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VOL. III. NO. 121
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Combination of Contractors,
Employers and Business Men
Declare a War of Extermination
Against Sympathetic Strikes
In the Ilalldlnc Trades of Chicago If
I'encofnl Motni Fall Geoernl Lockouts,
Wage Haductlons, and Keu Legal
l'roceiidlns Migr Ho llcsorted To.
Chicago, May 18. A. war of exterm
ination against sympathetic strlkos in
the building trades has been declared
by a combination of Chicago con
tractors, omploycrs and other busi
ness men. A serious conflict with or
ganized labor Is feared before tho cru
sade is ended.
Tho employers say they will make
every effort to attain the desired end
through co-operation and arbitration
with the building trades council and
affiliated unions, but that if peaceful
means fail, general lockouts, wage re
ductions and even legal proceedings
may bo resorted to in order to forco
tho labor organizations to terms.
Steps were taken Monday toward
the organization of tho employers who
oro to enter a finish fight against the
"labor trust." The new combination
will represent many millions of dol
lars invested in business, giving em
ployment to tens of thousands of
skilled workmen. It will be organized
on the same general lines as the build
ing trades couucil, with two delegates
from cacli organization of boss.es, with
one. additional delegate for each GO
Tho millet I
Miss Smith
His Heart l'roved ratal
Itcjected II I m at lathers'
Louisville, Ky., May IS. Preston
Thornton, who shot himself in tho par
lor of Milton II. Smith's residence in
this city Sunday, died at 3:110 o'clock
Monday morning. His father and
mother, who came hero from Lexing
ton, were by his side when death
The body has been removed from
the palatial homo of Mr. Smith, vVhero
tho tragedy occurred, to the residence
of Mrs. John Mason Brown, an aunt
of the deceased, from which place tho
funeral will occur Tuesday morning at
11 o'clock.
It has been learned that young
Thornton went to tho homo of Mr.
Smith upon three separate occasions,
and that he evidently threatened upon
tho second visit to take the life of Miss
Nettie Hollo Smith, the daughter of
Mr. Milton Smith. Twice ho was told
that Miss Smith would not seo him,
but he was persistent, and. leaving the
second time, ho probably obtained tho
revolvor with which the self-murder
was committed.
When ho reached tho door tho sec-
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5l, To give everybody
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We have decided to
of Men's strictly
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i. Mr, .y . m!, Mr, M(,
Take a look in our
For Three Days Longer!
Bosnian rename,
I he Buckeye,
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
Cor. Front and Butler sts., - - - 'Old P.-0. Building
uuu time no win up ms eurutuimas
Nqttio llello Smith. Her mother told
tier to toil him thut she would not see
lilm any more, nnd that it would be
useless for him to call. Miss Smith,
liowovcr, is said to havo loved young
Thornton dovotedly.
"It would bo unkind, mother," sho
replied, "not to see him this once, and
L will simply toll him tho truth."
Sho went downstairs and stepped in
to tho parlor. At the door with his
hat in his hand stood tho lovor. "Net
tie Belle," ho said excitedly, "do you
Intond to marry meV"
"No," was tho reply. "I lovo my
father, too, and as long as he with
holds his consent I will not marry
Without a word tho young man
dropped his hat from his nervous
lingers, stood silent for a moment,
and then drew a revolver from his
pocket and turned tho glittering muz
tie toward his heart. A shot rang out
and tho young man fell heavily to the
Hardly had tho weapon fallen from
his stiffening fingers, however, than
sho was kneeling at his side imploring
aim to speak to her.
A servant was sent after a basin of
hot water, and then, as his life blood
ran out and stained the carpet, sho
supported his head upon her lap and
bathed his temples. Tho clotted blood
ivas washed away ns it oozed from tho
wound in his breast. Ho tried to speak
but his strength was rapidly dimin
ishing and It was apparent that he was
In tho meantime tho greatest con
fusion reigned in tho palatial homo of
tho millionaire railroad magnate. Mr.
I Smith, who was nearly prostrated
! with grief, sent an order to the rail
road office directing that a special
train should bo sent out at once for
Lexington to hurry tho mother and
two sisters of the dying man to his
bedside. Tho fast stiffening body of
the young man was tenderly lifted by
tho servants nnd carried up-stairs to
the boudoir of Miss Smith.
The engineer of the special train had
orders to make no stops except for wa
ter, and within three hours the train
pulled in at tho Loth street depot. A
carriage was in waiting and conveyed
the mother and grief-stricken sisters to
the bedside of the dying man.
Treasurer Collins to lto Itn poached.
Tallehassee, Fla., May IS. Tho
house of representatives Monday unan
imously passed resolutions for the im
peachment of Clarence B. Collins,
treasurer of Florida, for high crimes
and misdemeanor, incompetency, mal
feasance in office and conduct detri
mental to the public good.
Russia's Methods.
London, May IS. A dispatch to the
I Standard from Moscow, says tho police
havo made CO arrests, most of the
suspects being men with university
educations, although working as mill
hands, on planning a big mill strike.
Thev will bo sent to Siberia without
- l
't, V
a chance to get one ks
bargains in
Mr. "51?
continue the sale
all wool suits at
1& -. v t, V 1& ''iif tf V. v' W V?
; "S'ft s!i ' '' &' '- -5'o V- 'e- ."-
'i ji. -.v .'.
- T 15 V
fc -.c . . Sii
West Window.
.v jjs. Jit, j Mr. Mr. Mt,
vl t? iv1 t? tl 5 " ''A? 'tly
q. lilo
axjsr msbs U vjyNicc?'
Forces Sustain a Crushing De
feat at Domoskos.
Thirty-five Thousand Turks Mako an
Attack Upon the Greek Line.
Th Ilattle Cnntlnnotl Until After Samet
Tho Mont Intenio Kicltnment rrnvnlU
at .Athona Tho Turks' C'cinilltlout ot
1'muoo AVltli Grcoco Is IUcllculcd.
Domokos, May IS. Tho Turkish at
tack on tho Greek right wing began
at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon, but tho
flank attacks are considered to be
feints and it is believed the main at
tack of tho Turks will bo made upon
tho Greek center, where Crown Prince
Constantino is in command.
Two Greek cannon are doing great
execution on tho principal Turkish
column, which is advancing through
tho hills. The Turkish infantry at
several points is in contact with tho
It Is believed here that tho attack on
Gen. Smolensk!, near Almyros, is only
i strategic operation, and tho Turks
will endeavor to cut between the two
Greek armies, occupy the road leading
to tho Otliry mountains, and thus cut
oil the retreat of the crown prince.
Losdo.v, May IS. Tho Daily Tele
graph's special correspondent with tho
lurkish forces in ihessaly Monday
night, says: "Edhom Pasha has mov
ed on from point to point and finally
occupied Domoskos. Tho Creeks havo
sustained a crushing defeat.
London, May IS. Tho conditions
proposed by the porta as the terms of
peace with CJreeco have been freely
discussed in tho lobbies of parliament
Monday, and the idea of tho retroces
sion of Thessaly and of such an in
demnity as is already suggested is rid
iculed as impractieablo and absurd.
At the outsido an indemnity of 3,000.
000 or (1,000,000 and a slight strategii
rectification of frontier are considerei
s likely to be the terms finally settled
Athens, May IS. Dispatches sent
from Domokos at 7 p m. Monday say
that tho Greek loft wing has fallen
back toward the centre before thrice
the number of Turks. The battle con
tinued after sunset, but, despite tho
j'ieldiug ot the left wing, the Turks
were finally repulsed. Gen. Mavromi
jhalis was wounded.
A dispatch sent from Domokos at
noon by tho way of Lamia says:
Thirty-fiva thousand Turks, infant
ry, cavalry and artillery, have at
tacked the Greek lino at several points
of the left wing and the center with cv
view of penetrating southward and
surrounding Domokos. Largo forces
ire also attacking Gen. Smolensk!.
The most intense excitement pre
vails here. All the cabinet ministers
have been assembled since noon at the
ministry of marine, whero the dis
patches from tho front are boing re
ceived. Tho gravity of tho situation
;an not bo overestimated.
London, May IS. Tho Daily Chron
icle's correspondent at Athens scuds
tho following ofdcial account of tho
lighting Monday:
"Over 50,000 Turks simultaneously
and continuously attacked our whole
line. Our artillery and infantry did
splendid work. Twice all the regi
ments of the enemy wavered and lie 1,
though their attack was soon renewed
with fresh forces, which in turn ve
wero able to hurl back.
The stubborn resistance and splen
did vigor of our troops finally com
pelled the enemy to give way alto
gether. All the attacks on our lelt
were similarly repulsed.
On our right wo did not fare so well.
Tho first attack of the enemy was re
pulsed but thoy massed in immense
forces for the next attack. Our first
line wnvorod and was broken; and tho
wing would have been turned but for
tho timely arrival of the reserves.
"Still tho enemy had gained ground
which it was then impossible to regain,
and we, therefore, fell back on Uousi.
"Tho Turks had 50,000 troops, with
30,000 reserves. Our forco was only
83,000. We havo lost heavily, but the
enemy must havo lost thousands."
Constantinople, May IS. There
was a sudden and unexpected change
in tho political situation shortly be
fore noon Tuesday. Russia quietly
showed her hand, and thereby forced
Germany and Turkey out of the game,
to all inteuts and purposes. Monday
night and early Tuesday morning Tur
key, supported by Germany, was prac
tically defying Russia, France, Aus
tria, Great Britain and Italy, insisting
upon tho annotation of Thessaly in
addition to hugo war indemnity, and
seemingly was determined to march
upon Athens. Tho ministers
rocolved official advices from
Sofia Tuesday announcing that
orders had been issued for the
partial mobilization of tho Bulgarian
army possibly at tho instigation of
Russia. There wns a. hurried consul
tation of tho ministers. Tho war party
was for further defiance, but in tho end
pacific councils seemed to have pre
vailed, for, at 11:35 n. m., orders were
tolegraphcd to Edhem Pasha, tho Turk
ish commander-in-chief in Thessaly, to
coaso hostilities.
The peace negotiations will now be
undertaken in real earnest nnd tbo
Greeks will most likoly bo spared any
further humiliation.
Athens. May IS. Tho Turks havo
hoisted the white flag nt Arta, from
which it is judgod that the Turkish
commander has rccoived instructions
that an armistice has been agreed
upon, ... - -.
Ftl F1I From a Rbof.
New JJheukn, O., May ia John
Rolchert, 25, married, residing south oi
this city, fell from a roof 30 feet high
and was instantly killed.
Uxcltoil Over the News From VTnflhlnc-ton-Gnni
Heard by Citizens of IlavHim.
Havana, May 18. Peoplo in Havana
heard firing In the dlroction of Guana
bacoa all day Monday, and two bat
talions .of volunteers were sent out
from here.
Tho Cuban hospital near Gulncs was
raided Saturday and all the inmates,
numbering 30,wore'put to the machete.
Two nurses and a Cuban physician
wore among tho murdered.
The capital is excited over tho Cuban
belligerency news from Washington.
Tho morning papers make bitter com
ments on the attitude of tho United
States congress. La Lurcha has tried
to tone down Leo's adverse reports by
printing a queer denial from tho con
sul genoral.
The popular excitement can not be
denied, and wero it not for tho Span
ish officials mobs of tho lower classes
would have made a demonstration
against the American consul beforo
No Verncop? Picture In Camilla.
Ottawa, Ont., May 16 The vera
scope pictures of tho Corbett-Pitzsim-mons
fight will bo barred from Cana
da. Sir Oliver Mowatt, minister of
justice, has drafted an amendment to
tho criminal code making it a misde
meanor to exhibit pictures of prize
fights in Canada. Iho penalties are
sovore, including a fine of from S500 to
S3,000 and imprisonment for a term not
exceeding 12 months. The amendmout
will bo made a government measure
and passed r.t once.
Two "i-ar for Wlfc-Murder.
Lancaster, Wis., My IS. Mark W.
Townsend, who was arrested in Ad
ams county, Washington, and brought
to this place for trial on a charge of
murdering his wife about eight years
ago, was found guilty of manslaugh
ter in tho fourth degree and sen
tenced to tho penitentiary for two
years. Townsend quartered in Wash
ington, but quarreled with his wife,
I and she gave away the story of tho
guilty act of his past to the author
ities. Hon. Thomas V. linyaril In Wilmington.
Wilmington, Del., May IS. Hon.
Thos. F. Bayard, former ambassador to
England, arrived in this city from
New York Monday afternoon, with
( tho log of tho Mayflower in his posses
I sion. He went to tho olllcc
of the bceurity Trust and Safe
I Deposit Co., and there deposited the
I log in the vaults for safekeeping until
ho conveys it to tho custody of the
. governor of Massachusetts.
I E.c-Senntor Mct'hersonii Narrow KBcnpp.
1 Xnw York, May IS. Former U. S.
Senator J. R. MePherson, of New Jer
sey, had a narrow escape from being
..killed at his offico in this city Tuesday.
j Wm. Von Aken attempted to shoot him
and was prevented from doing so by
Edward F. Low. An accomplice o!
Von Aken's escaped. Von Aken, who
is partially blind, was arrested.
I Titllors Strlko Snrenrtini;.
I New Yokk, May IS The strike of
tho tailors, which began on Sunday
morning, is assuming enormous pro-
1 portions, and the indications are that
it will spread to other cities, if the re
ports received by the strikers can be
believed. Twenty-two thousand tai
lors, who assert that their families arc
starving, are now on a strike.
'.'HI The Dauntlpss Ilriiiieit Southward.
Savannah, Ga., May IS. The sus
pected filibustering Dauntless slipped
out of port Monday and headed south
ward. It is the talk among river men
, that she has gone on an expedition to
Cuba. Her agents say sho is oft tho
bar waiting for vessels. Tho tug came
hero about three weeks ago uuder
charter to engage in towing
I rorct rlrps tu TUIchignn.
1 Houghton, Mich., Mav IS. rorest
fires are burninu at many points in the I
upper peninsula that may speedily be
come serious. Unless a heavy rain
fall comes soon serious losses in logs
and standing timber, as well as the
wiping out of settlements, may result.
lCrveuue Department bollcltor
Washington, May IS. Among pres
idential nominations Tuesday was
Geo. Morgan Thomas, of Kentucky, to
bo solicitor of internal revenue. Ho
will succeed Robert T. Hough, of Hills
boro, O., who recently resigned.
Thomas was recommended by Deboe.
Text Hook lllll Pnsscd.
Austin, Tex., May IS. The house
Tuesday at noon after a very bitter
fight lasting over a ,weok, passed the
senate text book bill, which requires
state uniformity of text books for all
the froo schools of Texas. The law
goes into effect in 1S9S.
Activity at Illdilorord, Sle,
Uiddefohd, Me., May IS. One hun
dred looms in tho gingham department
of tho Now York cotton mills were
started Monday. This department has
been practically shut down for a year.
The whole plant is now running at its
full capacity
I.evao on llehnlt of the Queen,
London-, May IS. The prince of
Wales held a leveo at St. James palace
Monday in behalf of the queen. Tho
weather was brilliant and there was
an unusually largo attendance of min
isters and members of tho diplomatic
riot to Bloriler Klne George Discovered.
London, May ia A dispatch to tho
Daily Mall from Berlin says it is re
ported thoro that a plot to murder
King Georgo has been discovered at
Athens and that many arrests havo
been made.
Condition of the Tremory.
Washington, May 18. Tuesday's
statoment of tho condition of tho treas
ury shows: Available cash balance,
8328,833,817; gold reserve, 8145,500,230.
Antl-Sealper Lsw Sostulned.
IlBLiau., Mont, May 18. The su
premo court Monday sustained tho
anti-scalper law.
Of the Horrible Death of Mrs.
Luettgert at Chicago.
Her Dead Body Cut to Pieces in a
Sausage Mill and Cremated.
The Tollce Snr Her Wealthy Husband Is
Undoubtedly the Marderer Qunrrels
lletween Them Hud lleeu Frriaent
He Declares Shu Is still Alivr. ji.
Chicago, May IS. Adolph Luett
gert, the wealthy sausage maker, un
der arrest on the charg'o of strangling
his wife and then throwing tho body
Into a vat filled with a powerful acid,
for the supposed purpose of destro3lug
evidenco of tho alleged crime, was ar
raigned in police court Tuesday morn
ing. The caso was continued until
next Saturday. A writ of habeas cor
pus will be applied for.
Tho solution of the mystery as a
murder was reached only after careful
and conscientious work on ;ho part of
the officials.
Mrs. Luettgert disappeared from her
homo tho night of Mu3- 1. Sho was last
soon alone by her husband and Mrs.
Amelia Kaiser, a neighbor. This was
at 10 o'clock in the evening, bho was
in good spirits, and there app:ared to
be no indication that she contemplated
suicide. "
Sho dropped completely out of sight
that night, but tho husband failed to
ronort tho matter to the police until
May 7.
It was given out that she had prob
ably committed suicide on account of
tho failure of her husband's business.
But tho officers becamo suspicious
They made a careful search of tho
sausage factory, which is at Diversey
street and the Chicago & Northwestern
tracks. In the boiler room the- found
the piece of corut steel and the torn
pieces of dress
Mrs. Wilhelmena Mueller, 158 Cleve
land avenue, sister of Mrs. Luettgert,
her daughter, Miss Amelia Mueller,
neighbors and others told o violent
quarrels which had taken place be
tween tho pair.
It is said there was a quarrel tho
uight Mrs. Luettgert disappeared. The
details of this are not known. This
and other circumstantial evidence is
what led to the arrest.
Inspector Schaack thinks that after
tney were lett alone that evening
Luettgert lured her into the sausage
factory, near the house, on some pre
text. When she was once inside, it is be
lieved she was killed. Tnen, accord
ing to tho police theory, the body was
stripped, cut into pieces in the sausage
mill, so thut it would be more easily
cremated, and then cast into tho fur
nace. Her clothing, it is alleged, was
burned in the same place.
"I do not feel ready to say what was
the motive, said Inspector Schaack.
"Nor can I tell all the details of tho
method in which he disposed of the
boly. I feel sure of my man, though."
Luettgert declared Tuesday morn
inc, after being removed to the city
jail, that his wife is stillj alive, that
she is wcakminded and has wandered
from home. Luottgert's first wife
died in 1SS1 and there havo been whis
pers, the police say, that all about her
death has not been explained.
'1 here is another ease on record in
which Luettgert figured. On Septem
ber '.', 1ST'.'. Hugh McGowan was found
dead in Luottgart's barn. McGowan's
head was cut open and a plug of to
bacco crowded down his throat. Tho
coroner's jury brought in a verdict of
apoplexy. James McGowan, tho dead
man's son, made an effort for more
thorough investigation, but he says he
was thwarted by friends of Lcuttgert.
Illinois llattleflidil Monuments.
Spkingfhxd. III., May IS. The Illi
nois Battlefield Monument commis
sion has decided to erect nine monu
ments each at Lookout Mountain and
at tho north end of Mission Kidge, to
tho IUinoij-egiments which particpat
ed in thofti battles. They received
plans for a granite monument 10J foot
high, which it is proposed to erect on
the lop of Mission Ridge, on the spot
where the confederate general, Bragg,
had his headquarters.
A Itnyal Wedding;.
GcTTlXJn, Montongoro, May IS.
Prince Francis Joseph, of Battenberg,
youngest brother of Prince Louis, of
Battenberg, and Princess Anna, of
Montengero, a younger sister of tho
crown princess of Italy, wero married
Tuesday at tho Cathedral, in tho pres
ence of Pririce Nicholas, of Monton
goro, and all others of her family.
There were also present a number of
Russinn grand dukes, diplomats and
the officers of state.
The Scotch. Irish CnngrfSs.
Chattanooga. Tenn , May 18
Tho S.-otch-Irish congress, which
was to havo been held iu Detroit Juno
10 to 1", ha been postponed becauso
of unavoidable delay in making cer
tain necessary arrangements It is
not probablo now, says the secretary,
that the congress will bo held until
fall. .
' Run On it SnyliiK Hank,
South Fhamixgham, Mass., May IS.
A serious run on the Framingham
Savings bank was averted Tuesday by
tho directors, who refused to honor
checks for more than SU.0 from each
depositor, taking ndvantago of tho 00
day statute for larger amounts. There
is little probability of further trouble.
Antl-Vltascope Hill.
Hahiusburo, Pa., May IS. In the
ionato Tuesday tho bill prohibiting tho
public exhibition of photographic re
productions of priza fighti was passed
finally. The bill now goes to the
house ior final notion by that body.
jH fjOVOl'l fl XJij eH
AbsoluteEy Pure.
Celebrated for Its creat leavening strength
alul he.ilthfulTie'M. Assures the food against
alum and all forms of adulteration common to
the cheap bmuds
How and Interesting Happenings Within
Oar llordurs.
Ovpr Inn Wagon Loids of Goods Ite
coTori'il Merchants Organize to 1'rose
cuto tho Culprltx.
Sandusky, O., May IS. Since tho
sensational arrest for shoplifting of
Mrs. Jay Smith, wife of one of tho
wealthiest residents of this county,
nnd her accomplice, Mrs. Charles
Louzler, additional developments havo
boon unearthed which prove them to
be experts in crime. Officers, accom
panied by half a dozen business men,
proceeded to the residences of the ac
cused women, whore they found veri
table store houses for goods stolen
from stores in this city during tho past
few months.
Over two wagon loads wore recovered,
embracing shoes, silverware, dry
goods, etc., amounting in value to over
a thousand dollars. At tho police sta
tion tho women, after much pressure,
broke down and confessed their guilt
and implicated several other hereto
fore respectable married women, and
arrests will follow. Tho women had a
preliminary hearing before Mayor Zim
merman Monday evening and wero re
leased upon procuring bail for 5300.
At a meeting of tho victimized mer
chants a fund was raised for the prose
cution of the culprits. Tho case prom
ises to reveal additional sensational
Mayor CMUw.-U Will Hold Over.
Columbus, O., May IS. The supreme
court Tuesday pronounced a special
act constitutional which was passed in
1890 extending the term of mayor of
Cincinnati to July 1, 1S97. The result
is that John A. Caldwell, present
mayor, will hold over and mako im
portant appointments, some of which
continue beyond tho term of Gustav
Tafel, who was elected mayor this
spring, and who went into the courts
to obtain immediate possession of tho
Women's Homo MUslonnry Society.
Xexia, O., May IS. The thirteenth
annual session of the Cincinnati con
ference of tho Women's Home Mission
ary society ,vill be held in the First
Methodist church here, May 2D and 21.
A large number of Cincinnati women
will attend, among whom tho follow
ing will mako addresse;. and present
reports: Mrs. D. E. Taylor, secretary;
Mrs J. Gordon Wright, treasurer;
Mrs. L. E. Allison, Mrs. J. W. Caddis
ind Mrs. M. T. Carey.
Klliu.l with i. Iluck.
Comjmeur, O., May IS. A the result
oi a schoolboy quarrel Robert Schnepf,
aged 13, is dead at his lato homo in this
;ity. Barney Itowc, a new boy atschool,
iv as lashei by Schnepf late Monday
lftsruoon, when Howe picked up a
rock and hurled it at Schnepf. The
rock struck Schnepf in tho right ear,
jausintr injuries from which ho died in
less than ton minutes. Howe is in
jail, He says ho did not mean to kill
Forcer Z. T. Levels. , ;
UltnANA, O., May IS. Tho motion to
reduce the ID indictments returned
against tho bond forger, Z. T. Lewis,
Dn bonds deposited with the Perpetu
il Saving and Building Association,
ind 20 returned on bonds deposited
ivith tho Farmers' bank, of Mechanics
burg, to one indictment in each case,
ivas argued beforo Judge Heyserman
Tuesday, who took the matter under
Suicides With n Toy Cannon.
Defiance, O., May IS. Godfrey
lialske, a gunsmith, aged 84, commit
ted suicide here Monday in an original
manner. Balsko made a small cannon
aut of gas pipe and loaded it with
aails and scrap Iron, fastened It to a
bench, and, seating himself in a chair,
with his breast against tho gun's muz
tlo, touched off the cannon with a red
hot wire.
ri.ht In Chuicb,
Waynesville, O., May ia At the
Friends' church during tarvices Sun
day evening Walter Dukln and ono
Thompson quarreled. Thompson
struck Dakin on the head with a stone,
sausing serious injuries. Dakin was
fined. Thompson has escaped.
A llotruluicai"VT:ht.
Mahtin's FEnnv, O , May 18, Twen-ly-flve
ballots were required to elect
four members of the board of equali
zation, nnd tho four elected aro Samuel
Westwood, A. T, Dinsmoro, Benj.
Powell and Robert Downey.
An AWron Temperance Move ;- '
Aunos, O , May 18. Temperance
people havo introduced on ordinance
in the city council prohibiting boys
under 21 and girls under 18 from en
tering any saloon. A severe penalty
Is provided
' ' I ft'

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