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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 31, 1873, Image 3

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McArthur Enquirer
Advertiser who may wish to reach the
I'eople of Vinton and adjoining counties,
onn Hud no better medium than the Mo
Arthur Enquirer.
Green Apples for Sale
At this ofllce. Come and get some
before they are all gone.
Iut The McArthur Enquirer
into the hands of your children, if
you would give them a practical ed
We have a lot of Music for sale
at this ofllce.
iue growing whcnt is said to
look extraordinary fine for this sea
son of the year, in almost every
portion of this county.
Tho Post Ofllea address of Henry
Clark, who removed from Elk
Township a short timo ago to Piok
away county, is Circlevillo. . . . . ,
Christmas was observed in
McArthur in about tho usual man
ner. Iiusiness was generally sus
pended. The weather was ulmost
as warm as autumn.
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur, O
- gm,
Arritoi'RiATE. Hon. Ralph Leete
of Irontou, Ohio, has commenced a
series of letters addressed to Hon.
A. G. Thurman, U. S. Senator from
Ohio, on the financial situation of
the country.
After January 1st, registered
letters will cost eight cent3, instead
of fifteen at present. Tiio.sii remit
ting money oa subscriptions to t his
"paper, will take nolioe mil govern
themselves accordingly.
Those who have to pass over the
mud roads in Vinton county de
claro that tho roads were never in a
worse condition than at the present
time. " '
. . - m
The attention of somebody
should be called to those boya who
attend the M. E. Church, in this
town, on Sunday evenings, and
disturb those who may bo seated
around them.
It will be just as easy for a camel
to go through the eye of a needle as
for a man to enter tho kingdom of
Heaven who sponges his reading
matter, from his neighbors. The
price of The McArthur Enquirer
is only $1.50 per year, or $1.75 with
the Aldine Almanac.
News Stand.
Having opened a News Stand at
this offico, and can supply you with
any magazine, literary or political
paper you wish. Every come and
Dr. N. J. Bowers. Dentist, McArthur, O.
New Jersey Wine in the State.
rtysicians have stated that the
Wines now produced and offered
for sale by- Mr. Alfred Speer, of
New Jersey, are wines that can bo
safely used for medicinal purposes,
being pare and free from medica
, tion.
Revival. Under date of Dcccm
be 11, 1873, Eld. P. P. Wolf writes
us from Marshal, Highland county,
Ohio, as follows:
"Wo are in the midst of tho most
powerful revival hero I ever wit
nessed. .Twejnty-fivd have joined
tho Christian Union and about
nineteen conversions. It commen
ced on Thanksgiving Day; I can
not say when it will closo."
At tho ' last examination of
teachers, the following named per
sons received certificates as follows:
For 12 M'aiUhaiJ). V. Dowd,
T. M. Buskii-ki C. W. Hudson, J.
W. Walker, B.F.Alban.
For 6 Mouths: II. C. Claypoole,
L. C. Walker. . , ..
Clerk Board of Examiners.
Dr. N. J. Bowers, Dentist, McArthur.
' The decision of tho Master of tho
State Crangc, that partizan editors
cannot bo admitted into Oranges,
iysliuts ouf". Bro. " Williams of tho
Circle vi lie Union who has been
walttng'lil the ante room of Kinder
hook Grange, sinco last summer,
craviug admission. Ho doos not
"I wont to ho a flrnniror.
' And with tho Urnnirura stand.
or cnant in more uuiect measures
"Como, my horny-haudod love,"
a much m lie did. ' lis ever
Circleville Democrat. ,
It would not be a bad move if the
namo of thol'ost-ofllco at the enter-
prising village of IIamdonk Viuton
county, should be changed .from
ueeu Mill to lliimuen, as, mat la
as it ought to be becauso a .great
lnconvonicnco nrlsos, particularly
to tho business men of the' utlrflng
YUlago, from having tlio name of
the Post Office - unlike the namo of
thq village'.
Symptoms of Catarrh.
Obstruction of the nasal passages
discharge falling into tho throat,
sometimes profuse, watery, acrid
or thick and tenacious, mucous
purulent, bloody, putrid, offensive
etc. In others a dryness, weak or
inflamed eyes, ringing in ears, deaf
ness, ulcerations, scabs from ulcers.
voice altered, nasal twang, offensive
breath, impaired smell and tasto.
etc. Few only of abovo symptoms
likely to bo present in any case at
at one time.
To cure take Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medieal Discovery carncetly, to
correct the blood and system, which
are always at fault, also to act spe
cifically, as it does, upon the dis
eased glands and lining membrane
of the nose and its communicating
chambers. Tho more I see of this
odious disease, the more positive is
my belief, that if we would make
treatment perfectly successful in
curing it, we must use constitution
al treatment to act through the
blood, as well as a soothing and
lealing local application. Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy, when used
warm and applied with Dr. Pierce's
Nasal Douche, effects cures, uion
common sense," rational ana sci
entific principles, by its mild, sooth
ing and healing properties, to which
the disease yields, when the spstem
has been put iu perfect order by
the use of tho Golden Medical Dis
covery, llus is the only perfectly
safe, scientiliic ond successful mode
of acting upon and"hcaling it.
So successful has the above
course of treatment proven that the
proprietor offers $500 reward for
a case he can not cure. All the
moaus sold by druggists. R. V.
Pierce, M. D., Proprietor, Buffalo,
N. Y.
The Hocking river has again
"an giving proof of its ability to
lomaare those who undertako to
"limiinisli the area of its water way
by. levees, dykes, dams, fills, em
bankments and other artificial con-li-iviiiiues
gotten up in the interests
ol'Caual and Rail Road men and
farmers who object to have their
grass sanded. Last Sunday morn
ing the water was within thirty
inches of being as high at the
South Bridge as it was on the fifth
of July last, and was high enough
to sweep what little thero was in
the was of crops off from
tho low bottoms, thus supplement
ing the misfortunes of the farmers
by taking away what little they
were able to raise after the Summer
flood. The same parties who suf
fered most severely last summer are
again the principal sufferers. The
running of the trains on the Colum
bus and Hocking Valley Railroad
was so tar obstructed that, as we
have been informed, but one train
eacli way succeeded in getting
through. The damages along the
line of tho road arc not understood
be very serious and the trains
are.iuakinjr schedule time. The
Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad
with but little delay or inter
ruption, making, oil the avoragp,
about as good time as though the
weather had been serene. The
canal bridges hero were both again
rendered unsafe, and in the coun
try, small bridges were wash-
Athens Journal.
Beware of swindlers, confluence
men, and "dead beats." On Friday
evening last two very true repre
sentatives of each of that chiss of
men stopped at the McArthur
House, kept by II. Redd & Sox,
and called for supper and asked to
stop over night, saying that they
had walked about 40 miles that
daj After supper they desired to
see the Treasurer to pay some taxes,
They told several fine stories; and
among the numerous questions they
asked Horace Redd, was: "Has the
sale of the property, of William
Lee been confirmed?" Why did
they mako this inquiry? Their
conduct at the supper table was bad
Under tho pretence of visiting a
small county out-building, they
sneakingly entered tho Alley south
tho Hotel aud ran off toward
Vinton Station. Ben. F. Redd and
Joiin Redd, Jr., pursued anil over
took them, (their huge foot-prints
being visible In the falling snow,) in
field a short distance -east of Vin
ton Station; and ma'de them pay $1
each for their villainy. It was the
music of a revolver that that
brought them to terms. They were
en route for Athens county.
Do tho city papers say anything
in regard to your own county?
Nothing. Do they contain notices
of your schools, churchas, meetings,
improvements, and hundreds of
other local matters of interest,
which your home paper publishes
without pay? Not an item. Do
thcy'ever say a word calculated to
draw attention to your county and
its numerous thriving towns, and
aid in thalr progress and enterprise?
Not a line. And yet thero are men
who take such contracted views
of this matter, that, unless they are
getting as many square inches of
reading natter in their home papers
as they do in a city , paper, they
think that they are not 'getting the
vvorth of theiv money. It remln ds
us of tho in on who took tho largest
pair of boots in tho box, simply be
cauto tlioy o st the same as a pair
much smaller that lltted him,
Week of Prayer—Jan, 4-11, 1874.
The American Evanglical Alii
ance suggests the following as
suitable plan for tho observance of
tho week of prayer throughout the
United States:
Sunday. Jan. 4: Sermons Tho Unity of tho
iiirisiina iiiurcii, inn rem ononoss or All
true bollovers: hindrances and motives
of union; tho blessings to bo Imped for
irom mo uiiumui uuuuvura in prayer.-
Jnlin 17 I 01 -OS r '
Monday, Jan.h: Confession-Our common
un worthiness aud guilt. THAMKauiviNU.
' for national, domestic, and personal
morclos, temporal ami splrilaual. Sup
plication. For special blessings on the
i eoa oi prayer. uun. : 'i: mat, 8 : IV.
Tumlay, Jan. 8: 1'rater. For the Christian
Church; for her incroaso in faith, holi
ness, ami lovo; for persecuted and Buffering
Christians; for Christian liberty ; anil fur
i ne mora abundant outpouring of the Holy
: .
Wednttday,Jan.1: Prater for Families
homo ami parental lulluence; sons and
nuuKiuers; mo nnaont, tno sick, the cor.
up inmates oi prisons; nil educational in
stitutions. l's. 115 I 13-14: 141-12.
peace among men; for public virtue and
righteousness; for tho banishment of in
temperance, dishonesty, Inildclity, and
superstition; Bud for the diffusion of pure
nuu imiBwuu uiuj uxure. is. uo : i i-its.
Friday, Jan.fr Prater. Eor tho cvangoli.
zatton oi an nominally Christian coun
tries; for she conversion of Israol; for
srninon; lor missionaries; for tho spreai
of tho Gospel in Mohammedan and heath
en countries: for tho conversion of tho
worid to curist. rs. ea : 81 ; isu : 6. llcb.
Saturday, Jan. 10: Prayer 'For tho Christian
ministry; nir Mummy-schools; for revi
ViWS. .UUH. 11
38: Dent. 4 : 9; Hub. S : 'I
Sunday, Jan. 11
Sermon-Christ's kingdom
minvMaj nnu tiverimuiur, I S. Iflll.a.
Kosujts ol tho sixth general Conference of
uiu avvugcui'it! Alliance.
In accordance with the above
suggestion of tho American Evan
gelical Alliance, the Y. M. C. A
of McArthur, propose holding. a se
ries of prayer meetings during the
week of prayer, beginning Sunday
evening, January 4, 1874, contin
uing one week . Tho subjects of
prnver for each evening being des-
gnated in tho above programme.
The meetings to begin at tho Pres
byterian Church, and to be held
there during tho week, unless an
other place designated shall be se
lected during the meetings.
N. J. BOWERS, Sec'y.
The work on the railioad still
progresses, notwithstanding the
cold weather. Since our last paper
was issued the grading has been
almost completed through Mr.SnER
wood's orchard, east of the grave
yard. The railroad company pur
chased all that part of his lot lying
east of tho railroad. The grading
will be commenced in a day or two
on the s outh side of Bkown's Hill,
east of the old brick yard. The
Chief Engineer, R. A. Howard,
assisted by C. W. Fearce, are now
at work on the line between Mr.
.Howell's farm, and E. A. Sisson's.
The permanent line will run on the
south side of the creek from the
Howell farm, and not cross the
creek a few rods below tho Robbins'
Bridge. This is a practical route
and saves tho building of . two
bridges across tho creek, the dis
tance being only ICS feet greater.
Before we issue the next paper we
shall, if the weather will permit,
pay the line a visit and tell our
readers more about the work.
The road leading to Dundas is a
road. The late rains made it
quite muddy. The mud increases
daily in depth and stickiness. Wc
made an effort to go down to Dun
das last Thursday, but tho mud
bold us fiint before we could reach
point two-thirds of the way there.
Tho mud is deep in some places; in
other places it isn't so deep; in two
three places the mud is so saucy
that it mocks people while passing
over It who talk about putting down
stone pike. It a outrageous mud.
Tho proprietor of tho Hack Line,
ike everybody else, don't know
what to do with such mud. Once
twice last week he carried the
mail on foot, through fields, to Dun
das, becauso it was dangerous to run
over that mud. All the roads around
here are mud roads.
Wet. From tho 1st to the 15th
of December, this section of tho
State was visited with unusually
wet weather almost Incessant
rains. Never before, at this season
of the year, were so much wet and
mud known to exist. Tho low
grounds were submerged, streams
were full to overflowing, and the
roads aro now about as bad as they
can be. Fields that had been crop
ped seemed more like mortar beds
than tillable lands. Stock would
sink deep into the soil as they
walked over the ground sink deep
er than the deepest plowing. In
fact, such weather, rain and mud
were never before known hero du
ring the winter month of December.
Good and True. We are glad
to soe that good old family newspa
per, the Now York Observer, has
como out boldly in opposition to
the foolish practice of baiting sub
scribers with cheap pictures. It
declares tho premium business de
moralizing, and repudiates it alto
gether, It will not be long before
every , paper that is worth having
will take tho same stand, A good
family, newspaper at $3 a year, U
tho cheapest luxury that can be en
Joyed,' anii wo can heartily Vccom
menu tho JNew x pre., yoserwr an
such a paper. S. I. Frimk ' & . (jo.,
37 Park Row, New York,
New Advertisements
Wentwotu's Kky-hiko and Ciibci Com
binkd. German Silvor nnmpln, lRc. Circulars
fre. BAFFOKD M AN U F AC'i Ulil N (J CO,
(ff Fulton St., N. Y. nB14r.
SiilPLBS sont by
mail for 60e. that retail
. WOLCOTT, 181 Chath-n51-4w.
quick for 110.
am Square, N.
The Magic Cut 8?,Br "v!fi0
any colored hulr to a permanent ulnck or
brown and contaius no poison. Trmlo im
plied at low rules. Address JSI ACilC COM B
CO., Hpringlleld, Mass. n51- ivr.
CIT O Urins; you free by mail the very best
Write at once to I'omkhot & Co., Hi liroad
. Wliy, N. Y. - n61-4t.
Coughs. ColuS.Hoarseiiess,
Sold by DruKHists. nM-4w.
Tho hiirliost Medical Authorities of Eu
rope sny tho strongest Tonic, l'uriner and
Uoohstruent known to tho medical world
It arrests decay of vital forces, exhaustion of
the nurvous system, restores vlKor to thoilo
uuilated clonuses vitlutod' blood, removes
yesiclo obstructions mid arts directly on tlio
Liver mid SiiIkoh. Prim $1 n hntll.t A.l.lniu
JOIIN U. KELLOGU, 181'luttSt., Now York. '
200 PIANOS and OltGAM
New and Second-luind, of first-class makers,
will lie soi l nt Unvor Trices loreiisli, or on
liistnllniitnts, .In city or countiy, during this
c i iiiin cut i ' rinja 01 tno iiolulavs, liv JIOIl
A.CK WATtiltS & SOS. No. 41 Urondway,
iiii-ii ever uciore one e i uew mrk. Atrcni
v.nite.l fortlio sale of Waters' Celebrated Pi
anos, i oncei tc ami iircliestrnl Organs. Illns
tnue.l Catnlujfiie mailed, lirciitinduccnicnts
to the t null!. A l.'iriio discount tn Mi
Clmichuy, riuii'ljiy-SuliouI, uto. n51-4w.
O Growers and imp.,
free r r 111.
Our Catalogue, for 74. J Q
nSl-wt. .
mielo U4 iu4 days, and another f458 In 8
days, sell in?
OCEAN'S STORYl suuTorAuven
iii'os upon, unci tno "Wonders llenenth the
ireat .Oceans." SS3 snirited cnirravinca.
I'leo extremely- low: sells Hinnzlnirlv fimt.'
,000 moru live agents wanted for.thls and the
uly complete, iioiiiilur nud fust sell in n his.
tory of
lino jri eutest success or the season.) Also our
siilendid new liible. lust ready uml (nr event.
ling all others, pocket companion and full
circuiurs nee. Address HL ItlJAKI) 111(03.,
rublinbers, Cin. O. n51-4w.
Agents Wanted
History of the 0rng HoTtment.
Being a full and nuthentio necount of the
struggles of tho American larmers ngninst
lie extortions of tho railroad t'oinprnies.with
iiiMurj ui me riso nnu progress oi iue tinier
I'atrons of Ilusbaiulry. It so
sells at sight.
rms to Airenis.
and seo why it sells faster than any other
!3 NATIONAL 1'UliS.. CO..
Chicago, 111., or St. Louis, Mo., nBl-4t.
SLJ.F.riniflnR.h.Ma T J ...
'nironltTof l?enn' la 1811. and stUr AO yltrf uptrlono
irf.oUd Dr. Fl tier's Vcsetmbla Khmin. l
I (O'rsntw It ia laTtlUUs tan lor Kn, Kit
luumaiiiiuu k nwora to, una ZOtB April, 187
. a. uaoutmn, Jtotary rublH, fltih
OUrffTBtS Wl Onrod by It, nd will MIfv snr one wrt
wlnB.MeaimPs. Kr..I.N.lnchnaii.ClBrMci,Tomi.K-
itori Psmphlnt A froruit,gntia. tU UmuW r. rsn III
vauwtM.nocurouuou&rg9,arAlily.eoia lyCxxwt .ti
Ir. Ssoa Oa.
tnrrh lltmidr
cures by It mild, heal-
iinirDrnnerlies. to which
, tho disease yields
when the system has
' boon put fa perfcot
order with. Doctor
PlnrfA'a flnldnn
j Medical DUeoTcry, which i.lK)iil(i f
uo uiKen csmcBiiyto correct uioou nnu
system, which ire always at fault, also
to act epocliIcallT, upon Uie diseased
glands of tho nose and its chambers.
CataiTh Rcmcdvshould be applied with
Dr. Plcrco'i Itanel Boarho,wilh
which medicine can bo curried Aioa up
and pereclli applied toall parts of pas
sages and ctiamficrs In which sores and
ulcer exist, and from which discharge
proceeds, boiticccssndhasthts course
of treatment nrnven. that the Dronrieior
Sofl'ors JfiOO no ward for a care olH
duCokt in Uea'i" or Catarrh which hoW
!j cannot cure. The ttvomodlclnes wiUiffl
Purge, Purllet, and Strengthttm th Hyslfm.
Dr. Tult's Tills are composed ofmanv in.
gieilieuts, I'roiniiientaniong thorn lire haiH.i
piu illa anil and Wild Dhurry, so united im to
net togethor; t'no one, through its iidnii.Murc
Willi other biibslanctw, iiuiil'ving nod purg
ing; wbilu the oilier is strengthening the hvs-
ic.m. xuus urso puis aro lit tne sniiio tunc a
tonic mill a cathartic, a ilcidovimiin lonir
sought for by medhiil men, but never before
discovered. In oilier words, they do Hie work
of two medicine and do it much belloi than
any two wo know of, for they remove nothing
from tho system but impurities, so that while
they purgo they also strengthen and hence
they c.'uiho no debility and are fullowed by no
Dll. TUTT's PILLS have a wondorful nlln-
encc on the blood. They not only purify with
out weakening it, but tliuy ruumvo till nox
ious particles from tho chylo before it is con
vorted into lliilil, anil thus makes impure
blood nn uttur impossibility. Asthoro Is no
debilltatloh, so thero is no nausea or sickness
attending tho opperntion of this moat excel
lent nicillcinu, which nover strains or tortures
tho digestiva organs, but causes tliem to work
In a perfectly munnor ; liunee persons taking
them do not bucoino pale and emaciated, hiii
on tho contraw, while all Impurities are be
ing removed, the combined action of tlio Sar
suparolla and Wild Chorry purities and invig
orates tho liody,nnd a robust state of health l
the roHtilt of tliolr united action .
l'rli iiActs. a box. Mold by all Druggists,
Depot 48 DortUndt St., Now York. t.
Ame rican Patron,
TP l ix cx y, . o.
The American Patron ia the loading paper,
published in tho interest of tho Ordur of
''Patrons of Ilusbaiulry." .:
The Amoilcitn l'ntron Is a live Literary
Journal, for the Farmers' Fireside, teeming
with Interesting reading mutter for ovary
member of the household. -
The American l'ntron has nn ably conduct
ed Hdltorliil department, dealing each week
strong blows at monopoly in. every I'm in,
clearly cliildiiting tho great principles whliili
underlie tho agitation known as tlie "Farm
er's Movement." "
The American ratron Is a large eight liage
paper, containing forty broad columns of el
egant reading inultur, Xhu Aurlciiltiirnl De'
piirtmont Is'inudy up ot original and select
mnrwroi general interest 10 too iiirmor. ;
This iinnor is not tho rohash of a daily ns
pnr, lint ail mutter is carefully soloetcd and
preparea lor mis euuiou alone- .
TKttMSt ,
One cony, one yenf,
' 00
P'V eipis, one year each, - ' 1 Ml
riiioe.O).iiiiii copies: one year eucji, 1 ? 1 .'1.1
Oiietwi,') tlirtie uioiltli", ... M)
lHiirfAHilt InriuieiiiliiiM ti Oranges. '''
; sVdCJtml'Ovn ronlpn , fieii uppllut-
(iou. ,ueuew nn riNiiiiitiiiiniii iotij tti
'Hilii AaUKKACAK pathos,
; . ; . . KlndlftJ, 0.
li?:vc t?rtl4'ibltiU fff'l
New Scale PianosL
Have the Iron Frame Overstrung
Brass, Agraffe Treble,
All Modem Improvements.
Wood thoroughly seasoned, tone full and
free, having a line tinging quality. Touch
elastic aud are the bust manufactured,
Concerto Parlor, Eureka Grand and Or-
' chostral Organs,
Are tho most beautiful in style, and perfect
in tone oi any wrgnns niiimiructui'QU.
They aro fully warranted, to .
, givceulirosatiij- .
( faction.
Monthly Installments
from li to 18 month.
received, running
A largo discount of Ministers, Churches,
iumny sciioois, leinperanco societies,
L.OUgU, etc. :
Sheet Music,
Instruction Dooks. Sunday School Music
Hooks aud Merchandise.
4B1 llroadway, and 48 Jlorcer
Street, N. Y.
are the most beMUtlfal In
WiS - evermndn. TIlKtAW.
VMiil i m STOP ts (Ac bast
over placed in any
flrirnn. H u mJumI j.u
r ' iaMUtttuVfUCVof which
NTIRKirvn while
of the HUMAN
11.'U si. 7W..l.-wr
lradwa, H. T.. m" dtipow of 60 PI AINU j
md sMJANS of firstclasa utakara,in.
'Xudim WATEKS'. at exkresuelv low
prices tor cask, or pert cash, and balance in
ntntt monthly rxivmc;W. New r-Jctave
slrss-class MlNtS, aM nsodara iiu-
Karemeatts, far 8273 cath. Organs i.c
T.t. Bini,i:.iiFRnnR(iiNii.
STPS, til; H kTOFS, BUS. lUasI
srsUeel Cataloinei mailed. A Xwrae dis.
psunt cilinuUrt, Churchet, Sunday-SchaeU, IbrnveHmae
9tcittiu,tc. AGNTa WANTED.
Mr. Horace Wnle.fi b- devoted his vhnlc
capital snd atlentinu lotlu1 invnufS' turo and
s.tloof Pianos, Mclii.lenii-i a.itl Oiaai:.. lie
hasli.st isniieil lcjl."i; ! lus new insou-
mouts, giving a sew . sic of lttcx, t h.s
Pianosbave recently bceu uwnide.1 Uie Hist
nremituu at several lair. IV'obiippcii to know
that till instruments earned biui a goud ri-pu-tutionlonx
before Kxpositioiis ami Ibe "hon
ors" couuecteii thej ewith were eves turouglit
of: lnded. we lisve one of Ur. Welsis' I'iiiu-
os nswln our house (tvbero it has siuml for
years) nl wkich any mansrai.tiirer ui the
world siigni win oe priiuu. " e novo always
been delighted viitb it us a sweet-limed and
potvorfiiirutiBiaeiit, god there is no suiuhtnl
lis ilsrsbility; mora until this, miwn of t lie
best aaielcu'r placers iu the city, us well ns
several ealebratej j)iguiHts,liavo pel lornied ou
the said piano, uud all preuounci'd It n supo
i'ior tuid irst-class in.u uinent. hlriiugcr in
dorsements wc could not give Jltunu Jour
nal. The Waters' Piuuos .'ire known as amnng
tho very best. We mo euiilled to speuk of
thi'HO Initrumrnts with enntldeiice, lioui per
sonal kiowloilge. -V )'. Urangelitt.
Wa csn speak of the merits of llio Walters'
I'ifliiusi'rom ieivnniU Unotvle'lu-i1, lis being of
the verj' beat quality. tVrii'ui IitttUigtn-c.-r.
Tho Waters' Pianos nro built of the Iwt
BoiuiontU luuterinl; Advocate and Journal.
llev.Hnvnns Sears, 11. 1).. lix-I're.idnit i(
Ili'own Cniveisity, J'rovidcuee, li. 1,, uud
Agimtfiii' ilistributios of Piiiliody-rimd in
llio s-.n li, in answer to Iniiuiries of Jacob
KclioU, of Lynchburg, about the Wateis'
Pianos, writes die following:
artiiloii, Vii., Manli 1'J, 1 872. Mr. Jaiob
Kchols Dear i-ir: Sfy iluimlitcr. who Is u
giiorl.iudge, s.iys her I'iuno (tlio Waters) is n
line one, nud lias been iiionuiinco.l so liv tho
licrsinn teacher of music, uud by tho Haiti
mnie Tuner much superior to the ltnltlmore
V an os. Mr. Waters Is u weull hv Haul st. I
put entire coulldcnco iu biiu in a liusinei-s
man, . loursTrulv,
J). m:kb.
The Waters, Concerto Parlor Orinnt. Mr.
Horm c Wiiteis, of No. 4S1 llronihviiy, bus a
patented improvement in parlor' organs
which renders his iioinilarliistrumeutu prefer.
able to any that we huvu f.ecn, Tho new fca-
ttm' consists of what is called a CniiccrtoStoii,
proiluced by uu extruset of reeds peculiarly
voiced. Its tone is remarkably full, sweet
nud brilliant, and its newer vorv llnu. Willi
this stop and the swell, tho most clwiiinlng va
rieties of expression can bo produced. Tlio
largest of the several sizes embraces ton sloes,
namely: n rich snb-bass, a very delicalo pic
colo, it flute, nielodiii, tiuleiaiin, forte, viola,
coupler, tuo concerto and a vox nuniann or
tremolo. Thcv hnvo Ihrco full sels of reeds,
Willi a clear, tleliciito tone. A 1'. Tribune.
Waters' Concerto Parlor Organs possesses n
beaultl'iit and peculiarly soft tone. Tlio Con
certo flop is, without doubt, tlio best over
f laced iu any organ, ll Is proiluced by an ex
ra set of reeilp, jii'eiillarly voiced, from which
the effect I.' imirtt cliiirmlng. and fls imitation
of tlm liiiinaii voice is superb, l-'or swei'tnesii
of lone itixl on liustriitl etfuels it bus no equal.
-.V. Y. Time.
The Concerto Parlor Organ is something en
tirely now; ills a bcauiil'ul parlor ornament,
possesses a sweet mid powerful tone.is a mo.t
cnuimcitdablo iiiveiition, nml holds u high
piano In imldie I'.ivor. .V. Y.l'veitiitu J'mt.
The Waters' Concerto Parlor Organ. Wo
are glad to chronicle any new thing, or any
Improvement up in an ok'l onn. Unit tends tn
popularize music by reiidering lis study either
oasieror more attractive Jiural Xtvi-'Yorker.
Waters' newly Patented Conrorto Parlor
Organ is acharming Instrument, wonderful in
power, and for sweetness, purity, softness and
strength of tono, wo Lavo nevor heard lis
equal. The Signal, Babylon.
800 rinnflfl and Organs new Mid florontl-lirtml
of nrnt-clHRB nrnkfiiB, will befloltl At LOWKIt
PRICKS forcitHh, or on instftllmontu, in oity
or country, (luring th.fi flimnrlnl rriftinnndlho
holiiUy,V 1IOHACU W ALTKIW A 80N.4H1
Hroadwny than ever hforo oflorwl in Now
York. AgpnUwRi.taltosa.l VV atkra Cclo.
braiedPranonv Concerto and OruhoMrHl Or-
funs. Illustrated Catalog not nmlltsl, (Jrct
ndttoonionU to tho tradn. A lat jro tllBCouut
to Mlnlnlei-9, Churchui. BunUay-Hcl.ooli,oto.
' roH TBI- ' ' ;
ENLARGED. Thin llttlo work nontstns
0(1 paves ot ctioli'o i!clial Hymns and
t(iiH fur Prayer and aoclal ini'etliiRa.Hiindiiy.
iHi-liouli and cimgrmAllona. Amonc tlm msnv
gnuis, wo woitlil nRiuc: "Wlinro in Thy llof
itero. rnorHiimcn-T" "t WIllNovorl'satlilm
it'it." ', He Sjiiveil," " tliiinat I'nrstiSili-il."
Mi-MH nirJ UiKrt Mn," "1 Iaivo Io U'll Hie
SIm'j," "Ssis .!i-mi, Ktvi'," nn.l Jom ol
N.iniflli I'a.n ij liy." I'rH,'. iii;ifi', VI) icnia.
iiuIIikI; 116 x-r liiinilri J IhhmK, -iu otnf.t,
uinlltjilj Wuarluin.l'cl I'iiilU)icr,
nW-iw. m llroadwityi V. T.
sT (, '. i t'. . i I
War Has Been Declared !
Awful Slaughter !
While the countiy ia agitated with any number of sensational
reports of the "Virginius patter," and tho excitement among
the people is intense, yet it 8 not half so great as
that caused by tho fearful
Slier iB Mb
of all descriptions, at the enterprising house of
Realizing that "Times are Hard,"
wane an tuey can
and have therefore
In every department. Wo are now offering our entire stock of Goods,
ON ORIGINAL COST ! This will crive the most ASTONISHING BAR.
GAINS ever ollcrcd in this place !
inducements nro offered Only to
ouyers. siCp-tuuiiJXKX itUUUUiS. ol every deser nt ou. taken n
cxciiangc lor uoous.
It will pay buyers of DRY GOODS. HATS. CAPS. BOOTS. SHOES.
and prices. Como and see for yourselves. Yon will find us still at
"Tlie on Corner Store," one floor West of. Court House, McArtlmr, Ohio.
"37- 3MirtirL c&3 Soil
Nov. 2G, 1873. n4G
Furniture !
I manufacture to order nml repair I'lirnitureot
nml iiccomimny them with li Ileum-. feayTlie iinlillo ui- invitoil to r.all m.ni
exaiuiuo my Stoolj,
SIuivli llitll, 187-2.
The First Great Battle !
Brilliant Victory I
"Money Scarce," and the people
get lor tncir money,
It must be understood that these
Cash or Dromnt-navin? short-time
nil kinds, nt tlio uiot rensoiiablo prievs
I li in
:cwuro of Counterfeits!
JOB HOSES' 8UVi!i?IS3cciIffiE'8
A re taimntt ty conn rKKTHlmi). J)i,hemeil Dnnirtt
HftMr lon Hiiu emaaKdU la mnkr nrrater profile.
i7 ffrnom. tun ,1,. nan, uf Jab illo.ru in eneh
f..ir.,u. A'l oihm are vorlhlru tmilmiml. 1'bet
riiMsrsBnijuunuin tuacaraof til thou
'annul Mia ilusnroui dineoMUli which tli. (etuai
?'tltllHutWjDt. .ulnarr.. Thn, tin,U.,-.11
suit oura all miipi-umiun if Uiameuim whenoaiued
X roici, iiiiiaii.uinliuii, cr duooco. In ail casri ol
,-rv.raii mid S..uk1 Alt., timi, I'.ina in tlio Hack
ui l.m-1-a, 1 Uo im ilula exertion. Palpitation
i i.'fl li-art. lljuiiariwifind Hhitna.Uinjr will Htoot a
;r nlwn all oibrr n.oaiia lico failnj, and .Itbouth
i v iniirrfnl, contaiu UuUjui iiuiKul to tUs mual
, 'iri'.iroi,iitntiiL "
i.trculrtr in t:iili.-h Am.n .A TO . j
h , . . .. . .'mm. m... ciniiui UUUJ1U
. Im-Hi l.'Ucfl Mill ditoolion anil .il.l,-.
..; v. :isr ; fillaaroaoldatinoaKlniittorf,bnt
. -m i r.i.v.Ht tnnri.it iupplj Uu, iiHNUlNK.do not
. ... . .!. ioirp.pt any cnuntnrfoit or norma ar.
.' -i. .li (lria liiillarUlunal iirnprl-tor,.lob
. i.:, IU c urtliuidt rilot, Now York, Willi nam
i.. nih"o tt wliloli run will cull fortlia pack,
alu'lileottho cikmiiimk Pilla apenralrand
iiacitud in viiua wrai-pon will ba sent br taturo
llItTlI-S TI'Tirtn iriirnia
nro CiHioiia.Coi.na, htoma, nKONcHiTiB, Hons
UltOAT. HOA1IKi;l.'HA. lln-vlflttT. lti.v.u,un I.
fll-llM t;0NHI-MI-,lo- ANDl.UKO DlSKAKEa. -Ho.
u 0 "u"s "', ni"dicin, and any ohild will Uka
num. I nuuiunila liavo born roHnmd tnh.nlih h.a
a.l bntoro liroiiairnd. Tiwlimnnir lir.nln hnndreds
( cno. AnkrirHH7AN'UPIII,Ui)NinWAVHiiH
':'Ay-"tM liirboT. .lOUiiUBUS.FroDri.
lir-J.JriiKtraMwYerk. ' W
l'rruamd hf J. UAKANOIKRE. '
hi, llli It.iA T ....1 1 T. ' I
as. pn' arohlKljl rooomni.'ndpil iiftha an tire
Jllll.ltl'lU I'lll'U l (if llr.li.. . I.. li . .
lii all cwa ut hinirmalnrihaiA, or Nominal Waakniwai
Wi;i.k Hi.inn: liopuaiia In tl Urinej Nerroua 1
hilily, an l all th aliaall; triun of Diaoaaaa ariiinc
from Aim nud Hocrot llalilu. Thor rur.wh.n all
pthiirrmniiilis.fall.and haToliaim iii-pk! witbuloniah.
" " l . ,1" "i " yaain rtonon I'liyaiciannlnrinc
10 paat M jmre. lamplilt ol Advir. In aarh bor.
will lin mnt Inet t anr addrana. I'rica I n..r
Kant by mail, eerurelu tale.
'! fnm aa obter.
;!'". wroini nl prlea bjany adrartlaod A rant.
u. j uuuwim npQi lor Amanca.
flVXCtXriSSTQt'W'rrlMl er iho about ta
. lliuarrv on the Dhfulolotlcil
Pll 4 rt ft myiierlMnJrctoU(liMl
a4 M4WbW tliffixualiritm. vlth tht
Utfit dlKoevcrlosi inprofliioliinttii privfutioi BipflDf,
lo vr u iireierve ut e(iiiipiinnto.
TlilaU an loterttiii work of two huadr4 ftnd ililf
rtBRi'a, wlili numoroua eucrftvlnii, nd onntini vtlutblt
ninrmatlon fur iboio who r nitrrtl.r ooaUninUUoiitN
l iiKt. BUIUtiift book that ought to bo kept undu look
and ky, and notlald oiraleialj about tht houio.
It ootiutni tlio oxperlcaoo and advlct o f a phTflolia
WiyiiO riulltlOD ll worm-wint, ana inouiu dd i a io pri
trio a
drawer of every nio audftmaletkrouithoiilthf ontiro
jlolm, U embrMoi OTerTthluR oa tho oulijeot of tha tn
oraUvtnyitra that U worth knowUtfiUti tuttoktliat ll
not publlihed Id any otbir work.
Brntlo an oo (f
o anr one trt oi poaiagt i lor v hit !;(
a aa km nr. hiiw uiipauarjiJ
a llr. Matta' DliDauarr.No. lQN.
We Q1M( MO,
Kotlcd to tho Affllctod mi V&Mtnatd.
hf roro annltlnt to trie BOtoriMi fiaaoka who adTortlia la
Rubllo papvn.or utlng any qatok ranadloa Mnin Dr.
mia' work no matttr what jourdiiaaao U, or bow doplor
able your oandlilon.
Dr. Itulu teout'Ui t doabl boum of twntT-HTi
rooaioil elodorird by latntef the noitailebratttl medl
oal prorHoom o t thU aouniry and Kuropo, and oan ba oon
loltcrl portoDftllv or by mall, on tUadlioaiti mtntlonvd la
hUworii. ()in't ftiitlpirlorijNo. 13 N. Kightk lrl(
bviwoea alarkvt aud Cbaiuul. lit. Loula, Ho.
"VX7"E hnva I'lirelift'iMl nml flHml iii tlip
W aImivo milla, .nl suliuit tliu Imilu of
tno runntira ol tliln vicinity,
Slioclnl Rttonllon kIvch to
And (arc Elven In pitman nil ciiUNhikmh, Mr.
A. A. CoZ.ICNH, an axporiuiivvil iiilllor, Iiiik
chsr(Uo( tliu mill, mid will nut full iu Ou:tl
tiiii'iy sun give Ki-noini mitiHiiii'tinii,
Flour, Meal and Feed
On liiinil, mill for suit) at
.lulynn.-iHTS. cn'.KKV johnhok.
Notlcii lhmily iflven Hi-il l..i ll.HurUny
as guardian of 4nliu Uu Mtf , lilnl li.-n in
his ..lu oiiiii for pari lai , ftUiuii ni : mi l i lull
ilia siiiiiu it wt l .i liivuliiii on ilio Hilt lny ot
Jkniutry, A. I . nt niu'i loi l,, A l,
II. It. MAlu, 1'iiilmie JiuIlv,
DocomborBl, 1BTU. 41. ,
Special IToticcs.
To till tvlio nro sinking new lioiiic In or arc
niioiit Ui Uike u trip to ,MiHMnu'l, KhiiiiU4, Col
or.'i Jo, New Mexico, Xclir i.ika, Oregon or t'al
ifoi vb rvi'uiiiiiirml u liioup, safe, quirk
ami dii'tfi t route liy way of St. I.onin, over tlie
Mismnirl rncilk tlnoiili Mno. It is e iulpmil
with fine Hay CuiKdu-a, liink't, Itrclining
Chair t arn, I'ullinan's Pulnrc Slcopem, the fa
mous Jlillur Safely l'liai'oim,nn(l llio rolelira
ted Wcstluglimiue Alr-Ilrako, iii.d run itr
(rains from St Lou In to principal poinla in
tlio West without change. Wa ljelieve that
tho Wlsioiirl rnclllc Line liaa tlio Iwst track
of any rouil wont of tlie MUnisslppI Kiver.nud
with it9 superior eiiulpiiieut nml unrivaled
coiiifortu for paanengers, lias liecomo tlie grout
popular thoroughfare between the Knat and
tho West. Trains from tho North, South and
E:iit connect at St. Louis with trains of tho
Mo. l'c. XliaTexus connection oMhia i-ond. It
now complelcil, and pnascngen nro offered a
a llrst class all-rail routo from .St. Louis to
Texas, cither over tho Missouri, Kansas &
Texas It. It., via Seilalia, or over tlio Atlan
tic A I'adllc II. It., via Vlnila. For mupi
timo tables, Information as to rates, routes,
&c, wo refer our readers to S. II. Thompson,
Eastern I'lissenjor Agent, Columbus, Ohio, oi
E. A. Ford. O'n'r'l Passenger Agent. St. Lou
is. AIo. UuRstiuns will liu clieerfullv anil
promptly nusworcil.
Clienp Farms for Sale Easy Terms.
Atlantlo raclllo It. 1!. Co. offers l,SO0,0O0
acres ot land In Central und South-vost Mo, $1
tof!2pcr acre, on seven years' time, with fro
transportation from St. Louis to njl purclic-
ors. Climato, soil, timber, liilnoml wcaltli,
soJiools, churches, nnd law-abiding sooloty in
vito cmlgrnuts from all points to this land of
rnillsni.d flowers. For particulars address A.
Tuck, Land Commissioner. St. Louis, Mo, ly
The advortisor, having hoeu permanently
cureil of that dread disease, Consumption, by
A simple romedy, is anxious to make known to
his fellow sufferers tho means of cure. To all
who deslro It, wo will tend a copy of the pro
scription used, (froeof rhurgo), Willi tlio di
rections for preparing and using tho same,
which they will And aat'BB Cimik rim Con-
HtmrTioN, Asthma, BhonchitIh, Ac.
J6j5I'nrtlcs wishing the vrcscrlptlon will
pleaaa nddrcta
ltev. A. li. WILSON.
104 1'enn Hi., Wllllaiutbiirgli. N. V.
CinritD hands, face, rough skin, plinplei
ringworm, salt-ilimim and oilier cutancoui
nfl'cctloiis cured, nnd tho skin nindo soft ami
iiiuonih, by lining tlie JuNiria Tab SOAr,
iiiade by C'aswill, Hazard, A CO, N. Y.
I In certain to get tho Juniper Tar Soap, at
there aro many imitations mads with com
men tar which arc worthless. ti.
For Ayor'i Modlolnos, go to Q. W. Slsson't.
The Boat riace. Tho choicest lot ofOro
corlei, Quoonsware, Glasswnro, Notions, Ac,
can bo had At Davis Duncan's Store, In Zh
loskt, at all times. . ; .
Corn, oats, potatoes and produce, of every
description taken In exchango for goods, at
his store, In connection with his store he ban
aHmlillo and Harness Phop, and will repair
iiyuiintr in inni, lino on snort notice aim hi
low flgureH, Uoandseehlin If
For Kino Perfumery, go to Sisson's Drug
For Ptiro Drugs And Medicines, go to Sis
son's. EllKOUl OF VOIITH.-A rrentlctrinii
who suffered for years from Nervous Debility,
rrouiaturo Decay, and all thuoOoiM of youth
ful iiidlicretiuu, will, for tliu aitko nf sulTorin
humanity, send fiee to oil who iimiI II, thnie-
clpa and direction fu' making Hie nlmp'
remedy by wlih b lie was cured. BiiT. v.
wlsliliu lo prolll liv llio a Iveiln 1,'h'i n'
rleiioeeiiudosobyn'l ir liur, In 'i"'t ji l in
flilitiuM, , , JUHN li. o mr,';,
W- n. h ' No,4sCalurtt., M. V.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad.
Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad. TIME TABLE.
Oa and after November 1, 187, Trains will
tan as follows:
: ! ! : ! ; :::::::: :fl'ia
: : : : : : i -a 'a
S ! i i i ia i ; :
1 A - : : : : : : :- '
o to oo yi
a : : . ;
a., ot; xj
ft. . r.
5 gfc !! O-SI
? a.
B5JrSB3S e2s5a
.3 iiiii xai-iii :ai:
5 : : : : : : : i :
eOf 0090 Ma:ii!i!iNtH(H iT'i
S ; : -5 :
: : :A '' ,
c;3-1? a
4MH4ii 4.H4
aiee3o3i liiitiaict
Hi :
s'a ; i ; ;
tV i ' I I a
OO U5 tO l' 00 j j
(INCIN N ATI EX l'HKSS will run daily. AU
other trains dull', except Sunday.
t.i.y ii'MiMihss, EAST, aiakos no
toil bi'lwern llaiiiilen and Athena.
Portsmouth Branch.
8:45 p. ill.
4:81 "
8:4.1 "
T:5a. m.
ii p.
Knrall -iii.is ou tho Little Miami Kiiilrond,
in.' :il the Iiuliiinaiiolis & Cinrinnati Uul
in... .. iiiciiiii. inriill points West.
W.li.l .i:,n:U, l.erintenJent.
Mli-. ! lilt li-1 ui ll :t ion .
Is in advance of all cnmnctltors. It 1 1 tin
only line miming through cars to the Wesi.
winiiiuiis iransier, lernago, all ciianges nml
tlfllnva Avniilpil liv rnnninir HMllfliV Kl !'
COC11ES, As lollows:
For all points in
Iowa, Nebraska and California.
Tho Through Coach leaves Cincinnati at 7:80
r. sr., JinlmnnKli at 8: 50 a.m., running
through liloonuiiglon, Peoria, Galesburg,
lliirlington, i Htiimwa and Creston, anlvinirai
'JMAIfA at 10:00 a. M.. NEXT DAY, hours in
advance of nnv other routa. mnkhiir Imt r,im
change ot cars to
Get your tickets via Indianapolis and Feorla
- o
For all points in
Kansas, Colorado and the Southwest
TheTlirough Coach loaves Cincinnati at 2: 15
ll.. IiiilianniHilis sr, H-.m v. v.. flinn in.
through Danville. Kecatur, Jaeksonvltlo an5
tiiiiuey, arriving in KANSAS CITY at :69
M.. MAT ll.VY. linill'H In AilmiiiiAnf
Louis lines, innkiiig hut one change of cart to
c.et voiir tickets via liii ianniMil s. Dnnvlll.
and Quiucy.
Eock Island and Davenport.
Tho Through Conch leaves Cincinnati at i li
a.. liKiiaiiano Us at 8:(KIP. u. ninnlnu
thinugli ltliiomlngton, IV- riaand Ualva, ar
riving at HOCK ISLAND I t 10: SO A. H., DA-
..rOKT atl'2:iill p. U . -iiiyI. ilnv. mnkiiia
but one change of cars for points in
Get your ticket via Indianapolis and Feoria.
Pullman's Palace DrawlniriRoom
and Sleeping Cars.
Itua through from Indianapolis to Peoria and
fenicbourg on tno c. a. at g 11. It.
Travelers to auy Western point can now
lake their satchels bandboxes and bundles,
seloet a conifoi tablo scat nnd keep it to desti
nation, on account of these tlirouiili and
venlent nrriiniii-ilieiiU.eleiraiiE onuinninnla
and iiiiick time, this mute is now the great
papular thorougltare between the Saet and
C.W. SMITH, Gen'l Manager.
' Ilrli.nn III
JNO. XV. 1JKOWN, Oen. Paee. t Tkt. Agt.,
inilianaiiolis, I ml.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Great National Short Line Route
East and West.
East and West. Only Direct Route to the National Capitol
and Eastward
Ou and utter Mnndav. Norainlirr iu Tin.
will run as lollows:
II a U
... Dennit
CR5 Am
3 35 Pin
6 lit
5M "
Slit u
8 45 "
10 00 "
1 so Pm
410 "
8 44 Am
1 VI I'll
4 45
Iliupers Kerry. . . .
Washington Juno.
. . Arrive
New York
10 00 "
8 as Am
615 "
Now York.........
IS 54 Am
8 80 Am
11 45 Pin
8 00 "
4 05 Am
4 85 "
8 Ml '
9 90 Pm
4 00 Am
800 Pin
9 JO
8 4.5 Alk
1100 "
0 45 I'm
8 00 "
Dl 00 Pm
5 00 "
.... Arrive
Wnnhlnglon Jime.
1 1 arm i"t i-wrrv
( null erlnml. ...
Parkersbitig ...
Pullman Palace Drawing Room Sleeping Cars.
Which aro ns comfortable, elegantly furnished
and almost euuitl to a ili-e-aiile, aro on all
trnhts from Cincinnati to Ha llmni-i. ?..
Washington. beeHrliiKlule of Cluelinintl LiJ
Tho advantages of this route over alliiili.r
Is, that It gives all travelers hol,i, ,
tlekels the privilege of vl.dtin "?a
Philadelphia, and tl.oNl cS,,' ', ! "'
Time quicker aud ralcsof fare 'j0 vt ,T'
by another route. w u"
auu w-vmiry innng . mis Kallwnv la
tiiuallud for grandcurou this Contini u "
This line offers, superior lmlneen,.t,t..
biivu do nn
inve sh p i i
aB. .Ki.;l,
.wi.v-,ii,ii, iiMveriiiHi.il f ii.
ton, New link, ur any ollur .-(.-.(, . . ;,,,Y
In ordering gomUuf ;,, ,.r) "n ,
Knstglv.i liiieiifiiiisto slii. n I ,,if l? , . !
Ohio St. lUnii-l In. hi V. . " i-i ,
roi-tlons. i'i.-klii. '. ., . ' ,-""
'I II. , IV S. Ai'l.,1 iMMMimtJ

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