, a really gujierb
affair, and such would cost, at a re i
tall store, fifty, cents. We do not
oxaggrato in saying that tho' Jun
nary i) umber la a perfect gem of
loveliness. The stories are all unu
sually good even for Peteiujos.' By
all means subscribe for Uiis Maga
ziuo for 1874. Hpcclmonij are scrji
gratis to Huho wishing to get up
clubB, Addrcas v. Jt Pktkiwow,
800 Chestnut St., PhlUdelpbla, J
Money is Saved When Best
The ITouso'of Dax Will & Bros.,
in McArthur have just received
their stock of Goods for tho' Ilolli
days. They, can offer some of iho
most decided'1 bargains that have
ever been offered . lit this market.
Their stock is full ano" complete-
selected with grent care. Tho re
duction in values that has taken
placo within the last few weeks in
all kinds of Dry Goods lias been
enormous; prices of everything
iu Foreign and Domestic Goods
have declined bo much that goods
are 61Hn' to-day ' at ; much . lower
prices than ever before id' 'tho his
tory of the Dry Goods trade; of
this decli.no thf.y havo fortunately
taken advantage of, and have pur
chased , largely at reduced prices.
Their largely increased sales for the
last few weeks convince them that
thopubllo appreciate' their endea
vors to furnish GOODS AT LOW
PKICES'Tliat ttTef ' ar'o'5lfering
thoj bargains Vo represent, all wbo
laTofj,tlepwit-h a call will be con
vinced. t. 'Their stock is imusiial
lyfvlland complete, Tlio goods
are all new and fi-esh, and .the pri
ces at' least thirty per cent, lower
than' tho goods have been sold with
in the Jast ten years. ,'fhey invito
examination Jof their stock, feel-
lng.nssiired that purchasers will bo
pleased' with styles and prices.
j.'i'tiE McArthur Enquirer says it
is reported that Fkanuis Suauics, ol
Zaleslci, has .- absconded, leaving
$3,0(IQ of hnlJtediiess. It will bo
remembered that Mr. Siiadbs was
the first Sheriff of Vinton county,
Ye;, sir, Francis Shades has left
for unknown parts, leaving not only
$3,00D,but almost $5,000, of indebt
edness. Ho even borrowed several
hundred dollars of ttvo aged wid
ow women and added chat to his
pile before he departed. We know
of one farmer in this county who
endorsed a note for Shadks, and
is left to pay only $550; another,
who did the same, has to pay $532;
and soon. Suppose ho was "the
first Sheriff of Vinton county after
its organization,'! should those
whom ho has left almost penniless
look at that as the least..ioof of
his honcbtyV That will frol relieve
any of his creditor, and is nothing
in Shadks' favor, unless it might
be that during tho timo he was the
"first Sheriff," he was a Democrat,
and of course he could not be n dis
honest man. But ton years after
that timo lie must have lost his
honesty, or tho Democratic parly
became too honest for him, as it
was about this time that he joined
the party which, is endorsed by the
standard through "thick and thin,"
for the sole purpose of being "Sher
iff of Viutou county" a second time.
Ilo was elected. During tho war
ho held the office of Provost Mar
shal of Vinton county, which fi.ct,
no doubt, was overlooked by the
Standard As AmsTiDiiS wasa med
for his learning, and wisdom, and
Cicero for eloquence, then, accord
ing to the Standard editor's philo
sophical explanation of this extra
ordinary phenomena, Shades was
famed in such a great degree for
being "the first Sheriff of Vinton
county after its organization," that
absconding to parts unknown with
nearly $5,000 in money belonging
tQ honest ponple, will not in the
east discolor or injure his charac
ter in Vinton county.
P. S. It is rumored thte morning
(Tuesday) that F. Shades is in Cin
Tim following is tho report of tho
standing of the pupils iu Ilamden
High School, for tho term ' ending
December 0, 1873.
John Ilofllincs.
Thomas Craig. ,
Alyin McKinnitm
Allio L. llobblns
George Colvill..
Homer Robbins.
A. V Tjnl.l.ma '
... - , .....,.,... t I ,
Hugh Cameron '
H. Hondoi'son
A. W. Kriobcl.
Willie Paine.,.,...
George Smith,... .'.'.,
Anna McKinnlssV.
Emma Hcskitt. . . . . ;
Nelllo Oolong.. ,
warms uarracl. . . ', ,
iianda Funk. . . .". . . :
VlUlilNJ! utniiiH. ...... d .. . .
Mary Thomas..
Hattle Cramer. . , . .
0. Campbell..... . ..
Wll iUIIIU, , ,, Mil .1 I
Flora Biikor. , ; , , , ,
Orpha McKinnUs. . . . '.
Annlo Norrls. ', ; . .; ........ ;'.
Amanda Hcskitt. . . v'. , .
Faiinio Johnson, . . , , ., ,
R. M. STEELE, Teacher.
:' .; m 'n -
, Dr, N, J. Uqtrun, DoutUt. Mol rthnr, O
. ' ""Ml 'j i
? Is it not strange that Dr. B.
Duakb and Mrs. Emma Mooki, wid.
ow, i wltli two little children, off
AMcnsvulo, Vinton county, O., liay
ra(k awsy together? The Dr, leftvc
a wife and bouio ohihlron. . They
took tho eastward bound train ' at
RayiVlIle about two wptki rg, "
A Paper of Established Keputation,
- ',. .; ApiFTED TO Tn
Fireside,' Parmer, Mechanic,
. Manufacturer, Merchant,
Banker, Professional
:v Man. ; ,
1 lipcomlnn yr romlnn lo lio ail eirentful
oiib In nojlUii. Lt'HilinK qiiostiona lire to be
niut diiU (lecldoiL nt above 1)11 it la lo bo tin
turmlneil whether the Kuuubllciui hiirtv hull
bo purgod or all IU objootioiiablu feature and
rotuincd In powur, or whether tlio (iovoru
muutahnll be snirored to lull into tba ImnUa of
tho old DuiiiooMlia nririiiii.nttnii. 'l'l.n ....u-
party movement which brouirht out lloruco
l.i ooloy for tho l'lonldcncy in 1879, Mil Blmwud
itsolt fuflhlo In Ohio uinl Kow YorkTn 187,baH
luiiuu uiwiiy. u nun uannuxi in rustorlnii to
lila tho Dviiioorntln pKrtvr, hut it In now en
tirely out or tho Hold of politic, ami thoroaru
but twoorgnniisntions before the rountrv Ito
publican nud Democratic In view u tlilu
runt the Gmtttt holds;
I. That tho rcHtoratlon of the Oemocrallo
i.ni i,v ui power would uo a national calamity.
It in the saiuo now tbat it was Inlaw, vlico
tho MiBnouri Uiui proin i) wai repealed and
the fugitive Miive law adopted; tlio same aa il
wa iu 1800, when the great rebellion wa or-
(ranlzed; the same as It wnalroin 1H60 to 1H06
wncn. nn a party it sympathized with the rob.
ola. The results of th wnr ii.tru h..n ....
copied by it in pood faith. It owes a debt to
.. OTii. iiin ii luniia, wnicn u paid would en
tail a heavy burden upon tho nation. It
Would Dav fi.r Dm an...,.i. ,,.. I ....i ...
sumo part of tho expensca Incurred by the
South in its efforts to destroy tho Government
It-ia essentially a corrupt party. Wherever It
una iowr ii siiunniiora aud atcnls. The
I amniuuy rlntt la au illustration of Democrat
lerulo. In Kew York mini
Democratic olllclals, and to this day not one
ol the thieves hua been punished.
8. The attmlt holds thai in so ftf M the
Republican party haa crreil, it should be re.
formed, in ordar that it my be worthy of Ita
It Is the party of freedom. It la progressive.
It is) not tied to the past nor the present, but
leaniiuar aa it rjrouri-.. it i. r....i.t. i
grasping the future, dniiping wlmtevor tho
nation has outlived, nnd taking hold of every
measure of reform which exuerfeuco may have
uuuiuuBiraieo. as juat and lu the line of pro.
Sress. To thisend ovory dead weight must be
ropuod. To land grant lobs, railroad mo
nopolies, salary grabs, anil ex tt avagiint appro
prlntlons there must he a tm. ami iim.ni.ii
cans, however high they may havo stood:
however much thoy may have dono for the
party and tlio country, who have connected
themselves with schemes nirnnnivn t. m im...
est public, must bo ordered to the rear. No
nun is MOBorvingoi a position in the itupuh.
ieiin partv who does not stand above suspic
ion, or who uses a position of sacred trust to
advance privato interests. The ltepublicnn
party cun not stand unless It comma mis (lie
ruspuci uim couiuience oi tna people. In oriler
that it may havo both, it should bo thorough
lv purgeil. aud to that end tho Oatelle will
devote it heat effort, having in view (helm-
poriiinen oi continuing in power tho grent
piiny mi n inn a nnnio tecoud tonone in the
pngoHof Amerienn history. ,
8. The thrillers' movement la an honest one,
and it has our sympathy, and will huvo our
support. We do not recoirnl It m i iiiii...!
party. Itdncs not claim to be such, but it has
i.. .ii. n.Mtii b uesiru io see engraiteu
Into Hepiibllcan plutforms, und it Includes
measures which we shall labor to have curried
out by the lliipublican partv.
,, The nntlons aiitfers from Intemperance.
i ins is onooi the great evils of the day. It
may not bo suppressed by prohibitory laws,
hut. so far as practicable, legislation should
be directed aguinst tho trnlllo In intoxicating
drinks. Tills end is attainable through the
Republican party, nnd we call upon temper
ance reionnuts to throw their inlluunce in
this direction, rather than fritter it awny
through separate political organizations.
8. .Su nlled organs of public opinion that de
serted the ltepublicnn party in 18T3 und joined
the opposition, arodungoroiis guides, and lire
U be uvolded, uot followed. Our observation
is that the ruction that controlled tho Cincin
nati convention iu I8li and now makes tho
loudest professions of lionostv, is mado up
mainly of men who brought disgrace upon the
Hepiiblican party, and having lost standing
bcenusoof their bud habits, are now seekinga
place Iu soniu party that will recognino them
as lenders,
ti. The financial questions is one of para
mount iinporliince. Extremes aro to be
avoided. Specie payments aro iu tho future.
Contraction at present, would be disastrous.
Kxpnnsiuii would also bo destructive. The
"let ulone" policy is tho best one. Tlio na
tional hank act needs to be amended iu or
der that tho.-o institutions tuny be operated
in the interests of tlio iudustriiil classes rather
than In the interests of gigantic speculators
nail stork nnil ineiTantiiegamhlors. A return
to specie payments! to bo kept in view, but
this can not he brought about until tliurouu
try is readv for It. The iicvilmni.i: at ......
country Is ready for It. Tim development of
...ii irauillipn in mu uily BU1M rilBlt toaSpCCU!
currency. If attention shall bo wisely direct
ed lo this point, and wo ahull avoid forced
contraction mi one hand and rucklus pxnnn.
eion to tho other, apucio payments will follow
in duo timo.
The guueral character of tho Cincinnati
Ua Itt Is so well known that it needs no
explanation. While itls a Republican paper,
it usks no favors of those in power, und It
is independent in Hint it fearlessly expose,
abuses, w hethor IhsldeoniutMldeol tliu pavtv,
..in. ,,1.1,11 ii ii.'.ti,, ji, rucojni.ea no pfiiiti
eal I'riciidshii) lor men who heti-nv ti...i..
tiiiHls. nor will it seek to rnvi.r im or ,.,.,l
oglzo for abuses that ought not to exist in
any pun wormy tnu support of tho Amnrl
can people. As a newspaper, it aeknowl
odges uo superior. Its value us an agricul
tural paper Is recognized by practical far
mers, Ihoimaml of whom exchaniro thnlr
views throuirh Us columns,
All M fikmniiiN.
cial papor, it ia standard atitboritv.
The Weekly OattUt Is an eiirht liaira niuv
3 We
f tin
is an eight pi
... miii -iiihiii. voiiiiiina, iirinieei l
r... ..i.r ....i ?
... ..,H,.V vu,.,,.i.., iiiiiiim iruiu stereo
type plate,- and the Dally and Heml-Wcekly
aie of the sums size, and printed in similar
.-!......! 1-. .. . .
The followluir are thatiunia nr fl... n....n.
for tho ensuing year:
Weekly Oaietle.
Ono Copy
. 00
. 1 75
. 1 19
. 1 60
. 1 DO
. 1 46
. I 40
r ive ;oiios, each. ...
mil .copies, qnen
Twenty conies, each
Thirty copies, each,.
r nty oopiei, each. ...
Hixtv cunies. each
Seventy. II ve copies, each
- - . . .. - u . v v. , ' , -.,! ,,, , J 3
One hundred copies, and over, each 1 85
1 35
Premium' to Subiorlbera In Cluba,
We will lend 751s WttHi Gatttt one year,
id a Gold-Plated Mnirin 1'onell. rlnir l.ni.,1 '
vcrvllnn, and auitalilu (bra ladv ur gentlemen:
or, Il preferred, a No, (Kiold Pou, with (iolil.
Plated and KlHiny Telosenpu lloVler, to
every oliibauhscrilier deal rliiglt, at tho follow-
lug I1W1-,U.1
Iii Clubs of Klvn
Clubs of Klvn-l'apor and Pencil, or
Paper nnd Pen 15
Clubs of Ten . j 10
in ( lulls or Twenty 8 05
in iiuns o i niny g oil
III Clubs of Kifty ., a tig
In Clubs of Kevctity-flne I DO
in Club of Ono 11 und red and ovor 85
Semi-Weekly Qaaetta,
Ono Copy, ano yea.,,
Kivo ('(inlua. each
...M 00
.... 8 50
. . . . S 85
.... S 00
Ten Copies, each
Twenty Copies, and over, each.
rremluma to Subscriber In Cluba.
We will aend Th4 SuM.WttUu a,iMttii un
year and a very line Uold-Platod Magic Pou
cil, suitable for lady orgontlemu;'or, If ire
fcried. o fine No. 6 (ioliL.J'ttn, and Uuld
Plated and Kbony Huldur, to. ovory club
itibacrlbcr dealrins V, the following rates
lit Cluba of Vivo, Papor and Pencil, or
Paper and Pen ft ns
In Clubs of Ten 4 711
In Cluba of Twenty, and ovor...-, . 4 50
Bend lor Terms to Agents.
now BigTOaiDi
Just published, it new edition of f)r. f!ul-
verwell'a Celolaratetl Kasar on tho raillml
eur (without medlcinu) of Hi'xkhatokriioka
or Heutlnul Weiikues, Involuntary Hem In a!
Losses. Im potency, Mentnl and Physical In
capacity, Impediments to Marriage, etc; also
Consumption, Epilepsy and INta, Induced by
aclMmlulgenc.eorauxunt extravagnnro.
ater'Prlco In a sealed envelope only six
Tho celebrated author. In this admirable na.
lay, clearly demonstrate from a thirty years'
siiecosiiui prneuco, that mo alarming conse
qiienr.coraeirabusemay bo radically cured
without the dangerous uso of internal mcdl-
cine or the application of tlio knife; polutlng
out a iikmIo of cure atonco simple, certain and
ciructiuM, by means of which ovory siitroror,
no niiuuT wiiut ins eoniiiiiou niuy lie, may
euro liiinsoir cheaply, privately anil rudi
oally. , ''. , . i
H4y Thla lectnra should bo lu the hands r.f
every youth and every man lu the land.
neni uniior sohi. in a plain envelope, to any
address, jioM-patol, ou receipt of six cents, or
two postags slam M.
Also, Ur. PLVKWieLl.,s"MarrlawOuldo,"
price 60 cents, ,
Address tho Pnhl libera. , ",,'
CHAft. J. C. KI.INK CO,, V
m Bowery, Now York, 1'. O, Vox 4,580.
aU-lr -
Tho nndoralgnivd has boon duly anpolnUid
Admlnlstratlx of ilia antat of J.u.1 il nu.n .
land, Sr., Into of Vluton county, Ohio, do's
od. All persona ImloliUnl to tho eslMia areiu.
(inestcd to mako Immedlato payments d
tlioso having olahus against aald MUM will
S resent them, duly auUieutiealud, to (i UU
erslgned for allowance. . ,'
Dtwmbsrn,181-w, AdmluialraUa.
- t r
in Goods, M Goods!
Come and examine them and, satisfy yourself that I sell nt tho prices
I advertise. Haying just received a LARGE STOCK, bought during
tho panic for cash, when CAsn was SCARCE. :
I Positively defy competition, and Challenge any
Merchant in Ohio to Compare Prices
No Trouble to
"Too; Thin!"
It is trouble to show them, but wo dheerfully and will
be glad of the opportunity, for when you
see my goods and prices, you are
: sure to buy.
, chines,
Which I Will Sell at JGO OO Each, Ifceffii
lar Irico 843 OO. "Warranted
I?eriect in Every
. Hespect.
Best Black mixed Waterproof,
Good " " . .
Best Gold " , . . . . . .
Good " " ......
Good all Wool Flunnel, ' - -
Best Brown Muslin, . - ... .
" Prints, - - - . . .
" Coirce, - '. . .
" White Sugar,
" Brown "
And every thing clso in proportion.
ioaLe:o'33euJ.iainar, Mainst.,
Kiaait ST !,
Would call special attention to his
, nt nu Dion MAM wrra
FaUaUi Fss. 8 and Bept 31, 1860.
All the best
Coal Stoves! Wood
m ;
.-".x" r ' ' if : ,,w"Ha
- a f ww x. ...
Of every description, made of beat quality of tin plate.
' A grand assortment of
Glass-Warc I Qucciis-Warc I Plated Goods ! Tabic Cutlery !
Coffee Mills! Spoons ! Wooden-ware !
Clothes Wringers, Meat Cutters, Sad Irons and Stands,
01 still have a considerable
I am closing out, regardless of COST I
fjyhpouting, Kootjng, and Repairing dono neatly and cheaply!
jf43rTin-ware made for the Wholesale Trade trade at low ilgures.
ATBfCall and see how aheap I soil.
Vea. n, lB73-tf. , J. 8. 11U1IN.
liaf lis! :
S. C.
H ,.: i- i.
',,; ' ,
; -i .. ..
I i- i
OiFers .to tho ' Trade, a Qood
' v Stock Suitable fox Decern-
' :. 'I i. V ' ' ' ' T L '
' "ben triado
' '. . " ' " ... vf I
Bv U:Vl;:ji ,.,.., ,., ,
-.. t '' . ok v V '1
.: , i f t . - ,
,'i l' T .1 ..I ,.m (, I
1 ' '
Show Qoods" is
$1 15
1 00
1 15
1 00
- 2&
unusually largo and complete stock of
Articles, &c. !
patterns of
Stoves! Coolc Stoves!
Goods, &c.
stock of General Hardware, which
IMai Goods !!
: I
at Populaz
. I .. I
;..Prices;'rr':' ;'- !
. I . :.-,.: i .
anLucoiiiE, p '
iwwsr ifi m
War Has Been Declared I
Awful Slaughter I
While . the country is being agitated with any number of sensational
. reports of the "Virginius matter," and the excitement among
the people is intense, yet it is aot half so great as
that caused by the fearful
miw i
; of all descriptions, nt the enterprising house of
Realizing that "Times aro Hard," "Jloney Scarce," nnd the people
want all they can get for their money,
and have therefore
In every department. We aro now offering our entire stock nf floods.
0W CRIGITfAL COST i - This will give the most ASTONISHING BAR.
GAINS ever offajred in this place ! It mnat be understood that these
inducements are ofTcred Only to Cash or prompt-paTinar ihort-tima
uuyoii. gT vuuuiAiix r&vvuvE, or every description, taken in
exchange for Goods.
It will pay buyers of DRY GOODS, HATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SHOES.
and prices. Come and see for yourselves. You will find us still at
The old Comer Store," one floor West of Court House, McArttiiir, Olio.
Nov. 2G, 1873. n46
The First Great Battle I
Brilliant Victory !
T. jsl. Martin cfc Son.
Best Story auflSMcHPaDcrPilislici
Circulation 85U,000. , ;
largest Circulation of any Paper in
tho "World.
Everybody Rcaila It I
J'.voryUotly Auralro II I
Kacll Xow SliIiscrlliiT. furtlrt ,lla. ulll
rucuivo tlio Nkw Vuuk weekly Tor ono your,
aud liis cliuiuuuf ,
1. "SO COLT)."
KltllOrof 11mn ll.HtlifilWhlnnind la ivnvll.
Ilio iirico or subucription, uuU will mnke a
auitnblc lili'turo for any piirlor. Wo have bud
I hum printed from original ilesiirns of our
own, uinl limy ctynot lip iirocureil tlHOwboro.
Stud litre dollars, and von will rai.nl vn inn
moat popular litorarr minor in lliu vuill for
ono year, ontainiuj about
34 Complete Kurlal Blork'a.
ISO Short Skotrlli-aof Love anil Adventure,
IW I'ocnis,
WW I'lonsant l'nraKruulis, . ;
Nl KnggoaUv Kaaaray . '
W Josh Itilllntr' Artlelca, .
.KW Kpli-o-llox C'ontrilmllons, '
Our Kliquolto Dcpnrtmout, giving advlco
n Uoorl Itohfivior. fui.l tnKti.iu..Htitp n.n vn.i.inr
Imw fo nit nt Wi'iMIiiks, I'artioa, utn.
13(10 Kuiiwloiliro-Jlox llccinrtanil Sloillcnl
UIO AimwoMto (Jnrrasponilunta, on Law,
Lnvo, Loifiii nnd llintory.
X) ituma or lnU'n,t.
ti'i LmliOH1 Wnrk.llov Arlli-li. ninlir,.li.
ndvico nlHiiit tlio Maklnar nnd (.'iittini ol'
Urwaiia. Die Hi'lcrtion of Mnteriuls, lite,
00 lliaturicnl llvuu. n.. vie... uml a nnli.li-
ol ollinr inUrroslina; roadiua; malU-r.
K"Snlisci ll)u for tlio Vow York
nnd you will lie
Amnsed, Entcrtainod, Instructed,
and obomoil by tlio weekly vlslta of a pnpor
tbnt novor lBilcd to merit, the osteein of iu
million of rottilera.
Tho TornjH tu 8naerlbors:
Ono Year I coiy (with CUromo . -
- - J:l,(K)
. . B,00
. - 10,(10
- su.uo
- ii'M
- . IWc
. ? 75o
- . 1,(W
9 copUia
One Copy Ono Month -
two monma -"
Tfira mnnihl
" t'uur montlia
Tlioio mud In if IIU) for a olub of oiirht. all
sent at one tlma, will b on titled to ninth
copy raaa. uoutra op otuluna can rirwurd
add fllnglo aubimfliera at t 40 uai h.
A Cbromo will bo aaut onlv to tluina innillnr
13, for one year'a aubteriptlun.
auuT-Deeiiiion coinea can oe aoon at every
iKint-olUco, Urufc-itoro, and nowa AKiioy
throughout the Union.
All Littkwi should ii iddrkaakd ro
miami'isb. oiuiTti, I'roprlolora,
87, SO, and SI Iloso St., K. Y., V. a Box 4896
Jcwaro of Counterfeits I
Mitwiw lo irlt (A. rovnttrftiu lo Mi. arm mUu.
l?.'JTiMl',1'!Li'" -
ormiiNB rill.ar.iinfillniln Uiamr. ofili ami,
pun ulaiiilOanafrnua iHnnuiato which th. fnnula
cmnUtution I. aubjouu Th imdmli ll jo.It.,
and euro all aupprvmion n( Uiomraaai whanoatwl
J.y cold, billaiuiiiiUun. or ilwi. In til cunol
!..iT,,ua and K,,lul Aflwtloiia, P.lna Intb. Hli
.i S' ,,,l n,l,!m,M allx it Martlun, Palplutlon
Ilia Hwirt, llvKlorloa and WbilM, tlio will oiled a
fiirowlionplloOior moaua hnvo fMM, anil altiiouih
't piwwrlal, conlam notbiiif hurtful to tho moat
i Irnilar it, Kiialiali flermiui and Fmneb. aroond
oaobbiiill, it lull illreotlon and advio.. "
I Im ni'Niii n B I'llla ai o told at moat drut atona, but
f J"ur (intrant onnnt inpply Iho oknoink. Ao noa
im tin, . i M In aow.pt any antrflt or hngiu ar.
l:J"X Ono ,,."llur " u' P"Prialir, Jab
V"""" 18 .lndt Streol, Now Vork. with nam.
lit ospriwa nttixa t which you will rail forth, paok
jis,!id hoiilBiif tha ORNitiNC Villa arninnlyaiid
. iclr puokod lu plain wrappers wUl ba aaut bi rstuta
Ciira (loiniiia.Ooi.na, Abthiia, BmiKOHiTia, 8o1
..nB ,..nnu.-.lt,n anui.i'nu 1lHKAaKa. 'a'Afty
.V "I,?1" "'. ""xbo'n.. and any ohlld will taka
Ih.in, Tliouannda Iit. ha.n reaUwml lo liaallh tlut
had iMifor dfwiwlrnl. TiwUmony firm in hundnyla
It ?":.A,k Wl AN"8 flll.MONIO W AKKKS.
J'rrpamil l.y J O AKANCIUHK. '
No. DU Una liinbard, Pani. t .1
: :". ' .. twit rmm niatiir
If,1 Wjinrmalorrhna, or Hominal Wnaknw.
im. ' ."'ii """ 'rlni.i N.rroua ).
from Al.ua. and rlaorat llahiu. Thcf " who, aQ
iilhrraia.illo. fall.and han ban ud wlthaatoiiih.
na uoooa.hylhaluaillnt Knneh I'hyilcUna durina
th p" I'i ynara. Paai.Tilt of Advlo. In amrh bo,
or will b. Miit Krw to any wldrwa. I'rli-a II I per
Hnx. Kant by mall, awwaly Mulxl yrm all aw.
,,',i','J"!.!,'l),l Jne by any adTiwtliml Anna.
nsfiAB (. m kvx, U i)oHTUAu.i,, w.Yuiu,
H"U(l.ncal Anntfnr Amoriu.
MMamJ am maII AprltUOntinttiriotln ,
. v linirry oq thplirlloiilol
nll M A llnv.ltrlrakndrovl.llQf
' m W4VfcW .ihf MiUr.tim, wlibibt
UUH dltvrta prcAMlng ud prtviaUac oLTiprlud
thltli an lntriLlo woik or two fcandr! tad ililf ;
r'tidfi, wlih nnmftrotu ancrtvlniti, snd oonuiniTluaM
nforutllnn for IhoM who art niarri4,rooolnitlt in nr.
rUtt. Hi IU lilt ft bMk ib.toiihl lo U hfplun4ltci
D.ikr, n Hotltvld wrUuly tbonHh homt.
llcunUUi IU ip4rleno atutl tdvio of ft pbTfMfttl
bMrtiuuilLauli world vldt. ftitd theQld tlD Ike tiri-
Tifdr.wrr vrymft1 nil imftitiRruffcftiiiihRitrt
lob. It nbriuwi avflrythliiM on tha luMtet af Ibt 0
irailrt Ual Ii worth
aawUcajid naak Ibftl t
al aiukliaiBiaul In aUtV Othair WOrl.
Hf it ta anv ant (ItMarpoitafft) tttrFlft;
kadiB auvatavr won.
Can (I.
AdNrwM Ur. Haiti1 DUpamr;,)) lO Jf . Klkifttlrt,
It UvJa, Mt. . , , . m a
Uotlow to tli ifflicUd tnl TTnfcrtuuU
Mvnirfl apelrlnt U Kit aolorloat qaaakt wbo ad tart Ua U
Rnbllo ftMparo.ar aila my a-k rontdUo vontH Dr.
uiu' work aa MotMr waatfaiirdUaaMla. ar how oalar.
atitoaur aoadlUoa.
Dp. buita aMunlff doBMo naata af rwawtV'Wvas
rwamill tladarttwl hy hmii f Uo mvI aaUoraio! twodl
talprara-anrtaf ihUtauairr and Koroaa. taa aaaaa
nilwd prooiilljr ar tj taall.eonbtdlooottit ataattaMo la
hi work.. Otnoo tad aarlora.Ma. IB K. Klfklh lraV
Special Notices.
mida linvo already gone, and tUoimands more
uio turnliiK their oyra towards now homes in
he fortil e Weat. To tlioso going to Missonrl,
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utuh.Wyoming
Novndn, Oregon or ( nlllomia, we recommend
aehi'iit. safe, quick and diivct route, via St.
T.ouls, over tlio l'nciflc Itallrond, whleh runs
Itn Hno Iny Coaches and l'ullinnn Sleepers
from St. Louis to principal points In tlio West,
without ithauge. Wo beliovo Unit tho Mis
soiii I me.lllc lliiilroad h:m the best trwk nnd
tho finest nud snrtost eqliipiuent of any line
went or tlio MIssieBlppI, nnd Its connections
with ron.ln further West aro prompt and re
liable. The Toxnx connection of this road Is
now completed, and piwengcrs aro offered n
a first class all-rail route, rrom St. Louis to
Toxaa, cither over tho Missouri, Kansas
Texas It. It., via Scdalla, or over the Allan-
no Pacific It. It., via Vinita. For maps
timo tables, Information as to rates, routes,
&c, wo refer our readers to S. II. Thompson.
Eastern rasscngcr Agent, Columbus, Ohio, oi
E. A. Ford, G'n'r'l Passenger Agent, St. Lou
is. Mo. Questions, will bo cheerfully and
promptly answered. n25-ly
migration Turning. Cheap Farms In
Sonth.west Missouri. Tho Atlantic APaciac
Railroad Company offors 1,300,000 acres of land
In Central and South-west Missouri, at from $3
to U iporar.ro, on soven years' time, -with fret
transportation from St. Louis to nil purchRe
ors. Climate, soil, tlml.r, mineral wealtht
schools, churches, and law-abiding' society in
vito emigrants from all points to this laud of
fruits and flowers. For particulars address A.
Tucs, Laud Commissioner. St Louis, Mo. 1-ly
Ciiapkd hniids, fnce, rough skin, pimples
ringworm, snlt-rheum aud other cutaneous
nifoctions cured, and tlio skin mude soft and
smooth, by using tho .Ii'sickr Tar Soap,
made by Caswkll, Uazabp, 4 Co, X. Y.
lie certain to get tho Juniper Tar Soaj), a
there aro many Imitations mado Willi com
mon tur which aro worthless. 4t,
A CAItD. A Clergyman, "while residing In
South Amorirn, as Missionary, discovered a
safe and simple remedy for tlio cure of nerv
ous weakness, early decay, diseaao or the
urinary and seminal organs, and tho whole
train of disorders brought on by baneful and
vicious habits. Ureat numbers have been
oured by this nohlo remedy. Prompted by a
doairp to benefit tha allllctod and unfortunate,
I will send the reoulpt fr preparing and using
Ms medicine, la asoulod envelope, to anyone
woo needs it, i'rw o Vhnrgo Address
8latlou D, Illhlo House, N. Y. City.
Mnreli,itrw-v7.nio. '
who sunlervd for years from Norvons Ibllity,
Prematura Dooay, and all thecDocts of youth
ful iudisrtetloii, will, for tho sake of 'mirroring
humanity, send free to nil who need it, the ro
clpo and airootlou for makiug the simple
rcinody by which he was cured. Sufferers
wishing to proft by tho advertiser's expo
rlenoo hum ilo so by addressing, in perfect con
fidence, .lOHN ll.l)N,
' No. 4 Cedar St., N. Y.
For Ayor'i Medicines, go to G. Y. Slsson's.
The Beat Place. The choicest lot ofdro
cories, Queenswnre, Glasswaixi, NoHons, &c,
cua bo bud at Uavia Duncan's Storo, in Za
lnki( t all times. .
Corn, outs, potatoes and produco of ovory
dcsciiptiou taken in exchnngo for goods, at
his storo. In connection with hia storo he bus
BHiuldlo and Harness Shop, and will repair
anything In that line on short notice ami at
low figures. Go and soe him tf
To tha Suffarlng.-The Jlov. Wm. If. Nor
ton, while residing la llrusll as a Mlsnlonftry,
(Uncovered In thiat laud or medicines n remedy
for Cousuniptloii. Sowifula, Sure; Throat,
Coujrha, Colds, Asthma, and Nervous Weak
ness, Tills remedy haa cured uiysolf aflor oil
other niediclnoa had fulled.
' 'Wishing to benefit tho suffering, I will aeud
the rocipo for preparing and using this rem
edy, to all who desire It, Freo of Charge.
. Please send an envelope, with your name
and nddresg on It. Address,
070 Broadway. Now lurk City
March 1(1, 187S-vT,ul0.
For Flno rorfumory, go to BIskoii's Dmg.
For Ture Drugs nud Medicines, go toBls
ou't. .
Intention to Build a Bride.
Nntico ia hereby given In pursuance of law,
of tho lutuntlon of tho Coinmiasloiiera of Vln
tou county, Ohio, to build a covered ,
Across II lg Itacimon !rok, at the crossing of
thflZahwkl and Pnokanl's Mill Uoiul, near
tlio.ZnlPsklHluniu Mill, iu MiuIIhoii township,
nmltiio i ,
Pctltuiut fur and HtmnnMrtmet Jffnliut Hit
' ,. il 1 JhMiing .
Ot tho snuie, will bo conslilorod If Hied In tlio
Audiinr'M nlllce of t.all county, ou or bufora
N nudity, l)i'cenib. !;'.ilh,1M78.
lty orilor ol'tlio Coiumi isioiinrs. 'i
AuillUiryiyton County, O.
I)econihrfv;lM'-4t. v ' i -
A" raio" Chanca
r ; t-uni.)li lor 1 I 3
A .1.1- L . . i .1
I'ilt. liiiiir. Hii
... J w, " '
& Cincinnati Railroad.
On and after November I, 1878, Tralna will
. run as follows:
a : : : : :a : : !a
dSal : :::::::: : : :a
SftSsssssg aaa'a'ciia'a's sss's
: : : :::!:::: : j : j
ijrA t-fOaOOWCO M 01 m 4 - H 0000
afiiih jdjiili! ii;
Iii:!::: lilt
a ia V co -i iijirtHo'og o t-fc-t-
W ;
:so : : :
s s c :
Miles I SfgggfT
. a : : : : : : : :4 : : : : i ia : i
3 :: : i iA: : : : i & !
3 : : 8 : , ::::;:: r
:::, iiiiiiii
0 iOM W"W WC
.it'll': a
35 : : j
2 esa.
. A. 11 2.. 1 1'. ."
l i
05 ,
6 s
aa i '. i i ; i
i3A ::::::
00 fO 40
CINCINNATI EXPHKSS will run daily. All
other trains diiily. except Sunday.
stop between Ilamden nud Athena.
With the largest and Most General
and Valuable Circulation of
Any Journal Published 7.
in the Central Region
of the American
In addition to the universal circulation of
the CmauienHtU in 1 l:icinn;i(i and vicinity, it
is sold through over tlnvo hundred agencies in
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West
Virginia, and Southern Illinois, and ou all tho
railroads in tlioso Statos, and there is a special
cull for it along the great rivers from l'itts
bii'ii to New Orleans.
The territory orcupied by the constituency
of the Commercial is thai within ono day's
ru II road travel of Cincinnati, and tlioro uro
regulur carriera' routes lor tlio t'ummtrcial
in Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana;
Frankfort, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee;
Charleston, West Virginia: Louisville, Ken
lucky; l'arkersburg, West Virginia; Chat
tanooga, Tennessee; Vlnccnnes, Lafayette,
Kvantvillo, and Richmond, Indiana; Davton,
enio, SpringUcld, Newark, Delaware,' and
Zanvsvllle,Obio; Lexington, Maysvillo,l'arl ,
nnd Cynthiana, Kentucky; and' in scores of
other superb and flourishing cities.
Ciucinnnti is the most ccukral of tho largo
cities of tho Nation, and on all sides is sup
ported by thrifty and prosperous communities
In whicn for hundreds of miles in every direc
tion, the Commercial is tlio favorite news
paper. In a political sense tho Commercial Is thor
onghly independent II recoguizesnoobliga
tions to party organizations. Its sincerity in
this position is popularly understood, anil so
largely appreciated that its subscribers and
habitual purchasers In either political party
outnumber Uioho of the party organs, and its
aggregate circulation Is greater limn that of
ils competitors combined.
It takes a hearty interest iu the politics oi
Ktirope, which telegraphic communication
1ms lirought into very intimate relations with
us, nnd, earnestly vindicating and sustnlniug
the development of nntiounlity In Germany
and Italy, it cordially- sympathizes with tlio
Republican cause iu France and Spain.
Tlio specialty of tho Commercial is the news
nf the diiy. We spare no effort and no expense
at home or abroud, to obtain by telegraph, by
mail and the express, the latest intelligence,
and to present It iu the most attractive and
authentic form. Our Editorial remarks upon
events, and discussions of the questions of the
day, are according to our independent judg
ment, having always In view the efficacy ot
the truth In the interests of the people. We do
not seek official favors or partition patronage
but rely wholly upon the business that grows
out of the respect and good will of the puhlio
at large.
The current history of tho world will pos
sess, this winter, exceptional interest. Tlio
Altai rs of Kurope never concerned us mora
closely tli nn now. The complications in our
foreign relations, even threatening war, must
command constantly our serious consideration
and the session of the American Congress
about commencing, will absorb In an unusual
degree tlio attention of the country, for the
most vital aud searching issues, financial aud
political, await practical solution.
Tho daily newspaper nt such a time becomes
almost a nocessity of lift), and it is not hazard
ous to claim for the Cilictiinati(7(nmr'a that
It Is atnvcu tho most complete and trustwor
thy' Journal issued in the Ohio Valley tho
renter of the populat ion and the seat of tlio po
litical power of tha Nation.
Our relations with political parties are such
that we will not bo suspected of tampariug
with tho news in tho interest of either. We
mean to tell tlio plain truth, and runt.isn all
t ii k nkws, no mutter whom it hits or whom It
helps or hurts. Wo expect to be as thorough
ami impartial in prcsoiitingriNANClALiNrKL
LKiKNl'K us in dealing with political Informa
tion. Our agenti are remltnltt that thin II a prow
Mini to canrnM for new mitjeeribrrt, and it
in our liiiprmhm that f a careful and intrgetlo
effort wre, wade, there would le oecatio to in
ertaiteorilfr Itirytly.
Wo offer no other Inducements to subscri
bers than the reputat ion of tha Commercial tor
enterprise in collecting tho news, and honor
ubln dealing with tlio people iu publishing It
All applicants furnished with Specimen
Copies ami i-ir.-ulum giving- exact and full
details of business iniorinution.
Advertising rates from II) to 40 cents per
hgalo line, according to display aud posi
tion M bent term offered bu any Jint-cUm
Journal, character and extent of circulation,
Proprietors of tho Ciuuinnatl Cojsmkiicial.
Contains 10 Sheets Writing Fapr, 10 Envoi- '
opea, 1 Penholder, 1 Lciul Pencil, Pens, I
jiiana jiook, l mouor, i notogrupu. oi jou
beautiful Women, and a piece of Ladles' or
Gouts' Jewelry. Sample package sent by
mail, post-paid, on receipt of price, S3 cents;
II packages for 00 cents, or 4 for It. Send for a
package: it Will he tho moat goods you ever
brought for tho money. The priao ia oftmi
worth more than tho price until for the ontire
package, aud the other articles would bring
at retail not lesa Hum 16 cents. Don't pass
this; try ono package, aud you will never
buy Stationery any other way. Address, ;
Lock DoxlSl. Baltimore, old.
Ky"Agonts wautcd everywhere to soil
1'iu kiigcs, Ploturas, llooks, Ac Catalogues
sent true. ntrteiw.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Nlloa Is hereby given that Hubert Ptuls,
ns Uurmllnn of tha wtutu of Williilnl J,
Ucmphill, lias llled his account for limit set
tlemciH w ith said ward, nnd that the hearing
lliereiii' l net for the IHtli (lav ol I leceiulier,
(Ml, Bill o'clock A.M It II. MAYO.-
November W, ltfll-41. Probate Judge.
fl ' ' . -
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Nolii o Is li'Tchy given th it I. II. M. Hu.iu
ton. Vliidiili'lrnt ir ol the cUU' ol' ,1 woph
N.nitli, dv-easr 1, l.a llled lio ciu his ucomit
lor Dual n.ilUeuin jt Willi til t estate, nud tli.it
the sumo U set heni lm; o i tint IH.h d.ir of
January, A. 1. IK71, at 11) o'clock a. u.
H. P.. MAYO,
December IT, 1OT8-W I. J robalo J iidgo.

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