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ST rlK'i!'
i 4' k
'.ESTAEtlSIlKP 1881.
Pabllshed every day oxcopt Sunday, at the
Leader Building, Putnam Street and
Muskingum Avenue.
. No. 3
THURSDAY. MAY 28, 1890
Wo will consider It a groat favor if
subscribers will report any failure
to set their Lender, or any careless
noes on the part of the carrier.
Subscribers will please not pay
tho carriers unless the carrier
punches his credit tag In subscrib
er's presence.
For President,
Of the United States.
Republican Stqte Ticket
For Secretary of State.
Forjudge of the Supremo Court,
For Food and Dairy Commissioner,
For Member Board of Public Works,
FRANK A. HUFFMAN, of Van Wert Co
Congressional Ticket.
For Congress, 15tb District,
H. C. VAN VOORHIS, of Musklnuum Co.
Marietta, O., May 25, 1890.
Editor Leader: May I take advan
tage of your kindness to announce
through vour valuable paper our com
pleted program for the Commencement
Week of 1890. These exercises will be
gin with the Baccalaureate Service on
Sabbath morning, June 14, at 11 o'clock
standard time. This service will bo
held either in the Congregational
Church or in the Auditorium and the
sermon will be delivered by the Presi
dent. On the evening of the same day
at tho Congregational Church Rev. J.
C Jackson, of Columbus, will deliver
the annual address before the Christian
Associations. Dr. Jackson is the pas
tor of one of the largest and most in
iluential Methodist Churches in the
State and enjoys a high reputation, for
scholarly attainments and pulpit pow
er. We anticipate from him n very in
spiring and helpful address.
The Field Day Contests have been
arranged for Monday, June 15, and
will come off on the College Athletic
Grounds, the character of the contests
and the hours of their occurrence to be
announced later. The Annual Prize
Declamation Contest will take place as
usual in the Congregational Church, at
7:30 P. M.
The interesting exercises of Class
Day will be held on the Campus from
10 to 12 A. M. Tuesday. In the after
noon of this day, at 2:30, the annual
addres3 in connection with tho Com
mencement of the Academies will be
delivered by Rev. II. M. Ladd, pastor
of the Kuclid Avenue Congregational
Church, of Cleveland, O. Dr. Ladd is
one of the most prominent of Ohio Con
gregational clergymen and is known
as a wide-atvake, progressive, popular
orator. The oration before tho Liter
ary Societies will be delivered at 7:30
P. M. in the Congregational Church, by
Eev. F Trumbull Lee, D. D , of Cin
cinnati. Dr. Lee is the pastor of the
large, aristocratic Second Presbyterian
Church in Cincinnati, and is drawing
immense audiences His address on
"Man at His Best" will undoubtedly
prove one of the attractive features of
our Commencement Week.
Wednesday at 8:30 tho annual meet
ing of the corporation will be held and
the closing exercises of the Literary
Societies and the conferring of the So
ciety Diplomas will take place at 10
o'clock. The Alumni meeting will
convene in Andrews Hall at 11 A. M.
and u ill be followed by the Alumni
Banquet from 12 to 3. The Alumni
Oration this year is to be by Rev. John
Rusk, of Chicago. On Wednesday
afternoon from 3 to 4 o'clock the Musi
cal Recital of the College for Women
will take place at tho Presbyterian
Church, and at 4 will be followed by
the Class Day c.ercises on tho Campui.
The President's Annual Reception will
be given in Aildrews Hall Wednesday
evening at S o'clock.
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock the
Sixty-second Commencement of Mari
etta College will be held in the Audi
torium. The orator this year will bo
the Rev. N. D. Hillls, D. D , of Chicago,
tho successor of tho famous Prof.
Swing of the Central Church. Dr. 1111
hs h one of tho best known orators in
tho west, in the very prime of his pow--ers
and he is much sought after for
Commencement occasions and platform
addresses. His addross on the Message
of John Ruskiu to the Nineteonth Cen
tury has been especially prepared for
College men and will undoubtedly
prove one of tho most popular and en
tertaining htaid in Marietta for many
years. Dr Iljllis is not only a very
finished and polished orator, but un
derstands aujllenccs and how long it is
wlso for alectuter to hold his audience.
I can nssura our good people that in
matter, manner, hpuit and length of
treatment tho Commencement Address
will bo in every w ay satisfactory.
I congratulate the friends of both in
stitutions in tho opportunity that will
bo theirs of hearing four exceptionally
strong and gifted men, and there is
every reason to believe that tho Com
mencement program of this year will
equal if it docs not surpass that of any
previous Commencement Week,
To thesq exercises we cordially in
vito all interested and assure them
that we will do everything in our pow
er to mako tho entiro program one
which they will enjoy hearing and
which, they will delight frequently to
Thanking you for your courtesy and
kindness In printing tMis announce
ment, I remain, in behulf of tho Col
lege, Very gratefully yours,
John W. Simpson.
Tho New Strike.
There is considerable Interest being
taken In the new oil strike in Washing
ton county, Ohio, between Raven Rock
and Bens. Run station on this side of
tho river. Tho well is located about a
mile and a half out from the river.
The gravity of the oil in the new gush
er was tested yesterday and is found to
be 51 and 8-10ths, nearly as light as
tho oil in this field. A peculiar thing
about tho field is that one of the other
wails drilled, in sorao time ago near
this gusher and which is enow making
3 barrels of oil a day, produces oil that
is, so light it could not bo tcstad-.with
an ordinary apparatus used for testing
oil, and it is said to be lighter even
than the Moundsvillo oil, which is 03
The well started to flowing 20 barrels
an hour and yesterday evening it was
making 10 barrels an hour and seemed
to be settled down to that gait It has
only been drilled into tho sand be
tween two and three feet and may
show up very much better after being
drilled deeper, and then again it may
not show up any better and not pro
duce as much oil as it is now malting.
An old experienced oil producer was
down to see the well yesterday and
said to a Reviewreporter this morning
that in his judgement the well was act
ing more like the Wick gushers do
than anything else he could liken it to.
This- well may be the tapping of a
small pool of oil or it may be the open
ing up of a long extention south of the
Sistersville pool, but all of this is at
present guess work, and nothing will
definitely settle the question as to
what the pool really is but the drill.
All the land around the field has been
leased up and several new wells will
be started at on,ce. Oil Review.
Tho scarlet fuchsia is symbolic ot
good tasto. There in nothing prettier
than a bed of these flowers, the bril
liancy of their hue being admirably set
off by tho green of their foliage.
The American elm has been (sug
gested as an emblem of patriotism.
Several historic elm trees are men
tioned in our revolutionary annals, and
from one of these the idea probably
Tho cedar is an emblem of Immor
tality, the symbol being suggested by
ita evergreen foliage. It Is said to have
been so regarded by the Jews a thousand
years before tho Christian era.
Tho white carnation is regarded in
L'ngland as an emblem of disdain. This
idea was probably suggested by tho up
right habit of the flower, which nods
and waves haughtily in the breeze.
Tho daffodil is a symbol of chivalry.
It was once a favorite flower in Fiance,
and at one time a fashion pre ailed of
gentlemen wearing bunches of daffodils
in their hats with their plumes.
Bombay is now known as tho "Man
chester of India."
At least 5720,000,000 worth of British
property is always on the sea.
Tho oldest family in the British isles
is the Mar family, dating back to 1093.
Tho oldest national flag in tho world
is that of Denmark, which has been in
uso since the j ear 1219.
A school of blind people at work will
form ono of tho groups in Industry hall
at tho Swiss national exhibition.
A remarkable musket, said to have
belonged to Alexander Selkirk, the
prototype of Robinson Crusoe, has
been offered for sale in Edinburgh.
There are 47 Chinese temples in
A majority of the members of tho
Milwaukee city council are acthc
Tho total volume of gold and silver
now in use in the United States is eight
times as much ns itwasinlS73.
It is estimated that there are 40.00T
women a otcrs in Utah and 10,000 indre
who may become naturalized.
New York clothiers aio going to try
and popularia white duck suits for city
wear during tho hot months. Suits aro
being shown as cheap as six dollars.
IWarrlncA Licenses.
Robert W. Mechling. of Sl&tersvllle,
W. Vs., and Lulu L Dye, of Newport
Win. Wellbrook, of Ilhvood, Ind.,
and Rowcna 11 Schuff, of Marietta.
Chas. A. Fankhouser, of Avon, Conn ,
rnd Katharine H Gliugg, of Marietta,
Cba. IC Johnson and Eva Shield,
both of Marietta.
Card of Thank
Our hearty thanks to all and every
one who helped to mako the enteitain
rnent of .no (Jet-man Reformation a
spiritual and financial tuccoss. Wo
earnestly hops that our friends may
soou givo us a chance to return their
Gkkma. St. Lckk's Ciiuiifii.
In our editorial list of caudldatoa
renominated at tho Republican conyon
tion Tuesday the namo of Auditor
Patterson was omitted by error of'tho
Oompositor. Nothing wo could say,
hOwpyer, would add to tho record
which Mr. Patterson has made in tho
Auditor's office.
Tho "Fort Sidney Carta: of Forty
Thieves" About Cone.
Purkersburg. May 25, After a three
year's chase by Government officers
John Broy, who is accused with being
tho chief of the notorious gang, famil
iarly known in tho Ohio valley as the
"Fort Sidney gang of Forty Tbtoyes,"
has beeu captured. A telegram tb
Detectlvo J. R. Mehen, ex-United States
Deputy Marshal, states that ho is in
custody at Evansville, Ind.
Broy is badly wanted by tho United
States Court in Ohio and West Virginia.
Ho is accused of being the chief of tho
worst gang of postofflce thieves, burg
lars and highway robbers in this sec
tion since the time of the notorious
Murrel. Several years ngo special
officers were sent out to. break up tho
gang, which had robbed postottlces,
stores and individuals indiscriminate
ly from Marshall county to tho Big
Sandy along the Ohio.
Tho robbery of the St. Marys post
office was the first one to offer a serious
clow to tho gang, which in three,
months had robbed postofflces and
stores at Dutcher, Cockransyille and
half a dozen places in Ohio. At Friend
ly three stores were entered- in one
night, and at St Marys, Ravenswood,
Ripley and other places many mer
chants suffered.
Captain Mehen and Sheriff Reynolds,
together with several United States
officers, got onto the track of the
thieves and succeeded in clinching the
crime tb the Ft. Sidney gang.
The name was received from the lo
cation of their headquarters about 8
miles from St Marys. A part of tho
gang was chased down the river and
eaptured-in a shanty-boat, which was
filled with stolen property, including
drygoods, stamps, jewelry and other
stuff. The boat, goods and men were
brought back.
From clews secured on the boat
three men named Bailey and three
others wero run down before the gang
got word and scattered. Eleven were
sent to the penitentiary. The search
was continued and others were gath
ered in, but the leader, John Broy,
could not be located.
Broy was desperate and as elusive as
an eel. Half a dozen times, when the
officers were sure of him he had slipped
through their fingers. He will be
brought back to answer the charges
against him.
Reception Riven by Mrs. Samuel llurt.
Mrs. Samuel Hart entertained very
handsomely Tuesday afternoon and
evening at her home on Putnam St.
Her doors were thrown open from four
until eight to her hosts of lady friends.
The occasion was one of unusual bril
liancy. The graciousness of the host
ess, the rooms of this home made moie
attractive than 'usual with quantities
of smilax, red and pink rose buds, tho
charming assistants, and the gay
spring attire of those fortunate enough
to be present, each contributed its
share. Miss Rebekah Nye asked the
guests into the dining room where
Misses Marie and Helen Buell, Miss
Katharine Nye, Miss May Riley and
Miss Alice Eells were in charge and
dispensed most bountifully ices, cakes,
strawberries, bonbons, olives, coffee
and lemonade.
What Will It Count?
Misfortune Irom the cradle has cast her pall
O er the pathway of many an honest man,
And the world rejoices to iee him fall
Rather than lend him a helping hand.
He may be honest, kind hearted and pure.
As It lies In one's nower to be.
The world will discard him If he chance to be
'Tls a matter of money, you see.
Tls a matter of mansions and terrace and
And the cut of the clothes that he wears,
And the banquets be gives and the style he
puts on,
It is not by the name that he beats
No poektts are made in the long white shroud,
No sente of touch In a pulseless hand.
Oh how can you take It beyond the clouds
The wealth you store In the present land
Then whit will your mansions and millions be
Thou hast pround God's poor these years to
You will take at death what you brought at
- birth,
And that will be nothing, I thank tho Lord
' The Widow How blrmige! Tie
people who lite near tho cemetery
elahn they aro haunted by tho ghosts
or my tnree Jmsuanus.
Tho Friend They should nsjc you
to come and live with them. Truth.
A Valuable Proscription.
Editor Morrison, of Worthington,
Iud., "Sun," writes: "You have il valu
able prescription in Electric Hitters,
and I can cheerfully recommend it for
Constipation and hick Headache, and
as a general system tonic it has no
equal " Mrs. Annio Htohle, 2025 Cot
tage Grovo Ave,., Chicago, was all run
down, could not eat nor digest food,
hud a ba.ckacho which never left her
and folttlred and weary, but six bot
tle of -Electric Bitters restored her
health and renewed her strength.
Price B0 cents and S1.00. Get a Bottle
ut W. H, Htyer's Drug Store.
Tobacco Pouches
in nxehnnRo for coupons with
a Pouch
"Chewing ana smoking
Sell-closing Rubber TOBAdCb POUCH
(J Waste nnd.kccpa Tobacco In Perfect Condition 9
Coupons explain how to secure tlio Aliovo
unc coupon in eacn o ceni v ounce) l'acKage,
Tico Coupon) in each 10 cent (4 ounce) Package
Mall Pouch Tobacco Is sold by all dealers.
rneltiiRoa ("oiooii eafe) containing no coupons
vllll)oncccptciln coupons. "2or." Empty Lag
at on? Coupon, "J oi." Empty Bag at tico Cou)jont.
ILLUSTRATED Catalogue ojother Valuable ArMct
Kith explanation how to get them, Mailed on request.
The Bloch Bros. Tobacco Co.. Wheeling, W. Va.
No Coupons exchanged after July 1, 1807
Knight oT St. Grorge Strawberry Testl
Mil Tonight.
Happy New Year March, Duet W. Dresler
MUses Mary Schmidt, Helen Weber
Music on the Waves Chas Glover
Helen Weber, Rose McPharland.
My Lady's Dower Hope Temple
Helen Weber.
Larboard Watch T. Williams
F. W. Callahan, F. Urbane.
Ljst to the Convent Hells BocUley
Misses Lizzie and Anna Fritz.
The Holy City Stephen Adams
F. Urhane
The Broken 1'ltcher Nemo
Helen Weber
Dawning of Another Day W. Phillips
Fred Callahan.
Drenan's Mandolin and Guitar Club
Strawberries, ice cream and cake
will be served. Admission with sup
per 25 cents
Would the president accept a third term,
and a fourth nomination, If It were ten
dered him by the democratic national con
vention? If this question Is to be an
swered In tho affirmative, his record would
be unique In Amerlean.hlstory. The pres
ident was born In Caldwell, Essex county,
N. J., Starch IS, 1S37; removed with his
parents when four years old to Fayette
vllle, N. Y. In 1SE5 ho began the study of
law at Buffalo; vias admitted to the bar
In 1SS3; was elected sheriff of Erlo county
In 1S70; was elected mayor of Buffalo In
1SS1, and In 1SS2 was chosen governor of
the state of New York by a majority of
151,712. In 1SS1 he was elected president of
the TJnlted States over James O. T31alm;
wa3 renominated In 1SSS, and defeated by
Gen. Harrison; was renominated again in
1S92. and dpfpatwl PrMltlpnf Harrlunn.
Notice of Appointment.
Estate of Frederick J Bljomlngdale, de
ceased. The undersigned has been appointed and
qualities as Administrator ot the estate of
.Trederick J. Blooznlngdale, late of Washing
ton county. Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 20th day of May. A. D. H!)(J.
Jonathan Dloomi.sgdale.
Wed, May 27 3w
We Offer You a Remedy Which Insures
SAFETY to LirE of Both
Mother and Child.
t! B,nrlftI'A5EV
itoitRoit am imai:n,
WJakes CHSLB-BaRTH Easy.
Endorsed anil recommended by plysl
clans, mldwlvcs and tlioso wholiuio used
It. Iicwnro of substitutes and Imitations.
Sent by express ormnll, on receipt of price,
Sl.OO per bottle. Book "TO MOT1IEK3
mallod f lee. connlnlng voluntary testimonials.
DRADriELD ES0UIAT0P. CO., Atlanta, Oa.
White Mountain Freezer.
Sizes i Qt. to 25 Qts inclusive.
As features of especial merit, we claim:
A strong, waterproof tub. bound with
heavy, galvanised iron hoops that fully
protect tho tub and do not fall oft"; tho
gearing completely covered, so that
nothing can got between the cDgs. Cans
full sizo and tnado of tho very bot
quality of charcoal tin plate; beaters oH
malleable iron and tinned; all castings
attached, to tho tub nicely galynnied
to prevent rusting. It is tho only
Freezer in tho world having tho cele
brated duplex dasher, with doublo self
adjusting wood scraping bar, by tho
use of which cream can bo jrozon in
jess than one-half the time, yet finer
AJkS -
IBilllltJ lfil& lllili
wLieTM eft. St
MtignTn"! i
aud smoother tunn can possiDiy uo pro
duced in any other Froezer now in use.
Positively the best Freeor in the world
Cream can be frozen in 4 minutes in the
"Improved" White Mountain.
289 Second St., Marietta, Ohio
We Don't
What "others"
sell their goods for,
, Ty may have exapt
lythe same things wehave
but its hardly possible since
we buy direct from the manufac
turer in large lots, and for CASH. We
haven't Suits 'others' sell for $ 1 5.00 to
offer you at $10.00. nothing of the sort.
What We DO have to offer though, is WELL
line of Men's Suits from $&.O.Q up are as good
as can possibly be offered for the money, well
made, cut to fit, and of materials that will wear.
$8.00, $1Q,00 and $12.00 wilj puy splendid
suits for pusiness or 'dress up' purposes.
Young Men's Suits, all grades, $3.50 up. New
line of Children's Suits just received, the very
latest effects out, prices $2.00 to $4.50. Large
assortment of odd Knee Pants 25c up. Straw
Hats, all styles, all prices. Summer Under
wear and Furnishings at the VERY LOWEST
PRICES. New goods coming in every day.
Try usl No deception to sell goods. Our ad
vertisements and methods are reliable! I I
S. R., Van Metre & Co.,
The Old Reliable Cash Clothiers.,
Special Sale Sun Umbrellas.
Fast Black Silk Warp Serge; Paragon Frame,
Handsome Assortment of Natural Stick Han
dles; Cost you in a Regular way, $ 1 .50, We
are Going to Give You a Pick of These for
One Dollar
Greatest Bargains Ever Offered,
Jenvey & Allen,
Colonial Book Store.
We have in stock, have had from the start, and are selling readily,
the extra large size Social Hammock, price $4.50.
A large line of other grades from $1.00 upward.
Among the many good things in our stock, that are moving rapidly
just now, we enumerate
Largest and best fish caught with our goods. '
Reward Cards, Gift I'ooks, Fountain Pens,-Small Flags for decoration,
lb. Papers, Engraved Cards, Invitations. &c
See our Flower Baskets before purchasing.
The most reliable place to get information about our stock, business,
and prices is at the store or in our Ad.
153 Colonial Block.
macwKttCTy VBJBmntmw3mvMX3xraEXMXrrnrri
Do You Want a GoodjiLamp?
If so, sec Charles Holtz on Front Street near Putnam. Ilo'also will
show you by far tho Uest Golectcd stock of Quecnswaio in Marietta.
Oharles Holtz, the queensware man
To Arrive Soon:
o -m tT"vnr
Spring W agon's. '
In tho meantime if you want a Single Eig, come and givo us special
, order
170 Front Str.,
No. 108 Front
Front St.
tor it.
AGENTS, MariettaJOhio
farm wagons

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