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Opening Game of Ball, Nelsonyille vs. Marietta, Wednesday and Thursday.'
The Pocket Kodak
Not a tov A perfect Instrument with a fluelens.
La Jt la tlie best camera for the money in thu
market- Can bo reloaded In daylight.
Number ot exposures unlimited without re
sorting to darlc rooms, t
For.Salo by
'"" Uiuual
The Marietta Picture fljan.1
"The Quad."
Miss Hattio Bennett, through O. C.
Hawkins, lias purchased one of the
many fine building lots in Streckcr's
addition to Falrvlow Heights.
, TUo Mariettas will open tho base
ball season hero Wednesday with the
Nelsonvlllo nine, one of the best teams
in southern Ohio. The game will be
callcd'at 2:25 und ladies will bo ad
mitted free.
Intelligence has been recolvedhero
from Annlston, Alabama, of the serious
illness of the infant son of 'Louis Muel
ler. At last report the little one was
.lying at tho point of death.
i-Tho liineral of air.' lion. iL'.i jnvc
will tajto place from the residence at
4:80, sun timeT this afternoon. Friends
Invited. Burial private.
' Miss Louise Reynols, of Beverly, is
visiting Mrs. W. M. Dearth, West Side.
Class Day Exorcises will be held
this morning at 10 o'clock, on tho Col
lego Campus. Should tho weather
prove unfavorable, the exercises will
be held in Andrews Hall at the hour
Mr. Charlie Ward, of
r, Wis., is in the city,
The Largest Picture and the Smallest
Camera Combined for ?5.00.
For Sale by
129 Putnam street. Marietta, Ohio.
Fine White and Fancy Ducking
for trousers from $1.00 to $1.50
per pair.
Kentucky Tow Linens.
For suits; from $4.50 to $8.00 per
Fine Black and .Blue
Serges, Drapes and Alpacas
For Goats and Vests from $2.00 to
$10.00. The only garments for
comfort during this hot summer
weather. Oall and see them at
A. 0. Brown & Co.,
220 Front Street, - Marietta, Ohio
Next to Candy Store over arch.
West Super
visiting his
Charlie will
Second Hand
Wo have several great bargains in
second hand wheels. '93, '94 and '95
wheels at from $30 to 575. If you want
an old wheel or a new one let us talk
with you. We handle the Fowler,
Sterling and Temple lines. Best on the
market At Rodick Hardware Co.
Koerner & Richardson
mother, Mrs. K. L. Dye
remain here about two weeks.
Attorney Orrin Mitchell, of Colum
bus, Is in the city, a Commencement
Dr. Charles S. Hart yesterday corn
Dieted the arrangements whereby he
becomes the owner of the property oc
cupied and owned by Mr. D. B. Torpy,
on Putnam 6truet between Third and
Fourth. Tho new owner will take
possession tho first of next week. Dr.
Hart will have his office in his new
house. Thelocatlon, aside from being
a desirable place to live, will be a good
one for the doctor In the practice of his
Attorney R. A. Underwood was at
Dunham Monday to appear before the
Dunham Township School Board to
present the matter of non-resident
In Mayor's court Monday Lot Mer
cer and S. L. Sheperson were fined S2
and costs each for drunkenness. Earl
Chapin and Ross Toler pleaded guilty
to the charge of fighting and were
fined ?5 and costs each. Cooney Coon
got S5 and costs "also for disorderly
conduct '
Professor B. F. Maiden, of Boze
man, Montana, arrived in the city yes
terday to spend Commencement and
visit relatives and friends.
' In tho window of Chas. N.( Ped
dinghaus, the jewler, appear some fine
works in amateur photography, all ex
ecuted by Mr. L. L. Peddinghaus.
One of the subjects, a view on the Mus
kingum riyer.opposite the Fair Ground,
received second prize at a recent ex
hibit'in the Washington Salon.
The revernd Mr. Acton has bought
two "Outing" wheels for tho use of
himself and wife. They were pur
chased of the Big Four Cycle Co.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Barthalbw, of
Columbus, are in the city, the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Mcllyar and Mr. and
The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity
will give their annual banquet to resi
dent and alumni members at their hall
in the Wells Block Thursday evening.
m! waiJBitMiagBU 'MP,
Tho Weather Man Says:
He may bo correct in his prcdictlpn
or lip may not, but If it is hot or even
moderately warm don't forget there is
coolness at our
Delicious, cool drinks, and tho finest
fruit flavors that our money can buy.
Ono glass or several of our Sod,a Water,
served with pure fruit juices, will help
you through the day wonderfully, at the
Putnam Street Drug Store,
124 Putnam St., - Marietta, Ohio
Manufacturers of Marine, Stationary and OH
Well llOUerB, wit AMnoi rwvkd omt.no uuu
Tube Expanders. Special attention given to
repairing Boilers In the oil fields. We employ
none but the best mechanics In this line.
Give us a trial we know wo can please you.
Ofnee and worlw on West Side.
The follqwing Item, which we have
not heretofore printed by request of
the city editor of tho Register, ap
pears in the Ohio State Journal: "A
suit for $25,000 damages for defamatory
libel was filed in the United States cir
cuit court yesterday morning against
tho Marietta Register by the New
York Life Insurance company, of New
York City. The basis of the suit is an
editorial which appeared iD the "Reg
ister on May 11, discussing the death
of Hamilton Disston, the millionaire
saw manufacturer of Philadelphia!
whose hpirs secured u life4 insurance of
81,000,000. The article, which ap
peared in the editorial columns of the
paper, compared the insurance comp
any and its methods, so far as accept
ing tho insurance estimated at $000,000,
carried in the company by Disston, to
the methods of Holmes, the murderer.
The Register in its editorial states that
tho methods of tho company In accept
ing tho. risk were criminal, inasmuch
as they placed an unjust liability upon
the members of the company, which is
a mutual concern. The petition pre
sented by Attorney Michael O'Nell'Jr.,
idrtho plaintiff, states jhat lt- is the
policy of the company to limit all risks
to $100,000, and that Disston did not
have a polloy in thtfponipany in excess
of "that amount, and that tho resources
of the company hayo not been impaired
by1 the payment of tho risk, i1 Tho re
sult of the editorial has been that the
company has lost considerable business
in the community in which the Regis
ter circulates, and the suit is brought
to recover damages resulting there
from. The case will come up for trial
at tho next term of court."
n. Honnegor left Monday after
noon for New York City, whence ho
will sail for Germany, where ho will
spend a couple of months.
.Tho annual field day contests were
not held Monday afternoon on account
of the lack of student athletes enter-log.
An Informal danco was held at
Wehrs' hall last night and onjoyed 'by
about ll couples.
Tho stoppage of work on tho
Gredne street paving job, by Contrac
tor Day, is not duo to any direct orders
of City Engineer Mason, who instruct
ed tho brick inspectors to -follow tho
specifications literally and throw out
all material not up to tho required
standard. Tlie specifications read:
"Tho brick furnished must bo of the
best quality of firo clay ar shale brick,
and mado and burned pxpressly for
street paving. They must be thor
oughly and uniformly hard burned
and vitrified throughout." Tho last
shipment of brick, to complete tho
work, was not according to specifica
tions, being sofl.burnd, and the con
tractor refused to go on with the work
,nnd suffer the loss wjiieh would occur
by haying them thrown, out.
. Carothers Brothers,. Fifth street
lost a blood bay horso last week. It is
thought to hayo strayed or been stolen.
The hearing 6f Prof. John A.
Stone, principal of tho West Side
schools, arrested on tho charge of as
sault and battery, took placo before
'Squire Guyton Monday. The affidavit
was filed by Mrs. Stonestreet who al
leged that Prof. Stone had unduly
chastised her son Roy, nine years old.
Tho evidence showed that the boy had
been guilty of grossly violating tho
rules of tho Board of Education and
that his punishment was not unusually
severe. The caso was dismissed. In
discharging the defendant 'Squire
Guyton censured the complainant
The present week will bo a busy
ono in Masonic circles In Marietta.
Harmar Lodge No. 3S0 will have work
at- the regular meeting tonight.
Wednesday night American Union
Chapter No. 1 will hold a special meet
ing to confer the Past Master and
Most Excellent degrees upon a number
of candidates, Thursday night Mari
etta Commandory No. 50 will have
work in the Red Cross degree and Fri
day afternoon and evening in the Tem
ple degree.
At eight o'clock this evening, at
Willow Farm, tho beautiful home of
tho bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Dyar, will occur the wedding of Mr.
Fred E. Wittlig and Miss Helen Au
gusta Dyar. The ceremony will be
performed by Rev. Dr. Dickinson, in the
presence of tho relatives and intimate
friends only. Mr. Wittlig has engaged
the steam launch Lawrence to carry
the Marietta guests up to Willow Farm.
Tho young couple are widely known
and highly esteemed and will enter
upon the married state with the con
gratulations and best wishes of all.
The death of Mr. Benjamin Tupper
Nye, brifly noted in Monday's Leader,
removes ono of the best known men in
Marietta. He had been ill for two
weeks with an attack of infiamation of
tho s'tomaoh. Mr. Nye was born in
Marietta, June 10th, 1843, and was 53
years of age. He was tho son of An
selm T. Nye and Rebecca D. Nye and
at the age of 18 engaged in business,
entering the hardware store of his
father in the capacity of clerk. Ho
afterward became a member of tho
Nye Hardware Company, retaining his
connection with the firm until 1870.
He was an active and successful oil op
erator in the excitement of the sixties
and continued in that business until
his death. He leaves a wife and two
children and a wide circle of friends to
regret the death of a bigjhearted and
genial gentleman.
Attorney John A. Gallaher, of Bel
laire, is at Mr. G. M. Woodbridge's.
That hideous and deathly
demon of sickness constipa
tion, is an casy enougn tiling to cure it
you take the right medicine. Constipa
tion is one of the commonest things in the
world. It is really one of the most seri
ous things. Fully nine-tenths of all the
ordinary sickness of mankind is due to
this one cause. If you place an obstruc
tion in the gutter, it will stop the flow of
water, and gradually a mass of poison
ous, putrefying matter will accumulate.
That is exactly what happens in the
digestive organs when constipation be
gins. Poisonous luatter accumulates and
is forced into the blood. It goes all over
the bbdy and causes all sorts of synipi
toins.T A few of these are dizziness, flatu
lence, heartburn, palpitation, headaches,
loss of appetite, loss of sleep, foul breath,
distress after eating, biliousness and erup
tions 'of the skin. These tilings are un
pleasant, but they are not serious. The
serious things come afterward. Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are for the cure
of constipation. They are tiny, sugar
coated granules, easy to take, mild and
efficient in their action. One is a gentle
laxative, two a mild cathartic. There is
nothing else in the world like them.
There is nothing that takes their place.
There is nothing " just as good," although
lieing and unscrupulous druggists may
sometimes tell you so for their own profit.
Do you want to lose your health so that
the druggist can get rich?
The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, in plain En
glish, or Medicine Simplified by
K.V, Pierce, M. D.,ChleT Consult
ing Physician to the Invalids' Ho
tel and Surgical Institute, Dunalo,
N. Y loos
Cheapness and Beauty!
030.000 copies soici
at ti so. Now
Bent, paper-bound, absoluti-ly
free on receipt of 21 one-cent
stamps to pay for mailing only.
Address the Author, as above.
A large new lot Printed
Warp Ribbons in Dresden
and Persian styles which
we bought under price,
and you get the benefit of
the purchase. Come and
see them.
N.B. The Butterick Pat
terns and Fashion Publi
cations for July are here.
A leport reached here early this
morning of a murder committed at
Parkersburg about 0 o'clock last night.
From what we can learn of tho affair,
n man named Davis, said to be oil man
formerly of this city, and a companion,
whose name could not be learned, at
tempted to enter a bottling works
whero their presence was not wanted
and Were ordered to leave, whereupon
they attacked the man in charge with
knives, fatally cutting him.
Tho unknown nssaliont was captured
while Davis made good his escape and
up to'a late hour had not been taken.
An Extremely Interesting Bit of News
For Sharp Shoppers.
Most of us know that the end of the season is four weeks away; it
means more to us than to you. We have taken a sort of prelimin
ary census of the store's stock; here and there we find a few dozen
or a few pieces, of-goods that are the tag ends of large lots gone before.
Maybe you trust your own judgment more than our advertisement;
then make a tour of investigation to the stoke; we are willing that
you decide.
5 Dozen Corsets,
this sale 75 cents.
of different makes, formerally sold for $1.00, for
"I was troubled with that dreadful
disease called dropsy; swollen from
head to foot Burdock Blood Bitters
has completely cured me. Is Is a most
wonderful medicine." Joseph Herick,
Llnwood, Ont.
"Prize Dock."
The exercises of Prize Declamation
Monday night at the Congregational
church- Were Interesting, and up to the
usual high standard set tfpby the past
Two hqnors were awarded in each
the Sophomore and Freshman classes
one for dramatic effect and the other
for straight declamation. Robt. M.
Humble and Wm. H. Wolfe were the
prize-winners of the Freshman class,
and Verne M. Bovie and Allen T. Wil
liamson enjoyed the distinction of
being the winnors in the Sophomore
Magnificent promises arc always) to
be suspected. Theodore Parker.
Rashness is the faithful but unhappy
parent of misfortune. Fuller.
Life cannot subsist in society but by
reciprocal concessions. Johnson.
Political men, like goats, usually
Ithrivo best among inequalities.
Pleasure soon, exhausts us and itself
nlso, but. endeavor never does. Richtcr.
Distinction is tho consequence, never
the object, of agreatmind. W.Allston.
Wo use up in tho passions the stuff
that was given us for happiness.
He who knows right principles is not
equal to him who loves them. Con
fucius. Evcr3' ono of his opinions appears to
himself to bo 'written with sunbeams.
Tho instinctive feeling of a great
people is often -wiser than the wisest
man. Kossuth.
Philosophy, when superficially stud
ied, excites doubt; when thoroughly ex
plored it dispeb it. Bacon.
There Is nothing so likely to produce
peace as to be well prepared to meet
the enemy. Washington.
Real Estate for Sale.
11 Good Houses on We&t Side, from TOO to
3 000.
'o Vacant lots on Front street, 1150 to JP0.
5 Lots on Eighth and Washlnston, $300 to
2 Lots on Warren and Eighth, 5300 to 100.
CO Lots for sale on Weekly or Monthly pay-ments.
10 Lots lor sale in the unio vauey suo-uivi-slon.
11 Houses near Holler Works at a bargain.
3 Three-story business houses on Front St.
at bargains.
1 Tine Lot on Front btreet below Wooster.
1 House of 7 nooins and lot 00x120 feet lo
cated close to Second street on Montgomery at
U UrUUI f ,ow.
Ladies' Undervests, both long and short sleeves, from 5c to 50c.
500 yards of India Dimities, that were 10c, for this sale 8c per yard.
1000 yards of Wash Goods, that formally sold for 10, J24, 15 and
20c, for this sale 5c per yard.
Parasols: Parasols: Just the thing for a nice graduation present;
and the Fans to keep up the breeze. A large assortment of both, and
prices away down, which an inspection will prove.
Shirt Waists from 50c
equaled; inspect them.
to $1.25. For' style and fit they are un-
An Odd Lot Shirt Waists: Good dark patterns, just a little out of
style but must be sold, for only 25c.
Another similar lot but light colors, for this sale 10c apiece.
Buy now, before the sizes and styles are broken.
If you have money to invest and
want 8 per cent, interest, take the Co
lumbian Building and Loan Co's. non
assessable coupon bonds. They bear 8
per cent, interest and any part or the
whole amount can be withdrawn on SO
day notice,,
Tho. City of Johnstoyvn, Pa.,, jvhich
w'as overwhelmed by 'the waters of a
broken dam, -May 81) 1889, engulfing
several thousand people, is. now a
handsomo and thriylng placo of -10,000
Inhabitants, having added 10,000 to its
population since that calamity. Johns
town lost 7 per cent of Its citizens in
the raging torrent, and yet it is now
one of tho mast prosperous cities in tho
State. American pluck has always
been found equal to every emergency.
riuclilisu'uArn en, Mulvc.
Tun Best Saivij In the world for
Outs, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Rheum, Fovor Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin
Eruptions, and posltlvoly cures Piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed to
givo perfect satisfaction, or mono.v re
funded. Prlco 25 cents por box.
For sale by W. H. Styer.
Kfif-Marletta parties are aslted to malie
Pleasant 11111 farm a resort, Supper furnish
cd. Large partlcb please notify. Mis. Henry
Leonard, Stanleyville.
S2TDR. C. V. DYE, Dentist, Marietta, Ohio.
Office 502 Front Street, over Wels' Giocery.
Futnara St.. between Front and Second.
BSTDn. E. P. EDny, Dentist, Office
Front atreet, opposite Soldiers Monument
Join the throng that is rushing to
our store constantly to buy
If you want nice papers at very
lowest prices do not fail to
join the procession.
Remember the place, at
J. W. Dysle & Co.,
128 Front Street.
An extra fine river bottom farm
of liO acres in Washington Coun
ty is for sale. Good location, on
R. R. which has station complete
with Western Union Telegraph on
line of premises, shipping facilities
A No. 1, has orchard of 900 bear
ing peach and 300 apple trees (4
jrears old,) houso and out-buildings.
A rare opportunity for
someone. For further informa
tion call on or address E. W.
Oline at
jSIacliine Works,
Third and Butler Sts. Marietta, O.
Our Improvement Sale
The crowds that thronged our store during the past week aro evi
dence of the fact that tho people of Marietta and vicinity
appreciate the bargains wo are offering.
Hero are more for this week:'
fSTDR. GALLAGirERDlseages of the eye
and Uttlns of glasses.- Law Building Putnam
street. (
STTandem fpr rent. The Hlg Four Cycle.
Co has a brand new VlUlng Tandem which
they offer for rent to responsible and careful
3TFOR SALE. Hoarding house, J8 Rooms,
corner of Third and Ohio Sts. Easy terms.
College property on Fifth St. opposlto Mound
cemetery. 120 by 230 feet, one of the nicest lo
cations in the city.
Almost nny hind of property for sale, In tho
city or country. Waiid & Stone,
2; 5 Second Street.
earFOIt SALE. The Meuser Tannery prop
erty on 8econd St. near Greene, lot uoxiro feet.
Will be sold as a whole or In parts, Ssooo. A
new and modem residence on Sixth St., below
Yoost:r,'?20C0. some good firm land to trade
for city property. A good 8 room houso with
all conveniences on Scanunel St., near Third,
S200Q. 100 lots In Muskingum I'arU from tus
to (300. on monthly payments. Houses will bo
erected for all parlies paying cash for lota.
J. A-1'I.UMKR &f SON,
1 Cor, Putnam and Second Streets.
DIMITIES ?5 pieces Fine Dimities.
Forrrier price 10 cents. SPECIAL SAL1
PRICE,5e per yard. ,,';
'ZEPHYR GINGnAMS Farmer price
12 i 'cents. SALE PRICE, Scents per
yard. '
10 and 12 cts. SPECIAL SALE PRICE,
8 cents per yd.
OREPON SILKS A line of evening
shades. Former price 50 cents. For
THIS SALE 25 cents per yard.
UMBRELLAS Ladios' 20-inch Eng
lish Gloria, steel rod, natural handle,
silk cover and (asse.'v Special rVrico 81.1)0
HOSIERY BoyB Bicycle Hose, fast
black, seamless, all sizes (1 to 0, 15, cts
per pair. 3 pairs for 25 cts. 3 ,
Ladies' Gauzo
Regular price 8
Price 5 cents.
Vests 'Largo
cents. Special
Stripe and Dot. Former price 81.88
For this sale SI. 00.
Monday morning Juno 8th, wo placed on sale1200 yards of Fancy
Dark and Medium Prints at 3ic per yard 10 yards to each customer.
Must come in person.
Wholesale and Retail.
119 and 121 Putnam St.,
Marietta, O.
' M

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