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Established 1881.
Published every day xcept Sunday, at the
Leader lluUdlng, Putnam Sireot and
Muskingum Avenue. v ,
No. 3
We will consider It a grdat favor If
subscribers will report any falluro
to set their Lender, or any careless
ness on the part of the carrier.
Subscribers will please not pay
the carriers unless the carrier
punches his credit tag In subscrib
er's presence.
' l'or Freildetif,
Ot the United Stiltcs.
Republican Stnto Ticket.
For Secretary of State,
For Judge of the Supreme Court,
MAI&BAMj J, WILLIAMS, of Fayette Co.
For Food and Dairy Commissioner.
For Member Board of Public works,
FRANK A. HUFFMAN, of Van Wert Co.
Tub demand for houses increases.
All roads to Marietta now. No wiser
investment can be made than residence
building. N6v is our hour and oppor
tunity. Poor Armental Has justice fled to
brutish beasts? The Anglo Saxon
should spew the Turk out. His iniquity
is full. Scourge Him back to his Tar
tar home. Ho has no 'business with a
government. May Cuba 'be free.
r vUfv
Electric Railway Matters- -,
Editor Leader: Will yon 'kindly
allow us space to answer an inspired
article which appeared in to-day'sKeg-ister,
in relation to the electric street
railway franchise.
The Eegister states that a lareo re
monstrance against the granting of a
franchise to any company which will
not occupy Greene, Front and Putnam
streets has been made. Wo are in per
fect accord with the Register and the
signers of the remonstrance in regard
to this point. Wo are not only willing,
but anxious to construct tho road on
these streets, but that is as far as we
do or can agree with the Register. It
says that the rates arc substantially
the same. If the people can see no dif
ference between our bid and the bid of
B"Mr. Davis then the Council would have
cause to hesitate in the matter. If
'granting the laboring men and all
v others a half fare rate during two
, , hours of the day in which of necessity
there is the most travel, also carrying
" the school children and children be
tween eight and four years at half fare
and younger children free is not worth
tho consideration of the Council we
have nothing more to say on that point.
The Register says it is a business
proposition and the old company will
grant it. Why then did not Mr. Davis
make his bid accordingly ? I5ut how
does the Register know this? It also
states that it makes no difference to
the Council whose money constructs
the line. But we take it that it makes
a difference to the people whether the
earnings of the road are kept here and
spent in the improvement of the city or
.taken elsewhere. It adds that it is a
cheap argument that because the old
company has done nothing it shall
havo no consideration now. Perhaps it
would not be amiss to recite a little re
cent history for the benefit of the Reg
ister, as its memory seems to be qu'te
defective. When the undersigned,
about eighteen months ago, applied
for a franchise the representatives of
route number ono immediately made a
counter proposition reciting at length
their woes and failures with the old
line and so worked 'on the feelings of
the Council that vie were asked by
somo members thereof to compromise
the matter, which we did by withdraw
ing in their fayor. As soon as they
jivere assured that we were out of the
way they informed the Council that
it need not consider street railway mat
ter unless" tho electric light plant was
thrown in at a low price and a fat con
tract were awarded them. Tho Coun
cil very properly declined to sell tho
electric light plant or award said fat
contract, and as everybody knows,
nothing further was done until we
again applied for a franchise, which we
-did on tho solicitation of members of
tho Council. We had no sooner ap
plied than the representatives of route
No. 1 again approached the Council
with a higher bid for the street light
ing plant and an o'ffer to furnish lights
at a lower rate than before. Finding
this proposition was ignoicd by the
council they waited until tho time had
nearly expired for submitting bids for
route No. 2, when they tendered a bid
coupled with another demand for the
street lighting plant at a still higher
price for the plant and an even less
rate for the lighting.
Wo have said to Council that when
tho street lighting plant is to be sold,
(if that time ever comes, wo desired to
submit a bid, and if we cannot pay a
better price than our highest competi
tor or furnish lights lower wo would
not expect to secure tho plant.
A. It Gracev,
John Kaiser,
Nelsox Moore.
Marietta, Ohio, March 25th,
If you need an engine of -any kind,
steam, gasoline, kerosene oil, send for
free illustrated circular to Ciiab. P.
WilXABD fc Co., 107 Canal St, Chicago.
Mtittiti!tMiff ,'ttttkt r""ny 1
Mannlngton, W. Vo., March 24.
Tno South Ponn Oil Company's J: B.
Morgan and H. L. Smith well at tho
mouth of Buck's Run, ono lnllo north
of Smithlleld, in Harrison county,
which camo in this foronoou is a gush
er. It started off at tho enormous rnto
of 50 barrels por hour, and lato this
evoning wus reported as increasing.
The woll is about half a milo north of
the development, and is causing no lit
tfe excitement nmong tho farmers in
tho vicinity. The expectation was
that this would be a dry hole, but it is
among the leaders in the State.
Sistersyllle, W. Va., March 24. Tho
Eastern Oil Company's No. 13 on tho
HoohstoUer farm reached tho payees-!
erday,andi according to latest reports,!
is showing tor a small well, a
Samuel Hugalland, a driller,' in the
employ of tho Fisher Oil Company,
working on their No. 4 well on tho
Pfllo farm, over on the Ohio side, a lit
tle below this city, was seriously If not
fatally burned last night. It seems
that the 'well had just reached tho pay
when it made a large flow of oil and
before Hugalland could got away ho
was severely burned. Tho tool-dresser
working with him was slightly burned,
and tho rig was consumed by tho
The Eastern Oil Company's well on
tho Williamson farm is duo to reach
the pay tonight or early in the morn
ing. Word was received here this after
noon to the effect that tho well being
drilled by Bortorff and others on the
II. M. Verdun farm, bade of Friendly,
on Middle Island creek, has reached
the pay and is dry. However, this re
port could not bo confirmed. If it is
true that the woll is dry, it will con
demn a big block of territory out in
that section, much of which is held by
Sistcrsyille speculators.
Up to a late hour this oyening noth
ing had been heard from the wells
drilling near the Big Injun sand in the
Indian creek district.
The monthly report of tho pipe lines
having the custody of oil produced in
the fields of Pennsylvania, Now York,
West Virginia and that; of Ohio pro
ducing a similar grade of oils makes
an apparently bearish exhibit, but by
a careful examination of the figures in
connection with a consideration of the
field situation, it is found to present
no features warranting tho expecta
tion of beurish effects 'on the value of
the produst.
The bearish feature is, of course, the
increase of stocks of nearly a quarter
of a million barrels, due to the de
crease in deliveries. It should be
borne in mind, however, that tho smal
ler deliveries as also runs, are in great
part accounted for by tho difference in
the length of tho two months under
During the interval of the close of
February and the date when the re
port was made public, tho field situa
tion has developed features which null
ify any bearish features of tho pipe
lino report, and the course of tho mar
ket since is evidence that tho condi
tions are becominc more and more
favorable to holders of oil.
It is somewhat difficult to account
for the smaller deliveries during Feb
ruary, as there is nothing in the ex
port situation to indicate a decreased
demand in fact.'the shipments during
the first half of tho current month
show a largo increase, while reports
from tho principal foreign markets are
favorable to a continuance of an active
export movement.
A feature of tho increased demand
for foreign account is tho largo engage
ments of case oil for far Eastern mar
kets, and it is quite probable that the
total export requirements during
March will exceed those in January, in
which case the increase in stocks dur
ing ldst month will bo absorbed.
The production during February
amounted to only 2,473,288 barrels,
which shows the decrease to havo been
202.908 barrels. Tho February produc
tion was over 00,000 barrels less than
the ayeraga. of the twelve months of
1895, but exceeded that of February
last year by over 410,000 barrels.
' The deliveries during the last month
amounted to 2,248,403 barrels, showing
a decrease of 281,201 barrels, and being
the smallest since January of last year.
The total stocks at tho close of tho
month amounted to 0,570,529 barrels,
the increase having been 240.9G3 barrels.
Tho statistical situation of Ohio oil
shows several features of similarity to
that of Pennsylvania oil, in that there
was a decrease during February in both
runs and deliveries and an increase in
net stocks. The changes, however,
were less marked, and allowing for tho
difference of two days in tho months'
compared there is practically little
change in the situation.
Tho runs during February reached a
total of 1,G31,939 barrels, which shows
a decrease of 107,352 barrels. Tho de
liveries amounted to 1,593,328 barrels,
which is a decrease of 209,033 barrels.
Both the runs and deliveries however,
exceeded the axerages of tho twolvo
months of 1895. Tho total net stocks
at tho close of February amounted to
21,473,778 barrels, showing an increase
during the month of 41,009 barrels.
Paint, Oil and Drug Reporter.
The World's Fair Tests
showed no baking powder
so pure or so great la Jeov
ening power pa the Royal
Tor n NeW TrlM " Olvoa 11 Bx-Senator
Coi.umhus, Ohio, March 21. Ex-Senator
jhn Q. Abbott, of Morgan county,
who wasrocontly convicted of bribery
In the. Criminal Court, has secured a
number 'of affidavits In support of tho
motion of his attornoys for a new trial.
Ono of tho claims mndo in tho support
of tho motion was that certain instruc
tions wcro given by tho Court to tho
jury in tflo absence of tho defendant.
The affidavit of A. P. Whlttaker, a Mc
Connolsvilo grocer, is filed in support
of this claim. Ho alleges that ho ac
companied tho defendant to tho Nell
nouso and Sraltho's Hotel on tho eyon-
,4p0f .Miarch,0 when tho, j'nrywas joutl
'tfnUtro case. G-.-IV'Hann.'jQf Morgan
IjJtlwnlyV aefgar' manufacturer, alleges
that while ho was in tho cowci room
March 0 a juror slept andshud to bo
awakened by tho Court Bailiff. Ho
said tho juror was a stranger to him.
J. W. McElhiney, also of Morgan coun
ty, alleges that ho saw two jurors sleep
ing during the taking of testimony.
Prosecuting Attorney P. fl. Tannehlll,
of Morgan Count-, who was a witness
for Abbott in tho case, makes affidavit
that he saw three jurors asleep during
the taking of testimony, and while
they so slept two of them were awak
ened by the Court Bailiff.
Counter affidavits will be filed by
Prosecutor Dye and his assistants in
behalf of the state.
7th of April.
Mb. EDifoit: As the time approaches
for tho observance of this never-to-be-forgotten
birthday, the question Is fre
quently asked, what will bo done by
the citizens of Marietta this year to
keep the day in remembrance.
Wo are sorry we cannot promiso
more, but as it is often said in politics,
this seems to bo an "off year," and for
various reasons we are compelled to
make only this megre announcement
though, the one important fact, that
wo hayo been disappointed in a speak
er, Mr. John M. Guittcau, of Now York
City, who promised to bo with and ad
dress us, is of itself enough to compel
us to make just the following state
ment: There will be a business meeting on
ly of the friends of the 7th of April and
members of the Association, at the
Court House on Tuesday, April 7th,jt
11 o'clock a. m., for the transaction of
whatever business may come before
the meeting and for tho pleasant greet
ings in remembrance of the day.
V. D. Devol, President,
11. B. Siui'MAX, Secretary.
Condensed Testimony.
Chas. B. flood, Broker and Manu
facturer's Agent, Columbus, Ohio, cer
tifies that Dr. King's New Discovery
has no equal as a Cough remedy. J.
D. Brown, Prop. St. James Hotel, Ft,
Wayne, Ind., testifies that he was cured
of a Cough of two years standing,
caused by La Grinne. bv Dr. June's
New Discovery. B. P. Merrill, Bald
winsville, Mass., says that he has used
and recommended it and never know it
to fail and would rather have it than
any doctor, because it always cures.
Mrs Hemming, 222 E. 25th St., Chica
go, always keeps it at hand and has no
fear of Croup, because it instantly re
lieves. Frco Trial Bottles at XV. H.
Styer's Drug Store. l
Our people were disappointed in not
being permitted to hear Prof. Andrews'
lecture which was announced for last
Friday evening.
All public gatherings have been pro
hibited for tho past 4 or 5 weeks to
prevent the spread of bcarlet fever,-"
which is a proper precaution under tho
The Teachers' Examination held at
this place Sat. 21st Inst, was a glitter
ing success if you were to judge from
the number of applicants, 09. The ex
aminers, Profs. Andrews and Hopper,
expressed their surprise at tho number
which exceeded their expectations.
This should inspire our worthy exam
iners to visit us annually with a
special examination.
A pupils' examination for admission
to the Tp. High School was held in one
of the lower rooms. Applicants 12 in
Born to Mr. and "Mrs. a A. Williams,
March 20th. a son.
We understand tho U. B. Conference
has given tho trustees of the now U. B.
Association at this place the power to
complete the purchase of tho lower part
of tho old Academy building, to fit it
up for devotional exercises and to bo
gin work at once.
Tho quarantine has been declared oft I
at Gorham's and thero will be Church
and Sunday School next Sunday.
Shortens labor, lessens pain,
ulmlnlshft rifini.i in iia a.
both mother and child and leaies her in condi
tion more lavoroblo to speedy recovery.
"Stronger after than beforo confinement"
says a prominent midwife. Is tho best remedy
Known and worth tho price for that alone.
.Endorsed and recommended by mldwlves and
all ladles who have used it.
Bewaro ot substitutes and imitations.
Makes Gliild-Birth Easy.
.sSSt by Express or mall on receipt of price,
91.00 per bottle. Book "TO MOTHERS1'
mailed free, containing voluntary testimonials.
Half A
To bo Glvon Away In Articles of
Real Valuo to the Users of
Mail Pouch
"Chowlng and Smoking"
Ilandsomo VV.itor Color Fac-slmllos, Land
ecapo anil Marino, eizo 14x28. 12 subjects.
Plrio Pastel Fnc-simlles, landscape and
i'lgurpa, Blzoa0x?4.Jjicl)CS, 12 tnMeCts.
Beautiful Venetian Scenes, Works of Art.
eizo 20x30 inches, 4 subjects.111' I
Magnificent Water Color Gra vurcs, iftcr f n- 9
mous artists, eizo 22x28 Inches, 4 subject i Q i
SuchExcellent Workt of Art have never before
Cloth Bound Standard Works, over ISO ec-
lected titles ; by Eminent Authors. m
Popular Novels, BOO titles bjFavorlteAnthore. T
Rubber, self-closing. Convenient and wcfal. 9
French Briar (Guaranteed Genuine). A
Jack Knlvos and Pen Knives, first quality, i
American manufacture. Razor Steel, hand
f orged,llnely tempered Blades. Stag Ilandlo
Highest Grade Steel. Hollow Ground!. m
Finest Quality Leather, Ladles' and Gents'.
1000 Mile Repeating. For any size Bicycle.
Tho "Mall Pouch" Watchts nra maao. by
a lcadinc American .Watch nnmtinnv
nnd are guaranteed, without qualification.
The ' works" contain alt impro ementa np
to date. They will wear and perform well T
lora me umo it only ordinarily cured for. w
Coupons explain how to secure All Articles.
One Coupon in each 5 cent (2 ounce) Package.
Tiro Coupons tn each 10 tent U ounce) Package.
Mall Pouch Tobacco Is sold by all dealers.
Fackncjos (now on eate) contnlnlngno coupons
i lllbe accepted as coupons. "2 a."EmptyBag
at one Coupon, "i or." Empty Bag at two Coupont.
ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Mailed on application,
giving complete list and description ol all articles and
Titles ol Books and Pictures; also telle how to get them.
Tho Bloch Bros. Tobacco Co., Wheeling, W, Va.
No coupons exchanged after July 1, 1807
city soLicrron:
Mb "editor: Will you please announce tho
undersigned to be a candidate, for the office of
City Solicitor, subject to the will of the voters
at the coming Spring election?
Charles w. Richards.
Mn. EDiion: Please announce that I will be
a candidate for re election to the offlco'of City
Solicitor, at the coming April election.
J. C. UriENAN.
CITY civiu engineer;
Editor Leader: Please announce my name
for the office of City Civil Engineer, subject to
tho vote of the people at the April election.
W. P. Mason.
EDiron Leader:
Please announce my name as a candidate
for re-election to the office of City Engineer.
E. frank gates.
Editor Leader Kindly announce through
your columns the fact that Mr. rhllllp B.
Peters, tho present efficient member of Coun
cil from the Fourth Ward, iv ill be a candidato
for re-election. Appreciative Voters.
Editor Leader Will you nnnounco in your
paper my name for the office of Councilman
for the rourih ward? Dr. J. C. Hardy.
Editor Leader Plcaso announce the name
of Prank Webor as a candidate for re-election
to Council from the Second Ward.
Editor Leader: Will you state through
your columns that D. P. Wood v ill be a candi
date for the office of Councilman from tho
Second Ward, subject to the will of the voters
at the coming April Election.
Editor Leader: Will. you nnnounco the
name of B. E. Guyton for tho office of Justice
of the Peace, and obligo Many Friends.
Editor Leader: Please announce my
name as a candidate for the office of Justice of
the Peace In Marietta township, and oblige
Editor Leader Please announce my name
as a candidate for Mayor of the city of Mari
etta at the coming spring election, subject to
the will of the voters. H. P. Kraft.
Editor Leader: Please announce in your
columns that Mayor Jewett Palmer will be a
candidate for re election at the next munici
pal election. Voters.
Editor Leader Please say in your paper
that I am a candidate for the office of Mayor
of the City of Marietta, subject to the will of
the voters at the April Election.
Edw, Meiseniielder,
EDITOIt LEADEU: Please announce tho
name of Charles. II. Newton as a Candidate
for Township Clerk of Marietta Township,
subject to the decision ot the voters at the
April election. His Friends.
Editor Leader: Please announce the
name of J. W. Sturglss as a candidate for the
office ot Clerk of Marietta Township, and
oblige i Many Friends,
Editor Leader: Will you announce the
name of the undersigned as a candidate for
the office of Trustee of Marietta Township,
subject to the will of tho voters at the April
Election. John T. bell.
Editor Leader: "Please announce the
name of William Harsha as a candidato for
Township Trustee at the Spring election.
Many Voters.
' ron siiERirF.
Editor Leadir: Please announce the
nameof Gecrgo A. Shapley, of Grand view, as
a candidate for the 6fllce of Sheriff, subject to
the 111,0 f Convention, Ilia Friends.
Editor Leader ;
. Will you kindly announce that Mrs. Helen
Morgan, Fifth Street, will be a candidato for
member of Board of Education, Marietta, sub
ject to tho will of the ,voters at tho coming
election. Voters op tiie City.
Do .you know you can get a ticket to
Columbus and return for $2.00, Friday,
March 27th, via T. & O. C. E. R. R.,
good "returning March 31st? An oppor
tunity of a lifetime to hear Paderewskl;
a good chance to visit friends, transact
business or spend a few days sight see
ing In the Capital City. Come and join
the crowd.
Try Superior Canned Corn and "Ye
Olden Time Hominy," Both the very
finest " J
Brings us new lots of goods in our line, and
everyday brines new oroofs that a inro Q
jority of the people appreciate our way of doing
Having a large established trade, doing bus
iness on a small expense, buying and-selling
for CASH, enables us to give our customers
large Cash Discpunts from regular prices.
ArlVVVho have-not ,hnno-ht nfl'tlidoc orJwoj-
d&eVWilldo vvM to come and see' us before
"-O" -M
S. R. Van Metre &Co
Spring Dress Goods!
All the stylish fabrics are here, and in many
instances there is less to pay than you would
imagine. Glossy Mohairs, Brilliant Plaids, Ser
viceable Jamestowns, without a desirable style
missing. Why not inspect these stylish fabrics
when in the store?
Knox, Jenvey
Too Busy to
Colonial Book Store.
We carry full assorments of the Type-writer i Ribbons. Easily tho
best made, and always giving complete satisfaction. We
have the exclusive sale in Marietta.
Easter Cards and Novelties.
A large and beautiful line. Many are availing themselves of our
offer for first-class Engraving, Cards, etc. All offers hoMgood.
153 Colonial Block.
Do You Want a Good Lamp?
If so, seo Charles Holtz on Front Street near Putnam. Ho also will
show you by far tho Best Selected stock of Quoonswaro In Marlotta.
Charles Holtz, the queensware man.
"Doing My
Own Work".
.... ...... .(.. ., .
How often have you heard a tired woman make this remark?
Very often, no doubt. The
Maje3tic gse
Was made for these noble women who devote their lives to
the comfort and welfare of others. There are many things
that commend this invention, but not tho least is this: It-makes
housework no longer a drudgery, but a pleasure.
We 7iave tried if,
IPe know what it can do;
We recommend it,
170 Frint Str.,
', I
& Allen,
No. 108 Front
Write an Ad.
AGENTS, Marjitti, Ohit
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