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How She
I study advertisements and I know'
whore and when and how to purchase
the household supplies. My husband
used to laugh at me for reading advor-'
tisemcnts so careiuuy. mu u una "b , rour I)t(Iol.OIlt repositions Submitted by
slnco learned that I save many dollars Mr, Teller Voted i)o n-Tlm WnnU He
ovorv month. I lenow of no hotter way iotinC to rorelgn A(Tir i:poctiiy
u u ' . .. , , ,.,,i Stronjr Strnns Pension l'lunk.
to nraatce economy. It is a wonder ,
how soon you learn to detect the real
'from the false intuitively almost. I
think Ihavo never been "taken in" by
an advertisement This is the expor-
ience of a bright lady who has practiced
wlint. wo nreaeh from week to week in
our advertisements. Wo have the goods
at the very lowest prices made any-
,. ..,!, tl
wnore. uow u j - -- ---
money easier, than by getting yuor
supplies of all kinds below the regular
, ,, J , ...
Count that day lost
Whoso low descendiug sun
Views from thy hand
No worthy action done.
And we might supplement Uuy your
goods from tlie House mat cau. in auu
does oiler daily opportunttes to sai -
something on every purchase, however
are some
of them small and
Tins and needles, 1, 2 ond He u paper.
Lead pencils, '2 for lc, 1. 2 and So each.
Envelopes, !?, 4 and no a pack of '25.
Note paper r.O, '.!, 18 and 11 sheets for
'JBe. Garter web. -lc, 5c and Sc a yard.
Books, 5, 10 and 15c. cloth bound. Gilt
belts at 15, 10 and 'J5c; were an, H5 and j
50c. Rolled plate stick pins at 10 cts;
worth U5c. Notion stock very full of
staple eyery day articles at away down
A good quality of summer corset at
::;tc: should be (15c.
A nice high bust corset at -10c; regul-
ar price 89c.
A line of celebrated Flexibone corsets
from S1.50 to $2.75; equal to the very
best selling at S'J 50 to $5 00.
Our shirt waist stock is still in good
shape with some nice goods of the lat-
est patterns; very cheap.
Ribbons. In Persian and Dresden
patterns at surprising low prices; plain
ribbons at 1, 2. 5 and 10c a yd. Wo have
a large assortment to choose from. '
The wonder of the Times. Is a first
class up-to-date, newest styles, paper
patterns, for only 10c Bach a full
suit skirt, basque, or any garment for
one price.
Laces of all kinds, linen, vals, silk
and point at 1, 2, : to 20c a yd; great
viilues. Never so cheap as now
A few pieces of mattings, good qual
ity and going cheap.
Closing our stock of Hammocks at a
A few lawn mowers to close cheap
come quick.
Clothing department is humming
these days. Prices are making them go.
Stock in good shape. Cin suit you we
think, and save you money. See them.
Chinaware and Silverware. .Never so
cheap. Some beautiful patterns and
decorations. Every piece warranted as
represented. This week is the time to
secure choice of stock, Ve can interest
Gent's neckwear, collars, cuffs, socks
underwear, handkerchiefs, hats & caps
at our usual lowest prices.
A little of the Uolston Health Club
Ureakfast Fook is worth a ton of good
Before starting on your outing supply
yourself with toilet and other necessary
articles from our bargain prices.
Candies, nuts, cakes, crackers, potted
meats, canned goods, sardines, &c, for
picnics and outing parties at saying
you money prices.
New York cream cheese,
this week
.,f 1li u 11. I
,,. . . . ,
Western Reserve cream cheese at 10c
a lD' -
A fine quality of bulk roast coffee at
20c a lb.
,, TZ T,, n ,
Why pay 50c, 7.1c and SI 00 when we
,,J , , ,. .. .
are soiling just as good quality at 25, So
and 20c. Try our and be convinced of
the merits we claim
Scrubine, a fine scouriug soap, equal
to tho best, at 5c a e.ike, 'or (J bars for
' '
2r,c- "
'Jugs, crocks, jars and milk pans 0c a
Trllles often disturb a man easier
than great events and one who can read
about a cyclone calmly at breakfast
may smash tho dishes if his coffee is
poor. Buy your coffee from us. We
can please you. Hundreds of bargains
every day Jhat are not duplicated any
where else. Call and soe them at
Bargain Store,
169 Front St. Marietta. 0
, Sub-Committee on Resolutions
Completes Its Task.
The Financial Plank Opposes-the De
basement of Our Currency.
St. Louis, June 17. The sub-corn-mittei
on resolutions Tuesday night
resolved to recommend to the commit'
tee on resolutions the following 'Titian'
cial plank:
l "Thu republican party is unreserved-
ly for sound money. .It caused the en-
nctment of the law providing for the
resumption of specie payments in IS. 0;
. , t,
.h Wc un
bineo then every dollar has been as
ilterably opposed to every
i measure calculated to debase our cur
' rency, or impair the credit of our coun
try Wo are, therefore, opposed to the
I free coinage qf silver except by inter
national agreement with the leading
commercial nation-, of the world,
which we pledge ourselves to piomotc
,md unUl su(;h a,r,.opluctlt m obtained,
tlle CJCjstiUK roltl standard must be
preserved. All our silver and paper
, currencv now in cu dilution must be
maintained at parity with gold, and we
favor all measures designed to main
tain inviolably the obligations of the
United States, and all our money,
whether coin or paper, at the present
btandard, the standard of the most en
lightened nations of the earth."
The adoption of the nlimc planlt was
not concurred in until four different
propositions submitted l3- Mr. Teller
were voted down. First Mr. Toller pro
posed a Ftraightout plank for free coin
age at 10 to 1 This was followed by a
proposition to coin the American pro
duct, although Mr. Teller frankly con
fessed that he did not endorse this pro
position, but would take it if it wore
possible to get it. The third
proposition of Mr. Teller was u resolu-
tion declnring for free coinage aeeom
panied by resolutions which, in brief,
set forth the fact that the protective
tariff system could not be maintained
on n gold standaid basis The fourth
proposition was a resolution submitted
by Mr. Teller tit the request of Mr
.'owler, of Wyoming. It provided for
the coinage of the American product
and a tariff on all silver and silver ores
imported into the United States.
Mr. Teller, having been defeated all
along the line, said that he was willing
to leave the construction of the rest of
tho platform to the committee and
started for his rooms for the purpose of
getting a good night's rest. It was at
Mr. Teller's request that tho committee
decided to make public the financial
plank upon which it hud agreed.
The sub-committee on resolutions
completed the construction of the plat
form Tuesday night shortly before. 12
o'clock. Every member was placed un
der injunctions of secrecy und the text
of the platform will not bo' given out
until after the full committee have
acted upon it Wednesday morning.
The preamble .indarraignmentof the
democratic party was written by Chas.
Emory Smith. The tariff plank is vig
orous in its enunciation of the policy
of protection and reciprocity, and is
based upon the speech made by Mc
Kinley iu opening the Ohio cam
paign at Springflold. An effort va
made to secure the insertion ol
a plank restoring bounties on
sugar, but this was defeated, although
the subject was cared for through the
medium of a declaration for the protec
tion of the American sugar .'rower and
The plank relating to foreign affairs
is especially strong, It indorses the
Monroe doctrine, commends the policy
of the Harrison administration in af
fairs pertaining to Hawaii, and declares
in favor of the recognition of the Cuban
insurgents as belligerents.
There is also a strong pension plank
in which the democratic administra
tion of tlie pension oflice is arraigned
and a demand in ado for liberal pen
sions The committee is pledged to voto
down any and all amendments that
may bo offered to the financial plank.
ltecrvolr Collnpsi'S I.o of l,l(r unci
Danuigp to Property.
IiAKEit Citv, Ore,, Juno 1"
troodrieh reservoir, located 15
from this city .collapsed at an early hour
n. j , . i
, Tuesday morning and a great volume
of water rushed down the gulch,
wrecking everything in its path. The
' home of R French was swept away,
' and the entire family, consisting of
., . , J ,.,, h
the parents and five children were
, drowne(1 A nilmbcr of bridges were
carried away and considerable damage
i was done to grain fields. The reservoir
was constructed in ISO",
. , 7," 7, 77 '
I A Cloudburst Damages Property.
' Ei.miha, N. Y June 17. A cloud
burst occurred In the vicinity,pf Wat-
kins and Addison, near this city;'Tucs-
day night which washed away the New
York Central tracks at Watkins and
stalled several passenger trains near
Addison, The storm caused consider
able damage to farm property. The
storm extended to Canandaigua.
Impossible to Arratieo Match
San Fuaxcisco, June 17. It leaked
out in pugilistic circles Tuesday that
Corbett had received word from Win, A.
Ilrady that It would be Impossible for
him to arrange a mutch in England
with Fitzsimmons or Juckson, What
the reasons arc Hrady did not say. It
is understood that Ilrady advised Cor
bett to take on as many favorable
matches as he can in this country
'two Klllml un. Four Injured.
St. Louis, Juno 17 While a party of
men and boys were at work In the
Knapp-Stout lumber yard at tho foot
of Salisbury street Tuesday afternoon
a pile of lumber collapsed, killing two
and fatally injuring tour otlicrs
can't Seize goods
I'nrO) I'ulil for on tlie Instnttinrht I'lnn
liuportunt Urclnlon,
Coi.UM litis, O., Juno 17. The supreme
court settled a Inueh mooted question
Tuesday when It decided finu
against the Singer Sewing Machine (J
in a case carried up from .lofferson
county, nolle Caldwell bought a sewing
machine from the company, agreeing to
make payments in Installments She
could not keep up hor payments and
the company seized tho machine mid
refused to refund any of the 'money
paid. Miss Caldwell sued the company
and won In both tho lower courts. The
supreme court alllrms these decisions
and the company will hae. to payback
30. The principle involved will cover
all elnsses of installment payments.
t'oliiiiibl.Iim County Cor tiolil,
'Lisbon, O., Juno 17. The tight be
tween the gold stundtird and the free
silver democrats waged warm in the
county convention iissemUled here
Tuesday, but victory parched on the
gold-stfindard baiiuer; they getting live
delegates out of six to 'thu st .lie con
vention, lion. W. S. Potts being the
only successful ono of the free silver
ites. t
Withdrawn I'rom tlie Kitce.
CoMJMiU's, O., .lune 17.--Henry .1.
Booth, democratic candidate for con
gress in this district, has withdraw n
from the race. The reason he give., is
that the method of nomination is ir
regular. The real reason is believed
to be that while the majority of the
party in the district is for free silver,
he ii for tlie single gold standard.
IhirtliqimUe unci Tlunl Wavr.
Yokouajia, June 17. Shocks of
earthquake, accompanied by n tidal
wave, have ravaged the northern part
of Japan. The entire town of ICainiil
slii has been destroyed and 1,000 per
sons were lolled. During 20 hours
theie were 150 distinct shocks' of earth
lloy-Miirflervr to IIuur.
McKixxev, Ky., June 17. Anthony
Alcorn was sentenced in the circuit
court of Stafford to be executed on Au
gust 6. Alcorn is the colored boy who
called his father to his door at midnight
two weeks ago and shot him dead..
jj June Clearance Sale g
Slothing and Gents' Furnishing Goodsl
j We are surprising the people with the
H extraordinary good values and won
H derfully low prices we are offering. All
H former efforts in our line in Marietta
j Honestmethodspaybestinthelongrun
Honest Goods anfl Honest Friaes
H With one price to all is the rule at our
store, and no attempt is made to de- W
ceive purchasers. Thereare thousands H
H of genuine Bargains in our great Clear- j
j ance Sale, and we want every reader
j to take advantage of them.
H The Leading Clothiers of South-EasternOhio The
s ' Originators of Low Prices.
Cor. Front and R. R. Crossing, MARIETTA, OHIO. H
Attached by n Mntlinnn, Whtlo Alonv, In
tho Mtilillo or thu Night.
At.uanci:, O., June 17. C, IC Cun
ningham, of Loulsvlllo, this county,
suddenly became u raving maniac. Ilo
Imagined that ho wns tho Dolty and ho
went to tho Ft. Wayne railroad statlo:,.
where Miss McCarthy, the night tele
graph operator, wns working. Two
locked doors barred his passage to tho
office, but ho battered thorn down with
a log. Miss McCarthy jumped fiom the
window, and, running uptown, sum
moned help. Cunningham was cap
tured after n hard struggle nnd was
taken to tho Toledo Insane usyltim
Tiro Illllml Outright nnd Hctcrnl Others
I In illy Hurt. '
Mt. VintxoN, O., Juno 17. B. and O.
express No. S, east-bound, due here at
3:24 p. ni.( struck-a carriage load of
people, nt Ball's crossing, north of his
city, Tuesday night, and killed two of
the occupants "Outright. In the car
riage wet o Mrs. I. D. Rosenthall, wife
of a prominent clotnier, her two sons
and Stella Pitkin and Bertha Bryant,
teachers In the public schools. Miss
Pitkin and one of the sons were killed,
while it is feared tho others arc injured
beyond recovery.
A'loltora to Cunton.
Canton, 0., June 17. The advance
guard of visitors to Canton Trom sur
rounding towns to participate in the
celebration over, Maj. MoKinley's nom
ination arrived Wednesday morning.
Tho hotels are rapidly filling up.
Among those who came in Wednesday
were Judge F. W. Arrcl and Daniel
Stambaugh, of Yo.uugstown, old per
sonal and political friends of the can
didate. They spent the morning with
tho major rending with him the bul
letins of tho convention. When It was
announced that tho convention had ta
ken a recess, Maj. MelCiuley, accom
panied by his wife and Mrs. Myron T
Herrlek, of Cleveland, went for a drive.
Ohio Girls Honored.
NoimiAMrTON, Mass., June 17. The
I - ' --'
. eighteenth commenccmeii
Smith College were he
nt exercises at
held Tuesday.
They included an oration by Washing
ton "Gladden, D. 1)., LL. I). The de
gree of B. L. vas awarded to the fol
lowing graduates from Ohio: Miss
Eleanor H. Bush, of Columbus, O.; Miss
Anna B. Day, of lldvennu, O.; Miss
Katharine II. Smith, Youngstown, O.
.futally Vujurcd by a Tfnln.
Ei.vhia, O., June 17. Alexander Sa
ginta was struck by a Lake Shore
freight engine Tuesday morning and
fatally Injured. He said he had a wife
and two children in Poland. He Is 20
years old and has resided in Cleveland,
New I'ogtuiautrrs for Ohio.
Washington, June 17. The follow
ing postmasters were appointed in Ohic
Wednesday .1 A. Knechtges, Grafton,
Lorain county. 15. F Kujsell, Llppin
cott. Champaign county: C 'Myers, Met
nmorn, Fulton county.
N'U ( l it i onniHHtur.
V!-ii:m! s in - it W H. Jewett
w--t. '.master at Wood-
no' "', Tuesdav.
Cilillll Co., 1
fins Picture Frames
Musical instruments
Of all kinds. The finest line of
Mouldings and Pictures in tho
city to select from.
Everett, Harvard and Martin
Pianos. Olough & Warren
and Waterloo Organs.
Pricqs the Lowest. We always
take pleasure in showing
our goods.
Schneider & Breuninger,
25G Front St., Marietta, Ohio.
TUtr Dl pft ft TCDDV urn nrt
2 247 Contto Sf., Ntn York. 2
To make room for an- W .
yi. other carload 'to arrive r; w
Sj M in ten days we will sell w K
;Sj rJ at a liberal discount. B t
Jo Now is your chance. H K
pi dow is your cnance. r: i
p F. H. Duttan & Son., y
CO 515 Fourth street. (f) &
03 Keepers
A Full Line in Stock at
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
Horeoa Espt by tho Day, Week or HonUi.
?rompt Attention Given to Funerals.
Carriage can be ordered to and from ail
trains to all parts of the city. Or-
dors by telophono will receive
prompt attention.
When You Paint
If you desire tho very best results aVtbe
loast expense you will use our paints.
J. W. DYSLE & CO.,
Tbe Leading Paint House in South
eastern Ohio.
If you waut plenty of
gffSKri vw S
i .
cm12 iu ryl T&Si
I ILwiJiL m I
SAll Brcu, Nickel Plated and Burn Jj
Keroicne OH. ca
The Pathlight
O A beautiful, thoroughly made and 9
O finely finished Bicycle Larap, jolt and 9
V cyclone proor. Q
2 Gonttoanrrrtofthooonrry(Tprcsprpaia) 2
w on receipt of price, 84 60. (UayDe Ton can bur It
gof jour local dealer tor a Uttlo loci i ai blot.) 3
rue Dl pft ft TCDDV urn nrt (a
r I VI
l I ill ii u !
I wmh
pJfOm mm Sfe f
&mm cfesst?L-ici2s?
Good Pure later
You can do no bettor than have us make
you a tile well. For further particulars
call on or addrccs
Cross Brothers,
"' Marietta, Ohio.
June 13, SJvUs.
Phyeioians and sureroonsi
Office and residence, ,on Second street, threo
doors sboto tho Coert-houso, Marietta, Ohio,
M. D.. C. D. H..Phvslcl.in and Sunreon.
Homeopathic, OfQce and residence corner Uar-
mar ana Lancaster sts.
Telephone lib
Attorney ntiaw,
Office on rutnam atroot.r
Marietta, 0.
JL, . . Attornoy at Lr. ,
Oiflceln Law Bulldlo ?, Marietta, O.
Attorney at Law and Notary Public,
Office on Second Street, oppoelto Union Depot.
Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Boom a Mills Block, Corner Putnam and
Second streets. Notary Public.
Attorney at Law,
Office East cor. Front and Putnam. Marietta.
Boal Eaiute und Loan A.Ttnt,
bocond St., opp. Union Depot. Marietta, O
It. C. XV. EDDV.
Office No. SO Front Street,
OODOfiltQ Soldlerfl' Mnnnmnnt. Un-tlHnnnn J,.
CIS Fourth Street. Telcshone connor.tlnn.
Offlco room, 1 Mills Building, Cor. Putnam
and Second streets.
Attorneys at Lat.
Office In Law Building, , , Marlotta, O.
Attorney at Law,
Office in Law Building. Marietta, O,
. Attorney at taw,
Over Loader Office. Cor. Front and Putnam
D. FOLLETT new Law Offices, over
Citizens Bank, Entrance, Second St.
Marietta, O.
Attorneys At Law.
Corner Second and Putnam Streets
Room No. 8, Marietta, Ohio.
Collecticns p.-omptly attended to.
Jf., - Architect,
1 10 Fron,t Street, Marietta, Ohio.
Second Floor.
If Yu Wish to
Take In the
Cheap Excursion to Zanesville,
Sunday, Juno 2I.S1.Q0 Round Trip.
Cleveland Excursions,
For nobles of the Mystic Shrlno, Imperial
Council, June 22nd via tho C. &.M. Ry cood
lor reture until June 2.1th at rate of one fare
for the round trip. Call on C. is M, Ry, ticket
agents for full particulars.
On account of KnlRhtsof St. John Encamp
ment at Dayton, Ohio, the C. & M. Ry. will
hell excursion tlcuets on June 2Jrd and 21th at
one fare for tho round trip, good returnlnc
until June 29th.
vu uvUUu. wi i uutueiuijuura Jisiociauon oi
America at Lake Chautauqua, N. Y., the C &
M. Ry. will sell tickets on June 22nd at one
fare for tho round trip, good for return Juno
On n,.n,,T,, et TO,.,..,,. T..,.. n,i. it.
" N' Ky. will sell excursion tickets to nil
points inc. P. C territory 2C0 miles or less
from starting point at ono fare for the round
tvln. c.nml rbmnlnr, ,,n41 T..,n n.u '
--- e" ..... M.uti ub.ioi,ijr uiu.
On account of the Y. P. 8. of C. E. at Wah-
"""' " ." " " u. vy. vu. wm sen ex
cursion tickets on July 4th, (ith and 7th at one
tnro fn. Vm W,,nrl .,n An., ..... , ..
July 15th and subject to an extension of limit
unlll .lulv lot.
r or further information call one. &M. Ry
Ticket Agents or address K. V. Page. G. P. A.
Cambridge, O. '
Fourth of July Excursion.
Th ly A- n f! T? T T? ...ill n..., , .
sale of excursion tickets between all stations
" "ue auu mi stations on u. o. lines, July
8rd and 4th, good returning up to and Includ
ing July 0th, at one fare for tho round trip.
Reduced Rates, July Fourth.
Tha nhtn nit-n,- TTnllhn. pnmnAnn ...,,, ,t
.v .... ......vuu wumpnuj Will QUI!
excursion tickets JulySrd, and 4th. between
an oiauuua on its ano ai one rare for the
round trip; tickets good returning until July
Sunday, Juno 21st,
$1.00 to Zanesville and Return
VlaZ.&O. R. Ry.
Stehle's Addition! 25 acres platted. Easy of
access by Trolley or otherwise. Lots 50 by Uo
feet; Streets bO feet wide. " Call at room 5, Law
Building; see plat, learn prices and term's. No
equal in Ohio as a hilltop view, 10 minutes'
walk from tho business part of the City. Also
other City property for sale raeap. Call at
Room 5, Law IJullding.
.1. D. Payne, Special Agent.
R. Steele, Marietta, O.
A Rare Opportunity.
The College residence property, on Fifth
street, opposite Alound Cemetery, Is offered for
bale by ard & Stone as agen.s, for a short
time only. The location is one of choicest in
the city. Size of lot 120x220 feet Terms made
May 2 tf.
Notice. v
For stand privileges at Fair Gromds where
the big picnic will be held, July 4, aldress J. o.
Smith, Charles St., Marietta, O., or K. II.
Wagner, Wllllamstown. V. Va. Refreshment
stand privilege reserved.
T'lttal.ltrr. nlllnltoii.,, Tti.n ...- u.
Arrive at Marietta, going up, overy Satirday,
Mondayand Thursday afternoons: iroinir In wn.
every Tuesday, Thursday.and Sunday evedng3
oas. a. Henderson, Gen'l Managrf.
For further Information writa or nail nn Aa
H. Haight, Passenger Act., No. 231 Front strel.
Marietta, Ohio. Phone No, 81.
Jacob Pfnff's Is unaxcallod.nn nrn
also his Cakes and Ices. Finest
Noaoolltan Ice Croam that can bo
made. Particular and personal at,
tontlon given to sorvlnj? parties
roceptlono.woddlnttoor public dln
Putnam St.
The New Yost.
Best for Speed and Resists.
f v;iTt
I" ,i
J T t
!A.Jk..3&i&t.'&. "u. 'i'.&. tnAx '.v.
. Ti t.-itMtJtfmJL&tUdit.

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