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Marietta Daily Leader.
VOL. VI NO 255
Is About the Size of
According to tlie Figures of
Chairman Babcock.
And Her Delegation Now Stands 17 Repub
licans, and 4 Democrats.
By Associated Press.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Congressman Jos.
W. Babcock, Chairman of the Repub
lican Congressional Committee, to
night Isuesd the folfbwlng statement:
Tho Democrats have elected solid
congressional delegations In the fol
lowing states: Alabama, Arkansas,
Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, South
Carolina, Texas and Virginia, aggre
gating 75 members.
Tho Republicans have elected solid
congiesslonal delegations in the fol
lowing statos: California, Connecti
cut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas,
Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minneso
ta, New Hampshire, North Dakota,
Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota,
Utah, Vermont, Washlngton.Wcst Vir
ginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, aggre
gating 90 members. " - -
Tho Republicans elected 12 members
In Illinois, Democrats 10, Lorimer and
Rodenberg, Republicans, having been
defeated. In Indiana we elected nine
and Democrats four,the representation
remaining tho same as now. In Ken
tucky, Republicans two, in fifth and
eleventh districts; Democrats six, with
third, ninth and tenth in doubt. Mass
achusetts, Republicans 10, Democrats
3, same as now. Missouri, Republi
cans 2, Democrats 12, with one dis
trict, tho fourteenth, In doubt. Ne
braska, Republicans 2, Democrats 1,
with third, fourth and fifth districts
still In doubt. New Jersey, Republi
cans 0, Democrats 2, same as now.
New York, Republicans 22, Democrats
12. We gain first, third, fourth, four
teenth, sixteenth and twentieth dis
tricts in New York. North Carolina,
Republicans 2, in eighth and ninth dis
tricts; Democrats 7. Ohio, Republi
cans 17, Democrats 4. Wo gain, tho
third, tho payton district, by 200, and
twelfth, Columbus, the district of Con
gressman Lentz, by 16. Pennsylvania,
Republicans 26, Democrats 3, with the
twenty-eighth district In doubt. Wo
gain the third, twelfth, thirteenth,
nineteenth, twenty-sixth and twenty
seventh districts In Pennsylvania,
Tennessee, Republicans 2, Democrats
8, same as now. Total Republicans
elected, 202; Democrats, 147; doubtful,
Tho present Congress, as elected,
contains 185 Republicans; opposition,
Elects a Republican Governor and Four
Republican Congressmen,
By Associated Prccs
Wheeling, W. Va., Nov. 7. West
Virginia has gono Republican by 12,
000 to 15,000 majority. Tho entiro
stato ticket Is elected and the Con
gressional delegation is solidly Repub
lican: First district, Dovener, 4000
majority; Second, Dayton, 2000 major
ity; Third, Gaines, 2500 majority;
Fourth, Hughes, 2500 majority. The
legislature is Republican In both
branches by 22 to 25 majority on Joint
ballot. . i
Nevln and Tompkins,
Bulletin Ohio Third, district. Rob
ert M. Nevln (Hop.) elected. Twelfth
district, Emmett Tompkins (Rep.)
elected. , '
As Shown by the Returns at 3:30 A. M
At this hour, 3:30, a. m., Thursday,
tho latest reports indicate that the
electoral collego will stand as follows:
Mckinley votes.
Connecticut G
California 9
Delaware 3
Illinois 24
Indiana 15
Iowa .'....13
Kansas 10
Malno G
Maryland 8
Massachusetts 15
Michigan 14
Minnesota 8
Now Hampshire 4
New Jersey 10
New York 36
North Dakota 3
Ohio 23
Oregon 4
Pennsylvania 32
Rhode Island 1
South Dakota 4
Utah 3
Vermont 4
Washington 4
West Virginia G
Wis6onsln 12
Wyoming 3
Total 281
Alabama .' 11
Arkansas ', 8
Colorado 4
Florida 4
Georgia 13
Kentucky 13
Louisiana 8
Mississippi -. 9
Missouri 17
Montana 3
Nevada 3
North Carolina 11
South Carolina 9
Tennessee 12
Texas 15
Virginia 12
Total 155
In tloubt: Idaho, 3; Nebraska,';
total.-ll. . . .
Of Next Senate as Determined by Tuesday's
By Associated Press
Washington, D. C, Nov. 7 The next
Senate, assuming that tho legislatures
will choose Senators to represent
their states, will stand on the basis of
yesterday's election 19 Republicans,
27 Democrats and nine Independents;
with the legislatures In doubt in three
states, with the privilege of electing
flvo Senators at this time. Such legis
latures which are In doubt are Dela
ware and Nebraska, In each of which
states two Senators are to be chosen,
and In Idaho, with' one senatorial
chair to bo filled. Among those class
ed In tho Independent column are Sen
ator Stewart, of Nevada, and Kyle, of
South Dakota who In the last Con
gress acted with the Republicans on
al party matters; Turner, of Washing
ton ,and Harris, of Kansas, who acted
with the Democrats; and Wellington,
of Maryland.
Carries the District by Nearly Twelve
Hundred Plurality.
Late returns show that In tho Fif
teenth District tho counties gavo plur
alities as follows:
VanVoorhls Ellenwood
Guernsey 971
Morgan 26G
Muskingum 44
Noble.. .... 191
Washington 285
Totals 1472 285
VanVooihls' majority, 1187.
Canada Elections,
By Associated Press
Ottawa, Ont Nov. 7. Tho result of
today's election shows that the gov
ernment has' been sustained 'by a ma
jority of from 50 to GO members on the
basis of returns received up to mid
night, and with flvo constituencies
yet to bo heard from. Today's elec
tions wero In 208 out of 213 constitu
encies of tho Dominion and tho re
maining five will hold their elections
at later, tfatcs.
Bjj Associated Press.
j'flrls, Nov. 7. This year's full Am
erican election details -woro publlshod
And Uncle Sam are
. Friends
By the Expressions of tlie
And Hopes for the Solution of a Commercial
By Associated Pres3.
Berlin, Nov. 7. In German govern
ment circles all are delighted at Pres
ident McKlnley's re-plectlon. The
United States Dmbassador today re
ceived a number of expressions of that
Generally speaking, tho German
public Is taking a much greater Inter
est in tho American election sthan here-
fore. Everybody is discussing the re
sult. Dr. Von Holleben, tho German
Ambassador to the United States, who
Is now In this city, said to a correspon
dent of the Associated Press, about the
result: "We all rejoice over tho re
sult." ThcTageblat says: "Germans greet
McKlnley's election above all as a vic
tory for sound currency over the revo
lutionary monetary experiments which
would operate to most'Sevcroly shake
tho basis of the entire world's com
merce. Anyhow, Germany's policy is
to nurse close and loyal relations with
a head country that Is connected with
us by so many economic and national
affinities as Is the United States. For
that reason, too, the Emperor repeat
edly made approaches ilo President
MeKinley and the latter has especially
recently responded cordially. There Is
In no part of the world a serious dif
ference between tho United States and
Germany. In the Chinese question
both powers have marched on the
same lines after McKlnley's first feel
ing ot distrust regarding Germany's
alleged territorial schemes subsided.
We hope that during his forthcoming
administration all political questions
will bo solved between the two coun
tries In the same spirit of fairness and
mutual confidence. Above all, we
hope that the question of a commercial
treaty will bo bolved."
Republicans Get the Governor and Nine
, Congressmen.
By Associated Press.
Indianapolis, Ind Nov. 7. The
plurality Is anywhere from 28,000 to
32,000 for tho .Republican National
tlckot, and Col. W. T. Durbln, Repub
lican, is elected to tho governorship;
tho election of tho entire state and
Marlon county Republican tlckets.nlno
and perhaps 10 of 13 congressmen, and
tho election of a legislature that will
havo a Republican majority of forty
on joint ballot, Tho Republicans
made the strongest gains In Democrat
ic strongholds. In seven heretofore
strong Democratic counties, MeKinley
and tho stato tlckot have shown a
greator ratio of gain than is shown by
figures from soveral strong Republican
counties. With the exception of the
fourth district, which, up to this time
la In doubt.Indlana'scontlngentln con
gress will be as follows:
First district, Jas. A. Homlnway
(Rep.); Second district, Robt W.
Mlora (Dera.)j Fourth, in doubt;
Fifth, Ellas S. Holloway' (Rep.);
Sixth, James Watson (Rep.); Seventh,
Jesse Overstreet (Rep.); Eighth, G, W
Cromor (Rep.); Ninth, d. B. Landls
(Rep.); Tenth, Edgar Crumpacker
(Rep,); EIoenth, Geo, W. Steele
(Rep.); Twelfth, D. Jas. Robinson
(Dem.); Thirteenth, ' A. L. Brick
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And Ppobably More Is McKlnley's Majority
In Ohio.
By, Associated Pros.
Columbus, O , Nov. 7. Republican
Stato Chairman Dick paid tonight:
"Unofficial returns received from 84 of
88 counties warrant the claim of 70,000
for MeKinley, and we elect 17 out ot 21
members of Congress, a gain of two.
Estimates on tho four missing coun
ties makes the plurality about 73,000,
or a net Republican gain of about 22,
000 ocr the vote of 189G.
Estimates on tlie four missing coun
ties, and the Democrats in 11, most of
the Democratic gains being In Cleve
land, Cincinnati and Toledo. The
largest proious plurality for a Piesl
dent In Ohio was GO.OOO for Lincoln,
but that was when thcio was a much
smaller vote than was cast In the state
this year.
The Republicans carried all of the
close or doubtful congressional districts
electing Jacob A. Beidler in tho twen
tieth by leas than 500; Robt. M. Nevln
in the third by 121; Emmett Tomp
kins in the twelfth by 10."
Are Still Claiming the Governorship of
1 Kentucky.
By Associated Press
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 7. Tho Ken
tucky goernorship Is still being
claimed by both parties at tho state
capital The Demociats claim they
have advices showing Beckham's elec
tion by from 4300 to COOO, while tho
Republicans claim the election of
Yerkes by 2500.
By Associated Press.
"Louisville, Ky., Nov. 7, 9:30 p. m.
The Courier Journal, with the returns
from 1700 out of 18S4 precincts in Ken
tucky, puts Bryan's majority at 8000,
Beckham's at 4000. These majorities
are both considerably smaller than
hitherto claimed for tho Democratic
candidates, but the lemaining pre
cincts are for the most part Demo
cratic and are expected to increase the
Majorities of-Bryan and Beckham..
By Associated Pn
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 7. A Western
Union bulletin, Issued tonight about
Kentucky, says: Returns from 75
cjunties, complete or nearly complete,
embracing 1215 precincts out of a total
of 1877 precincts in the state, gives
Bryan 156,759; MeKinley, 137,245;
Beckham, 154,030; Yerkes, 138,877. Of
the 41 counties not heard from or re
ported, 1G in tho last Presidential elec
tion gavo 7243 Democratic plurality,
and v 28, gae 19,527 Republican plural
By Associated Press.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 8, 1:30 j. m.
With returns from all but 62 out of
1884 precincts in Kentucky, the Cour
ier Journal says that Bryan's majority
will be 7784 and Beckham's 40G8. The
missing precincts are about evenly di
.vlded between the Democrats and Re
publicans.' Governor Beckham at Democratic
headquarters said tonight: "I am ab
solutely certain that I am elected by a
majority of between 5000 and 10,000
Leslie Combs, Chairman of the Re
publican Campaign Committee, said:
"Wo believe that Yerkes has been
elected by a majority of 3000. Our fig
ures show that MeKinley ran 900 votes
behind Yerkes. At least 3000 Repub
lican ballots have not yet been count
ed In certain counties, and these will
Increase the Republican vote. We al
so claim tho election of four Republi
can congressmen, namely: Borelng,
In tho eleventh district; Irwin In the
fifth; McKenzlo Moss, In the third;
and Hopkins, In the tenth. Wo are
also of tho opinion that Pugh is elect
ed over Kahoe In the ninth district."
And Says Ho Has Nothing to Say Just
By Associated Press.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 7. With the ex
ception of a short drive in tho after
noon, Bryan remained in his study
during the day, rising late this morn
ing and retiring early tonight. He
said this evening that ho has no state
ment to raako at the present time. Ho
received hundreds of telegrams during
thq day and evening from personal and
-political friends, but their nature was
not disclosed. It Is Bryan's Intention
to rmain In Lincoln until he Is thor
oughly rested. 1 '
Returns to His Official Duties
at Washington,
Pay Their Respects to the Chief Magistrate
of the Nation,
By Associated Press.
Canton, O., Nov. 7. President Me
Kinley started back to Washington
this afternoon amid the booming of
cannon and tho enthusiastic well
wishes of his townsmen. He droo with
Mrs. MeKinley to the train where
Judge Day and many other near
friends wer assembled to bid him
adieu. From Dueber Heights, a mile
away, there was a boom of 21 guns,
firing a President's salute, and to this
was added a chorus of the city's bells
and steam whistles. Tho car was llt
ei ally embowered with flowers.
By Associated Press.
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 7. President
McKlnley's trip from Canton to Wash
ington today has been a continuous
ovation. At every step there havo been
great outpourings of people. Business
has been suspendedand many factories
along the line have added their thous
ands of workers men and women to
those who joined in tho enthusiastic
greetings. The President appeared at
each stop, shaking hands from the
rear platform and making short
speeches at most of the important
towns. Mis. MeKinley received her
share of the popular tribute, men and
women struggling to present her with
An interesting ncident occurred
soon after tho train left Canton.
Many of those on tho regular coaches
were anxious to greot the President,
and ho consented to see a delegation
from Alliance, which is In his own dis
trict. One horny handede veteran
stood back In the crowd until tho Pres
ident spied him and said: "Well, Tom,
I'm glad to seo you." The President
remarked that 600 majority had hith
erto been the high water mark at Al
liance, but now they nave rolled up
800." "Yes, and tho factory boys have
gone wild," was the enthusiastic ans
wer. "When the whistle sounded this
morning every man fel Unto line with
Tom Russell on horseback, four girls
In whlto leading the procession and
tho town crazy when we left."
He made his first speech when tho
train arrived at Alliance. The town
turned out enmasse. Workmen from a
pottery at Sebringcamo dressed in their
aprons and bearing transpaioncies
showing their majority. When tho
Pre dent appeared, deafening cheers
aro , to which he bowed and smiled
ackr afledgement, and then said:
'VUy fellow citizens: I did not fail to
observe the verdict of Alliance, given
on yesterday and I cannot refrain
from expressing to you, In passing, my
great appreciation of this vote of en
couragement and support fiom my old
frlerds and neighbors of Stark county.
I observe that majorities arise with
prosperity and that tho American peo
ple never fall to support the flag."
At this place a vast concourse of
pccplo lined tho tracks. Tpps of
freight cars were used as points of vant
tage. 'Little girls bore big American
flags. A drum corps was uniformed as
U. S. Volunteers. A huge broom, drap
ed with yellow ribbon, was carried at
tho head of the procession. The
screech of factory whistles was deaf
ening. The President bowed his
thanks .and when order was secured,
ho said: "You are hero to celebiate
tho victory won, not by a single party,
but by tho people ot all parties. I go
back to my public dutiei at tho capital
encouraged by your 'confidence, but
deeply conscious of tho grave respon
sibilities which your action yesterday
imposes upon me. I can only ask o
all my countrymen their sympathy
and support In tho solution of tho
great problems that rest upon ttio
United Slates; I am sure all of us will
humbly petition tho guidance of that
Divlno Ruler who never failed this
government through all its vicissi
tudes from Its beginning to tho pres
ent hour."
Of Interest From the Several Fields on Both
Sides of the River.
Tho closing prices of oil yesterday as
reported by tho Seep agency were as
Tlona - ?1.25
Pennsylvania 1.10
Corning 93
Ncwcastlo 85
North Lima 82
South Lima 77
Indiana 77
Special to tho Leader.
Cairo, W. Va., Nov. 7. A. C. Hawk
Ins & Co.'s No. 1G on the M. McGregor
Is showing up for 10 barrels In the salt
Special to tho Leader.
Bonds Creek, W. Va., Nov. 7. Has
cy & Co.'s No. 4 on tho A. Miller is
drilling at 400 feet.
South of this company's No. 2 on the
. Mitten is 10 feet In tho Keener sand
and lis good for a flvo barrel well.
Gartlan & Co.'s No. 1 on tho Reed
heirs farm, 1000 feet south of Mallory
Bros.'s No. 1 on the B. P. Butcher Is 15
feet in tho Keener sand and is a very
large gasser.
Special to the Leader
Petroleum, W. Va., Nov. 7. C. F.
Pontius' No 35 on the West Virginia
tract is completed In tho salt sand and
is good for five barrels of lubricating
Special to the Leader.
Cornwallls, W.
va.. Novrrxh7ipi;
Carr Oil Co.'s No. 4 on the L. W.
erts has started drilling.
Special to the Leader.
St. Marys, W. Va., Nov. 7. Tho
Whlto Oil Co "s No. S on the S. Whlto
is drilling.
Kennedy & Griffith's No. 1 on the J.
Thompson has Its rig up.
Special to tho Leader.
Scottown, Nov. 7. The Carter OIL
Co. is drulllng Its No. 3 on tho L
The U. S. Oil Co. Is down 700 feet
with its Bohan No. 1 In the Copley
field. McPete No. 4, belonging to the
same company, was shot yesterday
with 160 quarts of glycerine and showa
up for a good well.
In the same field The U. S. Oil Co.
is getting the rig up for Its No. 2. Wll
lams and Is down 300 feet with No. 1
A company composed of Joha Riley,
Benjamin Papo and others drilled in
their No. 1 on tho Lawrerice farm and
got an excellent well.
Hovls & Son aro duo to reach the
sand in a well on tho McNeil farm,
near Rainbow, by Thursday or Friday
of this week.
In Doddridge county, W. Va., on Elk
Horn Run, Ingham & Co.'s set well on
the Judson Huston farm will probably
produce 25 barreds a day whel shot
At Wallace, Harrison county, W.
Va., the South Penn Oil Co. has com
pleted a test well on the F. W. Glfford
and have a small well.
In the Wolf Summit field In Harri
son county, W. Va., the South Penn
Oil Co.'s test well on tho J. F. Coffman
is drilled into the fourth sand and Is
an enormous gasser.
On tho Sand Fork, Lewis county, W.
Va., field, Guffey and tho South, Penn
Oil Co. will soon drill in, their test on
tho Turner farm. This well Is but
1300 feet from tho Copley gusher,
due east.
Another well on the James Muladdy
farm Is expected In In about a week.
Tho Southern OH Co. has a duster on
tho J. R. Beall farm, two miles east of
tho Copley gusher.
The Kanawha Oil Co. has completed
and 6hot its No .60 on tho John Mills
tract on Buffalo run, Wetzel county,
W. Va and has a 60 barrel well in the
Gordon 6and.
Tho South Penn Oil Co. hap complet
ed its test well on the A. Haught farm,.
011 Plney Fork, Wotzcl county, W. Va.,
and has a gasser, i
K) n

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