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j 1 be Marietta Daily Leader.
FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1901.
Will Consist of One Thousand and Eighty-
Eight Delegates.
Under tho call for tho Republican
Stato Convention, just ordered, tho
epvoral counties will bo entitled to
representation as follows:
Counties. Delegates.
Adams 7
Allen 11
Ashland 5
Ashtabula i 19
Athens 12
Auglaize C
Belmont 1G
Brown C
Butler 12
Carroll 5
Champaign 9
Clark 18
Clermont 8
Clinton 8
Columbiana 21
Coshocton 7
Crawford G
Cuyahoga 91
Darko 10
Defiance 5
Delaware 8
Erie 11
Fairfield 7
Fayette 7
Franklin 44
Fulton 7
Gallia 8
Geauga G
Greene 10
Guernsey 10
Hamilton Ill
Hancock 11
Hardin 9
Harrison 7
Henry 5
Highland 8
Hocking G
Holmes 3
Huron 10
'Jackson 10
Jefferson 13
Knox 8
Lake 8
Lawrence 11
Licking 12
Logan 10
Lorain 17
Lucas 34
Madison 6
Mahoning IS
Marion 8
Medina 7
Meigs.. ..'. 9
Mercer 4
Miami 12
Monroe 1
Montgomery 33
Morgan o
Morrow 5
Muskingum 15
Noble 5
Ottawa 4
Paulding 7
Perry 8
Pickaway C
Pike 5
Portage 9
Preble 7
Putnam G
Richland 11
Ross '....11
Sandusky S
Scioto 12
Seneca 10
Shelby 5
Stark 26
Summit 20
Trumbull 15
Tuscarawas 3
Union 7
Van Wert 8
inton , .. 4
Warren 9
Washington 13
Wavne 8
Williams. 7
Wood 14
Wyandot 3
Total 1.0S8
Writes Home From England That She is
Special to the Leader.
Wheeling, W. Va., May 2. Miss
Hannah Tomlinson, a beautiful 17-year-old
girl who disappeared myster
iously from her homo here January 14
last, has been heard from. She left
home to go to the store with only a
few cents in her pocketbook and never
was heard from till yesterday when
relatives received a letter from Eng
land .bat she was there but too ill to
ell how or why she went.
Police in all the cities of the mid
dle states were on the lookout for hei
and a ?S00 rewai d had been offered for
Information that would lead to her ic
covcry. Health tor 10 Cents.
A lively liver, pure blood, clean
skin, bright eyes, perfect health
Cascarets Candy Cathartic will ob
tain and secure them for you. Genu
ine tablets stamped C. C. C. Never
sold in bulk. All druggists, ioc.
Child Burned to Death.
Special to tho Leader.
Tiffin, O., -May 2. Ethel, four-year
old daughter of Milton Remsberg, re
siding tlireo miles east of Uils city, at
tempted to "help mamma" by replen
ishing tho kltchenxfiro yesterday, he.
clothing ignited and she was horribly
burned and died two bourse later. The
mother heard the child's screams, but
was unable to extinguish tho flames.
J.uuiii lilii(j of Jliittli'ihlji "Ohio" nt San
rimirls ti.
For this event the Pennsylvania
Lines will sell excursion tickets to San
Francisco, May 7th and 8th; valid to
return 30 days from date of sale. For
particulars see Ticket Agents Pennsyl
vania Lines.
From the Country to the City.
"God mado tho country, man mado
tho town." Tho census statistics of
thrco of tho lending countries of th?
world, which havo been recently en
gaged in taking stock of their popula
tion, show that In nil three tho peoplo
are steadily drifting from "God's coun
try" to tho man made towns.
Tho figures of tho census of tho Un
ited States testified eloquently to the
superior attractions of the cities,,
especially in the older states. The
story told by tho Ohio census is typical
of that of other states that havo pro
grossed so far as to havo cities of con
siderable size within their limits. Of
the eighty-eight counties In the state
tho largest gains, and they were very
largo in somo of them, with tho single
exception of Hamilton were in those
having thrlvlm cities, while In twenty-two
of the purely agricultural coun
ties there was an nctual loss of popu
lation In the ten years.
The decennial census of Great Brit
ain and the quinquennial census of
France, both of which were recently
taken, havo not yet been completely
tabulated, but tho partial reports
made public Indicate the general re
sults. In both tho drift from the coun
try towards the cities, from meadow
and plow-land to paved streets, from
clear skies to murky, soot laden at
mosphere, has been more marked in
tne latest census periods than before.
The rural districts in both countries
aie shrinking in population, many of
the smaller villages are practically de
populated, and In Franco even some
cities of considerable size show an ac
tual decrease, owing to a decline In
particular industries which were their
chief support.
An attempt is made to account for
the decay of the agricultural districts
in England by ascribing It to the dis
astrous workir.g of free trade. This
argument, however, will not apply In
either tho United States or France,
both of which have for years had the
benefits of .rotectivo tariffs. Yet the
poulation statistics of these countries
as well as of Great Britain tell the
story of an Increasing drift from the
country to the big cities from the farm
to the factory. Tho cause for this In
creasing tide from "God's country" to
man mado towns lies deeper than in
tariff schedules. Plain Dealer.
An Ingenious Treatment by which Drunk-
unU are Melng Cured Dally In Sjilte
of TlieiiiheUeH.
No Noxious Dobck. No Weakening of the
Neri en, A Pleatmnt ami I'okltlt Cure
for the Liquor Uault.
It is now generally known and un
derstood that Drunkenness is a disease
and not weakness. A body filled with
poison, and nerves completely shatter
ed by periodical or constant use of in
toxicating liquors, requires an antl
dote capable of neutralizing and eradi
cating this poison, and destroying the
craving for intoxicants. Sufferers may
now cure themselves at home without
publicity or loss of time from business
by this wonderful "HOME GOLD
CURE" which has been perfected after
many years of close study and treat
ment of inebriates. The faithufl use
according to directions of this wonder
ful discovery is positively guaranteed
to cure the most obstinate case, no
matter how hard a drinker. Our rec
ords show the marvelous transforma
tion cf thousands of Drunkards into
sober, industrious and upright men.
ERS! ! This remedy is i no sense a
nostrum but Is a specific for this dis
ease only, and Is so skilfully devised
and prepared thnt it Is thoroughly sol
uble and pleasant to the taste, so that
it can be given in a cup of tea or coffee
without tho knowledge of the person
taking it. Thousands of Drunkards
have ciyed themselves with this price
less remedy, and ns manv more have
been cured and made temperate men
by having the "CURE" administered
bv loving friends and relatives without
their knowledge in coffee or tea. and
believe todav that thev discontinued
drinking of their own free will. DO
NOT WAIT. Do not bo deluded by
apparent and misleading "impiove
ment " Drive rut the disease at onco
and for all time. Tho "HOME GOLD
PURE" Is said to'DmlsddromcOddnfo
CURE" is sold at the extremely low
nrice of One Dollar thus placing with
in reach of evervbodv a treatment more
effectual than others costing $25 to $30.
Full directions ncompanv each pack
ace. Special advlco by skilled physi
cians when rpnuested without extra
charge. Sent prepaid to any nart of
thr wntld on receipt of Ono Dollar.
(L- COMPANY. 2330'and 2332 Market
Street Phlladelnhla.
All cotif-ponil.'rirf strictly confidon
tial. Coohille Camp Meeting
Rev. A.J. Hawk has returned from
a trip made in tho interest of tho Cool
vlllo Campmopting, which will be held
at tho usual placo August 1st to 11th,
Inclusive. Rev. Hawk and Presiding
Elder Bishop are tho superintendents,
anu they met with tho board of man
agers for tho purposes of arranging
tho program for t.ie meeting.
Evangelists Ostrom and Hlllis will
bo In attendance again this year.
Change of Location.
Wo are now in our new quarteis at
No. 214 Scammel street. All cus
tomers will bo served hereafter from
this place.
Tho Pioneer Dairy and Produce Co.
Marietta Phono No. 290.
Are Attributed Largely .to
the Loss of
Tho following timely article Is tak
en from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat:
The estimate that tho damage to
property by the floods in tho Ohio
River Valley will reach $3,000,000
shows the great losses to tho country
which have resulted from the whole
sale dcstruqtlon of forests which has
been going on for the past third of a.
century. These floods are repeated
year after year with but llttlo varia
tion, nnd they occur along the Mis
souri and tho, Mississippi as well as on
the banks of the Ohio. Some years
the destruction Is less in tho Ohlo'Val
ley than it has been In 1901, but in
other years it has been much greater.
Destructive freshets were reported
along the Ohio in tho early days 'of the
settlement of that region. Tho resi
dents at Marietta and vicinity a hun
dred years aro were occasionally
troubled by high water In the spring,
but tho damage, even allowing for
the vast Increase in the value of the
property along the river since then. Is
vastly greater now than it was In tho
old days. Floods como oftener now
than they did then, and the rise in the
river is greater, though largo stretches
of country were overflowed more than
once along tho Ohio in the early part
of the historic period.
The destruction of tho forests along
the river is the prime cause of the
greater rise of the water during the
flood periods of today than occurred
two-thirds of a century ago, or even
half a century ago. Hundreds of
square miles of trees are wantonly
sacrificed along the watershed of all
tne great rivers every year, though
there has been a little let-up in the de
vastation recently. Thus the precipi
tation by the rains is not held back as
formerly, but is poured into the
streams, and these sending their con
tents suddenly into the rivers cause
vast overflows in which houses are
swept away, railroads are submerged,
and many lives lost. This is the gen
eral course of things almost every
spring. The efforts of tho govern
ment to compensate for the loss ofithe
forests by the construction of dams to
hold back the water in spots aro Tain
except that thev diminish the destruc
tiveness to some extent The restora
tion of the forests, so far as this is
practicable, is the only means of les
sening the devastation which Uke3
place every spring along tho bankB of
most of the great Western rivers.
erfoTwmTn" Thv'oSfhW
tie pity for man who having lost his
grip does not regain it by taking
Rocky Mountain Tea. 35c.
Ask your druggist.
President's Itinerary.
May 3 Tho President arrives at
Houston and attends public reception.
May C Airlves at El Paso.
May 7 Arrives at Phoenix and at
tend banquet.
May S Arrives at Redlands and
met by Governor Gage.
-nay 9 Arrives at Los Angeles.
May 10 Santa Barbara.
May 11 At Monterey. Reception
by Grand Army Veterans.
May 12 At Monterey.
May 13 ArriTCs at San Jose. 'At
tends banquet and visits Palo Alto and
the University of California. Arrives
in San Francisco in the evening.
May 14 San Francisco.
May 15 Reception and banquet by
the Ohio Society.
May 17 Reception to the public in
Mechanics' pavilion.
May IS Launching of the battleship
Ohio, followed by lanquet at the Pal
ace Hotel.
May 20 Arrives at Sacramento.
May 22 Salem, Ore.
May 22 Portland, Ore.
May 23 Tacoma, Wash.
May 24 Seattle, Wash.
May 27 Helena, Mon.
.May 27 Anaconda, Mon.
May 28 Butte, Mon.
May 29 Ogden Utah.
May 30 Salt Lake, Utah.
June 5 Denver, Colo.
June 9 Kansas City, Kan.
June 11 Chicago 111.
Juno 12 and 13 Buffalo, N. Y., and
visit the exposition and Niagara Falls.
June It The party will leave for
homo by way of tho Delaware Water
Gap and Philadelphia, ai riving in
Washington Juno 15.
rMucato Your Ilowcln With O.scnrets.
Canily Catliirtlc. euro constipation forcier.
10c, S!c. If C. C. O. fall, druasUtwrtfuna money.
Fine Drier.
A very flno driving horso which
Mr. Henry Beat puchascd while in Col
umbus several days ago, arrived In the
city Thmsday over tho M. C. & C. R.
Tno animal is a handsome and spir
ited creature mid is said to bo an ex
cellent roadster.
j;i uihioii
A Id mi V
May ICth and lGth for Prohibition
Stato Convention low round trip ex
cursion tickets will be. sold to Akron
via Pennsylvania Lines; good return
ing until Friday, May 17th. '
Decide Yourself.
The Opportunity is Here, Backed by Ma
rietta Testimony.
Don't tako our word for It.
Don't depend on a stranger's state
ment. Read the statements of Mnricttu
And decide for yourself.
Hero is ono case of it.
Mr. J. B. Wilson, of 711 Third
street, says: "Six years ago "I was
overtaken with an acute attack of kid
ney trouble nnd I suffered seveily be
fore I obtained relief by taking Doan's
Kidney Pills. With the exception of a
slight feeling of tenderness over tho
right kidney I had no recurrence of tho
trouble until recently when I wa3
helping unload somo lumber. Some
time after I retired at night very
shaip twlngf s of pain caught mo In my
loins and an acute .ittack of kidney
trouble developed. Hot application's
over mj kidneys una the useof Doan's
Kidney Pills soon ended the trouble
For sale by nil dealers; price 50
cents. Fosttr-Milburn Co., UufTalo, N
Y., sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take nc other.
Shows April to Have Been an Active Month
In Oil Circles.
For a quiet, uneventful month in the
on neius, April presents a few sur
prising features, the most notable
of which is the Increase in we..., com
pleted and new production. But .c
must be borne in mind that March was
an unexceptional month in this particu
lar and presented the lowest figures
that had been recorded in a long time.
Not only were the producers very ac
tive in the Pennsylvania regions but
the Lima oil districts of Ohio and In
diana show heavy gains along the
same lines.,
Tho efforts to discover new pools met
with the usual results during April as
shown by the very, large list of dry
holes. The Southwest, however, con
tinues to furnish a rreat many odd
nooks and corners, in old or partially
derined territory, where a good well
may be struck at almost any moment.
Sand Fork, which has been almost rel
egated to the "has beens," showed
some strong symptoms of a revival the
past month and with nine good welte
to her credit, brought about an in
crease in tho daily production of that
section. There are a number of prom
ising locations in the vicinity and a
pool of very respectable proportions is
means an impossibility.
The summary for April in the Penn
sylvania fields presents 418 productive
wells and 171 dusters and the aggregate
production is placed at 8,224 barrels.
The increase over March is 72 wells, 3C
dusteis and 1,440 barrels new produc
tion. In April, a year ago, there wero
614 productive wells and 183 dusters
completed and the new production was
12,41)2 barrels.
New operations during the month
made a net gain of 3G, the tables sum
ming up 370 rigs and 587 wells drill
ing at the close of the month. On
April 30, 1900, there were 4S2 rigs and
702 wells drilling in the Pennsylvania
I Those who expected an advance in
the market on the strength of the
knowing of the March field report were
llsagreeably surprised. There weie
Jther causes at work to produce a con
rary effect .chief of which was the tin
fettled condition of the foreign refined
narkets. When the Spring opened
ussia was ready with a large stock of
efined oil, which is now being dis
aosed of at panic prices. At Baku re
fined oil is almost being given away,
md unless the refiners form some sort
)f an organization, to check the indls-
:riminate slaughter of prices, many of
hem will have to go into bankruptcy
Equal Rights,
Another rumor of Tolstoi's exile
lives additional pith and point to bis
oolo letter of a few days ago to the
Russian Czar, in which ho said: "Why
ill you fight with what you can never
lbdue by force. Instead of covering
our name with imperishable fame by
ailing in the way of justice? You
rotect injustice, sire. Free tho peas-
nt from the brutal tyranny of off!
ials. Givo him equal rights with the
ther ranks. Do away with the pres-
nt police system, which demoralizes
sciety, degrades tho empire and
reed3 spies and informers. Do away
Ith the restraints on education so
mt tho road to enlightenment may bo
ben to all. Prohibit no man from
Living his freo belief only. Let le-
gious persecution cease."
$500 REWARD!
NVo will pay tho abovo toward for any cato of
ver uompiamt, uyepep&la, Melt Headache,
digestion. Constipation or Costlveness wo
dnnot euro with Llvcrlta, tho Ui-To-Dalo
lltlo Liver Pill, when tho directions are Btrlci
lcoinplled with. Thoy aro purely Vegetable,
dd nevor fall to glvo satibfactlou. 25o boxes
dntaln 100 fills, lOo boxes contain 40 rillx, Do
Uies contain IS Mils. Ucwaroof substitutions
rid imitations. Bent by mull. Stamps taken.
innviTA Mi:niCAf, CO.. Cor. Clinton nml
JckBou bis., Chicago, 111. gold by
Sold By Beagle & Lytlo and A. J.
achnrds, Druggists, Marietta, Ohio.
If you want to be in line you
the Ohio Valley Wagon Co. We have one of the finest lots
of Buggies, Phaetons and Surreys that has ever come to
We handle the famous Columbus Buggy Co.'s work
which was awarded the Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition
in; 900. We have a line of other high and medium grade
work and manufacture one of the best farm wagons that there
is on the market. Also grocery and delivery wagons of all
You will not make any mistake in buying of The Ohio
Valley 'Wagon Co. We make
on the market. Call at our sales room opp. Union Depot and
see our fine stcok.
The Ohio Valley Wagon Co.
M. G. SEIPEL, Met.
The entire production comes
here complete in every detail,
cast, scenery, effects, &c, di
rect from the Lyceum Theatre,
New York City.
Two new 4-room houses, with city
water, gas, hard finish mantles, etc., on
West Side, $1100 each. Terms, $200
cash, balance J15.00 per month.
A 5-room house and lot 45x180 ft.
on Fourth street, near Montgomery
street, $2,000.
Four lots at the head of Fourth
street, $,300 each.
Several lots on Ninth street, from
$100 to $150.
Also a good C-room house with sum
mer Icitchen, cistern, well, etc., and
large lot for rent in the upper part of
the city, $15.00 per month.
1. 1 Plmer & Sob.
Ward-Nichols Block.
Loan & Fire Insurance,
Room 22, St. Glair Building,
Hns for sale 2 elegant lots i090 feot
within ono half snuaro of car line, out
of high wnter. Fine residence pioper-
ui's in nu parts or mo city ; one or tno
'est, above high water, will exchange
for good property with large lot; must
bo above high water. Good medium
residences on as ensy terms as paying
rent. Several beautiful farms clo.se to
tho city nt reasonable prices.
Don't fail to fceo mo if you want to
buy, sell or exchange any kind of
propel ty. I have somo of tho best in
vestments there aro on th-mnrkot. Call
and s-eo them and bo your own judge. It
costs j ou nothing to look, and will re
turn good profits on your money. Am
al wd)H pleased to show my properties.
Call ut ollico or ring mo up.
Groceries and General Produce.
Restaurant in Connection.
Meals nt all IIouis
Iiefl Phone, Williamstown, 18.
Cor. Kerry Struct nnd Ilnllroud Aonup, Wll-
llumstmwi, V. vu,
Northwest, West, South and Southeast,
Via Pennsylvania Lines.
Tho sale of special fare colonists
tickets to California, and settlers'
tickets to tho Northwest, West, South
anl Southeest has boon resumed via
Pennsylvania Lines. 'Particular infor
mation alout fares, through time and
other details will bo furnished upon
ipulic.irirm to Passenger in.l Ticket
Agonts of tho Pennsylvania Ltaeo.
want to buy a fine buggy of
the best buck wagon that is
Aro the happiest ones of life, Sw66t
music from a well-toned instrument is
within the means of nny player if this
store 18 visited.
Schneider & Alden,
Now that warm weather
has set in, we are ready to
serve out any sort of soft
drink. Our ice cream soda is
acknowledged the best in town.
"J5fe also have milk shake,
lemonade and other fancy
drinks which are both refresh
ing and healtny. Our fruits
and candies need no mention
as they are too well known.
No. 8, Tiber Way, Riley Block.
I am a candldato for re-election a&
Representative for Washington county,
subject to tho decision of the Republi
can nomlnatinc Convention.
Editor Leader; 'Please announce mo
as a candldato for tho office of Treas
urer of Washington County, subject to
the decision of the Reoublican County
Convention. S. A. COFFMAN.
Editor Leader: Please announce my
name as a candidate for tho ofllce ot
County Treasurer, subject to tho will
of the coming Republican convention.
Editor Leader: Please announco
that I am a candidate for Treasurer of
Washington county, subject to the will
of the Republican nominating Conven
tion. D. O. THOMPSON,
Barlow Township.
Pleaso announco that I am a candN
date for Treasurer, subject to tho declB
ion of the Washington county Republi
can convention.
Beverly, O.
Editor Leader Please announco the
namo of F. F. Danna as a candldatB
for Treasurer at tho coming county
convention sufiject to Republicans of
Washington county.
Editor Leader: Please announce
that I will bo-a candldato for re-election
for tho office of CJerk of Courts
subject to the will of tho coming Re
publican County Convention.
Editor Leader: Pleaso announco
that I am a candldato for Commission
er of Washington County, subject to
tho decision of the Republican Conven
tion, m. McMILLIN.
Editor Leader: Pleaso announco
that I will bo a candldato for tho offlco
of Coi:itr Commissioner of Washing
ton county subject to tho decision of
tho Republican nominating convention.
Editor Loader Pleaso announce my
namo as a candldato for tho office of
Infirmary Director from tho Fourth.
Ward subject to tho will of tho coming.
Republican County Convention.
.1 '
i n
gtriW1PJ''-1'l"".n't"' '' '
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