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VOL. II. NO. 244
There is no Respect or Safety
for American People.
Everything on the Island Literally
Burned and Destroyed.
Many of tho Inhabitants Are Dying of
Starvation American Cltlzsns Aro At .
rested and Shot Down Without tho
Semblance, of Trial bj Spaniard's.
Grand Baviob, Mich., Oct. 12. A
prominent resident ol this city, who
once resided In Cuba but escaped with
others in a small boat to the United
States, received a letter from one ot
his sisters in that country Saturday.
lie read tho accounts of the march ol
Gomez to tho west, and knew ho must
have crossed the plantation of his
brother-in-law on the Rouque. but he
could only imaglno their fate. The
letter was dated at tho American con
sulate in Matanzas, September 29, and
was written fn Spanish. The lottcr
reads as follows:
"Wo are all together in this city,
where wo have been since January.
Our home has been abandoned sinco
the Gomez invasion. Wo have been
trying to lcavo this country and scttlo
in Alabama or Louisiana and will prob
ably do so. You can not imagine tho
'state of affairs in this unhappy country.
Tho Spanish arrest and often murder
ithc people in tho country, and nobody
;is sure in tho evening that he will bo
living in the morning. There is no re
'spect or safety for American peopld
'The island is literally desolated, every
thing burned and destroyed. It is im
possible to do any business or earn a
dollar in this unhappy island and tho
people of this once rich country are llt
Jerally dying of starvation. Wo do not
'know what tho end will be, but tho
.present conditions are desperate
American citizens aro shot down with-
out tho scmblanco of a trial, tho mur
der always being outsldo the cities.
The Spaniards start out with the pris
oners, claiming that they aro to remove
them to other cities, but they shoot
them down and then claim the prison
ers attempted to escape. Cubans aro
winning nearly every battle and will
certainly win their contest for free
dom." lll'ood l'olnonlat the Cause.
Warren, 0., Oct 12. L. a Taft,
superintendent of the Trumbull Coun
ty Children's home, died from blood
poisoning. The deceased was widely
Drowned In a Tank of Oil.
Lima, O., Oct. 12. James Robb fell
into a tank of oil at tho Solar refinery
and was drowned.
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Of tho Dead Robber and Ills Victim,
Cashier Thorburn.
SiiRiuiURKi:, Minn.; Oct 12. Sunday
was onb of funerals in Sherburne as
well as affording an opportunity for
the residents of the surrounding towns
to look at tho scenes of Wednes
day's robbery and tho body
of tho dead robber. Several
hundred people from adjoining coun
ties came in during tho day and gazed
curiously at tho bank whero tho trag
edy occurred. Tho robber was buried
Sunday morning at 11, or at least tho
remains wero taken to tho cemetery
at tho south side of tho town and in
terred in potters field. Tho gravo was
not filled In, however, and the coffin
was frequently opened during tho day
for purposes of identification. When
tho cofiln had been lowered in its
rough plno box, Rev. G. J. Lutz, tho
local Methodist pastor, spoko briefly
on tho recent crime and its speedy
vengeance. Services for tho dead cash
ier, Geo. Thorburn, were held at tho
Congregational church Sunday after
noon. The remains will bo shipped
Monday to Montreal.
Thero was a great deal of specula
tion hore Sunday concerning the man
under arrest at Lake Mills, In., but
nothing can bo learned locally.
Ono of tho Sherburne Bank Robbers Ar
restod and Tells of tho Affair.
St. Paul, Minn., Oct 12. Tho man
captured Saturday at Lake Mills on
suspicion of being tho surviving ono of
the bandits, who committed the double
murder and bank robbery at Sher
burne, Minn., Sunday evening made
a fnll confession of the affair.
He says they wero brothers,
but refuses absolutely to tell
his name. A"? tho citizens of Sher
burne are still bitterly aroused, it will
not bo safe to take tho prisoner there,
as lynching would surely follow. He
may bo taken to Wannobago City for
safo keeping on tho morning train.
Efforts aro being made by tho authori
ties to keep their movements secret to
avoid a mob. .
An American Dentist Arrested lu Ilerllm
Berlin, Oct 12. A dentist has been
arrested and fined in this city for dis
playing upon the door of his office a
plate describing him as a doctor of
dentistry with tho approbation of an
American dental college. The court
hold that it was against the law for
him to uso a foreign title in practice In
Splendid Gift to Vale. 1
Boston, Mass., Oct 12. Millionaire
J. Montgomery Sears, of this city, pre
sented the magnificent' classical library
of tho noted German scholar, Ernst
Curtln, to Yale college. The library
consists of 3,500 raro classical volumes,
pamphlets, and.old .manuscripts.
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And the Condition of Laborers
in Mexico.
Report of the Committee of the Chi
cago Trades' Assembly.
Ko Stochlngs Worn by Either Sex Aver
age Cost of Life for a Peon Family of
rivo U 3S Cents Per Day For ,
Clothing 820 1'rr Year. 4
Chicago, Oct 13. P. J. Maas and
Patrick Enrlght, sent to Mexico by tho
Chicago Trado and Labor assembly, to
investigate tho condition of the work
ing people in that country, have re
ported in part as follows:
"Wages in Mexico, except to skilled
and steady mechanics always foreign
ers aro very low. On railroads en
gineers (Americans) on passenger
trains receive S210 per month, while the
firemen (Mexican) receive 81.85 per day;
freight engineers (American) 8250 per
month; firemen (Mexican), 81. CO to SI. 75
per day; passenger conductors (Amer
icans, S1B0 per month; brakemen )Mcx
lean), 57 to 803 per month; Pullman
conductors, 880 per month (American
money) with the porter 830 per month
(American money), with 85 per month
extra for being able to talk Spanish.
The national soldiers (or regular army)
of Mexico, called rurales, and who aro
all ex-bandits, receivo 81 per day.
In a broom factory near the depot at
Jimenez the men aro paid 50 cents,
women and children 25 to 3TK cents
per day. In tho cotton-mills, cotton
seed oil mills and soap factory at Tor
rcon men arc paid 3TX to 50 cents,
women and children 23 cents per day.
A cardo (public carrier) has a rate of
12J4 cents per hour, but you can hlro
him for from 25 to 3"K cents per day."
In regard to the condition of the
poor working classes the committee
"No stockings arc worn by either
sex and only about one-third wear san
dals, which arc mado from a piece of
sole leather and tied to tho foot with
straps. These sandals cost from 12 to
20 cents per pair. The average cost of
tho necessities of life for a peon family
of five is 25 cents per day and clothing
for the same costs about 820 per year.
"The day's work in Mexico runs from
10 to 14 hours. The baker works 20
hours, and workmen who take work to
their homes work as many hours as
they please.
"On tho hacienda (plantation) the
peon gets from 18 to 25 cents per day
for bis work and a hut to live in, if he
builds it himself. The peon gets no
money except on feast days and for
religious offerings. By this bystem he
is always in debt to tho haciendado.
This form of slavery has been forbid
den by law for a number of years, but
two-thirds of the peons do not know it.
as they can neither read nor write and
their masters take good care not to
teach them this fact.
Charged With Taking Too Actlie a l'nrt
In tho Campaign.
Washington, Oct 12. Tho post office
department has on file complaints
against various postmasters charged
with taking too active a part in the
campaign. A majority of the com
plaints wero heat to tho president by
citizens, and in all of thorn it appeared
that tho officials were electioneering
for Bryan and free silver. Early in the
campaign Posmaster General Wilson
sent to all postmasters an order of
the president advising' them not to be
come too active In politics Recently
a Michigan postmaster v. as removed
for.not observing this warring. Tho
latest complaint received is against
Wm. S. Norwood, postmaster at Titus
ville, Fla. No action has yet been
taken against the late offenders, but it
is possible that post office inspectors
may be assigned to investigate the
charges against the mostf flagrant
County Clerk Under Arrest.
- Chicago, Oct 12. County Clerk
Philip Knopf, was arrested Monday
morning and taken before Judge Payuo
on a charge of endorsing fraudulent
registration. The specific chargo
against Knopf is the issuance of over
2,000 registration certificates to minors,
without a direct order from a court or
any recognized authority. The arrest
caused big excitement in political
National I.lvu Stork Exchange.
Foiit Worth, Tex , Oct. 12. The
opening of tho Natioual Live 'Stock ex
change was inaugurated Monday with
a grand exhibit of stock. An exciting
feature of tho program Monday morn
ing was tho roping of wild steers by
expert cowboys, branding, etc. At
tho conclusion of this feature a bar
becue took place, participated in by
tuousanus ot people.
' ' High Tldo at Cape'Mity.
CArE May, N. J., Oct. 12. The title
rose over Cape May meadows last night
five feet deep, accompanied by heavy,
beating sea. At South Cape May tho
sea carried away tho beach .bulwarks
and largo sections of tho avenue road
bed, and jeopardized several eeottages
on its border. The trolley road for
several hundred- feot was undermined
by tho surf.
French Cruiser Starts for Morocco.
Toulon, Oct 12. A French cruiser
Is about starting from this station for
Morocco to punish tho Riff pirates who
recently seized and plundered the
French ship Corinte, off tho coast of
Morocco. i
Shoo Manufacturers Assign.
Lynn, Mass., Oct 12. Corcoran, Cal
lahan & Co., shoo manufacturers, have
assigned. Tho liabilities aro 812,000;
assets about 832,000.
The Archbishop tif Canterbury, Stricken
With Apoplexy During Divine Service,
and Dies Almost Immediately.
London, Oct. 12 Hon. and Most
Rev. Edward White Benson, arch
bishop of Canterbury and prlmato of
all England, was stricken with ap
oplexy during dlviiio service in the
Ilawarden church Sunday morning
and died almost immediately, his death
Aiicmiisiior or Canterbury.
occurring at 11:45 a. m. Mr. and Mfti.
Gladstone were in their pew when the
archbishop was stricken. Archbishop
Benson was 07 year's of age.
Dy tho death ot Archblsop Benson, ot Can
terbury, la vacated tbo place highest In ec
clesiastical authority In the Church of Eng
land, possloly, also of sreatcst religious In
fluence therein. The Church ot England has
two convocations, ono of Canterbury and ono
of York, known respectively as tho southern
and northern coavocatlon
Both the archbishop of Canterbury and tho
archbishop of York aro entitled Primate of
England, but he of Canterbury is authorized
also to prefix boforo "England" tho adjective
"all" ror this reason the archbishop of
Canterbury claims pre-eminence, and tho
claim Is enforced by such considerations as (1)
a $73.000-a-year salary against York's 530.000 a
year; (2) tho capital ot Great nrltaln being
situate In the province of Canterbury, and. by
certain historical associations with British
royalty In coronations, etc. But this prc-em
lneiice of Canterbury has been disputed
stoutly by York and ue Northern province,
and current is tho story of an Archbishop ot
York belated at an ecclesiastical assembly ot
England, seating himself In tho lap ot tho si
ready throned Archbishop of Cinterbury,
rather than take a lower scat.
Archbishop Benson's Buccc.bor In the See ot
Canterbury will be nominated by tho queen.
or her successor, and liter vi 111 be elected by
tho dean and chip'cr ot the see at a ses
sion specially called for the purpose.
Thi nomination and election will be
confirmed still later by a commission ot
the blshop3 of tho southern proUnce. The
enthroament will follow later still In tho cn
thedral at Canterbury. At tho enthronement
ot the late Archbishop Benson the duko of
Edinburgh represented the royal family, and
Bishop Llttlejohrt, of Uhode Island, the Prot
estant Episcopal church of the United States.
IJellevetl to Unvo Keen Lost nt Sea In the
ICcccnt Storm Nearly rivo Hundred
Men and Officers on Hoard.
DoYEnror.T, England, Oct. 12. A
rumcr is in circulation here that tho
British cruiser Talbot, bound for tho
North American station, foundered at
seaduring the recent gale. The Talbot
is a second class cruiser of 5,000 tons
displacement and carried a crew of 483
officers and men. She is a new vessel,
built hore last year, carries five six
inch quick-firing guns, six seven-inch
guns, eight twelve-pounders and sever
al guns of smaller calibre.
The Talbot belongs to what is known
as the Eclipse class of protected cruis
ers, which includes the Diana, Dido,
Doris, lsls, Juno, Minerva, Venus and
Eclipse. Her registered speed is 10.5
knots and she carries 530 tons of coal.
London, Oct 12. Inquiries mado at
the admiralty show that no confirma
tion has been received there of the re
ported loss of the cruiser Talbot.
In tho l'uclflo to bo Scientifically Studied
An Aquarium to bo llullt at Hono
lulu. San Francisco, Oct. 12. The Ilono-'
lulu correspondent of the United Asso
ciated Presses writes that lion. C R.
Bishop has authorised the trustees of
the Bishop Museum to expend 8730,000
in building an aquarium at Honolulu
for tho scientific study of mnrino llfo
in tho Pacific. It is intended to
c.cellany other aquarium in tho
world. Prof. W. T. Brigham has just
returned from visiting European
aquariums and is prepared to complete
the plans. Marine life will bo gathered
from all parts of tho Pacific. A corps
of professors will be maintained and
students will be expected from Europe
and America.
Senator Ulackbura JU.iy Not be Able to
Tako Further I'art In the Campaign.
Versailles, Ivy., Oct 12. Senator
Blackburn is quite ill at his home. IIo
has a fever, and is threatened with
bronchitis.. IIo took cold in New York
last week when speaking at Tammany
hall. At Mt Vernon, whero he Was to
speak, ho broke down and came home.
Ills physicians have ordered absolute
.quiet He will not bo able to resume
iis campaign for ten days, and pos
sibly not before election.
btraugo Skin Disease.
BEAVEit Palls. Pa , Oct. 12. Tho bi
cycle has been blamed for a strange
new disease, of which Robert Mcin
tosh Is a victim He is suffering with
a painful eruption on his hands, feet
and lips, that ho believes is tho result
of poison that has been communicated
to his system from tho handles of his
Tynan Will llo Relented.
Washington", Oct. 12. Ambassadoj
Eustls, in a cablegram Monday morn
inp, informs tho secretary of stato that
P. J. P. Tynan, the American suspect,
whose oxtraditlon Great Britain asked,
will be released. It Is thought that
Tynan v 111 sail for America by the
first steamer.
1 T iiW I
Absolutely Pure.
A cream of tarter baklnp; powder. Highest
of all in leavenlns strenmh. Latest United
States Government Food Ileport,
Royal Imkikq Powdkh Co., New York.
Now and Interesting Happenings Within
Oar Borders.
Ex-Cashier Hoy o ton Commences Ills Term
of Flvo Years Sad 1'tirtlng With Ills
Columbus, O., Oct 12. William A.
Boynton, tho aged ex-cashier of tho
First national bank of Franklin, 0.,
was received at the penitentiary at
11:30 Saturday night, to servo five years
for misappropriating tho funds of tho
institution mentioned. Ho was
brought to the penitentiary by Deputy
United States Marshal John H. Hcber.
A son of tho gray-haired convict ac
companied him to the prison doors.
The old man bore up bravely until
the moment of taking lcavo of his son
came, when he broke down and wept
like a child. His sobs resounded
through the dark and gloomy corri
dors as his son tore himself away.
Young Boynton put up at the Amer
ican house for the night, and again
visited his father at the prison Sun
day. He says he fears his father will
not live until his sentence expires.
Granted tho Cnilctcrt- Legislators, Idcn
laM AhlKitr.
CoLUiuiL's, O.. Oct 12. The circuit
court has granted a now trial ta ex
Senators John 1'. Abbott and George
Jden. The former was found guilty of
soliciting a bribe from Elena E. Black,
of Lancaster, and the latter of offering
50 to John Malloy, clerk of tho houso
of representatives, to put tho Newark
encampment bill further up on tho
docket The cases will now go back
to tho common pleas court
Cashier's Alleged Peculation.
XnsiA, O.j. Oct. 12. There was much
excitement at Cedarvillo Saturday over
the'sudden disappearance of William
Clemmeus, cashier of tho Cednrvillo
bank, and ord soon passed that he
had gone with a sum of money. lie is
highl3 connected, being a son of Rev.
Clemmens of the Broadway M. E.
Church, Dayton, and a man with a
large circle of business and personal
friends. He left a letter for his family
stating that ho was going to Mexico.
btaned Herself to Death.
Yocxgsiown, O., Oct. 12. Mrs. Hen
ry Grtinay, aged 50, residing near New
Bedford, is dead, having starved her
self to death. A year ago her husband
died, leaving her in comfortable cir
cumstances. She mourned his death,
and finally attempted suicide. Recent
ly she has been in charge of a trained
nurse, bnt refused to take any nour
ishment, saying that she wanted to
join her husband.
I Hogs Die by Hundreds.
Defiance, O., Oct. 12. Tho farmers
of this county are becoming alarmed
over the seriousness of hog cholera,
which has been &preading rapidly dur
ing the past week. Joo Wisdu, Henry
Dsepe, Wm Keaster, Coon Miller and
Frank Miller lost an nggregato of 250
hogs in ten days.
t "Xatlonnt Democrats" the r irnc.
Coi.umdus, O., Oct. 12. As predicted,
Secretary of State Taylor decided that
the gold democrats shall appear on
the Ohio ballot as "National demo
crats." Akron Uuslntss Mali Tails.
Akiio.v, O., Oct. 12. George W.
Weeks, dealer in china and crockery,
nssigned to II. T. Wilson. Assets and
liabilities are about S5.Q00 each.
The day is past when it was an expensive undertaking to I
keep up with the styles in Hats. We have kept up the Qual- f
ity but gradually forced down
? Fancy prices until we are to-
day doing a largo business
f in t "Hawes" our sp ciai
(in all popular AG Blocks)
e in a $5.00 quality for
! $3.00.
t Star Glothins Bouse.
Arrival and Departure of Trains,
b. & o. s.w.
Dxpaiit 6. oo a.m., 10:oa.m., i:00 rm 5I
p. m., 7:oo p.m., 11:25 p.m.
n.5tv,F'r?:05 a m- 8:10 a. m., 1S:, p. m iH
p. m., o:0, p. m., 8:15 p. m.
t -.,.,, T. &"d"c. Ex.
LAVE 2. 10 p.m., 9:00, 4:00 a.m
Abi"ve it, 12:15 pm. 7:80 a. m
C. &. M.
6:25 a.m. 2:55 p. m
11:15 a.m., 7:05 p. a
z. & o.
, 0:20 a.m.. SilOu. m
10:40a.m., E:C5 p.m.
O. n. R. U. (Eastern Time.)
South 9:8la.m.; 3:03.7:33 p.m
North 12:32, 3:50 a.m.; 7:27 p.m
tfood uVrliery Ulect Officers.
Detroit, Oct 12. Tho national con
ventlon of the Amalgamated Wootl
Workers of America elected tho follow
ing officers: President, D. D. Mulcahy,
Detroit; treasurer, Henry Engleking,
of Chicago; secretary, Thos. A. Kldd,
of Chicago. General council, Chos. F.
Gcbcleln, of Baltimore; James G. Lo
Chance, of Minneapolis; J. W. Gogglns,
of St. Louis, and AV. J. Wolfe, of To
ronto. Tho headquarters will remain,
at Chicago. No more national conven
tions will be held by the body until
the need of such a meeting becomes
Fatally Shoots Ills Sweetheart.
St. Louis, Oct 12. At 12:30 Monday
morning Philip Zimmer, a blacksmith,
fatally shot Cclla Vcitz, his sweetheart,
at her homo 723 Polk street, shot his
sister slightly and then committed
suicide by shooting himself through
tho heart His body is at tho morgue.
Zimmer and his sister called on the
dead girl and a quarrel over another
young man led to the tragedy.
No Fusion In Florida.
Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 12. Thero
will bo no fusion between democrats
and populists in Tlorida. It has been
stated that the populists offered ta
tako down their candidates for con
gress and support tho democratic nom
inees if the democrats would replace
one of their electors by a populist
Tho democratic managers were not
willing to do this.
Steoi WorKs xcesntnos uperations.
Scranton, Pa., Oct 12. The Scran
ton, steel works, of. tho Lackawaaa
Iron Co, idle. for. nearly; three. months,
resumed work in" all departments."Mbn
day morning on, orders that will keep
the works on "double turn" for some
time. Over 1,200 employes aro bone
fitted by tho order.
Ambassador Tiayard's Suggestion.
Wilmington, Del., Oct. 12. A letter
from Ambassador Bayard to a friend
in this city is published here Monday
in which Mr. Bayard suggests' that
democrats should refuse to support
Bryan and Sewall, and says they
should vote for Palmer and Buekner.
I Fell to Ills Death.
Akron, O., Oct. 12. Frank James, of
Furnace street an Italiau, fell from
the railway trestle over tho canal Sun
day night, and was instantly killed.
He was part way across the trestle
when a freight approached. Tho Ital
ian lost his balance and fell 100 feet
Advised to Accept n Itcductlon.
Columiius, 0., Oct. 12. President
Penna and Secretary Pearcc, of the
United Mineworkers of America, have
Issued a circular to the miners of Ohio,
advising them to accept a reduction in
wages to 41 cents from 01 cents.
Two Tramps Killed Near Fremont.
Toledo, O., Oct 12. Near Fremont,
O., Sunday morning, a wesl bound.
Lake Shore freight train ran into and
killed two men who aro thought to bo
Wm. Sheridan, of Toronto, Ont, and
Thomas Ware, of Pittsburgh. Both
men were tramps.
feet Tiro to HU Clothes.
Lima, 0., Oct. 12. Th little son of
Garry Miller, whilo with the other
boys Saturday evening, set his clothes
nfiro with matches. The child lived,
only u few hours.
Thrown From n Horse.
G.VLLiroi.is, O., Oct 12. Obadiah
Denny, of Springfield township, was
thrown from a horse and sustained In
ternal Injuries from which ho will die.
Mr. Denny is 70 years of age.
Dragged lor Three Squares.
Lima, O., Oct. 12. Mike Noonan. of
Lima, was killed Sunday night at Van,
Wert whilo attempting to board a
freight train. lie was dragged for
three squares.
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