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rv Sp,
wtpMI.V tP ftiyJUUppW. ' l iK
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Pi fe.
Established Ml
iEonQE u. COOKE,
Published every diy xoept Sunday, M the
Leader Building, Putnam dirt4l and
Muklngam AvudU.
No 3.
Wo will oon9ldor it u ront favor If
oubBonbora will rooort any failure
to set their Linder. or a-y rcnreleas
nest on theunrt of the carrier.
Subscribers will pluasu not pay
the carriers unless the carrier
ounchos his credit taK In subscrib
er's presence.
An Old Court Houso.
Sncakiutr about a Court Houso re
minds us that wo have the worst court
house In Ohio. There aro records in
the old dilapidated building that aro
worth manv t housanil dollars to tile
taxpayers and property owners of
Lawrence county, and all these valu
able documents aro at the mercy of the
JIames should a liro occur, i'roperty
owners whoso titles to their property
are kept in tho alleged vaults at the
court house may awake to tho fact
some of iheso days tliat the county rec
ords, which doubtless would be absolute'
ly impossible to replace, aro a pile of
ashes. We need a now and modern
court house, with safe fire vaults to
protect the thousands of valuable doc-
utnentc and records on file and in tho
county's care, and there will never be
a cheaper time to uuilu tlianriglit now.
No, not the worst in Ohio. Wash
ington county's public building, an an
tiquated relic of bygone economy, is
about as bad as can be. If the court
house, at Ironton is any worse than ours
wo pity them. Our county could build
a new court house and jail at a cost of
$100,000, raise tho money by selling 5
per cent. 30-year bonds and pay for it
and never know the difference, tho in-
creaso of taxation would be so small.
Let's have a now caurt House and jail
bv all means.
Our schools closed on Wednesday,
December 23d for the holidays. It was
a day that will long be remembered by
teachers and pupils. Tho literary ex
ercises were good and of a high char
acter. This part of tho program was
prima faeie evidence that their reading
and declaiming has not been neglected.
Jlev. D. S. Welch read a short passage
of scripture and talked a few minutes
to the children and did not forget to
say a fow words to tho older ones. At
the close of the literary program the
entire school joined in singing "Ameri
ca" and cro they were through singing
'Old Santa Claus" camo in with a trout
for the school. He first went to tho
Christmas tree which was beautifully
decorated and hung full of valuable
presents. After "Old Santa" had dis
tributed the presents from table and
tree, and also the treat, ho bade
them all a Jlerry Christmas and do
parted as he came. Supt. Whcelcrgave
each of tho teachers a nice and appro
priate book, which has been his custom
for many years. The teachers were
each remembered by their puoils in
the way of a handsome present A
great many visitors were present which
shows the interest manifested. Our
school is second to none in tho county,
and F. I Wheeler is one of tho best
village Superintendents in the State.
While wo say this of him wo must not
fail to say that his able corps of teach
ers, Misses Lizzie Xeptune, Flora Scar
berry and Ollie Davidson, deserve
credit for the valuable aid they render
him and their work shows in the school.
Jake Wiser, of Columbus, and Davy
Noptnne, of Toledo, are spending the
holidays with their parents.
O. S. Uilchrist lost a valuable horse
last week. The horse was sick only a
few days of lung fever.
. Miss Mary Wiser, who teaches the
Halo school, is having a two weeks
Iter. D. S. Welch is conducting a
series of meetings at Elba.
T. W. Stewert has his barber shop in
the St. James Hotel.
The well on the Rice farm was shot
last Wednesday. It will make five or
six barrels per day.
Sam and Frod Cox were at home
Jiorn, to Fred Gilchrist and wife,
Dee. 25th, a twelve pound boy.
t. V. Kadenbach spent Christmas
with friends at Lowell.
Buoll. Corps Resolutions.
Mawktta, Omo, Dec. -JStli, lb'.M.
WilKltKAS, Our Heavenly Father lias
in his all-wiso providence, seen fit to re
inoye from our midst, our dearly be
loved sister, Maud Grafton, and I'uell's
Wotnans Heliof Corps has lost a dear
lii: It Unsolved, That wo extend to
the bereaved husband and family our
heartfelt sympathy, uml share with
them in tho hope of meeting her in tho
beautiful beyond, where thtre shall be
no more parting.
IIesolvei), That us a token of love
and memory of her sweet face and lov
ing ways our charter be draped in
mourning, and these resolutions be en
tered on our minutes.
' Emzadktji Hkookeii,
Cajiiuk Sjiitii,
Oabcaiikts stimulate liver, kidneys
ana nowcis. jNovor sicken, weaken or
gripe.' .,.''
fes $(SJ' '- t,t,r.' ' 4 -A'. J"-.-!,' il,.'..' . . j .', J-C':.i. .: .,Vi'!i,. , .u.. .. . '.. .. .... ,.
tiiis T--T-,-rtH.i,.fc,.1ilplT,.. ., y'y----,., ;,; --y' " - . -i"f-"'-'iy;iiMiwy -4"w , inm&.,..rz, . , ; t
They Aro Mnclo ThU Benson to Lootc Well
Without Wraps.
Toilets for calling tiro being built
with special reference to outdoor wear
without n wrap, or, at best, for a loose
cloak or mantle of fur, to bo left in the
carriage or tho hall, llodiccs of heavy,
wtirmly lined broadcloth nro popular,
with boleros or iinidll Etons of fur or
velvet. A tiny black velvet bolero is
trimmed down the fronts and most odd
ly about Its edge-by u frill of thickly
plaited black ribbon which stands out
from the figure almost like a ruche
above a very tight and high ecirittiiro
of moire. The bodice beneath is plain
to the olnt of Rcverity. with a military
choker, about which is tied a, black rib
bon, with n short, square bow uti'derthe
chin. In the tortoise-blue broadcloth,
witli nlnclc vcivet bolero, overlaid with
motifs of cream llonlton ami caracule
fur. black moire ribbon rufllea. .ami
I'clnturc. the effect is stunning. Motifs
of fur ur.tl liwo are used to trim the
skirt In deep, square scallops. , knee
deep, with plaiting of blnck ribbon
beneath. Whole blouses of glacc-prmt-cd
tchot arc wry Frcnclij. with thick
ruches of fur about the throat, and
perhaps fur sleeves ami a yoke of fur
or. the brouxleloth skirt, Kuclies of
fur seem a bit improbable, but de
signers arc callable of making a fab
ric serve every purpose, houever for
eign to its popular use. They are usually
made of cnracule, that thin, expensive
and very fashionable fur. that is so
adaptable. Unfiles of this fur are also
stylish. They arc, rather, circular
ilounces in different widths, sometimes
as an edge to a very short bolero, some
times encircling a skirt about hem and
knees and still higher about the back
breadths only, giving that smart, bouf
fant effect to tho tournurc. Choix of
sable, of seal, of l'ersian lamb arc worn,
as well as of caracule. They aro
formed by two loops of four and two
sharply-pointed ends thrust through a
buckle under the chin, to fasten a boa
or collar reaching far below the waist
mid edged with sable tails.
Northing is so trig and appropriate
for there autumn days as a tight-fitting
basque and a plain skirt of coarse can
vas so dose that it seems woven of
cords, with fully an eighth of an inch
of bright lining gleaming through its
meshes. Ulaek braiding put on by hand
about tho basque and the hips, a smail
capote of coral velvet and black wings,
with the tiniest of veils, the biggest of
caracule and black feather ruches, and
a riifTly muff to match, with a coral
lining, make a smart ensemble for call
ing. Another costume for this weather,
when lovely woman goes out "in her
figure." is also of coarse canvas, with
a large tuft dotting it all over, the
color being a rich purple. It has a
black inoiro Kton, the short cdgeslashed
into square tabs, wired to stand out
from tlie figure above the folded vel
vet ccintttre, the front rolling away
from the waistcoat in stiff tabbed rev-t-rs.
The blouse beneath is of black
caracule, of which the sleeves are also
built, a civet choker ha-, ing caracule
wings flaring out beneath each car.
A very rough and coarse serge is hand
some, braided in black in a broad band,
that encircles the skirt obliquely in a,
spjral. a bow of caracule and a steel
buckle fastened on one knee, where the.
braiding commences. A ceinture of
black moire, with flat postilions behind,
leaching almost to tho knees, and a
big directoire cravat cf black moire,
finish a peculiarly novel gown, the
sleeves cuite covered with the braiding.
St. Louis Kopublie.
I,nEt I'lnnt of tho Ycur to l'ut I'ortli Its
This peculiar plant, which, "amidst
the reigning desolation of winter puts
forth its yellow blossoms," thrives on
the sand hills along the eastern shore
of Lake Michigan. In this locality it ap
peal's to be the last to furnish reminders
of slimmer before the fuceof advancing
winter. In September, while the leaves
are still green, some of the bushes
may be found putting forth flowers;
late in October, when entirely bare of
leaves, other bushes appear in the flush
or bloom, the branches dressed in yel
low from end 'to end by the crowded
flowers; a month still later frequent
specimens still persist in flower, and
by the right combination of circum
stances one may ride in the gliding
sleigh past bushes with a lingering
glimmer of yellow. On last Tlinnlssgiv
ing day I waded through snow knee
deep to collect j some flowering branches.
In some of the flowers the stamens ap
peared to be immature, but the petals
had passed their brightest day. About
H inches of snow had fallen previously
during the month, and the lowest re
corded temperature in the vicinity was
11 degrees Fahrenheit. In "Wood's
Class Look of Iiotnny" the flowering
season Ma'.ed is November to January.
That mny be its season in lower lati
tudes, but in this region its time is
September to November. The embryo
fruit remains apparently unchanged
through tilt- winter and until the follow
ing spring is well advanced, ripening in
the autumn, when the oarlip-st flowers
are appearing.
The witch hazel scatters its seeds
In n peculiar way. The fruit consists
of an oblong woody wiee about half
nn inch in length, inclosing two hnrd
nutlets somewhat resembling the. seeds
of an apple. The expulsion of the seeds
may lie witnessed by placing a branch
with the ripened fruit on a table in a
room. As the case dries a strain results,
and that cause n slight opening at tho
npos. The rupture of the ease goes on
very slowly for n number of hours or
Jays, wjicn the strain suddenly over
comes the remaining resistance, com
jileting the. ojening with a sharp snap
ping sound and sending the teeda
bounding about the room. Tho co&o
splits nearly to the base, mid its ap
pearance afterward Is said to suggest
much the wide-flponod mouth of a ser
pent about to strike. Popular Science
. - . . , .- s
Employed In Giving tho Velocity
of tho Planot3.
AstruKimlcnl Calculations Which I'nirly
Ts-lio One's llroiith Awsy '
Homo Interesting Scien
tific Fuels.
Even with the figures before us duly
proved it is impossible for us to compre
hend the wonderful velocity at which
many of the planets travel. That which
moves most rapidly, according' to the
latest astronomical calculations, in A re
turns, which rushes through space ut
the rate of 11)7,009 miles an hour or
4,728,0Cu miles n day.
Arcturus, according to Dr. Guilemiu,
i prominent astronomer, is 11,5(10,000
times as far away from the earth as the
sun, in round numbers 1,009,000,(100,
COO.OOO miles, an inconceivable spare.
It is fairly generally known that if the
nun were twice as far away as it now Is,
we should get only a fourth of the light
we now obtain from it.
Careful comparisons linve shown that
Arcturus sends to the earth about one
twenfy-billionth as much light as Hie
sun. but if the sun were removed 140,
000 times as far away ns it now is It
would shine as a star no brighter than
returus. Vet Arcturus is 11,500,000
times as far away as the sun.
The sun's diameter is SSO.UOi) miles,
and therefore the diameter of Arcturus
must be about 71,000,000 miles, while
Its bulk Is 551,000 times greater than
the sun. Therefore. If every point upon
it is as bright as the corresponding
point on the sun Arcturus must shine
0,724 times more brilliantly than the
sun. Such .1 globe ns near to us as the
sun is would fill half the sky, but we
ncwr could live in such proximity toil.
If the earth could be moved through
rpace toward Avcturu's the spectacle
that would be presented to its inhab
itants as they approached Hint great
star would be of indescribable magnifi
cence. When we had arrived within some
thing less than 8,000,000.000 miles of it
its light and heat would be equal to that
which we get from our sun at.a distance
of only :i.Ol!0.O0O miles. When we ap
proached it ns close as Neptune the in
tensity of its hrat would begin to be
unbearable. At tJie distance of Jupiter
it would smite the earth with tlic re
sistless enerey of its radiation. Tho
forests would burn, the oceans rise
from their beds In wpnr, the ground
would sink, and before we could
approach as close as the earth is to the
sun, the whole of our globe would be
melted and dissipated in steam.
Truly, Aroturus is a king among
stais, and our sun. great and brilliant
as it is, if dropped into the blazing phot
osphere of that great planet would lie
instantly swallowed up and the only
isible evidence of its fate would lie a
sudden flash.
i'pon the sun the force of gravity is
27 times as great as upon the surface
of the earth, but upon Arcturus it would
be 2,200 times as great, .so that a man
weighing 200 pounds on the earth, when
transported to Arcturus would be
crushed under his own weight of -M-l,-000
pounds, in a speck, almost before
the tires of that mighty solar surface
could consume him.
If a. devilfish had been born, at the
same date as Julius Caesar, June 12,
100 I!. C, with a tentacle 1,000,500,000,
000,000 miles long and on t he day of its
birth had placed one elan upon the fer
vid surface of Arcturus, it would yet
require the lapse of several thousand
years beyond the present date before
the sensation of the burn would enter
the creature's consciousness upon the
supposition Hint sensation travels with
the same speed as light, 1SO,000 miles
per second. ,
Of course, the figures bewilder one,
but as for as they can be they have
been proved correct. N. Y. liecordor.
Fond Mother This is my son Clar
I'licc. lie i.s only 13, but lie has written
some beautiful poetry.
Friend -Then there is some hope for
Fond Mother I ram so glad to hear
j on buy so!
Friend Yes; when they are as young
as that it is easier to lick it outof them.
1 . "
"Ella, I swear, you are my first love,"
-Fliefrcndo niactter.. '
mm VM Vs
Sample, of Pnrkorsburg Whiskey.
On Thursday afternoon the call
bound Grafton-Purkorsburg accommo
dation Irain on tho B. & O. loft, hero
with a largo crowd of drunken men on
board, who had been to own and were
returning homo loaded to 'the neck
with Christmas hilarity. They got in
to ii score of fltf litsboforo tho train iiad
gone moro than 20 or iJO miles and
nearly all wero disfigured by black
oyes, bioken noses or sprains. At Ka
nawha Station four or five men loft the
train, every olio of whom showed
marks' of the liveliest kind of n time.
Ono man had both wrists badly
sprained, another his shoulder dislo
cated, besides other accidents too
numerous to mention. Sentinel.
That Requisition Again.
l'Ar.KiiiiMiuitn, W. Va., December 28.
Attorney C. T. Caldwell went to
Charleston, last night, to appear in bo
half of Onu 1 lun mi n, toduy being tho
time E.et by Governor MacCorklo to hear
tho arguments in the celebrated requi
sition ease. The Pittsburg firm, llayne,
Wilson & Pratt, will be represented by
coutibcl who will endeavor to show
that tho requisition should bo granted.
Tliu whole matterdependsupon wheth
er the caso grows out of a civil mutter.
If it is merely an attempt to recover a
debt, tho governor will probably not
grant the required requisition.
A Household Necessity.
Ca'scarots Candy Cathartic, tho most
wonderful medical discovery of tho
age, pleasant utid refreshing to the
taste, net gently and positively on kid
neys, liver and bowels, cleansing tho
entire system, dispel colds, cure head
ache, fever, habitual constipation and
biliousness. Please buy and try a box
of C. C. C. to-day; 10, 25. 00 cents. Sold
and guaranteed to euro by all drug
gists. "I burnea my fingers very badly.
The pain wasfinlcnse. Dr. Thomas'
iciectric uu uruugiiL rcuui in mice
minutes, it was almost magical. I
never saw anything like it." Amelia
Swords, Saundersville, O.
Consumption is the natural result of
a neglected cold. Dr. Wood's Norway
Pine Syrup cures coughs, bronchitis,
asthma, and lung troubles of all sorts
down to the very borderland of con
sumption. "Burdock Blood Bitters entirely
cured me of a terrible breaking out all
over my bodv. It is a wonderful medi
cine." Miss Julia Kl bridge, Box H5,
West Cornwall, Conn.
Itching Piles, night's horrid plague,
is instantly relieved and permanently
cured by Doan'n Ointment. Your deal
er ought to keep it.
vr-- ". ' Shortens labor, lessens pain,
"' diminishes danger to life ot
both mother and child and leaves her In condi
tion inoro favoraulo to speeds- recovery.
Stronger after than before confinement"
says a prominent midwife. Is tho best remedy
Known and worth, the price for that alone.
Endorsed and recommended by mldwlvcs and
all ladles who have used it.
Beware of substitutes and Imitations.
Ues Oiiild-Birth Easy.
Sent by Exprcs3 or mall on receipt of price,
SI. 00 per bottle. Bool: "TO MOTHEItS"
mailed free, containing voluntary testimonials.
EHAnriELI) ItEfilllATOlt CO., ATLANTA, 01.
sold nv alt, nnnnoiSTS.
1862- $(00 H897
More Complete
More Successful
Than During- any Period of its History
The Uest Weekly Paper published west
of the Allegheny Mountains. It is
truly a home weekly, fit for every
member of tho household, aud contain
ing information of value to young and
old. Other eity papers adopted the
semi-weekly plan and abandoned It,
because the two papers did not make
ono good weekly. The people soon
found this out and returned to their
first choice, and that choice Is the
Weekly Keoistkii.
The Weekly Heoisteii has, no equal
in the two Virginias, and no superior
among the metrouolitau weekly publi
cations. It contains VA pages of select literary
matter, stories by the most eminent
ilctlon writers, tho latest telegraphic
matter, carefully prepared editorials,
and by far the most complete West
"Virginia and Ohio news service.
During the coming year The IIkoih
tkk will bo of particular yaluo to the'
farmer, tradesman and merchant. Con
gress will likoly bo in extraordinary
session, us well as regular session, and
tho regular proceedings as well as
other Washington news, will be fully
chronicled In The I'koikti:!!.
Tho West Virginia hegislaturo will
be in session, and The Kkoihtei: will
L'ivo the most complete reports.
Tho price will remain the samo as
lieretoiorc bi.uu per year in advance.
Agents wanted in every community.
Unllynntl Sunday, by Mull, I'oHtiigo 1'ropiOU
Daily, Including Sunday, per year $8 03
Daily, lnclmllun Suaday, ono month 70
Daily, six rtay In tlio week, per year. ... n oo
Daily, six months a s 00
daily, ono month 0
Sunday only, per year 2 oo
Weekly, per year, In advance.- 1 00
fend for naruplo copies.
IlKGISTElt, Wheeling, W. To.
A, i j(' . 4 ixJJiH
Is the next in order. We commenced today to sort up antl
wo will have a groat many lots to close at SOME PRICE as
we WILL NOT carry old stock from year to yoar.
If there is ANYTHING our customers need in the line of
suits, overcoats and stormcoats for men, boys nr children;
duck coats, odd pants, vests, Underwear, gloves, trunks,
valises or anything else in our store, we will MAKE PRICES
that will bean inducement to buy them.
We thank our friends for the very liberal patronage given
us in the past and wish you all a happy and prosperous
New Year.
S. R. Van Metre & Co.,
Wholesale. The Old, Reliable Cash Clothiers.
Colonial Book Store!
The popular vcnlifV has already been rendered upon our stock,- we liear
on every liuid the remark
Sncli Beautiful Groods,
Such. "Very Low JPrices.
We nave an untisunll.y line lino ol'xnw things, neat, pretty, novel and
mostly inexpensive. To enumerate
Panki. I'ictuhks, isqui: Wakk; Oi:i.Mji.on Goods, an endless lice of
Novi:ini:s the . and II. Lamp in latest patterns' the finest stationery
with Heraldic designs.
All the late and popular hooks, with many old friends in new and at
tractive dress. Hooks aro wonderfully cheap, always a desirable gift.
Dr. Dickinson's history of the First Conyreuational Church would make
a desirablo Christinas ;ilt, we have it.
CmusTjiAS C.vni)s, UooKLirrs Calendars, &c. , .The line, of Cmi.Dr.EN's
Hooks and panics is very lar-e, the books are prettier and cheaper than
ever before..
We have what you want and many things you cannot fct elsewhere.
We give Pkkiodicai, Tickets on cash sales.
1 53 Colonial Block, Front St.
$10 to $50.
Handsome as it is in appearance,
ient to operate and carry, must,
The fact that it does a wider
iKV.i-!TA zvsmmhrsSKirmmik
JI5. .,V. .. .!. ill. .SM. 4. M!. J.t. . !. .JK. t- -M (.t. .JM. '!. t. M.
Buy your husband, best fellow or brother a
Or buy your pet horso o,n
The Best Goods in The City.
170 Front St.,
I, ' --W--
WintPF WruM I
P 11101 Vlluuu!
It's the assortment of
Capes and Jackets that
m akes the showing most
attractive. It's the little
prices that cause the ra
pid selling. It's the time
to buy now before the
best are gone, and the
p.Iace is
Jenvey & Allen,
1 68 Front st, Marietta, O
simple in its methods, and conven
after all, bejudgedbyits KESULTS.
range of work, and does it better
than any other, is what has placed
the PREMO high in the estimation
of every practical photographer who
knows a good thing when ho sees it.
Rochester Optical Co.,
43 South St., Rochester, N. Y.
Selling Agent, Marietta, O.
.Me. v. At. sue. i. jj.
K0DB. f
Blanket, i
, O. f
j 11. ' m"n"f"m'
tilMmiIMHllMlfMI'IIWIIIiTlrnlillll tvmi.-.,. ,.-..,,- ,. tj. ., -r,...r i -: l I 'I iii"iT"HWijl iiw
". ji.-!
- " ' ' 'ii--i , if ' m .1. . i ri .tt ; g-Tirrnn.ifr--"'ras?3.Tgra,;gTT. ii inainriii i iibimmi i.iiiii

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