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The McArthur enquirer. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1873-1884, December 31, 1873, Image 4

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MCARTIIUR enquirer
ollows, to-wit:
uginning nt tliu norlh-oast cornor of Goo.
Wilson's lot: thence North 19 degrees,
it ninoty-nino (UK) feet to a stake; tlicure
Frano'.a Bhades, in tlio Stiito of Missouri,
will take notice Hint Edward D. Dodge, of
- the county of Vinton, la the Htato of Ohio.dld
- on the 3rd day ot December, A. u. 1H78, Hie
his petition in tho Court of Common Pleas,
within and for the Comity ot Vinton, in said
State of Ohio, against the snid Francis
Hhados and James W. Hands, defendants, sot
tlng fortii that the said Francis Shades gave a
. mortgage to the said Kdward 1). Dodge on
curtltlll lands niuillkc iu V iuiuuvmhuij, uiim,
and being a part of tho south-west corner of
the south-west quarter ot seenon numour
thirty (30), ot Township No. ten (10), of Kungo
No. sixteen (10), and bounded aud described
as lollows, to-wit:
W. W
East ninoty-nino (UK) feet to a stake; thence
South Klii decree. East one hundred and
twenty.four(ia4) feet to a stuk.c; thence South
mu (Ipirraoa. Knat sno hundred and twonty.
four (lit) feet to a stake: thence South 5l de
grees. West two hundred and twenty (230) foot
ton stake; thenco South 14V degrees, West
one builred and eighteen (Us) loot to a stuke;
thonco West two hundred ami eighty-fonr
(2S4) foct to a stake; thence North 111 degrees,
East four hundred (400) feet to the place of be
ginning, containing iu all two acres nnd
twcnty-iuindrethaof anacro. And that said
mortgage was given to secure tho payment of
200, aocording to a certain promissory note
reiorrou win inu mui ingu, , ,"v
tlio giving of tho said mortgage, the said do
fondant, James W. Sands, claims au interest
iu said lands under the Bid Francis Shades,
. and praying that said Francis Shades may
pay said sura now claimed to ho duo, with iu
'tcrest, amounting to fJOtl 55, or that said prem
ises mav bo sold topav tho same; and the said
Francis' Shades is not'illed that be is required
to appear and answer said petition on or bo
foro third Saturday after the aath day of Jan.
unry.A. D. 1K74. , . v
Dated this 21th day of December, A. D. 1873.
V.DWAltl) 1. 1)0 DUE.
By V. S. Claypoolk,
" his Attorney.
December 34, 1ST8-0W.
Harriet Arthnrand Lvrtia Morrison Of FaV'
county, Illinois, and John Morrison, Jr.. of
Vinton County, Ohio, will tnko notice" that
MaggioM. Cowgill, (formerly Morrison.) nud
hor husband, John I. Cowgill, have filed their
petition in tno conn oi iuuimon i iu.is. iu
and for Vinton Countv, Ohio, setting up that
said Magglo M. Cowgill.Tias an Estate in fee,
in one undivided fifth of the following lands
to-wit: The North-East quarter of tho North
East quartor, of Soction Number 31, and part
of the North-West nuarter of Soction Number
82, described as follows: Beginning about
one rod North or a ulacK locust tree, auout
eight inches in diameter, wliich stands on tho
West sido ot the Countv road, near John Mor
rison's house; thenco West taking two rows of
npplo trees on the South sido of the apple or
chard to tho Section lino; thence South with
said Section lino to the South West corner of
said quartor Section; tbeuce East on the line
of said quarter Section far enough for a line
running Northward the samo courso that the
lane now runs, near tho house to strike said
lane; thence Northward to striko tho courso of
said lane, straight to the place or beginning.
Said first tract containing 4'i 18-100 aere, uud
the second tract containing us acres more
or loss: and all of said lands lying
In Township Number Klovcn (11,) of Range
Number Seventeen (17.) That said Har
riet Arthur is entitled to dower in snid
premises;! that said Lydia Morrison, John
JUUIIIBUU, Vl'1 VIVVI(JU nil'lll.TOH ,', .a.......
Morrison are tenants in common with snid
petitioner and eutitled toouo undivided fifth
each in foe, nnd praying that said dower may
be assigned, partition be mado of said premi
ses (if the samo can bo done without manifest
Injury) ot that surh other orilcr no taken as
ts autnorizcu tiy law. nam petition win uo
for hearing at the February term ot said
court tor ioi i.
J. M. McGillivriy, Attorney.
December 24. 1873-0t.
Intentionto Euilfl a Bridge
Notice is hereby given in pursuance of law,
oi me intention 01 tne commissioners ot in
ton county, Ohio, to build a covered
Across Big Raccoon Creek, at tho crossing of
the Zaloski and Packard's Mill Kond, near
me .aiesKi steam mui, in Madison township,
unu mo
Petition! for and leinonstraiiais Against the
Of the same, will ho considered if fllod In the
Auditor's office of said county, on or before
Monday, 1'ecembcr 2ltth, 187;!.
By order of the I'oimn isslonnM.
Auditor Vinton County, O,
Decembers, 187 Mt,
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notico Is herebv given that Ahnor ('. Lvnn,
Guardian of William it., Klizabcth .1., John
V., Mary L, Ida Jnno, and Clnrn M. Lynn,
has II I his several accounts willi said wards,
for partial settlement, nnd that the hearing oi
the samo is set for the 15th dav of Jaiiuurv,
1874, at 11 o'clock A. H.
Docembor 24, 1873-4W. l'robate Judge.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice is hereby given that B.-uil A.Jonen,
Ounrdianof Mary K. Hill, a minor, has tiled
herein his nccount with said ward for partial
settlement, and that the hearing thereof is set
for tho 15th day of January, 1871, at 11 o'
clock A. II,
December 21, 1878-w4. l'robato Judge.
Probate Court, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Notice is hereby given that X. Slmonton,
Administrator of thu estate of Henry Fergu
son, deceased, has 11 led his account with said
estate for partial settlement, ami that the
same is set for hearing on the 15th day of
January, ltftl, at 11 o'clock, a. m.
December 84, 1873-W4. Probate Judge.
Notice I hereby given that Asenoth Turner,
has deposited, with the Treasurer of V In Ion
county, O., a suttlcirnt amountof money to re
deem the following lands to-witi Tho North
half of tho Houtli-wost quarter of Section 22,
Township 10, Uanno 18, containing 75 acres.
Said lands having been sold at delinquent
land salo on tho lKin day ol'.Iiinuury, 1872, in
name of James Turner, heirs to .1. II. itau
dall. W. W.BKLFOKD,
December 24, 1873-3t. Auditor.
Tho undersigned has been duly appointed
Admintstratix of tho estate of Joel o. H wet
land, Hr., late of Vinton county, Ohio, deceas
ed. All persons indebted to tho estate are re
quested to make immediate payment; und
those having claims against said wUt will
5 resent tlicm, duly autbunticawd, to the Uu
ersigncd for allowance.
December 17, 1873-W8. Administrntlx.
r 1NO." How clthor sex may fascinate
and glin the love and nlfuctlons ot any per
son they chooso Instantly. This simple men
tal acqiilroinent all can possess, free, by mall,
forHAct., together with marriage guide,
Kgyntian Oraclo, Dreams, Hints to Ladies,
WeddlnK-Night Kliirt. Ac. A queer Ixnik.
Address T. WILLIAMS A CO., 1'iibs.l'hiMw.
To the Stockholdcn of the Galli
polis, MoArthur, and Columbut
Jlailroad Company:
given that tho Minimi
Directors for snid Kail-
be held in Qallipolis,
lection of seven (7)
road Company will
Ohio, on
Wednesday, January 21, 1874,
Conimonclng at nlno (0) o'clock in the fore
noon nnd rloshiR at four (
ftornoon of said lst day of January, 174.
at four (4) o'clock in the
il January, 114
Secretary of thn Onlllpolls, MoArthur A Co
lumbus ltttilroad Company.
Docembor M, 1878.
li'flllk 1 kuowandsan Utntwly.
1 nUlvi nacuAKQK
)w IrMlutnt until curtd. Call oh a addrssi
no. j. e. beck.
Vinton County, Ohio,
Receipts and Disbursements and the Balances.
Each Fund Remaining in the Treasury.
F. S. CUypoole, Prosecuting Attorney, E. X. Earnhill, and J. it.
McGllllvrav.ar hereby appointed a Committee, to emamint within
lleport. W. A'. 1IA8TIXGS, Judge.
To the lion, the Judge of the Court of Common
Picas of Vinton County, Ohio:
In pursuanco of law, wo, tlio Commissionera of
Vinton County, Ohio, submit the following report of
our official transactions, for the year ending August
30, 1873.
Also, an accurate statement of the financial affairs
of tho county, for the year ending August 30, 1873.
Monday, September 2, 1872.
Petition of John Martin and others, for a County Road, presented
and view, and Survoy ordered.
Viewers' report of a County Road.pctitioncd for by Thilip Warner
ami oinorg reuu urst tune.
Viewers' report of a County Bond, petitioned for by Martin Duffy
aniiotnersreau urst timo, and objections nicu uy it. c. J ones, At
torney for non-resident land owner.
Viewers' report of a County ltoad, petitioned for by William R.
Herron and others road first time.
Viewers report of a County ltoad, petitioned for by George Samp
son and others read ilrst timo.
Viewers' report of a Couuty IJoa l, petitioned for by David Martin
and others read Urst timo.
Compared orders deposited with record thereof, and found samo
TraiiBcrint from docket of Daniel Itowrn. .1. P.. Stntn vs.
Mctnmbor ami McLain "T I 21 45
Isaac Ulloin, lor use of houso aud on. inllrmary
Farm f ' 10 00
L. A. Atwood. building ISriiliftv ,. ijlackwator
Branch. Richland Township 40 00
Dr. J. Doddridira. ructlical services rr-Mnrv C'rov.
lunatic, S 00
Tuesday, September 8, 187)'
ViewurV report of Countv Road, petitioned for by I'lilllo Warner
and ouiei's renu seron d time.
V iowors' report of Countv Road. netlt onoJ for bv William R.
Herron and others read second timo.
Viewers' renort of Countv Road, out tloncd for bv Martin DuffY
and others rend second timo.
Viewers' rouortof Countv Rond.uctitioncd for bv David Martin and
others read second time.
V lowers' renort of (Jonntv Kond. iietitioncd for bv fiodrtre Hnnin-
son and others read second time.
Contracted with Lock heart A Co.. for L irhtninir Rods for Barn, on
Infirmary Farm, amounting to (54 81).
iuiinquont list oi ciiatties puuuuiy renu.
Oilman, Ward A Co., Merchandise per Hunter 20 01
" " " part pavinont on Hawk bridge, MW 00
T. A. Murray, part payment on Index contract, 200 00
O. T. Gunning, Merchandise per County ofllccrs, 10 65
.1. w. Jiowen, printing lor countv, m us
X. Richmond, postago and trip to llamdcn to colloct Show
licenses o uu
Tosoi)li Clark.renairlng bridge In Harrison Township 3 35
LP. Ankrom, repairing bridgo iu Jackson Township... SCO
Lantz ft J'earco, merchandise per County officers 1)75
A. L. Hunter, boarding and washing for prisoners 88 00
A. L. Hunter, " " " " lunatics 809 00
II. H. Hwaiin, Ave days service as Commissioner, 15 00
If. II. Swaim. amount naid stacking lumber 1 00
Chester French, repairs in Recorder's ofllco 1 60
Richmond A llulm, htovo for Prosecuting Attorney's of
llco 1410
O. W. (iiliunn, balanco on Itadclin bridge, 753 00
J. M. Dye. renuirinf bridge near Ilnmdcn 0 00
Justice nnd Constable foes, State vs. F. M. HaU, 4 50
Wednetday, September 4, 1872.
Richmond ft Iluhn, merchandise por County offlcort.... $65
Robert Clark, support of John Feo, lunatic, .,, 20 25
" " clothing for same, 8 00
Vlowors' report of Countv ltoad. petltlonel for bv David Martin
and others read third timo, and road established,
Vlowors' reort of County Road, petitioned for by Martin Duffy
and others rend third time, and proceedings dismissed.
Viewers' report of County Road, petitioned for by Georgo Camp
ion and others,read third time and road established.
Viewers' report or County Koal, petitioned for by William R.
Herron nnd others read third time, and further proceeding in said
rood continued until to-morrow.
Petition of Uri M. Green aud others, for tho alteration of County
Road in Elk Township, presented and view, and survey ordered.
Viewers' report of County Road, petitioned for by Philip Warner
and others read third time. Remonstrance of Richard Tininis, pre
sented by hit Attorney. Road ordered to be established. Thereupon
Richard Tiuims, by hfs Attorney, gavo notice of his intention to ap-
Thursday, September A, 1873.
Commissioners counted the money In tho Troasury, and. found the
oorrnct amount therein.
Allowed Transcript from docket of Robert Sage, Bate VI. Jfohn J.
Continued tlio proceedings In William R, Perron road rjitll to
morrow. Oimmlsslonors prooesd to nxamlno Ip'iirnmry Tann.
IL 11. Hwalin empowered as a committee to rent said form.
Friday, September 0, 1872.
Commlislnnors proceod to rxamlns (Jasslll Mill bridgo, rocolve
tho same and order Issued o. W.I'irchur for 00 I being final
pavmont for building sai d bridge.
Proceeding in road, petitioned for by William Herron and othori,
John Wvckoff, f'lcarlng tree from abutment of Casalll Mill
bridge,.. l 00
Tranic.rlptfr'm docket of Davis Duncan. Btnto vs. Uri
M.GrPcn, 18 93
W. W. Ilullord, services as Auditor, for quartor cnillng
Senium ber 4, 1 KID, 230 DO
W. W. ilelford, balance salary from Novombcr 15, to
Lvncemlier 4, 1H71 BO
v. Vf, uollord, balance salary from Decombor 4, 1871, to
March 4, 1HTJ 10 00
W. W. Ilelford, balance salary from March 4, to June
4.1H72, 10 00
W. W.llellord, services under school law 100 00
" " " recording bonds stud filing assessors re.
- turns, 5 95
W. W. llol ford, allowance tinder net of April 17, lHffT,.... 800 00
V. II, 8walm, services as Commissioner. 8 days, 11 miles,,. 10 10
Patrick Kelly, " " " W days, SO " 2V 00
Oehbtr 20, 1872.
Official bond of Goorge Kalar, Sheriff, apiirovod.
Official bond of Joslali B. Martin, Commissioner, approved,
' Monday, Dsamler 9, 1671
Viewers' report of alteration of ft County Road, petitioned for by
Uri M. Urnen aud othnrs mad first time.
V leworn' report of County Koad, petitioned for by John Martin
and others read first time.
Official bonds of (eorg W. Green, Coroner, and . of Goorge W.
Holland, Common Pleas Clerk, examined and approved.
Oilman, Want A Co., lumhorfor Infirmary, 418 H
James Wyekoff, repairs Prossoutlng Attorney's oflloe.. ... 76
Oilman, Ward A (V. building Trestle bridge, and work
done at Iladcllff bridgo, 830 M
Parauol Trlmwor, work on Jail . )5W
JohnOgan, repairing Jail chimney,...' 8 50
John R. Kenedy, repairing bridge North Allensvllle, 8 B0
Oilman. Ward A Co., merchandise per Countv officers 48 08
A. L. lluntcr, boarding and washing for Prisoners, 00 50
" " " " Lunatics, SUU 00
Transcript from docket of A. H- Turvoy, amounted to M IS.
Tuesday, December 5, 1873.
Viewers' report of alteration of a County ltoad, petitioned for by
Uri M. Urcen and others read second time.
Viewers' report of County Kond, petitioned for by John Martin
and others read second time.
Examined orders deposited by Troasuror, and found the same to
compare with rooord thereof.
Georgo Holdrcn, part payment on Bolon bridge,
U. 8. Claypoolo, Counsel for Commissioner,
J. W. llowen, printing for County, ,
Richard Craig, making Commissioners report, .. ., ., .1
11. Kedd. breakfast for Jurr and Sheriff, .'. .
LanU 4 I'oarce, merchandise per County officers
Danes rerrci, uaianceon rinney uruigo, .,,
IVIlvi oi jjuti, vr.iHiiuc uiiDnuvuiiiigu . , .
Gilmau & Ogan final payment on Hawk bridge,
O. W. Gilmau, bridge plank,
75 00
50 00
455 25
4 55
80 10
8113 00
824 00
U15 00
13 80
Transcript from docket of N. Slmonton. J. P.. amounting to
$11 B7.
Wednesday, Decemler 4, 1873.
Viewers' ronort of alteration of Countv Road, netitionod for bv
Uri M. Green and others road third time, and road egtiblishod.
Viewers' report of County Road, petitioned for by Join Martin and
others rend third time, and road established. I
unictal bona ot Nelson moiimomi, Treasurer, approved.
Olllcial bond of II. 1). Mayo, Probate Judge, approved.
L. D. rtarnes, repairing Jail ,
Dr. J. Doddridge, medical attendance on Prlsonors,
D. Booth, amount paid for shaving Prisoners,
A. W. Ulloin. plan and succillcations for Inllrniarv. Ac .
O. T. Gunning, agent merchandise per County ofllccrs,
G. W. Bisson, merchaudiso per County ofllccrs,
John Mayo, examining Commissioners report,
E.N. Blirnhill. " "
Levi ltohinott, repairing bridgo in Knox Township..,,.
T. A. Murray.part payment on Index contract.
W. W. Deltoid, services as Auditor, one year.
I 1 00
1 00
1 80
45 00
85 40
18 05
15 00
15 00
15 00
10 00
150 00
230 00
6 05
Amount paid for cleaning Court House and for Postage. .
Thursday,' Ee otmberZ,
Dr. A. Wolf, medical attendance on John Feo, lunatic, .... . f 1 87
" " " " on Prisoners, , lt
Richmond A Iluhn. merchandise nor Countv ofllccrs i 6 80
John T. Raper, publishing Commissioners' Report of 1869, 150 00
clothing lor same, 83 00
Washingten Kceton, 7 days, and 11 miles; services as
Coinmisioiior, 22 10
Patrick Kclloy, services as Commissioner, S days and
20milcs, 20 00
J. B. Martin, services as Commissioner, 7 days and 13
miles 23 20
IT. II. Swaim. services as Commissioner, from June 23... 67 80
II. II. Swuiui, two boxes for uso of Iullrmary, 1 70
Trnnscrlut from docket ofR. Saaro. -Stnto vs. James Couahenour.
$54 00. Stato vs. James Caldwell $120 60, and State vs. Crittenden
Shockcy. $8 65. '
Awarded General Index contract in Clerk's office to 6. W. A C.
W. Holland nt $1,600 00.
Awarded uuncrai luuex contract iu Probate oulcQ to II. Ji. Mayo,
at $1,500 00.
January 0, 1873.
Selected a slto on Infirmary farm, on which to erect an Infirmary
building, and ordered legal notice To be given of their intention to
erect said building. Also that scaled proposals will be received at
the Auditor's oftlcc for the erection of same, nntil January 81, 1873.
Tuesday, January 7, 1873.
Appointed Richard Graig to fill vacancy In office of County Sur
veyor. Commissioners go to Eagle and Richland Townships to examine
Contract with James Stocks to repair a bridge across Big Salt
Creek In Eaglo Township.
January 8, 1673.
Authorize Auditor to Issue an order to Jamos Stocks, for repairing
uimKU, lui fuu uu.
Ordered that inotice ho rrlven that sealed nrnnnaal will he rncniv
ed at tho Auditor's otllce, For tho building ot two covered bridges
across uiiuuie rum oi can ireeic, until O'clock r. u., on tno lutn
uu vi x uuruury, xoio.
n. Redd, breakfast for ShcrliT and Jury,
L. Raynor, repairing coal-house,
U. S. Claypoolo, counsel and preparing notice fo Com
missioners J
L. Sprague. balance on extra work on Court House and
Jail, $175 00
25 00
January 9, 1873,
Olllcial bond of Richard Craig, Surveyor, approfed.
O. T. Gunning, two sets Swan A Crltchfleld, 80 00
Thomas Ankrom, bridgo plank, 8 00
Siehort & Lilloy, stationery, J 8 25
J. D. Martin, services as Commissioner 7 days, and 13 .
miles, ( 22 20
Patrick Kelly, services as Commissioner 4 days) and 20
miles,...! '.f 1400
January 81,1873.
O. T. Gunning, merchandise por County Officers
Rebecca J. Hunter, boarding and washing for lunatics. .
Sibert A Lillev. for stntionerv i
Richmond A Hulin, for hardware for Court Holse.
.i. v. jsowen.ior printing aim stationery. ..
William Uoleu.repairing bridge
10 55
103 00
8 (X)
8 25
810 76
15 OU
Ordored that thn Auditor Usnn rlnnllcstn Otilnr Nn. RS fcn E. TV
Wolf fort (Original OrderNo. S3 having been lost.)
Ordered that tho Audior purchase a sufficient amount of Coal to
supply the County Offices for the remainder of tho Winter, und to
issue an order for tho same when delivered. i
Opened bids for erection of iufirmnry Buildllg; and considera
tion ,u Bniiiu imimciy. i
Adjourned until February 10, 1873.
Itbruary 10, 1878.
Awarded tho contract nt buildinir two Coveted Tl rid ires across
Middle Fork of Salt Creek, In Richland Township, to Joseph Stanley
at $473 and $1178 respectively.
Awarded the contract of erecting tho Infirmary Building to O. W.
Gllinan nt $0,015.
Appointed J. B. Martin to superintended tlio erection of said In-
flrinnrv. '
O. R. Bell, rcpnlrlng fill to Moonvlllo bridge $ 45 00
Kichard Clements, reparing County Granary 8 00
u. rr. liujiiwib, nubiug jiiiiiinarv ivuuimub Juimj.
X. u. Davis, book case and desk I
6 00
18 00
for Countv Surveyor's
Officii. . ' L
O. T. Gunning, repairing Clock in Recorder's Ofilct
February , 1878.
Pllfpliaan.! tl.rta ltit,.1t.A,l A .l, Tma. nf T Mr v r.1.t a b ,..
of twenty conts each, to bo set on Iullrmary Farm, total $00.
juauy contract wim l,. itaynor to construct privy on county Jttu
Lot. (
AV. W. Belford, salary as Auditor, from! December 4, 1872,
to daw,.... 1 179 00
W. W. Belford, Postago Stamps, 0 75
" " " Kxpress charges on order book, 0 00
Washington Keeton, as services as Commissioner to date. 21 80
Patrick Kolloy, " " " " 19 00
J.B.Martin, " ' " m m -3 i0
Ordored that the Auditor estimate tho tax and Interest on thirty
Acres of land, in Soction 22, Township 9, Range 19, eroneously sold
for taxes of 1801 and lHfft, in name of Johu Itamoy, and that ho issue
order in favor of Patrick McNamco for amount duo under said tax
title, including cost of survey of said lands.
March 8, 1878.
U , 8 . Claypooie, services as Prosecuting A ttorney, V year, $ 133
1 . B. Ulloin, work in Court House and Jail, 1,.., 60
Compared Road Supervisors receipt with record thereof and found
same correct.
S. II. Winters, bonrding nnd washing for lunatics.-, .r. ;. . 1 170
uu 11 ndmlltlng, discharging and boarding prison.
en 76
J. W. llowcn, printing for county 64
D. Will A Bros,, matting for Court room 181 65
It. If. Hain, repairing bridge in Swan Township 8
A. Wilson, ropalrson In II unary Farm 1$
G. W. Hlison, Sundry articles par County ofllcors 14
jruro6,1873. '
Examined and compared ordors deposited, and found thu aame
compare with record thuroof. Also examined the County Treasury,
and found the roiiuisite amount of funds therein.
Lnntz A Pearce, mcrcandise por County ofllcors 20
Blnbort A Lllley, record book per Auditor 12
Wolf, Pearco A Co,, (Sundry articles per County of
ficers , ' 20
J. A. Fulton, merchandise per County ofllcors 83
Approved bridgo bonds of Joseph Stanley and G. R. Bell, also en
tered Into written contracts with said parties fur building two
bridges in Richland Township.
Ordered a levy of one mill on tho dollar valuation of the Couuty
for bridge purposes.
llarek 6, 1678.
Makefltnnl order, establishing a County Road, petitioned for
Philip Warner and others, and order compensation and damago
bojiaid by the County.
To which order, Richard Timms, by hll Attorney, gives notice
appeal ts well from tile atacssmfliit of compensation and damages
from the loiMitlon and establlshmontof "aid road.
Authorizo the Auditor to Issue an order to Prosecuting Attorney,
for 10 percent on fines and costs colluded by said Attorney.
Kntured into written contract with L. Uaynor, for the erection
privy, on Jail lot, and Approved tho bond of said Uaynor for
Paris Ilorton, table and cas (for Recorder 1. 20
T. A, Martin, merchandise por County officers
U. H. Clsypoole, counsel forCommlislcujjirs 5
Transcript from docket of ';harlue Wi Holland, i. V., State
Joseph lhacker, total foci, $4 36,
Washington Koelon, support of John 7so, lnnatlo I N
Patrick Kolly, services as Con imlsslcner.... w.,w 14
Wash I niton Keeton. services its Commissioner ...... ?!
J. II. Martin, .1 .1 1
w. w. ho iorn,naisnoo salary as wr Anuitr, qtuurir onu
D Mnrcb,ltff3,
tlllioil ..
W. W. Belford, writing three bonds 6 00
- part allowance uuuer icuooi iiw du uu
MarckU, 1873.
Ordored notice to be given ot the intention of the Board to build
the following bridges to-wit:
one covered oriuge across Dig ttacooon vrcua, in jjiuwu xuwu
ship. One covered bridge across Little Roocoon Crook, in Clinton Town
Ana one open uricige across iiig nacouon, in runn j.unruain.
Also that sealed nronosals will bo received at the Auditor's ofllco.
until three o'clock P. on the 20lh day of April, 1878.
O. W. Gil man, part payment on Infirmary contract $ 8,000 00
I). Will A Brothers, Timothy sood for Infirmary farm 1)85
Samuel Clark right of way for bridge 15 00
w. w.uoiioru. ouo-nuii allowance uuuer dcuuoi usw
for 1878 .7 100 00
W. W. Belford, balance first half under School law for
1878 50 00
O. T. Gunning, counsel for Commissioners 8 00
Edward Ferry, support of John Cullender, non-resident
Aptll 29, 1878.
Awarded tho contract for building tho Wortman bridge iu Brown
Township to G. W. Piluhor, at $1,460.
noouins oriuge, in Clinton xownsiiip to it. J. Ki I wards, at il,no;
and Becklcy bridge in Knox Township to (i. It. Boll at (7U3.
Transcript from docket of John Drake, State vs. John Barrett.
Hiram Hulbert. boardimr Jurv isnn
J. W. Bowen, printing for County 20!) 00
it. a. newcuiuu, stationary wi
W. W. Belford, writing contract and for postago, 7 84
Robert Sago, straw aud filling bed-ticks in Jail 8 00
W. W. Bcllord. nart salary, aiinrtnr aniline. .limn R 107. inn no
T. A. Murray, part on Index contract 100 00
ueorge iioiurcn, uaianceon iiolon bridge contract 825 00
II. C. Bobbins, repairing bridge in Clinton Township 0 00
William jUlark,
Harrison Town-
23 00
67 00
Thomas iMageo, support Bridget Moore, non-resident
Catharine Fagsn, support Patrick Riley, non-rouldont
imupur 48 uu
' JprilS0,imi.
Examined orchard, set on tlio Infirmary farm and condomn the
U. S. Claypooie, counsel for Commissioners $ 25
Patrick Kelly, services as Commissioner, 10 days, 40
J. B. Martin, sorvicos as Commissioner, 10 days) 24 iiiiies . '.
81 00
82 40
Met as Board of Equalization.
Township Assessors' returns not all In.
Board adjourned until Thursday, June 6, 1873.
May 33, 1873.
Ordered that notico bo given, that senlodtiroposal will be receiv
ed at Auditor's ofllco until 8 o'clock P. M., Juno 23, 1873, for building
tWO Olieil linv hriilima In Ifnn Tnwna.l,x
O. W. Oilman, nart navment nn Itnbblna brbtrrn In vw
Townsliip $ 000 00
J. AW. Gold, fruit trocs, aud setting suiuo on Infirmary
m WW
June 21, 1673.
Petitioned ofR. B. McGonaglo and othors, for a County Road in
ivnuiuiii, iJiusuutuu. lew auu survey oiuered.
M. J. Robertson, support of Mary Cottrlll, lunatic $ 9 00
S. U. Winters, sustaining lunatics 281 00
' . " prisoners 179 05
. IJ. Cllom, repairs in Surveyor's ofllco and Jail 0 50
11. 11. uisnop, medical sorviccs rendered, non-resident
Pl"Por 26 00
Tuesday, June 8, 1873.
O. V. Oilman, contracted tamovo tt barn on Infirmary farm for
yvVV W
O. W. Gilmnn, balance on Robbing brideo. Elk Town-
, ship $ 300 00
G. W. Pilcher, part on Wortman bridgo contract, 600 00
U. S. Claypoolo, Attorney foes, Richard Timnis, vs. Com
missioners 20 00
iitcnmona s. tiunn, sundry articles per County of
ficers Ji n
Wolf, Pearce A Co., Sundry articles per County of
ficers..-. 770
Job Lucas, haircutting for lunatics 0 00
u. w. bisson, sundrios per County ofllccrs 8 81
a. t: w acto, Biindry articles per County articles 84 40
unman, word A Co., Sundries tier County officers, nnd
drafts and specification for bridges 77 00
G.W.Holland, Clerk fees, Richard Tiuims vs. Commis
sioners 14 80
ueorgo naicr,snorliriees, Richard Timms vs. Commis
sioners, 18 81
i.antz a l'enree, Sundry articles por County officers 8 40
w. w. Jiellord, froightpaid on box of books 0 (10
Chester French, rcna rs In Jail and .Tnilnr'a rnnlilnnnn . R mi
J . P. Dunklo, Sundry articles per Deputy Sheriff for luna
tics 83 88
8. C. Sleinbrook, abstract of field notes of Vinton Coun
ty o 00
W. W. Belford, balanco salary as Auditor, for the quarter
ending June 4, 1878 80 00
W. W. Belford, part allowance under act of April 17. 1807. . 100 00
Authorize the Auditor to issue an order for $70 06i each month
tor ins salary as such Auditor.
Junt 4, 1873.
.T.W. Bowon, stationery for Treasury and Surveyor.
Washington Keeton, sustialnng Johu Fee, lunatic. . . .
$ 0 SO
SO 00
Made the following lovloa to-wit:
For County purposes, 4 .1 mills on tho dollar.
Building and Infirmary fund 8 .8 miles on the dollar.
For County poor, 6 mills on the dollar.
June 6, 1873.
G. R. Bell, nart navment on brldoro. South of Allens-
viiio : 7.. 1 200 00
u. it. wen, iport payment on bridge west ot Aiiens-
ville..... . ...... 200 00
James Wortman, board for Jury, May tonn , 6 00
Ordored that notice be given, that sealed proposals, for the build
ins- of a covered bridire. Remus Middle Kork nfMnlr, Creek. In llarrl
son Township, will be received at tho Auditor's offico, until 8 o'clock
P. M., Monday, July 28, 1873.
Contract for sixteen hundred bushels ot coal, awarded to Conrad
Schmidt, at cents per bushel, and authorize an order to be Issued
iui sumo uuuu completion oi said contract.
Ordered that J.iB.Martin, repair fences on Infirmary farm.
Paris Ilorton, chair for Surveyor's ofllco $ 2
Richard Craig, making meridian lino for Infirmary farm. . 2 50
Patrick Kelly, services as Commissioner 6 days, 45 miles . 20 00
W'shl'gt'n Keeton, " " " 10 " 22 ' 83
J.B. Martin, " " 11 ' 24 " 85 40
As board of Equalization made tho following changes to-wit:
Deductod $568 from valuation of Out-lot, No. 47, and $335 from val
uation of Out-lot NOdf 61 in Wilkesville, iu uaino of Fredrick
larr. .
Addod$348to valuation of part In-lot No. 76 and Iu-lot No. 77,
n iiKusviiiH, in namo 01 aowhiii irington.
Addod $28 to valuation of Iu-lot No, 8, Wilkcsvlllo, in name of II.
B Mill..- '
Added $40 to valuation of In-lot No. 45, Wilkesville, In name of
jauics ncneai.
Addod $32 to valuation of In-lot No. 12, Wilkesville, in name of M
E. Parsonage.
Addod $05 to valuation of In dot No. 42, Wilkesvillo, In name of
Margaret Deemer.
Added $32 to valuation of Out-lot No. 8, Wilkesvillo, In namo of
Jane Bain.
Added $18 to valuation ot In-lot No. 43, Wilkesville, in name of
George Dorry.
Added $42 to valuation of In-lot No. 74, Wilkesvillo, In name of
Augustus vveus neirs.
Reduced Jonathan Blore's Assessment In Madison Townhlp,from
Contract of bulldln g an open box bridgo across Cassill Run, In Knox
Contract of building an open box bridgo across Flat run In Knox
xownsnip, awaruoa to Levi itouiuett, at $270.
Nancy Dowd, sowing for lunatics.
J. W. Bowen, printing for County.
R, D. Kd wards, part payment on Rubbins bridgo, Clinton
Transcript, State vs. Owen Gallaghor.
Patrick Kelly, Commissioner, 8 days, 40 miles 11
J. II. Martin. 4 ,( 24 " 18
W. Keeton, 1 4 20
Contract for building a covered bridge across Mlddlo Fork, of Salt
crock, in uarrnon luwnsuip, awaruuu to aiox. v aru, at fiuvu,
I 80 20
J. W. Dowen, printing for Countv ,
a. It- Hull, uurt tiavmunt on Keuton hrldiro. Tlrown Town
hlu... . 125 00
G.W. C. W. Holland part payment on Index contract..' 600 (X)
li.D. Kdwards, part payment on Dobbins bridge, Clinton
' Township 400 00
T. A. M urry, spacing new Journal Index book DO UO
Patrick Kelly, Commissioner, 5 days, HO milea 10 00
J. 11. Martin, " 24 " 12 20
" 8lnya, Superintending Infirmary building..., 20 00
Washington Kseton, Commissioner days, 24 miles 7 20
W. BELFORD, Auditor.
Of the Receipts (Including balance, Soptember 3,
' 1872,-) and Disbursements by the Treasurer of Vinton
County, Ohio, for the year ending A
County ,
County Poor
Buildinir nnd Inflrninrv
School and School House
Township and Township Poor. ,
luwueiuj) numi
Interest, Soction 20
Teachers' Instltuto
Mpcclal Township
To redeem lands sjkl for tuxes.
1873, also tho balanco of each fund remaining in
tho Treasury at said date: '
MKT. 1 BUBIO. AVr.u w.
21 00
6,IK15 (19
,4,409 92
MH 94
11,891 21
10,1193 05
1,8541 45
39 47
. 100 1)9
m 49
319 74
2,405 54
23 53
$ 12,790 83
lll,ttB 77
9,041 67;
1.IM3 40
15.li.IH 01
85,759 SO
4,579 01
1,147 S8
S2 09
702 41
444 74
6,297 7
23 13,
1 12.778 82
' 4,571 75
1.3K9 40
4,'iM HO
8,S'.'3 IU
1,1U( Bl
2i5 10
878 92
125 00
8,894 22
$105,592 88 $ 60,933 20,
$ 88,659 62
To Hon. W. K Ilastings, Judge Vinton Countij
Common Fleas Court :
Your Committee, appointed to cxamino the Report
of the Commissioners of Vinton County, O., for tho
year ending Angust 30, 1873, do report that they
have examined the same and find it correct; except
one item of $50 allowed to T. A. Murray, for spacing
New Index Books, which said item, wo are of the
opinion is included in previous contract with said
U. S. CLAYPOOLE, Pros, Att'y.
December 17,1873.
The Vesper Bells that Broke an Exile Heart.
In the Cathedral of Liraer-rick, there hangs
chime of bells which were cast in Italy
oy an entiiusiast in tins trade, wno nxea nis
boro him on floated
Shamon, suddenly
home near the monastery where they weretirst
mug, that he might enjoy their sweet, solemn
v 11 1 ii . 1 11
music, in a political revolution tne uens were
taken away to some distant land, and the
maker himself became a refugee and exile.
His wanderings brought him,after many years,
to Ireland. On a calm and beautiful
as the vessel which
the placid bosom of the
this evening chime pealed forth from the Cathe
dral towers. His experienced ear caught the
sweet sounds, and he knew that his' lost treas
ures were found.-His early home, his friends,
his beloved and native land, all the best associa
tions of his life, werein those sounds. He laid
himself back in the boat, crossed his arms upon
his breast, and listened to the music. The boat
reached the wharf, but still he lay there silent
and motionless. They spoke to him, but he did
not answer. They went to him, but his spirit
had fled. ' The tide of memories that came vi
brating through his heart althat well-known
chime had snapped its life-strings.
Mysterious Occurrence at Sea.
[Correspondence from the London Globe.]
There is a little vessel in Gibaraltar
recent history is even moro mysterious than
that of the Murillo, and perhaps similarly
tragical to thatf the Northfleet The Mary
Celeste, an American brigautine, was fallen
in with a British vessel some 400 hundred
miles east of the Azores, and brought by her
to Gibaraltar, on December 13th. When she
was discovered she was under foremast, stay
sail and jib, and under this light .canvass she
had been pursuing hor way for ten days, without
a soul on board, the last entry on the
ship's log being on Nov. 21th. No other papers
were found on board: manifest,, bills of
landing, every document which could have
thrown any light on tho history ot derelict was
removed ; and up to this time, though the in
quiry is still going on, not tho slightest clue has
been traced to account for tho desertion of
the vessel, and even conjecture is at fault. The
cargo, consisting of barrels of spirits, is un
touched, with the exception of one cask which
had started. There are no signs of the vessel
having suffered from bad weather in any single
respect, the most minute examination having
failed to detect any injury above water or below
it. A Harmonium in the captain's cabin
and the music books are all untouched by salt
water. A little phail of oil was still standing
by a sewing machiue, and a reel of cotton and
thimblo had not yet rolled off the table. Nor
had tho cabin been plunderod, for its contents
belonging to a lady and a child, were of consid
erable value. A sword was in its scabbard rusty,
and with marks of blood having been wiped off.
There are marks like sharp cuts on the
top gallant 'rail, and on both sides of the ves
sel's bows, which appear to have been done on
nurnose: whether this points to any act of
violence, and withwhat raotivo committed why
the vessel was left under sail, or, in the
apparent absence of either plunder or peril, why
she was deserted at all is still an absolute
mystery; for up to the present moment no
trace has been found of the lady or child, of
tho captain, or any ono'of the -crew,
A very worthy fisherman lv tho namo of
w ,
Grizzle was drowned somo time since, and all
anarch for his bodv Droved unavailing. After
it had been in the water some months, ' how
ever, it was discovered floating on tho surface
and taken to tho shore, whereupon Mr. Smith
was dispatched to convey tho tidings to the
much afflicted widow. "Well, Mrs.i Grizzle,
we have" found Mr. Grizzle's body." j "You
don't say so 1" "Yes we havethe jury has
sot on it and found it full of eels." : "You
don't say Mr. G.'s body is full of eels?" "Yes
it is ; and wo want to know what you will have
done with it." "Why, how many eels do you
think there is in him?" "Oh,about a bushel."
"Well, then, I think you had bettor send the
. .. . i - i i a
eels up to tne nouso, anil Bei mm again.
Time Tables.
: , , Tlio "Old Rcllublo" nud I'opular
X Through Express Trains Daily
liqiilmicd with Miller's Patent Sni'ot.
, riailorui, Coupler, and HulTor, auu
tlio Celebrated
Westinghouso Patent Air BraUi
Tlio moat perfoct protection against ace,
. dents iu t!?o world.
New aud elcirant Day Coaches an
two dally linen of Pullman's Pnlaco BU'cpInt
Curs aro run tliroiifrli Uma KANSAS C1T1
to Qulucy, UnlcsburK, JUondota uud
Without Change.
Also, adally llnoof Pullman's Palace Sleep.
liiKt'ara from ATCHISON and ST. JOSKl'll
to Jacksonville and Springfield, and new and
olcgunt Day C'oHulicH from Kiineus City to In
dianapolis and Cincinnati without cliungo
1 To ecciiro nil the moilcrn iinnrnvo.
nieiiis In Railway traveling, piircliimo tickets
via the IIanniiul St. Jokki'u Hiioiit Link,
avoiding all transfers, ferries and changes
of cars.
Jfey Through Tickets for sale nt all prin
cipal olliccs. r'aro always as low as by any
run to. ltBggage checked through to all prin
cipal points. . 0. 8.IYFOIU1,
General Stiu't.
E. A. PARKER, Gon'l Ticket Agent.
Trains will leave Columbus and Crest
lino nud arrive at points named below as fol
lows :
Coliuuhu Lv 1 :4tA u-gU :45 4 :00 p H
WonthiiiL'ton ., ,. . ..11:05 4:20
WeBtcrVillo...: 11:12 ' 4:fi(l
Lewis Centre.'. 11:24 -,4:40
Del n'aro i-1' 2:40 11:45 0:00
Dtinaie-jLy 2;B5 n;65 B.05
Ashley 12:14 m 5:u
Cnrdiiigton ....8:81 12:28 5:411
Ciilend 12:38 '5:1)7
Ualion 4:05 I'M 0:25
rresllno i Ar 4:15 AM d 1 1,8 8 0:30
utsiino.. Lv 4:SS 1;8U 7:u5
Shelby 4:43 1:'M 7:28
Shiloh ......7:81
(ireenwlch 7:50
New London.
Wellington.. .
1,8 Urnuitu... .
Iterca. . .
W. AG. W. Di7:(
Cleveland ..Arb 7:10 AM 4:00 P M 10:80 FM
' U:6f.'
Clevclnud.LvAfl:30Aiii4:50l'Vl 10:45 PM
Erie Arl0:S0 7:1(1 1:25 AM
Dunkirk 11:50 0:10 2-50
Buffalo dlilOpM 10:35 4:05
Buf. (vl"rle)LW 2:80 PM i 5:00 AH
jlornoiisviuuArs o:46 n:vr
Corning 7:25 0:40
r.imira h:uu iu:i
Uinirhamton.... 10:05 12:0PM
Now Vork...Ar7:00 am 7:25p M
Lv2:05 i 11 :30P M5:00 A M
ArI4:20 1:85 a Mil 7:03
Hyracuse 7:10 4:10 9:85
Utica .0:20 0:00 11:10
Schenectady.... 12:00 11:00
Albany 12:40 Alt 9:45 D 2:00 P u
New fork 0:45 2:40 P M 11:20 p M
Boston 8:30 AM 6:20 PM 6:80 PM
Close connections mado at Columbus with
tho Columbus A Hocking Valley Ittillroad.
Through Tickets for salo at Athens.
ASrPalace Cay and Sleeping Cars
On All Trains.
For particular inlorniiition in regard to
through tickets, time, connections, etc., to all
jioinls East, West, North and South, niily to
or address E, t OUl), Columbus, Ohio.
E. 8. FLINT, (ton. Suu't
JAS. lATTIill-;ON,
Gcnornl Agent, Coliinibus, Ohio.
Faasenger Aitent, Columbus. Ohio.
Ind., Cin. & Lafayette Railroad.
Great Through
to all Points West, Northwest and
This is the Short Line VIA Indianapolis.
Tho Great Through Mail and Express Pas
senger Line to Nt. Louis, Kansas City, Ht. Jo
seph, Denver, San Francisco, aud all poluts in
Missouri. Kansas and Colorado.
The shortest and only direct route to In
dianapolis, Lnfayotlo. Torre Haute. Cam
bridge City. HpriuKlli'hl, Peoria, Hiirlinglon,
Chicago, Milwaukee, at. I'uul, and all poluts
Iu the Northwest.
The Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lnfavclto
Itailroiid, with its connections, now offcra
pasSengors moro facilities in Through Coach
and Sleeping Car (Service than any other lino
from Cincinnati, having tho advantage of
Through Dully Cars from Cincinnati to Ht,
Louis, Kansas City, Ht. Joseph, Peoria, ilur
liugton, Chicago, Omaha, and all Intermediate
points, presenting to Colonists and Families
such comforts and -accommodations as aro
afforded by no other routo.
Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to all
Trains leave Cincinnati at 0:30 a. m., 2:15 p.
in., and 7 :80 p.m.
Tickets can be obtained at No. 1 Unmet
House, corner Third and Vine, ulso. at Depot,
corner I'luui and I'vitrl streets. Cinclnuiitt.
He sure to nurchuse tickets via Indianap
olis, Cincinnati & Lafayette llallroail.
U. L. IlAHltlNGEIi.
Hunt., Cin.
II. J. PA(5E.
Gcn'lT't Ag'L, tin.
0. 4 M. V. DIVISION."
Timo Tnblo To take effect at 8:45 A. u., Mon
day, November Uil, ltfti.
Exp. A co.
10:00 a.m. 4:IK)p. m.
u. iu, o;iu
Leave Cincinnati...
" Morrow
" (larksvlllo...
" Washington..,
" Now Holland ,
" Circluvlllo....
. " . Lancaster
" N. Lexington.
" l'utnitni..,..,.
- " y.anesvlllo ....
A it. . Dresden Jun ..
Leave I'lttHhurir
Arr. llnrrlshiirgli.
" ilaltlniore....
Wiishlngton ,
New York....
1:10 ' 7:(W "
l:8i 7:80 "
11:11 " 8:o
::) " H:U8
8:57 ' 8:54 "
8:18 " H:I8 "
4:80 8:80 it, m.
6 SO " 0:117 "
:1I0 u : .110:80
7:05 a:40n.m.
8:00 1:85 "
8:10 a. m, 8:10 "
l'i:a0p. m. 5:00 a.m.
4:10 8:10 "
6:45 " ' 10:10 " '
4:80 M:I0 "
7:00 " 13:110 p. in.
6:60 a. uu, 11:50
Exp. Ace.
Lcavo Dresden June, ' 8:10 a. in, 4:00 p, in,
" Zanesvlllu..,.. 11:00 " 4'58
" N, Lexington, (1:51) " 5:58 '
" Lancaster 11:00 " 7:l
Clrclevlllo.... ia:00 m, 0:80 a. m.
" Wllliiunsport. li!:Sp. in. 6:54
" Now llollima. 1)1:45 ' , :I7
" Washington.. 1:18 " :4U "
" Iteesvlllo 1:50 fMl "
" Wilmington.., 11:10 " 7:45
" Clarksville.... 8:8!l ' 8:11
" frrow :5H ' , . " 8:40 "
Arr, Cluclnnall 6:00 ." ' 10:50 11
' C, C. WAITE, Siipfrlntendont.
H. MOUNTS, Master Transportation.
Columbus & Hocking Valley R. R.
Short Line to the Lakes and the Northwest.
,, 0:80 a. in,
, 10:10 ft. m.
.. 0:85 a. in,
, 7U0 "
0:50 " 1
, k. in.
,19:85 p, iu,
,.111:15 p. in.
,. 1:80
A thoni,
Coin nihul.,..
8:10 p. ui.
A i ifvo,
6:50 p. in.
7:10 u. in,
8:15 a. in,
8:45 "
8:44 p. m.
8:10 p.m.
l:i!0 '
Close connection mado at Lononntor for (Mr .
olovllle, Zanesvlllo and all points on the Cin
cinnati and Muskingum Valley Kallrond.
Direct connections made at Columbus foi
Dayton, Hprlnglhilil, ludlanapolls, Chicago
and all points West Also, for ClovelauU,
Huffalo, Pittsburgh, and all points Kust,
Take the Honking Valley and Pan Handle
route to Chlcairn and the Northwest: It Is tho
shortest by sixty-six miles, vivliisr naaiomrors
the benefit of nulckor time and lowur i-mi.,
than bv any other line.

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