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VOL. II. KO. 231
A Raid on the Office of the
Western Foundry Co., Chicago.
Robbers Take $1,500 From tho Safe
and Make GoodJTheir Escape.
Tho Robbers Shtiot a Milkman, Tk Ills
vWaconnnd Drive Away, nt a ITorlons
r -3 Puce It 'is' Claimed "That the Men
"Were Former Employes.
Cuicaoo, Sept. 20. Two robbers
late Friday afternoon entered the of
fice of tho Western Foundry company,
at tho corner of Thirty-seventh and
Albany avenue, and holding up the
cashier toolt $1,600 from tho safe and
escaped. They wore pursued by a
crowd which was collected by the
foundry people, and were In a fairway
to bo captured at Thirty-sixth and
California, but again eluded their pur
suers. At this place tho buggy In
which the men were riding broke down,
and as they wero about starting to es
cape on foot, a pUUmrm came along.
Tho two men jumped into his wagon
and demanded that ho vacate. On re
fusing, they 'shot him, pitched him
out and drove away 'at a furi
ous pace. Officors from th'o Brigh
ton police station who had been
apprised of tho outrago wore
soon on the scene and started In pur
suit of tho flying robbers in a patrol
wagon. Tho men wero lost sight of,
howevor, but the police after following
In tho direction In which they wero
supposed to have fled, found, nearly
two miles from tho foundry, tho milk
wagon, which had also broken down.
Tho entire southwestern police district
was notified and a largo detail of offi-
cs.cg.wi3 6cnt out.
, "vnturo worts We" men In tho' ofiico of
tho foundry when tho hold-up occur
red. It is claimed by ono of theso that
tho men wero former employes. One
of tho robbers was fashionably dressed
while tho other was rather shabbily
dresscdjn a suit of browru.
- .
' TUo name of" E&6 cashier is M. A.
Rourke. The milkman, Frank Nypoft,
was 6hot in tho leg and is not danger
ously wounded.
r our large revolvers wmen the robbers
used to aid them in robbing tho foun
dry company, one light and dark false
beard and an old slouch hat are care
fully locked up at tho Brighton Park
station. Togethor with theso clows
tho police havo at the same station a
black horse, and buggy used by the
robbers in making their escape.' They
' also have in their pofsession a milk
wagon and horse, tho property of
Frank Nypoft, the milk dealer.
How's This For
Some dealers are always trying to see how little they can give for
money. WE are always trying to see HOW MUOH we can give;
not because we're any better than they, but because it pays us.
PAYS US, mind you. It pays us because it brings new customers
and pleases our old ones. So you see our reason is a selfish ono.
Some of Our Matchless Bargains
for This Week.
rtJ ) All wool suits in dark
OU.UU gray, fancy plaids, blue
and black. Not a suit
worth less than ?8.00.
fifi Fine all wool, woolen and
,JU worsted suits, comprising
Scotch Fancies, Thlbots
and Clay Worsteds. Not a suit worth
less than 12.00.
boys' Loisra
G A nA Boys' heavy Casslraore,
Uj't.UU single and double breast-
ed, long pant suits.
nrt lnr nl enllo am
fall goods.
Well made. '
A full line of Furnishing Goods and Hats in all
the latest fall styles.
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
Cor. Front and Butler sts., Old P. O. .Building
To IJo Discussed at the National 1'rlson
Reform Aitoclatlon Meeting.
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 20. Tho
delegates to the National Prison con
gress will bo welcomed Saturday night
at tho Athcnlum by tho governor and
mayor. Tho first delegate to arrive
was Michael J. Cassldy, 6f Phllaicl
phla. Tho subjects which will be discussed
by tho National Prison Reform associ
ation relate principally to tho
discipline that should bo ob
served in penitentiaries and
tho causes of crime, the mon who will
make up tho convention are tho super
intendents, wardens ntd chaplains of
prisons, chief of police and members
of boards of control. There will bo alcc
turo by Pr. Smith, of tho University of
Minnesota, on "Crime hi relation to
economies," a paper by Dr. Julius Morel,
of Brussels, Belgium, on"Tho system of
solitary confinement," and an Illus
trated lecture 6n "Degeneration," by
Dr. Q. Frank Lydston, of Chicago.
To Strengthen tbe Japanese Nov- to lie
Uullt In America.
Wasiiinton, Sept. 20. Two Japanese
naval constructors, who have been In
this country for several months exam
ining plans and specifications for two
new cruisers for tho Japanese govern
ment, have, it is understood, reported
favorably upon tho bids submitted by
the Cramps and tho Union Iron-works.
Tho formal award will be mado to
them within a fow days.
The vessels will bo of about 5,000
tons displacement each and tho con
tracts will call for a speed of 23 knots.
The navy department, it is under
stood, has decided to convert ono of
tho gunboats now building into a
practice ship for naval cadets, to take
the place of tho Bancroft.
The Bancroft will eventually find
her way to Chinese waters.
Believe That tbe Acato Turkish Crisis li
Constantinoi-li:, Sept. 20. In diploi
matic circles it is considered that tho
acute crisis is over.
I am suro that the ambassadors will
accept the status quo.
Tho porto intends publishing imme
diately a report of reforms already
carried out.
It now appears that 1,000 Armenians
wore killed during the recent massacre
at Egln, in tho Eharput district. It is
reported that 100 Armenians have been
killed at Divrlg, in thojsame vilayet.
"Dlxon-Whito Fight finds In a Draw.
Nr.wYoBE, Sept. 20. Tho 20-round
bout between Geo. Dixon, of "Boston,
and Jimmy White, of Chicago, for the
featherweight championship of tho
world, ended in a draw after 20 rounds.
a Give-Away?
1 Efi Fino all wool and worsted
mOU suits, comprising all the
new, plain and fancy col
orings in Cheviots, Vienna and Clay
weaves. Any suit in this lot worth 810.
CWrt nf Your choice of the finest
w) JL.UU imported woolen and
worsted suits, silk and
satin lined and tailored equal to tho
finest to order suit, comprising flno
Tweeds, Scotches, Wales and Clay.
pant suits.
dyt! flfl
Boys' fine all wool doublo
vlJUU or single broastod, long
pant suits. All the new
fall patterns.
All wool imported lone
pant suits. All styles and
all colorinsrs.
The Tynan Arrest, a Police, Not
a Political, Conspiracy.
Research Can Not Connect tho Prls
v oner With New Feniailism,
Nor In tho Remotest Way With Any Nl
hjllstla or Anarchistic Group In Eu
rope Throe of the FhoenlxtI"ark
Men Still In Penal Servitude!
London, Sept. 20. The miasma of
press and pollco mendacity which
arose on tho arrest of tho Tynan gang
having partially cleared off, ft seems
now possible to get borne reasonable
vlow of what tho facts may be. Dur
ing three weeks that have elapsed since
Tynan's arrest the burden of proof has
increasingly tended toward the convic
tion that the whole affair is a
police, rather than a political
conspiracy. It is not only that
the arrests at Rotterdam, Glasgow
and Boulogne were opportuno to the
czar's arrival in Scotland and his visit
to FrUuee. Tho connection of Tynan,
Kearney and Bell, or Ivory, with the
plot hns "been tracked, their alleged
association with American and Euro
pean nihilists investigated, their
sources of supplies inquired into, and
their connection with tho resurgence
of militant Fcnianism in Ireland ven
tilated. The result of these inquiries is that
neither tho authorities nor independ
ent research can connect the prisoners
with the now Fenian societies in Ire
land nor in the remotest way ujitb any
nihilist or anarchist group in 'Europe.
The abundance of money which tho
members of the gang could dispose of
has pointed to two sources tho
British secret service fund and tho
two trust Irish American associations.
Tho English civil service es'tlmatcs
for tho current fiscal year put at 30,000
pounds for "secret service," aro known
to have been increased already by
drafts on the treasury for about 10,000
pounds more. Proof which has been
obtained that both Tynan and Haines
were in London at the end of 1885,
lends force to the suspicion that the
first lines of conspiracy were then
laid. Kearney has not the same odium
of police agent attached to him. lie
gets the credit of being a dupe and a
dynamite criminal not an agent pro
vereateur. As to tho participation of the Rus
sian nihilists in the plot it is beyond
credit. No common point fraternity
exists between tho small group of nihi
lists hero and the Irish dynamiters.
Long before Stepniak died, tho Russian
exile party had repudiated the assassin
policy. Nor had they money to work
out any militant scheme they might
conceive There is no dynamite fund
to be obtained from the nihilists.
About tho extradition of Tynan if
the English government continues to
press for his being hunded over there
will be a trial and conviction under
the explosives act at .the old Bai
ley and a subsequent quiet re
lease. The last dynamite gang who
came from New York in 1887 raised
a monetary public sensation and got
sentenced to penal servitude, where,
upon conviction, quickly sot free and
deported to the United States. Their
release, they not being Irish political
prisoners, was effected without draw
ing tho attention of tho country or
parliament.' There arc still in
penal servitude three of tho
Phoenix Park men Fitzharris, alias
"Skin tho Goat," Laurence Iianlon and
Joo Mullette one of whom could tell
something of Tynan's part in that af
fair, if Tynan was put upon his trial
for it. But Tynan will not bo tried,
nor has tho speech mado for tho prose
cution of Ivory in the Bow street po
lice court sin Thursday converted any
of tho many doubters to tho belief that
there has been a genuine dynamite
Flowery Mnrrlaira Oraton Delivered by a
West Virginia Mnglstrate.
PAKKr.ltsuur.G, W. Va., Sept. 20. A
4ustlce of tho peace in an interior coun
ty married a couple a few days ago
his first experience. At the end of tho
legal ceremony, ns per statute, tho jut
tico rivoted the bonds in the following:
"By the authority vested in mo as an
officer of tho grand stnto of West Vir
ginia, sometimes called the- Switzer
land of America, by the hills of half
developed corn and groundhog holes
which envelop us; by the howl of tho
'coon dog, and tho gourd vino whoso
clinging tendrils will shade tho en
trance to your dwelling place; by tho
hill-sido pumpkins whose frost-bitten
presence remindsono of the melancholy
face of his maternal ancestor; by tho
heavens and earth, and in tho presence
of these witnesses, I pronounce you
man and wife "
Don'tt Wunt Our .Money.
Montiieal, Que., Sept. 20. McGlll
university has Issued a notice refusing
to accept in future any moro United
States silver or paper money in pay
ment of scholarship fees. United
States checks will only bo accoptcd at
H per cent, discount.
" ' Cbnsnl iTee Yfornod.
Rich MOND.Va., Sept. 20. It Is learned
here that American doctors in Havana
havo advised Consul Fitzhugh Lee
that ho is likely to contract yellow
fover If he remains thcro during Oc
tober, and ho may take a short visit to
his homo in Virginia during the fall.
Whole Town Homeless.
Panama, Colombia, via Galveston,
Tex., Sept. 20. Nows'from tho lntor
lor states that tho town of Purlficaclon
has been completely destroyed by firo,
leaning tho citizens homeless.
Declines the Democratic Nomination for
Governor 6f New York.
Aluanit, N. Y., Sept. 20 John Boyd
Thacher has declined to accept the
lemocrutlc nomination for governor.
Mr. Thacher was nominated at Buffalo
by the democratic convention on Sep
tember 17. Tho platform adopted by
that convention, in so far as It uno
lulvocally indorsed the Chicago plat
form, can not be subscribed to by Mr.
Thacher any more .than ho could hare
sjiven his approval to tho Chicago plat
form itself in many of Its essential
features. The result of this is his
lecllnation to stand ae a candidate. His
Idea was that the light In this state
should bo confined to state issues. The
silver wing of tho party docllne to ac
cept his anulybls of tho political situ
ation in this state and havo demanded
that an out and out silver man be
placed on the ticket for governor and
that the fight in this state shall bo
made upon the national issues, and
more particularly upon the democratic
proposition of free coinage nt the ratio
of 10 to 1.
Mr. Thacher thinks that his declina
tion will result In Wllbor H. Porter, of
Watcrtown, his companion of tho
present democratic ticket, as candidate
for lieutenant governor, being named
by the state committee at its meeting
on Monday night as the candidate -for
governor. There was intense excite
ment about tho city when Mr. Thach
er's declination became known shortly
before noon. Tho utmost surprise was
manifested by the members of the no
tification committee when they learned
of Mr. Thacher's decision.
Senator David B. Hill remained at
his house at Wolfert's Roost Saturday.
When a representative of tho United
Associated Presses called to see him at
11 o'clock ho refused to be interviewed
or to discuss Mr. Thacher'., declina
tion In any way. The general Impres
sion of the politicians was that Mr.
Thachers withdrawal meant Senator
Hill's retirement from active political
service this fall and especially on the
To Bo Guarded by Ills Gum Work Has
Regan on tho Fortifications.
San Dieoo, Cal., Sept. 20. San Diego
harbor will bo fortified by tho govern
ment as soon as work can be inaugurat
ed in accordance with tho provision 'of
tho bill passed by tho last congress, in
which the sum of 400,000 was appro
priated to San Diego. Maj. Charles E.
M, B. Davis, of tho United States en
gineers, has arrived hero with a corps
of engineers and the work of survey
ing has already begun.
Davis stated that four 10-inch guns
on disappearing carriages will be
placed on Ballest Point, Immediately
inside tho harbor, under tho brow of
Point Loma. There will bo 10 12-inch
mortar batteries placed on Sand Pit,
ono aud one-half miles south of Hotel
Del Coronudo and possibly mortar bat
teries on North Island and Point Loma.
Two of tho four 10-inch guns will bo
placed in position immediately and the
work of placing the others will be
prosecuted with diligence.
Of the Long-rending lloanriary Dispute
Uetween Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Washington, Sept 20. A cablegram
from Managua, Nicaragua, just re
ceived by the Costa Rican minister, Mr.
Calver, conveys tho news of the ratifi
cation by the congress of Nicaragua oi
the convention for tho final settlement
of the long-pending boundary question
between these two countries.
The convention was previously ap
proved by tho congress of Costa Rica.
In accordance with one of its provis
ions the two governments shall ask
the president of tho United States for
the appointment of an engineer, who
shall act as an arbitrator in any caso
of disagreement between tho two re
spective surveying commissions from
the tw o countries.
Spanish Itcgltvicnt Routed.
New Yohk, Sept 20. A special to
tho Herald from Havana says: Private
advices from Pinar del Rio aro to tho
eftect that Antonio Maceo has seized
the town of San Juan Martinez. A se
rious engagement is also reported to
have occurred in tho road between tho
port of Colomna and Pinar del Rio city,
whero a whole Spanish regiment mot
Maceo and arc said to havo been rout
ed. No news of tho affair has been
given out officially in Havana.
Divines I'rom Many Lauds.
New Yomc, Sept 20. With religioub
services in the American Theater Sun
day will bo opened tho thirteenth an
nual joint convention of tho Christian
Alliance and International Missionary
Alliance. The event has brought to
the city a largo number of prominent
divings from all parts of tho country,
as woll us from Canada, Glasgow, Scot
land and missionaries from China, India
and tho Holy Lond.
Corbett Surrenders Himself.
Ki:w Yonit. Sent. 20. James J, Cor
bett, the pugilist, surrendered himself
Saturday morning at tho district at
torney's office In this city to answer a
charge of violating tho law in making
arrangomonts iu this city for a prize
fight with Robert Fltzsimmons. He
was released on ball. .
American Woman Decorated.
Havana, Sept 20. Tho queen regent
has decorated tho Marchioness De
Apoztcgui, an Amorlcan, with tho Or
dor of thoNoblo Ladies of Maria Lulsa.
Tho marchioness is well known for hor
many charitable works.
Dying of Stanatlon.
Chicago, Sept. 20. Philip Fife, Ger
man, 43 years old, was found lying in a
ditch along the Illinois Central rail
road. Ho hai) not tasted food for three
days. He wat too weak to walk and
tho pollco took him to tho hospital.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tartar Baking Powder. Highest
or mi in leavening strength. Latctt unttea
statta Govcrnmtnt Food Biport.
Koval Bakino Powdek Co., 106 Wall 9tN."i
Scit and Interesting Happenings Within
Our Borders.
Tho buperlsar of Elections Srudlng Out
Revised Instructions to election Offi
cers. Coi.umbbb, O., Sept 20. Secretary of
State Taylor, state supervisors of elec
tions, is sending out to tho election
officers of the state a revision of his
circular of instructions, made in ac
cordance with tho lost winter's amend
ments to the election laws. The
most important of these is that which
limits the assistance that may bo given
to voters in marking their ballots by
tho precinct officers to those who are
physically unable to mark them.
1 he clause that refers to this matter
is almost entirely rewritten. It will
appear In the new bills of instruction
Ub iollows:
"A voter who declares to the pre
siding judges of election that he is un
able to mark his ballot by reason of
blindness, paralysis, extreme old age
or other physical infirmity, is apparent
to the judges to be sufficient to in
capacitate the voter from marking his
ballot properly, may receive the as
sistance of two of the judges of elec
tion in marking the same."
Cleveland, O., In the Hands of Unrcjlars
and Highwaymen.
Cleveland, O., Sept 20. This city
Is in tho midst of a rclgn of terror. It
would seem that a well-organized gang
of the most audacious highwaymen and
burglars has taken possession of the
city, and for six days they hove
simply had things their own way.
The desperadoes work together and
terrorize first one portion of tho city
and then another. Peaceful citizens
are sleeping with revolvers in their
hands and suburbanites collect in little
crowds to go home after dark and got
in tho middle of the street to turn cor
ners. Friday night tho desperadoes
made u raid on the down-town sa
loons about eight o'clock and held
up about fifteen in the very heart
of the city. Friday, in broad day
light, a jewelry store was robbed of a
tray containing S-00 worth ot goods.
Since 8 o'clock Friday night, 20 rob
beries have been reported to tho police,
who are unable to stop tho depreda
tions 'Ihree men have been arrested.
John Carey has been identified, but
there is little evidence against tho oth
ers. ..- "'Trti. .7 Tiryan Iir iventucuy.
Bowling Green, Ky., Sept 20. It
is promised that Hon, W. J. Bryan
will come to Bowling Green, October
0, if S20O is raised to pay for a special
train from Nashville to Louisville,
stops will be made at Franklin, Horse
Cave, Ellzabcthtown and other points
and the silver-democrats are canvass
ing these town for subscriptions.
"Tho (iold Reserve."
Washington, Sept. 20. The net
gold reserve at the close of business
Friday stood at SHO.OIO.IOJ. The day's
withdrawals of gold at New York
was 832,500. There were exchanged
for gold deposited 51,000,010 in cur
rency. Steel Works Resume Operations.
PlTTsnuROH, Pa., Sept. 20. Tho en
tiro plant of the Carnegie Co.'s Edgar
Thomson Steel works at Braddock has
resumed operations, after several
weeks' idleness. Both old and new
mills aro making steel rails, giving
employmcnto about 1,200 njen.
iMarkArnheim, I
New York City,
H The largest Strictly Tailoring estab
ee lishment in the United States. Em-
H ploys 40 cutters and 600 tailors.
s . .
Star x Slothing House
H Represents them in Marietta and show
H the most complete line in the city.
A Fit Guaranteed or no Sale.
1 Lowest Prices.
M P. S. All orders filled within ten
Arrival and Departure of Trains.
b. & o. s.w.
Dzpaw fl:oo a. m., 10:40 a. m., ;00 pm tilt
p. m., 7:00 p.m., 11:25 p.m.
ARiuvz 8:05 a.m., 8:10 a.m., H:I5, p. m.,i
p. m., 8:40, p. m., 8:53 pm.
T. & O. C. EX.
Leave 2.10 p.m.. 9:00, 4:00 a.m
Annrvit 4:i, I2:i5p m.7:80a.m
C. &. M.
LEAVE ,.,6:25 a.m. JlSSp.M
aiuuve..... 11:15 a. m.,T:os p.
L&ivi:.... 6:20a.m., 3:40 p.
ARitivE , 10:40a.m., 5:55 p.a
O. R. K. R. (Eastern Time.)
Souts 0:31a.m.; s:03.7:33p.m
Nonin 12:32, 3:60 a.m.; 7:27 p. m
Of Cleveland. O., to Hqnldnto Indebted
ness unci Closo Up Its Affairs.
Cleveland, O., Sept 20. Tho Broad
way Flour Milling Co. decided Friday,
after a long deliberation, to close up
its affairs and liquidate Its present in
debtedness. Tho business of tho com
pany has been running nt a loss for
several months.
Geo. W. Lewis was president of the
company; S. F. Hascrot, general man
ager; C B. Arthur, treasurer; and Wm.
G. Andrews, Hon. T. E. Burton, Chief
P. M. Arthur, of the Brotherhood o
Locomotive Engineers, and Jacob
Weber, directors. Tho capital stock
of tho company was 6150,000. The
plant, including machinery, was val
ued at 8140,000 and tho stock at 3,000.
An Attempt Alado to Firo tho Bnlldlne;
The JUlaze Discovered In Time.
Cincinnati, Sept 20. The threats ot
unknown parties to destroy the old
Wesloyan collego building on Wesley
avenue, near Court 6trcct, were very
nearly executed Friday afternoon.
About S p. m. smoko was seen Issuing
from tho cellar.
Its source camo from a pile of rub
bish, soaked with coal oil, and heaped
in tho cellar. The firo was extinguish
ed before doing any damage, and the.
matter was referred to the police.
Grosvonor Calls on McKlnlcj-.
Canton, O., Sept 20. Gen. Grosven
or, of Athens, arrived in Canton lato
Friday afternoon. Ho took a drive
with Maj. McKlnlcy and had a long
talk with him Friday evening. Gen.
Grosvenor has been speaking in 'the
Hocking valley, he says the miners
understand the money and tariff ques
tions and that they seem very generally
disposed to support tho republican
ticket this year. Gen. Grosvenor left
for the west Friday night He wllL
make speeches In Iowa next week.
Father and Daughter Wero Killed by the
Same Oorse.
Madison, O., Sept 20. Mrs. Henry
Gardner met a frightful death. Her
little son, who was driving with her,
put his foot into a front wheel of the
buggy and was thrown out. She
reached to grasp the lines nnd tho
horse crashed into a telegraph pole.
Her skull was crushed and death re
sulted in a few hours. Mrs. Gardner's
father was killed by the same horse
two years ago.
Lima Dank Sale.
Lima, O., Sept 20. Judge Ricks, of
the United States court, has ordered
tho personal assets and real estate be
longing to the defunct Lima National
bank to be sold November 12. Tho ap
plication was made by stockholders,
who also wanted B. C. Fauroc removed
as agent.
round Dead In a Hotel.
Tifi-in, 0 Sept 20. A. H. Bryan, of
Oil City, Pa., was found dead in his
home at the Bricks hotel in this city
Saturday morning. Ho was an oil
driller and had only been hero a short
time. Heart failure caused his death,
no has a family at Oil City, Pa.
y Darretl Vl om Turkey.
London, Sept. 20. Tho Exchange
Telegraph Co. says that the speeches
delivered at Liverpool by Mr. Glad
stone has caused great excitement in
the Yildiz Kiosk, the residence of tho
sultan. Papers containing tho speech
have been prohibited from entering
bL-SVatorm 111 SoutU Dakota.
Deadwood, S. D., Sept. 20. Tho first
enowstorm of tho season arrived Fri
day. Early in the afternoon it com
menced falling lightly and this even
ing it is snowing hard Tho ground Is
covered. Up in the mountains there is
about two inches on the ground.
i .' ti-jvL-akuL! il.'

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