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VOL. II. NO. 288
Tho Vanguard of Gen. Gomez's
. Army at tho Gates.
Geb. Woyler, With an Army of 00,000
MeD, in Pinar Del Rio.
.Maceo Haiti to II o Stroncly Fortified on
Top iC tho Hills Oen. Gomez, With a
Largo Force, lleportad Advancing
West Coloma's Execution.
Key Wkst, Flo., Deo. 4. Passengers
who arrived from Havana Wodncsday
night report that Woyler's campaign
In Pinar del Rio so far is a complete
failure, despite tho fact that lie has'
over (!0,000 men In tho province. When
Weylcr let Artemlsa ho formed a1
column of 10,000 infantry, 1,600
cavalry and ten pieces of artll
lory and marched, skirting tho
base of tho hill on tho southern
side, and sccklng,an opening to attack
Macco, who is strongly fortified on top
of tho hills. It appears that Maceo
has gathered all his forces and is now
entrenched in tho hilts waiting Woy
ler's attack. There is no truth, it is
said, in tho report that Macco has di
vided his forces into small bands to
sludo combat and it is further declared
that it is known on good authority
that Woyler has no view of meeting
Gomez with a largo force is reported
steadily advancing west. IIo is now
reported in Santa Clara province and
it is said is coming with 20,000 men.
Thero aro more shocking details of
Lopez Coloma's execution. Oen. Mar
tinez Campos, it is said, is indignant at
the injustice committed in executing
Coloma. Campos obtained tho queen's
pardon for him and sent a telegram so
advising. Tho messngo arrived at noon
but reports say Woyler pocketed it and
ordered tho execution to proceed.
The rebels trapped '24 local guerrillas
near Quivicau recently. All were
killed with matchets. 'J. he fact was
never reported by the papers.
It is rumored RolofE has arrived with
un oxpedition. He camo from Cam
pcehc, Moxico.
There is great interest in Havana
concerning President Cleveland's mes
sage and the action of congress
Havana. Dee. 4. Tho expectation of
loyalists hero is nt a high point, they
wishing to hoar of a decisivo defeat of
tho robels in the province of I'inar del
Rio by tho troops under command of
Capt. Gen. Woyler. Pinco hid return
to the front from Havana Oen. Weylcr
has had no engagement with the insur
gents. In 'act the Spanish scouts have
not been able to locate the enemy, and
the position is not known of a single
Dne of tho rebel parties. Tho last re
port received hero stated that Gen.
Weyler and his forces were encamped
oear Los Palaeios
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The Buckeye,
Cor. Front and Butlor 8ts.,
Kf.V Wbst, FiO., ITw-c. 4. The guns
of the vanguard of tho army of Gon.
Maximo Gomez are thundurlng at the
gates of Havana, whilo tho captain
gcnoral is protending to bo in pursuit
of Antonio Macco in Pinar del Rio.
Advices rccolved from Havana
by steamer Ollvctto state that Tues
day tho vanguard of tho army of
Gomez L campod near Guanabucao,
which is just across tho bay from Ha
vana. Monday about noon the insur
gents began to bombard Guanabucao.
Tho roar of tho guns was easily heard
in Havana and threw tho loyalists
of the latter city in a panic.
Many houses wero fired by tho
shells from the insurgent can
non, and the smoke and flames
wero visible to tho pcoplo of Havana.
When tho Olivctto sailed the bombard
ment was still in progress, and it was
reported that 80 houses had been
wrecked and S3 Spanish soldiers killed.
Tho Spaniards in Havana wore greatly
alarmed, as they believe that tho
bombardment of Guanabucao was
only preliminary to an attack up
on tho metropolis. It is not llkoly,
however, that Gomez wilt attack
Havana at this time, his purpose being
to make a diversion in favor of Maceo.
Gen. Gomez with tho main body of his
army is now in Santa Clara near tho
border of Matanzas province, and is
proceeding westward as rapidly as
Jacksonville, Flo., Dee. 4. A spe
cial to tho Citizen from Key West says:
"Nows has been received hero that tho
troops of the Spanish garrison at San
Jose do Las Lajas, 20 miles southeast
of Havana, abandoned their post and
joinco. tho insurgents. Many of tho
citizens accompanied tho troops and
carried ammunition with them."
Lyncher Are After Him.
Savannah, Go., Dec. 4. Warren
Cunningham, a Negro, aged 18, a con
vict working on a public highway two
miles from Albany, Ga., attacked a
young white woman named Kate
Cramp Thursday afternoon, and after
beating her into insensibility feloni
ously assaulted her. Lynchers aro
after him.
Dick Mooro Got tho Decision.
Baltimore, Dec. l. Dick Moore, of
St. Paul, got the decision over Abo
Ulman, of Baltimore, in a hotly con
tested SO-round go before tho Eureka
Athletic club Thursday night. Both
men were strong at the finish, but
Moore out pointed the Baltimore man.
KniloMuIl for hrrri'tarj- of Acrlrnltnro.
Saciiami:nto, Cal., Dec. 4. The State
Fruit Growers' convention adopted
a resolution endorsing President El
wood Cooper, of Santa Barbara, for
tho cabinet position of secretary of
Knlh lliyun Cuiivnlrscfint.
Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 4. Health Offi
cer Iihodc Thursday removed tho quar
ontine from the home of lion. W. J.
Bryan, his oldest daughter Kuth hav
ing entirely recovered lioni tho attack
of diphtheria.
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PM 1M Ti
The Flood Scare at Chippewa
Falls Comes to an End.
Tho Wator Has Been Falling Slowly,
But Steadily, for Some Hours.
A Gnvernmmit Kncjlnour of tho Opinion
That thn loe Gorgo Will Not Go Oat
Suddenly I'rofTers of Asnlstanco In
Onio Aid In Needed.
Ciiii'fBWA Falls, Wis.. Dec. 4. Col.
Jones, the army engineer, who is hero
examing tho ilnod situation, has a fow
encouraging words to offer. Ho be
liovos that the gorge will not go out
suddenly but Is not prepared to say
whether or not dynumlto can budgo it.
It is beliovod ho will not nutliorlzo
such un attempt to bo made. Tho
water began rising at 4 o'clock Thurs
day uftcrnoun, and came up with a
rush until it had passed far beyond its
maximum height of Wednesday. Tho"
bustle and excitement of Wednesday
was followed by a. day of comparative
inactivity. Tho only business trans
acted was such as the llood mado neces
sary. Tho freight and passengur depots of
tho Wisconsin Central and Milwaukee
roads aro in a sadly demoralized condi
tion. Mayor Lindley has received numer
ous telegrams proffering assistance in
case aid is required. Gov. Upham telo
graphed for information, and asking if
any help could bo givon by the state to
rumovo tho dangor. Mayor Kauschon
berger, of Milwaukee, telegraphed that
tho city stood ready to do ull In Its
power to offer relief in tho event of
disaster. 1 o all telegrams tho mayor
replied that no assistance was yet re
quired and that tho city was in good
condition yet so far as danger to life is
It is impossible to get room for all
who have been obliged to move, and
merchants have been obliged to store
goods in private residences on tho hill.
Up to 9 o'clock Thursday night 3,000
pounds of dyuaraito have been used on
the gorge, but with little offect. To
make mattors worse a heavy snow
storm ha set in, and more ice
Is forming. Thn people aro panic
stricken, and men aro asking
each other whoro it will end Busi
ness is uumorali.L'd and the loss in tho
aggregate will reach fully S100.000.
Reports .from tho farming country is
distressing. Hundreds aro homeless
and all their personal effects swept
away by tho relentless wators. Tho
government wilt be asked to send, men
to try to blow up tho gorge. This is
the only hope now to save tho city
from being inundated.
At midnight Mayor Lindley consid
ers this town out of danger. Tho wa
tor has been falling slowly but steadily
since 0 o'clock Thursday afternoon,
nnd ho is of the opinion that tho only
danger now is from possible breakages
of dams above. Tho Little Falls dam
appears all right. Rivermcn and
lumbermen pronounce it one of
tho most substantial dams in
tho state, if not tho entire country.
It is reported Thursday night in a
very safe condition and has at no time
since the high water occurred been in
danger. Tho people of Eau Claire have
had all their fears allayed and appre
hend no further danger from tho ice
gorge at that point at least. River ex
perts and loggers have mado a thor
ough Investigation of tho situation.
They have examined carefully the en
tire length of the gorge. The water is
falling slowly.
Ciiiivr.WA Falls, Wis., Dee. 4. The
situatiou horo Friday morning is more
hopeful. 1 ho water has receded one
foot and is gradually going down. It
is thought that tho river has forced a
channel for itself under the gorge
The weather is moderating and unless
all signs fall tho water will continue
to recede. It will probably be two
weeks boforo tho river teturus to its
normal state.
Of Abolishing the Tix on Alcohol to Ho
Used In tho Artrf Consldf rod.
New Yoitic. Dec. 4. Tho joint con
gressional committoo appointed to re
port upon tho advisability of abolish
ing tho tax on alcohol for use in tho
arts, resumed its inquiry Thursday.
Geo. Englohard, of Chicago, was the
first witness. IIo said he represented
the American! Fharmncul association,
Chicago Retail Druggists society and
many other state pharrcnculical asso
ciations. Mr. Englohard represented,
ho said, fully 3J.000 out of 35,000 retail
druggists in the country nnd that not
a singlo slate association is in favor oi
tho law as it now stands.
Edward II, Huncc, representing tho
National Wholesalo Druggists' associa
tion, tho Manufacturing Chemists' as
sociation and the Manufacturing Phar
macists' association, said the wholesale
men, useis of and dealer? in alcohol,
arc in favor of abolishing tho tax. Tho
committee adjourned to moot next
timo in Washington.
Kentucky Vlllnge Hurnud.
ToMi'iUNSVil.Liv ICy., Dec. 4. Tho
town of Flippen, 12 miles west of here,
was almost entirely wiped out by fire.
Four stores, the post olllce. tho village
hotel, a wagon shop, a blacksmith
shop and cabinet shop and a number
of residences wero burned. The loss
is about 530,000. Thero is little in
surance. !! publican Clubs Jollify.
Washington, Dec. 4. The combined
republican clubs of tho District of Co
lumbia had an enthusiastic jollification
meeting Thursday night at Center
Market hull. Senator Shciman, of
Ohio, was tho spealter of tho evening.
nttslmmons la Itondr
to Fight
Jim Uorbett.
Dallas, Tex., Dec 4. -Martin Julian,
manager for Bob Fitzsimmons, tele
graphed Dan Stuart Thursday from
San Francisco that Fitzsimmons won
his light fairly Wednesday night but
was robbed of tho victory and its finan
cial fruits. Ho stated that Fitz
simmons is ready to sign for a
finish fight with Jim Corbott for
tho Slfi.OOO purse offered by Stu
art and that if Sharkey will got into
tho ring with him, ho will whip him
tho samo day or night he fights Cor
bctt, Stuart declined to discuss Wed
nesday night's fight or Referee Earp's
decision. Ho is froe to say, however,
that tho outcomohas not lessened pub
lic intorcst in a finish match between
Fitzsimmons and Corbott, or shaken
tho confidenco of tho frlonds
tt tho Australian, Stuart has
card nothing from Corbott in regard
to his offer. Ho said Thursday: "I do
sot feel surprised at this howover, as
the Corbott party are probably wait
ing for me to arrive in tho east. I
would be thero now only for my sick
ness. I nm unable to travel but feel
so much improved to-day that I hope
to start oast lnsldu of a week's time,
perhaps in three or four days." Stuart
is ublo to sit up again in his prlvato of
Appropriations for ext Fiscal Year Will
Itn Not Lini Than (3140,(100,000.
Washington, Dec. 4. The appro
priation for pensions for tho next
fiscal year will not bo less than one
hundred and forty million dollars, nnd
it may exceed that sum. The sub
committee of the house appropriations
committee, which is now drafting tho
measure find that tho most rigid econ
omy will not reproduce tho amount
necessary for tho maintenance of tho
pensions office beyond tho sum of fifty
thousand dollars in the appropriation
for fees for examining surgeons. This
saving will result not from reducing
the fees, but because a surplus to that
extent will remain unexpended from
this year's appropriations.
Tho bill will bo reported to tho full
Committee Saturday or Monday and bo
placed on the house calendar with the
executive judicial and legislative bill
next week.
Wlfe-Muriltrer Treil lli'hmo
MuLurtnshoro, 111.
Hanged nt
McLiiANSiioito, 111., Dec.
4. Fred
Bohlne was hanged at 12:80.
One Sunday morning last April
Behmo and his wife quarreled over re
ligion. After horribly beating her
witli an ax Behmo threw an old piece
of 'carpet over his wife's body, and on
ton of that piled a load of corn fodder,
but not conccalingathc body. He then
took his little son, aged about three
years, and with a rope hanged him to
a nail in nn old stable. Behmo was
eapturod tho next day about 20 miles
from his home. Ho mado no denial of
his guilt, and when asked why he did
it, he pointed to hishoad and said some
thing thcio told him to do it.
A Tnllgnto on the On on ton I'lko De
stroyed by 111-0 Keener Escapes Un
harmed. FitANKror.T, Ky., Dec. 4. Raiders
burned a tollhouse on the Owcnton
pike, occupied by former County Su
perintendent of Schools Thomas
Huntor was aroused by a volley of
shots after his house had been fired,
lie escaped uninjured. Ho is a one
armed man. Tho turnpike stock
holders failed to put in an appearauco
at a meeting to havo been held Friday,
but a force of many detectives has
been sent after the raiders.
Will IIbto n inlutury ISffect.
Washinoion, Dec. 4. Representa
tive McCrcary, of Kentucky, a member
and ex-chairman of the house commit
tee on foreign affairs, did not caro to
discuss tho proclamation, although ho
admitted that tho subject has been
quietly discussed by some members of
the committee recently. "It will prob
ably have a salutary effect,'' said he,
"and should bring an end to tho evils
of which wr, complain."
bulildcd In the Courthouse.
Pi'oniA, 111., Dec. 4. Jasper Van
Meter fired two pistol balls into his
head whilo btandiug in the courthouse
'1 hursday af tornoon, and died an hour
later at the hospital. Van Meter is
tho man who was taken out of tho
Peoria houso in an unconscious condi
tion at the timo of tho firo there last
'ihuraday night.
Isi iv I'ri'oldcnt of I.lborlH.
London, Dec. 4. Tho announce
ment was received here Friday of the
death on November 11, of Joseph
James C'hcesman, president of tho re
public of Liberia, and tho inaugura
tion on November IS of Vico President
W. D. Coleman us president.
Ii uitiuStyrs Sphool Ccntsuj.
FiiAMU'oirr, Ky., Dec. 1. Superin
tendent of Public Instruction David
son is having prepared n blnnk form
by which to tako tho common school
census of tho state. This form pro
vides for taking the census by school
Held Tor Trial.
Nkw Youk, Dec. 4. Morguo Keeper
Albort White, who was arrested two
days ago, was indicted by tho grand
jury Thursday for illegally disposing
of dead bodies in his care. In default
of 31,000 bail ho was committed to tho
lletonuo Itvcclpts.
Danvillk, Ky. , Dec. 4. Rovenuo re
ceipts for Npvember aggregate S163,
b02.S4, a. heavy jnersese over last year.
Is tho Ten Thousand Dollar
Purse in the Courts.
A Restraining Order Issued by
perior Judge Sanderson.
Fltzslmtnous Ask tho Conrt to Hold tho
Chock Until 11 Decision on the Merits of
tho Case Could Ilu It'Hchoil Karp
Arrested for Currying n Uun.
San Fuancisco, Dee. 4. All day
long Thursday discussion raged as to
whether Fitzsimmons fouled Sharkey
In their fight Wednesday night.
Everybody in town had formed an
opinion and everybody was most anx
ious to express it. A largo number
sided with tho Cornishman and pro
claimed their belief that ho wus tho
victim of a dclibcrato plot on tho part
of the National club managers and
Referco Wyatt Earp to rob him of the
decision. But thero wero many others
among them wero men of unimpeach
able reputation who declared they
saw the foul and that Earp's decision
was strictly just
Having ordered the Anglo-California
bank to refuse payment on tho check,
a consultation of physicians was or
dered to decldo tho single critical issue
in tho case. When tho decision and the
individual opinions of tho physicians,
wore mado known, J. J, Oroom and
J. D. Olbbs, managers of the National
Athletic club, addressed a letter au
thorizing tho bank to pay Sharkey the
disputed money.
This would settlo tho matter if it
were not for a restraining order issued
by Superior Judge Sanderson upon the
bank. Fitzsimmon3 asked the superior
court to take the check for 10,000 intc
its possession until a decison could be
reached on tho merits of the
case. In his complaint Fitzsim
mons alleges on information and
belief that Sharkey, Earp and tho Na
tional Athletic club conspired to do
fraud him out of a rightful decision,
that he showed greater skill in the
Wyatt Earp will have to defend
himself in tho polico courts against
the charge of carrying concealed
Tho case of Wyatt Earp, who rcfereed
tho Fitzsimtnons-Sharky light Wednes
day night, and who wus arrested
'Ihursday night on a charge of carry
ing a concealed weapon, and which he
was compelled to hand over to Police
Capt. Tittman at the ling side, was
called in polico court Friday morning,
but at tho request of Earp's attorneys
tho matter was continued until Tues
day next.
Danny L3'uch, manager of Salloi
Sharkey, walked into the Anglo-California
bank shortly after it opened
Friday morning and demanded pay
ment of the 510,000 cheek. He was re
ferred to Manager Lilienthul, who said
that tho check could not bo paid owing
to an injunction. Lynch met this
with angry words and said that if the
bank refused to hand over the money
ho would immediately bring suit and
ask for heavy damages. Lilicnthal
told him ho could do nothing in tho
matter and to go ahead with his suit.
Lynch thereupon turned on his heel
and left the place.
Mnltlni; Inquiry us to the Sanitary Condi
tion of Our Lite Stock.
I.NDlAXAl'Oi.ls, Ind. , Dec. 4. C. Prol
lier, German consul at Cincinnati, has
written to tho governor of Indiana
asking what rules tho state has for
quarantine against tho spread of dis
ease among cattle. Many such com
munications come from German con
suls in different parts of tho United
States, bearing iudirectly on the purity
of American meat. Dr.IIurty, secretary
of the state board of health, is of tho
opinion that facts are being gathered
by the German government for tho
purpose of excluding our meats from
that country, and he would not be sur
prised to hear of such action being
taken any day. Tho frequency of
these iuquirici from the Gi'i-man con
suls of lute .seems lo point toward a
thorough investigation of the sanitary
condition of our 'ive block.
The Ico tinro N.-i.r Durtml, Wis.
Duiiam), Wis. Djc 4. Tho ice is
gorged at Round Hill, threo miles be
low Durand, and the Chippewa here is
within four feet of the highest point
reached In 18S4. Cellars and low;cr
streets aro Hooded, but damage is
slight. The gorge below Round Hill
forced the rcsidi-nts out and destroyed
property and sfook. No lives v.ero
lost. The rivor is fulling, and no further
trouble is Lxreeted unless tho dam at
Chippewa Falls breaks. Great danger
may ensuo in that case.
A I'rli-v cm Ills lleml.
JACKtO.N villi:, Fia., Dec. 1. Tho
famous tug Commodore, which has
been lylnjj in the river hero under tho
guns of tho rjenuo cutters, has re
ceived permission to clear as a news
paper dispatch beat, under certain
rigid restrictions. Correspondent Seo
vel, who will bo on tho boat, lias tho
prico of S10,J0j) on hisjiead.
Kuril n l'li.'aKu nnd "TiisORcri".
London, Dec. 4. A Constantinople
dispatch to tho Daily Mail says that
under tho pretext of revenging an old
grievance, 10,000 Kurds raided the
province of Mamouret-Ul-Aziz, where
they burned und pillaged the villages
and massacred the inhabitants.
A 1'itpcr Company AbSlns.
Sahaiooa, N. Y., Dec. 4. Tho Rook
City Falls Paper Cj., doing business at
Rock City Fnll, this eouutj', has made
a general asji'.rnuut. Tho company
employed about j'J p oplv, ull of whom
will bi thrown out o. omployment.
Absolutely Pure.
A cream or tarter balling powder. Highest
of all in leaventns strength. Latest United
States Government food Koport.
Koyal IUkiko Powder Co., New York.
Ages, 4 to 8, $2.00.
Ages, 9 to 15. $2.50.
10 and 15 cents.
Pour styles, Leaders.
Ages, 7 to 15,
$3.00 to $5.00.
Sizes 31 and 45, $6.50. f
f Were $10 and $12.
& B
T Only have a few of these ?
? sizes left in these goods. ?
A chance for you little i
men and big boys if you
want a real bargain. j
i i
0 Bring in your periodical
O tickets. n
QMB 04)9 && &( & nS'
Ahltccip Outrages.
Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 4. A number
of outrages were perpetrated by white
caps on Negroes near Reelfoot Lake.
A great deal of stealing has recently
been going on in that section and tho
Negroes had been warned to leave tho
country or suffer the consequences. A
number of them were given severe
whippings Wednesday night and
warned to leavo or ba lynched. A
Negro named Dearly was so badly beat
en that it is quite likely he will die.
Those of the Negroes who could leave
did so, and others hae promised to do
so immediately.
Tlio Government to lluy tin Zlo.ttl.
Sr. Johns, N. F., Dee. 4. The gov
ernment has decided to purchase tho
New Foundland railway for the sum of
31,77.1, 0JU. This amount will bo paya
ble in bonds running fifty years and
drawing :i per cent interest. Tho rail
way company, besides handing over its
lines to tho goernment, will relin
quish all its chiims to lands, minerals
and timber witlnn the colony.
Io. (.orgo at T-Teithi'u i.'
Shawano, Wis., Djc. 1. A danger
ous ice gorge has formed in Wolf river
nt Neshona, uight miles above this
city, on the Menominee reserve. All
the tenants at tho government grist
and saw mills were foiced to move out.
Should tho gorge burst suddenly all
the mills hero w ill be swept away.
Tho t.lltlr, L'lnser.
Adepts in palmistry nscrt that the
length of tho fourth or little finger i3
the most iror.ornnt sign in the hand.
Thero is no mnn.they bay.who rises to
importance in any lino of life without
a long and straight little finger.
Till' Ohio I.PClsljtllM IIlllKlUCt.
CoLUJims, O., Dec. 4. Indications
here aro that Cincinnati will capture j
tho reunion and banquet of tho Ohio
legislators, which has been set for
January 4.
I'ro.m 11 y tho llnadblde.
Bucvnus, O., Dec. 4. George Num
gosser, a farmer, aged OS, frozen to
death Thursday. He was walking to
tho elty and fell by the roadside.
Contriitnrs Assign
Brcvr.us, 0., Dec 4. Byi-d & Maple,
contractors, of Gallon, O,, Thursday
ninile an assignment to A. W. Monroe.
mk km
nl Huh,
Stem mmk,
f Clothing
f House
1 '
it i:
.jSk. torfo.

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