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f" "In Sighting
Alonlr the Line tif Hand Cntueras,
itu n, ftllbL!fi EYE
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-ggrSH'WWHil lit-"
And Qnd it tha most perfect, and complete
camera for the money on tha market Tbo 'flft
pmetnonhand DEVELOPING jand FINISH
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The Quad."
ITUE8DAY, MAY 30, 1890
A number of delegates front up the
C &j, it' arrived lasl hjght to bo on the
ground early for the Republican con
vention today. All indications point
to the attendance' of complete delega
tions from every precinct and the un
corking of an unusually large measure
of Republicanism.
Mr& Ueorgo Schad will leave this
morning for Now Matamoras to make
a short visit with friends.
Col. John Mills will give a picnic
today in honor of. his niece, Hiss Els
ton. , The partywi go, up the Mus
fitefilJr'orftt'e S&nbma? l C-
h -sASrsSWfSHpbljngeOrfolha-fcders
and Miss Wehrs have issued cards Jto
their lady friends for Friday afternoon
of thisrweekrirom 4 until 8 o'clock,
Mr. Kelson Moore, of the Uuckeve
Pipe Line Company! is in Warren, Va.,
on business.
The Largest Picturerand the Smallest
Camera Combined for ?5.0Q. '
For Sale by
129 Putnam street, Marietta, Ohio.
f Mr. WH.'&mttage Is Itheelty;
delivering hts riow Directory of tho
Cfcy of Marietta, Ohio.-' The work s
Yery complete, and must prove of great
yaluc to business men and citizens
generally, ,to say nothing "of the con
venicnce'lt'wllV'afford strangers visit-,
lng tho Pioneer City. In the directory
are listed G,0S4 names, and Mr. Arml
tape reckons that at a very low esti
mate'the vary lowest Marietta has a
population of 12,210 people.
Folldwlng are the entries for tho
fivc-milshandlcap raco at the Diamond
Race Meet' Saturday! Q. 8. Darrow,
Marietta, Win,. J. Bay, Ironton, P. W.
Athey, Belprel4E. R. Koorner, Mariet
ta, J. K. Bowman, Canal Winchester,
Joseph Foster, Wheeling, George Fos
ter, Wheeling, Albert Foster, Wheel
ing, Arthur Foster, Wheeling, Geo. ,11
KicholsQpr.tiClahixqbuB,'! vTbhpu (Hedges, -
R. F. Fletohrir. iColumb'usJ'..'iiBe'nsJ'
ColumbuilBlpl AljjhersonCqlpmJjus
,GV H. you's'ej''fwarkt'"T.9.a'''Edwler,"
Fine White and Fancy Ducking
for trousers from $1.00 to $1.50
per pair.
Kentucky Tow Linens.
For suits; ?rom $4t50 to" $8.00 per
Fine Black and Blue
Serges, Drapes and Alpacas
For Ooats and Vests from $2.00 to
$10.00. The only garments for
comfort during this hot "summer
weather. Call and 6ee them at
A. 0. Brown & Co.,
220 Front Street, - Marietta, Ohio
Next to Candy Store over arcrw
Second Hand
We, have .several great bargains in
secondhand wheels. '03, '94 and '05
i '
j wheels at from ?30 to $75. If you want
an old wheel or a new one let us talk
with you. We handle the Fowler,
Sterling and Temple lines. '.Best on the
market, At'Rodick Hardware Co.
. Ill' J I
Osca Burchett, of Watertown, was
in the city Monday night, enrouto to
Cincincinnati to attend the meeting of
the Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias.
Saturday evening after the close of
the Diamond Race Meet, tho Lobdell
Cycling Club will entertain the visit
ing wheelmen at tho Boat House.
At Cutler, this County, wells are
drilling and rigs going up on five new
locations. .
Mr. and Mrs. T, B. Bosworth, Mrp.
)V. L. Rotston, Mlsi Grace xBblston -and
Mrs. Clara Putnam left yesterday for
Springfield to atteDd the convention of
the .Episcopal Church, Southern Dio
cese of Ohio. On Wednesday evening
a reception' will be given the body by
Governor Bushnell at his magnificent
home in Springfield.
Mr. Frank R. Greene, wife and
daughter, of Chicago, are at Hon. J. B.
Greene's, Newport
The Washington county Jury Com
missioners met Monday to select names
for'jury drawings for tho coming year.
The vacancy caused by the illness of
T. W. Moore was filled by Capt. A. B.
" Abner' Hawkins apd Clara Zentz,
of this city, were unitedih marriage at
the Unitarian parsonage Monday morn
ing, May 25th, by Rev. E.- A! Coil.
George Griffin left Monday after
noon for Macksburg, where he has en
gaged in business.
Mayor Meisenhelder is determined
that prizefighters shall get no hold in
Marietta and has given the police de
partment strict orders to report every
violation of law of this nature. Sec
tion 6S90 of the Revised Statutes makes
it unlawful to engage in. any prize
fight or sparrlpg-match, With pr with
out "gloves. Spectators are equally li
able with participants as are also the
owners or lessees of the ground or
buildings wheresuch contests are per
mitted to take place. The maximum
penalty is a 'fine of C$250, with an im
prisonment attachment of three
months. j
Tho Grand Lodge, Knights of
Pythias, is in session at-Cincinnati this
week; L. W. Ellenwoo'd, ,'of this city,
J. A. Sk'inner, of New Matamoras, Mac
Gano, of Sardis, and W. T. Powell, of
Claringtou", left lor Cincinnati on Mon
Lowest prices guaranteed, not for
one day only, but for every day in the
year. d. it van Metre k uo.
The City Board of Equalizatlan
met Monday at the Auditor's office'and
organized by electing Jacob Gephart
president, J. B. Hovey, vice president
and Auditor W. A. Patterson, secretary.
-Miss Blanche Simmons, who has
been employed in the office of Recorder
Athey, has accepted 'a clerical position
in the Probate .Court and ibegan her
itutn, kueie iwavij
t While in this city Sunday ttrs. W.
E. Mason received from her father-in-law.
'Wm. Mason. St., of Hyman, Pa., a
une,presem mtno snape oi a-morougq-
bred Jersey fieifer one year old from
Mr. Mason's stock farm. "
Ed. Mullen', charged with selling
liquor in. West Virginia without hav
ing paid ijhe1 special1 government tax,
was taken to Parkerstmrg Monday for
YcMerctuy'j Gnmea itml Standing or ,ll('o
Clulu j- ,y
New York., -, , .. .. V 3
Baltimore ., ,'.....;........' S
CM. -i
Boston ..ix , S
Philadelphia, .
Cleveland . . . .
W. -L. " Pr.
....IS. .v... 0,"r.... .007
Cincinnati .20, 11. U ,. .045
Boston (8 12. . iST'. . .000
Pittsburg,. . ., 17. . . .'ill. . i ..'. -.503
Baltimore . 17. ... .13. ...... .507
Chicago 17. .. . . .-14. . . . w .548
Philadelphia 10 .1,4. . rs.t. . .533
Washington 14. . ,1. fa... . . .453
Brooklyn, 12. . t. .17. ... i. ... .414
Nework , ,ii. . , J. ,io 307
St.jjouis 10. . . .'. .i0 345
Loulsyille 7.i.23......-.2.J3
ZanesVille.' Chas. -ISr'Forlune. Zanes'
vllle, E. C. Johnson, Zanesyllle, Forrest
Bigolow, Columbus.
The members of the W. C. T. U.
will give a reception to welcome the
new members into the Union and all
who- wish to become such, Tuesday'
afternoon at five o'clock, May 20th, at
tho home of Miss Mary Curtis, Fourth
street Ministers of tho city, with
their wives, are cordially Invited.
The Barlow M. E. Aid Society will
hold their strawberry social at Mrs.
Kate Harvey's. May 28th, afternoon
and evening.! All-are invited.
Ther Ladies' Aid Society of the Vin
cent M. E Church will give a straw
berry and ice-cream social at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Watterson, Satur-
t '
JFI .l .
Wxul Sf
i j j Hwg
dl.,V i
LL!r him
A Corset Store.
Faultlessly Attired
was the anci
.ent hero con
demned ,by the
ods to pun a big
oniaeri up-- nm
rrlest it should
roll'dAwnand crush
When the myth-mak-
'oV i -i YvT ' I
' 7( "
Ten to one you will find your
favorite Corset or Corset Waist
in our stock. Ours is the only
complete stock of Corsets in
the city. All the popular kinds
are here.
The best 50 cent, corset you
ever saw and the best for 75
cents. ' "'J '
- The Equipoise Waist, Ferris'
Good Sense,' The Chicago, The
Jackson, Summer' Corsets, all
the best makes. This is the
place to buy corsets.
N. B. The Butterick Pat
terns' and Fashion Publications
for June are here.
Che Weather, Man Says:
f "O'TOpRlOV
"TTn iw lin correct in his cradle
br he ma; mot, but U it la hot or even
moderately warm aon't urcw iare i
oiaessafout'" u y
Delicious, cqqI drinks, and the finest
rult flavors that our money can buy.
I giass pr,MTri oj nor poaa vrauir,
ed wHtf BtoTirutt ifelcW.vtfll help
i thiaugb. thft day wonderfully, at tha
eRw ".
Pntnam St., - Marietta, Ohio
Mr. J. C. 'Longfellow was struck in
the right eye Monday by a piece of fly
ing lath, and jreceivcdt a painful injury.
The bruised optlcwaa dressed' by Dr.
-iJSputy Ul SMi W.'E. MaToV
and wife were in, the city Sunday and
left Monday morning for Columbus,
fl JMOW 5MsreV j
tibri' WWroli1iffte.URSpqItaKjftwl,lw1 r
'. " ' - i - .,-.- ...-a ... -
day afternoon and evening, May 30.
i There will be an ice cream and
strawberry social under the auspices
of the Epworth League at th6 residence
of Dr. Trickle, at Cutler, Saturday eye
nlng'May 30th.
Mrs. Robert Bishop returned home
to Chilllcothe Monday, having been
yisltlng friends In Marietta for the
past two week's.v
Rev. A. K. McCall, pastor of the
Baptist church at Caldwell, passed
through the city yesterday on his way
hoirid-from Little 'Hocking, where 'he
preached'a. Memorial sermon .Sunday.
Ed. Pfeiffer injured the. juuscles.of
his left arm yesterday-while "working
at the Marietta Manufacturing Co.
He wjll be unable to work for several
Miss Cora Partesins, of McConnels
vllle, is visiting her sister, Mrs. G.
Wagner, Montgomery street. ,
Rev. J. W. McMaster is here from
Charleston, W. Va., and will remain
several weeks visiting friends.
Mrs. George Hatght, of Newport
spent Sunday in this city, the .gfuesibf
the family of J. B. Haight.
Born, 'Sunday, May 24th, to Mr.
and Mrs. Louib Mueller, Anniston, Al
abama, a son. , .. . i
Charles Heldrich has begun work
on two new dwellings on the'eorner of
Fourth and Warren streets,
F. F. Grubb, son of Commissioner
C M. Grubb, removed his family from
Baverly to this city Monday and will
reside here in future. ' ,.
Messrs. George V Raminc and D.
W. Chapman,rof Spencer,i.W-'Va,i are
m me city uu, uvibiuess aionuuy,
Charles Carpenter was, arraigned
before the Mayor v Monday ,on the
charge of drunkenness andVas fined
(5 and costs. ' '
C. R. Oldham and daughter Elise,'
of Moundsville, W. Va.,- are guests of
Mrs. Mary Oldham, Second street
Marietta, wheelmen will be pleased
to learn that Mr. J. K. Bowman, of
CanalWinch.esterj Ohio, is! entered for
he 'Diamond Meet. Mr Bowman is
the plucky'rlder who arrived oa'a late
train to enter i the races last -fall.
'jumped into his'racing suit while the
starter held the JJpuph. -a minute for
him, and ranJnto 4i barbed wire fence
on the first round, Be .was'' Horribly
cut, but from that.day -to this has
never offered a complaint- The -wire
will not be there next Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Mason, who have
been visiting relatives in Marietta for
several days', will return home to De
catur, Ills., today,
In 'Squire Guyton's court Monday
a warrant was issued for tho arrest of
John Shears, of Turkey Hen, on the
charge of petit larceny. It is alleged
that he took a wool tier belonging to
George Ammon.
" No fakir schemes, and no presents
necessary to sell onr goods. Honest
croods niid honat-n&'Hth-iier
I c .-.- -.
ers got up that story they
must have been thinking of
dyspepsia; (or there -is certainly npother
trouble on earth that.keeptf'youso ever
lastingly struggling against heing crushed
into utter despair. Anything that cures
dyspepsia lifts about half the weight of
misery that crushis mankind, and wo
mankind. The trouble with most of the so-called
dyspepsia - cures, is that they don't cure.
They give only temporary relief. Indiges
tion usually extends all through.the diges
tive tract, from the stomach'iclear down to
the large intestine : the liver too is frequent
ly involved in the trouble being torpid and
inactive. For a thorough, radical, per
manent enreyou must haveabe whole di
gestive organism set right Not violently
stirred up, but regulated. Doctor Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets will do it They stimu
late the digestive juices of the Stomach j
invigorate the liver and help it to actively
secrete the bile ; and act gently on the
bowels to promote a regular healthy move
ment This means a complete and last
ing cure of digestive troubles.
The "Pellets" arc, not a seyere cathartic.
They act on the bowels naturally and com
fnriahlv thnuirh surelv. The dose can be
regulated to your needs, and when the
'Pellets" have done their wbrk they can
be discontinued. You don't become a
slave to their use, as with other pills. If
the dructnst suraest some griping pill that
mves him more profit think what
Grait.vou tuoj(, ,
8. R. TURNER & CO.
Our Silk Waists
Not only look well but tliey are also made to wear well. Dresden
Patterns prettier, than any.,foreign fabric, in fact we cannot say
enough in their favor. Made in dress-maker style, boned and lined
ink what unit
" Cleveland Excursions,
For nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Imperial
CounellJune 22nd via the C. &. M. Ry., good
for reture until June 5th atr'ate of one fire
fqr the ronna trip. ' Call on C. & M. Ry. ticket
agent,s f or. full particulars . '
Shirt Waists.
'Misses' Laundered Waists of stand
ard material with attached collars and
cuflV,,a choice line of patterns, at 50 cts.
Ladies' Lausdrred Waists of stand
ard percales, desirable stripes and fig
ures, GO and 75 cts.
. Fancy Waists, collars either attached
or detached, at 81.00 anditl.25.
Summer Underwear
Children's Bai.bmggan, short and
long sleeves, 15 to 25c; the finest goods
Misses' 'Ribbed Vhsts, ecru and
white, long and short sleeves, Gc to GOc.
Ladies' Undervests, balbriggan and
swiss ribbed, 6c. to $1.00; these are
choice combed Egyptian Yarns.
i, . r ,, Notice.
.U.J. Engineer. Office, 63-Maln St ."Zones
vllle, O , April 2", 1S90. .Sealed proposals, In
duplicate, for furnishing and delivering 415
tons, more or less, .Run of nine Coal, for use
on Muskingum River, O , will be received here
untniTi m.. central time. May 27, 1590. In
formation furnished by Edmund Moeser, Asst.
Engr. W. H Heuer, Maj , Engrs.
April 27, Ct.
T.' A VkIltt;,Ul'kith6rl ,the
itle of exeursloaiAlckafci between -all stations
i its line ana bu itaiou on v. u,'imes, juif
f-JDiy vtUfJatuuo afvasn jmm jiM fiyj ,u
fOTJOl V' "1 " P
sugar con.
5. S Jk '
-The BeaetnEGMBl JJresterian
-tikWlil mi k lea
MrvWni? tJaywood's, Krld'ay 3$enfng
May 20th. All are Invited.
"" CappLS.'nMSqormlcfi is expected
to arrifoW itha bit 6a lielz. &0.
this'morning at 10:40. Be is just from
Arizona. V
MW.D. W- Iowcllk ofJAUeg1iony
City, camp,,dwn tg,l)ls p home "Sun
day, . to sco friends and transact busi
.Clothing buy-
ufMlmtui i3& wwitw!
Kt&nib CnWMii' iw4J
' x , u a. B.sVan.'-Mi
'cliliVf .nCnveW
tr raus
rrl"fnM8mimTiai mw.
Abnei ASHawkins,' of Jamestown, Ni
V., andtKra J- ZtUOtaiWllaJA
EugerieW. ,Jones',"dt''Grand. Rapids',
Mich., and.Effie L. Preen, of Marietta,
. J AyalUaVe'Pr9Wot!on, J
Editor' Morrison, of 'Wprthlngton,
Ind.. "Sun," ntesi "ou hat 5 a valu
able prescription in ElectricqBltters,
and I can cheerfully recommend it 'for
Constipation and $!ck lleadache,"and
as a generfilsS3stemJtbfilc,,lt' has no
equal." Mrs. Annie 8Uhle,2625, C6t
tage Grove Ave'.; Chicagof.waa all tun
dowa, -could , no tt eat inorr digest food,
had a backache which never loft her
and felt tid-and-vve8ryi--but-slxrj3ot-UeaUBrEletrio-TBi1l,trB!JiV8f6l:barher
health, b landjoranawedjo br is atrodgtU
rk H) MntsaadLCfhi c4Jet(a:iBtittle
at W'HKtyrfe;Drng;fitprw Bciii.3iT
Real Estate for Sale. .. ,
7 Houses on Tront street 11,700, 1,W, 2,000,
2.C00, 3,000.
Second street $1,700, 2,0fl0.
12 Room House below Butler street J3.C0O.
Third street, 6 Houses, $1,000, 1,200, 1,500,
1,800, 2,000, 8,000 '
fvuna street ci,uvir, i,ouu, 2,duu, o,uuu
Fifth street S00. 2.00J. 8,030
Sixth streiat Jl.fciO, 2 ooo, 2,500;
warren streeitiuu, buu, uu, i.iuu.
'I Fine Brick House, ,200, lot ISO by 180.
U Good Houses on West Side, from $700 to
E Vacantfots on Front street $450 to C50.
. -5 Lots on Eighth and Washington, $300 to
2 Lots on warren and Eighth, two to iw.
50 Lots for sale on Weekly or Monthly pay
ments, i
(0 Lots for sa)ein the umo vaueysuD-uiw-Bion
11 Houses near Boiler Works at a bargain.
, 3 Three story business houses on Front Sf.
at bargains. "
, 1 Fine Lot on Front street below Wooster.
1 House of 7 Rooms and lot 00x120 feet lo
cated close to Second street on Montgomery at
a. Bargain, $2,800.
Another lot of Domestic Dimities just opened so while shopping
for something that will make a cool' and comfortable suit call in and
look through those beautiful summer dress goods, in all the very
newest weaves, printed warp, Dresden and rersian patterns.
The Standard Designer, Magazine, and Fashion Sheets and Pat
terns for 7ie.are now being distributed. Call and get the June
Fashion Sheet free.
Yours respectfully, , "
i to
f w.c
W XO mm
( oo
at C
'VVV'VBVfefe'' Sf
Ml J. KJ. V- S - JU TJL- Ji J. KJ. O
Upon the purchase of goods to the amount of one
dollar or more and the presentation of this coupon
you will bo entitled to your choice of any of the
Standard Skirt Pattern
Yours Respectfully,
CHAS. JONES, 172 Fro'nt St.
CO '
I- o
3 oi
Marietta Planing Mill
UATtftmrW Ul7TnHT3
- , .! '..";." .": i: '.
bienie s Auuuign;, jh acres piatteu. x.usy oi
access by Trolley orotherwlse. Lots 60 by 110
,1 eet j Streets 0 feet Wide. Call at room ! Law
Building; see plat, learn prices and terms. No
equal In 'Ohio as a hilltop view, 10 minutes'
walk from the business part of the City.- Also
other City property for sale cheap Call at
Room 5, Law Building.
J. D PjIynb, Special Agent,
R. Stehle, Marietta, O.
3r"DR. W. M. HART, JJKMTISt. Offloe U
Putnam Ski between Front and.Second.
m ' r-
?.?,, EDpy, renUst. OfBoe 80
Front street, opposite Soldiers M6nument.
laTDR. GALLAGHER Diseases of .the eye
and fitting o( glasses. Law Budding Putnam
Bf3J"FOR8ALE.-EntIre east half of Block
IS, West Side Marietta, 00 feet on KndxSt.,
120 on Franklin, anaiaJonPearlfit. WilLselL
jTI- -. ". - , t. . -. n
ara-vaoie or iniqts tftsmtaMnirejOj Jap
I 411.1". ifrnT. iJJI & 1
we in
rJEAoftgAiWBltSsroR FRUIT3,
4i. Ltj A fJ'l-i Krjajrri,naft2'
uaroKWiowgn nanuieruno- canjww'Tjj
tin (4 VAn AAniu1 Tlanntraa Irt "tna
iii uuu unau uaiuini jjikiaaiAiaa ui , vuv
market. Spediavptfcej b2iijB'lbunclr,'C&M -at
Peter MacklffiiFrult;.'tore j Pntnanx street,
Majletta, qpto.n-oj 1( tieiepnone iJ.a.
tarroaf 8itE.di)E(oardfne house. 1& Rooms,
corner of Third and Ohio Sts. Easy' terms.
College property ffnTinhSf. "opppslte Mound
f.Mneterv. liSbViM feet. onVof the nicest lo-
cVtiori.ln'e-clty:r . , '-
oinVcomifM 10 rittifcAJaJ'stoUtf zs At
Ir-D f a 'tosaosat; baKa?5 Sectod'BtreetfiO
fill .'IJlii'J Vi i-'liU
jy-fOR 8 ALE An 6 room house yrith.atl
modern TT,nrnimnt nn Thlrrt Btteer"
tween ScanuatiiandiPiitsatn streets, issoo A
sssOTissJSmiffi1. :
The entire plant of the Marietta
Planing Mill -Company will be
sold at private sale.
F. S. Coleman, Assignee.
May 25-2wks,
Pittsburg Cincinnati Line of Steamers.
Arrive at Marietta, going up, every Saturday,
Monday and Thursday afternoons; going down,
every Tuesday , Thursday and Sund ay e venln gs
Jas. A. Henderson, Gen'l Manager.
For further lntonnatjonwrlto or call on Jas.
B. Haight, Passenger Agt , No. 251 Front streetj
Marietta, Ohio. Phone No 81.
W.P.MASON, . ,
Colonial Building, Marietta, Ohio.
Surveys and Construction; Railways,
Bridges, Foundations, Sewerage.
Specialties for.
WepJace on Bale n excepupn
al bargains' in'' Men's 'Laundried
.U TV -Vv .T.tj.iarifJi!. wi
aJoJ o-Lisevpf jyno. oods- at
able 1 String' "TieB ociatlOc 3Ehch
JiiKt the thine for neslice 8fHrfs'.UE:
i - UHDRWEii.M& iinflu , of
Menrd 'BalbrigA Shurtifitod
A BargaiiinISaieB'J'X'aunairr.
edt.8rl WffiSfflSm&cit.
"I ."., i . .-. K .. . .
"J -" V fiyKHf V"
Sale a Line of Percale Shirt
Waists, Laundried Oollars and
'Cuffs, Extra Large Sleoye.- atsG9c; ,a
'h,atltraBnotltedut)Hcftieaf,- va
3 W&SRjfifr aTfi; m Haiis r
gotlen up as. the regnlarlcheap "
garment is made Tosee7 them v
you will appreciate what a bar
gain we are offering. ,
SapjraO&SirLgfrom $2.50 to
$15. We call Bpecial attention to
t ' 4i-
j JQ til
? 3d
i w t?if g A. . 1 2I..RutnamstrGet.'
"oAtt" j, j .jjjjtirifiiU .iu -taini.. i-&
iHmfmfilsjo9 Wholesale and Retail. "
.Wj y 5

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