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Marietta daily leader. (Marietta, Ohio) 1895-1906, March 14, 1896, Image 4

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, There is no secret
In our success to please the people.
Fact Is they enjoy coming bring 'their
irionds, and they onjoy it. Here t is:
dualities Goood
Prices Rihgt Always !
Our friends and patrons remember this
and come again.
The ground hog was about right.
Winter still lingers in the lap but
speaking of those things reminds us of
the nice stock of Now Spring Dress
Goods wo are receiving. We are at the
head of the proaession when it comes to
New Goods and Low Prices. New
Silks, New Henriettas, Serges, llrlllian
tines and Mohairs,
It isn't exactly the season for thun
derstorm1. Hut our thundering big
stock of Clothing must be mado to go
off like lightning to make room for the
showers of new stock arriving every
day. Make a streak for the Barsrains
we are now offering.
"The Woman Who Never Said u
Word". The latest romance of high
life iu the metropolis must have been
looking at our Bargains in Dress Goods
and trimmings, and was afraid home
one would get the start of her.
The presidential bee is now trying to
gather honey out of that pretty llowor,
the bar'l, but we are not opening that
kind of cooperage ours are filled with
The Kolston Health Flour the best
food known to man. Milled on strictly
scientific principles in accordance witn
a formula furnished by the llolston
Health Club. Contains every clement
required by the human system and in
exactly the proper proportions to make
you healthy and happy. Call and see
what we are doing in the lino of pure
and healthful goods.
The Rolston Health Club Model Cook
Hook, best and greatest book ever pub
lished, tells how to cook and when to
cook. You can't help but be healthly
if you follow the instructions. They
are plain, easy and economical.
You culture all the other four senses
Why not culture, educate the sense of
"taste ?" Because you are not rich
isn't an excuse. We havo mado it pos
sible for every one to culture their
taste for articles of food of the highest
standard. Eyen enjoy the table luxur
'es. It gives the body more strength
and durability to be nourished on pure
nutritious foods and educates your
taste for a better mode of living. We
sell the Rolston Health Foodds and the
purest groceries wo can buy, and the
prices are kept down to the lowest
The popular Loan was oil right and
so are our popular prices on Garden
Tools and Hardware.',
Solid steel handled ax, 81c.; hteel
dirt shovel. SSc; steel spading fork,
5Sc; steel hatchets, 20 and 85c; steel
hammers at 25 and 85c. ; hand saws at
50, 75c and J1.00. Mrs. Pott's Irons, 3
in a set, with cold patent handle and
stand, all for 70c Cheaper than pol
metal. Set of 3 fire clay stew pots for
25c, regular price 00c.
One dozen boxes best parlor matches
for 10 cents.
SPECIAL. And for only! Three
Gent's and one Ladies' Wheels, good
quality and warranted. A sample lot
and will bo sold for less than whole
sale prices, viz: Gent's at 41.48; Ladies'
Wheel at 842.0S. No duplicates, only
four at these prices. The early bird
catches. So can you this bargain. A
word to the wise.
You don't need a derrick to raise you
if you buy one of our Owl Nickel Alarm
Clocks. The amount of get-up-a-tiye-ness
that a man gets for 75 cents is
truly wonderful. Try one, that's all
you'll need.
Lots and piles of other goods you will
need this spring which we will show
you when you call. Wo ain't afraid to
tell all about them, but if wo had all
this paper for an ad. you would not
havo the pleasure of knowing how
fetching prices are when spoken in a
charming way by a polite salesman.
Don't delay your visit Jo tho great Bar
gain Emporium of this city and county
one day longer.
Bargain Store,
169 front St. Marietti, 0
, .......... 0
.Gas in Rheinstrom's Distillery,
Cincinnati, Explodes.
Ono of tho Unfortunates Blown Twon
ty Feet and Badly Burned.
Tho rirm was Boring For Water, When
Natural Gas ivns Struck Instantly tho
Odorless l'luld Ignited by tho Holi
er l'lro and Explosion Followed.
Cincinnati, March 13. Natural gas
was struck in boring for water at tho
Rhelnstrom Brothers' distillery, at
Front and Martin streets, Friday after,
noon, causing a bad explosion in tho
Eleven persons were badly burned,
and the boiler-room was dismantled.
The gas was still escaping when the
flro department arrived, but it was
thought that tho flames could be kepi
in check and tho damage held down to
$4,000 or 55,000.
Rhelnstrom Bros, contracted with the
Bradford Milling Co. to sink an arte
sian well to secure a supply of pure wa
ter for the distillery.
Tho well was being bored in tho
boiler-room about four feet from ono ol
the boilers. Tho drill was being oper
ated by Erastus Weaver and James
Fallon. At a depth of 200 feet natural
gas was struck.
Being odorless tho gas, the evistenco
of which in this section was not
dreamed of, was not discovered by tho
workmen until a great volume of it
rushed out of the pipe at the surface.
Instantly the gas ignited from tho
fire box under the boiler and a terrible
explosion followed.
The large number of employes of tho
distillery, horror stricken, rushed from
tho building. Some of the cooler heads
started in the direction of tho boiler
room to investigate and found three in
jured men prostrate, apparently mora
dead than alive.
The explosion was heard from con
siderable distance, and soon all tho
windows and doors of the neigh
borhood were filled w 1th people look
ing excitedly about for the cause oi
the report and tho trembling of their
The gas was still escaping at a latq
hour Friday afternoon.
Engineer Keifer had just stepped in.
to the boiler room when the explosion
The fact of the discovery of natural
gas alone created great excitement
over the city, and ill doubtless lead
to prospecting for the article that oulj
a feWcities in the country enjoy.
Charles Morris, Colored, Found Guilty it
Xenla, )., for n Crime Committed Ten
Years Ago. ,
Coi.ii.mhus, O., March 18. A press
special from Xenia says that a verdict
of murder in the first degree was re
turned I nday morning against Clmrlc
Morris, a colored man. charged with
the murder of a farmer named Douth
ert and his wife at that place more
than tun years ago. The house in
which the couple lived was burned, and
in the ruins their remains were
found with unmistakable evidence
of murder upon them. Morris,
who had formerly worked for
Douthert was suspected, arrested and
tried but acquitted. Several years
later Morris was sent to the state prison
for another offense, and not long ago,
when very sick, and thinking he was
going to die, he confessed that he killed
I uriner Douthert and his wife. Ho re
covered, however, and his defense tried
to prove that the alleged confession
was made in delirium. A stock buyer,
however, identified money found in
Morris' possession after the murder, as
having been paid by him to Douthert
for stock.
Milpiilng Southern Corn to Europe.
Augusta, Ga., March 13. The low
price of corn has created a demand for
it in Europe and as a result shipments
have been very heavy, especially from
southern ports. Tho crop in tho south
was far in excess of its own needs. As
an instance of tho increase in this ex
port trude, Port Royal may bo cited.
Last year this port cleared 110,000 bags
of Hour and only 200,000 bushels of
corn. This year already 1,230,000 bush
els of corn have been exported and a
shipment of 800,000 bushels more is al
ready contracted for. The south and
west both contribute to this supply.
1'erlshcil In Her Iturnlng House. ,
CiiAiti.KSioN. W. Va., March 13. The
house of John Johnson, of West Charles
ton, burned at 10 o'clock Friday morn
ing. When tho fire was discovered
Eunice Johnson was seen lying on the
floor of the hall, evidently living. A
hook was thrown over her und she was
dragged to the front door, when the
rope burned and it was impossible to
rescue her. Tho origin of tho firo is
unknown. Miss Johnson was the only
person in tho house at the time. She
was subject to fits and had once before
fallon in the fire.
Negotiating for Peace.
Romk, Marcli 13. Tho report that tho
Italians are negotiating with King
Mcnelek to the end of concluding peace
between Italy and Abyssinia Is con
firmed 'upon official authority. It is,
learned that Gens. Albertone and Nava
and many other Italian officers, who
were believed to havo been killed in
tho battle at Adowa, on March 1, aro
not dead.
Appointed Hpeelal Architect.
WABiiiNdTON, 'March 18. Secretary
Carlisle Friday appointed Henry Ives
Cobb, of Chicago, special architect to
assist the supervising architect in pre
paring plans, designs and specipeations
for the new public building at Chicago.
Tho salary is SI, 500 per annum.
Fire Aboard a Spanish Bteamer.
Valencia, March 13. Fire was dis
covered Friday in tho hold of tho Span
ish steamer Martin Seanz, which re
cently arrived from New Orleans and
was discharging her cargp. AH ol
the goods in tho ship's forehold wero
Gathered rrom All'parts of tho Country
uy Telegraph.
The reported conclusion of a treaty"
between Russia and China Is confirmed.
The houso Thursday spent all of its
tlrna in considering contested election
It is reported that tho Italians in
Abyssinia aro negotiating with King
Menelek for tho conclusion of peaco.
A dispatch to tho Central News, Lon
don, from Bombay says that Samuel L.
Clemens (Mark Twain) is seriously ill
at Jcyporc.
Tho Mississippi legislature has passed
a bill authorizing tho expenditure of
8550,000 for a new capital. Tho senato
appropriated 81,000,000 for this purpose,
and a compromise of $750,000 is most
Tho Neuo Frio Presso says that the
entire Italian garrison at Verona havo
deserted with their arms antl 'baggage
and crossed the Austrian border into
Tyrol. Hundreds of Italian' deserters
are crossing tho border daily.'
U. S. District Attorney "Sawyer has
commenced snit at Omaha against tho
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy rail
road et al. to cancel land grants al
leged to bo hold by settlers under tho
laws of tho government. Fnll flvo
thousand persons are affected by tho
Tho vessel which is said to havo loft
Philadelphia for Cuba a week ago
Thursday, with arms and ammunition,
is reported to huvo landed safely at a
small bay in tho eastern end of tho
island, and within six hours the entire
cargo was placed in tho hands of in
surgent agents.
Ex-Gov. Fifcr, who was notified
Thursday afternoon of his election as
national committeeman for JUlinois,
telegraphed his declination of tho
honor. He based his action upon tho
fact that he is out of politics and that
he is engrossed in private and profes
sional business.
Commissioner Eva Booth at Thursday
night's meeting of the Salvation Army
auxiliaries announced that she had re
ceived it cablegram from Chief of Staff
I Irani well Booth, announcing the ap
pointment of Com. Booth Tucker and
his wife to take charge of the forces in
'tho United States.
At San Francisco the fight'between
Alex Greggaius and Tom Sharkey, tho
Marine, Thursday night, was declared
a draw at tho conclusion of the eighth
round by Referee John L. Sullivan.
Phil. McGoldrich, of Los Angeles, was
knocked out by Hal 'Hawkins, of San
Francisco, in the second round.
Midland Transit Company Incorporated.
Ciiicaoo, March 13. Articles of in
corporation of tho Chicggo Midland
Transit company, a belt lino extending
to adjoining counties and Indiana were
filed Thursday at Springfield. Tho
capital stock is 5100,000.
Tho Gold JSescrie.
Washing-ion, March 13. Tho treas
ury gold reserve at the close of busi
ness Thursday stood at S120,05J,835.
Tho withdrawals for the day were S102,-
Tho Weather.
Washington, March ia Ohio Saturday
fair and warmer; arlublo winds i, .
West Virginia -Saturday fair and warmer:
northerly icdi, becoming variable.
Kentucky baturday fair and warmer! north
erly winds, becoming southwesterly.
Indiana Saturday increasing cloudlncs3j
wcymcr; variable winds
Cincinnati, March 13.
FLOUlt Spring patent, 8a55(3.80, sprimj
fancy, 83 15&3 30. spring family, J17o.,00;
winter p-Uent. J1C.VS185; fanoy, $3.3DSJ.55;
family, S 90ai0 extra, S1332 0i), low grade,
8100Si33, rye, northwestern, 8135QJ 03; do
city, 3iG0170.
Wheat No. S red, 7ic.
Coits Salos: No. 2 yellow, track, TOcj 3
cars do, 30ysc
Oats Sales: Samplo mixed, track, Sic; 4
cars No. 3 white, track, Hie
Hoes Select butchers', (4.10O117JJ: fair to
good packers': $lCOI.10,'fair to good light,
S3.00(HJ5; common and roughs, 3.034 CO
Cattle Pair to good shippers', ;3 60S1.15;
choice, SI 75, good to choico butchers',
13.65(3.1.10. fair to medium butchers', 13.25
3 73; common, JiSCKSi 13.
Sheep and Lamus Sheep: Extras, $3 03;
good to choice, H8JQ.3 50, common to fair,
liW)3Q.7i. Lambs: Extras, $175; good to
choice, 31 354 05; common to fair, $3.76
Veai. Calves Fair .to good light, II 75
5.10. extra, to 75, common and large, S3. 0031 50.
,, Wool Unwashed: rino merino, per lb, 8
ue; quartor uiooa clothing, ijmc; medium
dolalne and clothing, 1415c; coarse, 1314o;
medium combing, 15c. Washed: Flno merino,
X to XX, per lb, I314c: medium clothing, 10a;
delaine, floeco, 155110a; long combing, HQ13o;
quartor blood and low, lHo
New York. March 11
Wheat No. 2 red May, "0J4(&70?ic; Juno,
COHN No 2 May 35?35j;c; Juno, 3C30tf cM
No 2, !.310c.
Oats No. 2 dull; May, 25 3-iec; western, 20
Tolido, March 13
Wheat No. 2 red, cash, C0!c; May, 70Wc
July, 60c; August, 05c; No. 3 red cash, 07io.
Conrr No. 2 mixed, May, 30c
Oats No. 2 mixed May, 22c.
PiTTsnunoii, March 12,
Cattle Prime, K404 50; good butchers,
W7SOU0, rough fat, 3 20a80, calvos, $2.50
Hogs Philadelphia, $1 &54 00; pigs and
common Yorkors, 4 35 1 45; roughs, $3.00
SnEEP Prime, 83.85390. fair, $1.10a05;
cpmmon, t2.75ai5. Lambi, $3.5031185
UALTiuniiE, March 12.
Wheat No. 2 red, spot, 7373!c: March.
73c: May, 7Ui71"c; July, 71c, southern, 70
Cork Mixed spot, March and Aprfl, 31
3jJic; May, Z4K34jUc; July, 20c; steamer
mixed,3333jo: southern, 3IVi35c. 3
Oats No. S whito western, 20V4We; l'a 3
mixed do,. 25c.
Hie-No. 2, 43I4o near by; 407o western,
CniCAac, March'12.
Callsxon May wheat opened at 6114c, de
stined to 64kc, last price, 0l!S4Jjc. Puts
openedat 63Vio, declined to 63c, lastjprlce, 03Kc
Calls on May corn opened at 3O30',jc, sold
at 30Hc last price, JOJ.c Puts opened at 30c,
told at 3030ic, last price, 29; c bid.
DurKALO, March 12.
Cattle Good to medium steers, UtOJJiOO;
fat cows, $1753155; veals, $4.0039.50.
Hoas Yorkers, 81 45 460; mixed and medi
ums, U354 40; pigs, M04.50.
Bheep and LAMBS-Prime lambs, $t7&&
185; fair to good, $3.253163; mixed sheep
choice, $18534.00, fair to good, $3. 25 175.
Indiakapolis, Ind., March 12.
Cattle Good to oboice shipping, taso
1 00; medium to good, $3.503.73; common, $3.15
Hoot Good to choice medium and heavy,
4.104.15; mixodand hoovy,$l.CKU0. oholca
lights, !M5LS0.
Sheep Good to cboioe lambs, $4.15l&0;
sommon. I3.00t00; good to choico shoes.
i7Li01 t "
i a . . v?
in- -':p-
Cv --'
, N
.&?&. - 1
jffl fev jUm(t j-r wP
($ mm
Opposite Union J)epot.
Telephone No. US. 229 Second Streel.
Please Consider Tiis an Invitation
To come and see us. We want you to see the New Styles,
wa want to show'you how Little it Costs to Dress Well when
you buy the Right Clothes at the Right Prices No difference
where you've been trading come
garments; it can't do any harm and you ought to see the cloth
ing that so many people have been talking about. A great
many customers like our store because we are always in the
lead in Styles and Prices; whatever the price you want to pay
you will find here honest value. Style, Fit and Satisfaction
for your money. We do the very best we can by every cus
tomer who comes into the store, and are always glad to show
our goods and compare our prices with any you can obtain
Cincinnati Clothing Co.,
The Leading and Popular Olothiers of Marietta, Ohio
Corner Front Street and R.B. Grossing:."
riundreds of Young; Men nnd 'Women Itnih
3rom u Burning lliilldliijr.
Chicago, Marcli 11. A ill o which was
a source of danger to hundreds of men
and women, boys and girls, started
Tuesday afternoon in tho stock room
of the Lartz Wall Paper Co., on tho
second floor of tho six-story stono front
building which the company leases
from the Martin Ryerson estate, lo
cated at 47-40 Randolph street. Only an
alloy separates tho structure from the
towering Masonic temple on State
street. The total loss on building and
contents will not exceed 40,000, prin
cipally to tho high grade stock of tho
Lartz company, and more from -water
than fire. On tho fourth floor were 350
young men and girls, pupils of the Chi
cago Business college. Although they
wero told quietly to leave tho building
and there was no danger, none of them
waited to get all their clothing or be
longings and 'rushed pell mell
down tho narrow stairs to tho
street, where those who had
their hats, coats and cloaks, dressed in
the presence of tho excited crowds. In
like manner over 100 employes of Lord
& Thomas, tho advertising firm, and
125 girls and others employed on the
fifth floor by tho E. L. Mansuro Co.,
fringe makers, mado a hasty exit by
stairs, fire-escapes and somo by the
single elevator, which ran in splto of a
flooded basement. Several girls from
the college and fringe factory fainted
in tho rush of getting to the street and
policemen carried themoutside.
The lleport U I'reTnixturo.
Rome, March 12. Judging from var
ious indications, tho report recently
circulated that,Gen. Baldizraz's order
of the cvacution is prcmatnre.
If you think of buying an engine of
any size or kind sond for our CATALOGUE
.No. SO, containing illustrations and
prices ol every kind of engine from 1 up
to 25 horse power, at bottom prices, ,or
(List No, 20 for yacht engines, boilers
and boat machinery. Either sent free.
197 Canal Street
Wo havo on our floor three
Sunol llicyclcs, as flno
wheels as ever came to tho
city. Thoy are equipped
with nil tho latest improyo
tnents in the market for
1890, and aro positively
guaranteed 'for ono year.
Wo also havo ono Ladies'
r Sunol and it is a beauty.
Ladies, it will pay you to
see. this wheel hoford you
buy. Wc also havo a itEPAin
lncrci.K mvkky, and can re
pair and enamel wheels or
rentyou a wheel just as you
like. See samplo wheel in
our window.
in and look at our tailor-made
Best for Speed and Results.
Successors to "Tho Duell Drag Co."
Wholesale and Retail Druggists
128 Front Street, - Marietta, Ohio.
To know that the best place to
buy Leather Bolting is t Olino
Bros.' Machine Works. New and
second-hand belting bought and
sold, havo at present a apeoiol lot,
nearly now from the Mooro & Hall
.Planing Mill; that is a great bar
gain for someone. Also dealers
,in Shafting, Hangers and Wood
Split rulleys, etc., etc. ln fact for
anything you need call on us andi
get our prices, it will pay you.
Machine "Works,
Third and Butler Sts. Marietta, O.
rrtrr " Hl
Trains leave Marietta as follows
For Cincinnati, iouo a m, 11:2S p in.
for St. Louis, iouq am Muss p m.
For Louisville. 10:40 a m, U:sr v m.J
For Porkersburff, 10:10 a tn, t8:oo a m, l:ii
For lielpre, 8:00, 10:40, 2:00, 4:6J, 11 :25.
p m, 7:oo p m, ll:ts p m.
For Chlflicotho, 10:40 a m, 11:JB n m.t6:(0
For Now York, J:55 p m, 11:2S n m.
Daily. tKxcept Sunday.
For detail Information regarding rates,
time on connecting lines, sleeping,' parlor cars,
etc, address ,
O. M. PATNB, Ticket Agent, B. & O. S. W
Ry., Marietta, o., or
G. n. WAns-Et,, Assistant General Passenger
Agent. Cincinnati. Ohio. "
Cleveland & Marietta Railway
ih Krrzor bond at, May ia. isos
n.. in
2 53
u. m
ia is
a. m
7 58
n. m.
Valley J.
Canal Dom-
6 50
a. m.
11 06
a. m.
2 15
a o
p. n
6 40
2 48
2 57
8 48
4 01
4 11
4 17
4 27
4 4
4 47
7 12
7 02
6 57
46 44
0 82
6 22
6 IS
5 64
5 48
5 41
6 80
5 12
6 06
4 57
4 05
4 44
4 S7
v 4 20
4 18
4 00
4 06
8 8
8 18
8 47
8 6
8 80
B 1"
8 18
2 12
0 60
7 00
7 05
10 66
10 46
10 41
10 28
Post Boy
Kimbolton !
MlUor'a... . .
Oldham's.. "
10 17
7 40
7 48
8 07
8 17
8 26
8 86
8 SO
8 68
9 03
9 68
9 40
9 19
9 12
8 68
8 40
8 86
8 80
8 22
8 15
Cambrldgo ....
luuuieoa ,
4 E7
Trail Bun )'
Glen wood
6 05
G 10
0 II
0 18
0 20
6 1!
5 87
6 47
5 68
.8 03
8 09
6 20
0 42
6 47
7 OS
9 87
9 46
9 66
Hello Vullnn
Oald wall .......
8outh Olive....
7 57
7 49!
7 40
10 02
7 83
7 21
10 07
10 12
10 18
10 28
10 87
ciua,, ,
7 18
6 48
6 43
6 25
a. m.
2 25
10 62
J10 67
Stanley.. ..Ji)'
Marietta ,
11 16
P. m.
p. tn.
12 SO
8 16
p. in.
tstop on Signal,
u 3
H Aw '??! ""y oxcIit Sunday.
E. W. PAGE, j. c. TAYLOlt.
G. P. & T. A.
HuDt. Trend
Toledo & OhioCentrar Ext'n.
Tlmo Table In Effect Doc. 8 1805
Central Standard Tlmo.
The Only Lino out of Marietta with
. .iiuuKn t-anor car Servloo Be
tween Marietta and Columbus.
No.l. No. 8. No. 11.
A.M. P.M. A. Jl!
Leave Marietta 900 2 15 ToT
Tunnel. 0 20 2 81 4 32
Xnn.?nernt v 2 62 5 25
.. VtIV" ' 10 01 8 12 0 16
.. H"0y'V 10M 3 88 7 15
SharDsburtr. mm o . i:
AmeevWo "10 00 8 61 ill
Arrive Palos..
" Athens.
U23 4 2i 8 8f
n , , p- M. P. JM
" Columbus 2 23 7 85
Charleston, W.Va loss
To1eSoa::::::::: 79oso 160A-M-
"- ""rO" 9 20
Chicago 7W
No. 2. No. 4, No 12
A.M. P.M. A.M
Leave Columbus 725 2 jo
I! Athens 4 85 108s
' ial08-:" 10 20 f 85 1160
AmMVllIO 10 40 0 05 12 27
Vincent 11 44 n 67 11 qn
wive Marietta........... 1220 7 83 "
Trains run dally oxcopt Bundav. Cloao mn.
nectlons for all points north and west.
Ifor farther Information call on or address G
ouafo' A8ent'Unlon Dopot'iiail.
rr r, TTv.n.i...H. . .
T. D. DALE, Eccei vor.
W.M. MOUSE. Superintendent
Daily. Dally Except Sunday.
South.-bouno. North-bount
18 8 feASTEHH TIKK 2 4 mg
AM AH PM ?M . .".
7 85 12 10 4 35 Moundsvllte 1 87 6 14 10 12
8 40 111 6 B7N. Martinsville 12 43 io5 907
10 25 !t0 7 28 WllUamstown 1115' 8 40 1 28
aw am""' jPark'bgj "
12 07 4 38 Aavenswood i 40 1 dis
1 10 6 87 Mason City 8 40 12 88
iJS ni, .tUVton 8 85 12 84
1 ,42 S pt- Pleasant 8 03 12 07
2 OaUlpolU 7 27 1135
8.24 816 Huntington 0 2010 25
W. J. Hobiksoh, G. P. A Parkers uu
urcss. Will Boni.Ann inn.
184 Front Streel
Lv 'darlctta
" Lowell
" Waterford
" Stookport
" Malta.
" Zanesvlllo
Ax Columbus
Ar Chicago
No. 70.
No. 72.
6 20 am
0 63 am
7 16 am
7 48 am
8 11 am
9 20 am
11 25 a m
9 00 nm
2 40 pm
8 18 pm
8 85 pm
4 10 nm
4 83 pm
5 40 pm
8 15 pm
7 20 am
1.80 pm
Lv Chicago
" Columbus
" Znesvlllo
" Malta
" Stockport
" Watoiford
" Lowell
Ar Marietta
No. 71.
7 25 p m
No. 73
10 25 p m
11 20 am
7 40 am
8 60 am
0 12 am
0 43 am
10 04 am
10 40 a m
2 66 pm
8 68 pm
4 21 pm
4 58 pm
5 19 pm
5 65 p m
All Trains Dally except Sunday.
7..ia .1? 51 7 make cl088 oonneotlons at
Zanesvllle with the B. ft o. nnd Pan Handle
trains fnr Cnlnmhii. rM..M .. .,. rr .
, J.u6PE8OT6uVEeMTTB6rrl,'UD ""
v-. , AiAumaujw. HenoralPasaengerAat
t ESTABiasnED 1807
Manufacturers of Marine, Stationary and Oil
nlfi1 4?ollerB,' ou Tanks- Smoke Stacks and
Tube Expanders. Special attention given to
repairing Boilers In theollllelds. W employ
none but the beat mechanics In this line.
lr,I-eu5atr,,al w know we can please von.
Office and works on West Side. J '
Second St opp. Union Depot
Ne&t Stylish Worjk. jSatlflr
faction Garanteed.

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