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The Marietta Daily Leader.
To the Subscribers of
the Marietta
Telephone Company:
The following new subscribers have
been connected with our Exchange
since our list was published last week.
Plcaso cut out this list and paste It on
your card until we can get out a now
Tel. No.
392 Mrs. J. A. Showers, Residence,
113 S. Third street.
4G3 Geo. Foreman, Residence, 804
Third street.
493 Splndlcr Bros., Meat Market,
S. Third street.
441G. s. Davis, Residence, 125 Sev
enth streot.
2G3 Harry Fried, Residence, Fifth
and White's Road.
249 Dr. Wm. R. Dabney, Office, Un
ion Block.
22 Western Union Telegraph Com
pany. C10-2 Beltz Bros., Grocery, Gllman
& Putnam Ave.
G10-3 Strauss Bros Livery, Maple
& Gllman streets.
432 G. J. Lund, Residence, 512
Fourth street.
443 Mrs. Mary McGranhan, Resi
dence, 111) Second street.
426 St. Mary's School, S. Fourth
374 Edward Gerhart, Residence,
C07 Warren street.
oi a A. uauanuer, uesiuence, 'JJU
Third street.
348 J. E. Thompson, Singer M'f'g.
Co., Butler street.
397 J. S. Goebel, Residence, 405
Fourth street.
C7 C. F. Moore, Residence, 311 Put
nam street.
1C2 Cisler & Alford, Meat Market,
Washington street.
149 John McNulty, Residence,
Hart street.
590 F. C. Davis, Residence,
Warren street.
Boys' Industrial School,
One of the most Important public In
stitutions in the State of Ohio is the
Boys Industrial School located at
Lancaster, being a correctional and
educational Institution. It has an
average of nearly nine hundred lads
between the ages of eight and eighteen
years, and Its objets and purposes are
to bring them up as good men.
With this end In view a movement
is on foot to supply a library , ade
quate to the needs of these growing
minds, and Mr. Malcolm Jennings, a
former member of the Board of Trus
tees of the Institution, has taken
charge of the matter. Mr. Jennings
earnestly Invites all people who have
spare books and magazines, bound or
unbound, to send them 'to Hon. C. D,
Hilles, Superintendent of the School,
at Lancaster. Good application will
be made of them, and the gift will be I
appreciated in full measure.
New Business Block to be Erected. "
Messrs. Wm. S. Gracey and J. Pay
son Bradley, of Boston, have let the
contract for the erection of a fine new
building at the corner of Third and
Marion streets.
The building Is to be a fine brick
structure with combination flat and
store rooms. The cost of the structure
is to be $3,000 and the work is to be
completed by spring. The plans were
drawn by Architect E. C. S. Holmboe,
and the contract was let to H. w.
Some time next year the entire cor
ner will be improved and another bus
iness block containing twelve apart
ments and four store rooms will be
added. When the.e buildings shall
have been erected they will reflect
credit both to their builders and to the
Martha Danker,
Miss Martha Danker died Monday
night at 11:30 from asthma at the
homo of her sister, Mrs. John Msfhn
ken, 032 Fifth street. She was 43
years of age.
The funeral will take place from the
house this afternoon at 1:30. Burial
at Mound Cemetery.
Headache for Forty Years.
Foi forty yearn I Buffered from sick lienc!
nolie. A jenrugn I liennii iiHint, Celery King,
'llio result vvuHKialirytiiKnud HurprlsinK, my
heiidaclieM li-uvliiK nt omv. Tlio hcuducbcH
used to return every i-cveiitli diiy, nut tJianliH
lo Celery Klnc, I IiuvuIiiiU liiuono Jiendaclu
In the lust eleven months. I It now that vvliut
rured mo will help cither. Jlrs. John D. Vun
Ueuren,HaUBertlt-H, N, V.
Celery King cure Comtlpallcn nnd Nerve,
titomucli, Liver Ud Kidney Ulseuen. (J
Veritable 'Monte Cristo" and His
Generosity to Bell Boys.
Ilonton Hunker Scnttcm Sliver Colnn
Anionic I3miiloyc nt Wnllorf-A-torln,
nnd Hnjoya the Scram
ble Which rollovtH.
With tenr-dhnmed eyes the bell
boys In the Waldorf-Astoria hotel
vvutched) the departure of It. S. Blod
gett, a banker of Boston, the other
dny. Because of his lavish distribu
tion of money among them they re
garded him ns a veritable "Monte
Cristo." Hardly- n night passed dur
ing the last two weeks that he did
not scatter from Ave to twenty dol
lars In the main corridor for the boys
to scramble for. Usually Mr. Blodgett
waited until 11 o'clock at night, when
the hotel corridors were filled with
fashionably dressed men and women.
He would then change a bill of large
denomination into dimes and quar
ters and wait his opportunity. The
boys were always on the alert, but
Mr. Blodgett wanted what stage man
agers call "a situation."
When a crowd gathered in front of
the office Mr. Blodgett, standing at
the Thirty-fourth street entrance,
would hurl a few dollars in dimes
along the floor toward the reading
room. The effect upon the 0 bell boys
lined up on the leather covered bench
was electrical. With a mad rush they
scrambled for the elusive coins as
they rolled about on the tiled floor.
For a few minutes the dignity of the
place was upset and men and women,
not realizing the cause of the commo'
tlon. fled in consternation to the palm
I garden and surrounding rooms.
Sometimes while the boys were bat
tling for the dimes and quarters Mr.
Blodgett would shower another hand
ful upon them, which served to spur
them to renewed efforts. To vary the
programme Mr. Blodgett occasionally
closed the door leading to the reading
room and dashed the coins against it.
Mr. Blodgett is very fond of boys, nnd
he scattered the money with such im
partiality that all had an equal chance
to get a fair share of it. He distrib
uted in this way about $200.
Sljnferlou KldnnpplnR Cnae
Tntiitj- VcnrH dull Sat
isfactorily, The "lost babe" mystery that has ag
itated the vicinity of Kokomo, Ind., for
20 years has been solved. Twenty-one
years ago Martin Chism of the eastern
part of the county, lost his wife by
death, and an infant daughter was left
temporarily with its grandparents.
While in their charge the baby disap
peared on a dark, stormy night, and
though a thorough and systematic
search was kept up for months, in
which the entire neighborhood joined,
no tidings were obtained, and after
years of anxious search the distracted
father gave up the child as.dead. Later
the grandparents moved to Missouri.
A month ago a letter came to the
Kokomo postmaster from a Mrs. Fan
nie McClelland, of a small and re-
motl town in MUnnrt nct'tnir V,;
u anv ners0n nnmP,i r.hu bm,m
here. The writer was the lost baby,
who in some manner had learned that !
she had been abducted and that her '
fat,ler's name was chism. The father,
who still resides here, answered the
letter with some misgivings, but a re
turn message came the other day set
tling all doubts. Mrs. McClelland also
came herself, and the meeting of the
long-separated father and child was a
joyous one. She does not know who
rlirl iliix 1-;,lr,:.... j !. , ,
.deitTh&i heS
Mot Interesting lSxhlhlt to lie
IlroiiKht from Pari anil Placed
Permanently at Sew York.
Representing the League for Social
Service nt the Paris exposition, Dr.
W. II. Tolman is superintending the
shipping of economic and industrial
exhibits of France, Russia, Houmania,
Italy and Germany, which have been
promised to him by the representa
tives of those countries and which
with the American- exhibit that he
will bring back with him he in
tends to make the nucleus of a mu
seum of social economy in New York
city, to be conducted along lines sim
ilar to those of the Commercinl mu
seum of Philadelphia. The collection
will consist chielljof models, photo
graphs and monogrnphs by experts.
The exhibit from this country re
ceived the grand prix, the highest
The establishment of a social mu
seum in New York city, it is thought,
will bo of national benefit, ns students,
architects nnd municipal officers can
find In it suggestions for nil sorts of
practical improvements in dwellings
and manner of living.
Not it Had a MlKht lie,
The Vnnderbllt boys keep on getting
their names in the papers, first by tak
ing up the work where father left off,
next by getting shaved in Connecticut
on Sunday and again, by refusing to ac
cept the prize won in a yacht race.
Well, patiently .sighs the Chicago
Times-Herald, these things are better
than social scandals, anyway.
Appreciated Them,
A New York man has been arrested
for stealing 20 blevcles from ns many
friends. This, tays the Buffalo Kx
press, shows the va'.ue of friends.
Not Popular with American llrlilei,
In Japan it Is customary for the bride
to give all her wedding presents to her
Gen. Mcrrlnm Malic IlticnuracInK
Itcpurt iif (he I'roureKK Made
by (he Apache.
There were no Indian troubles in the
department of the Colorado last yenr,
according to Gen. Merrinm, and the
only dilllctilties between White men
and Indians were individual, arising
from cards and whisky. The white
men, sajs the general, were the aggres
sors. In the course of his nnnunl report.
Gen. Merriam states the disposition of
his troops, and sajs:
"It will be observed that nearly nil
of the posts are placed on or in the im
mediate vicinity of large reservations.
The exceptions, Forts Douglas, D. A.
Russell nnd Logan, are at Important
railroad centers, rendering their gar
risons quickly available for emergen
cies in any direction."
The general speaks with commenda
tion of the excellent progress beitr.;
made toward civilization by the
Apaches under the management of
Capt. Nicholson, Seventh cavalry. He
"I found them largely nnd success
fully engaged In agriculture, and avv
large numbers of men, ns well ns wom
en, at work in the fields, most unusual
for Indians. I was also told by rail
road officials that they could not em
ploy better men for railroad labor than
these Apache Indians. In view of then
facts, and of the assurance by Cnpt.
Nicholson of the absolute loyalty nnd
efficiency of his Indlnn police, I rec
ommended the withdrawal of all the
troops from Snn Carlos agency, instead
of repairing that post."
rrorre Mnile In the Construction (
Uncle Sniii'n IlnttlcxIiliiN, Pro
tected Cruloer anil Monitor.
Admiral Hichborn, chief of the bu
reau of construction and repair, has
made public a statement showing the
progress of the work on ves&els now un
der construction for the navy.
Of the big battleships, the Maine and
the Ohio btand respectively nt 36 mid
30 per cent, of completion. The Mis
souri, nt Newport News, stands 15 per
cent., and thp Illinois, also building at
Newport News, is set down at 85 per
Work is progressing satisfactory von
the six new sheated protected cruisers,
although they are all in the firsfstnges
of construction. The monitors Arkan
sas, Floridn, Wyoming, nnd Monitor
No. 8 (the latter as yet unnamed) are
each about half finished. The 16 tor
pedo boat destroyers, as well as the
16 torpedo boats, are for the greater
part in the last stages of their con
struction. Of the submarine torpedo
boats the Plunger stands at 85 per
cent, and, of the remaining six, the
Adder, Moccasin, Porpoise and Shark,
are set down at six per cent., -while
work has not yet begun on the Hike
and the Grampus.
Modern Ilulldlnc to De Put Up In
London by United Stntrn
The London Daily Express says a
syndicate of New York and Philadel
phia millionaires, including Itussell
Sage, James J. Hill, nnd Mrs. Hetty
Green, is about to build a great hotel
here for bachelor girls. The archi
tect who has charge of the designs
has sailed for America and hays he
has an option on property close to
where the new Yerkes underground
railroad will cross the present tube.
The building will be as high ns the
law allows. It will be lighted with
electricity and heated by steam.
There will also be a Turkish bath es
tablishment, and the charges will be
very moderate. There will be suffi
cient reception-rooms to allow of pri
vate conferences with male relatives
and sweethearts. The promoters sim
ply seek, so they say, a five per cent,
return on their investment.
Itullnir of United Stnte Court De
clare Federal Law Admit White
Mule Only.
Judge Klrkpatrick, in the United
States court of Trenton, N. J., refused
naturalisation papers to Itobert
Spaulding (colored), a native of
Dutch Guiana. The papers were re
fused on the ground that the federal
laws permit the naturalization of
white males" only. Spaulding is a
graduate of Howard university, Wash
ington, D. C, and is now n student at
Princeton university, and had expect
ed to take up the study of law. His
Inability to become naturalized will
prevent his admission to the bar.
Spaulding said' he would appeal the
case to Attorney General Griggs. A
decision similar to that rendered by
Judge Klrkpatrick was given in the
state courts in the ense of a colored
man who was born in Novn Scotia.
American liny TifTiwiy Ilroneh.
Simmons, the millionaire hardware
dealer of St. Louis, has bought the
famous Tiffany pearl nnd emerald
brooch, for which the shah of Persia
is said to have made a fabulous oirer.
Mr. Tiffany declined to tell what Mr.
Simmons paid, snying that it is abso
lutely against the regulations of the
firm to reveal anything ubout pur
chases of jewelry.
The brooch is unique, first because
ot the extraordinary vvorkmanslilp,
but mainly because every precious
stone hns belonged to some historical
crowned' head of Hngland or France.
One pearl once adorned a ring worn
by Murie Antoinette.
The hnrdvvare merchant Intends the
brooch for u wedding gift for his
A Great Record
Hard to Duplicate it in Marietta.
Scores of representative citizens of
Marietta nrc testifying to the follow
ing subject. Such a record of local en
dorsement Is unequaled in 'modern
time?. This public statement made by
a citizen is but one of the many that
have preceded It and the hundreds that
will follow. Read It:
Mrs. E. M. Johnson, of Gil Warren
street, says: "From the good reports
of Doan's Kidney Pills from all who
havo used them it seems as If they
must give univor al L.itlsfactlon. Mr.
Johnson prrctr-'d a Fiipply at W. H.
Styer'3 drug store, 240 Front street,
and from the results ho obtained from
the treatment he speaks of the remedy
in terms of the highest praise. I
know others who have also used
Doan's Kidney Pills with equally sat
isfactory results."
For sale by all dealers, price 50
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
N. Y., sole agents for the United
Remember the namo Doan's and
take no substitute.
There are many imitators of Mr. J.
C. Lewis' novel and unique method of
heralding the event of Si Plunkard In
each city he appears, but he presents
the only burlesque farmer street par
ado which Is well worth going miles
to see. This novel parade 'Will be
seen here this afternoon at 2:30 p. m.,
and it Is funnier than a circus.
"SI Plunkard having been re-wrlttru
and re-constructed, this season pre
sents all new features and novelties,
and Mr. J. C. Lewis has surrounded
himself with a big company of conn
dlans surpassing all his previous ef
forts to plase his patrons, and will
present his new edition of this success
ful farce comedy Si Plunkaru at the
Auditorium on Wednesday, Novemrci
7th. Seat3 on sale at Gates's Book
L. M. LUCHS, Mgr.
W' Ak&gkm,
This merry and amusing comedy
with Its largo company of brilliant
players will be the attraction at the
Auditorium Saturday night, Nov. 10.
"A Ragtime Reception" is a bright,
happy musical melody, written upon
the subject of the hour, replete In bril
liant comedy lines and amusing situa
tions. Incidental to the play, many
new, original and unique specialties
are Introduced by the principal mem
bers of the company, which occur in a
natural 'manner. The management
have shaken off the dust of the ordin
ary farces, and have swept out all the
old conventional moss covered ideas,
presenting a legitima'te comedy, a
faultless fantasy of fantastic fancy, to
gether with a chorus of pretty girls,
handsomely costumed and a perfectly
staged production, even to the small
est detail, carrying all the scenery
needed vvhic his unusual In farce- com
edies. M. G. SEIPEL, Mgr.
Season Tickets,
Holders of season tickets for the
High School Lyceum Courso will be
given an opportunity to havo their
seats reserved before the single admis
sion tickets are placed on sale. No
vember 3d and 5th are the dates when
the holders of these tickets may have
them reserved at the Corner Drug
Store. The plat will be open Nov. Cth,
7th and 8th for all other purchasers.
Get your season tickets at once only
$1.50 for the six numbers, including
resarved seat. The. tickets are on sale
by canvassers and at several stores In
the city.
Oct. 20 tr.
I.nko Summer KeHortif,
Ask T. & O, O. E. agents for lllus
trntort linnklpt full of Information and
cool suggestions In regard to points of
interest, rates ann raiiroau ana cieam
;r schedule?.
Mb&S'WK-iSirX-b rw
St. Clair Building, Marietta, O.
Auditorium Theatre,
Tlio Young Character Comedian
In the Rural Farqo Comedy,
Entirely Re-writted.
New Dialogue.
New Situations.
New Novelties.
New Scenic and Mechanical Effects.
Up-To-Dato Farce Comedy.
H Strong and Efficient Comedy Company,
O r r Tho"Grent R- R- Scene.
I r Tho Threshing Machine. Scene
Ul L The County Fair Scene.
For "Si" nnd his Country Band Parade
For the Funniest Street Parade ever
Admission, 25, 35 and 50 cts.
Reserved Seats on Sale at Gates' Book
Stoic, Mondnv, Nov. 5.
Phones, Bell 223, Marietta, 189.
m Im
Grand Prima Donnas.
Clever Comedians,
Dashing Soubrettes,
Pretty Girls,
Bright Music,
Catchy Songs,
Handsome Costumes,
Seats on sale at Beagle and
Lytle's Drug Store.
M. G. SEIPEL, M'g'r.
cum: roit
Ely's Cream Balm
Kasy nnd iilcasant to
ubu. Contains no ln-
t In quickly absorbed.
(liw.K ri'llcf lit nnrn.
It 0H'iiB anil ClcaiiH'3 UflV CFWETD
II1U .Mlblll rilKMlKOt), llrl 1 1 bf tall
AllavH Inflammation. Heals and l'roti'Cts tlio
Membrnnu. ItnstcreK thu Smigpn of Tat-tn mill
ijinidl. LurKo Sizi, Mci'iitH at DruuKlHts or by
mail ; Trial ftizn, 111 cents by mail.
KI.Y I3HUT1IKKS, 5(1 Warren (struct, Now York.
ov. 2- en in ami
Fre'Jerlek A. Ohlerylorf, w'loseplaco
of residence is to the' undersigned un
known, will take notice that on tho
Cth day of October, 1000, the under
signed flle'd her petition In the Court
of Common Pleas of Washington Coun
ty, Ohio, being case No. 3018, against
him, the said Frederick A. Ohlendorf,
praying for a divorce from him on tho
ground of willful alienee, habitual
drunkenness and gro3s neglect of duty.
Said case -will be for Hearing on and
after 'the 3rd day of December. 1000.
Ellenwood, Smith & Leeper, hor At
torneys. 7,'c:, Cct. 21--Cvl:s.
A Rag
Finest Grade
and Quality.
Our line is the largest in the
city and cannot be matched
for quality of tone and dura
bility. Call and see us and get our
Prices and Terms.
Chas. L Pefiis & Co.
Produce - Buyers,
Dressed Poultry, Game, Furs,
Eggs and Butter,
Write for Onr Present paying Prices.
Oct. 17, 1900-lyear.
Dwelling houses and vacant lots In
all parts of the city; several good
farms; two grocery stores in good lo
cations; one livery business; Inter
est' in First Class Restaurant; one
modern seven roomed house, cemented
cellar, and laundry, good barn, rents
for $15 per month In advance, -will sell
for ?1700 cash One eight room house,
now barn and cistern water and gas In
house, lot 40x100 feet, for $1600, cash.
One new house of 5 rooms, largo lot on
Valley View Heights, $1100 $100
cash, balance on easy payments. Call
on W. S. Battin, successor to Mason &
Battln, Riley Block, No. 5, Tiber "Way,
Sun Oct 7-1900.
Jahugh M. Crumbley, residing in
Kelso, State of Washington, will take
notice that on 'the 28th day of Septem
ber, 1900, William Crumbley filed his
petition in the Court of Common Pleas
of Washington County, Ohio, in Caso
No. 9C09, against him, for a Judgment
against said Jahugh Crumbley for
$272.00 together with interest thereon
at 0 per cent, per annum from April 1.
1888 for so much money before that
time paid, laid out and expended by
him to and for the use of said Jahugh
M. Crumbley at his request.
An Order of Attachment has heen Is
sued in said Case and duly levied on
the undivided cne-six;hinterestibelong-lng
to said Jahugh M. Crumbley In tho
following described real estate, situate
in Newport Townshp, Washington
County, State of Ohio: The West half
of the North West quarter of the North
West quarter of Section 17, Town 2,
Range 7 and the North East quarter ot
the North East quarter of Sectlon23,
Town 2, Range 7, containing in all 00
acres, to satisfy any judgment that
may be rendered In said William
Crumbley's favor In said action.
Said Jahugh Crumbley Is required
to answer said petition on or before
the 24th day of November, 1900, or
judgment may tie taken against him.
Hamilton, his Attorney.
Wed, Oct 3 Gts.
Change of Time on Marietta
Division of Pennsyl
vania Lines.
Change of time on Marietta Division
of Pennsylvania lines, Sunday, May
27. . Trains depart 0:30 a. m 2:15 and
7:10 p. m. Trtlns arrive 8:50 and
11:45 a. m. and 6:35 p. m.
W. I: ADAMS. Agent.
Don't Be Fooledi
Take the genuine, original
Made only by Madlion MedN
cine. Co., Madlion, Wis. It
keeps you well.' Our trado
mark cut on each package.
Price, 35 cents. Never sold
In bulk. Acceot no aubitl-
NconroaATioii.a tute. Aik your druggist.
Dr. Williams' Indian PllnOlutmentwlllrure
Hllnd, nieedlDg, Ulcerated and ItcbluK I'Ubh.
It nhsorbs toe tumnrs. allays the ltcUlnir nt
once, nets as a poultice, given instant relltif.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment 18 iin
pareil only for Piles and Itcblngof the private
parts, and nothing olso. Ever box Is giiaruu
teed. Sold by druggists, sent by mall, JorCOo
and 11.00 per box.
W1ILLIAMS M'F'O CO.,Prop's, Cleveland.
For sale by OUBT1S A DUTCHMAN.
W. G. T. U, Meeting.,
The W. C. T. U. will hold their
weekly meeting tomorrow at 2 o'clock
In tho First CM. B. church. All mem
'bers requested to attend. W. C. T. U.
strangers In tho city aro cordially In
vited to this meeting,
MRS RUMMER, Press Com.
Subscribe for iho Dally Leader.
; ijfl
i ii

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