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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 24, 1873, Image 2

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IcArtiiur Enquiueh
S. W. BOWKN, Editor and l'nbllslier.
State Librapun. The name of
Hon. II. B. Mato, Probate Judge of
Vinton county, will bo presented to
Governor Allen, for appointment
to tho position of Stato Librarian.
Wo can say that not a more honest,
intelligent, and worthy gentlemen
could be found in the Stato for that
position, than Judge Mayo. ;
Neal, Congressman, from this
district, bolted tho caucus nomina
tion for Speaker of tho House. He
!, . recollected tho rap given him by
the Vinton county sovereigns, and
v did t desire to cast a vote for a man
, against whom there was even a sus
Union Defender.
That rap was just tho making of
. L. T. It was given in the right
timo too; but we do not know
whether Lakrt will ever forgive ns
for it, neither do wo care. We had
just one more rap prepared for him
: in case he went "in" any further,
for salary grabbing but ho appears
O0 De. n favor f tuc repeal of the
salary steal.
R, A. Hqward Chief Engineer
bf jaGallipolis, McArthur & Co
i lumbft5Eailroad, is now engaged
- in running the location line from
. McArthur to Vinton Station. He
has run a beautiful curve from a
short distance north of the steam
mill around tho south side of
Brown's hill to the residence of
John Lowbey. Tho line passes
through the old orchard cast of the
grave yard and eleven feet east of
tho late residence of John Ooan,
near the old brick yard, and crosses
Main street about forty feet
cast of the old Scioto & Hocking
line run by the late II. C.Messengek.
A lot of scrapers were de
posited at tho crossing on Main
street on Monday morning last,
and another lot were removed to
that portion of the line south of
Vinton Furnace, work having ceas
ed near Karnes'.
Work was commenced between
tho steam mill and Main street
yesterday morning.
In another part of this paper we
print a letter from W. H. Langley,
President of our railroad. It is
such a letter as we are pleased to
read. The agreement between the
Gallipolis, McArthur & Columbus
Railroad Company and the Vinton
Furnace Coal and Iron Company
and their lessees Bancroft & Son,
for $70,000, has been completed.
In that amount the 2ij- miles of
railroad now in use between Vinton
Furnace and Vinton Station is in
cluded. The money subscribed by
that company is to be expended in
tho construction of the lino- south
of Vinton Furnace. President
Langley has spent days, weeks and
months in this enterprise, and has,
at lastj'reached that point where all
uncertainties are at an end. He
means business, not only the busi
ness of building the cheapest rail
road on tho American continent,
but to bring business to McArthur.
We have only room to say; oncour
ngo him in the good work; pay
your subscriptions; do not wait for
your neighbor to pay, but pay
yourself, because moro thau 100
men and teams will soon be at work
on tli line.
Will the Democratic editors who
have expressed such great delight
over tho conviction of their late
"Boss," Tweed, who now occupies
a cell in the Penitentiary on Black
well's Island, inform their readers
why it was they reviled the New
York Times for its exposure of
Tweed's corruptions? Tho Demo
crat press with one acclaim pro
nounced tho revelations of the
Times concerning the robberies of
the great plunderer and his horde
of thieves as false and infamous,
and tho outgrowth of partisan mal
ice. Their virtue comes late.
Athens Messenger.
And whilo they are about it had
they not better also toll why they
elected Tweed to the State Senate
of New York by ten thou
sand majority after everybody ad-
No one believes that tho editor
of tho Standard is an ignoramus,
but he makes some tcrriblo and
even stupid blunders sometimes.
Surely ho knows that Tweed was
nominated for the. State Senate in
1872 by.tho Gkantites and elected
by them. And n majority of the
members of that Senate, were
Grantites, and they admitted
Tweed to his scat, even "after
everybody admitted that ho was a
tbicf." What would the adminis
tration do without tho tribe of
thieves now in ofllce? Tho Stand-
ard editor ought to brighten up
his memory a little and put on a bet
tor pair of specs and ho cap sco
many greater thieves than Tweed.
Perhaps it would be best for tho
Athens Messcngct to say as little
About thieves as possiblo during
this panic. .
A Yankee and his Dog Useless on
the Big Blue.
B. G. earned a few hundreds as-a
young market garducr on Cape
Ann. Ho then went West, bought
a quarter section on long credit in
Plymouth, a Congregational Colony
in Nebraska, on the Burlington &
Missouri River railroad.
Returning home ho found the
farming tools and tho household
furniture of himself and four other
settlers weighed six tons. He
chartered a ten ton car for no more
than six tons of freight would cost.
Ho put on board Maine lumber,
bought one-third cheaper than in his
future home; an old anvil that cost
him a dollar, a blacksmith's bel
lows given him by an uncle, a stout
second hand buggy, etc., etc. In
Iowa ho bought horses and drove
his buggy from there.
Food and shelter he obtained at
, - . i i i
a homesteader s wiiiie no Dime
prairie and built his house.
Rigging his bellows and anvil in
a sod enclosure, ho sharpened his
own plow shares and his neighbors',
thus saving timo and making mon
ey. Many a clever fellow is no
blacksmith, but B. G. is both. Du
ring last winter ho visited the East
to procure various luxuries, aud
above nlla wife, with whom die rc-Q
LUliiVlL Ail 1'lUlV.lll J. A. 1.7 V1U iuuuvi
ho sowed with wheat, and planted
the new with corn. All through
tho drizzling May -rains he kept on
plowing, declaring they helped the
horses moro by softening the earth
than they hurt him. He already
has a grove of trees and a kitchen
garden. He keeps a dog to guard
his wife, but calls his name, Useless.
Such a typical Yankee his suc
cess is as sure as a cat's striking
on her feet, however you throw her.
Ten thousand such men enter Ne
braska every year. They are at
tracted thither because there tlie
free farms help them most to make
tho most of themselves. They
would not fail any where; but there
their chances are best.
To Mexican War Veterans.
There will be a meeting of the
surviving soldiers of the Mexican
War, at Bridgeport, Belmont coun
ty, Ohio, on Tuesday, 23rd of De
It is earnestly requested that ev
ery soldier who can will be present,
as business of importance to each
will be transacted. The presence
and hearty co-operation of all. is,
therefore, sincerely solicited.
Convention will meet at 2 P. 31.
Turn out coinrads, answer at
"Roll call," stir up the camp fires
and let us have a plcasaut re-union.
All letters of inquiry and other
communications addressd to J. 31,
Todd, Bridgeport, Belmont county,
Ohio, will receive prompt attention.
Any who cannot attend will confer
a favor by furnishing J. 31. Todd
his address at one.
Will a friendly press please pub
lish. Wm. Nelson, 3Iajor Loring,
Jno. 3Iiller, Capt. Carlin,
J. 31. Todd, Capt. Jno. Baggs,
John Con well.
Tlio publishers of St. Nicholas, Scrilmor's
Illustrated Magazine for-tilrls unci Boys, take
plcunuro in announcing that lv fin nrrnntro
meut with Messrs. J. II. Osgooil & Co., tliuir
popular Maguziuo
Has been merged into "St. Nicholas,"
In addition to the striking novelties and
ereut literary and artistic nttructiaus alreudv
offered by "St. Nicholas," tho best features of
"ur lonng roixs" will ho retained. "St.
Nicholas" lias been enlarged, new contribu
tions has been sucured : amonor them "A se-
rial story by J. T. Trowb.iidge." late editorof
uur l our i oiks." which uegins in the pres.
ent number. Other eminent writer well
known to the rcadorg of "Our Younnr Folks"
have boen engaged. Wo are thus enabled to
present to tne punuc a Magazine for Children
and Youth, superior in every respect to any
ever before nulillslic.J.
Three splendid serial Btories, "What might
havo been expected," u story for bovs, by
Frank It. Stockton, author of 'Ting-ft-f,lng,'''
"Roundabout Rumbles," etc. Mr. Stockton is
ouo of tho best of our American Writers. The
scene of tho story is laid in Virginia. The
boy-hero lins started out with a gun on li is
shoulder, ami wo may bo sure there will bo no
end or lun ana adventures. "Mmpo's Troub
les." a storv for irhls. bvOllvn Thmiin ttra.
Harriet M. Miller), a great favorite with the
children. It is a irooil, Htronir. wholesome sto
ry of girl life, and will bo l ull of interest fur
Doui oovb nnu gins. ast t riends," by J. T.
Trowbrldge.onu of the most popular writers
for young folks in America. Headers of "Jack
Hazard," "A chance tor Himself," and "Doing
his Best." will understand what a capital
troat is In store for them in Mr. Trobrldge's
new story. All thoso stories will be aplendid
ly Illustrated, ".litnmy John Stories," bv Mrs,
Abby Morton Dinz, aulhorof "The William
Henry Letters," "William Ilenrv and his
Friends," anil "Lucy Maria," (wfio has the
rare and haiiyy gi ft of knowing how to delight
voung people) will appear during tho year.
There will also bo shorter stories, Papers on
Science and History, Natural History, Wild
Sports and adventures, Sketches of travel,
i airy Tales, l'oeins,Fuzzles,(Jharades, Jingles,
Fun and Fancv, Instruction, Knturtainuient
and Delight. Something lor all, from Father
and mother to lhc baby. Tho Illustrations
will lie the best that the artists of two conti
nents can supply, and will bo printed with
me greatest cure.
Our pages in big typo and easy words of
tno youngest rentiers, which nave necn "a
hit" from tho first, will bo continued. The
children will bo glad to know also, that the
department of "Juck-in-tbe-FulpIt," is to bo
a nermntiMit feature of the magazine. Jack
will tell some of the most curious things ever
iicaru, nu iniiKu ninmcii generally encer
tuinlng. We have undertaken to make the best mag
azine possiblo, lor the lit tle folks, as well as
those who are older. ICvery number of St.
Nicholas will contain good rending mutter for
boys and gins or all ages, hesidesa great deal
of heavy and innocent fun.
Christmas comes but once a rear, but St.
Nicholas, the new magazine for girls and
Boys, comes every montn. it na already won
tho hoaru of the young folks, and the little
children are crvlng for St. Nicholas,
We want 100.000 children and youth made
happy by St. Nicholas at the holiday!. St.
Nicholas, as enlarged, contains one-third
more matter than Our Young Folks, thus
flving a great variety for all. With 1U great
.itoriiry and notorial Attractions, and its
beautiful Printing, it will be found to be the
cnoapost magazine in tne worm.
Subscription price 3 a year. The two back
numbers for November and December,
will lie sent to all subscribers for IHT4 without
additional charge. Four months for one dol
lar; IS cets a numbor. For sale and subscrip
tion! rdcelvod br all booksellers and newt
dealers on the above terms.
Monov may be sent to us In checks payable
to our order, or in postofllcemonoy orders, or
In regtatored letters. Moucy in lottors not
registered, at Bonder's risk.
064 Broadway, Mew York.
British Quarterly Reviews !
Edinburgh Review, ( Whig.)
London Quarterly Review, (Conserratlrt.)
Westminster lloview, (Liberal.)
British Quarterly Itevlow, Etangellcal.)
Blackwood's Edinburgh Maga
The Leonard Scott Publishing Company,
110 Fulton Strcot, Now York.
By arrangement with the English
Publishers, who receive a
liberal compensation.
Tho periodicals constitute a wonderful mls
ccllanv of modern thought, research, and crit.
Iciain." Tho cream of all Kuropenu books
worth reviewing is found hero, and they treat
of the leading events of the fcorld In masterly
articles written by men who bnvo special
knowledge of Ibu matters treated. The
American Publishers urge upon all intelligent
readers In this country illiberal support of
the llcprlnts which tin1' have so longiindso
cheaply furnished, feeling surotlmt noexpon
diture'for literary matter will yield ho rKh a
return ns that required for a subscription to
these tho leading periodicals of Grout
TEKMS:--About nne-thlrd the pvlco of
the Original.
For any one Review W 00
For any two Reviews 1 00
Forny threo Keviews 10 CD
For all four Reviews 19 00
For lllackwood's Magnzlno 4 00
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For Itlnckwood and two Kovlews 10 00
For lllackwuod and three Reviews 13 00
For Hlackwood und four Keviews 16 00
l'ostaio two cents a number, to bo prepaid
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cluiis t
A discount of twenty per cent, will be allow
ed to clubs oj four or more persons. Tims if
four copies of Hlackwood or of ono Review
will bo sent to one address J'nr $12.80: four
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To duns or ten or more, in amtition to me
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Now subscribers (minlvlnur earlv) for the
yoar 1KU mnv havo, without charge, the hist
volume forl'CTof such periodicals they
may subscribe for.
Or instead, new subscribers to any two,
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bers to all live mav have two of the "Four Re
views," or ono set" of lllackwood's Magazico
for 1873.
Neithor premiums to subscribers nor dis
count to clubs can be allowed unless the mon
ey is remitted direct to the publishers. No
premiums given to Clubs.
Circulars with further particulars limy be
had on application.
110 Fnlton Street, New York.
1874. 1874.
Free Speech,
The Supremacy of ( onstillonal Law and the
xiiinuty ami ici ;tiis or tne t'coipic;
iiiul it will ojipiffic Ccnlriiliutioii,
.Military l.'ule, jUnnopnlie
and itfng. mil Expose
Corruption Wherever
Tlio Statesman
Will Advocate Reform in Our Fi
nancial and Commercial Policies,
Publish the Proceedings of Con
gress, the Constitutional Conven
tion and our Stato Legislature,
Give tho General News of the
Day Hotli Political and Litera
ry; and Publish Full Reports of
our jMarkcts including Grain,
Cattle and Wcol.
TEliM : $JX0 per year, (in all cases pnya
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As the election is now over and
the democracy are gloriously victo
rious, may wo not ask our demo
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State, to assist us in extending the
circulation ot tlio Statesman liy
their help the Ohio Statesman can
again be made a power In the land.
The Statesman ought to have a
club of subscribers at every Post
office in Ohio. Democrats, will
you not lend us a helping hand.1'
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fnlly Illustrated.
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choicest reading, carefully prepared, and lull
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als on tlio various topics ot the day, which
Kiveme rentier practical ami uselul lulornia
lion. Hkahtii and Homk has a most canltal
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and (rreatly aid every housekeeper. The
Children's Dcnartuient is of aiirniMHinir Inter
est to all the liuli) people, in short, it is a
paper mat win incase anil proiu uotll OKI ami
young in every nonio.
Terms, In Advance:
One Copy, one year $3.00
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J no siiiiscrijitlnn price or the American Ag
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tlio Kami, (ianlen, and Household, Is 11.50 a
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Weekly, and Amkhiuan Auuici'Lti:hist.
Monthly, will bo sent onn year for 14, to
which m cents eiiouni lie aiuieii wnen tne pa
pers are to k to ilrilii-li America.
fi-jy-Splendid Chromos are given with both
UANtiii JUDO COMPANY. Publishers.
9-IB Jlroadway, f'uw York,
mo A. WEEK
An Illustrated Weekly, of General Literature
with a 15 premium. Sample Copy and
Agents' Circular scut on receipt of atamp.
Milwaukee, Wil,
New Advertisements.
New Hcalo Pianos.
Have the Iron Frame Overstrung
Brass, Agraffe Treble,
All Modern Improvements.
Wood 'hoioiiifblv seasoned, tone full nnd
frec having ii line Hinging iii!ility. Touch
clastic and Hie tne nesi iiiuuiiiacturcu.
Concerto l'nrloi1, Kureka Grand nnd Or-
cliCMtrm organs,
Are the most beautiful in style, and perfect
in tone ot any organs liianiiiiiciuicu.
They are fully warranted to
fue.tion. .
Monthly Installments received. ruVW
from Vi to 18 nionlli.
A larsro discount of Ministers, Churches,
Sunday (schools, Temperance Societies,
Lodges, etc.
, Sheet Mnsicj
Instruction Hooks, Sunday School Music
llooki und Merchandise.
4H1 Iliiiadwav, nnd 48 Mercor
street, S. .
S.y are Hit lilOKt bcutftU'uiin
style nnd perfect in tone
HWf!CJCliK' STGP " best
-vvr izii:i'u iff any
ttrgan. HUjirULiuxdby
. IC. ... .. I
ttt.Sxa Hit K fr'FKCT .
4jlg.dii.i,,xiiN AS to 'kSit.
Brondwav, N. T., will difmt of iua I'lAINOS
ind OUtiAKH of firtt-clRH makers, in
luditui WATERS', at oxtreuiolv low
pricru for cash, or part caih, and btHaneein
iniuii inonimviKiimnui. ncw7.uciava
firMt-clnns I'lAJNOS, nil modern lm
provementN, for 'i-)H cash. Ortan 0-Oc
iavc,70. i4iui.i:-ici:i;ija.s,
4 STOI'.N. 110! H STtUVS. 8 12 J. lUus.
tratcil Cataloiriieit muilcd. A lam dti-
eount loMinittm, Church, Sutulav-SchooU, Tanixranct
Soddia,ae. AGIKTS WAiVTED.
Mr. Horace Waters has devoted his whole
r. 'ii dial and attentiou to tho manufacture and
sale of. l'ianos, Melodcons nnd Orxans. He
ban just issued ncataloiruo of his new inslru
nients, ffivinpi n new scale of rules, and Ids
lManos bnvo recenllv been nwanUil the first
premium at several lair. o happen to know
that his instruments earned him rood repu
tation lonu before Impositions ami the "hon
ors" connected therewith were even Ihrouirht
of; indeed, wo have onn id' -Mr. Waters' l'ian
os now in our house (ivhoro it bus stood for
veurs) of which any manufacturer in the
World niilil will be proud. Wo have always
been ileliu'htcd with it as a Rweut-toned and
powerful instrument, und there is no doubt of
Its durability; moro than this, sonio of the
best aineleur placers in the city, as well a
i-cveral celebrated pianists,bnvo peifenncd ou
tlio Mini piano, nun an pronounced ii n supe
rior and llrst-class Instrument. Stronger in
dorsements wo could not give. Home Jour
nal. Tho Waters' Pianos are known as among
the very best. Wo arc entitled to speuk of
theso Instruments with conllduncc, from per
sonal knowledge. A'. Y. ranutlitl.
Wo can speak of the merits of the Walters'
Plr.,.u r-ni,. ...,..ai..i,il L-,....!. ,1 .... na l,Al.,n t.l'
the very best quality. Christina luttlliyeH-
Tho Waters' Pianos are built of tlio best
seasoned material. Adrocute ami Journal.
Rev. Barn as Sears, D. D.. K-Prosldcnt of
Jirown university, ri-oviiieuce, it. I., unu
A Kent for distribution of i'euliodv Fund in
tlio South, In answer to iiuiuiries of Jacob
J'.cliols, ol J.ynrliliurir. a., about tlio Waters'
Pianos, writes the following:
Staunton, Vn.. March PJ, Mr. Jacob
jicnois near ir: my uuuKiiter, wno is a
good JudKe, says her Piano (the Waters) is a
lino one, ami has been pronounced so by the
Uermaii teacher of music, and bv tho Haiti-
more Tuner much superior to tho llaltiiuorc
Pianos. Mr. Waters is a wealthy Raptist. 1
put entire comMcuco in him as a business
man. yours Truiv,
11. HliAHH.
Tho Waters. Concerto Parlor Omnns Mr
Horace Waters, of No. 481 liroiidwny, has a
patented improvement In parlor organs
which rentiers nis popular instruments prefer'
able to any that we have neon. Tho new feu.
In re consists of what is called a Concorto stop,
produced by an extra set of reeds peculiarly
voiced. Its tcmo is remarkably full, xwect
and brilliant, and Its power vci'v line. With
tins stop nun ine swell, Hie moslcliai miiifrvu
rieties nf cxiircsslon ran bo miiilncrd. Tho
lili'irest of tbo several sizes embraces ten stops,
namely: a rich Hub-bans, n very delicate pic
colo, a flute, in clod I ii. diilciana. forte, vtoln.
coupler, llm coucertii and a vox litininna or
vrciiniiu. nev nave tlirce lull sets ol reeds,
i mi it cicar, uciiniiu lone. A . I. tribune.
Waters' ConuDi'tn Parlor Organs liossesrcs n
beiiiilii'ul mid peculiarly soft lone. Tho Con
crt(l slop Is, without doubt, tlio best ever
l.llll.ltll lit IIMV Ml-.. '.II II l'l . .Vi.il II1....I 1... I... i.-
ti n set of reeds, peculiarly voiced, from which
the effect Is most clumninir. anil its imitation
of tins ii 1 1 man voice is superb. For sweetness
ol tone and orcliestnal clfocts It has no ojtiil
X. y. TinttH,
The Concorto Parlor Orarnn Is sniiiotliinir en.
tirely new; itis a beaulKiil parlor oruaiuont,
possesses a sweet and powerful tone.ls a most
cuiiiiiieniiaiiio iiveuiion, nnii Holds a hi
place in i -.Mio favor. A. Y. Krenliiv J'ott.
Tito Waters' Concerto Parlor Organ. Wo
are triad to chronicle any ncyy thlnu;, or any
l,,iit.r,ir.,i,iint inifm .. .. ..1.1 A.m .1.... ...
. ...i.iiv (tr.. .,(.. uii( OIIU, lllllb llillllN III!
popiilarleniiisic by rendering its study eltheil
vuniui wi jiiuiuiibiiuciivu.-y.nr'it ew- lOVKev.
Waters' newly Patented Concerto Parlor
Orirati is achnriiilnjr Instrument, wonderful In
power, and for sweetness, purity, softness and
strength of tono, wo have never heard in
equal. Jiu ittynai, Jltiuylon.
S00 Pianos and OriranHnewMid sucnml-hniid
of llrst-class milkers, will be sold at LOW Kit
i'Kiui',3 lorcasu, or on lutailinentn, in city
or country, during this fliiancinl crisis and tho
holidays, by 1IOKAIK W A I.TKliS SON, 4H1
Rroailway, than ever before ollered in New
ioik. Aneiiis wanmii io sen iv atkkh' Cele
brated Pianos. Concerto and OrclinHtml nr.
iraiiH. Illustrated CataloKues mailed, (ireat
IndiiceinenM to tlio trade, A Ihi'ito discount
ki iinniHiers, i mi renin, niinitay-HcliooU.etc.
The revival hymn and tune hook lor tho
million, KNiiAltOKn. This littlo work con
tains M paves of choice Rovlval Hymns and
tunes for Prayer and social uieetlnvs.Hunday
Schools and conKrcxition. Aniouir tbo many
gems, wo would naino: "Where Is Thy Ref
uge, Poor Sinners?" "I Will Never Cast Illm
Out," "), lie Hnved," "Almost Persuaded,"
Jesus Died to Sato Mo." "I I,ovo to tell tlm
Story," "Have.O Jesin, Save," and Jesus of
W:fl S If HI MA If
wmmk GREAT
nnzarem rasacu iiy.'1 j-rice, pa)or, so cents,
mailed; I Hi per hundred; hoards, 25 conti,
mallod; W per hundred . J'ubl labors,
nWMw, 4J JJrorwlway, Mi Y.
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Any Journal . Published
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of the American
Nation. ;
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Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West
Virginia, and Southern Illinois,. nnd on all the
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burif to New Orleans.
'Tlio territory occupied by tho rouBtltuency
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Xunin, Sprlnglleld, Newark, Delaware, and
Zanesvllle,Obio; Lexington, Ma.vsvillo.Pnris,
and C'yiilhinna, Kentucky; and in scores oi'
oilier superb and flourishing cities.
Cincinnati is thu most central of tho largo
cities of the Nation, and ou all Bides is sup
ported by thrifty and prosperous communities
In whicu for hundreds of miles in every direc
tion, the Commercial is tlio l'uvorito news
paper. In a political senso tho Commercial Is thor
onghly independent. H rocogniy.es no obliga
tions in party qiganiziilions. Its sincerity In
this position is liomilailv understood, nnd so
largely appreciated that its subscribers nnd
habitual purchasers in either nominal nartv
outnumber those of tho party organs, and its
aggregate rircuiaiion i" (jreuter lliau tnatol
its competitors combined.
It lakes n hearty interest in the politics ot
h'uropo, which telegraphic communication
has brought into very Intimate relations with
us, nnd, earnestly vindicating and sustaining
the development of nationality in Uernianv
and Italy, it cordially sympathises with tho
Republican cntiso in Prance and Spain.
1,110 specialty ol the Commercial is the news
of the day. Wo spare novfl'ort and no cxpensgf
ut home or abroad, to obtain by telegraph, by
mail and tbo express, the latest intelligence,
anil to present it In the most attractive unci
iiulhoiirtc form. Our Editorial remarks upon
events, nd disrussionsof the questions of the
day, are according to our independent Judg
ment, having alwavsin view the elllcacy ot
the truth in the interests of tho people. Wotlo
not seek olllcial furors or pnrtison patronago,
but rely wholly upon u,u business that grows
out of the respect aud (jood will of tlio public
at large,
The current history of tho world will pos
sess, this winter, exceptional interest. The
allium of Kuropo never conceriu-d us more
closely than now. The eomplicatuns in our
foreign relations, even threatening wiu, must
coiuiiinnd constantly our serious consideration
and tho hcskIoii of tbo American Congreiw
about commencing, will absorb In an unusual
degree the attention of tho countrv, for the
most vital and searching issues, llnu'ucial and
political, await practical solution.
The dally newspaperat such a lime becomes
almost nnecessily of lile, mid it Is not hazard
ous to claim for the Ciiicinnatid'owworciif that
Itiaatorco the most complete ti.nl trustwor
thy Journal issued in the Ohio Vallov the
center ot the population and the neat of tlio po
litical power of the Nation.
( )ur relations with political parties are such
that wo will not bo suspected of tanipuriug
with the news in tbo interest of cither. Wo
mean to tell the plain truth, and I'I'UI.ihii am.
the Ni:w, no matter whom it bits or whom It
helps or hurts. Wo expect to be as thorough
am! impartial In pre.sentingrixANCiAi. ixri:;.
MtiKNCKas In dealing with political informa
tion. Our agent art reminded that t.'iln .' a prmn
intng time to eauraiu for new erbucriberii, aail it
it our impression that If a cartfrl anileiitrgrtlc
i 'fort were made, there would be occasion to in
crease orders Itirueli.
We offer no other inducements to subscri
bers than the reputation of the Commercial for
enterprise in collecting the news, nnd honor
able dealing with tho people in publishing it
All applicants furnished with Specimen
Copies and circulars giving exact and full
details of business informal inn.
Advertising rates from li) to 40 cents per
ngato line, according to display and posi
tion the hist terms offered bu unu iirnl-cl,ina
journal, character and extent of circulation
Proprietors of the Cincinnati Comsikhi'Iai..
$18 in Value for ?:)
i'Vj in Value fur
4.14 In Value for f !
$Ti In Value for 12 .'
Tho large.'l, Ilest and most Popular Oil
Chromos in tbo world, in all their beaiitv and
(irt isilc excellence, from the Original Stones
filiform size 17 x SK inches. Price, $15 each.
Given ns premiums to yearly Subscribers to
Bcmcrcat'i Illustrated Monthly Mag a line,
The Model Magazine of America, at 3 00 per
Having purchased the convrlirhts nt n:i
enormous expense, with tho cxjioctutlon of se
curing tbo largest ciijuliitltm of any Maga
zine in America, wo ffavo determined on ma
king fan unparalleled offer of the Just I v
cclebrutcd Chromos, tbo
"Old Oaken Iliicket," A f tor Jcromo Thomp
son, as a Premium for lb?4.
'CnptlvoChlhl," After Jeronio Thompson,
as a Premium for 1875.
l.llnt.tn U...nn. Tlnn... ,1 . v
l, IV, ni,Tl I1U1III-, AllCr .ICIOIIIU
Thompson, as n Premium for lKJtl.
"After tbo Storm." By V, M. II. Do Haas,
lis a Pivniiiim for lffl",
Each Chronio, as a work of nrt.ls fully cipial
loan Oil Painting worth five hundred dol
lars. Tbo Chromos nro now ready, and are sent bv
mail on receipted tbo subscriptions for either,
or all of tho year, as above, varnished on a
roller, postage 10 cenls extra. Or mounted
on Canvas ami Hlrctcberdis nnOII Painting,)
iorio cents enen extra, which inciiines I lie
postage. Ornioiinted on Canvas and Stretch
er, in elegant in Inch (lilt Frames, with Ai a
bestjuo Comer Ornaments, three yards of crim
son card, nnd packed. !! OU extra each.
m Hroailway, N. V.
t&ffVar four years stihseWptlnn (I9.) nil
tho four Chromos iirosent linmedintelv; but
tin not fall at least to send V) for your sul'isci-ip-tion
for P7I, and gel as a premlttin tlio Mag
nllleepttliixnno, ''The old Oaken lluekel."
liilber one nf (ho Cbrumosor ull four sent
Immediately on receipt of .fl subscriptions for
the years as Indicated.
December!!!, e&w.
WITII Its gloomy attenilnnts, low
spirits, depiriglon, Involuntary
rmlsslnng, loss of semen, siioi-inn-(nrrliurn,
loss of power, tiizr.y hea.l,
loss of memory, nml tlirentened im
potence MMt i.nbrcllKv, find a Kovtr,
elKU ciirs in lllIIlllti;N Ho 11 10,
lCMaiT. TUld bOVUUEION llKilliUY (ones
up tlio system, on-csls tlm disclnirgns, anil im,
parts vuinr and energy, bfo nml vitality to tho
eutiio innu. Miioy bnvo cured t housands of cinii'S.
l'l'ioe, 5 iwrp tckuneof flvo bocani a large 2
vnil, MliiiU is very iinprirtuut in obstinalo or oil
cuatj'i, or (1 per unfrlu oox. Bold by A l.L J iruif.
cuts, anil sent by ini.il nn ivcfirt of iiii,.,..
,0.,fiia i.iiOAiJWAV, IV. V. bund fi' tl1ii:ir.
Just published, a new edition of fir. Cul-
vcrtvelPs Celebrated lOsnny on tbo radical
cure (Witnoiii meiiicino) or M'KliM AToliKimiiA
or Heminid WeakncH, Involuntary Hninlnul
Ijosses. Iiiinoteiicv. Mentnl nnd Plivslr.nl In
capacity, I in pediments to Marriage, etc.; also
loiiAumpiior,, J'.puepuy anil t Its, iniiuced liy
sclf-indulgenco or sexual cxtravngance.
flf'y-Prlco In asiealed envelojiu only six
ecu u.
Tbo colehraled author, In this adinlrable es
say, cleui'ly deinonstrnles from a thirty years1
successful practice, that the alarming conse
qtiencos of self-abuse may bo radically cured
without, tlio dangerous tiiio of Internal medl
ci no or tho niipllcatlon of tho knife; pointing
out a mode of cure nlotiro simple, cerlaln and
effectual, by menus of wh ich every an Merer,
no niattei' what his condition may he, may
cum hlniHcir cheajily, privately and radi
cally. Zraiy'l'bl" Icctnro should bo In thn liiinds of
every youtii nun every man In tho land.
Hcnt under seal, la a plain envehipp, to any
address, post-paid, on receipt ol'slx oents, or
two poslagn slumps,
Also, iir,Cui.vawKi,f,'"Marrlago tluldo,"
price 60 cents. .
Address tlio Publishers.
CHAM-J.C. KI.1NU ft CO.,
1ST Ilowery, Now Kurk, 1. O, Uox 4,fiWI.
:1 0.000 IA. raro Chance.
' a I Vnr Pnifl(ii1ir Won
.AfCDIS f'r 'x Ham pies for 111 J
A Paper of Established Reputation,
Fireside, Farmer, Mechanic, '
Manniactnrei', Merchant,
Banker, Professional
Tho coming year promises to bo nn eventful
onu in politics. Leading questions are to be
met and decided, and above nil it is to be de
termined whether the Itepublican party shall
be nurircd of all its ohloctloiiahla features and
retained In power, or .whether the Uovorn-
meut shall bo suffered to fall into tho hands of
the old Democratic organization. The new
party movement which brought out lloraco
Greeley for the Presidency in 1872, anil showed
Itself feeblo In Ohio and Now York in 1873, has
failed utterly. It has assisted In restoring to
lite the Demor.ratlo part v. but it is now en
tirely out of (be Held of politics, and thero nro
but two organizations before the comitn Ite
publican ami Democratic. In view of this
tact tho Gatette holds:
1, That tbo restoration of tlio Democratic
party to power would bo a national calamity.
It is the same now that it was in lHoil, when
the Missouri Compromise was repealed and
the fugitive slave law adopted; the sume as it
was in 1HW, when the great rebellion was or
ganized; tlio same ns H was from lHIOtolSUII
when, ns a party it sympathized with thereb
els. Tho results of tbo war h vo not been ac
cepted by it in good faith. t owes a debt to
Us Southern friends, which if nnid would en
tail a heavy burden upon tlio nation. It
would pay for tho emancipated slaves, aud a
sunio part of tho expenses Incurred by tno
South in its efforts to destroy the Government.
It is essentially a corrupt party. Wherever it
has powor it snuiiudors and stents. Tbo
Tammany ring is an illustration of Democrat
ic, rule, in New i ork millions were stolen by
Democratic olllcials, aud to this day not one
of the thieves has been punished.
S. The Oatette holds that in so far as (ho
Republican party has erred, It should bo re
formed, in order that It mnv bo wortliv of its
great missions. It is tlio party of the people.
It Is the party of freedom. Itis progressive,
it 1 not tied to the past nor tlio present, but
learning as it progresses, it is capable of
grasping mu miure, umpping wnntever ine
nation has outlived, nml taking hold of every
measure of reform which exneriencn nuiv Ikivk
demonstrated ns Just nml In the line til' pro
gress. To this end every dead weight must be
dropped. To land grant Jobs, rnllreiiM mo
nopolies, salary gratis, hint extravagant appro
priations there must be a stop, und ltepulili
ciins, however high they may have stood;
however much they may have done for the
party and the country, who havo connected
themselves with schemes offensive to an hon
est public, must bo ordered to tho rear. No
man is deserving of a position in tho Repub
lican party w no noes inn sinmi auove suspic
ion, or who uses a position of sue red trust to
advance private Interetts. Tlio Republican
party can not stand unless it commands tho
respect and conlldenco of tbo people. In order
mat it may nave uotn, iisnotiiu oo cioroiigli
lv purged, aud to that end the Otittlte will
duvoto its best efforts, having In view the im
portance of continuing in power the great
party which bus a name second to none in the
pages of American history.
a. The farmers' movement Is an honest one,
Mid it has our syuiVathy, und will havo our
siiii)ort, Wo do not recognize it ns a polilic.nl
party. It docs not claim to be such, but it has
jirlnclvles which wo desiro to see engrafted
Into itepublican platforms, nml it includes
measures which wo shall labor to bnvo carried
out by the ltMpublicnn party.
4. The nations suffers from intemperance.
This Is ono of tho great evils of tho (lav. It
may not bo Mipprexsed bv prohibitory laws,
but. so far ns practicable-, legislation should
be directed against thu traffic, in intoxicating
drinks. Tills end is attainable through the
Republican parly, mid we call upon temper
ance reformers to (brow their influence in
Ibis direction, rather than fritter It away
through Fcpnrnte political organizations.
B. So called organs of public. opinion that de
serted the lieniiblican niirtviu 1872 und loinnl
tho opposition, are dangerous guides, and me
to ue itvonieii, not loiiowen. our onservation
In that the faction that controlled tbo CI if-in-
nnti convention in 1H72. and now makes the
loudest professions of honesty, is ninth) up
mainly of men who brought disgrace upon the
ltemiblit an nartv. and linvhnr Inxt ui;millmr
because of their bad habits, are now seekingn
inn- u in nuiuu iiunj mot w in recognize ineiii
as leaders.
a The llnnneial questions is ono of nara-
moimt importance. lixtreines nro to be
iivonied. r-pccio payments are in tho future.
Contraction at mesent. would lin iliaiwrrnou
Kxpansion would also bo destructive. Tho
"ict nione policy is i lie liest one. The na
tional bank act needs to bo nnioiided in or
der that those Institutions mnho operated
in the hit crests of Hie industrial classes rather
than In tho Interests of gigantic speculators
and stock and mercantile gamblers. A return
to specie payments is to be kept in view, but
fliisciin not bo brought about until tho coun
try is ready for it. The develonnicnl. nt nnr
country is ready for it, 1 ho development of
our resources is tlieoiiv suro road toaspecio
currency, if attention shall be wiselvdirei't
ed to this point, and wo shall avoid forced
contraction ou one bund and reckless expan
sion to tho other, specio pavnients will follow
In duo time.
The general character of the Cincinnati
Casttte is so well known that it needs no
explanation. Whilo it is a Republican paper,
it asks no favors of (hose in power, and it
is independent in that it fearlessly exposes,
abuses, whether inside or outside of the liarlv,
with which it acts. It nicogulzcH no poli il
eal friendship for men who lietrav their
trusts, nor will it seek to cover up or apul
ogize for abuses Hint ought not to exist in
any part worthy the support of (ho Ameri
can people. As a newspaper, it acknowl
edges no superior. Its value as nn agriciil
lurid paper is recornized bv practical fur
mors, thousands of whom exchange their
views through Its columns. As a commer
cial paper, It Is standard atilhorilv.
The Weekly Gatette is an eight pugo paper
of forty-eight columns, printed from stereo,
typo plates, and the Dullv and Seini-Weeklv
nro of the sumo size, nnd printed in similar
Tlio following ure the terms of thn Can tie
for the ensuing year:
Weekly Ouzel le.
One Copy
,?J 00
. 1 73
. 1 70
. 1 (XI
. t mi
. 1 45
. 1 "III
. 1 8.1
. 1 M
r ivo copies, each
Ten copies, each
T. ...., l.
l llllj lOOM.-S, Cll.'ll ,
Thirty copies, each
l'ifty copies, each
Sixty copies, each
Seventy-live copies, each . . :
Ono hundred copies, and over, each.
Premiums to Subscribers In Club.
Wo will send The Weekhi Gaietln one year,
anda Cold-Plnted Magic. Pencil, l ing head
very line, and suitable bra lad v or gentlemen;
or. If preferred, a No. Otlold Pen, with (iold
Plated and Ulsiuy Telescope Ifo'.dor, to
every cliibsubscrilier desiring it, at the follow,
lug rates viz.:
In Clubs of Five Paper nnd Pencil, or
Paper and Pen M
In Clubs of Ten 3
In Clubs of Twentv a
... . 8 (1.1
.... 8 (W
. . . . 2 (1.1
. ... II (III
.... S Hi
in Clubs of Thlrtv
In Clubs ol' Kilty."
In Clubs of heientv-tlne !
In Clubs of One Hundred und over.
Seinl-AVcoItly Gnzetto,
One Copy, onn year $4 (10
Flvo Copies, each .. . 8 WI
Ten Copies, each j j)5
Twenty Copies, and over, eai'h , 8 (l
Premiums to Subscribers In Clubs.
We will send The Seml-Weeklu Gatette one
yen rand a very flue (Jold-l'luU'il Magic Pen
cil, niiliilile for lady or gentlemen ; or, if pre
ferrcd, a lino .No. 0 l.old Pen, and (Jold
Plated and ICbony Holder, to everv club
subscriber desiring it, the following rates
In Clubs of Fire. Paper mid Pencil, or
Paper iiMd Pea S (i;,
In Clubs of Ten 4 711
In Clubs of Twenty, and over 4 r,U
Send for Terms to Agents.
Contains 1(1 sheets Writing Paper, 10 Envel
opes, 1 Penholder, 1 Lead Pencil, S Pons, 1
illiuik Rook, 1 Blotter. Photographs of 100
Ileantiful Women, anil a pieco of Ladies' or
Guilts' Jewelry. Maniple packago sent by
until, post-paid, on receiptor price, 85 cents;
3 packages for (10 cents, or 4 for 1. Send for a
package: It will bo tlio most goods you ever
brought for tho money. Tho prlao is often
worth more than the price paid for the entire
package, und tlio other articles would bring
at retail not less than 75 cents. Don't pass
this; try 0110 packago, and you will iieror
buy Stationery any other way. Address,
Lock llox lfll. Ilaltiinore, did.
flftyAgcnts wanted everywhere to toll
Packages, Pictures, Rooks, 1V0, Catalogues
sent free. ; iilHcty.
—OF— Intention to Build a Bride.
Notlro is Imrcliy given (11 iiiiinunncn of law,
of tint Intention ol the oiiiiiiiHhloncr ol' Vin
ton county, Ohio, to liullil a covered
Acrom Illg lluccoon Creek, at tlio crossing of
Uiu Xnlcukl ami Piiekanl'ij mill HoikI, near
tlio Zaluskl Hieani Mill, lu Mailfson township,
mid tho
J'elitlom for ami Itenionntrancet Against the
Of tlio snmo, will lie conslllereil If lllml In tho
Auditor's ollico of until county, on or before
Monday, December aytli, 1KI8.
liy onlor of tho O'ominisiilonors.
Amll tor Viutou County, O,
Decembers, ltfl).4t. , .
New Goods,
Como and examine them and satisfy yourself that I sell nt the prices
I advertise. Having; just received a LARGE STOCK, bought during
the panic for cash, when cash was SCARCE.
I Positively defy competition, and Challenge any
Merchant in Ohio to Compare Prices
"No Trouble to
It Is trouble to show them, hut wo cheerfully and will
be glad of tho opportunity, for when you
see my goods and prices, you aro
suro to buy.
c hi ncs,
Which I Will Sell at iGO OO Each, Itegru
larl?ric 8CTOO. Warranted
Perfect in Every
Best Black mixed Waterproof,
Good " "
Best Gold "
Good " " "
Good all Wool Flannel, .... .
Best Brown Muslin,
" Prints, ,
" Collce, .
" White Sugar,
" Brown "
Useful nnd Ornamental Articles!
You Can
For 95 CIs.
For 50 Cts.
Coral, Harps. Pungcnts,
Thread Cabinets, Watch Cases,
For 75 Cts.
The "Well Known "Prince
Teck" Scarf, . in Choice
Shades for Grentle
men, $120 ,
Parlor Kaleidoscope, Glove and Handkerchief Setts
Jewel Cases, Work Stands, French Gilt Call '
Bells, Fancy Ink Stands, Fancy Boxes,
Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs
arfd Mufflers !
Ami many other m-liclvs of good valuo for sale nt Retail, tlurtu the ro
mainilur of thu prowiiit year. Prices marked "
in Plain Figures.
S. C. Swifts .
Wntiltl call Kiecial attention to hi
Patented Fab. 2 ud Sept. 21, 1869.
All tho best patterns of
Coal Htoves! Wood Stoves! Cook stoves!
Of every description, made of best quality of tin plate,
A grand assortment of
Glass-Ware I Queens-Ware I Plated Goods! Table Cutlery!
Coffee Mills! Spoons I Wooden-ware!
Clothes Wringers, Meat Cutters, Sad Irons and Stands,
WW m m m , '
iionuay uoods, &c.
fjGPl Still liaVO a COllBldnrnhln
I am closing out, regardless of COST I .
f;y-iiouting, Koollng, and Kepairii,g done neatly and cheaply I
g XyTin-warc made for tho Wholesale Trade trade at low figures.
gSTCuM nnd boo how olican I sell.
Doc.l7,18T8-tf. , ' . : : --. J.8.HUIIK.
Show Q-oods" is
$t 15
1 00
1 15
1 00
- 12
- 28
And every tiling else in proportion.
Dolls, Harps, Alligators,
Wallets, Games, Puzzles,'
A II C Blocks, Velvet Belts,
Shell, Glass and Paper Fancy
Elegant Photograph Albums,
Shell Savings Bank, Fine Wax
Dolls, Crystal Paper Weights,
English Fen Wipers, Shells of
ftuiiisiiiuic ioru icacKs, i'aient
luki Stands, Misses Extra Kid
Palm, and Cloth Gauntlets.
s. iitjiiiy,
uinmiially large nnd complete stock of
Articles, &c!

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