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.Established 1831.
Published every day xcept Sunday, at the
Loader Building, Putnam Street and
Muskingum Avenue.
No. a
Wo will consider It a great favor If
subscribers will report any failure
to get their Lender, or any carolesa
nesB on the part of the carrier.
Subscribers will please not pay
the carriers unless the carrier
punches his credit tag In subscrib
er's presence.
For President.
tit the Unitei? Staffs' ' T ' Si
Itopuhlfcan State- Ticket? & 1 ' t4
For Secretary ot Suite . ', ,
For Judge ot the supreme court,
3Tor Food and Dairy Commissioner,
.For Member Board of Public Works,
FRANK A. HUFFMAN, of Van Wert Co.
city solicitoh:
Mb. Editor: Will yon please announce tho
undersigned to be a candidate for the offlco of
City Solicitor, subject to the will of the voters
at the coming Spring election?
Charles W. Richards.
Mb. Editor: Pleaso announce that I will be
a candidate for re-election to the office of City
Solicitor, at the coming April election.
J. C. BllENAN.
crrv crvn. engineer;
Editor Leader: Please announce my name
tor the office of City Civil Engineer, subject to
the vote of the people at the April election.
W. P. Mason.
Editor Leader:
Please announce my name as a candidate
for re-election to the office of City Engineer.
Editor Leader Will you announce In your
paper my name for the office of Councilman
tor the Fourth ward f Dr. J. C. Hard v.
Editor Leader Pleaselannounce the name
of Frank Weber as a candidato for re-election
to Council from the Second Ward.
Editor Leader: Will you announce the
name of B. E. Quyton for the office of Justice
of the Peace, and obllgo Many Friends.
Editor Leader: Please announce my
name as a candidate for the office of Justice of
the Peace In Marietta township, and oblige
Miller H. Hart,
Editor Leader Pleaso announce my name
as a candidate for Mayor of the city of Mari
etta at the coming spring election, subject to
the will of the voters. II. F. Kraft.
Editor Leader: Please announce in your
columns that Mayor Jew ett Palmer will be a
candidate for re-election at the next munici
pal election. Voters.
Editor Leader Please say In your paper
that I am a candidate for the office of Mayor
of the City ot Marietta, subject to the will of
the voters at the April Election.
Emv. Meisenhelder.
EDITOR LEADER: Please announce tho
name of Charles. II. Newton as a Candidate
for Township Clerk of Marietta Township,
subject to the decision of the voters at the
April election. His Friends.
Editor Leader: Please announce the
name ot J. W. Sturglss as a candidate for the
office of Clerk of Marietta Township, and
oblige Many Friends.
Editor Leader: Will you announce the
name of the undersigned as a Icandidate for,
tho office of Trustee of Marietta Township,
subject to the will of the voters at the April
Election. John T. Belt
The money to prosecute Colonel Coit
Sot doinj his duty as he saw it was
raised by private subscription. Why
not raise tho money for his defense in
the same manner, since tho State he
was at the time serving refuses to do
Ik the call for primaries to select del
egates to the congressional convention
is issued next Monday or Tuesday, the
primaries can bo held on Saturday pro
ceeding the convention and allow
eleven days notice to be given. The
time is ample.
The Congressional convention goes
to Zanesville, though it could have
been secured for Marietta with a slight
effort in Committee. Our claims were
conceded throughout tho district, and,
in fact, tho Muskingum county men
especially had expected to come here.
Ilowevcr, commercial interests must, it
scorns, wait on politics, and we will
live in hopes till two years hence.
Tho Fifteenth District Coommittee,
which met at 'anesyillo Friday, named
that city as the place and Tuesday,
March Slst, as the date of the holding
the Congressional convention. It is
not stated that tho commit'te took any
action toward precinct representation
and we infer that the matter was not
There is tim'S amply suflleiont, how
ever, for primary elections to be called
and held in every precinct in the dis
trict to choose tho dolegates to repre-'
sent such precincts In the convention.
Ini Washington county tho feeling
among tho voters- is sucli that this plan
must almost of necessity bo followed.
The number of delegates apportioned
to us is sufficiently large to allow a
'fair and equitable distribution araone
the precincts. Committee or mass con'
vontiou appointments are excusable
often in cases where such a distribution
cannot bo made, but Washington
county has CO delegates in the con
gressional convention and no excuse
conld bo advanced for taking the right
of selection away from the precincts.
The County Committee will ao doubt
meet the first of the week and call the
Will Soon Take Place In tho loullontliiry
Management. , '
Tho following appears as a special
dispatch in tho Cincinnati Enquirer:
Columbus, 0 , .March 1?. It is under
stood that within the next 10 days
Governor Uuslinell will beglu tho long
talked of reorganization of the peni
tentiary. Those who claim to know
say that the first change will bo mado
in connection with tho membership of
Colonel J. H. Urlgham, of Fulton
county, in tho Board of .Managers.
Colonel Urigham's term will expire
March 31. It is said that ho will not
bo roappointcd, but that Colonel I. It.
Rose, of Washington county, will re
ccivo tho honor. Manning Rose, a
brother of I. R., Is now a member of
the Board of Pardons, and tho public
'may bo inclined to think, invleW Of
ljis, tliat "a Koso uy any other- name
would smell as.Weet.' ,
'It Is pretty generally understood in
official circles ttiat E. Q. Coffin, who
was Warden under Governor Foraker,
will be appointed to that position, and
that Eli West, now Secretary of the
State Sinking Fund Commission, will
bo mado Steward. Malcolm Jennings,
of Columbus, is said to bo slated for
the position to.be made vacant by Mr.
West. Colonel C. C. James, the pres
ent Warden, is a "receptive" candi
dato for reappointment In fact, it is
said that his receptive qualifications
arc of such a nature as to keep him
awake nights.
Marietta's Invitation.
The following loiter of invitation
will explain itself:
Wheei.inq, March 11, '90.
Pres. Boabd of TltADK,
Marietta, 0;
Dear Sir:
On the evening of March 21st, com
ing, the Chamber of Commerce will
tender a reception to the River and
Harbor Committee of the House of
Representatives at the McCluro House
in this "ity; a cordial invitation is ex
tended, to your delegation to bo pres
ent and join with us.
It will be necessary to sond you
tickets issued to the individual' mem
bers of your representation. You will
kindly give us the names of the gen
tlemen who will be present.
Very truly yours,
Howard Hazi.ett,
Corbett Will right ritzslmmons.
Pittsburgh, Pa., March 12. James
J. Corbett Wednesday signed the arti
cles of agreement forwarded by, tho
National Sporting club, of London, to
fight Robert J. Fitzsimmons before that
organization next Juno for a purse of
510,000, tho winner to take all tho mon
ey. Each man is allowed S50O for ex
penses; provide his own gloves and
light under the marquis Of Queonsberry
rules. The nrticle will now go to Fitz
simmons. Tho Rational Reform Party.
PiTTSDURQir, Pa., Marcli 12. The con
ference of persons hero seeking to form
a new party for nil kinds of reforms,
held throe sessions Wednesday. Tho
deliberations resulted in a general un
derstanding that tho movement would
be christened tho national reform
party, at the concluding session Thurs
day. Nebraska Democratic Convention.
Omaha, Xeb., Mnrch 12. Tho state
central committee representing the ad
ministration wing of the democratic
party, met Wednesday night and set a
date, April 29, as tho time for holding
tho state convention to nominate dele
gates to the national convention. Tho
convention is called to meet at Lincoln.
Locomotive Explodes With l'ntal Effect.
Hazletox, Pa., March 12. A loco
motive on tho Delaware, Susquehanna
& Schuylkill blew up at Gum Run Wed
nesday afternoon, killing John Cham
bers, Jonas Stewart, Michael Boyle and
Frank O'Donnell, and injuring William
Tho President Dock Hunting.
Washington; March 12. President
Cleveland sailed awny from Washing
ton Wednesday night nt 11 o'clock on
another of his duck hunting trips. His
destination is Widewater, Va.
Death of Prof: Ruby.
tiel Vernon Ruby, who hns been a mem-
"'' niu luuuiiy ui ursinus college,
Collegeville, the past 24 years, died
suddenly Thursday morning of apoplexy-
He was striclcen while entering
thp building.,,
Besides a candidate for Congressman
the Republican Congressional conven
tion on March Slst will name tho dele
gates and alternates to tho national
convention and nominate a candidato
for presidential elector. Tho conven
tion is an especially important one,
which is all the more reason for WurIi.
ington county's delegates being se
lected by the people at regular pre
cinct primaries.
As a result of Uiq refusal of tho State
Legislature to pay tho trial expenses
of Colonel Colt, the officers of tho 14th
regiment, O. N. a., of which ho was
Colonel, have tonuercd their resigna
tions. They are not to bo condemned
for their action, as tho Legislature has
in effect giyen notice that tho State of
Ohio will not stand behind the officers
of tho militia in tho performance of
their sworn duty,
Foarlng Township Primary.
The Republicans of Fearinir Tn. urn
requested to meet at the Town Hall
on baturuay, March 14th, at 0 o'clock
p. m.', for the purnoso of nominating
candidates for the offices of Clerk,
Trustee and Assessor.
C. W, Fkhn, Committeeman.
Slstorsvlllo, W.Vn.'j MhVoh 12. It is
understood that tile Carter Oil Company
havo made a couple '6f locations, on tho
Williamson farm riorth of tljo clt and
will erect rig3 at once. ' ,V
The rig timbers, etc., arejbelng-'fnjul-ed
to the location mado by M. S. Wilson
on tho W. P. Hays farm, and'tlioy will
likoly bo ready to commouco ilrjlling
about the1 first of next weelo.j;Thisivoll
will bo located on tho West Virginia
side about opposite of tho center of
Mill Creek Island.' v
Once more the heart of ,'tho ,611 man
has been mado glad by tho advance In
tho prlco of credit balances. Tho hap
py ovent took place about nubn today,
and oil is now quoted at the. pipo lino,
offiuo at $1.35. It is to bo hoped that
this condition of affairs, will continue
and tha't tho price of oil -wlUWontlnuo
to go up, not by two cent jumps, but
(by ton and twenty cents, uThehigher
tho price goes tho more, Wplcj will bo
started a"nd the moro neW.orritory
opened up or condemned.
The Devonian Oil Company is'makiug
preparations to put their No. 8 on the
Kyle, drilled in last week, to 'pumping,
and it is being rigged up now. It will
be tubed with three-inch tubing and is
expected to make a good big producer.
The same company's. No. B on the
Spencer farm, which was started spud
ding tho early part of the week, is
drilling at about S00 feet.
The Victor Oil Company's No. 3 on
tho Weekly farm out on Indian creek,
which was started spuddlng'tho first of
the week, is down about 800 feet.
Tho well out on Indian creok,;, which
is nearest the pay, is that of tho South
Penn Oil Company on the Jack man
farm. The indications are, however,
that it will not reach tho pay -for some
days yet, as it has a bad fishing job.
Should the tools be recovered nt once
it would only take a couple of days to
drill it in.
The Paova Oil Company's No. 4 Gray,
near Bradden Station, in the Bif? Flint
district, is gassing strong from, the first
pay and shut down to moyo back tho
boiler. It will be drilled in some time
A ten-barrel well is tho result of
Williamson & Co.'s venture on Middle
Island. Tho oil was developed in the
Cow Run sand.
Yates & Co.'s well on the Athcy farm,
on Big run, is a producer of some kind,
but,its caliber is Tn "doubt Tho gns
pressure is not strong enough to make
it flow and it has been put to pumping.
Shay & McMullin's No. 1 on tho
Weekly farm, was reported, this morn
ing to bo making about 35 barrels an
hour. Tho other big wells out there
are still doing about SO barrels an hour.
They haye struck oil at Armstrong's
Mills. Ono of tho shallow wells put
down by James Kinney reached the
greasy fluid the other day at tho depth
of OS feet and the hole quickly filled
up and overflowed. It was stopped
and arrangements are being mado to
run it into a tank. If the oil found at
this depth holds out there will be in
numerable holes put down in that vi
cinity and the prospectors will strike
it rich. Cambridge Sun. ,
Thero has not been a time for a year
when operation in our local fields has
been so dull. Few wells are starting,
the impossibility of getting material
being the chief factor in the delay.
Finnegan & Co. are starting their
No. C Henscl, and will begin drilling
in the near future. On the N. E. Cale
baugh, The Carter Oil Co. having re
cently obtained tho lease, will drill a
test Ono well was drilled on this
farm last fall but being dry tho farm
was abandoned; now the Carter people
are going to try their luck.
The Eastern Oil Co. and Finnegan
havo recently brought in a 00 barrel
well on the Moore farm in the old part
of tho field in what was considered
worthless territory in the early 'days
and tho Carter Co. may be equally for
tunate in their Calcbaugh venture.
Galey Bros. & Sparks will not drill
their location on tho Stiue farm, but
will move the rig to tho Calobaugh and
increase the production on that lease.
The same company has cleaned and
shot its No. 3 and greatly improved its
About one half mile north of Now
Castle, Treat and Crawford will drill
soon on the block taken by them last
fall, the location bsing on Affolter's
farm. If a gasser is found it will be
piped to tho Dogskin pool. There is a
good market for gas there as fuel is ex
pensive and in present conditions is
hard to obtain.
East of the above named city, D. B.
Stewart & Co. will soon drill another
well not far from their late well on the
Edward Norrls farm. The indications
in that wejl were favorablo for'a pro
ducer in the vicinity and these people
are doing their best to find it
In tho vicinity of the Graysville well
two others will bo drilled as soon as
tho block of territory can bo leased
up. Governor McCorklo and others
are at tho head of the hunters for a
hidden pooh Woodsflold Spirit -
If you need an engine of any kind,
steam, gasoline, kerosene oil, send for
free illustrated circular to Chas, P.
Wjixajid & Co., 107 Canal St, Chicago.
The World's Fair Testis
showed ao baking powder
so pure or so great la tfavr
ealng power ms the Royal '
Clean Lasting CHEW
Cool Sweet SMOKE
u -J ft )"r
PURE., "', 1" 'i hr r 1
TlA'niUi trek ' '
A MT1ervous
wfc I 1 I I
Mrs. Anna Gage, wife of Ex
Deputy U. S. Marshal,
Columbus, Kan., says :
"I was delivered'
of TWINS in
less than SO min
utes and with
scarcely any pain
after using 'only
two bottles' of
WSent by Express or Mall, on receiptor nrlco.
Sl.OO per bottle. Hook "TO MOTHERS"
raallod tree.
Flro Follows a Mysterious Explosion.
Pittsburgh, Pa., March IS. At three
o'clock Thursday morning a mysterious
explosion occurred in tho new and un
completed residence of Thomas McKee,
No. 328 Ridge avenue, Allegheny. Fire
followed tho explosion and tho dwell
ing was consumed. The loss is about
75,090, partly insured. Tho cause of
the explosion is not known.
Commanders of tho Marlon Changed.
' Washington, March 12. A change
in the commanders of tho Marion, now
on her way from Coqulrabo to Valpa
raiso, was 'ordered Thursday. Com
mander James G. Greene was directed
to relievo Commander D. W. Mullen,
who was ordered homo and granted
one month's leave.
Tobacco AVarchoaso JIurned.
Lancastek, Pa., March 12. The
largo tobacco warehouse of C. Walter
Kendig, was completely destroyed by
fire early Thursday morning. Tho to
tal loss is $33,000, covered by insurance.
The fire is suspected to have been of
incendiary origin.
To Admit Women to Degress.
London, March 12. Tho senate of
the University of Cambridge met'Thurs
day and decided that the members of
the university should elect a commit
tee to 'consider under what conditions
wpjhen mnyjbo admitted to degrees.
1 Falrvlew Hoiahto.
jStehlo'a Addition 23 acres, platted, easy nt
access by trolley or otherwise. Lots 0 by 160
feet, streets 80 feet wldo.
Call at room B, I.uw Building to see plat,
learn prices and terms.
J. D. PAYNE, Special Agt.,
It. SinnLE, Marietta, O.
Notice of Appointmedt.
Estate of William Snrader, deceased.
The undersigned has been appointed and
qualified as Administrator of the estate of
William Shrader, late of Washington county,
Ohio, deceased. '
Dated this 20th day of Febauary, A. D. 1890
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed proposals addressed toW. F. Robert
Eon, Chairman of Building Committee, Mari
etta, O . will be received uutll 12 o'clock, noon,
Saturday, April 4th, ISaiS, forthe erection of a
church building according to plans and speci
fications on tile at ofllce of R. It. & K. C. Dawes,
Corner of Putnam and Front Sts., Marietta,
The right Is reserved to reject any or all
By order of Trustees of Fourth St. Presbv-
terlan Church, Marietta, O.
Colonial Building, Marietta, Ohio,
Surveys and Construction: Railways.
Bridges, Foundations, Sewerage.
Oliarles - Blume,
Hank Uloclc. - - Putnam St.
Choice Stock of tfEeful and Ornamental
' Goods.
Prompt and-Personal Attention giyen
u ,4 to Eopalring. .
Store closes at 6 p. m, except Saturday.
tfv unjiKEBK
ttAA &
Teaches that when you have a good thing-better
stick to it.
For twenty years we have furnished honest
goods at fair prices, constantly increasing our
business, and this Spring of '96 finds uS better
prepared than ever before to serve our cus
tomers. After examining 'whatother houses
have to show you, do us the favor to compare,
ours and we KNOW the result.
In addition to a large stock on hand we re
ceive this .weerf enough goods for a respecta
ble business.. .,!,, : rs
pntrfeOL'D pELIABbEV ) J 0' J ,
S. R. Van Metre & Co.,
Cash Clothing House.
Spring Dress Goods
AH the stylish fabrics
instances there is less
imagine. Glossy Mohairs, Brilliant Plaids. Ser
viceable James.towns, without a desirable style
missing. Why not inspect these stylish fabrics
when in the store?
Knox, Jenvey
Blame Not Fate for Sorrows
Which Thyself first Create."
Don't complain if you fail to get your money's worth when you go
where they sell cheap drugs, because you are welcome to come to our
Drug Store at any time where you can buy drugs cJieap. The oft
quoted words of Lincoln that "you can fool some people all the time
and all the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people
all the time," is extremely pertinent in this connection. Talcing ad
vantage of a customer's lack of knowledge of the drug or medicine
he buys is not conductive to a successful business. We don't do it !
Its mean ! That's why wo have been busy while others complain of
hard times. Don't bo misled by llamihg advertisements and ridicul
ous inducements. We have gained our reputation as the most Re
liable Drug House in this city by our honorable methods and by ad
hering to them. To be convinced call and see us; courtesy to all alike.
Putnam Street Pharmacy.
Colonial Book Store.
In Writing Paper we have the highest grade, varied weights, all
sizes, linen and common stock, plain and ruled, envelopes
to match put up in bulk, in boxes or in tablets.
Quality the Best, and Prices the Lowest ..
Our pound package paper is especially attractive in quality and
price, as many will testify.
To' introduce our work1 we will, for a few weeks, furnish plate care
. fully engraved in best and latest style with 50 cards printed
' for $1.00. A new and beautiful line of Easter
Oards and Novelties.
1 53 Colonial Block.
The Oven
Is the most important part of a cooking apparatus; Th&Hre
box is the digestive organ; the draught is the circulation.
These vital organs' are those which, in the -
s-. j, ' -
Are different, and work upon different principles from those
in any other stove or range.
The MAJESTIC oven is tho most sonsativo oven ever made
tho fire-box is the most economical in operation, and tho
draught is the simplest and most perfect.
These are 8 of the points that make
Majestiolheperfect Cooking Range.
170 Frwt Sir., x SOLE AGENTS, Ktatittto, Ohn
are here, and in many
to pay than you would
& Allen,
No. 168 Front

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