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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 31, 1873, Image 2

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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McArauii Enquirer
J, XV. BOWEN. Editor and PuljJ'
Gov. Allen's Inauguration.
Ott Monday, the 12th of January,
Governor-elect William Allen will
to inaugurated. Just twenty years
to a day since the laHt Democratic
inauguration. Considering that Mr.
! Allen's election is an event of no
' small significance, marking, as it
: does, a new Democratic era in the
political history, of our' State, and
considering, furthermore, the ap
propriateness of establishing, as
one of tho chief ushers in of this
era, so eminent ft representative of
tho better days of our politics in the
, executive chair of the third State
in the Union, it is eminently fitting
that the inauguration should be a
grand affair, and such, we are
pleased to state, the executive com
mittee are determined it shall be.
The Committee, solicit the cordial
co-operation of the Democratic com
mittees of tho several counties in
tno work of completing and per
fectinjy the arrangements. There
will be bands of music, a full rep
resentation of the "Jackson Guard,"
as the old Democrats of Ohio are
styled, military organizations, etc.
The inauguration will take place at
2 P. M., followed by the Grand
Parade. In the evening there will
" be an imposing Inauguration ball.
The ball will be open to all, and
tickets have been placed at the low
price of $3, including supper.
The Committee on Inauguration
Ball held a meeting at Columbus,
one day last week, and the follow
ing gentlemen were selected as
Floor Managers :
Hon. Archibald Mayo, Chillicothe ;
Hon. Allen T. Brinsmade, Cleve
land; Hon. J. McLain Smith, Day
ton; Hon. E. E. Reese, Logan ; Hon.
A. J. Beech, Mt. Vernon ; Hon. Geo.
W. Bachman, Tiffin; Hon. E. F.
Poppleton, Delaware; Col. "W. L.
Brown, Youngstown; K. H. Koehle,
W. B. Dodds, Jr., and James Flan
ingan, Cincinnati; Waldemir Otis,
Cleveland; J. S. Nelson, Millers
burg; Charles F. Krimmel, Circle
ville; Charles Mumaugh, Lancaster;
Dr. Thomas Patton, Newark; Hon.
J. W. Morris, and Hon. J. E. Pear
son, Troy, Col. E. S. Wallace,
Springfield; J. II. dishing, Amos
Eberly, George K. Nash, B.
Hayden, Adolph Theobald, "W. W.
Medary, Capt. J. C. Donaldson, W.
E. Horn, Isaac B. Potts, George J.
Lang, W. II. Paul, A. D. Ileffner,
George F. O'Hara, Edward Keif,
James C. Lough, Samuel Bradford,
George Cole, Frank W. Merrick,
- Henry Gundersheimer, and Henry
Heinmiller, Columbus.
It was decided to divide the Floor
Committee into three reliefs. First
relief, fro.n nine to eleven; second
relief, from eleven to one, and the
third from one to three.
An Inauguration Excursion Train
will run from Chillicothe, Ports
mouth, Parkersburg, and Marietta,
tt'o Athens, to Columbus, on the
morning of the 12th, leaving Chilli
cothe at 5 A. M., and Portsmoth at
4 A. M., and Parkersburg and Ma
rietta at 5:30 A. M., arriving at
Athens at 7:30 A. M., forming one
grand train from there to Columbus.
; . This train will stop at Hamden,
McArthur, Zaleski, and Kings.
' Fare for the round trip: from Ham
den, $3 75; from McArthur and
Zaleski, $3 50; from King's, $3 25.
.t Tickets good on the Excursion
Train only. Tho train will return
from Columbus after the demonstra
tions are over. Notice will be given
on the train as lo tho time of Icav-
We should like to see as many
- of our Democratic friends as pos
sible in attendance at Columbus on
. the 12th of January. From all
indications tho inauguration prom
ises to be the greatest Gubernatorial
Inauguration that has ever occurred
In this country.
The ceremony of immuring Boss
Tweed in the Penitentiary on
Blackwcll's Island, as narrated in
tho New York Timet, had some in
teresting features:
"In answer to the usual ques
tions, the prisoner gave his name
ns William M. Tweed, his ago as
flftv. hia occupation a statesman,
and affirmed that he had no relig
ion. IIo was then asked what was
tho religion of his relatives, to
which he replied, "The Protest
ant." This criminal was accord
ingly put down as a "Protestant"
He was then .weighed, and it was
, ascertained that his weight was
263 pounds. Afterward he was ta
ken to the bath, as are all other
criminals, and after a thorough
'cleansing, and the regulation,
' shaving of the head, he was array
ed in the usual penitentiary uni
form." This proves anew that he is no
hypocrite. He proclaims himself a
. statesman, but not a Christian. We
commend tho honesty of this avow
al; and how superior it shows him
to many statesmen, of higher pre
tentions, who defraud and plunder
the people and enrich themselves
with the "spoils of corruption, nnd
cover it all with the cloak of a ly
ing piety. Tweed in his cell is a
truer man than these smooth knaves
in their hypocrisy.
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Legal Notices.
Thomas Hull and Catherine Teachout. who
Sramo in the state of Kansas; Umrlcs Hull
ml Margaret Didv, who reside in tho State, of
llinois: John Bull and Diiiima Itamlvrsnn,
who resido in tho State of Indium; Cornelius
11. .11 M..nt.l..n lu .,l...n.,.n .
jm.ii. n nunc iimi.u ui ivniiirmo in u Hivm ,y ii ,
Sarah Piper, who resides in Canada; and Eliza
Evans, whoso place of resideuec is unknown,
mid tho unknown heirs of Annie Lewis, one of
the heirs-at-law ot George Bull, deceased, who
reside In Michigan, will take notice that
Henry Reynolds, administrator of tho estate
of George Hull, ilec'd. on tho 17th day of Ie
cembcr, A. D, 1873, tiled bis petition in the
Probate Court of Vinton County, Ohio, nlleg-
ng tuat tno personal estato 01 sain decedent is
nsullicient to nav his debts and charircs of ail-
miiiisterintr his estate: that ho died seized in
fee simple of the following described real es
tate, situate in sam uounty, mm staio 01 unio,
to-wit: Out-lot No, Seven (7) in the Town of
McArthur. in the Countv aforesaid. Said real
estate being subject to a mortgage lien in favor
of Robert Aiken; (that Caroline II loin, ns the
widow of said decedent, is entitled to dower in
said premises, and that Helen M. Bull, Mary
iiarKiess, i nomas huh, innrics isiin, .ionn
Hull, Cornelius Bull, Surah Piper, Eli.a Evans,
Margaret Didy, Catharine Teaehout, Dlanna
Handcrson. aim the unknown heirs of Annie
Lewis, ns bis hclrs-nt-lnvv, bold the next es
tate of inheritance therein.
Tho prayer ot said petition is for the assign
ment of dower to said Caroline Ullom, and fur
a snle of said nremises. suhlcct to such dower
estate, nnd sulilcrt to the mortgage, lien Iim
favor or tno said itoucrt &i ken, lor tno pn
ninnt or tno dobtn nun charges aroresam. r
Sni.l netition will bo for hearing on tlioTS
day of February, A. I). 1874, at 1(1 o'clock, A.
M., or ns soon thereafter as counsel cuu be
Administrator de bonia won, with will an
nexed of Ueorgo Bull, deceased.
December 81, 1S73, 4vv.
Notico is lierebv clvcn that sealed pronoFnls
will be reecivod ut the Auditor's Olllee. In Me-
Arthur, inton County. Ohio, until two
o'clock, r. M., on
Monday, January 2Gth, 1874,
For tho building of
Oxe Covered Bridge with Stoke
Across Big Ilnccoou Creek, in Madison Town
ship, at the crossing of the Zaleski and Pack
ard Mill Bond, near the Zaleski Steam Mill.
Oxe Covered Bridge wrm Stone
Across Big Rnnd Run, in Brown Township
near the residence oi laaac Kceion.
Plans and Specifications
Are on file for inspection at tho Auditor's Of.
flee. And tho County Commissioners do here
by invito
Proposals on Any Other Plan
Thau those on file nt (ho Auditor's Office, m
the ontion of bidden: but proposals on other
plans are required to bo nccoinpanlcd with
plans niiiigpeuiucmioii", selling mini mo num
ber ol siinna. tlio leii'-lli of rnrh. tho nature.
(iiialit v and size of the material" to be used In
the erection of the same, the strciiL'th of the
Ktrurttiro when completed, tho separate cost of
tho base and superstructure, ana, also, wMctn
cr Micro is Any patent riidit on tho promised
plan, und, If so, on what part, if not on the
wholo. All proposals must bo orcompnnled
wiin a bona, in aonnio amount oi sticu Did,
with at least two good sureties.
Tho Commissioners, however, reserve the
right to reject any or all bids.
By order of the Commissioners.
Auditor of Vinton County.
December 81, 1872.-4W
Notice is hereby given that funds have been
f1.,iinfllh.(l with tlin'LVi'eniurer of Vinton (Jnnn.
tv, Ohio, to redeem the south-east corner of
the south-east quarter of Hection Number 35,
Township Nuiniier 1U. (Knox), Kange num.
berlS. Said land having been sold nt Delin
quent Land bale, on the iilst ilav or January,
A. D. 1873, in name of Samuel F. Bradloy to
r;. u. iiniL
W. W. 11ELK011I).
Dec. 01, 1873. 8 vt.
T. Do Witt Tnlmaito is editor ot 7ht
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A Paper of Established Reputation,
Firoaide, Tanner, Mechanic,
Manifactnrer, Kcrchant,
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Thecomlng year promises to bo an evontful
ono in politics. Leading qtioslious aro to be
met and decided, aud abovo til it is to be du
tenuined whether the Itonuhlican party shall
bs purged of all its ohjcctionsble fcatares and
retained in nower. or wlivthiir tlm i;nvrn-
ment shall be suffered to fall into the hands of
me oiu uemocratia organiution. The new
party movement which brosght out Horace
Greeley for the Presidency inVfX and showed
itself feeble in Ohio aud Nciv York in 187,has
failed utterly. It has assisted in restoring to
life the IJemooratlo pnrtyjbut it is now en
tirely out of tho field of politics, and theroare
but two organizations bel'oai tho coimlrv lie
publican aud Ueinocraticl, In view of this
fact the Qdteltt holds: I
1. That tho restoration of tho Democratic
party to power would bo a mitionnl calamity.
It is tho samo now that it wis iu 1850, when
tho Missouri Comprouilso wis repealed and
the fugitive slave law adopted; the samo nsit
was in lotto, when tho great rebellion was or
ganized; the samons it was from ltstiO to lbOO
whon, as a party it sympathised with thoreb
cls. 1 ho results of tho war hvo not oeen ac
copied by it in good faith. I owes a debt to
"""' iiieinis. which ii paid wouiti en
tail a heavy burden upon the nation. It
would pay for tho omnuclpaUd slaves, anil ns
sumo part of tho exnouses hioiiiied by tno
in eiioru to uescroy iiiel.ovornment.
It is essentially n corrupt parly. Wherever it
baa powor it squanders and steals, Tho
Tammany ring is an illustration of Democrat
ic rule In New York uillliom wore stolen by
Democratic olllcials, aud to tils day not ono
ofthetbieves bus been punisied.
SI. Tho Gatelte holds that :n so far as the
Rcpublicau party has erred. It should be re
tunned, in order that it ninv'm wnri.hr nf its
great missions. It is tho parly of the people.
It is the party of freedom, ft' la progressive.
It iSMlol lied tO tllii liust .''JS J)H,,.l,m,1 1m
learniiiK as It .rcsaest K.nblo of
gnispins tno I uture, dropping vflialcver tho
nation has outlived, anil tnkiior ImVl nf nvnw
niensuio of refoi'in which e.vnei-hiiciiiinv linvn
dciiioustratcd as Just nud in tliu line of pro
gress. To t hi.s end every dead weight must bo
,inpino. iu Hum grant jous, raiaiiad mo
nopolies, salary gnais.nndextravagjnt appro
priations there must bo a stop, nm Iteiiuhli
cans, however high they may have stood;
however much they may havo tl.sio for the
party and tho country, who have'comiooted
themselves with schemes oileneivti to an hon
est public, must be ordered to tin) rear. So
man Is deserving of a position In jlio liepub
lican party who does not stand abvc suspic
ion, or who uses a position of sacred trust to
ndvnnce private interests. The llopuhliean
party can not stnnd unless It coiainamls llio
respect ami roiilldeiico of the people, in order
that it may have both, It should e thorough
ly purged, nud to that end thu Ihixtle will
devote lis best ell'nrts, liavinginiview thciin
portnnro of continuing ia power tho great
jmrty which lias a i.umo sceoiid to none ill the
pages of American history.
3. The farmers' movement Is ut honest one,
and it has our sympathy, nnd will havo our
support. we do not recognize itlisa political
party. Itdoes not claim to be suth, but it has
iirlucinles which wo desire to ii'e engratted
into lieptiblic.in pltttforms, ami it iiicludes
measures which wo shall ! ibor toJmve carried
out bv the Itepubliean party. (
4. The nations suil'eiri iVnn, iii,nn,.
This is ono of tho great evils ol thoduv. It
may not lie suppressed by prohibitory laws,
but, so fur ns practicable. U".;islution' should
lie directed n jamst the tiailic in intoxicating
ilriiiks. This end is nttuhiahle through the
Itepubliean party, and we rail noun temper
ance reformers to throw their iiilliienco in
this direction, rather tl an fritter It awav
through separate political iirgi.nl.utions,
5. Soiallcdorgniisofpulilicupiniim that de
serted the llepiililiiiin partvjn l:7- and joined
the opiHisition, arc dangerous guides. a:id are
to be avoided, not followed, mr observation
Is that the faction tl- it controlled the Cincin
nati convention iu lh',2. am mnv makes the
loudest professions of hoi.jntv, is mado up
mainly of men who brought A isV;rneo upon the
Itepubliean ; .li ly, mill Laving lost standing
because of their bad habits, m e now seeking n
place in some parly that will rerogiii,. thcin
(1. The lir.aneial questions
mount ini.iorlniiee. i'.tn
istlinu U ono of paia
Kxtrcihes are to be
iiyolded. Specie payments It' in tlie futur
lontraclioa nt piescnt,-woi-.ll be disastrous.
Lxpiinsion would also bo ilt'.-triictivc. The
"let nloiic" policy Is the bcitt one. The na
tional bank net needs to be Biiicinled in or
der that those institutions may Im operated
in thfi:iteivtsof the iadusti iaf classes rather
than In the interests of g' juulie speculators
iindstoe'iand men tntiie gamlilers. A return
lo specie payments it lo bo kepi In view, but'
this can not be brought about m :il the coun
try i i rc idy lor It. Tile ih-vchinnieni of our
country Ii ready for U. The development nf
..ui naiui. m i. i.ieoiqv sure roan to a specie
curreni y. II aitention si: ill-he wSdv direct-
en to 1 1 1 point, und we nhJll avoid forced
ciiiiu iciiouou one nanil ami roc
iciiles cxpnn
atAilll follow
sion 10 t.ic oilier, specie payinen
in oiiu tunc.
Tlio general character of the Cincinnati
IM " "cu hmnva tnat it needs no
explanation. While It is a I'.eptihlie.-iu paper,
it ;i-ks no favors of thorn in power, and it
is iiiiiepviiiieni iu mat it Karlesily cpoes,
abuses, whether inshloorout-ddeol' the iniitv,
with which it nets. It rorngulzcs no pnlit'i-
cm iiienclship lor men (who lietrav their
irusis, nor win it leuK us, cover tip or apol
ogize for nhu-es that nn:fit mil to exist in
liny part worthy thu supiiu-l of tho Ameri
can people. As n newsijqier, It ncknnwl
eilges no superior. Iti vsliie ns an agricul
tural paper Is recogniznl i by practical far
mers, thousands ol whorj exchange their
views inroiin us eoliimnl. As n i-oninier-liul
paper, it Is standard jmlhoritv.
Tlio Weekly timette is ni eight page paper
of lortr-eight eoluinns, liiipted h-om stereo,
type plates, ami the Dailylmd Seinl. WieLle
me of tho sninc size, nud brinted in kiniilnV
m ie. (
I'ho following aro tho tortus of tho (luselk
for the ensuing year: I
Wookly i
... .
y Gazelle,
Ono Copy j
Kivo Copies, each ..I ..
Ten copied. cb V
Twenty copies, each I.,.
?3 Oil
. 1
. 1 fill
. 1 till
J limy co lies, eaell
KH'ly coics, each
Sixty copies, each .,
Sevcntv-tive conies, ench
. i iri
: 1 40
Uue hundred copies, and over, each!
. 1 X.
. 1
Premluma to Subscribers in Clubs.
ye will send T!,f Wttl-ta GUelle one venr,
unda iold-Platfil Magic Pcnitll, ring head-
" "ii", mm in mine lor a ut'ivor gentlemen;
or, if preferred, n No. filJold Psn, with (iold-
i-iaicu unci .tunny Telestopi llo'iler, Ii
very club sulwriber dtsirl ng it. jit the follow
Inir rales viz.: 1
In Clubs ol Five-Paper and ltncll, or
Paper and Pen ,, j n
In Clubs of Ten ) jm
In Clubs or Twenty.
I.. , 'I..,.. ... 'f,
3 0!
1. . ill OS ui , nil ly
In Club! oPFiftv
In Clubs of Hev'enty-flno .. ."
In Club of One Hundred aod over.'.'.
Semi-Weekly Gazette.
Ono Copy, ono year 1 , . . .
Kivo Copies, each ,
Ten Copies, each .
Twenty Copies, and over, each..
8 tm
5 U5
8 Ml
2 W
II 00
. 3 M
. 8 S.t
. 8 00
Premiums to Subscribers In Clubs.
ViC will send Tht tfmt. Wrtkly Ootttf one
jvai mm a very lino HOI(l-lriaiCH Magic Ten
cil, suitablo for lndy or gentlemen; or, If pre
forrcd, a Hue No. C (iold Pen, ami Cold
I'lateii and j-.lioiiy IJolder, to overy club
subscriber desiring It, the following rates
In Clubs of Five. Pancr nnd Pencil, m-
Paper and Pen U ns
... w. ..i ,.:u ! TO
In Clubs of Twenty, and over 4 SO
who tor j onus in Agents.
118 in Valui for 13
3C fa Value fur I
7 in Valutor 111
The largest, Best ami mot Popular Oil
Cliromoi in tho world, In all their beauty and
., 7 cVn,ln "c original htones
Unllorm size 17 x 2H Inches. Piles, Il5cs.h
(iiven ai premium! to yearly Subscribers to
Demon .'i IllutraUd MoBthlj Uiaila,
The Model Mtgi.lne of America, nt ft 00 per
ii.. i.. .....v... .. . .
pi,ancii inn copyrights t ,n
euormoiis exnense. wild M.n ,..,... ?,i . ". "
curing the largest circulation of any Msira
Jine In America, ws have determined on ni-
Kingian unpsrailnleil offer of tl... i...,i
lebrltcd t hroinos.tlis '
Old Oaken llurkct." Aftcr.T.i.,,.,,. ti.
son. as a Frninlmn fur imi nir
JiZtitihAt' Jcro,,,a T,,on""on'
'Home, Hweet llom. Alter Joroine
Thompson, a a Premium form. "u,n
"After the SUinn." By P. M. II. Ds Tin.
as a Premium for im. 1UM'
.sc.h Chromo, si a work of art,!! fullv canal
tomiOil Painting worth flvi WmiiiX
Tho Chromos am now ready, and aro lont by
mal on rrnclptof the subscriptions forelthor.
or all of tho year, as abovo, varnished on a
roller, postage 10 cents extra. Or mounted
on .auvas and Htrotcherfas anOll Painting,)
for 60 rents each extra, which Includes (ii
Mstatre. Or mounted on ( anvas sod KtreUvh
yr, In elegant t inch (Wit Frames, with Ara
bssqne CornerOrnanicnts,thi-T!rtls of crim
son card, and packed. Is oil sxtra each.
,o.ii. . llrosdwsv. H, V.
BarFor four years lubsorlption (III.) rl
the four Uirsnios are sent immnllatclyi but
tlo not fall at least to iend,'f8 lory iriubYcrln.
tfon for H74, avnd jrot ata a premium the Vng
Bljlcant Chronis, Th Cld Oaknn llue!t."
i fc,"',e,r ftte Chromos or all .cur sent
Imtnedlataly rn rscsilnt Ot lubscriutkiut for
M ;tirs at ladkaVwi
Deeenbcr D4, oftir.
With tho Largest and Kost General
and Valuable Circulation of
Any Journal Published
in the Central Region
of tho . American
In addition to the universal circulation ol
tho Commercial iu Cincinnati and vicinity, It
is sold through ovor three hundred agencies in
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West
Virginia, and tiOuthera Illinois, and on all the
railroads In thoso SUtos, and there tl a special
can ior u aiong mo great rivers irom nui
burir to New Orlesns.
Tlio territory occupied bv the constituency
of the Comiiieroial Is thai within one day's
railroad travel of Cincinnati, and there are
regular carriers' routes for the Commtroiitl
in Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indians;
Frankfort, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee;
marieston, west Virginia; JAiuiiviiie, non
tucky; Parkersburg, West Virginia; Chat
tanooga, Tennessee; Vinceuucs, Lafayette,
tvansvillc, and Richmond, Indiana; Dayton,
Vn,.ln U....1.W.I1..1.1 X- ...... ..I. llnlbH.m n...l
Zauesyille,01iio; Lexington, Ma)-svillc,Paris
mm vyiiuiiitiiu, nuiitiiesy, sail ill svoruo w
other superb and flourishing cities.
Cincinnati is tho most control of tlio large
cities of the Nation, aud on all Bides is sup
ported by thrifty and prosperous communities
in whicn for hundreds of miles in every direc
tion, tho Commtroial is tho favorite news
paper. In a political scuso tho Commtroial is thor
oughly independent. It recognises no obliga
tions to party organizations. Its sincerity In
this position is popularly understood, and so
largely appreciated that Its subscribers and
habitual purchasers in either political party
outuuiuber those of the party organs, and Its
aggrcgato circulation Is greater Uiau that of
its competitors combined.
It takes a hearty interest in tlio politics ol
Europe, which telegraphic communication
has brought into very Intimate relations with
us, and, earnestly vindicating and sustaining
thu development of nationality In Uermuny
and Duly, it cordially sympathizes with the
ltciuhlienii cause iu France and Spain.
T ho sneciallv of tho Cotumrreiul in tho news
of tho day. Wo spare no effort unit no expense
at home or abroad, to obtain bv telegraph, by
mail and tho express, tho latest intelligence,
and to present it iu the most attractive and
authentic form. Our Kditorial remarks uiion
events, and discussions of iho questions ot the
day, are according ti our independent judg
ment, having nlvvnys in view thoclUcacy ol
the truth in the interests of the ncnnln. Undo
not seek ollleiul favors or partison patronage,
but rely wholly unon tho business (hat irrows
out of (ho respect und good will of tho publio
ui. i.nu.
mo current nisiory of tho world will pos
sess, this winter, exceptional interest. Tho
iill'airs of liuiupo never concerned us more
closely than now. Thu complications In our
foreign relatious, even threatening war, must
command constantly our serious consideration
and tho session of tho American Congress
about cominencinir. will nbsorb in nn ininsii.il
degree the attention of tho country, for the
most vital ami searching issues, financial aud
political, await practical solution.
Tho dailviicvvsiianeratsuelin liino becomes
almost a necessity of life, and it is not hazard
ous to claim for the Cincinnati (.'owjHcrt'ii that
it is nt otco tho most complete and trustwor
thy journal issued in the Ohio Vallov-thfl
center uf the population andthoscatof the do-
lit leal power of tho Nation.
Our relatious with politienl parties aro such
that wo will not bo suspected of tampering
with the nows in the interest of either. We
mean to tell the plain truth, and PUM.isn all
th K nkwd, no mutter whom it hits or whom it
helps or hurts, Wo expect to be ns thorough
nnd impartial in presenting financial intkl-
i-nii-Nti; as in dealing W illi political informa
tion. Our intnt are reminded that tliis it a iro)i-
itiim time to aintitt for tttmttibtcribm, and it
it our Impreston that if a careful and enerottlo
effort were i.iadt, t,'i re would ue occasion to in
crease orden laraely.
Wo offer liooihcr inducements to subscri
ber than tho reputation of tlio Commercial for
enterprise in collecting tlio news, nnd honor
able dealing with the people iu publishing it
All Itpiillcants furnished with Sneeiinen
Conies li n I circulars irivinir evnct. und foil
detailsof business Infoi mnlum.
Advertisini' rates Irani 10 to 40 cents nor
ugulo line, according to display and isl
tiou the best term offered till any firtt-clatt
journal, character a'nd extent of circulation
Proprietors of tho Cincinnati Commercial.
A Paper for the People, Beauti
fully Illustrated.
Hearth and Ho mi:, Issued evory week, is
ono ol thu most beautiful Journals iu the
world A slnglo volume contains about f3B.
WlO worth of splendid engraving, finely print
ed, and of a highly pleasing aud Instructive
character. It has, also, a vast amount of the
choicest rending, carefully prepared, and full
of iiwtruetioh. It contains excellent Kditori
als on the various topics of- tho day, which
give tho reader practical aud useful iiiforsia
t ion. ilKAHTH and IlosiK has a most capital
Household Department, which will delitrlit
and greatly uld every housekeeper. The
Children's Department Is of surpassing inter
est to all tlio little people. In short, It is a
l"i per that will plense und proUt both old aud
young In every home.
Terms, In Advance:
Ono Copy, ono year 3.00
rour copies, one year. ..........
'Pen or more copies
8.75 each.
2.60 each.
The subseriiition price of tho American Ag
riculturist, which is well known as on nf the
oldest and best magazines in tho world, lor
tue rarni, t irueii, una iiotisenoiii, isfl.nua
year. Ono copy each of Hkaktu nd IIumk,
Weekly, nnd Amhiiioak Aqrici'lti-rist.
Monthly, will bu sent on year for $4, to
which n ceuts snouiii no aaue: when the pa
pers aro to iro to Uritisli Ainerica.
ittVplcudid Chromos uw given with both
papers. .
OllANliE JUDD COIIPAVY, Publishers,
8-15 Uiondway, New York.
1874. 1874.
Free Speech,
Tho Supremacy of Constltional Law and the
Equality and Itight of tho Pcolplc;
and it will opnoso Ccntrnlizutlou,
Slilllary Utile, Monopolies
and King!, and Kxposa
Corruption Wherever
Tlio Statesman
Will Advocate Reform hi-Our Fi
nancial aud Commercial Policies,
; Publish tho Proceedings of Con
, grcss, tho Constitutional Conven
' tion and our State Legislature,
Give tho General News of the
Day Both Political and Litera-
' ry; and Publish Full Reports of
our Markets including Grain,
, Cattle and Wcol. ;
. """""""
TERMS; (9.00 per ynr, ln all casol payn
able in advance.) Head fur sample copies.
, As tho electiou is now over and
the democracy nro gloriously victo
rious, may wo not usk our demo
cratic friends, In all sections of tho
State, to auslbt us in extending the
circulation of tho Statetman? By
their help tho Ohio Statetman can
fltfain bo mado a power iu the knd.
Tho Statetman ought to have a
club of subscribers at vcry Poet-
ofdeo in Ohio. DeiBocrr.ts, -will
you not lend u a hoping t&nd?
The many evidences of extraordinary onros
iviwjiuM asuucuiett tnroitgQ
Sarsaparillian Resolvent.
Iloaily Holiof nnd Porfoct Purgative Ptlls, in
written testimonials ,fi-oin all parts of the
world, surpnssin wonder tho innstextravngant
miracles of enchantment. Physicians and
medical r,ion in all countries pronounce theso
wonderful roniodics a mystery, that neither
explain. True, these medicines effect tho
most marvelous cures, aud restore tho dying to
life, und relievo tho most wretched pain-suf-foring
victim of his tortui-un. in f.v,... ...... m
viivu ntiiuui nui aiiiti vmin itr a nnin wn i autn nuti
ccP7ny iiuuiiii-n, sun iiiuiouga tney Know some
of the ingredients of their composition, and Dr.
Kadway has published their formula (with
holding only two newly discovered roots), still
both French. Gorman. ICnaWxli im.l A
chemists and pharmaceutists utterly fail with
tho same Ingredient as prepared by them. The
great success, which thoso wonderful remedies
lire COIIsmilllV nclllOVIIlir. lie. in t in irr.ml. an.
crct of com billing tlio ingredients fogothor,
afler exorcising duo care in selecting tho pure
and genuine roots.
Such wonders of Modern ( lienil jli-v nn tin.
KKLIKD'ft KADWAV'SPIUA are without
parallel In the History of Medicine, for there
are some infirmities ami iliscnuus Hint urn
siderod as incurnblo, and sure tlenih. Yot the
most usiounuiug cures have been mndo thro
these remeiliesof somdlHinanii iiiiiiiiuvn ....
er been known to be cured bv medicine.
SWELLING, Tumors In tho Womb, Stomach,
Ovaries, Dowels, llright's Diaeaso of the Kid
neys that have been pronounced incurable,
Cancers, Vlc.ors, Swellings, Wtouo In the Itlad
der, Calculous Concretions, Vlcora ami Sores of
tho Bones, Rickets so deoplv seated that no
other medicines havo been known to .each,
havo been cured by tho MAKSAPA1ULL1 N
ItKHOIA'LNT, uidedby tho KKADV ItELlKP
and PILLS.
Palsy. Paralysis. DrvGanirpno tlir.tthnst.
ens a living deiith daily rolling nwny of the
limbs and fleshDiabetes, Involuntary Dis
charge of Water, Fungi in tho bladder (ilie
i-.mpoi-orjMiiiouionjs illsase),'lrturJj,g iiaius
wheu dlschargiiirf Urine, Itlll.l XATIb.M.
(iOUT.NKLItALGIA each iu.,1 rnirv ...... i
these coinplninta l hough but a few of the
many other diseases, Hailwiiy'sSui-sapai-illian
Itesolrent has cured and Isilailv curing lu all
parts of tho world.
Inono word, any disease no matter under
what name designated, that is nourished or
increased bv bad. ininiiro. demn v,.,l
thin, watery or poisoned blood ran ho cured
J)r.T?iii1w.iv . Imm lirrn.. .lnlmml nnn-
liundi-etli part of tho ctirnlivo virtues for their
rcinciiies us is asori bed to thcniby the people
who have used thorn: for hear in mii.it. oi.lv
such diseases and complaints as Dr. Kadway,
aftersuccessf id treatment with their remedies
knew they would cure, were enumerated in
their curative list, so Unit, nmn v of n.n ..vi ,.,inr.
dinat-y cases that have been reported awaken-
ciiiis initcii ustonisiimcnt in Iho discoTcry oi
their remedial agents as in those who had been
rescued from death, and made whole nnd
Asmnnv nersona dlsiu nliteil tlm
dinary power, from iho fact ot their disau-
pomliiicut In Hi.- ..c of. othoriidvertiseilremo-dU's-und
so'iif believed it impossible for
Biinpl:' me -iki'ii-... ,. ado only from vegetable
siilistiiiiii'--r..oi-, herbs, ,tc. should jiosscss
8ttchmuitfl..ii. , ..wor( Yet they can rendilj
comprehend iim; ilie simple grasMcs of the
Held, aftur u-w . jigthu chemical proems ot
distillation o. 'linod by nature iu the cow nnd
churn, furnitln s us with bultcr rertainlv the
most abundant fut, calorio or hcnb-uitiking
bone, tissue, muscle, sinew nnd hlooil-iiiakiug
constituents for the human hodv.
Hut when thoso ncoulo who (list ilnnhf the
eDlcacrof these rer.io lu-s commence their use.
they become their in ; t .ainesl advocate.
lAfi;,l'l.N, & WOItllSOF ALL KINUS.
Never has a mediclno taken Intornnllv. hern
known to havo cured Tumor, either of the
Womb, Uterus, Ovaries or llowcls; the knife
has been the sole reliance in the handa of ex
perienced aiirgeona: but Dr. ltndwav's S-nr-
saparillian settles this qtiCHtion. It has cureil
over twenty persona of Ovni-inn Cysts and
Tunioi-g, ns well ns Tumors in tlio llowels,
i terus, oiuu, j.ivcr, Dropsical l.lluslon.
Ascites, and tnlculoiis Concretions.
Tumor of 13 Years' Growth Cured ly
Itiidwny'a Itesolvent.
IlKVEKI.Y, MAS.. .llllv 18, 1S09.
Dit. Uaiiway: 1 have hud Ovarian Tuuuu
In tho ovaries ami liowols. All the doctnis
said there was no help for it. I tried every
thing thai, was l'ccoiuiucndcil, hue nothirk-
helped me. I Haw your Itosolvcnt nml though
I would try it, but had no fnith in it, be.eaiisi
I lmil suffered for 15 years, I look six bottles
of the Hesolvent, ono box of lliuhva; ' Pills,
and used t wo bolUtw of your ltendy Itelii f.llli.'
there in not a sign of a tumor to be seen oi
felt, and I feel better, ainiirlcr and happier
than 1 hnvo for 11 yeni. The .vorst tuino
was in Iho left side of the bowel, over tin
groin. 1 write thin to you for the benefit ur
others. You can publish it if ou i hooeo.
From a prominent ircnllom.-in and resident oi
t'inciniinli. Ohio, for the paid f.n tv veins wel1
known to the newKpnper publklicrs through
out thu United Slates:
NkwYoiik, Oct. 11th, 1CT0.
1)R. n adwa v-Dcar Sir: 1 nm induced bv a
senso of duty to tlio Biilfering to make ti brief
statement of the working of vour mcilicino on
myself. Forauvcral years I have been itllli'-t-ed
with some trouble iu the bladder and urin
ary organs, which muiie months ng., culmina
ted in a most terribly ulUicliug disease, hn h
the physicians all said was. Himsuimlic sti-iv-turc
in thu urctha. aa also liiliamaiion of the
kidneys and bladder, and gave It as thcii
opinion Hint my age n) veins would preVcm
i.iy ever getting l-ndic-nlly cured. I had tried
a number of physicians, nnd had taken a larai
quantity of medicine, both allopathic ami In.
myopathic, but got no rcliof, I hnd toad el
astonishing cures having been mado by vour
remedies; nnd dome four months ago I i-cad a
notice in the Philadelphia iuiurdav livening
Post of n cure having been etluclcd' on a per
son who had long been suli'cringiisl hnd been
1 went rl'ht off and gut somu of ench your
Snifaparilliiin Resolvent, Heady He lief, anil
Regulating Pills and commenced lulling
Ihcin. In three dnys 1 was greatly relieved,
and now feel as well as ever.
J. W.. J AMI, Cincinnati, O.
Price ono dollar per buttle. Hold by Drug
gists every whore, nud at Dr. Kadway', No. 82
Warren, cor. Church St., N. Y.
Cures tho worst Painn in from 1 to 50 minutes!
Kay-NOT ONK HOUR after reading this
advertisement need any ono suffer with pain.
Is a cure for every pain. It was the llixt nnd
lathe only Pain Remedy that Insiantly stops
.uw iiiwn,. i-At. ii,:iniiiiff imiiis, uuavs iiiiiaintua
tlons, and cures congestions, whether of ihc
Liinirs, Stomach. Rowels or other o-lnmU n.ul
organs, by ono application. In from one to
twenty minutes. No matter how violent or
i , I " mo pain, tno Jihcumntlc, I!cd-
riihlen, Inllrin, Crippled, Nervous, Neuralgic
or prostrated with disease may suffer,
Will nflbrd instnnf. finun
Inflammation of the Kidneys, Inflammation of
inu manner, i iiiianiinaiion of MiO Jlowels,
vunm .ii.Hi ui ui,, i.iinf.! rioi-u i iiront, jiiiu
cult itrcathing, Palpitation of tho llenrt.Ilvs
terics, Croiiii. Diptliurin. Catarrh, Inllucnzii,
lleadnehe, 'I'oolhacbe, Neuralgia, Rheuma
tism, Colds, Chllh), AguoChlllH.
The application of tho Itcailj-Relief to the
.aniiriiur.il ui.ra inu pain or UltUCtllty ex
ists will afford enso and comfort. . -SO
lrona in u Iiulf tumhlMi. VniA....in
nafewmlnutea, cure Oanips, Bpnsms, Rour
Stomach, Heartburn. Sick Headache. Diar
rhoea, Dysentery. Colic, Wind in the Rowels,
and all Internal Pains.
Travelers , should always carry a bottle of
Railway's Relief with . them. A few drops in
wuier win prevout sicuncss or pains from
change of water. It is hotter than French
j.riiiiuy or imiers as a BtiinuiauU
'eelofKu?uroi? f'oroO'w.Mii"
There Is not a remedial air cut In n.ln w,,,i,i
tbnt will euro Fever and Ague, and all that
Malarious, billions, Ht-nrlet, Typhoid. Yellow
and other Fevers (aided by Railway's Filial so
quick as Railways Ready Relief, jio cents per
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated, for the
cure of all disorders of the Btomnrh, Liver,
bowels. Kidneys. Illndiler, Norvous DlseiseB.
iieaiincue, constipation, costlvcnoss, Inillgcs
tion, Dyspepsia, llillousnesu, Uilioua Fovor.
Inllnmmatlon of tho Rowels, Piles and all do-
niiiKeiiieiiinui uiu iiiiemiii v iseora, warranted
to olloct a posit ivo cure.
Ukmimm. IHnn.iila n. .I.ili.ln.l.... ..
JUlirObservo the following aymptomi ro
lultiug from discuses of tlio digestive organs:
Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness of the
blood to tho Head. Acldltv of tlio lo, i.
Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust for food, Full-
liunn ui woikiiv IU I.I1U J'H. ol IUQ rStOmnch,
Bwlininlng of tho Head, Hurried and dlfUoult
Ureal hinif. Flittterlnir at the Heart. Choking
or Hull'Dcating 8ensalon when ina lying Pos
ture, Dimness of Vision, Dots or Webs Before
tho Might, Fever nnd Dull Pain In the Head,
Deficiency In Pornnlratlon. Yellon 'tlflu of tha
felt iii and Eyes, Pain in the Side, Chest, Llmba
and Sudden Flashes of heat, Jtnnstnir In tho
Flesh. A few ilosos of Railway's Pills will
free the system from nil the above disorders.
, Price SB Cents per Bos,. , i , . .
R AT)W AY A CO.. S3 Warren cor Cbntch BL
Now York.
RftfM'.etd Falso and Tms. Bend one letter
ft sin n toKadwavA Co.. No. M We rren. enr.
CniircH , n. Y. IafonnaUon vortb thoua ,
uueniu wesaui ou. .... . ,
N ew
Come and examine them and satisfy yourself that I sell at tho prices
I advertise. Having just received a LARGE STOCK, bought during
the panio for cash, when cash was SCARCE.
I Positively defy competition, and Challenge any
Merchant in Ohio to Compare Prices
No Trouble to
It is trouble to show them, but Ave cheerfully and will
be glad of the opportunity, for when you
see my goods nnd prices, you- are
sure to buy. .
Which I Will Hell at
In.i X UtM2,c '
JL'l'ICO 885
3?eriect in Every
Best Black mixed Waterproof,
Good '.'
Best Gold '
Good " r
Good all Wool Flannel, .... . ' .
Best Brovn Muslin, . . .
" Coffee,
" Whito Sugar, -
" Brown " - . .
And every thing
U ould call Rpeeinl attention to his
PatenUd Feb. 2 and Bept. 21, 1869.
All tho best patterns of
Wood Stoves!
Coal rStovca!
Tin-W tiro
Of every description, made of best quality of tin plate.
A grand assortment of
Glsiss-Wate I Qucens-Warc ! Plated Goods ! Table Cutlery I
Coffee Mills! Spoons! "Woodea-wave !
Clothes Wringers, Heat Cutters, Sad Irons and Stands,
Holiday Goods, $-c.
GT;l still have a considerable stock of General Hardware wliioh
I am closing out, regardless of COST I miawaie, which
outing' Koofig. anl Repairing done neatlv nnd cheanlv!
l)l- 17 1B79,f
S. C.
Useful and Ornamental Articles!
You Can
For 25 Cl.
ELe,ffa1?p,,.otSrrnIh Albums.
hcll Sav n- Bank, 1 inc
Dolls, Crystal Taper 1
English Fen Wipers,
For 50 Clu.
v Ks M
"arps. Pungent.
Thread Cabinets. iVniA '
For 75 Cts.
The "Well Known "Prince
' TeSlcScaJf' in Choice Ce
Shades for Gentle
men, &120 '
Parlor Kaleidoscope, Glove and Handkerchief Setts
Jewel Cases, Work Stands, French Qilt CaU
Bells, Fancy Ink Stands, Fancy Bores
. Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs '
. and Mufflers! '
And many other articles of good valuo for salo at Retail, durlno- th
. v nmiBder of the jironent year. Prices marked-
ia fiainnsures.
' 7 " .V. cniLncoyiii; o.
New Goodsl
Show Qoods" is
SO OO Each, Ileffvl.
-m "m r .
OO. Wnvrntifnil
$1 15
else in proportion.
unusually largo and complete stock of
A.r tides, fec. !
Cook Stove I
J. 8.UUI1N.
D,ls2.HarPs AUiffatora,
w.al lets, Games, Vuzilt .
Ai5.c.-Illocll,, Velvet Hell,
Miell, las and Paper Fancy
e Wax
Weigh fw,
Aliens or
Adjustable Cord llaclcs. I'ateiit
IiikNfandN, JTIU.es Kxtra l"id
Palm, and Cloth Gauntlets.
. - I

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