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Aro Craig's photograpTia so for
ahead ol every tiling else in timt
Ho has the largest and best
icd studio in South-east-
orn Ohio.
combination of natural ability
and long and extensive experience.
"'Ills jStu'dio Is convenioptly. lo
OufiatedforfCI'rrfiittrtfetdn Jtho
ground floor.
i c
The Marietta Picture Man.
i ... i . . - -- -
Owing to 'a turn of affairs iwhich
we do not deom necessary to state
publicly we have concluded to
continue in the Clothing business
in Marietta, and have a full and
fresh line of reasonable goods ar
riving daily which will be put on
market at a very low price. These
goods consist 6f Men's, Boys' and
' Ohildrens Suits, Hats, Caps and
Gents Furnishings and we guar
antee all our - customers good
goods and full value for every
dollar spent with us.
m Ukkh
188 Front St., Marietta, Ohio.
The Ben Hiir
Vwil ivjv.Wj -S VCSs
r7ffr Jjj$i0iiiTi ?r,gSiyliIjj
A Strictly High Grade Wheel I
See Sample In Diamond rants Co's Window.
Wall Papers
We invite you to call and inspect our
new Spring Wall Papers which arc arriv
ing almost daily.
We have the' reputation of introducing
the very latest designs and colorings made
by the leading factories of the United
States, and whichlconsists of the celebrated
makes of M. H. Birge & Sons., The Robert
Grams Co., Warren, Fuller & Co., Vm.
Campbell & Co., and many others.
Prices lower than ever, at 5 cents and
upwards. A lot of remnants at your own
J. W. Dysle & Co.
128 Front Street.
- -.- . iuaTTin w-. . .jjYin
I I ! il
"Curbstone Agents" we aro
called and yet we live. Some well
meaning but misguided rivals (?)
say we are selling '95 wheels. We
have the best on the market, all
'90 lines, and will be pleased to
quote you prices. Gome and see
what wo can do for yofj, at Rodick
Hardware' Co.
Koerner & Richardson
Slxty-nino witnesses in the
Scluvendoman case Wero in tho city
Wednesday, find each of thorn boon
uUowcd to toll his story tho commun
ity wherein tho whltecappinrr occurred
would havo beon pretty thoroughly
shaken up.
Tho subjoet of tho special servlco
to bo hold in tho Congregational church
thisovoning willbe "Christ In Jericho."
At Elizaboth, Si Va,, all tho felony
and misdemeanor indictments yot un-
trlsd haivob,cen,stoleflJ, J3n trance vjaq
egeetcd.dnring' the ni(ht Jnto honClr
cuijdlerk'B ofllcoVncf almiie (jncrlmi.
nating papers tvererenWiet' and iiioro
is no cluo as to who did tho work.
Mr, Georgo Fisher and Miss Bello
Forsy tho, both well known in this city,
were married at Parkersburg, .last
Messrs. Hughes and Schaffner, of
tho now Marietta Boiler Works, ar
rived Wednesday afternoon from Alli
ance. O., where thev lot tho contract
for a quantity of hydraulic machinery
for tho now plant Tho bids for tho
orection of tho buildings will bo open
ed at tho Bollovuo Hotel at ten o'clock
this morning. Seven bids had been
received up to last night and four
others are expected this morning.
The successful bidder will bo limited
to nino weeks in which to complete tho
buildings and Mr. Schaffnor states'pos
itively that the plant will be in opera
tion July 1st, as originally intended.
Tho plant will open up with an ontput
of four boilers per day, with a capacity
of eight per day in a rush.
L. E Smith left Wednesday for
Middlebourne, W. Va.
Mrs. John Hathaway returned to
Chillicothc Wednesday, after a pleasant
visit with relatives in this city.
Mrs. J. n. Mattern, of Lowell, is in
the city, tho guest of relatives.
Judgo Cutter is confined to his
home by illness. .
The Common Pleas Court jury was
discharged Wednesday for the term.
Judgo Rood yesterday sold to Wll
liam B. Plume" a tract of ground on
Washington street, with a frontage of
100 feet, and running back 145 feet.
The price paid was $3,000. This tract
is one of tho few very good vacant lots
in Marietta, and it will not be vacant
long, for tho new owner will build up
on it, or one-half of it, and occupy it as
a home.
R. E. Race, who has been suffer
ing from a seyero attack of grippe, was
able to bo out'on the street yesterday.
Mrs. Rufus Geyer, who was re
ported to bo critically ill Monday, is
somewhat better and thought to be
out of danger.
The wedding Tuesday evening of
Dr. Eugeno Hemmegar, of Whtstler,
O., and Miss Carrio Millet, daughter of
Captain and Mrs. C. A. Miller, was at
tended by about 25 relatives and inti
mate friends of the contracting parties.
Tho ceremony was performed by Rev.
Gear. Tho happy couple loft Wednes
day afternoon for Whistler, O., where
thoy will reside, carrying with them
the best wishes of a multitude of
Miss Georgia Allyn, who moved
from here to Marietta, several months
ago, is expected here in a few days, to
be tho-guests of friends ,in tho East
End. Chilllcothe Gazette.
Postmaster Henry Roeser loft yes
terday on a business trip to Columbus.
Mr. Ben. Hartford and Miss Mln-nerya-Lawrenco,
of Beverly, wore in
tho city Wednesday, and a marriage li
cense issued to them in Probate Court
raises tho presumption that there was
an unreported wedding somewhere
on that day.
O. Jenkins, wife and family, of
Parkcrsburg, aro'in the city.
Will Krigbaum, oi Now Brighton,
Pa., was called hero by tho illness of
his sister, Mrs. Rufus Geyer.
W. F. Darling, of Coshocton, is in
tho city on business.
Mrs. Con. Krigbautn and daughter
Catherine, of Lancaster, Pa., aro visit
ing relatives in the city.
Choral Society rehearsal tonight
All ladies requested to be present at
7 o'clock, and gonlemep at 7:30.
W. E. Boettichor, member of tho
class of '09, leayes today for his homo
at Clarington. He intondsito quit col-'
lego here and continue his work at
Delaware ' , ;" J
Frank Glocckner was returned to
Columbus Wednesday, having been
broucrht hero to testify in the case of
Ohio against Harry Thompson, which
was continued to the next torm of
- President M. M. Rose, of tho State
Board of Pardons, will attend the
special meeting of that Board to con
sider the case of Win. Paul, tho Brown
county murderer, sentenced to bo
hanged March Slst
Tho annual weighing of 'tho mailb
on tho railroads entering Marietta be
gan Wednesday,
Married, at tho M. E. Parsonage at
3:30 p. m. Wednesday, March 25th", by
Rev. Mr. Acton, Mr. Thomas W. Craw
ford and Miss Maggie M. Mays, both of
SlstersyiuVW. Va.
Mr. Friend ThornUey, of Gallia
County, has been in the city seycral
days organizing a companyto go down
and operate for oil in that county.
l'lumor Colo Is going lo'Clarksburg
in a few days to enter tho brokerage
Herman F. rfohlhaus, of Newbury,
dropped dead on Sunday tho 22nd. no
was born in Germany and was 50 yonrs
old. Heart disease caused fits death,
Tho Steamer Ed. Roberts on hor
way down on Monday blew out a cyl
inder head at LittTo Hocking, but with
tho help of one angina succeeded in
landing her fleet of coal without any
loss. '
There will bo a meeting of tho Gleo
Club, to-night All .members 'aro 're-
quested'lo be present Important IjuV
Iness,, ns 1 , . j
'iLiS.aZ.' Turnori an'OKiD'Rfyer brake
man, Is suffering from two badly
mashed fingers received at Camden
while coupling cars a few days ago.
Brakcman Chidester, of the samo road,
was also hurt in a similar manner at
Tho play, "Thd President," last
night was a good one, and tho comp
any presented it in a most satissuctory
manner. The bill for tonight is "Pass
ing Shadows," and tho management
declare tho play to bo one of tho strong
est in the repertoire.
Tho sale of tho $15,064.55 sower as
sessment bonds, which failed of ac
complishment at tho meeting of Coun
cil Tuesday night, was affected
Wednesday afternoon, the bonds going
'to, Rudolph Kleybolto & Co., of Cincin
nati, at n'prcmium of $500.30.
Notices were sent out Wednesday
to the Congressional delegates ap
pointed by Hon. T. F. Davis. It is de
sired that as many as possible leave for
Zanesvillo on the afternoon of tho
Monday preceding the convention.
Into society, and womanhood as well, Is
an extremely critical period in every girl's
life. At this time she needs advice, and,
what's more help of the right sort If she
puts her faith in Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription it can bring only good results.
It's h medicine that's made especially to
buildUp women's frcrigthl't(nd cure wo-incn,'Binilmcnt6-aa.
tiyefrmic, soothing cordial, and bracing
'nervnit'i purely vegetablcrnon-alcohollc,
and perfectly harmless. For all the func
tional deiangements, painful disorders, and
chronic weaknesses that afflict womankind,
the "Favorite Prescription " is specific.
M''h""csburgh, Cumberland Co., Pa.
DR. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y. : Dear Sir
wnen 1 commenced tak
ing your medicine I was
very sickly. I liad fre
quent spells of fainting,
terrible pain in my head,
and life was a burden to
me. I was attended by
one of the best physi
cians In our town, but
with no good results. At
last a neighbor advised
me to try Dr. Pierce's
: Pr
Mags 7
W$M Si MWn
Two of the
Are here illustrated.
which I did. and after
taking one bottle I felt
greatly benefited. I
would advise oil ladles
similarly afflicted to try
"Favorite Prescription."
Yours trulv.
A book of 168 pages, entitled "Woman
and Her Diseases," sent sealed in plain
envelope for 10 cents in stamps to pay
postage. Address Dr. Pierce as above.
Mxs. Jacobs.
The Oflcnsn Plendetl Guilty to In the
Whltecnp Case,
The trial of Andrew, Frank and
Peter Schwendeman and John Kerns
came to an abrupt and surprising ter
mination in Common Pleas Court
Wednesday. Tho four men wero in
dicted for riotous conspiracy (white
capping) and had chosen 'to be tried
The case of Andrew Schwendeman
came up first and the jury was sworn
Wednesday forenoon. A large number
of witnesses woro subpoenaed and
when the case came on for hearing in
the afternoon the court room was filled
with a crowd of interested spectators.
On account of the prominence and
high standing of the defendants a hard
contest' was expected, and so when At
torney Follet. who was assistingrtho
state, arose and stated that counsel on
both sides had come to an agreement
whereby tho defendants were to plead
guilty to housebreaking, it created
something of a sensation, t
The Court acquiescing in tho ar
rangement the iudlctments against the
defendants wero nollied and the jury
instructed to return a verdict of house"
breaking, which was done. Tho Court
then assessed the maximum penalty,
sentencing each defendant to pay a
fine of S300 and costs, and to be im
prisoned in tho county jail for thirty
days, defendants, in default of pay
ment of fine and costs, to be committed
to tho Zanesvillo workhouse. It is un
derstood the fines will be poid and the
defendants will enter upon their jail
sentence at once.
Tho compromise, for such itundoubt
edly was, appears to give general sat
isfaction. The crime, which was a
serious one, is still fresh in tho minds
of our readers and docs not need republishing.
How tho Accldont Occurred.
Claudia Hopkins, who was so terrib
ly burnep at her homo in Tavenner-
yillc borne days ago, and died on Sun
day as a result of 'her injuries, tecov
ercd consciousness just before death,
we are informed, and. told Jiow tho ac
cident occurred, no ono being present
at the time. She was questioned and
stated that when sho arose in tho
morning sho was playing around the
room with threo young puppies that
they had and in stooping to catch one
tho hem of her dress ignited. It was
in a blaze before sho discovered it and
was Boon enyeloped. She jumped in
bed and attempted to smother tho
flames, but did not succeed and then
ran out in the yard and attracted the
neighbors by her screams. Sentinel.
Did You Ever
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles? If not, get a bottlo
now and get reliof. This medicine-has
beon found to be perfectly adapted to
tho reliof nd euro of all FemaloCom
plalnts, exerting a wonderful d$re,qt in
fluence in giying strength and .tone to
,tho organs. If you have Loss of Appe
tite. Constipation, Headache, Fainting
Spoils, or aro Norvous, Sleepless, Ex
citable. Molanciioiv or troubled witn
Dizzy Spells, Eioctrie Bitters is tho
medlcino you need. Health and
fitrentrth aro guaranteed by its use.
Fifty conts and Sl.oor at W. H. Styer's
Drug Store.
Marriage Llconses.
Eueno Hommegar , of Whlslor, O.,
and Clara D. Miller, of Reno.
Hiram P. WoQdfdrd, of Dudley, Noble
county, and Mrs. Lucy Athoy, of Mari
etta. Worthlngton Mosely, of Dexter City,
Noblo county, and Elizabeth A. Patton,
of Macksburg.
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
- superior to all others.
Ilticklun'iiAm en Naive
Thh Best Salve in tho world for
Outs, Bruises, Sores, Ulcors, Salt
Rheum, Fovor Hores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, ChilblainH, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and positively cures Piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
givo perfect satisfaction, or monov re
funded. Price 25 cents per box.
For sale bv W. H. Styer.
Trustoo's Sale.
In pursu.inco of an order of tho Probate
Court of Washington County. Ohio, made
March 24th, 1MW, In the case of Thomas Uwart,
Trustee, of estate in Ohiovof Marie L. D.An
drews, and Paul r. Andrews against hl3 said
wards, the undersigned will, on
Saturday, the 2nd Day of Mny A O.
at 1 p. m at the front door of the Court House
In the city of Marietta, Washington county,
Ohio, offer at public sale, the undivided two
thirds interest of said wards in Lots No. rive
and Six In i-quare Eleven, in Putnam, Fearing
and.Mayberry s addition to Harmar, now Ma
rietta, weht side, Washington County. Ohio,
appraised at $50 each, on terms one-half cash,
balance in one year, with interest, secured by
inortgago TnoMAS Ewabi, Trustee,
of Marie, L B and Paul F. Andrew s, minors.
And he will also sell at same time and place,
the other one-third of taid lots as agent.
4wks, Mch. 25, 1808.
Complete stock of
New Spring
Dress Goods
Now ready.
Falrvlow Heights.
Stehles Addition 23 acres, platted, easy of
access by trolley or otherwise. Lots to by 150
feet, stieets 80 feet wide.
Call at room 6, Law Building to see plat,
learn prices and terms.
J. D. PAYNE. Special Agt.,
It. SiEnLE, Marietta. O.
Second Street, Marietta, with F. J.
City property for bale at a bargain
Also 57 lluo building lots in tho East End
Subdivision, well located, near school, near
Boiler Works, close to the main part of town.
Sold on w eekly or monthly payments.
SW ANTED Salesman who is thoroughly
acquainted with local trade to represent us In
Marietta: work can be done at odd hours;
highest reference given and required.
The Boss Cigar Company, Mansfield, Pa.
Dont Worry lout Venezuela
Think of the Great Slaughter Sale of Dress
When aooles crow on rose hushes vnn mav
have "Another Chance Like This," but not be
fore. ,Ine?925,Uand sood Bread and, Butter are
alike "STAPLE and POPULAR."
We invite your inspection of our different de
partments, which are overloaded with this
seasons choicest goods.
Special Silk Exhibit.
Dame fashion has decreed that silks shall be
more popular than ever. Price and the wonder
ful progressiveness of this 1 9th Century make
ix possioie Tor xnese queenly fabrics to come
within the reach of all.
Here are four lots which will agreeably
surprise you:
One lot Printed Warp Silk, $ 1 .00.
" Taffeta Silk, .75.
Figured Silk, .40.
KiakiaSilk, .25.
The Fashion Sheets, Patterns and other pub
lications of the Standard Fashion Co. for April
are now here and being distributed.
fl-FOR SALE-Good news stand in
Union Depot. Expenses low. Will sell cheap
for cash.
tThe Densmore typewriter may be had of
r W Torner, this city, solo agent for Washing
ton county. e o d
2S7-FOR SALE. Entire east half of Block
13, West Side Marietta, 100 feet on Knox St ,
120 on Franklin, and 120 on Pearl St. Will sell
as a whole. Inquire of Dr. S. M.Hart, Wittllg
building, Front street.
Ca5fDR. W. M. HART, DENTIST. Office 11
Putnam St., between Front and Second.
tSTDn. E. P. EDDy, Dentist Office
Front street, opposite Soldiers Monument.
t5yDR.GALLAGn.ER Diseases of the oye
and fitting of glasses. Law Building Putnam
street. .
T. 0. Bay, Carnage and Wagon
Factory, 217 Second streot.
AtT. O. Bay's shop day by day
Thd busy toilors work away;
They build cood wngona for tho road,
So otron they'll bear tho heaviest load
s for pleasure rides,
Thov niako lino ri
Sleighs, carts and carriages besides
iteiiaoio nnu nonest it is agreou
That T. O. Bay's work takes tho load.
Best steel and timber used in make
And warranted strong, not apt to break ;
Fine workmanship and strength, com
bined In all his carriage work you'll find.
For overypioco his hands complete
Is porfeotly made and strong and neat;
Attention to painting and trimming, too,
Or any repair work Bay will do.
10 Houses and lot on monthly payment.
2 New Houses $850 each.
Tarms to exchange for City property.
One Six Roomed House, 81,000. Many other
Houses and lots for sale.
WARD & STONE, 233 Secqnd St.
J3TFOR SALE House and half lot onuppor
Front K., $1200. New 8 roomed house on
Front noar Sacra Via, Ji.'oo. Good bouse on
Greene St. on basis of a lr per cent inest
ment. Ward property on Second St. 80x110 ft.
with good house on it, $7000, Ve,ry deslrablo
lot ln.l'utnam Place. House and lot on Front
St, below Sacra Via, $1800. l'ersons having
property for sale will do w ell to lea'v e with us
.. . J. A. PLUMEll&SON,
i . J Cor. Putnam and fcecond Sts,
t3T"HavIng bought n half interest in my
fathers Drug Store at Dayton, Ohio, which
necessitates mv moving there, and as I and my
family Intend to board till fall or longer, and
not wishing to pack and movo my furniture
and storo them In Dayion, I therefore offer all
my household goods at private salo, from day
to day, between tho hours of 8 A. M. to 8 P. M.,
consisting of tho following goods : Bed Room
Suits, Lounges, Couches, Rockers, Chairs, Side
Board, Tables, Stands, .Sowing Machlno,
Clocks, Pictures, Office Chair, Cook Stove,
with or without hot-water connections. Sum
mer Gas Cook Stove, Crystal water Alter, largo
Book Caso, Natural Gas Stove, One Hard Coal
Stove, Single Bed, Bicycle, lea Box, Lawn
Mower, Hose Reel with CO foot hose, Rugs, Car
pets, Curtains, In tact, all my household goods
of every description. Most of tho above was
bought since July last. Remember everything
must go without limit or reserve.
n. L. WEIS,
108 Washington Street, between Front and
Second streets. , march 2t-8t
Also handle Strecker's Harness,
the Best Made, and Ferry's Indi
ana Buggies at the Lowest Possi
Dle Prioes. The Best Sold in Ma
rietta. " s
C. Bay
Marietta, Ohio.
No. 215, 217. 210 Socond Street.
The New Yost.
Best for Speed and Results.
Colonial Building, Marietta, Ohio.
Surveys and Construction; Railways,
Bridges, Foundations, Sewkisagc.
Tile. Yes, Tile.
Wo have just received tho largest shipment of Tilo ever brought
to this city. A great variety of colors, all varioties and styles.
We can lurnish you a JFine Tilo Hearth nearly as cheap as the old
stylo Brick hearth can ho laid.
Tho Fireplace is tho first consideration hi the beauty and comfort
of a now house. It will bo to your best intest to see our
Mantels, Tiles and Grates,
In fact all tho Fireplace Trimmings. '
Give us a call, and wo will take great pleasure in showing you our
line. It is most complete in every respect.
H. A. Wagner & Bro,. . 404 mird st
N "
' -'I
u V
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