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VOL. II. WO. 224
Between Indiana Democrats and
Populists Falls Through.
After a Session of Two Hours the Sub
Committees of the Two
Organization Failed to Agree The Fop-
nlfiU Demanded Seven of tlio Fifteen
Electors and the Withdrawal of Be-
irall Populists Will Nominate.
Indianapolis, Ind., Sopt 18. The
scheme of fusion between the demo
crats ftnd populists failed to maierlal
izo Thursday. The sub-committee of
the two organizations failed to agree
after a session of two hours in tho aft
ernoon. The populists demanded seven
of the fifteen electors and tho
withdrawal of Sewall, while the demo
crats were willing to concede but four
of the electors nnd demanded tho with
drawal of the populist state ticket. As
soon as this was reported back to the
committee of 13 to which tho populist
convention had delegated full power
in tho matter of electors, this
committee decided that it was
not worth while to negotiate
longer and adopted a resolution that a
full ticket of electors be put in the
field. This was adopted by a vote of
12 to 1. A provisional list of electors
was selected and tho chairman of tho
committee directed to communicate
with them and certify to their nomina
tion as soon as it is learned that they
will serve.
Charges were flying thick and fast
Friday in connection with the failuro
of the populist committee of 13 and tho
democratic leaders to accomplish
fusion at the conference of Thursday
afternoon. Charges of bribery are
openly made. The Sentinel, the demo
cratic organ, under the head line,
"Rank Bribery Attempted," glvs a
two column story of the affair, which
contains interviews with O. L. W.
Hubbell, of Pulaski county, and Capt.
M. Shepard, of Indianapolis, both
members of the populist committee, in
which they say they were approached
and offered large sums of money to
prevent fusion.
Members of the committee of thir
teen deny emphatically -that the de
cision against fusion was influenced in
tho least by money and all declare that
Scwall must come off the ticket before
fusion on any terms, will bo agreed to.
MliXEnsnuiiG, 0., Sept. IS. Com
pany C, Sixty-fifth, and Company F,
Sixty-seventh, O. V. I., aro holding the
largest reunion in their history four
miles north of here. Tho companies
are in camp in true old army stylo.
Fall Announcement!
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blue and black Cheviots, and neat mix
tures in Cassimeres, well
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some plain and fancy mixed Cheviots
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ed sacks and the Clay Diagonal Sack
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"Butcher" Wcylor Commands tho Span
ish Troops In I'lnar del Klo, Ahumlda
and Falmorola.
Havana, Sept. 18. Capt Gen. Wcy
ley will assume personal command
at Pinar del Rio, Ahumidu nnd Pal
mcrola, taking charge respectively
of military and political affairs at Ha
vana. Among other measures Oon. Wey
lcr thinks of adopting as a prelude to
tho campaign Is a revocation of the
edict of pardon, obliging families hav
ing connections in the ranks of tho
patriots to move into other provinces,
and making concentration in villages
obligatory, considering that all persons
found in the country are enemies or
supporters of tho enemy.
According to'thc latest Information
Macoo has moved south of his former
position. No sleps will bo taken to
follow him until the commencement of
tho concerted operations referred to
Military operations are principally
at a standstill. It is reported that tho
patriots aro making a strong demon
stration of forces all around the coun
try, presumably obeying Gomez's
orders for the coming campaign,
which, it is said, will be tremendous.
All sorts of wild rumors arc afloat
as to his future Intentions. Some
belicvo ho will come with firo and
sword, leaving everything waste in
his track, destroying all tho sugar
estates, farms, villages and towns ho
meets on ha way; others, that ho will
simply come and make a big fight in
this province. The real truth can not
be ascertained, for Gomez will not di
vulgo his plans.
Sadden Death of Itev. T. W. UusselL
Ottumwa, la., Sept 18. Rev. Thos.
Win. Russell, the minister who offered
prayer at the opening session of the
recent state convention of Iowa demo
crats, died suddenly Thursday. While
eating ho swallowed a plate of false
teeth. Tho violent pain and agony
threw him into convulsions and tho
bursting of a blood vessel caused death
30 minutes after the teeth were swal
lowed. Ho was 55 years old and un
married. The Powers' Note Handed to the Forte.
I'aiiis, Sept 18. The Temps sa.;s
that a new collective note from
tho representatives of the powers have
been banded to the porte. It dwells
upon the fact that no Mussulmans
have been punished for the outrages
upon Christians, and protests against
all tho Dragomans being excluded
from tho so-called inquiry into tho
' Kurthqaako Shock. '
Rome, Sept. 18. An earthquake, last--Ing
six seconds, was felt at 4 -o'clock
Thursday afternoon in Muaat... ....
Regio Di Callcbra.
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t $3.75
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Boy's extra well mado Knee Pants,
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The Three Friends in the Hands
of the Authorities.
Special Agent Will Hold Her Pending
Instructions From Washington.
Tho Vessel II ail Taken on Plenty of Coal
nnd About Three Weeks' Stores-It Is
the Impression That ,Shu Was
Again Ilonntl (or Cuba.
Feunandina, Fla., Sept. 18. The
Three Friends was taken in chargo
Thursday evening by Special Agent of
tho Treasury Department John Ander
son and held pending instructions from
Washington. The Three Friends
moved up to the coal doc Us in charge
of quarantine officers Thursday even
ing and took on about US tons pf coal
and also about three weeks stores.
It all looked very bUfpicious,
especially as Mr. Barr who is
one or the owners baid the boat would
leave at 0 o'clock Thursday evoking.
While loading coal a deputy collector
boarded the llirec Friends and de
manded the vessel's papers, but the
captain refused to give them up.
After finishing taking on coal and
stores bhe Went back to the quarantine
station and was seen to leave, but
Anderson stopped her. 'I ho impress
sion is that she was again bound for
Of. Negro Convicts In Arkansas Iron
Kings Welded About Their Necks and
Cbalnod to Their Waists.
Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 18. Tho
stato penitentiary board has ordered
the following discharges: J. W. Phillips,
warden at Gray's Camp; R. R. Mcin
tosh, warden at West's Camp; J. P.
Bartlett, warden at Gallaway Camp;
W. B. McCarthy, warden at Wrights
ville Camp, and Vincent Potts, riding
boss at Wrightsville. Tho general
charge preferred was addiction to
slrong drink and cruel treatment of
The most llagrant act happened at
Wests Camp last Friday.
Two colored convicts had escaped,
nnd when captured they wero severely
whipped. Iron ring3 wero welded
about their necks and one end of a
chain fastened to the rings and the
other to their waists. They were un
able to straighten up when Mr. Mills
saw them, nnd the chains were drawn
so tight the men were unable to lift up
their heads, being compellod to work
in that condition. Subsequently tho
wardens and several of the guardb be
came drunk and held a kangaroo court
and sentenced the samo Negroes to bo
whipped again, the sentence being car
ried out with cruel severity.
Fully Informed of tho Plans of Salisbury
With Ilegnrd to Turkey.
London, Sept. 18. (U. A. P.) St,
James' Gazette publishes a special dis
patch from Washington in which it is
asserted that President Cleveland is
determined that tho United States
cruiser Bancroft now on her way to
Turkish waters, shall enter the Bos
porus. The government at Washing
ton, the dispatch says, is fully inform
ed of the plans Of Lord Salisbury, and
if tho ships of tho British fleet force
the Straits of Dardanelles tho Ameri
can ships will follow and preserve or
der, without engaging the Turkish
Several of the leading provincial pa
pers, including the Leeds Mercury
(liberal) and the Yorkshire Post (con
servative), concur in tho viow that the
joint action of tho British and Amer
ican warships at Constantinople would
bo a magnificent and effective co-operation.
Two Fires in the Famous Hotel, Hut Lit
tle Damage ItcsultcJ.
St. Louis, Sopt. IS. At 11 o'clock
Thursday night two alarms of lire
sounded from tho Lindell hotel at tho
corner of Sixth street and Washington
avenue. An electric light wire in tho
elevator bhaf t had set tiro to the wood
work o'n the fifth iloor and the flames
communicated to tho root Tho
hotel was full of 'guests and tho usual
scramble for safety ensued. Tho
prompt subjection of the flames, how
ever, allayed a panic and within an
hour all tho guests were again in their
rooms. It was a close call for what
promised to bo a dreadful calamity.
Tho loss, mostly from water, is esti
mated at S3.000.
Lumber Man Assigns.
New York, Sept. 18. Ex-Pollco Com
missioner John McClavo made an as
signment of his lumber business Thurs
day in accordance with a demand of
his creditors, who held a mortgage
Thursday. His liabilities aro S03.000
in the lumber business and S1S.O0O in
thti bicycle business His creditors say
that his tangible ubsets are only $35,000.
Ho transferred his real estato to his
wife, tho docd being recorded on Octo
ber 11, but being signed on April 25.
Tho largert creditor, tho Garfield bank,
withdrew from tho meeting,
Wilmington KoacTlCace,
Wilminoton, O., Sept. 18. C. a
Roonoy, of Nqw Burlington, won tho
first prize, J. L.. Kilgour, of Burton
vtllo, second, and W. II. Ilottcsheimer
third at tho bieyclo road race. The
best time was 37 miles in 1 hour 24
minutes and 27 4-5 seconds'.
Murder or Suicide.
Colujwus, 0 Sopt. 18. Newtop Dill,
a prominent farmer llyingnluo miles
north-east of tho city, was found dead
in his room Thursday morning with
his head blown off. -A shotgun was at
his side. Opinion la divided between
Bulcldo nnd murder.. f; . .
" ' : . .-
Information ItVsppctlng National Hanks,
Htiito II inks, Havings Hanks, Etc.
WA8UI.NQTU.N, Sept. 18. In a few days
United States treasury circular No. 130
will bo Issued. It contains informa
tion respecting national banks, Btate
banks, savings banks, loan and trust
companies and private banks of tho
United States, compiled from reports
of the controller of tho currency.
In this circular tho controller
states that "Tho requests for Informa
tion relative to the national banking
system and banking in general having
exhausted the supply of reports of the
controller of tho currency fir recent
years, it has been found necesbary in
order to supply a still further demand,
to embody in tho accompanying circu
lar such extracts from former reports
as will, in a limited space, furnish tho
data and information desired."
'lho eirculur contnin.s tables showing
the aggregate resources and liabilities
of tho national banks at date of each
call for report of the condition from
October 10, 1S03, to July 14, 1893, in
clusive; also tables showing resources
und liabilities of the stuto banks, loan
and trust companies, savings banks
and private banks; number of sav
ings banks In tho United Stntcs,
the number of depositories and amount
of savings deposits, from 1820 to 1805;
profit on national bank circulation
based on the deposit of 100,000 bonds;
tax collected on capital, deposits and
circulation of national banks from be
ginning of system to June 30, 1895;
clearing house transactions, etc., and
articles on lawful money reserve, sub
stitutes for money, clearing house loan
certificates, number of depositors in
national banks and other banks, rev
enue to the government, bervice to tho
public, etc.
Altogether the circular represents a
valuable collection of statistics and in
formation with regard to national
banks and banking in general. It will
bo furnished free to anyone applying
for it, but not more than one copy to
each applicant.
Of Haslness Houses at Oreencastle rilled
With l'rize Gurdnn Truck and Fruit.
GueeASTlk, Ind., Sept 18. The
leading merchants of this city recently
offered a scries of prizes to fruit grow
ers and gardenora of this county for
the finest exhibits of fruits and vegeta
bles. Tho responses were liberal, and
the promoters of the enterprise took
an original method of displaying the
fruits. Each business house devoted one
largo show window to its special group
of exhibits, and tho result was that the
stores were besieged with sightseers
all day. The county is one of the lead'
ers of the state In fine fruits, and many
raro collections wore shown. Liberal
prizes will be awarded by judges.
Foul Crime at Lawrence, Kan.
- Lawiwnce, Kas., Sept. 18. Friday
morning Miss Martha McCoy, a seams
tress, was found dead in her bed, death
being caused by several gashes in the
right side of tho head, inflicted by a
hatchet which lay by tho woman s side.
She had been very 111 since Sunday.
The deceased was a careful manager
and it is thought had accumulated
somo money, part of which she kept
with her. The hatchet with which the
deed was committed had one corner
broken. There is no clew to the per
son who committed tho crime.
llrau In North Carolina.
Goldsiioro, N. C, Sept. 18. Wm.
Jennings Bryan arrived hero at 11:30
Thursday night, where the private car
ho is traveling in was side-tracked un
til 9 o'clock Friday morning, at which
hour ho delivered an address from a
platform to a largo crowd which had
been waiting since early morning.
Bryan was escorted by tho Goldsboro
rifles, and at the conclusion of the
speaking left for Rocky Mount.
Hon Down by nn Electric Car.
Pirrsnunaii, Sept. 18. An electric
car running at high speed on tho tracks
of tho Millvale, Etna & Sharpsburg
line, collided with a carriage at a cross
ing on tho Butler pike, near Millvale.
John Gross and Otto Risman occupied
tho vehiclo and were thrown on the
rails. Tho car passed over Risman,
killing him. Gross was probably fa
tally injured.
The Dog (saved Ills Master.
Oakland, Cal., Sept. IS. By bark
ing ferociously and tearing at tho bed
clothes Dell, tho pot dog of James Fee
nan, a well borer, apprised her master
that tho house was on firo just in time
to render his escape possible. He was
found unconscious near the cabin with
faithful Dell at his side.
Can't Ho Used far l'olltlral 1'urposti.
Washington, Sept. 18. A dispatch
from Petersburg, Va., says: Gov.
O'Ferrall has declined to allow the uso
of tho field pieces of tho old It. E. Lee
battery for firing a salute in honor of
Mr. Bryan's visit hero Friday. His ex
cellency says he does not intend state
property to be used for political pur
poses. Seuutor Teller In Kentucky.
CmcAao, Sept. 18. Senator Teller
will make five speoches in Kentucky
this week and next, opening tho cam
paign at Ashland, September 19. Fol
lowing his Kentucky engagements tho
senator will make flvo speeches in
Ohio. ,
World's Record for Half-MUe.
Boston, Sopt. 18,In tho free-for-all
race at Mystic park Friday, Star
Pointer won tho first heat, making a
world's record for half a mile, In
5)fi seconds and breaking tho Now
England track record for a mile.
Death Sentence Commuted.
Conway, Ark., , Sept, 10. Tho sen
tence of Jolfn Carter, who was to havo
been executed here Friday for criminal
assault, lias been cJounUted i'o life Im
Absolutely Pure
A cream of tartar Baking Powder. Highest
Of all In tonronlnff clranrrth T niaat iTintt.tA
atatti Oovtrnment Food Report.
urAI. JJAKINO FOWDEIl CO , 106 Wall St.,N.Y
Ken anil Interesting Happenings Within
Our liorders.
Tho Ilulldlni; Was Totally Wrecked No
Clew to the Perpetrators.
Wi.sciiESTi:n, O., Sept. IS. A courier
from Sardinia, ten miles west of here,
brings meager Information of a terrific
dynamite explosion, causing the de
struction of the saloon and residence
of Mrs. Mary Welsbrodt, a widow of
that village. The explosion occurred
ut an early hour Friday morning, and
the building is a total wreck. Tho
house was occupied by two families,
whose escape from instant death was
little short of a miracle.
The woman, since the death of her
husband, beteral years ago, has been
conducting a saloon and all efforts to
have council pass a prohibitory ordin
ance or to vote on local option have
been unsuccessful. Threats havo fre
quently been made to blow up the sa
loon, but no attention was given tho
matter. There is no clow to tho per
petrators. REASON WHY
Tho (lot eminent Depository at Cincinnati
i Wim Discontinued.
Columbus, O., Sept 18. The inquiry
lids eejn madu Wiiy it is that the
checks from the pension office are now
drawn on New York, and the question
wub asked of the pension authorities.
The reply was: "They always have
been." It was further stated that
if any trouble existed, it is ow
ing to the fact that on tho
lbt of last July tho government depos
itories at Cincinnati and Columbus
were discontinued, the money that
usually went to those offices being de
posited in New York. During their
continuance each quarter there was
deposited in Cincinnati S-00,000 and
S175.000 at tho Deshler bank in Colum
bus, but at the samo time the checks
wero drawn on New York. It was
somewhat of a surprise that there
should be any "kicking,'' for any bank
will cash the checks.
United Urethreu Conference.
Higksvim.i:, O., Sept. lb. The north
Ohio conference of the United Breth
ren church is in tession here. Three
hundred clergymen aru present besides
a large number ot lay delegates and
visitors from all over thu state.
Among tho prominent men present are
Rev. Dr. Miller and Rev. Dr. Bell, of
Daj ton; President saunilers. of Otter
bein university und Bishop Pott, of
Cedar Rapids, la.
School House iturned.
WiNctmsiF.K, O., Sept. 18. The
school building in District No. 3, Jack
son township, Brown county, was
ittruck by lightning and burned to tho
ground, together with all of the furni
tuie and books. A coal-house contain
ing 125 bushels of coal, adjoining the
building, was also burned. No insur
ance. A llnntor Accidentally Miou
GALLll'or.is, O., Sept. 18. William
Clark, of Sund Fork, this eounty, was
accidentally shot through the right
arm, and that member was torn off.
He was out hunting.
Tall Corn.
Br.YAN, O., Sept. IS. Williams coun
ty farmers raised corn 14 feet high this
They Assigned.
Fremont, O., Sept. 18. George &
George, confectioners, havo assigned.
1 NOT : TO : RIP,
With the Elastic Loop Waist- 1
H band; price 50 cents. 5j
S P. ,S. We take Periodical tickets. I
Arrival and Departure of Trains.
b. & o. s.w.
Dipaiit 6:00 a. m., 10:40 a. m., :00 rm iiH
p. m., 7:oo p. m ii:2S p. m.
arrive 3:05 a.m., 8:10 a.m., 12:U,p.miiM
p. m., 0:40, p. m., 8:5 J p. m.
T. & O.C. Ex.
Leave 2.10 p.m.. 9:00,4:00 a.m
arrive 4:4 12:15 p m. 7:80 a. m
0. &. M.
Leave 0:25 a.m. HHp.a
arrtve ll:isa.m.,7:01p. v.
Leave 0:20a.in., 1:40 p. m
Arrive 10:40 a.m., C:5B p. IB
O. R. It. R. (Eastern Time.)
South , 0:34 a.m.: 3.03, 7:33 p.m.
Noitin 12:32,3:50 a.m.; 7:27 p. m
Of tho Mississippi Valley Select OQcers)
for the Ensoloc Year.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept 18. At Thurs
day morning'b session of the Mississippi
Valley Medical association tho nomin
ating committee reported tho follow
ing officers for the ensuing year:
President, Dr. Thos. Hunt Stuckey,
Louisville; first vice president, Dr.
Charles A. Whcaton, St. Paul;
second vice president, Dr. Paul Paqutn,
St. Louis; secretary, Dr. Henry E.
Truley, Louisville.
The next convention will bo held in
Lexington, Ky., beginning tho last
Tuesday in October. Dr. J. B. Murphy,
of Chicago, Thursday gave a dem
onstration upon the removal of
the gasscrian gaugalln. Dr. Hugh
T. Patrick, of Chicago, read an
interesting paper on "Electro-diagnosis
and Electro-therapcuties Simpli
fied." Dr. A. J. Ochsner, of Chicago,
read a very interesting paper on nerve
zutures and other operations for in
juries to tho nerves of tho under ex
tremities. Dr. Henry P. Newman, of Chicago,
presented a paper of much merit on
"Woman and Her Diseases versus Gyn
aecology." Narrowly Escaped Lynching.
St. Louis, Sept. 18. John Burt, a
Negro, attempted to assault a two-year-old
girl in a vacant house on
South Third street Thursday morning.
Ho was discovered and secured and
within ten minutes the excited crowd
that gathered had a ropo around the
Negro's neck and were preparing to
hang him. At this juncture two po
licemen appeared and after a hard
struggle rescued the Negro and took
him to a station house.
HlC Lump of Gold.
New York, Sept 18. Tho largest
lump of gold, with but one exception,
ever received at tho assay office, was
deposited there Thursday by tho Bank
of Montreal, which received it from
tho Cariboo Hydraulic Mining Co. of
British Columbia. The mass was
cone shaped, and was known as a
"king." It measured 11 inches high
and OK inches in diameter, and
weighed 4,740 troy ounces. Its estimat
ed value is between SS0.000 and SS3.000.
A l'atal XSociuct.
Ci.ahksvii.li:, Tenn., Sept. ia The.
mother of a small son of Henry
Hayneb, of this county, fastened a but
tonhole boquet upon tho left side of
'her boy, using a needle. Tho little
fellow went into tho yard and began
playing. By turning somersaults he
fell in such a manner that tho needlo
stuck into the body, piercing the heart
&nd causing death.
Tho 118th Koglmuat Iteunlon.
Cincinnati, Sept. IS. Tho Ono Hun
dred and Eighteenth regiment, O. V.
I., Ao which ex-Gov. Gen. Thomas
Young belonged, will hold a reunion
October '20 and 21 at Columbus Grove,
O. S. H. Kaims is commander and J.
S. Clum, adjutant.
btruolt by n llurninu' ly Wlioil.
Fosiohia, O., Sept 18.' William
Manecke, son of Fred Maneckc, a lead
ing oil well contractor, was struck on
the chin by a piece of the fly wheel of
a drilling engine which burst Thurs
day afternoon. Fatal results aro
'VVM Visit MoKlnley.
Pittshuhoij, Sept. 18. Fully 3,000
enthusiastic citi.ens of Pittsburgh and
vicinity left for Canton, O., on bpecfal
train Friday morning to cheer Major
McKinley and assist in the opening of
the Stark county campaign Friday.
Will Meet In I'hlladelphlu In 1807.
Buffalo, N. Y Sept 18. The Pub
lic Health association will meet in Phil
adelphia next year. Dr. II. B. Horl
beck, health officer of Charleston, S.C.,
was chosen prcsiJenU
4 Ui
... l
n " ' ' -' Hi" '

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