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VOL. II. NO. 135.
Damaging Evidence Against
Walling' Not Ruled Out.
Thus the Claim of Conspiracy to Mur
der Pearl Is Given Foundation.
Watchman Kinney Testifies' That lie Saw
Walling and Fcarl Together In the De
pot Kinney Bald: "I Cnn Never For
get That Man or That Girl."
Nswpout, Ivy., Judo B. Judge Helm ruled
that all ot Waiting's damaging admissions, as
related by Reporter AnthonyThursday, should
be admitted,. This decision was a blow to the
defense, for a part of tho testimony admitted
was Waiting's confession that he know Pearl
Bryan had been murdered.
Elizabeth Ware, who lives at the first toll
gate out of Newport on the Licking Plko,
testified Friday that a carrlago passed through
tho tollgato without stopping on the night ot
January 31. It was drawn by one horse. She
called out three times to the driver to stop
and pay toll, but he paid no attention. It was
after 12 o'clock.
Watchman Pot Kinney, of the Grand Cen
tral station, was then called. Ho said that on
tho afternoon ot January 81 he saw Alonzo
Walling and a young woman answering Pearl
Bryan's description. Tho girl was weeping.
She was constantly talking to Walling, who
seemed to turn a deaf ear to her entreaties.
Kinney's Identification of Walling was In
tensely dramatic Turning around In tho wit
ness box ho pointed out Waiting's reddening
faco and declared: "I can never forgot that
man nor that glrL" Walling eyed the witness
and attempted to smilo.
Pollco Surceon James M. French, ot Cincin
nati, said that he examined Scott Jackson's
coat found In a sowor and discovered eviden
ces of blood stains.
Charles Vlckcrs. claim clerk of tho Cincin
nati pollco department, repeated his testis
tmony given In tho Jackson caso as to tho dis
covery of tho bloody vallso In Kugol's sa
loon. Al Schroedcr was an Important witness. He
sworo that ho was on tho Licking plko on tho
night of the murder. He also saw tho one
horse carriage driven rapidly away from Now
port Ho could not tell tho color of tho horse.
Good News Irom Ills Ilrothor
Richmond, Ky., June fi. E. W. Wig
gins, of this place, is in receipt of a let
ter from his brother Philip, who lives
in Phoenix, Ariz., in which ho states
that after prospecting 20 years for gold
he has located a "claim for which he has
refused 830,000;
To Transport Siberian Itelndecr.
Seattle, Wash., June 5. ;Miner W
Bruce, who has a contract for supply
ing tho United States government with
Siberian reindeer for Alaska, has char
tered tho schooner Ella Johnson, of
this city, with which to transport rein
deer to this side.
Storm Victim Suicides.
St. Louis, Juno 5. Mary Connelly,
a young woman whose home was de
stroyed by the tornado, became de
spondent and threw herself in front of
a Cass avenue car. She died at tho hos
oital Thursday.
Popular Prices
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Our values'stand unparalleled. The sturdy
invincible strength of our offerings
never laxe-s.
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comprising Fine
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Scotches, Tweeds; elegantly
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years) in strict
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Give us a call. No trouble to show goods.
..Clothiers, Haters and Furnishers? .
Cor. Front and Butler sis., t fc Old P.,0, Building
Joseph Wludrath Dies on tho Scaffold for
the Murder of Carey 13. Dlrch.
Chicago, Juno 5. After having been
respited within sight of tho gallows,
in order.that the question of his mental
condition might bo passed upon by a
fep&clal jury, with tho result that ho
was found to bo sane, Joseph Wind
rath, ono 'of tho slayers of Carey B,
Birch, receiver of tho West Chicago
Street Car Co., was hanged at tho
county jail Friday afternoon. Tho drop
fell at 12.01. ScVcral times during the
morning tho condemned man gave way
to wild paroxysma of rage, and an hour
before his hanging made a desperate
effort to escape from tho room in which
ho was awaiting tho end. lie was
overpowered, however, by tho guards
and his arms pinioned. On the scaffold
and up to the moment the drop fell ho
shouted incessantly at the top of his
voico: "Matt, open tho handbox," a
phrase which has been on his tongue
ever since his conviction, and tho con
stant repetition of which furnished tho
grounds for the claim that ho waa in
sane. The preliminaries on tho scaf
fold occupied but two minutes. To
his attorneys Friday morning Wind
rath reiterated his denial of any com
plicity in Birch's murder.
Brewer John Ilanck Dead.
Cincinnati, Juno 5. Ilerr John
Ilauck, president of tho John Hauck
Brewing Co., died at ten o'clock Thurs
day night, at a private hospital in tho
Highlands of Newport. Mr. Hauck
was about 05 years old and was ono of
Cincinnati's wealthiest and best known
brewers. lie came to America a poor
boy, but by hard work, diligent econo
my and close attention to business ho
accumulated a fortune which is esti
mated to run up into the millions.
Train Reported Ulown Up by Dynamite.
Havana, June G. A train which left
San Nicolas with a number, of work
men on board to repair damages along
tho lino of tho rn.il xvnv Is rnnnrfnrl in
havo been blown up by dynamite. The
locomotive and cars composing the
train were thrown'into a culvert and
the trainmaster and a number of work
men were noro or less seriously in
jured. A. K. I', organizer In Canada.
Toronto, Juno 5. R. M. Goodman,'
of Minnesota, organizer of tho Ameri
can Railway union, has arrived hero
for tho purpose of opening up new
branches of that body. Ho announces
that President Debs, of the union, will
arrive hero later.
Representative Illtt Uctter.
Washington Juno 5. Representative
Hitt, of Illinois, Is better. Ho sat up
for a littlo whilo Thursday for tho first
tlmo In nearly two weeks, and hopes to
improvo rapidly now, but he has a ter
rible cough that gives tho doctors con
cern. About 300
suits compris
ing finest Eng
lish Diagonals and Serges,
Scotch Tweeds, Thibets; ele
gantly tailored and trimmed,
equal to custom Suits. '
Boys' Long Pant
Suits (14 to 19
years) in 'Scotch
Mixtures, Clays and Thibets,
and the newest things in light
colored Cheviots. Any of these
suits are well worth $8.50.
The New York Multi-Millionaire
the Vjctim of An Accident.
The Coachman Injured Internally and
Died Soon After the Runaway.
Corbln Edgell, a Nephew, nod Dr. Paul
Knnzlor Were Badly Injurcdr-The Vic
tim! Thrown Orcr tin Eight Foot
Embankment, Against a Wall.
Newport, N. II., June 5. Mr. Austin
Corbln and his nephew, Corbin Edgell,
with Dr. Paul ICunzicr and Coachman
.Tolm Stokes, started on a fishing trip
about three p'clock Thursday after
noon. On going out bf the yard at tho
farm house tho horses shied, tipping
over tho open carriage, throwing the oe
cupants down an embankment alxmt
eight feet against a stone wall. Tho
family saw the accident from the piazza
and hurried to his assistance with the
farm help. They found Mr. Corbin"
conscious but terribly wounded. His
nephew and the doctor were also con
scious. The coachman was uncon
scious and' apparently hurt the worst
of all. They were carried to the house
and doctors summoned. Mr. Corbin's
injuries were very serious, a compound1
fracture of the right leg above
the right knee, a fearful scalp wound
ov6r four inches long on the fore
head, cut through to the skull; one on
the right sido-of the head three Inches
long and the hip and chin cut badly.
xji. jiuuijcr h us mruwn over mc wan
and sustained a broken arm and
bpraincd ankle, so far as know, and
Corbin Edgell has his leg twice broken
between the knee and ankle. John
Stokes, right leg broken between the
knee and ankle and sustained a frac
tured skull. Stokes died from his in
juries about six o'clock without regain
ing consciousness.
The cause of the horses shying is said
to be from the fact that the coachman
was driving them for tho first time
without blinkers.
Mr. Corbin died at 0:42 Thursday ,
evening, shortly after the arrival of
Dr. Cllley from Boston. His son, Austin
Corbin, jr., arrived on a train from Bos- '
ton about eleven o'clock, but too late
to see his father alive. All the other
members of the family, with the except
tion of his son-in-law, Mr. Geo. s'.
Edgell, who is in the west, were
ent when he breathed his last.
New Youk. Juno 8. Austin Corbln was
born In Newport, N. IX.. July 11, IS27. His
father was a former who was many times
elected to tho legislature of New Hampshire.
After receiving a moderate amount of school
ing, bo taucht a country school Ho after
wards studied law with Chief Justlco Crush
ing, of New Hampshire, and Gov. Metcalfe, of
Ithode Island, and finished the course at tho
Harvard law school, where he received his de
gree In 1819. tie practiced while at home, but
In 1631 removed to Davenport. Iowa, whero ho
remained until 1853. Though successful as a
lawyer, Mr. Corbin did not practico long. Ho
becamo a partner In I8J5 of the, banking Arm
of Maclot and Corblo, which was the only
concern of the kind In Davenport, which
did not suspend payment In tho financial panic
of 1857 Corbln organized tho First national
bank, which began business under the nation
al currency act of 18KI The bonk was suc
cessful and Mr. Corbln was enabled In 1853 to
como to New York with a considerable for
tune. Hero bo founded the Corbln Danklnc
Co. and acquired interest after Interest until
ho became one of the leading financiers of tho
Mr. Corbln had a beautiful home on Long
Island, another In Now Hampshire, besides
his town houses. His Now Hampshire prop
erty consisted of 23 000 acres nroucd Newport,
all mountain and valley. This last property Is
tho greatest and best stocked gamo preserve
on the continent.
Claims to Ho a Stepdaughter of tho Late
John Stetson ami Wants a Sharo of Ills
Kansas Crrv, Mo., June C "Cather
ine Shirley, a resident of this city,
claiming to bo a step-daughter of the
late John Stetson, tho famous theatrical
manager of Uoston, luls filed an action in
Boston to prevent the probating of the
will and claiming the estate left by Mr.
Stetson, which, she says, includes a
controlling interest in tho Boston Her
ald and other property, in nil amount
ing to about two million dollars.
Mrs. Shirley is 10 years of age and
married when very young. Iler hus
band is a cleric in Chicago, from whom
she has been separated for some time
and from whom she will ask a divorce.
According to her story she is the only
child of Mrs. Kate Stokes Stetson, who
died a month ago. Her father, she
says, was Carl Antony. He and her
mother were members of a circus com
pany, and shq, was born in Quincy, 111.
Tho Oregon Elections.
Pohtland, Ore., June, 5. Both repub
lican "and populist state chairmen are
claiming the election of their nominees
for congress in both districts. The lat
est returns on the congressional elec
tion in the Second district give Quinn
(pop.) 1,804; Ellis (regular rep.) 1.45S.
This glTCs Ellis 154 plurality. Stato
Chairman Ilirsch, of tho republican
committee, is very confident that the
official canvass, wJUlucrease Ellis' plurality-
Pledged to Free Silver Coinage.
Tucson, Ariz., Juno 5, All counties
save one have elected delegate's to tho
democratic territorial convention which
meets on tho 8th Inst, All delegates
wero instructed to vote only for dele
gates to Chicago pledged to free silver
coinage, Tho majority condemned
Cleveland's policy and the others ptcd
down resolution endorsing him. " "
To Adjourn MonpayV t" t
Washington, June. 6. Mr, Aldrjcn
(rep., E, L) ut 3:35 ji! ,mv Friday offered
ln,thb eenatela resolution providiflfe-.fdf
the final adjournment of consrrcss on'
Monday Rest.. Hoi stated' that the ap
prgpriatiga Dais wouia prouaoiy oe.
through1 by that tlmo and feertalnly by'
Tuesday. . f . " , a
An Electric Carat Milwaukee I'lrod Into
Motormnn Ilrccn Fatally and Conductor
Schtratzcr Seriously Injured.
Milwaukee Wis., June G. Late
Thuisday night a car on the Howell
street extension was fired into by un
known parties,jind Motorman John E.
lireen fatally and Conductor Schwatzcr
seriously injured. About 30 shots were
fired, but who the would-be assassins
were is not known, as the shotb came
from behind a clump of bushes about
six blocks from the city limits.
The ear was riddled with bullets and
had there been any passengers in it,
the list of fatalities would have been
much larger. Brccn was shot in the
back, the ball penetrating his kidneys
and bladder. The motorman was shot
In the right leg above the knee. Roth
men were taken to the Emergency hos
pital, where it is said lireen will die be
fore morning.
The police were immediately inform
ed of the outrage and sent a squad to
the scene, but no arrests were made.
Tho shooting is undoubtedly the out
come of the strike. Breen came here
from Manistee, Mich., a week ago.
Detectives arrested .?. II. Garrigan, a
striking motorman, anl John Walters,
a molder, in the vicinity of the scene
of the shooting affray at midnight.
Uoth men were armed with revolvers.
Last Seen Asleep In Ills Iluccy by
lcoadnldp Isot Far From Home.
Mt. Stirling, Ky., June 5. Lew
Ilaker, aged 35 years, an unmarried
man, who moved to the eastern part
of this county from Ilracken county
lost fall, has been missing since
Monday night. Friends were in the city
running down every clew as to his
whereabouts, Ilaker was in town Mon
day and left here in the afternoon, it is
said, under the influence of liquor.
About dark he waj seen sitting in his
buggy on the side of the road and not
far from his home, apparently asleep.
Tuesday morning his buggy with the
articles ho purchased while in town
Monday was found only a mile from
the city, but horse and harness as well
as the man had disappeared.
Lamlou Grajson, Awaiting Trial for Mur
der, Dies In Frankfort Jail.
FnvxiCFoitT, Ky. June 5. Landon
Grayson, a Negro prisoner at the county
jail, who was awaiting a second trial
for murder, died Friday morning.
Grayson killed Adam Norman, anoth
er Negro, four years ago, but was only
recently apprehended in Illinois and
was brought back and sentenced to
the penitentiary for '21 years. The
court of appeals gave him a new trial.
He was stricken with consumption and
Gov. Bradley had determined to pardon
him, but death relieved him of tho op
portunity. Goes- Up for Life.
Williajistown, Ky., June 5. The
jury in the case of the Commonwealth
vs. Milton Burgess found him guilty
and sentenced him to the stateeniten.
tiary for life. Last November Burgess
and Allen Johnson engaged in a game
of cards ne ar Dawningsville, during a
political gathering, and a dispute arose,
when Johnson arose and moved away.
While his back was turned Burgess
shot him through tho heart.
Vonngstown Dry Grods llouso Fails.
Younostown, O., June 5. Tho large
dry goods house of W. D. Courtney
failed Friday morning, and unsecured
creditors will get little. Prior to the
failure chattel mortgages were exe
cuted to the banks here, and to rela
tives for money advanced, amounting
to $20,000. Courtney came hero from
Cincinnati two years ago, and opened
the finest store in the citv.
Death of Col. Hooker.
Omaha, Neb., June 5. Col. E. I.
Hooker, formerly general live stock
agent of tho Chicago, Hock Island and
Pacific road, died here Friday morning.
He had been superintendent of stage
lines in Ohio, Iowa and California.
Colored Women's Convention.
Wapuington, Juno B. The National
Federation of Afro-American Women,
which .was organized In Boston last
July, will hold its first annual conven
tion in this city, beginning July 20
next and continuing threo days.
' Dunlop and Turner Arraigned.
New York,. June 5. At noon Friday
Dunlop and Turner, the Burden jewel
ry robbers, were arraigned in tho gen
eral .session court. Dunlop pleaded
guilty and was remanded for sentence.
Turner pleaded not guilty!
Death of Mrs. Richardson.
Lexington, Ky., Juno 5.-Mrs. Jane
Richardson, mother pf Miss Uattie
BainUrldge Richardson, who has been
chosen to christen the new battleship
Kentucky, died Friday morning at her
home here, aged (58.
Parks to Be Improved.
Henderson, Ky., June 5. The coun
ell has made neeessary appropriation
for, the further, improvement of Atkin
son aqd Central parks. This wilL in
sure tho long-wanted extension of the
street railroad.
Dr. YV. N. Scott Acquitted.
Cynthiana, Ky., Juno 5. Tho trial
of Dr. W. N. Scott, charged with hav
ing performed an abortion, ended here,
tlio jury returning a vordtct of acquit
tal. The jury was out only fifteen
"talssQurl Topullit Conventipn.
;St.?Lu18( Juno 5. Chairman Rosello,
of the , state committee of the People's
party,4i&s Issued, a call for tho state
coftTeutio'ni to be hold at Sedalia July
80. Seven hundrqd delegates will be
V , The Nomination Confirmed.
, yfAiu'V.T0Jft Juno 5. Tho senate
has confirmed the nomination of Wm.
OhuschlU of New 'York to be consul
general to Apia, 'Samoa.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar Making Powder
' .ui in leavening sirenatn
Lalttt Unlteo
Royal Baking Powdek Co., 108 Wall St..N.T
Ko and Interesting Happenings Wltlila
Our llurders.
When Asked as to 'Whether IIu Wrote tho
Fren Silver Letter McKlnlcy Smiled. .
Canton, O., June 5. The publication
by a New York paper of what purports
to be a letter indorsing free silver,
written by Maj. McKinley to the Stnrk
county Farmers' alliance, does not seem
to disturb the governor to any' great
extent. When a United Press repre
sentative called at the McKinley resi
dence Thursday evening the subject
of the alleged letter was broached.
When it was mentioned the governor
looked across the room intently at a
picture of Gen. Garfield.
"Oh," said the governor, "about tho
World matter," and as he spoke he
showed a' telegram which he had re
ceived during the afternoon on the
same topic. "Well," said he, "this will
cease in a short time."
When questioned as to its authen
ticity McKinley only smiled, but ut
tered not a word. Those familiar with
McKinley's gesture and smile know it
is useless to talk further on any topic.
l'carl Ulalr, of Drown County, Tails Under
tho Unultaal Criminal Act. '
WiNxitESTEn, O., June 5. Sheriff
Dunlap left for Columbus Thuisday
morning with Pearl Blair, who us
recently sentenced to1 the peni
tentiary for two years from Ilills
boro for forgery and brought here
to answer for a similar charge. lie was
convicted here and will be sentenced
as soon as his present term expites.
When Blair's term from Adams county
expires he is wanted by Brow n county
authorities for forgery and horsesteal
ing. Under the habitual criminal act
Blair will be sent- up from the latter
county for life.
Stepped From u Window.
Wi:st Union, O., June .". At 12 o'clock
Thursday night, while a dance was in
progress at the K. of P. hull, Miss Etta
Irwin fell from one of the windows to
the ground, a distance of 23 feet. She
thought she wasstepping onto a 'roof
where a boiler of coffee was being
prepared to bo served to the guests.
She received internal injuries, which, it
is :'carcd, will prove fatal. Miss Irwin
is the court stenographer of Adams
Udltnr John II. Shearer Dead.
Mai:ys ii.i.e, O., June 5. lion. John
H. Shearer died at 0:10 a. m. Friday of
liver trouble, aged 70 years. ne
was born in Somers.et, Perry county,
O., in lglO. He had been in the neyvs
papcr business CO years contin
uously until two weeks ago. He was a
playfellow and schoolmate of Phil.
Sheridan, and was widely known and
respected. Ho was editor of the Marys
villc Tribune and always a republican.
Master numbers Adjourn.
Clevei.and.O,, Juno 5. The National
Master Plumbers' association adjourned
without agreeing upon any basis of
agreement with the Supply Men's asso
ciation. Thq whole matter was finally
left to a committee to arbitrate. W. II.
Doyle, of Philadelphia, was elected
president without contest.
A Shooting In an Insane Asylum.
Columbus, O., June 5. Walter Joy, a
patient in the stato insane asylum from
Licking county, shot Thos. Cochran,
another patient from Delaware county,
Thursday night The weapon was a
82-calibor revolver, and tho bullet fen
tered Cochran's head. He may live.
It Is not known where Joy got the re
volver. x A Cat With Elsht Feot.
Dei-awake, O., June 5. Miss Edna
Webster, daughter of "ex-County Audi
tor Olvas. .Webster, is the owner of a
cat that is a freak in Its own family.
It is in the prime of health and life,
and Is supplied with double feet vll
around, having eight feet to handle In
stead of four.
A Itcquliltloa Honored.
C01.UMBU8, O., June 5, Gov. Bushnell
Thursday honored a 'requisition from
the governor of Illinois for Andrew
TJn'dhorse, now under arrest at Corn
ing, O., charged 'with tHemurder of
John Stafik, who was stabbed to death
at Danville in tho formcr-tate on April
11 last.
Minister Matt Ransom.
RaleioU, N. C, Juno 5, Minister
Matt Ransom arrived hero Pridav
niornlng from Mexico on his way to his
iwiuu in iwiLuauijLuu county' on im
portant private business. He. say a that
he will probably be" In North Carolina
all of this monUi but mav return In
Mexico before July li The minister Is
in cooa ncann. ., v
Arrival and Departure of Trains,
n. & o. s.w.
J?EPAnT6:0 a. m., 10:40 a. m., 2:00 rm 4:W
p. m., 7:00 p.m., n :2i p.m.
AniuTO-g:o5 n. m 8:10 a. m 12:25. p. m., 1:8J
p. m., 0:40, p. m., 8:55 p. m.
t. &"ac. EX.
VSFi 2.10p.m..9:O0,l:tO a.m
Ammvb 4:4!, I2:l5p m. 7:30a.m.
C. &. M.
HT3- 6:25a.m. 2:t5p.ra
AKRtVE nils a.m., 7:05 p. n
z. &o.
rltJE- 6:20 a. m., J:40 p. n
ABRITE 10:40a.m.,.5:ttp.m
c, ' R R- R- (Eastern Time.)
S?" io:25,2:eo a.m.; 7:18 p. m
Nomn 11:16 p.m.; 3:40,7:23 a. m
Mays Prices! i
. i
25c ones reduced
I to 1 9 cents.
f 50c and 75c ones
J to 38 cents.
star j
f '
Will Hang July 31.
Ava, Mo., Juno, 5. Edward Perry
will be hanged July SI for the murder
of the Sawyer family. The verdict of
the jury was rendered Wednesday
night( and the sentence of the court
immediately pronounced. It 'is ten
days since the discovery of the crime,
which breaks the record in Missouri
for speedy justice.
den. Mead Equestrian Statue Unveiled.
Gettysburg, Pa., June G. Tho eques
trian statue erected by tho stato of
Pennsylvania in honor of tho memory
of Gen. Geo. B. Mead, commanding: the?
army of tho Potomac, was unyejletl
Friday morning in 'the presence
of a large number of distinguished,
military officersandcivlllans.
ChargedlVltb Mnrder. ,
Nor.wAi.K, 0 Juno 5. Elizabeth
Behringer and John Ndglc, of Monroe
ville, have been arrested, charged with
the murder of Mrs. Behrlnger's infant
child. The body of tho child was
found In a well. Tho caso is now be
fore tho grand jury.
O. N. G, linrampmonti.
Coutmbus, O., Juno 5, The national
guard encampments will be by "brigades
this year. In the first brigade will be
th'c First regiment, tho Sixteenth, To
ledo cadets and Troop A, cavalry. Tho
camp will bo at Cleveland, beginning
July 20.
Wounded by a Torpedo.
Athens, O., Juno 5. James Oliver,
nged eight, exploded a torpedo signal
Thursday morning, and one pieco
struck him on the neck, near tho jugu
lar vein. The wound Is very serious,
but the physicians hope to save his
life. J
, Sopas Free on One Charge.
West Uniox, 0., June 5. Constablo
I5ug Sopas, indicted for assisting pris
oners to escape from jail, was acquitted
Thursday morning. The caso against
him for carrying liquor to jail prison
ers will como ufl probably in n day or
two. 11
IdentlUed as (ieorco bklllmau.
Coi.ujmus, a, Juno 5,-TJio body of
the young man killed on.the Panhandle
railroad .Tuesday last "was Thursday
identified as that of Georgo Skillman,
who was raised at St Vincent's orphan
age here. He. has no .kuowu relatives.
, World' rnlr Medals."
Cotuiinusyo., June 5, Gov. Bushnoll
received Thursday from the World's
Fair commission seven medals for the
Ohio exhibits given at the national ex
position. -
'. 0'
... ,w
. u ,if
', 1AJW

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