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Marietta daily leader.
VOL. II. NO. 208
i ' '- i
Will Pe Used in Capturing the
Band of Bandits.
Marshal Hall Has Recruited a Num-
ber of Frontiersmen for the Work.
y i j.
' 4 . V
'He TVIIl'Mntte an Attack,Upon the Desper-
ilaclocs,''Stronghold Sunday Morning
, , ' The Lender of the Dsmdlti la Now
i Khonn to Bo Joo George.
SlLVEK ClTV, N. M., Aug. 29. Owing
to thoroughness of tho country United
States Marshal Hall has deemed it bet
ter to rely upon experienced frontiers
men in the attempt to capture the
bandits entrenched in Skclton canyon
near the Now Mexican Una He has
recruited bufllcicnt deputies to
raako the attack without tho assistance
of the troops which have been ordered
to return to their respectho posts, Fort
Bayard and Grant- Marshal Hall and
forco will reach the stronghold of tho
robbers by Satuiday night and expects
to attack them early Sunday morn
ing. It is now definitely known
that he leader of the ban
dits, is the notorious" Joe
Qoorge. who headed tho gang that
held up a Southern Pacific; train near
Stein's Pass, in this territory, about a
year ago. It is said that thereason the
robbers are remaining In tho catiyon Is
to care for two of the band whd were
wounded in the recent fight with a sher
iff's posse at the time of tho Nogalcs
affair, until they shall bo able to
travel. George has been operating
along the border stealing cattle for the
past eight months, and ho has now
gathered together a gang of despera
does for the purposo of train and bank
A message just received says tho out
laws loft Skclton canyon Thursday
night and remained all night at a
ranch six miles from Doming. Hall
and posse arc following them.
Stacp Ueia T7p uy a dcUwayman.
Bakebsfield, Cal., Aug. 29. A sin
gle highwayman held up tho Kernvillo
and Calienthe stago near Hav
ilah and compelled the driver and pas
senger to unfasten tho Wells-Fargo
treasure box from the coach seat and
throw it ou into the road. The driver
was then ordered to proceed on his
journey which he did without resist
ance. The box contained about 2,000
in bullion. The passengers were not
Killed WhllcTBIoanTlne a Wheel.
Wnnnujfd, W. Va., Aug. 21). Isaac
Eaton, a prominent citizen, while learn
ing to rido a bicycle on the street fell
off, and alighting on his head, broke
his neck, dying instantly.
To Stem the Falls of Niagara
Would be an easier task than to check the tide of universal confi
dence and over-swelling public patronage bestowed upon
We give our verbal assurance
forthe most satisfactory values
or to refund your money.
We have secured the public confidence by deserving it. We retain
it by a display of practical appreciation.
School will soon commence and
fit. We call your attention to our
wihch is now complete with all the
Children's Clothing.
boys' Loisra pajstt suits.
Boys' Long Pant Suits, good substantial dark grey and
mixed cassimeres, sizes 13 to 19 $3.50
Boys' Long Pant Suits, elegantly made in strictly all
yrool cheviots and cassimeres, blue, black and fancy,
sizes 13 to 19 - - ,
The Latest Thing irrthe" Way
of Headgear. -
Children's all-wool suits in Reefers and J uniors. big
sailor collars and heavily braided, Latest Pall Fashions, JQ 7K
'-'' ! ' j ' iii. ....
The Buckeye.
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
1 Cor. Front and Butler sts., Old P. O. Building
Badly Damaged by Foreat Fire Near Onk
Point, Ore.
Abt6ihA4 Ore., Aug. 20. One of tho
largest and most dostructivo forest
tires that has ever visited this section
of tho state is now raging near Oak
Point, 40 mites up the Columbia from
Astoria. A stretch of flamo three
miles wide is sweeping through tho
mo3t valuable timber lands in Ore
gon. Several lumber camps have
been destroyed .and hundreds )Of
cattle perished, but no l?ss of life is re
ported. Large, parties of lumbermen
and ranc'iers have been fighting tho
flames for two days without rest, but
the firo is gaining rapid headway.
Millions of logs and a vast quantity of
standing timber together with a few
ranch buildings havo been burned.
The loss cn not be estimated at this
time. Thprc is no prospect of the fire
being controlled until it burns Itself
A Negro Fugitive Shoot, n Deputy Sheriff
Tho Murderer Then Shot by Another
Indiaxola, Miss., Aug. 29. Dick
Montgomery, a Negro fugitive from
justice, was. located by Deputy Sheriff
Paris near Grccnvilje in Sunflower
county. Taking with him another
deputy named Cox, Paris started after
the criminal, after employing a Negro
named Tom Moore to aid them as a spy.
Mooro came back and told tho location
of the Negro and that he was un
armed. As tho deputies wore ap
proaching tho place whero tho fugitive
was, a load of shot was fired by tho
hunted Negro, who was in ambush,
and Paris fell dead. Tho Negro then
tried to shoot Cox, but that officer put
a bullet into his head, killing him in
stantly. It Is believed tho Negro spy
betrayed the officers.
i no itcir IVUII rrossea".
Little Bock, Ark., Aug. 29. Prose
cuting Attorney Pemberton, Friday
noil prosscd the cases of tho state
against ex-State Treasurer Woodruff
and Rev'. S. II. Buchanan, ex-treasurer
of tho insane asylum. Both were in
dicted and given several trials for em
bezzling state funds. Woodruff was
convicted last y ar and given one year
in the penitentiary, but tho supreme
court reversed and remanded the case.
bborc In ir;. Account!.
St. Louis, Aug. 29. Daniel Callahan,
who is said to be wanted in Washing
ton, D. C, for embezzlement, was ar
rested here Friday afternoon. Calla
han, it is stated, was clerk of tho police
court of Washington, City. He handled
all tho money collected by tho court,
and'ls alleged tp have loft tho national
capital 87,000 short in his accounts.
Callahan will bo held and tho author
ities at Washington notified.
the boys will have to have an out
Boys' and Children's Department,
latest Fall Styles in Boys' and
Boys' Long Pant Suits, in all the
Latest Pall Patterns, cheoks and
plaids straight out, dou- ti7 Kfl
bio breasted or round cut M ' U
Boys' Long Pant Suits, handsome
ly made and trimmed, ily front
coat and vest, in fine tiJIO ff
scotches, tweeds, clays vIU"U
and vicunas, sizes 14 to 20
Child's All-wool Jersey Suits in
blue, heavily "braided, sizes 3 to 8
years ." , $1150, $2;25
TMr Ir JlbKnlllf aIv tbn MrrrrpQf tin,-.
.gain ever oyored by us in this line.
Qhild's" all-wool double breasted
suits in blue, black and gjrpy, well
made and trimmed, si- djrt fffl
ses 4 to 15 years ty&tQu
All the Details Are Perfected for
the Encampment.
Judge Joshua Given, Formerly of Ohio,
for Commander-in-Chief.
St. Pant I in data Af tire Banting. nd
Flag Are In Evidence on Every Ilund
Tho Women' Heller Corps Wilt
Meet During Encampment Week.
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 29. St. Paul
is ready for tho Grand Army veterans,
although they will not be here in full
forco till tho first of tho week for their
30th annual encampment
Hunting nnd flags arc in abundance
everywhere, in tho resilience portions
as well as in tho business center, and
already" a good many visitors aro hero
in anticipation of the encampment
The railroads have completed all plans
for handling the people, and the
street railway people, whoso lines are
considerably crippled, say they will do
as well as they can with the crowd.
Tho living flag, with its 2,000 chil
dren, had an open-air rehearsal Friday,
which was a success. Tho evergreen
arch, under which the etcrans will
march, erected by the colored people of
tho city, was formally dedicated.
The decorations along tho lino of
march for the big parades are mostly
in place, and the grand stands, with
their seating capacity of 10,000, aro
At the same time as the encampment
tho Knights of Pythias will hold a con
vention at Minneapolis, with several
gorgeous parades, which the veterans,
of course, will not miss. The Women's
Relief corps will meet during tho week
ot the encampment Mr6. Elizabeth
Turner, of Boston, is its national pres
ident The other feminine annex of
the O. A. R. is the Ladies of tho G. A.
R. Tho president of the rival body is
Mrs. Catherine E. nirst, of Louisville,
Tho choice of tho commander-in-chief
seems to Ho between Gen. Joshua
A. Given, of Iowa, and Maj. Thaddous
S. Clarkson, of Nebraska. The chances
seem to favor Iowa's favorite. Gen.
Given is an Ohio man. Lie fought in
the Mexican and civil wars. For 12
years ho has been one of tho most dis
tinguished judges of tho Iowa supremo
St, Paul, Minn., Aug. 28. The
grand army people are preparing to
move on St. Paul in force, according to
the figures of tho railroads. In addi
tion to tho regular sleeping car service
thero havo been already engaged 1.400
Pullmans to bring visitors from tho
cabt, and this does not includo any oth
er kind of sleeping cars.
General Secretary Pinney announces
that mail for G. A. R, men and all oth
ers who attend tho national encamp
ment should bo addressed to their
quarters, and instructions should be
given to tho St. Paul post office on ar
rival in tho city.
Alaska's Rich Oil Fields.
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 2S. A. II.
Eddy, of Hartford, Wash., an ex-member
of tho state legislature, has re
turned from Alaska, whero he reports
having discovered to great petroleum
wells in tho monntains, not far beck
from tho coast and within about 100
miles from Juneau, fie brought .sam
ples of crude oil, which ho proposes to
have tested. Thero is a flow of 200 or
S00 barrels daily, Eddy alleges, from
each well, and ho thinks it is not im
probable that this section may rival
tho great fields of Pcnnsy vania.
Ne)npapei' Correspondent at Indian
apolis. Iudjanai'omb, Intl., Aug, 29. Tho
advance guard of the national demo
cratic convention in the shapo of tho
newspaper correspondents havo begun
to arrivo, but no arrivals Of delegates
are looked for untl Sunday eveping.
Clioynikl Beit's McAulllIe In Koar'Roands.
SAjf Fhan$I6co, Aug. 20. Reforo the
Accidental Athletic club, at Wood
ward's pavilion ,Frfday night, Joo
Choynski knocked put Joe McAullffe,
of San Francisco, in the fourth, round,
McAuliflo was slow" nnd clumsy and
Choynski puulshed-him at will,
'It '
Gathered Trom AU Parts ot the Country
by Telegraph.
Lazard Trcrcs deposited 8500,000 in
gold at the sub-treasury in New York
Miller & Dougherty, dealers in -dry
goods at Waterloo and Washington,
la., mado an assignment Friday. Lia
bilities 542,500, assets 850,000.
Brooks Bros., a largo wholesale boot
and shoo firm, Chicago, made an as
signment lato Friday afternoon. Lia
bilities S10.000 and absets 845,000.
Foster & PenUer, wholesale and re
tail carpet dealers and house furnish
ers, Toronto, Ont, have assigned.
Liabilities, 557,000; assets, nominally,
Miss Clara Barton, president of tho
American Red Cross society, and her
party of aides will sail front Liverpool
for New York on the steamer Scrvla
on September 1.
Norman Allen, a wealthy cattleman,
was assassinated near Mayo, Flo. Al
len was riding a horbe, and tho fright
ened animal galloped homo with tho
corpse. 'J here is no cluo to tho as
sassin. Tommy Conneff, the champion mllo
runner of the United States will con
test his first1 race against F. E. Bacon,
tho English professional runner on Oc
tober 3, at Ballbrldgc, a suburb of Dub
lin. Conneff is in fine condition.
At San Francisco Carl Becker and
James Crcegatf, the w ell known forgers
convicted of complicity in the Nevada
bank swindle of 80,000, were each sen
tenced by Judge Wallace Friday to im
prisonment for life. An appeal will be
taken to the supreme court
Galvln and George Diehl, brothers,
aged 10 and 18 years, were drowned in
tho canal near Middlctown, Pa., Fri
day. They were swimming and Galviu
was seized with a cramp. Georgo went
to" his assistancG 'and both wero
drowned. The bodies were recovered.
Tho Bank of England Fiiday after
noon raised the selling price of her bar
gold another half penny. Within tho
last few days gold to the value of 200,
000 has been shipped from Australia to
San Francisco, and similar shipments
,to the amount of 300,000 aro about to
A special from Morgantowu, W. Va.,
says: An alarming epidemic of typhoid
lever has broken out in that bection of
West Virginia. At Rlvesvilloand New
England mines, villages between thero
and Fairmont, thero aio nearly 100
cases reported and several deaths oc
curred daily.
Wm. R. Dederick, station agent of
the Pennsylvania railroad at Marlon,
near Philadelphia, and also postmaster
at that place, committed suicide in the
raihoad station Friday morning by
shooting himself through tho heart
Domestic troublo is said to havo
prompted tho deed.
Col. Thomas Johnstou has been
unanimously nominated as the repub
lican congressional candidate in tho
Seventh South Carolina district. Col.
Johnston will oppose Dr. J. W. Stokes,
democrat. At tho last session of con
gress no election was declared between
tho same men, so that this race will bo
for the long and short term.
Sinco tho death of his mother, Lady
Wilde, the health of the convict, Oscar
Wilde, la& broken down. There ap
pears to have "been deep "affection be
tween them. Tho home secretary re
cently decided thero should be no re
mission of tho sentence. The decision
is now under revision 'and Wilde's re
lease is probable about October.
Frederick Bclasco, tho actor, a
brother of David Belasco, the well
known playwright, whose recent suit
against N. K. Fairbanks, tho million
aire pork packer of Chicago, gained
him world-wide notoriety, has sued foP
a divorce from his wife ut San Fran
cisco, Grace Belasco, now in New York,
and whom he charges with desertion.
sirept Uy Torcst l'lrcs.
Ashland, Wis., Aug. 29. Tho village
of Moquah was destroyed by forest
fires, which are raging about here, und
many1 other towns are threatened.
Cincinnati, Aug Ift
TLOcn Winter patent, sanosaso.do fancy,
2.7033.00. do family, $2.203150. extra, $1 603
2.10. low grade. 8L5031 73. spring patent, S3. 50
3.85; do fancy, SI1603.33 do family, tiCOB
Wheat Sales: No. 2 red, track, 01c; re
jected red, track, 43c; No. 3 red, track, 57c;
No. 4 red, track, Sic: Ko. 2 red, track, 71c
COUN Sales: No. 2 mliod, track, .'Itfe.
Oats Sales: No. S mixed, track, 18c: re
jected, track, 13s; rejected white, track, lie;
sample mixed, track, lCc: No. 2 mixed, track,
ci Hoes--Choice packers and prime butchers,
J3.0aa25; mixed packers. t!053 15: com
mon and rough, Si SKIS. 00. light shippers and
good fat pigs, 1133(23 50. common to fair pigs,
J275Sa23; skips, M00ai50, big, heavy, fat
hogs, $3.00Q3 15.
Cattle Heavy steers, fair to good, mo
12b; no cholco on sate: butchers, good to
cholce,fc3.75t 15; fair to medium, 8100S3.50;
common to ordinary,' 82.00Q2.73: oxen, 11 5023
a 03, Heifers: Good to cholco, $160a 75; fair
to medium, 13 2S3 25.
SMTSP and Lamus Sheep-Kxtras, $3 25
aso, gooj to cholco mixed, 12.508! 15; com
mon to fair, 1602i:5; stockers, ?i 0032. 75.
Lambs Extra, tilOiiiiJ. good to choice,
il50A00. common to fair, $75Q125.
Veal Calves Common and large, tlOOJJ
4 5. fair to gpod light, 115035.50, extra, J5 75 .
Wool Unwashed flno merino, OQlOo per lb;
quarter-blood clothing. 12l3c; medium, de
laine and clothing. 1213c; braid, H5J12c; me
dium combing, lfcQllc Washed, tine merino,
XtoXX, lie; medium clothing. HS15c; do
lalne Ueece, 1415c; long tombing, 1518c;
quarter-blood and low, 12313c; common
coarse, 110.12c.
New YoitK, Aug sa
Wheat No. 2 red, Soptember, SI Lisa
B4Wc; October, 65(J63.4c; Pecember, 00 8-103
Corn Na 2 Septombcr, 20(J-0 11-lSo; Oc
tober, f.7XR27tfC December, 83i823?iC May,
Oats Na S western, I8ri39c; September,
E0 7rl5c; October, 20Kc. I
1 ' Chicaoo, Aug. as
Calls oa December wheat opened at filHo,
1 price, '01 Ko. Puts opened ot 01 fie, last
nrlcedlUc. 'v
1 1v rf'VST fr
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar Baking Powder. Highest
of all in leavening strength Lateit Unitti
statei Government Food Report.
ISvenu of Interest, not From the Wires,
lfor Ilooflcr Readers.
In the Law to Allow thu Veternnti In Sol
illpi' tlnmo to Vote.
Wauash, led., Aug. 20. Application
will be mado :tt thu meeting of tho
next general assembly to amend tho
present election law so that all
tho voters at the National Sol
diers' homo at Marion can vote.
In 1&94 many oC the veterans wero
unable to vote between the hours of 8
a. in. and 0 p. m. as required by law.
It hai also been almost impossible to
get regularly qualified judges and in
spectors, as the products at the homo
contain no lreuholders, and it was
only by making the home precincts
extend out into the country that
farmcibuho own lund could be ren
dered Lutnnoteut to serve on tho board.
An act which will giu longer hours to
the Inmates of the Soldiers' home and
which will admit of e-soldiurs in tho
hoiiiu serving on the board will bo
asked for nut winter. Theie aro fivo
precincts within the homo grounds.
Annts to 1'lny a (iniun of Chess by Tele
graph With I.I Iluner Clmnp.
Ckaw roiinsvn.i.E, Ind., Aug. 29.
Gen. Low Wallace is confined to close
quarters by a large and active boil,
which is fastened upon one of the ten
dons of hU right leg, and, to while
away his disabled hours, he proposes
to play a match game of 'chess with Li
Hung Chang, the viceroy of China, by
telegraph, using tho chess code invent
ed by Dr. T. P. Leach. Gen. Wallace
notes that China gave to the world the
great game of chess nearly 4,000 years
ago, and he thinks in this way to honor
the nation's guest. Hon. John Russell
Young has volunteered to confer with
the viceroy and apprise Gen. Wallaco
of the result.
Amusements for tho Convention of the
Indiana Memhtrs ut Mancle Completed.
Muncik, Ind., Aug. 20. The exeou.
tive committed of Indiana Christian
Endeavorers met in Muncio Friday to
complete arrrnements for tho an
nual convention. November 20, 27, 2S
and SO. Tho Wytor theater and the
Methodist, rrchbyterinn and l!ap
tist churches will accommodate the
crcwds Prof. U. O. Excell. of Chica
go, will bo in charge of the music,
Chlo: tmeng the speakers will be Wm.
Shaw, national treasurer of the society,
from lioston. There are 75,000 mem
bers in Indiana, comprising 30 religious
organizations, with 1,00") local societies.
It is estimated that thero will be at
least 2,00!) visitors.
FlfTy Itllnutes Ahead of Time.
Tuiiiiacc, Utah, Aug. 29. Tho Examiner-Journal
cross-continent bicycle te
lay courier reached Terrace at 7:48
o'clock Friday night, 50 minutes ahead
of time. The milcago from San Fran
cisco is 785 and the time occupied three
days, seven hours und 4b minutes.
E.ccllcnt progress is being made by
tho i Iders in tills section, over three
hours' lost time having been mado up.
Tarclon Recommended for Nnuia Do.
Nnw Ohi.eaks, Aug. 20. The stato
board of pardons has recommended
the pardon of Numa Dodoussal, one of
tho boodle New Orleans councilmen,
now serving a sentenco in tho stato
penitentiary. The petition of Louis
Des Forges for pardon was refused.
I Mi's liliiii: Clay (
: $ 7 50
Arrival and Doparture of Trains.
b. & o. s.w.
Dipart 4:oo a. m 10:40 a. m., ::00 rm 4:
p. m., 7:00 p.m., ll:25p.m.
AimrvB 3.05 a. m., 8:lo a. m., U:M, p. m., 4tH
p.m., 0:40, p.m., 8:85 p.m.
T. &O.C. EX.
Leavi j. io p.m.. 9:00, 4:oo a.m
Arrtvx 4:s, 12:15 p m, 7:80 .m
C. &. M.
Leave 6:25a.m. l:Hp.a
arrive 11:13 a.m., 7:05 p. a
Leave B:S0a. m l:Up.a
arrivk 10:40a.m., 3:58 p. a
O. B. K. K. (Eastern Time.)
SoTjrn 0.34a.m.; 8:03. 7:83 p. m
North r... 12:82, 3:50 a.m.; 7:27 p. m
Tneamatle Tabes for Fost Delivery la
targe Cities.
It would not be surprising, says Har
per's Kound Table, to find Boston, New,
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Washington connected by tubes, en
abling letters nnd parcels to be for
warded in as many hours as it now
takes day s. The telegraph companies
will be seriously affected by ths new
The operation is ery simple. Tho
letters are placed in a leather tube or
carrier, which fits snugly into the pneu
matic tube. Then n blast of air from be
hind, or tho suction of air from the
front, or a combination, of tho two
methods, forces tho carrier and its con
tents forward. As the friction soon
wcara out tho leather carriers, Amer
ican genius will be called upon to In
vent a metal carrier on "ball bearings."
With leather tubes about 90 per cent. cI
tho power applied Is lost in overcominjer
friction and in waste, only tea per cent,
of the total force applied being used to
propel the carrier.
The charge for sending pneumatic
letters in Paris was 15 cents each in.
1879, and the territory cohered was but
a small part of the city. To-day every
part of Paris is reached by the lubes,
and the charge is ten cents per lftter,
tho same as our special delhery. Nine
varieties of the Paris pneumatic letters
aro collected. Probably many of tho
readers have one or more of them. They
bear a map of the city on. the face of the
ent elope, show lng tho different sections
served by this. post. The Berlin, and
Vienna pneumatic letters arc simpler in,
design. There are no special designs' on
the London envelopes.
The Thlril Largest Mine Owners In IndU
nnn. Sign tho Sixty Cent Scale.
Ttnnn Hauik, Ind., Aug. 29. Tho
first break on the part of the bitumin
ous coal operators of the state came
Friday when tho Island City Coal Co.,
of Linton, signed the sixty cent scale
for which tho men have been out sinco
May 1. It is the third largest mine in
the state and the president of the com
pany, A. M. Ogle, is also president of
tho Operators' State association. So
far as can be learned none of tho other
operators have followed his example,
some of them say they want to seo
where he can sell coal.at that price.
Prof, Kocrner Fatally Hart.
IXDlAJfAi'OMS, Ind., Aug. 29. Prof.
C. C. Koerner, for many years presi
dent of the Indianapolis college, and
more recently state agent of the Fidel
ity Mutual Insurance Co.t Friday even
ing while driving to tho city from his
farm, came in collision with a Lake
Erie and Western freight cut. His
back and collar bono were broken
and he received internal hurts, which
are expected to result fatally before
morning. -x.:
P.ecclicd ratal Injuries. '
Valparaiso, Ind., Aug. 29. Ben
Frank, aged 00, of Wheeler, while
driviug to town, was stricken with,
paratysis. His hor-,e ran away and ho
fell over tho dashboard, receiving in
juries which will prove fatal.
Insane 1'atlent Dies In n Tit.
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 29. Ira
Bass, a patient at tho Central Indiana
hospital, fell while seized of an epi
leptic ut Friday morning, and died be
fore relief could be had. He hailed
from Shelby county.
All Qnlct in Constantinople.
CosSTANTINOi'i.r, Aug. 29. Troops
have arrived here from Adrainopola
and reinforced the soldiery and police
who are patrolling the streets. Tho
city has become quiet and tho shops at
Galata aro being re-opened and busi
ness resumed.
' I

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