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VOL.. II. NO. 232
f V
Edward Wald, of Cleveland;
Brutally Attacks His Wife.
Tho Son Goes to the Mother's As
sistance and is Thrown Down Stairs.
A Hob Collect to Lynch Illin bat Ho It
Rescued by tho Police Later tho
I'rlsouor Breaks Loose anil Jumps '
Into tho River and Is Drowned.
Cleveland, O.. Sept. 28. Just before
dark Sunday night Edward Wald, a
ship carpenter residing' at G'J Mulberry
street, narrowly escaped lynching at
tho hands of an infuriated mob of west
side citizens. Wald came home under
the Influence of liquor, quarreled with
his wife and finally struck hor.
The 14-year-old bon, Edward,
seized his father's arm $ and
entreated him to quiet down, whero
upon tho brute became enraged and
threw tho boy down Urn stairway lead
ing to the street, a distance of 20 feet.
Tho little fellow screunjed for help and
rolled out of tho open doorway into
the street, writhing in convulsions.
jDr. C A. Turner was summoned to at
tend tho boy, and a crowd quickly col
lected to revengo tho brutal outrage.
Father McHalo was hastened to the
scene and administered tho last rites
of his church to tho dying boy. Mean
while tho crowd increased to a mob,
which was goaded into fury by tho
sight of tho helpless child struggling
on tho pavement until the clamor
'forrevengeswelled to an ominous roar.
An impromptu delegation of 40 forced
'their way into tho house todrag out tho
Inhuman father, and others were dis
patched for a rope. Wald had locked
himself in a bedroom. The door was
broken open and tho bruto dragged in
,to tho street, fighting desperately.
Tho police arrived before tho rope ap
peared and thus intercepted a lynch
ing. Tho mob gave battle to tho po
lice, determined not to allow Wald to
cscapo them. During tho scrimmage
the prisoner broke looso from those
who were holding him and ran down
an alloy toward the river.
, The mob was. closo at his heels and
when the fugitive reached tho river,
knowing that his chance for life was
far less than even if captured, plunged
into the cold, muddy waters of tho
Cuyahoga and was drowned. Ills body
has not been recovered. The boy will
,dlo and tho wife's Injuries may also
prove fatal.
Oldest CaridlUnteln the United States.
Eaton, O., Sept 2S. Benjamin Hub
bard, aged 87, candidate for prdbate
judge on tho democratic ticket, is said
to bo the oldest candidate for office in
tho United States.
How's This For
Some dealers are always trying to see how little they can give for
money. WE are always trying to see HOW MUCH we can give;
not because .w're any better than they, but because if pays us.
PAYS US, mind you. It pays us because it brings new customers
and pleases our old ones. So you see our reason is a selfish one.
Some of Our Matchless Bargains
for-This Week.
rtJ )) All wool suits in dark
O O U U gray, fancy plaids, blue
4 and black. Not a suit
worth less than 88.00.
i f Fine all wool, woolen and
,(JU worsted suits, comprising
Scotch Fancies. Thibets
and Clay Worsteds. Not a suit worth
less than $13.00.
&A tf Hys' heavy Cassirncre, ,
vP'f.UW single and double breast-
. ort Irmtr rnt cults
fall goods. Well made.
Ef jV AU wool . imported long
,iu jjuuu
all colorings.
A full line of Furnishing Goods and Hats in all
the latest fall styles.
The Buckeye.
Jpth;prs, Hatters arjd Furnishers,
Cor. Front and Butler sts., Old P. 0. Building
Attack and Kill n Ttrn-Months-Old Uftbo
lit Ditltltnorr.
Baltimore, Sept. 28.7-Thrco big rats
attacked tho two-months-old baby of
Mr. and Airs. Isaac Ashcr, of 1160 Low
street, and gnawed its face, head and
neck to such an extent that the infant
died in a short time.
Mr. Asher lives ovor his store. lie
was looking after his business and
Mrs. Ashcr had gono to market when
iho rats started to make a meal
of tho helpless infant which was
'snugly tucked In Its crib in the second
story. Hearing tho baby crying, the
'father hurried upstairs and, as ho en
tered tho room in which the infant was
lying three large vicious-looking rata
jumped out of tho crib and scampered
off. The horrified father found that
the flesh had been torn from tho
babo's tender face, head and neck.
Before a physician could bo summoned
tho baby died.
Beven Lives Lost by Overcrowding n Doat
at Shields, Kne.
London, Sept 28. Seven lives were
lost Sunday at Shields by tho founder
ing of a boat that was overloaded.
The party that entered tho boat sank It
it almost to her gunwales, but as they
were In perfectly smooth water there
was no great danger. When, however,
they got some distance out in
the harbor, they encountered a small
Bea, which broke over tho boat and de
spite tho efforts made to bail her, soon
filled her and caused her to sink.
Other boats went to the rescue, but be
fore thoy could reach tho people strug
gling in tho water, seven of tho party
had been drowned.
Mutinous Prisoners Killed nnd Wounded.
London, Sept. 2a A dispatch to the
Central News from Athens reports a
mutiny among the Turkish and Greek
prisoners who are confined on the
Island of Rhodes. Troops were called
upon to restore order, but tho prison
ers Instead of obeying the orders to
disperse, attacked the soldiers, and a
desperate fight occurred. Before tho
prisoners were subdued 20 men were
killed and 40 wounded.
Took Morphine.
Marion, Ind., Sept 2a John Traut,
of Upland, a town ten miles east of
here, committed suicide by taking
morphine. Ho was working as bar
tender in a saloon. Traut's relatives
live in Craig City, Va. The remains
will be shipped homo for burial.
No Attempt to Assassinate the Snltan.
London, Sept. 28. Tho Daily Nows
Monday publishes a dispatch from Con
stantinople denying tbe recent reports
that attempts. had been made to assas
sinate tho sultan, and that there had
been a mutiny among the troops at the
Yildiz Kicsk.
a (iveAway?
' a tine all wool and worsted
.OU suits, comprising all the
now, plain and fancy col
orings In Cheviots, Vienna and Clay
weaves. Any suit in this lot worth 810.
rtl )) Your choice of the finest
I JtZmUU imported woolen and
worsted suits, silk and
satin lined and tailored equal to the
finest to order suit, comprising fine
Tweeds, Scotches, Wales and Clay.
BoysUlne all wool double
or3singlo breasted, long
pant suits. All the new
fall patterns.
suits. iui utyica uuu
In Far-Away Liberia Are in a
Starving Condition.
Sad Story of the Want, Misery and
Hunger Suffered by Negroes
TVno Sailed l'rom Savannah, Qfc,' to Try
Tholr Fortunes in the HUck Kepub-
11c Many Unfortunates Carrled"0(r
by Fever Missionaries Assisting.
Philadelphia, Sept. 23. Among tho
passengers on tho steamer Waesland,
from Liverpool, wore six colored peo
ple who were overjoyed at finding
themselves again In the United States.
They were Taylor Smith, of Forest
City, Ark., his wife and two children
and two friends, and thoy all had a
sad story to toll of tho want, misery
and hunger buffered by the Negro col
onists who sailed from Savannah in
tho Laurada last March to try their
fortunes in the Black republic of Li
beria. From the day they landed at Mon
rovia, Mr. Smith said, until their de
parture they were unable to get an
hours's work of any kind.
Twenty-five acres of ground were
given them by the Libcrian govern
ment, but thero were no houses to
shelter them or their families.
Soon after their arrival tho rainy
season began, and with it came a ma
larial fever called by the natives "John
Hull Fever" which carried away 40 of
the newcomers among whom was ouc
of Mr. Smith's children.
Tho disease was still doing its dead
ly work when he left for the United
Mr. Smith stated that nearly one
half of the 202 persons taken to Mon
rovia on tho Iforsa, which left Savan
nah some time before the Laurada,
were dead and baried long ago. Luck
ily for him ho took with him SS00,
which enabled him to return home.
When he left, old friends half naked
and crippled by disease hobbled out
into tho surf to bid him what they all
felt would bo a last farewell.
President Chee'scman, of Liberia, and
the missionaries did all they could for
the unfortunates, but the returned col
onists said, like everybody else, they
had very little money, no food and" no
work for them.
In Front of Which Ilrynn Spoko WhlRt.ln
Salem, Mass., Domed A Slentllcant
Telegram. .,v
TtnqTnTC. Kflnt "S. Thnrn traR fnwnh
sdrprise iu tho Bryan party when new i
reached it Monday morning of the
burning of tho underwear factory oi
W. II. Burns & Co., on Salem Square,
Worcester. This was the building on
which was displayed, last Friday, dur
ing Mr. liryan's speech directly in
front'of it, a largo American flag bear
ing Maj. McKlnley's portrait, and an
equally large red flag with Mr. Bryan's
picture. The police have been making
efforts, to secure tho original of the
dispatch sent from Worcester to Mr.
Bryan, expressing gratification that
the factory had been burned, but the
telegraph company has thus far de
clined to hurrendor it. Mr. Bryan re
'fused to discuss the matter Monday
Results In Two Murders Near Gray, V.
Va. Avenged a Ilrothur's Death.
Gkay, W. Va. , Sept. 2S. Late Satur
day night a crowd of Mingo county
voters was returning home from a po
litical meeting, when a heated discus
sion arose over the financial question.
John Roberts struck "Doc" Estop a
blow on the head with a cane. Estop
in return drew a revolver and shot
Itoberts three times, causing instant
ideath. King Roberts, a brother of
John, on hearing of the murder, pro
cured a Winchester rifle and started in
pursuit of Estep. Estop was overtaken
within 100 feet of his house by King,
who fired two shots at him. The last
one struck him in tho breast, killing
him. King is yet at large. The men
were all farmers and weio well known
in this section.
l'uyniiister Shot und Rohued.
Sewall, W. Va., Sept. 2S. W. L.
Wilson, paymaster for the Longdajc
Iron Co , was shot and robbed on the
Mann's Creek railway, lie was on his
way to pay tho miners at Cliff Top.
Ho was attacked by Joseph Thompson,
an employe of the Longdalc Co., who
hold up tho train. Ho solzed the mon
ey and ran, Wilson firing after him.
Thompson returned the firo with fatal
effect. Wilson died Sunday night. A
reward of S250 has been offered by Fa
yutto county and one of S500 by the
Longdalc Iron Co. for tho apprehen
sion of Thompson.
Tho Czar Grouse Shoolfag.
Ballater, Scotland, Sapt. 28. The
weather was fine Monday and tho czar
took advantage of tho opportunity tc
go out on a grouse shooting trip. The
czar and czarina 'vill start on October 3
for tho south, en route for Paris, where
thoy are expected to arrive on the
morning of October 0.
iTvutniir uurcau warnings.
Chicago, Sept. 28. The weathei
bureau Monday afternoon issues the
following bulletin: Dangerous north
east gales on Lake Michigan Monday
evening and Monday night.
Artist Cremated In lied.
London, Sept. 28. Fred Bernard,
the artist of Black and White, has
been burned to death in bed. It is sup
posed that the bedclothes caught fire
whllo ho was smoking.
Ppelc Strike.
London, Sept. 28. It is reported
here that tho dock laborers of Hata
burg have gono out on a strike.
Two of the Lenders of the Clans of High
wnymen ut Cleveland Arrested.
Ci.EVi::,AND. O., Sept. 28. Sunday
night the police rtfvealed tho identity
of the two mysterious prisoners they
have held at the Central station for tho
lust 24 hours. They are Bert Kaiser,
alias George Stanley, and James
Bowen, alias Curtis, alias Watson,
and are tho leaders of the gang of
highwaymen who have terrorized Cleve
land during the last month. Both
are well known crooks and have served
time. Thoy wore caught red-handed
in tho act, but the police kept tho mat
ter quiet in order to secure other mem
bers of tho gang. Saturday night
about S o'clock the two prisoners en-tered-the
saloon of William Irfert on
Sheriff street, covered the proprietor
with revolvers, looted tho cash draw
er and then made the frightened
man set up the drinks. A few minutes
later they held up the saloon of James
Keating and after confiscating tho cash
sat down at a table to drink. A porter
slipped out and called the police. Pa
trolmen Anderson and Watt responded
to the call and arrested the men after
a sharp fight, during which several
shots were exchanged.
The police claim to have a line on the
gang's headquarters, and promise to
round them all up before 24 hours.
Sunday night at 9:30 the police discov
ered two men attempting to forco an
entrance to Landls' cigar store, corner
of Seneca and Frankfort streets. This
store was successfully burglarized but
a week ago.
And Property Destroyed ns a Resnit of n
Cloudburst at San Marcus, Tex.
San Antonio, Tex.. Sept 2S. A
cloudburst struck the city of San Mar
cos, 00 miles north of here, and almost
destroyed the lower portion of the
'town. All the bridges over tho San
Marcos river, which runs through the
city, were washed away, and a score
of houses arc in ruins. Tho tracks of
'the M., K. & T. and I. & G. N. railroads
were washed out for three quarters of
la mile, and no trains have passed since
nlno o'clock Saturday morning. Many
'people were Injured by falling build
ings, and it is believed that many have
(been drowned.
( Three families living in the lower
(portion of the city, close to the banks
of tho river, have not been heard from,
,and It Is feared they have been drowned.
(Tho rush of water was so great that it
'swept every thing before it, and the
'damage to property will exceed S100,.
(000. While the loss of life will be
jheavy, all telegraph and telephone
.wires are down, and the only informa
tion that has reached-the outside world
jwas sent by messenger to Kyle, Tex.,
10 miles distant, and telephoned to this
Surrounded by Insurgents nnd Twenty
' Three Hilled and Tour Wonndod Tol
sun Released on Condition
Havana, Sept. 28. Through the ef
forts of Consul Gen. Lee, an order has
been issued by Capt Gen. Weyler, di
recting the 'release of Tolsen, the
American citizen who was arrested re
cently on board tho Ward line steamer
Seneca at this port. A condition at
tached to his release is that he shall
leave the island on Wednesday next.
Thirty-five Spanish volunteers, com
manded by Lieut. Romero, were sur
rounded by a superior forco of insur
gents as they were leaving the
town of Quivican, province oi
Havana. A desperate fight en
sued, tho Spaniards attempting
to cut their way through tho rebels.
Their efforts were without avail and
they did not cease to fight until 23 of
their number were killed and four
wounded. Amond tho killed was
Lieut. Romero. Tho volunteers who
escaped report that severe losses were
inflicted upon the rebels.
To Ilulld Torpedo Itoats.
Washington, Sept. 28. Tho Bath
iron works of Maine will build two of
tho 30-knot torpedo boats, and the
Union Iron works of San Trancisco,
tljo remaining one; Wolff & Zwicker of
Portland, Ore., two 22J knot boats,
and of tho little 20 knot boats, Herres
hoffwill have thre-, Columbian Iron
works of Baltimore two, and Hill man
Bros, of Philadelphia one. This is tho
decision finally reached by Chief Con
structor Hichborn and Engineer in
Chief Mellville to whom tho numerous
and complicated bids opened Septem
ber 11 were referred.
I'almer and liucknor.
Washington, Sept. 2S. Senator Palm
er and ex-Gov. Bucknor came down from
Philadelphia Sunday in their special
car, reaching Washington at half-past
three o'clock. Gen. Buekner stayed
only a few minutes, continuing on the
same train to Louisville, but Gen.
Palmer, who was accompanied by his
wife, son and daughter-in-law, went to
the home of his son-in-law, Edwin Q.
Crahbe, a chief of division in the pen
sion office, whero ho will stay until
A Midnight Fire.
WoiiCKSTEii, Mass., Sept 2S. Fire in
tho five-story block at Salem square at
1:30 o'clock Monday morning caused
S45,00O damage by fire, smoke and
W ater. W. H. Burns' loss on tho build
ing, stock and goods in the four floors
occupied by his underwear business is
SiO.000, and W. H. Blodgott & Ca's loss
on fruits is 85,000.
The Unllet Flattened on Ills Skull.
CuATTANdooA.Tenn., Sept 28 Mon
day morning Albert Hughes, alias Man
uel Gregory, colored, was shot by Ern
est Kail, a well-known citizen, while
attempting to burglarize tho lattcr'i
residence. Tho ball from a 45-callbei
pistol," fired at a distance of 12 feet
struck the Negro In the back of the
head and flattened out like a pleco o
Absolutely Pure,
A cream of tartar Baking Powder. Hlgnesi
or all in leavening strength Latttt United
statet Government Food Bevort.
View and Interesting Happenings Within
Our Borders.
Proves to Hnve Threo Living liusbands
Suit for Divorce.
Cleveland, O., Sept 28. Three men,
two of them residents of this city, have
just discovered that they are all pos
sessed of the same wife, and tho third
man, Frank E Dowd, of Defiance,
has quietly begun suit against Mrs.
G. M. Crowl, of Cleveland. Mrs. Crowl
was married July 5, 1803, to
her present husband, who is a street
car conductor, and they live at 1145
Payno avenue. Sunday another hus
band turned up by the name of J. U.
Smith, a musician. Ho alleges that he
married the woman in 1601 and was
never divorced. Mrs. Crowl acknowl
edges tho threo husbands, but says she
thought two of them were dead. The
maiden name of this much married
woman was Eliza Ann Russoll
and was afterward changed to
Eberly by a second marriage of her
mother's. She was born and raised in
Lenox, Ashtabula county, O. She had
children by her last two husbands. All
of tho husbands aer that they know
nothing of their wife's other marriages
until recently.
l'He Thousand Trades Union Men March
in Lino at Cleveland, O.
Cleveland, O., Sept 28. Sunday
afternoon Thomas Evans, the striker
who was fatally shot on August 14, by
non union men during the recent labor
troubles here, was buried in Woodland
cemetery. He died last Thursday, It
rained all day, but despite the weather
over five thousand trades unionists
marched in line to the North Presby
terian church, where the funeral
services wero held, and afterwards
accompanied the body to tho grave.
There were five bands in the proces
sion, playing a continuous dirge. Alonp
the lino thousands of people collected
and viewed the funeral cortege with
uncovered heads. Just as 'the line
swung into Woodlawn avenue a motor
man attempted to run his car through.
The incensed crowd tore him from the
car, broke the trolley and threatened
to mob the conductor. The dead man
is looked upon as a martyr to the cause
of labor, and the feeling against his
slayer is intense.
Kansas liuDks Full.
Toi'EKA, Kas., Sept 28. Two bank
failures were reported to the state
bank commissioner Saturday, one at
Argonia and the other at Tribune,
Greeley county. The latter reported
liabilities amounting to 80,000. Itt
capital stock is 5,000. No cause is as
signed for the failures other than a
gradual shrinkage of business in tho
western part of tho state.
Victory for the Socialists.
Bejilin, Sept 28. The elections for
members of the diet of Gotha, of which
the second son of Queen Victoria (the
duke of Edinburgh) is tho reigning
duke, which wero hold Sunday, re
sulted in a great victory for tho social
ists, who won nine out of the 19 scats.
The Cincinnati on the Way to the JMedi
K!rr tcrrnnean.
Washinton, Sept 28. The cruiser
Cincinnati reported at Ponta Delgado,
Island of San Miguel, Azores, Sunday,
and lqft there Monday for Gibraltar
on her way to join tho squadron in
tho Mediterranean for duty in Turkish
Mark A
New York City,
js The largest Strictly Tailoring estab-
s lishment in the United States. Em-
gg ploys 40 cutters and 600 tailors. 3
m , n
I Star x (Slothing House
H Represents them in Marietta and show H
gj the most complete line in the city. js
P , SB
p A Fit Guaranteed or no Sale. 1
p Lowest
H P. S. All orders
1 days.
Arrival and Departure of Trains.
d. & o. s.w.
Depart 6.oo a. m., 10:40 a. m., !:oo pm iiR
p. m.,7:00p.m.,ll:J5p.m,
ABKrvB 8:05 a.m. 8:10 a. m 1J:I5, p. m.,il
p. m 0:40, p. m., 8:55 p. m.
T. &"ttC. Ex.
Leave 2.10 p.m.. 9:00,4100 a.m
AHnrvK 4:4f, 12:15 p m, 7:80 a.m
C. &. M.
Leave 6:25a.m. IsESp.a
AHHtvi 11:15 a.m., 7:05 p. a
Leave o.-20a.m IHO p. at
arrive io:40a.m., 5:lCp.m
O It. R. R. (Eastern Time.)
Sotmi 0.84a.m.; 8:03.7:33p.m
North 12:82, :50 a m.: 7:27 p. m
Of the Columbus, Kandusky & Ilockingr
Valley Railway Meet and Elect Officers.
Columiius, O., Sept 28. Tho annual
meeting of the stockholders of
tho Columbus, Sandusky &
Hocking Valloy resulted Monday"
in tho election of tho follow
ing directors: David S. Gray, Fred J-.'
Picard, George W. Sinks, Charles Par
rott, Henry Stearns, Clinton D. Fire
stone, Theodore Leonard, Henry D. '
Turney, W. E. Guerln, John P. Mo
Cune, all of Columbus; Ed. H. Zur-f'
horst, Sandusky, O.; H. W. Putnam, I
jr., Joseph F. Grcenough, Charles FJ
Dean, C. J. G. Hull, of New York.
Tho board will meet here next Satur
day at 9 ft. m. to organize.
The following annual financial stato-i
ment was made:
Gross earnings, S005,200.0S; operatinjj
expenses, 8000,805.03; net earnings
8208,431.05. Rentals and taxes, 3101,
170.87. Surplus applicable to interest,
8107,200. 18.
Strango Tragedy at Massillon.
Massillon, O., Sept. 28. While tho
family of David McElhenny, of Dalton,
were at church, their Invalid guest.
Thomas Kiud, aged 14 years, son of W.
K. Kidd, n Cleveland lawyer, was shot
and killed. When Carl McElhenny,
nged seven years, was found, he wouldt
say nothing. no had been left with
young Kidd. The theory is that the
younger child shot tho older, though1
lor what cause is unknown.
Ex-Senator Ahbott Granted a New Trial'
CoLtnmus, O., Sept. -28. It was nnJ
nounccd Monday afternoon that tho
circuit court of this county would re
verse Judge D. i Pugh la his ruling.
reiusing-a new trial to ex-aenatotr J,
Q. Abbott; of Morgan county. This
would give Abbott a new trial, and his
friends behove that it will save him
from the sentence which has beon im-J
posed for alleged bribery.
Drowned in the Blonmco River.
Toledo, 0.,Sept 28. Information has
reached hero from Defiance that Chas.1
Gossler, a young business man of that
city, was drowned in tho Maumee
Saturday while attempting to walk on
tho water in imitation of tho Saviour.
Gossler is believed to have become in
sane over religion. He was married
only last w eek.
Anti-saloon Crusade nt Zanesvllie.
Zanesville, O., Sept 28. The Antl
Saloon leacuois makinc thin its exceed
intrlv llvelv in this eitv. Severa 1 nrosJ
ccutions have been brought under thoj
Vint nvrlil l.l lr... Kn cnln t Itnun- ...(tt. 1
in two miles of a fair.
The Reformatory Ready.
Coi.umdub, O., Sept 28. Gov. Bush
noil has issued a proclamation direct-.
ing the attention of the judges of the
state to the fact that the Ohio state re-'
formatory was ready for tho reception
o: prisoners.
Robbed a Widow.
Wapakoneta, O., Sept. 2S. Mrs Su-1
Ban oiiaw, a wiuow living nve mnesi
east of here, was held up by three men
who ransacked her residence. She,
drew her pension Saturday.
Grist Mill and Klointor Horned.
Chicago Junction, O., Sept 28. Th
Elkins Bros', grist mill and elevatoi
with 10.000 bushnls of wheat, wnm ilv1
stroyed by fire Sunday. Tho loss is cs i
tim.ited at 8100,000.
IVnnnnuinlcrr Uuys Out Hilton, Ilughis J
New Yomc, Sept. 2S. John Wanna
maker, of Philadelphia, has bought thi
leasehold and entire stock and fixtures
of Hilton, Hughes & Co., and will be
gin business in the big Tenti streu
storo almost immediately,
bato Robbed of BIO.
Wawien, O., Sept 28. The safe li
the carriase works of n. r. nrnnnnn a
Son w as cracked and nearly 840 and'
pupers ot value stolen.
"',"'" -"
filled within ten

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