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VOL. III. NO. 123
For Peace May Be Made Between
Turkey and Greece.
Terms Afterward Will Be Submitted
to the European Conference.
An Arm'stlce of Sovonteen Days Agreed
to Jletwecn the Turkish nnd GreU
U. Troops In Tlicsialy Cretans Deoldo
lefc to Act With tho Admirals.
Berlin, May 20. A telegram re
ceived here from Constantinople
Thursday afternoon says that tho at
tempt of tho Turkish commander In
Eplrus to treat with the Greeks for
an armlstlco has resulted In failure,
owing to tho Greeks having Ignored
tho Hag of truce and to their having
attempted 'Wednesday with two bat
talions of troops to make a fresh incur
sion into Turkish territory. Tho
Greeks, it is further stated, also
shelled tho Turks' position.
In conclusion the Constantinople
dispatch bays tho Turkish government
disclaims all responsibility for what
may follow.
Constantinople, Hay 10. At Op. m.,
Thursday, an armistice wasialso for
mally concluded Thursday, for 17
days, between tho Turkish and Greek
troops on tho frontiers of Eplrus.
Athens, May 20. An armistice be
tween the Turkish and Greek troops
in Thessaly to extend over a pi-riod of
17 days, was formally concluded Thurs
day. Constantinople, May 20 Although
it is not definitely decided, it is
thought the paace negotiations will bo
conducted between Turkey and Greece
direct and that afterward, following
tho precedent of the treaty of St. Stc
plmno, the terms will be submitted to
a European conference, which will
probably meet in Paris.
London, May 20. A special dispatch
from Canea, Island of Crete, says that
the Cretans havo decided to co-operate
with admirals commanding the fleets
of tho ioreign powers in the work of
organizing a government for the island.
Spw York Cnpltnl Endangered by Tire.
Ni:w York, May 20. A temporary
rooling over the east appraach to the
cupitol caught fire at 1 o'clock Thurs
day. A still east wind was blowing,
and in five minutes the entire capitol
was filled, with stifling smoke. Great
excitement was occasioned throughout
tho departments. The structure, which
is burning, is direotlv in front of tho
private rooms of the judges of the court
of appeals, which are fine I with valua'
bio law libraries and documents. The
fire was put out with hai.d extinguish
urs, after a half hour's work without
having done any damage to an3'thing
but the roofing, and some scaffolding.
It is believed to have originated from
the upsetting of plumbers' furnace.
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' - A',t - 'ts'. - AI,A'.AV,.V.aMiAVs;l -
Cuban Resolution Fnsses the Sennto by
vote of 41 to 14,
Washington, May 20. Yeas and
nays have been ordered on the Morgan
Cuban resolution. Mr. Hale said
nothing could bo dono to delay it. lie
said it was evident the opposition was
evidently trying to shape the policy of
tho administration so far as the senato
could go. lie cxpressod opinion that
adoption of resolution would involvo
us into war.
Washington, May 20. In the sen
ato Thursday tho motion of Mr. Ualo
to refer the Morgan Cuban resolu
tions to the foreign relations commit
tee was defeated by tho following
Yeas Allison, Burrows, Caffroy,
Davis, Fairbanks, Gear, Hale, Ilannn,
Uansbrough, Hawley, Hoar, McBridc,
Perkins, hhoup, Spooncr, Wellington,
Wctmore, White, Wilson 19.
Nays Bacon, Baker, Bate, Berry,
Butler, Cannon, Carter, Chandler,Chil
ton, Clark, Cockroll, Daniel, Gallinger,
Harris (Kas.), Ileitfeld, Jones (Ark.),
Kyle, 'Mantle, Mason, Mills. Morgan,
1'aseoe, Pettigrow, Pottus, Pritchard,
Itawlins, ltoach, Stewart, Thurston,
Tillman, turner, Turpie, Walthall,
Warren 34.
Mr. Fairbanks (rop., Ind.) thon took
the floor to deliver a set speech on tho
Morgan resolution.
Tho Fairbanks amendment for inter
vention by this government for Cuban
independence, and tendering the good
offices of this government to that end,
was tabled 33 to 15.
WASHlNOTdN, May 20. Tho Morgan
Cuban resolution passed the senate at
4:30 Thursday afternoon by a vote of
41 to 14. The gallcrioj broke into ap-
ulause. Z.
Niturnl Gas Kxploslon.
Br.ADroiiD, Pa., May 20. Near Sugar
Grove, Warren county, a test well
drilled for oil was being shot with a
torpedo. There was no flow of oil,
but natural gas in great quantities
gushed from the casing. A speculator
wanted to lignt a cigar and the flame
from his match ignited the gas. There
was a terrific explosion which scat
tered the spectators in all directions.
Postmaster lialton, Dr. Kelly, L. W.
King, and two persons named King
were frightfully burned about the
head, face and hands. Several others
were slightly burned.
iilranr .Urnwupil In n Cistern.
Van Weijt, O., May 20. The infant
daughter of John Salezaber was play
ing in the back yard with another
child. The child came running
in saying: "She's hiding in the cis
tern." Before rescue was possible life
was extinct
Itnllan Democratic Club.
Columbus, O., May 20. The Italian
Laborors' Democratic club, of Cincin
nati, was incorporated Thursday by
Veto Florio, Sam Sauro, Antonio Rl
naldi, Francesco Renardo and Salva
tore Colabrese.
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vtv- viv 'iv-
!. !i 1.
Sk&k&kSt' &' &
West Window.
A'f. Tit"
and Furnishers,
- Old E'.'O. Buildtnsr
.l6;j' -
Of the State Department Partly
Disclosed by Foraker.
Extract From Consul General Lee's
Report on the Cuban Situation.
3om.tor Prtttcrow'H Amendia.nti to tho
Tariff 11UI Coiumliittloncr Alontconi
ery 'rvtulirs IJU ltiinli-nntlon by lte-
queat .Needles Alaf Alucoeotl lllni.
Washington, itfny 20. Tho secrot
archives of the stato department
which havo held tho consular reports
on tho Cuban war from tho public wero
partially disclosed Wednesday by Sen
ator Foraker, of Ohio. Durlnp tho
past week the dobate in tho senato has
been pregnant with intimations and
innuendoes of reports from tho United
btatcs olllcinls in Cuba held at tho
state department, which. If published,
would disclose a condition on Cuban
soil which would influence public opin
ion in a decided manner.
Tho facts thereforo which Senator
Foraker announced without stating
from whom they camo created a de
cided stir. Especially startlinjr was
tho letter from Secretary Olney, in
which this country offered mediation
to SDain and the refusal of that coun
try to accept the profl'ersd aid.
While one of the consular reports
was read without tho name of tho
author being1 disclosed, it is stated to
bo a communication from Consul Gen
eral Leo which fully sets forth his idea
of tho condition that exists in Cuba.
The extract was quoted as follows,
no date being given:
"I can not understand tho truth of
the claim that all tho provinces of tho
island are pacified, except that of
Santiago do Cuba, because there are
more insurgents under arms at this
time than at the period I first reached
tho island, some ten months ago, and
I do not think it a fair inference to
draw from existing conditions that the
war is approaching a termination, be
cause, in pursuance of an established
policy, the Insurgents avoid, as far a3
possible, all serious engagements.
"The impossibility of expelling the
Spanish troops from this island by
force of arms is well known to them
and they do not propose to risk the
lives of their men and the success of
their cause upon one or more pitched
battles; I conclude therefore that tho
war will drag its weary length
along so long as tho insurgents can
dig sustenance from tho ground on
the one side or money be obtained by
the other, with the continued result
of untold human suffering, loss of
human life, the murder o' innocent
men, women and children by both
sides and tho frightful havoc which
disease makes in the ranks of the
soldiers, particularly among tho un
accllmated Spaniards. The poverty and
distress of the pooplo are increasing
and tho loss of property of all sorts
daily becoming more enormous. No
one can fully appreciate tho situation
without being hero in person. The
number of poor, distressed, starving
women, children and old men of ah
races have greatly increased in this
city within tho past few weeks, whilu
in other points on tho island tho suf
fering has been proportionately
Washington, May 20. Judge A. 1!.
Montgomery, of Kentucky, one of the
five members of tho Dawes Indian
commission, by request, has presented
his resignation to the president. Tho
Xeedles, of Illinois, who was a eanii
date for commissioner of Indian aif.iirs,
is being considered for the ollieu by
President MoKinley, but charges have
been filed against his former adminis
tration of the office of United btale
marshal in Oklahoma, and have delay
ed action. If these are explained sat
isfactorily, it is lilcely Mr. Needles'
name will be sent to tho senate short
ly. No further changes in the com
mission are expected for some time.
, Washixoton', May 20. Senator Pet
tigrow gave notice Wednesday of his
intention to offer the following
amendments to the tariff bill: Increas
ing the rate on antimony from three
quarters of a cent to life per pound;
providing a specific duty of 10 cents
per pound on unmanufactured mica
and 20 cents on tho manufactured ar
ticle in addition to an ud valorem of 2J
per cent, on all classes of mica; adding
Fuller's earth to tho paragraph re
garding earths and making the manu
factured article dutiable at S-t per ton
and tho unmanufactured at S3 and
graphite at -15 per cent, ad valorem.
Washington, May 20. Tho dele
gates to the International Postal union
were given a reception at the white
house Wednesday night by President
and Mrs. McKinloy. Tho house was
beautifully decorated and the conserv
atory was thrown open for the admira
tion of the guests. Uesidps tho dele
gates there was invited tho members
of the foreign embassies and legations,
the justices of the supremo court, the
members of the cabinet and a number
of senators and members of tho house
of representatives and ladies of their
CHDiiii JSollM lllll Taned by tho Home.
W.VSHIJ.010N, May20. Speaker rt.'ed
ruled tho house Thursday morning
with an iron hand and despite the ef
forts of Mehsrs. Uailey, Simpson and
others, refused to l.sten tr any motion
except that made by Mr. Dalzall of
Pennsylvania, from the comm.ttee on
rules to pass the senate
Cuban relief resolutions. Mr.
ned has shown hU power
before, but nov.-r until Thursday did
he exorcise it so strongly or rc-fj-,.
even a henrl:i' to tho leader o." tru
minority. lUe 1 by tho repa'n.'can
majority, wim t.i single exception
Colsorj of Kentucky, the spsaker car
ried his plans through, refusing to al
low Mr. Bailey even to present a mi
nority report on tho Cuban reso
lution. In vain did young Mr. Bai
ley protest and appeal, and even Jorry
Simpson's endeavor to filibuster was
like chaff before tho wind. Mr. Reed
was determined that the house should
consider tho rellof resolution only, and
by tho aid of tho party he succeeded.
Thero was a large crowd gathered In
the galleries in anticipation of a big day
in tho house and what was more
to the point, thero was a quorum on
tho republican side, and beeing this,
Mr. Heed did not falter. The resolu
tion of the committee on rules to take
up the senate resolution appropriating
550,000 for the relief of Americans in
Cuba and debato it for two hours, was
adopted, and after the debate it was
passed by the house.
Postmaster GontTul l'nt!r l"r"kIclont
Iliichaiiun Ailiulnlstrtlmi, IJrail,
Washington, May 20. Gen. Horatio
King, who was postmaster general
during a portion of Ilucnauan's admin
istration, died in this city at S:20
Thursday morning, lie was in his
tGth year and died from the effects of
an attack of grip. His wife survives
him. Horatio King came hero from
Paris, Me., and was appointed first
assistant postmaster general in li'A.
serving under Postmaster General
Holt. President Buchanan, less than
a month before his term expired, ap
pointed Mr. King postmaster general.
He served in that capacity from Feb
ruary 1, 1S01, until March 3 following,
when he was succeeded by -Montgomery
Blair. Mr. King was a literateur of
some note. Mr. King retired from act
ive life in lbT3.
A Hit: Judgment.
Cati.ettsijuiio, Ky., May 20. The
jury in the case of Mrs. Thomas Judd
against tho C. & O. railroad for Sf 0,000
damages for the killing of her hus
band about a year ago on the Big
Sandy division of that road, after be
ing out 10 hours, brought in a verdict
in favor of the plaintiff for S1S.300.
Judgment was obtained by Mrs. Judd
against the company in IS'J'1 for S10,
000. The company appealed tho case.
It will now havo to pay the 83,500 in
addition to tho original judgment, or a
total of SIS.oOO.
Great Silo of Cnttlp,
Danvilli:, May 20. J. C Caldwell,
of Danville, sold to J. W. Bales, agenu
for Schwatzschild & Sulzberg, Chica
go, SJ0 head of export beeves at 4 05
per 100 pounds. The cattle will aver
age 1,400 to tho head end bring the
sum total of 352,000. They are to be
delivered the first week In Juno and
the first week In Jul-. Caldwell, who
is.ono the leading export cattle feeders
in tho country, has 700 head to be sold
this fall.
HanK'TV.Ier Commits hulclcl.
St. Louis, May 20. Geo. A. Taylor,
a teller at the Third national bank,
was found dead in a room at the Nor
mandle hotel Thursday. He commit
ted suicide by shooting himself with a
revolver. hen found Taylor, who is
a married man, had clasped in his
hands a letter from another woman
and her photograph.
A Cyclone in bouth Dakota.
How.vr.D, S. D., May 20. A cyclone
passed over the northern part of Miner
county Wednesday night, 'i he great
est damage was done at Carthage.
Patton it Jackson's elevator, tin
Northwestern depot and ssveral small-.
v-t buildings were destroyed. N lives
were lost as tar as Known, ine aaiu
age is extensivo to farm property,
A IMonoer Ilrewer Doail.
Nkw Yoi'.K, May 20. Frederick
Schafer, of the brewery firm of F. it
M. Schafer, died Thursday at his res
idence iu this city. He was born at
Wotzlar, Germany, S3 years ago. He
camo to America in 1SSS and was prac
tically tho pioneer of the lager beer
industry in tho United States.
Tupper to Ila Mailo n l'ecr.
Moxtueai., May 20. Sir Charles
Tupper's friends say that he will be
made a peer of tho realm on tho occa
sion of the queen's jubilee in Juno. It
is reported that ho will retire from
Canadian public life and spend the re
mainder of his days in England.
" EngTnccr Phillips Klllod.
Jr.rnEitsoxviM.r:, Ind., May 20, Wm.
Phillips, aged 43, married, was dragged
under tho Baltimore & Ohio South
western passenger train by a runaway
horse and killed, A companion, Wal
ter Creamer, was badty injured. Phil,
hps was an engineer on tho Pennsyl
vauia road.
Died nt ben.
New York, May 20. Traugott
hchmidt, of Detroit, Mich., a saloon
passenger on board the steamer Travo,
died on tho passage from Bremen to
this city. His body was brought into
port Cancer of the stomach was the
cause of death.
AccldHiit.lly Killed.
Mouoantowx, W. Va., May 20. In
climbing a fence with a gun while out '
hunting J. S. Swindler, of Fairmont, i
ono of the best known business men of ,
tho state, was accidentally killed bv
the discharge of the weapon.
Guilty of Attempted llrlhery.
Buffalo, N. Y., May 20. Kx-Super-
luteuneni or streets Thomas k .Malo- (
uoy was Wednosday night found J
guilty by a jury of attempting to brib--'
Superintendent of Police Bull. I!--will
be sentenced Thursday.
TroYnllujtrt Under Way for Ciiln.
Jaciisonvim.k, Fla., May 20. Tv.o
Cub.iuMllibusteniig expeditions aiv re-'
purtod to bo under way from Fernan
uiun and Palm Beach.
T.'jxUtuturj Will, Adjouri I'rl lay.
THANKHonr. Ky.. May 20. In tie
house Thursday mornlug Mr, Gambid
introduced a resolution for sin il.e
adjournment Friday. It was adopted.
Of the Spanish Government in
Financial, Political
And Diplomatic Emergencies Severe
ly Reproached by Senor Sagasta.
Considerable Delay In Mr. Calhoun's In
vestigation of the Death of Dr. licilz
Iluncor nml Disease Continue to
Spread Over tho Island of Cuba.
Madrid, May 20. At a meeting of
liberal senators and deputies Wednes
day, Senor Sagasta, former premier,
in a do an important speech, in the
course of which he said:
"Wo havo 200,000 troops in Cuba, but
wo are not even masters of tho terri
tory trodden by our soldiers. At tho
same moment Carlism is organizing it
self in tho peninsula and menaces us
with a new war, thanks to the impu
nity it enjoys, while the seeds of sep
aration are germinating in some of the
"The picture could not be gloomier.
We have war in Cuba and in the Phil
ippine, and we have attempts at civil
war at home. Tho government is not
responsible for them, but it is unfor
tunate in its administration. Reforms
in Cuba will not solve the Cuban
Senor Sagasta severely reproached
the conduct of the government in
financial, political and diplomatic
emergencies, and said::
''It is in this way that a new conflict
has arisen with the United States. We
wish to know what has become of tho
sixteen millions of the former loan,
since eight millions are still due the
army. In Cuba no important problem
has been solved and there has only
been an aggravation of long existing
"In the face of this situation the
liberal party has decided to break the
truce it has accorded to the govern
ment during the last two years. The
government has existed until now be
cause of the complaisance of the lib
erals. Henceforth the liberals will
throw all the responsibility upon tho
The speech, which was greatly ap
plauded, portends stormy sittings for
both chambers. Many liberals predict
that Senor Canovas wi'l be thrown
from power within a lortr.ight. Po
litical passions are thovoushly excited.
Havana, May 20. Via lCvy West
In spite of Mr. Calhoun's anxiety to
get to work on the Buiz investigation,
there has been considerable delay ow
ing to the elaborate forms of Spanish
otiquette and to the great number of
useless preliminaries.
Last of all, the Spanish representa
tive in the joint investigation has
asked that the crown prosecutor,
Senor Vidal, be allowed to act as his
counsel. Mr. Calhoun is not connected
with the otlico of tho American attor
ney general, the Americans have ob
jected to Senor Vidal and in this way
more delay is caused. The investiga
tion, however, will probably begin on
Monday next.
Hunger and disease continue to
spread all over the island with terrible
consequences Many persons die in
absolute destitution, without resources
of any kind. Beri-beri has made its
appearance at Santiago de Cuba and
Holguin. The French government has
sent food to CO starving French fam
ilies at Santiago de Cuba.
Cant, Gen. Weyler having ordered
the concentration of the country peo
ple in the districts of Moron and Ju
caro, tho inhabitants of the villages
Charnbas and Marsqui gathered at
Moron. Their villages were subse
quently reduced to ashes, together
with all tho country houses in that
Tho insurgent controller atSaturnio
and Lastro has levied contributions of
two per cent, on the value of all farms
within his jurisdiction, and has also
ordered a forced loan from tho proprie
tors of the Central sugar estate.
The loan exacted of Pablo Lar
rondo, owner of the Central Con
stancia estate, is 512,000; of Francisco
Vildosola, owner of the Central La
bari, 57,000; of Jose Manuel Lopez,
owner of the Central Santa Lalgarda,
SS,000; of tho widow Ona, owner of
the Central Santa Teresa, 510,000; of
Caridad Machado, owner of the t Cen
tral Esperanza, SS.OOO; of Manuel
Arenas, owner of the Central Vigl
lania, S10.0JO; of Tomas Ona, owner of
the Central Purl, 12,000, and of Senor
Betarte, a Frenchman, SI, 2)0.
Destructive Tire In Jan in.
Victoria, B. C, May 20. The steam
er Empress, of India, from Yokoha
ma, Wednesday brought news of a fire
which completely destroyed the town
of Hochiojl, in the silk district of
Japan. Nearly 4,003 houses wera de
trove 1, an I bjt.veen 4 J and 59 lives
were lost. All the houses were frail
wooden structures and tho firo took
but a short time to sweep tho town,
giving the helpless members of the
community liule chnccj to escape.
'I.ti'.iury Zi rnmrcitincled TiJ-rcy.
New Yoi.i:, May 20. Charles Mc
Laughlin, a member of tho notorious
Valentine gang of swindlers, whose
chief was convicted last winter and is
now serving a ten-year term in htato
prison, wa Wednesday night found
guilty of passing worthless checks.
'J. ho jury recommended uiurcy.
Woolen Muuf.ioturori Atalirn.
New York-, May 20 Tho Endriek
Woolen Co., of Great Bsrnngtoi.,
Mass., ha nwrtfjiied. Assets, aJl.OJO;
liabilities, 860.0J0.
I)Htl lVnaltj- fnrTritlii Arrecti r
New Yohk, May 19. tor I "
We3n?sday signed tho biW r-v n
th death penalty for train wrecker;
who causa death.
H XoYAL'flX.iF Vb
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for Its went leavening strength
and healthfulness-. Assures the food againt
alum and nil forms of adulteration commoa to
tht cheap braucli
tfow and Lntercstlns; Happenings Within
Our Horders.
SIoon.st' Su.to l'unlshmcut.
Lisbon, O., May 2X The late grand
jury found 17 indictments against
Frank Edbert, proprietor of the Cowan
House in this city, for selling intoxi
cants to a minor and other offenses
against the liquor laws. He pleaded
guilty to two charges and stood trial
and was convicted on two nnd the
other 13 were nollied. Thursday
morning Edbert was sentenced to pay
a fine of 5230 and be imprisoned in the
county jail for 30 days.
To Increudu the Indebtedness.
Clevkland, O., May 20. By a vote
of the stockholders of the Lake Shoro
and Michigan Southern railway Thurs
day morning, it was decided to In
crease the indebtedness df tho com
pany to 550,003,000. W. K. Vanderbilt,
chairman of the board of directors,
and E U. Worcester, vice president
and secretary, were present. Tho loan
will be negotiated at three and ono
half per cent interest, payable semi
annually. Tension Eximtncrs for Ohio.
Washington, May 20. The follow
ing Ohio people have been appointed
members of the pension examining
boards: Gallipolis, James Johnston, A.
J. Holler, M. M. Pearson; Warren, C.
M. Rice, A. D, Jones, W. C. Waters;
Mt. Gilead, D. 11. Virtue; Mt. Vernon,
W. O. Phillips, G. B. Bunn; McArthur,
D. V. Itannels, E. E Tope; Carrollton,
J. R. illiams.
F. VT. llerblt Inspector of Drogj.
Columbus, O., May 20. State Dairy
and Food Commissioner J. E. Black
burn Thursday announced the appoint
ment of Fred W. Horbst, of Columbus,
as state inspector of J rugs, the posi
tion held by Dr. Sterritt, of Troy, un
der the McNeal administration. Herbst
is one of tho prominen". local druggists
and is a republican leader in Franklin
Ho l'uys SS5.000.
Findlay, 0., May 20. The largest
oil deal that has been consummated in
the northwestern Ohio field recently
was completed Wednesday. J. W.
Kirlcbride, of this city, purchased the
half interest of Thomas Kirlcbride in
a large block of territory in Wood and
Sandusky counties, paying a cash con
sideration of 523,000 for the same.
Uulcuovru ."Uuu Killed,
Cincinnati, May. 20. An unknown
man was killed on the C, II. & D.
tracks at Queen City avenue Thursday
at 1:00 p. m. The body was that of a
man about 70. His neck and left leg
were broken. He had got off a Cln
cinnatl & Westwood train and stepped
In front o: south-bound switch engine
No. S5. which ran him down. ,
TooU a Desi of Carbolic Arid.
Kent, O., May 20. Mrs. P. W.Snyder,
aged 40, took a largo dose of carbolic
acid at the home of her mother iu
Brimficld township, Wednesday even
ing, and her death is hourly expected.
Her homo is in Ravenna, where her
husband is a prominent citizen. Poor
health the cause assigned.
Cleveland iiuouierit' l'lans.
Cleveland, O., May 20. Tho busi
ness men of Cleveland will charter a
passenger boat and take a big delega
tion to the republican states conven
tion at Toledo, and give all delegates
a moonlight ride. It is considered a
clever Hanna move.
Constable Murray m.ul.
Middletow.v, O., May 20 Ex-Constable
A. T. Murray, "aged 4S years,
died very suddenly at his home on
Third street Thursday morning. Rheu
matism of the heart was the cause of
death. He was prominent in local
ledge circles.
Aur.T'd i;r8ijiu;bu.
Columiius, O., May 20. State Food
Commissioner Blackburn Thursday
received tho resignation of Deputy In
spector Julius Adler, of Cincinnati, It
is in friendly language, and takes ef
fect June 1.
I'ntil r.!l rroin a l'orch.
East Liverpool, O , May 20. At
Echo Dell, a camp near here, Miss
Florence Kecder, of this city, fell
from a porch lato Wednesday after
noon, fracturing her skull. She will
probably die; t
Kefusn'1 to l'roseouc.
Columiius, O.. May 20. Barney Rowe,
the slayer of Rjbt. Schuepf, his school
companion, was released Wednesday
morning from the c'ty prison. Tho
iather of the dead boy refused to
prosecute. u
An Owi'dose I utl)uth-
Aiinox, o., Mai .0. Bobt, Moffielt, n
well known c t 'a, took raorphlno for
leeplosacss nover.do$e Thursday
u ornhig cause t his death. Ho was 63
years old and well to do,
Jvf A

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