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THE ACTORS' HQjLIDAy ," Auditorium, New Years, Matinee and Night.
,,m .,: ,mfr"""""mn-'tsii'1Mmm
We Have Itl
Arllst Proof Ktchlnps.
Iln'nd l'nlntt'd Water Colors
Cat'bonotte Views of Mus-
Ulhglim, '
lJpclrot Kodtiehs.
Kodnl Albums,
Ihtllseyo Cameras,
Amateur Printing Outfit,
Photographic Supplies,
Novelty Frames Ucautics
Oalc Easols and cloirnntllno
of plcturo mouldings for
framing to order.
The Marietta Picture Man.
sa im
When your purchases at my store
x amount to S!l vou are entitled to an
order on J. V. King, the Photographer,
on presentation of which, together
with $1.50 you will receive Six of
King's Hest I'inished Cabinets and One
Steel Engraving Photograph on an
India Tint Mount.
This offer is for a Limited Time.,
Talco advantage of it.
NOTICE I have removed my stock of
goods to No. 252 Front street.
Periodical ticlrots given.
If You Are Thinking
And possibly worrying,
about what to buy for a
few of your particular
friends as a holiday pres
ent, let us suggest some
thing Let It Be Perfume.
There can't be any dis
appointment in such a
. present. Tito bottle and
the box that holds it are
both extra handsome.
You can get them at the
Putnam Street Pharmacy
124 Putnam St. "Marietta, Ohio.
Table Cloth
Millinery Goods
Greatly reduced) prices for the
next ton days.
. . c
lS D'ront at. Marietta. .$
The New Yost.
Best for Speed and Results.
Notice of Appointment,
r.mntnnf nanrcto W. Llchtuor. deceased.
Tim underslciied li&s been appointed and
qualified as Administrator of tbe Estate of
George W. Lightner. late of Washington
fi..iv.t fttfn rtainnna1
Bated this 2G,h day of December, A. D. 1898.
Uecsatn 3WIIS. jhu. u. iuusx.
"This Lorcna arrived down from
Pittsburg Sunday afternoon and left
forZanesv'llle, though there is consider
able ice in the Muskingum.
Mr. Charles J. Streelicr is quite ill
at his homo on liar mar 11111.
Considering the size of the city
Christmas in Marietta passed very
quietly and peaceably 'and there was
not a irreat amount of druuhenness-or
fighting. AJotof the liilin lOusoncs not
already interviewed will be tahoh care
of by Mayor Mcisenholder today.
Thu Christmas decorations at the
liaptist entertainment Friday cvonitifT
caught ilre from the gas and were con
siderably damaged. Prompt work v
those present prevented serious conse
quences. Invitations are issued for the wed
ding of Mr. Will Clause, Sixth street,
and Miss Anna Auguhtinuf sister of Mrs.
II. F. Kraft, at whoso house the mar
riage is to occur on Wednesday, the
r.Oth inst.
The most serious tight of Christmas
Day occurred Friday noon on the West
Side between Shannon CiUshaw and
Charles Parker. Iloth were intoxicat
ed. They clinched ard Parker fell on
Culshaw's left arm, breaking it above
the elbow. Cutshaw will bo laid up by
the injury for some time.
Mr. Wesley .lend, of Cleveland, is
in the citv spending the holidays with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry .lend,
Third street.
Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Sellow arrived
from Cincinnati on tlio Steamer Key
stone State and are guests of Capt. and
Mrs. J. P.. Height.
Harry Ogle and Walter Wood are
about the happiest boys in town today.
Pcndau tfrom the watch chain of eacli
hangs a beautiful solid gold souvenier
presented them through the local
agents Strccker & Henry by the manu
facturers of the Humbler bicycle for
haying ridden that make of wheel ilOOO
miles the past summer. Although they
arrived just a day too late to be Christ
mas presents they are highly appreciat
ed just the same.
,T. W. Wells & Co., Greene street,
have always on hand a fresh, clean
stock of groceries.
William lienoh, of Dutch Itidge,
Wood county, W. Va., is lying at the
point of death as the result of u Christ
mah diunk. On the road between
Parkersburg, where he got drunk, and
Dutch Ridge, his homo, he fell from
his horse to the frozen ground. His
skull was fractured and ho received
other serious injuries.
Mr. II. I. Protzman, proprietor of
the .lackson Hotel, Parkersburg, is
confined to his bed by typhoid pneu
monia. Geo. ltlake, proprietor of the Star
Clothing House, will do a strictly cash
business after January 1st. lb!)7.
Miss Elizabeth Womraer returned
to Cincinnati on the 11:!25 train Sunday
night, after a visit with relatives in
this city.
According to the Wheeling Regis
ter that city is not likely to have a
baseball team next season.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey. Fifth street,
left Saturday for Chicago, to attend
the wedding of their son to a young
lady of Chicago. The wedding is to oc
cur on the :!0th.
George Sunderland has sold the
Edward Thompson property, corner
Wayne and Eighth streets, to Mr.
Martin llarnhart.
For fresh meats, groceries and pro
duce call on J. W. Wells & Co., Greene
Horn, Christinas Day, to Mr. and
Mrs. James Roney, West Side, a fine
Mr. William McAtee, West Side, is
seriously ill with pnoumonia.
The Christmas Festival of St.
Luke's Fpiscopal church will bo hold
Tuesday oyening in the Lectuto Room.
One day last week little Dorthy
IJlynn, Third street, fell and broke an
arm at the elbow. A bad break, but
young blood will soon heal it.
Miss Irene Cooke went up to Rev
erly Saturday, to visit her friend, Miss
Lucy Parker.
Miss Rebokah Nye loft Saturday
for Chicago to visit friends for two
Mr. and Mrs. W. V. VanMotro will
go up to lloverly today, to attend the
wedding of Mrs. VanMotro'b sister,
Miss Applegate, which is to occur on
the SOlli. Dr. Theodore Hayward is
the lucky man who lias won tho charm
ing young woman.
Miss HickoU will entertain the
Junior Club this Monday evening.
Supper at six o'clock.
Misses Marie Hall and Heleno Nyo
loft Saturday for Chillicothc, where
they will remain several days, the
guests of Mrs. Isaac Cooko, who is giv
ing a houso party to a number of young
Solos, duets, und oliourses of the
latest and most popular music in
"Actors' Holiday," Jan. 1st, matinee
and night.
Horn, in this city, on Christinas
Day, to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. M. Danley,
a fine boy baby. ,
Samuel Landslttle, one of Mart,
etta's respected citizens, tiled at his
homo, corner Third and Wooserstreots,
bunday afternoon, the 37th, nt tho ago
of 80 years and nine months. Tho de
censed came over from Germany 4'J
years ago, and was for years a resident
of Lowell, lie moved to Mtuiotta
about ton years ago. He leaves three
sons Jacob, Adam and Louis, and two
daughters, Mrs. Peter Moser and Misa
Christian Lnntlslttol. Tho funeral will
occur Tuesday afternoon nt - o'clock
sun time, at St. Paul's German church.
Miss Mary Turner left Saturday
for McCrtnnelsvillo, to visit her grand
mother, 'Mrs. F. L Ramsey.'
Clean, fresh uleats'and groceries at
. ... ,. .1 . ... ".
J. W.
nous .v. vo.s, urocno street.
Mr", and Mrs. '. C Jordan, Second
street, are spending tho holidays at
Itrehien, 0., the guests of Mrs. Jordan's
mother, M-h. Ros.
On Chrlttmns eve Mr. A. L. Curtis
started homo from a Sunday School en
tertainment at the Unlversalist church
at Littlo Hockifig with his family in an
express wagon, when some boys sent
up a racket close to the road which
caused the team to run away. Mr.
Curtis wiit, thrown over thu front of
the vehicle and run over. Ills daugh
ter, Lizzie, was thrown out and sus
tained a compound fracture at tho left
ankle. Lottie Randolph jumped and
received a bailment in tho head. Mrs.
Curtis, daughter Anna and son Harry
staid in the wagon until tho horses
broke loose and were not hurt.
Mr. 1. Rosenthal, the gentleman
who purchased the clothing and fur
nishing goods stock of Samuel Sulz
bacher, has packed the stock and will
ship tho samn to Athens, where he has
a store.
EJ5 "Actors' Holiday," matinee and
night, Jan. 1st.
Messrs. Slg. Marcus, A. 1!. Lawon
sloin, Henry Kellar and T. llarrett. of
Parkersburg, wore in Marietta Sund.iy.
Tho Wolf Creek Oil Co. reached the
llerea sand in their well on the C. C.
Smith farm in Waterford township
Friday night and came in dry. The
tools were lost while drilling through
the sand.
Mr. D. IJ. Carothers, of Cutler, was
taken alarmingly ill Friday and was
unconscious for several hours. Private
car 100 came up over tho 1!. & O. S. W.,
having on board his three sons, D. I).
Carothers, of Cincinnati, J D. Car-
others, of Flora, ills., and IS. F. Car-
others, of Chillicothc. The oar went
out to Cutler Saturday evening, return
ing Sunday evening. At last report
Mr. Cirothers' condition was very
much improved.
Hennessy Leroyle, In "Other Peo
ple's Money," made a good impression
on a lino audience at the Auditorium
Christmas night. The piece is clean,
straight comedy from start to ilnish,'
with the usual cheap specialties
Chicken thieves have been getting
in their work in various parts of the
city almost every night during the past
The new car far the electric rail
way are at llelpre and are reported by
those who have seen them to be both
elegant and comfortable. They will
be brought up over tho 1!. & O. S. W.
this afternoon. Mr. George Wieser, of
this city, claims tho distinction of hav.
ing been the hrst Marietta man to
enter them. He certainly ought to be
a masoot for the Electric Company,
The local Commandery Knights
Templar attended services in a body at
the M. E. church Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Preston, West
Side, spcut Christmas at Little Hocking
as guests of Hon. A. L. Curtis.
Doc. Green, a character well known
in this city, was badly cut in the breast
on Christmas Day at Parkersburg by
tho explosion of a piece of gas-pipe
fashioned into a rudo cannon. He was
stooping over tho improvised gun when
it burst with great force. His wounds
are not thought to be serious.
Nearly all the Ohio river boats are
hunting safe harbors as it appears al
most certain that tho river will bo
closed by ice. Tho Virginia is tied up
at East Liverpool, the Hudson at Cin
cinnati. The Keystone passed up Sat
urday ovening to go as far as possible,
and when compelled to lay up will re
ship her cargo by rail. Tho wharf
boat has pulled into the mouth of tho
Muskingum on uecount of Ice, as have
also tho II. K. llcdford, Valloy Hollo,
Venus, Harnsdall, Leroy, Cathorine
Davis, Rob Roy and Hob Hallard.
The splendid bkating on the West
Virginia side of tho island has been
hugely enjoyed by largo crowds during
the past few days. The ico is good and
present indications aio .that it will re
main so for soino time to come.
Mrs. Maud Harden, of Waterford
township, has been granted a divoico
from her husband, George Harden.
The marriage banns of Mr. John
Schillsott, of Marietta, and Miss
Mary Sharp, of Slstorsvllle, have been
published at St. Marys Catholic church.
Mr. George Kuntz and Mrs. Amanda
E. Taylor wore married Christinas eve
ning by Rev. A. D. McCormick.
Each of the old ladles in the Wom
an's Homo was remembered on Christ
mas morning by Mi3s Sarah Warron by
the present of a shining silver dollar.
Other remembrances received during
.tho day made Christmas at tho Home
'a merry one.
Every Why Has a Whoroforo and
'Tla Woli to Look for It atTlmea.
In these days poople want to know
Whys and wherefores.
Thu 10th century is a natural skeptic.
The wny and wherefore of sueli Is
Ilu reads statements of supposed
lie Is told that uvory ullmcutof man
kind can bo cured.
lie litis an ailment and tries some
pa n lice .1.
I' fmU; ho tries another with the
s.iiuo icsult.
Such experiences inaku him look ask
ance at future claims.
Often the fault. Is Ills, but ho don't
see why
lie tuny have a backache or perhaps
a lame or weak back.
Hit ued plaster or llnlmerts, they
relieved him for a lime, but failed to
euro the trouble
This Is his fault; the why is tint ho
did no, know the wherefore of his
aches. '
Hud he ku.nvn that tho kidneys w ere
the cause.
That backache generally means kid
nev ache.
That the kidneys must filter the
blood constantly.
That failure to do so immediately af
fects tho back.
That backache is onlj- the ilrst step
toward many kidney disorders.
I'rinnry troubles lollow.
Retention of urine
ICxcosSive urine.
Diabetes Hright's disease.
Doan's Kidney Pills are positively
specific for ull kidney complaints.
Tho aching back has no greater ene
my than Doan's Kidney Pills not in
jurious to tho most delicate constitu
tion. Do not act on tho bowels, but
direct on the kindeys. For sale by all
dealers. Price 50 cents per box, or six
boxes for Sii.fiO. Sent by mail on re
ceipt of price by Foster-Milburn Co.,
Hufl'alo, N. Y.,' sole agents for the
United States.
--Arthur Wallace was arrested Sat
urday by Deputy U. S. Marshal Mason
and lodged in j ill in a grossly intoxi
cated condition. lie made a murder
ous attack with a knife upon Charles
Preston, but was luckily prevented
from stabbing him. He will liavu a
hoa"ing beforu 'Squire Guytou.
A practice alarm turned in Satur
day by the Fire Committee of Council
called the department to Hox -50 at the
upper end of Third street. Tho wagon
covered the distance of one milo and
were ready to throw water in five
Mr. Clayt. Harper lias purchased a
half interest in the local brokerage
business of T. 0. Fowler.
CAscAiuirs "tiniulato liver, kidneys
and bowels, ever sicken, weaken or
S?-rOUSAM: -V llist-cliun (jrocery busi
ness In good lnratlnu Will sell at, fair In
voice. J. A ri.roirii&SGK.
CSTTresh Cow for sale. Imiuho at Willow
Fanu, Uainbow, J W. Dyar.
ond Htrcet.
RKNT Six room
Call at piemlses.
house, 712 .Sec
SSTOIJ SALU. A house of bix looms,
and a lino half lot on upper Front street. Call
on or address Hkniiv Lf.on.uu,
Whito's Itoad, lietween Fifth and Sixth near
Putnam, Marietta, Ohio.
535WiMam S. Hell. Expert Piano Tuner.
Leave orders at Ulmne's Jewelry Stole. 232
Front street
Eay'Doyou vantahome"' If so, I can Ux
you out. Lots to sell on easy monthly pay
ments. Desirable houses at low prices and
easy teiins. Farm lands in four states.
Timber lands, mining lands and oil territory.
Money always on hand to loan, Persons de.
sirous of Investing money safely on Hrst mort
gages are Invited to coi respond.
J L. Guvton,
IJoom 10, Law Uulldlng,
Marietta, O.
3?Get prices on door and window scieens
from A. C. Wendelkeu, corner Mulberry and
Poplar streets. Nov 21th -tf.
;2TMoney to Loan. Apply at Itoom S,
Mills Dulldlng, Cor. 2nd and Putnam Sts.
KB-FORSALT:. 23 Lots on Emerson Heights
sub-division and six acres adjoining Coip. line
at low prices and easy terms.
20 Residence properties In the city for sale
on easy terms
Farm In Decatur township for sale or ex
change. Farm In Wood Co., W. Va., for sale
or exchange.
Two now houses on West Sido on easy terms.
Call and see us if wanting to purchase pro
perty. Oil leises for salo,
Waiid & Stoiie,
2-8 Second Street.
J FOR SALE. A new 6 room houso near
Chair Factory, $1230. A large briclt house of 7
rooms on Fourth stiect with bath, water and
gas, S2300 A 7 room brick houso on West
Side, KiOO on easy terms. Lots in Putnam
Placo from flOO to $1,0 on monthly payments.
A large lo room houso on West Side, out of
high water, $2500.
.1. A. Pi.umkh & SON.
Mills Uulldlng, Corner Putnam and second
Fine property and vacant lots in all
parts of tho city at a bargain.
A so-room hotel and livery htable, located on
tho corner of Maple stieut und Oilman aenuo,
one of the best locations lu West Marietta. A
b.ugaln Albo 11 Hue tno-btory briclt with two
good business 100ms and hotel loinblned lo
cated cloto to railroad bridge on Mavlo street.
Call and see mo at No. 2111 Second St.
Opp. Union Depot. Mnrietta, Ohio
200 vacant lots for sale on
monthly payments.
Notico or Appointmont.
Ustate of Frederick D.lWhltlield, deceased.
The undersigned has been appointed nnd
qualified as Administrator of tba estate of
Frederick D. Whttlleld, late of Washington
county, Ohio, deceased.
Dated this luth day of December A. D. 1M)I1.
Notice of Appointment
Estate of Daniel Morgan, deceased
The undersigned has been nppointed and
quallAed b Executor of the Will of Daniel
Morgan, late of Washington County, Ohio,
Dated this 2UU' day of November A. D, 1808.
Nov 2flth-3wUs, GEO. II Mohoan.
BUTTERICK j Jacket-Waist 8828.
PATTERNS 1 Skirt 8807.
IspecialL&j nil r&ji
X-H'' mVA W
There Is ISTo MoTe
Desirable Christinas present for a lady than a pair of Good Kid
WE HAVE THEM NOW IN STOCK a full assortment of all
Shades and Sizos, of the Celebrated Foster, Paul it Company's make,
which are known in this country and Europe 1o be superior in every
respect to all other.-. Havo been the sole agents of .this Company
in Washington County for the past twenty years, and the thousands
of pnirs we have sold in this time should be satisfactory evidenco of
their popularity. I1 or Ftyie, quality and price tiiey have no equal
in the market. Everv pair is guaranteed to give satiafaction or
money refunded. TRY TI1EM. "
Our storo is crowded with the gieatest variety of articles suita
ble for Holiday presents, and we invite EVERYBODY to come in
and see how well prepared we are to meet the wants of all customers.
Tickets will be given in return for all cash purchases which
amount to a liberal discount. Ask for them.
CI-IA.S. J03STES,17S Front Street.
n . ..w - . , m
3 Brissh and Comb
- Sets, -anicure
Pocket Books,
And many other articles ap
propriate for Xmas gifts.
J. W. Dysle & Co.,
128 Front Street.
Wofdie Periodic.il Tickets with
cash purchases w hen asked for.
Second St. opp. Union Depot.
Neat Stylish Work. SatiR
faction Guaranteed.
at iTTVirb n m'Tio1
Still In the Lead
Mantels, Tiles & Grates
Several large shipments of Tile iust received; and a full
lino of Gas Stoves and Gas Fire-places of all kinds al-
ways on hand.
A largo lot of Frame Moulding which wo will bo pleased
to show to 5011. Just call and see our line.
404 Third Street. Marietta, Ohio
You can hardly think of a
gilt more, acceptable than a
year's subscription to
The Delineator.
It, is the best fashion mnga
zino in the world, ana tho
subsciiption price is only
One Dollar. Tho January
number is now ready. Oome
in and see it.
Tho great closing out sale
At cut prices goes bravely on.
Better not wnit any longer.
Buggies, Phaetons,
Carriages and
Before buying a vehicle, don't
fail to call on the undersigned, as
he can save you considerable
money on any purchase.
Ilalf dczen Spring Wagons and
Oil Buckboards of Bay's own
make, also a lot of lumber wagons
will sell at a bargain.
2irs-17-U Second St MARIETTA, O.
Next door to First Nafl Uanlc,
Personal attention given to com.
pounding of Proscriptions.
7r.iv. ,.

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