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Come In and See Us
"Hill Prises."
They have got to rmoi- and stay
dhoiteii. Thoso who enter into com
petition v ith us say Good-Uyo to large
profits and be satisfied with a low
Wo are known as tlio People's Frioud
and we give to every citizen tho right
and power to obtain good goods cheap.
Do not bo deceived by any misrepre
sentations, but keep the fact in mind
Our Prices are the Lowest.
until you've seen our stock.
There is no end to your run of luck
while buying from our stock. You
don't get a third or half but you get a
whole value here, and youvwill bo ac
corded a welcome whenever you pay us
a. visit and guaranteed a bargain in ev
ery purchase.
New Idea Patterns equal to the best,
only 10 cents.
Nice Largo Fans at lc and 'Jc each.
m '"One lot Children's Sailor Hats at 10c
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Men'sand Boys' Hats at 5c, 10c, 15c to
25c. All bargains.
7200 yards, assorted colors, all silk
Haby Ribbon at lc a yard, how prices
on Silk Ribbon from No. 3 to No. 00 for
"vtScess and Hat Trimmings.
Bolts for Ladies and Gents. We show
tho best values obtainable, and some
pretty novelties this week.
Men's all Leather Belts for 25c, worth
everywhere from 40 to 50c.
' JluttoDS. A special lot of Steel Point
Patterns at 33, 35 and 33c, worth 50 and
73c. Large Pearl Buttons at 15 and 25c,
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One lot of Organdie Lawns going at
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Goods goinr at 0c a yard, worth 17c
Croarn Point Lace Collars at l!)c,
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Our announcement last week caused
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best yalues we ever had in them.
The last call on the BIG BROOM and
TEA DEAL. One pound choice tea,
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1(1 and 15c.
Candies, Nuts, Canned Frnits and
Meats for picnics at the regulur whole
sale prices. Lemons and Bananas.
Come to tho Only Bargain Store in
the City, Hundreds of Bargains daily
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and get them, they are, for you.
Bargain Store,
169 Front St. Marietta, 0
Rapid Progress Made in Their
Cultivation the Past Week.
Cotton is Now in Bloom Over the
Northern Portion of Cotton Region.
Normal Temperature, Sunshine Willi Good
Showers in Kentucky Indiana Crow.
lnc Crops In the ltest Condition
Wheat Cutting Is Over In Ohio.
CmcAoo, June 24. The reports as to
the condition of tho crops throughout
the country und the general effect of
tho weather on tho growth, cultivation
nnd harvest of the same were Tuesday
made by tho directors of the several
climate and crop sections. The re
ports received at Chicago weie ns fol
lows: The favorable weather conditions of
the previous week have continued and
rapid progress has been made in the
cultivation of crops, especially corn,
and the harvesting of v inter wheat is
now well advanced in the moro north
erly dlstiicts nnd is practically
finished in southern sections. Corn
has made good pi ogress during
tho week, und tho general con
ditions of tills crop is very satisfac
tory. It is now being laid by as far
north as Missouri and central Illinois.
In the states of the central Mississippi
and lower Missouri valleys, where dur
ing tho first half of June cultivation
was much delayed and the crop
very grassy, the Holds
mostly free from weeds,
now in bloom over the
portion of the cotton region
are now
Cotton is
planting is about completed, and the
reports indicate that this crop is in
very satisfactory condition. Kentucky,
Tennesseo and Ohio leport good growth
during the week. In Southern Vir
ginia tobacco is In bloom, and some has
been topped in North Carolina,
Kentucky Normal temperature and
sunshine u ith show crs w ell distributed.
Some damage from heavy local raiuv
Corn fields being rapidly cleaned.
Weather a little cool and wet for best
growth of corn. Wheat nearly har
vested and threshing begun. O.it.s are
ripening and ai e looking well. Meadows
and pastures improved. Tobacco grow
ing nicely.
Indiana Warm weather, several rains.
Grow ing crops in best condition. Corn
growing fast; oats heading; pasturage
good; wheat and rye harvest and hay
ing continued; barley being thicshed.
Ohio Warm sunny days, cool nights,
local showers Wheat and rye cutting
is nearing completion in southern
counties and begun in middle section.
Clover liav making continued. O.its,
gardens, grass, potatoes and corn made
good progress, but cool nights early in
the week retarded corn. Corn is most
ly of a good color and clean, and some
is laid by. Tobacco all set out, doing
well, and somesis a foot high and is
free from worms thus far. Raspber
ries are ripe.
To Kedu ounil Simplify Trmislt KtitHrt on
.Mull Blatter.
Washi.voio.n, June 24. The fiist
move of foreign countries who will
participate in the international univer
sal postal union to be held at Wash
ington, May, 1807, was made apparent
at the post ofllce department Tuesday,
ipon the receipt of a proposition on
the part of Austro-Hungary to reduce
nnd simplify the transit rates on
mail matter between countries.
Other propositions are lookett for
especially from Franco and Germany.
The one just received may be adopted
at the cungrcss to bo held as it appears
to be the desire on the part of coun
tries to decrease the rate of transit,
some even wanting to abolish' it alto
gether, but such action as this
would meet with emphatic oppo
sition from Belgium and the
Netherlands, two small countries who
receive a large amount for tiansporting
mail matter through their domains, as
most continental mail is sent through
their territories. At these postal con
gresses a dissent to a proposition kills
it, and tho two countries named would
not permit the abolition of the rate of
transit, but under pressure might yield
to a reduction.
American filibusters In Cuba.
Madiud, June 24. A dispatch to the
Imparcial from Havana says that an
expedition, consisting of -00 Americans,
and naving a quantity of dynamite, a
number of Mauser rifles, landed a few
days ago near Cardenas They wero
attacked by a Spanish force and com
pelled to retreat The Spaniards cap
tured the munitions of war, and arc in,
pursuit of the filibusters.
Crevp and Passengers Kscape,
WAl.nnino.v, Intl., June 24. A Balti
more Jt Ohio passenger train ran into
an open switch, eight miles east of this
place, Tuesday morning. The engine
and one coach were wrecked, but for
tunately tho train crew and passengers
escaped without injury. It is believed
the switch was thrown to wreck the
tr.tin apd a rigid investigation is in
Texas Democrats.
Austin, Tex., June 24. Tho sound
money democratic convention, with
about 400 delegates present, met Tues
day, and in harmonious session adopted
a platform repudiating tho methods
and actions of the state democratic ex
ecutive committee; calling the regular
convention, and fixing tho mode of
'electing delegates to the same.
Ofilclals Going to the Convention.
Wahiiisoton, Juno 21, Quite a largo
number of prominent officials connected
with the various departments are pre
paring to attend the Chicago conven
tion. Most of then will leave hero on
July 8, so as to be In Chicago with tho
advance guard.
The Gold Ileserre,
Wabiiisotos, June 24. The treasury
gold reserve at the close of business
Tuesday stood at 8102,175,340. Tho
day's withdrawals were 578,600.
An Bpisodo in tho Log-al Oaroor of
Sonator Stewart
llo Prejudiced Jury and Court Against
tho Witnesses nnd Secured 11 Verdict
of Not Guilty An Interest
Ins Case.
Special Washington Letter. I
"I quit criminal practico many years
ilgo," said Senator Stewart, of Nevada,
This evening. "I saved tho iifeof aninn
accused of murder, nnd then thought
that I had done my duty ns a, lawjer,
but aot my duty ns a citizen, and I quit
criminal practice,
"Few people uuclcrst&ud why lawyers
exert themselves ns they do In behalf of
criminals," he continued. "But It is
el'y plain and clear to nil lawyers that
it Is their duty to do their Utmost to
save their clients. It makes no differ
ence what a man mny be charged with;
It is the duty of his lawyer to prevent
his conviction, if possible. It is a pi o
fesion, and tho first principle to be in
culcated in a young lawyer is to have
him put himself in the place of his cli
ent, and do the best things possible for
him. In the next place, a criminal law
yer must assume, if possible, that his
client is innocent.
"Mnny an innocent man tins been con
victed on circumstantial evidence The
law books show that many un innocent
man has been hanged, because of cir
cumstances indicating his guilt. When
I was practicing law I made itniy firm
rcsoh c lo sa v e t lie. life of ev cry man w ho
committed himself to my keeping. 1
always assumed that my client was in
nocent, unless he confidentially con
fessed to me. In such cases I did my
best for hiin.nnywuy,lccauseIfeltitto
be a bounden duty to do so.
"But to return to my last case. I was
practicing law in Nevada and had quite
a reputation as a criminal law yer. The
rougher element felt that they were
safe p. placing their interests in my
keeping. They had confidence in me.
Consequently, when a man named
O'Brien had been killed on a mining
claim by 11 man named Kills, and Kills
was ariested, he sent a friend to retain
'Bill Stewart' to defend him. 1 accept
ed the case without making inquiries as
to the details and particulars. Just be
fore the trial I looked into tho case, and
it certainly did seem almost hopeless
for Ellis. I could find no plea on w hich
to defend him. The community were
prejudiced against him, nnd some of
my best friends said that I ought not to
defend him. But thnt made no 'differ
ence to me. I had accented theretainer
fee, and it was my duty to save the life
of the prisoner, If possible. He sentfor,
me again and again, but I refused to go
to the jail to see him. I merely sent
word that I would be on hand and de
tend him. He was obliged to be satis
fled with my message. I believed that
he was guilty, and did not want to talk
with him. I was suro that he would
not tell me the truth, and his talk might
:onfusc me.
"To understand my plans you must
understand that only one jear before
that time a young Irishman had been
jonvicted of murder on circumstantial
evidence. His attorney was. now the
presiding judge. The principal wit
ness against my man Ellis had been the
principal wltjiess against poor Barney,
whom everybody believed to have been
innocently hanged for a crime which ho
aid not commit. My plan of defense
was bimple. I intended to prejudice
the judge and jury against the witness.
If I could do that I could save my client.
Otherwise he must hang. There was an
other witness who w as afllictcd with the
habit of stuttering. 'When ej.cited he
could not utter a word. I had no wit
nesses for the defense, and concluded
to clear my man with tho witness for
the prosecution. There had been a row
dii the mountain side, nnd the evidence
showed thatEllishad murdered O'Brien.,
vv ithout provocation, sav o that the dead
man had claimed prior right to tho
mino which Ellis had taken possession
of, and which he declared his Intention
to defend. O'Brien had gone into the
mountain to assert his claim, and Ellis
had killed him in the presence of two
"The time came- for trial, and I wad
there, Ellis wanted to talk with me in
the court room, but Iscntwoid to him
to keep his mouth shut until after the
trial was over. He sat in tho dock and
looked at me most wistfully; but I
knew that he had confidence in me as
a criminal lawyer, who had never lost
a case. I allowed Uie prosecution to
make out a case with its witnesses, and
ivhen it enmo to my turn I called the
principal witness onto tho stand, and
" 'You swore awny the life of poqr
Barney last year. We all know that you
swore away the life of that poor boy.
You seem to make a business in testify
ing in such cases. You. evidently lllje
to place yourself in a position w here you
can, swear away human lives. Et cry
body knows that poor Barney was innd
cent; and yet bo was hanged altogether
on your testimony. I don't know what
you havo against Ellis here; but, of
course, you have- a grudge of some
"At this point the prosecuting attor
ney interrupted me, and demanded that
jtho -witness be protected from Insult by
tho court. The judge, who had de
fended poor Barney tho prev lotis year,
said that no protection could be given
to tho man who hhd sworn away thellfo
of Barney,
"That decision had n good effect upon
the jury. I was not defending Ellis, but
prejudicing the minds of tho jurymen
against tho witness, by calling up the
Bnmey case. I kept nt the w ltncss, un
til lib finally confessed tha fc lie Jind been
mistaken in the Barney trial of the pre
ceding year. Then I ranted and shout
ed; 'Here you'como into court to swear
nway a human life; but you can't fool
with tills jury of intelligent men. If
you were mistaken In tho Barney case,
which resulted In his hanging, you may
be mistaken in this case, and Ellis
shall not hang on jour miserable testi
mony. I thnnk God thnt tho people of
Nevada did not mob jou last year; and
I hope that you may escape with your
life on this occasion. You may get off
the witness stand. Your testimony is
w orthfess."
"Then tho other witness was sum
moned. He was excited with the ordeal
of his predecessor, and I saw that he
could scarcely stutter, much less talk.
I w cut right at h im and said : 'You saw
the man O'Brien raise a shovel to brain
Ellis. You saw the defendant try to
run nway from him. You saw O'Brien
rush after Ellis to the edge of tho pit.
Your own oyes witnessed the fact that
Ellis only drew his gun and flred in
bclf-defense. Now tell the jury the
truth without quibbling, without equiv
ocation or hesitation.'
"The poor fellow began to stutter and
stammer. I went after him and de
manded a prompt answer without any
mental reservation or time for consid
eration. The jury did nofcknow that
he was a stutterer. They saw before
them a man who was struck almost
speechless when confronted w ith a de
termined attorney. Tho poor fellow
tried in -vain to deny the story. Ho
could not utter a word. He refused
to leave the witness stanch He tried to
say that ho was a stutterer, but his
tongue w obhled nil ov er both of .his
cheeks. He w as finally ordered off the
stand by the judge, and my case was
won. Tho jury beliat cd that Ellis w as
innocent. It took them only five min
utes in the jury room to reach a verdict
of acquittal. .
"As soon as theerdlctwns rendered
Ellis camo to me and asked if his life
was saved. I replied: 'Yes, your life
is safe for just ten minutes. These
people hero are going now to the sa
loons, and as soon as their whisky takes
effect they will come here and run you
up on a Tope. While they are drinking
you must scoot up the side of the moun
tain and disappear. Now get out as fast
as your legs will carry you.'
"No man ever shinned up a mountain
side with moro expedition than Ellis.
He disappeared in the brush, and no
body ever saw him again in those dig
gings. I got onto my horse and dis
appeared olsot because the crowd might
havo been inclined to mob me, when
they failed to find Ellis. Of course,
after they cooled down none of them
blamed mo for saving my client, al
though they all were satisfied that he
was guilty.
"After tlmtcase I quit criminal prac
tice," continued tho senator. "I de
clared that I would never again defend
a man for an extreme crime. Then I
went into politics and have never since
been bothered with criminal cases.
But I hud not seen the last of Ellis.
I made no Inquiry concerning him, and
had dismissed him and his case from
my mind for severnl years. But one
evening in Salt Lake City, after I had
nttended a public meeting and was
w alking to my hotel, a man rushed out
of a little alley way, stopped me, hand
ed mo a puteo of money, and said:
'Take it. It's yours. You earned more;
but that is nil I now have. Y'ou saved
my life. I'm Ellis.'
"With that ho disappeared, and I
have never seen or heard of him since.
Maybe he was innocent All of tho cir
cumstances were against him. Maybe
ho ought to havo been convicted. But
a man who will jp out of )iis way to
pay n. debt as Ellis did must have somo
good qualities in liim. When I opened
tho pursa I found in It tho neat&um of
S750, which must havo been his sav
ings for n long time. 1 presume, that
ho had been watching my movements,
and followed me on thati occasion, in
order to pay for my services. Whether
ho was innocent or guilty I did my duty
In defending him. I know that no other
sort of defense would have saed hint,
for tho entire community was con
vinced of his guilt; and you know that
in frontier communities they general
ly deal with men according to popular
opinion regardless of law. Thoso
wero almost lawless days, but the
courts were respected to a degree.
Thereforo it was possible for Ellis to
get up the mountain side before tho
crowds wera ready to mob him. Ilho
is now alive, he will, npt blame me for
telling the story. It he was innocent,
he will be glad to have it told."
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June 13, 2vks.
The Story Denied.
FiiKPKitiCKsuuno, Vo., June 23. Con
sul Gun. Leo's brother, Capt Dan M.
Lee, of Stafford county, Ya., who Is in
conbtant correspondence with his
brother, denies emphatically that Gen.
Leo has written a private, letter con
cerning Cuban affairs, which appeared
in the mornlnB.papers.
Mass Convention of SUverltfi.
MiNNEAror.18, Minn., June 24. A
mass convention of the Eilveritcs of
this state, without regard to'party, has
been called to meet n this city July JB
to elect delegates to a bi-metulllo con
vention in St. Louis.
Physicians and Surgeons, ' !
OfHoo'and residence, on Sooond street, three
doors above too Court-home, Marietta,, Ohio,
O M. D., b. D. S., Physician and Surgeon,
Homeopathic, office and residence corner Bar
mar and Lancaster Hts.
Telephone 148 .
Attorney at Law, , .. y
Office on Putnam atroot, Marietta, o;r
Attorney at Law,
Office In Law Building, Marietta, O.
(Jfflco on Second Street, oppoelto Union Depot,
Attorney and Counselor nt Law.
Room 3 Mills Block, Corner Putnam and
Second Btreeta. Notary Public.
Attorney at Law,
umoo East cor, front and Putnam, Marietta.
Real Esiate and Loan AEunt,
Second St., opp. Union Depot. Marietta, O
Orrico No. S04 Front Street. '
opposite Soldiers' Monument. Residence No.
S18 Fourth Street. Telephone connection.
Office room, 1 Mills Buildlnc, Cor. Putnam
and Second strnetH. -.
Attorneys at Law,
Office In Law Building. Marietta, O.
. Attorney at Law,
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Alinrnnv nt V.clw.
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. Citizens Bant. Entrance, Second St.
Marietta, o.
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HO Front Street, Marietta, Ohio.
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Cleveland Excursions,
On account ot Fourth of July Holiday the C.
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On account of the Y. P. 8. of O. E. at Wash
ington, D o., the, (J. & M. Ry. Cc. will soil ex
cursion tickets on July 4th, tith and 7th at one
fare for the round trip, good returning until
July 16th and subject to an extension of limit
until July 31bt.
For further Information call on C. & M. Ry.
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Cambridge, IX
Fourth of July Excursion.
The T. & O. C. E, R. R. will authorize the
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3rd and 4th, good returning up to and includ
ing July bth, at one fare for the round trip.
Reduced Rates, July Fourth.
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excursion tickets July 3rd. and 4th. between
all stations on Us line at one fare for the
round trip; tickets good returning until July
One Fare tor the Round Trip to
On account of the Democratic Convention
July ". Leavo Marietta in Parlor Car of T. &
C. Ex. R. R. at 2:,0P. M, chauge to B. &.O.
sleeper atT. & O. C. Depot at Columbus,
arrive Chicago without change 7:10 a. m.
omuc mug ana accomodations . returning.
Same limits at other lines '
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access by Trolley or otherwise. Lots 50 by lto
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ders by telephone will receive
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The New Yost.
Best for Speed aro; Rsylfs.
ghgSttS ' all

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