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The Marietta Leader.
Subscription Rates for Daily.
Dellvoreil by currier, ton cents per week
or 88.00 per year If inll In inhume. Xy
mall Insldo WdahliiRton county, 54.00 per
jfenr. l!v innll otitsttlo Wnshlngtoii count'.
. 4, 00 per yeah
to huitscuinims.
VTe trill coniririer It a. c;rcnt favor If tmli
crlbers will report any failure to get their
Leader, or any cjirelcasncxs on the part of
the carrier, i
SabscrlberR will plcnse notpnytlie cm
rlem unless the carrier punches his credit
tag In subscriber's presence.
The Daily Lender Is on sale at the fol
lowing places:
Marietta Knst Side.
nates' Hook Store 18!) Front St,
Scott Ward 331 Putnam St.
Merchants' Delivery Co Tiber Wiiy,
Union Depot News Stand,
Marietta-Went Side,
C, It. Iluchanan's, Cor. Mnple and Oilman
TV. Wlnchell's ltcsttturnnt.
jn FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1901.
Republican Judicial Convention.
The Republican electors of the Third
Subdivision of the Judicial District of
the State of Ohio consisting of the
Counties of Athens, Gallia, Meigs,
Monroe, "Vinton and Washington, are
hereby notified that a Republican Ju
dicial Convention will be held at the
City Hall in Athens, Ohio, on Saturday,
May 11th, 1901, at 11 o'clock A. M.,
for the nomination of a Republican
candidate for the office of Common
Pleas Judge of said Third Sub-Division
of sa.u Seventh Judicial District of the
State of Ohio, to be elected in Novem
ber next, and that the basis of repre
sentation shall be one delegate for
every 200 votes and one delegate for
each fraction of 100 votes or more cast
for -overnor Nash in November of
1899. Under this basis the represen
tation or said Counties will be as fol
lows: Counties. Delegates.
Athens 24
Gajlia 18
Meigs 18
Monroe 8
Vinton io
Washington 2G
Total .' '. 104
And for the transaction of such oth
er business as shall come before the
Judicial Committee.
The Mayor has a pretty heavy job
on hand to keep the male population of
Parkersburg from spitting on the
sidewalk; for he is trying to curb one
of tin American's most glorious privi
leges. Parkersburg News.
The fact that diplomatic relations
nro about to bo resumed between Aus
tria and Mexico closes a. third of a cen
tury s estrangement between thoso two
countries. In the series of ovents lead-
No. 3 lng to this unfriendliness tho United
States boro a conspicuous part, though
a part which was highly ngreeablo to
tho Republic of Mexico. Somo efforts,
In fnct, although unavailing, hiivi
been made by tho United States in tho
past thirty years to restore n modus
vlveudl between Austria and our
neighbor in tho other sldo of tho Rio
Grande, but tlmo has accomplished
what the good offices of mutual friends
have attempted in vain.
Napoleon III. was the prime cause of
the trouble between Austria and Mexi
co. Tho French Emperor finding the
liands of tho United States tied
through tho civil wan of 18C1-C5, at
tempted to estnbllsh an empire In
Mexico, with a puppet of. his own at
the head, and the person whom ho se
lected for this role was Maxlmllllan,
brother of the Emperor of Austria,
Francis Joseph. Tho pretext for the
invasion of Mexico was" tlje failure of
that country to pay certain obliga
tions. A French army was put at Max
imilllan's disposal, and by this aid the
feeble government of Mexico, weaken
ed by rebellions and the mutual jeal
ousy of Its popular chleftans, was over
thrown, and the Austrian usurper sol
up an empire In 1804, taking the title
of Maximilian I.
America's hand began to be shown
not long afterward. As soon as tho
Confederacy was overthrown and nor
mal conditions began to be resumed In
the South an army was sent to the Rio
Grande under Sheridan's command.
This warning, accompanied by a
diplomatic protest from President
Johnson to Napoleon in 1SCC, sent the
French troops out of Mexico. Mnx-
Imtllian decided to remain and stand
his chances of maintaining himself,
but he was overthrown In 18C7 by the
Mexicans, aided by the moral support
of tho United States and by tho physi
cal support of some American soldiers,
and tho usurper was executed, though
the United States tried to save him
from tho latter fate. That tragedy
Becomes Effective In the State of Wes
Parkersburg, May i. West Virgin
ia's second cigarette tax bill went Into
effect today. Tho first bill, which Im
posed a tax, of $500 for retailing tho se
ductive "cofiln nails," was killed In tho
State Court of Appeals. Tho last Leg
islature passed another bill, which
Imposes a tax of $100 on all dealers In
cigarettes. It Is this law that went In
to effect today. Tho Assessors of the
various districts sent out blanks for
dealers to fill out, and yesterday was
tho last day for their return. Tho re
sult shows that very few licenses will
be taken out. In many counties not u
llcenso has been applied for, and oven
in the larger cities ono nnd two are the
limit. In-Wliocliiip only two dealers
took out licenses and In this city only
one nas been applied for.
The dealers say thero has been a de
cided drop In the demand for cigarettes
Ih tho last, two years and that for the
"most part they arc smoked by men
who us5 high grade and Imported
goods and make their cigarettes. Tho
law was passed to kill off small deal
ers, who sold mostly to small boys.and
was not intended to be a revenue producer.
nil shapes, all colors,
50c to $3.00.
Tho immenso lot of goods wo buy, tho
great amount of our snlos, tho thnd
nuco of variety wo odor you to select
from, tho fact thnt you can got what
you want and not lmvo to tnko old,
shopworn goodq, nro .PART of tho
thinus wo enn do for vnn timn. inn ,n
GUARANTEE to savo you mouoy I
Suits to-Order $13.00 $30.00.
Plain and Fancy CnS9imcto'(
Worsteds woll mtido and goods,
stnntinl trimmings.
Hl.OO, S7.rx), SS.00 and $10.00.
Overalls nnd jackets (best in
tho world.) Always n full
stoek---nll sizes, nil colore.
75c and 8."3c.
Ready-to-wenr, elegantly tai
lored Sllits. Tlov fit n(.rfnf.f1vt
812.00, 14.00, 810.00 ntid
Tho place whero you only pay
for thnt which you buv nnd
don't holp to pay for' what
somebody clso has bought and
won' t. or can't pay for.
Wo buy and sell for cash.
Newest styles nnd colorings.
50c, 75c, and $1.00.
It's easy to trndo at "Tho Old Re
liable" easy bconuso wo lmvo so full
and varied an assortment. Easy bo
causo tho low prices at which wo sell
make it easy for you to pay your bill.
Woask your patronago and hcliovo you
will find it easy to trade here.
A)l sizes and shapes.
$2.00 to $7.00.
Handsome and stylish kneo pant suits
for your boy. An entiroly now stock.
82.00, 82.50, $3 00 nnd 81.00.
S R. "VanlVI etre & Co.
Will Assist Mr. 0. A. Cameron in Finding
a Second Lucas Well.
,1 ' ns&&L1!r - '
s wmsmi .JMaamm
Just received, and thev are
Will you look at them ?
to Otto Bros.
created a rupture between Austria and
Mexico, though Austria itself was In
no way responsible for the invasion or
for the subsequent acts of the invad
ers, and neither nation has since been
formally represented at the court of the
other. A rapprochement has now been
reached, however, but tho lesson
taught to Europe by tho events of 18CC
67 was so impressive that It will not
need repetition.
A Parkersburg policeman has re
signed. Will wonders never cease?
May swooped down upon us in the
scorcher's attire.
The great flood of 1901 is gone and
there Is but very little evidence that
it ever was here.
Hon. H. C. Van Voorhls, the mem
ber from the Fifteenth Congressional
district, was in the city yesterday,
locking in on the meeting of the state
committee. Mr. Van Voorhis Is confi
dent that in his section of the state
the Republicans will maintain their
usual strength and prestige In the fall
election. Ohio State Journal.
Are the Bids and Specifications for First
, National Bank Building.
The plans and specifications for the
new banking building of the First
National Bank are now in the hands
of the contractors. The expectation
is that the work of tearing down tho
old building will be begun by June 1
and that the work of constructing the
new building will be begun thereafter
as soon as possible.
A much needed improvement in Ma
rietta, in fact one that demands
prompt attention, is a substantial
walk leading from Front street to the
boat landing on the bank of the Mus
kingum. The necessity of this has
long been felt, and its great need has
become even more urgent since the
high waters have leceded. At pres
ent the path for tho entire dlstanc
from the street to tho river bank H
covered with a sticky mud almost
shoe-top deep, and people experience
great difficulty In getting to and from
the boats. It is hoped that this im
portant matter will receive prompt attention.
The Leader is In receipt of a letter
from Senator Warren G. Harding, of
Marlon, in which ho states that he is
in no wise a candidate for the Repub
lican nomination for Lieutenant Gover
nor, but that he desires to return to
me state senate. Mr. riorums is a
potential facte In Republican state
politics and his services will be of
great value to the State, whether In
the capacity of Lieutenant Governor
or Senator.
Mr. D. A. Cameron will enjoy t.ie
unique distinction of being the first
independent dil operator from Marict
to to take up a large block of leases in
tuo ueaumont field and without other J
pecuniary resources than his own de
velop a large territory. During more
than a half year's time Mr. Camp.mn
or his representatives have been ac
tively engaged In securing leases on
ten ltory extending miles' along "the
Gulf. Now ho has the right to drill
on any portiori of 10,000 acres fronting
on the Gulf and extending miles' back
Into tho interior.
Mr. Cameron, in deciding to operate
in the Texas fields, resolved -that hi
would be equipped with tho very best
mechanical paraphernella and further:
that such quality of goods could, be se-"
cured in Marietta when it was impos
sible to do so in many places much
larger than the.olntfty,--Avcc"oruingTy'1
an order for duplex volume and pres
sure pumps of the best pattern wa3
left with Pattin Bros. These pumps,
will bo different from the Texas arti
cle in that they combine both ,volume.
and pressure while those .inus near-
ueaumont have only volume and npti'
high pressure. v-irff t
A 25 horse power boiler mounted on
12 inch tread wheels and manufactur
ed by the Marietta Boiler Works will
also be imported to the Lone Star
State by Mr. Cameron.
His leases are situated within 20
miles of Beaumont, white tho first well
will bo scooped out within one mile of
tho Gulf.
All drilling equipments will be con
tracted for In that vicinity. Mr. Cam
eron expects to leave on Saturday for
the Beaumont field to conduct opera
tlons there. The extensive interests
hero will be managed by his two sons.
Theis Shoe Co.,
Putnam Street.
Tho Morse Electric Bolt, Nature's Vitnlizor, builds up and strengthens, relieve.?
nnd cures Rheumatism, Paralysis Liver, Kidney, Lamo Hack, Constipation,
btomnch and nil Nervous Diseases. -
Threo sizes, 8:1.00, 85.00, S7.00. As good as tho best nono bettorT
,-A.. o jRXOiEa: .a.:r,:ds, pharmacist. $
Opposite Bellevuo Hotel, Front street.
kid Baps
News camo from Columbus Thurs
day that the State Board of Equaliza
tion had rescinded the action of that
bouy, acting as a committee of the
wnole, granting a reduction of ten pet
cent, on tho realty values of ..larletta,
and unless something is done to right
'away the assessment as agieed upon by
the local hoard will stand for the next
ten years. It will bo remembered that
tome weeks ago a Committee of tho
Marietta Board of Trade went to Col
umbus, and was given a hearing by
tho State Equalization Board, at the
conclusion of which the ten per cent,
reduction was agrped upon; Slnc2
then tho Board of Trade Committee
along with the citizens in general, has
been resting secure in the belief that
when final action camo tho ten per
cent reduction would stand, hut it now
develops that'all belief and hope in
that direction was built on a founda
tion of sand. Tho final action of tho
Stato Board was taken without inti
mation to tho Marietta Committee,
which seems strange, to say the least.
The City Council of Lancaster has
appointed a committee of twenty-five
to go to Bellefontaine and work for
the G. A. R. Encampment for 1002. it
occurs to use that such a movement on
the part of Marietta, coming eithe.'
from the Council or Board of Trade,
would be wise, on a conservative es
timate it Is fair to say that the bring
ing of this encampment here woul.l
mean the leaving of at least seventy
five thousand dollars In our midst.
A Marietta Boy to the Front.
A letter received from Dr. Chas.
McCluro by i datives in the city con
veys the welcome news that ho is onu
of the three best men in a graduating
class numbering C3 young doctors. A
recent examination determined tills
standing and in order to pick out tho
two best men of tho trio tho faculty
ordered tho threo to take a special ex
amination, the result of which has not
been announced. Dr. McCluro Is grad
uated on May 7 and assumes his duties
at the Cincinnati Hospital on tho 10th
of the Mimo month.
Military Festival.
The Initial performance of the grand
military festival, under tho auspices
of the Marietta Cadets, was given last
night at Power Hall, and was well at
tended. Tho entertainment provided
was of a most pleasing character, nnd
met with universal approval. Music,
acting and dancing made up tho even
ing's program. Tho second perform
ance will take place this evening.
Much interest 1b being manifested In
the contest for the fine silk flag.
Facts and Figures of the Flood,
That the high water did no serious
damage to any line of business is
shown by the weekly statement of tho
M. C. & C. R. R., which would nat
urally be damaged more than any oth
er line of commercial activity by a
During the last ten days of tho
month of Apiil the statement of the
road shows only a decreaso of $300 in
the earnings, as compared with an
wqunl length of time miring the same
month last year. The local passengci
receipts for tho ten days develop the
fact that there is quite an Increase in
tho local passenger receipt over last
In real estate in and out of
high water. If you are"think
ing ot investing in Marietta
real Estate. See us.
Buy a gas range? Yes if you get a "Jewell" such as we sell makes
less heat, less grease, less work than any range on the market.
Next get one of our tile lined re.igerators lare stock to select
from at the general hardware store of
158 and 160 Front Street.
rJatj price of artificial teeth has been ndvnnced, but our g
rX$ M. ""i :u"s luesnme. very Dest teeth that can bo
mnde on vulcanite plate, $8.00. Gold crowns $4.00
up. onver nn, au cents up. Uement, SO cents.
My assistant operators nro NOT students, but are
graduates of tho most reputable colleges in the U. S.
All work guaranteed. Positively painless extracting.
Lady in attendance.
Hours 8 a. m. to 8:30 p.
Oty Electric Buifding.
Theodore Stoecker,
303 Gilman Street, (W. S.
'Allender's Furniture Store. )
Telephone 314.
Ropairinc and Re-Unholstorinrr nf
FURNITURE, hair mattresses made
over. Parlor Suits and Spring Beds
and Hair Top Mattresses for Wood and
Iron Bedsteads. Alto a specialty of
Turkish work, first class work only.
Special attention given to work for
churches, lodges, and hotels, hospitals,
Repairing nnd Re-finishing of Valuable
old Mahogany.
Both Phones.
: S!! it? K. -SB- '. -MS. vf A
ill 1- 'Ik 1V- 'ill
except Sunday.
J. P. BECKER, D. D. S., Mgr..
a fine line of the latest, handsomest and most artistic patterns in the
brilliant and beautifully cut by the best makers in the country,
A Greene Slreel Mishap.
A horse drawing a light delivery
wagon which was occupied by Minor
Dye took fright at the street cars on
Greeno street Thursday morning and
executed some fancy movements much
to the detriment of tho wagon, the de
spoiling of a sewing machine which
was In tho wagon and the disrepair of
Mr. Dye. Tho animal's rampage was
soon checked and tho various scatter
ed, broken and bruised ai tides and
contents of tho wagon were collected.
A Fortunate Delivery.
What might have been a harrowing
accident was avorted.by whit good for
tune It is not known, on upper Third
street Wednesday. In the Thhd Dlst
trict whero ihe new sewer In being dug
It became necessary to blast, and a
heavy charge was accordingly put in
tho rock nnd touched olf. When the
cnargo exploded, a glycerine wagon
containing a big load of tho nltiogeu
ous compound, was not 50 yardi dis
tant. Happily tho concussion did not
explodo tho many Quarts of glycerine
and strong men who had turned 'palp
at tho happening, breathed easier.
River Runlets.
The river has fallen to 12 feet In the
channel at this point. '
Excursion business on all the Pltts-burg-Cinclnnati
packets has opened
up ior the summer and as a conse
quence tho passenger list on the big
boats is steadily growing. Tho Vir
ginia which was duo from Cincinnati
Thursday afternoon, by reason of
heavy business did not reach the local
wharf until 2 o'clock this morning.
Tho other packet today is the Bed
ford for Wheeling at 5:30 o'clock this
ibes, canuiesticKs and ornaments of all kinds in endless variety
Successors to D. B. Anderson.
A China Chance
American Union Lodge.
Tho Brethren of American Union
Lodge No. 1, F. and A. M. will meet at
tho Iodgo room on Friday at 12:30 p.
m. to attend tho funeral of Brother
Roy 0. Schmidt, at the residence. All
Masons are cordially Invited to attend.
Wo niiiliu ii i'rluUy cii liuimlrrliii;
I.tiillc-K1 FlnnSlilil IViiIhIm.
80.1 Ijl-L'llllll St
FJifiiu-s Xo. 110.
April's Record.
Tho "weather fiend" has submitted
tho following record of tho conditions
which prevailed during tho month. of
April: Eleven rainfalls, two snow
falls; ID entire days without sunshine,
six and one-half days of continual
Have your ruga made at tho Pa-ZI.
When j ou nro through house clean
ing, you will find a great many broken
pieces nnd a great many shelves and
corners whero dainty ornamental china
will wonderfully improvo and beautify
your home.
You will llnd nil theso at
286 Front Street.
603 Putnam street.
A full and complete line of grocer.es.
Fresh nnd salted meats at all times.
Givo us n cnll.
0. B. KIBLY.
The important thing to consider
when you buy things in a drug
store is purity. You ought not to
think about prices until you nio
sure about quality. This applies
not only to drugs, but to ovory
thing clso sold in a drug store.
It npplies to soap, perfume, cos
metics, powders, nnd a hundred
other things. Wo have no desiro
to bo known ns"chenpdruggists."
Wo want tho public to think of
this store ns a roliablo plnco a
storo whero safoty can bo depended
upon, no matter what is pur
chased. But thero is nothing ox
travngent about prices oither.
Wo sell tho best things at as
moderate prices as can bo af
forded. Wo never go so low that
quality must bo lowered nnd wo
nover go ho high that you can not
afford to buy.
The Sornor Drug Store,
H. Fred Curtis, Prop.,
Cor. Front and Putnam Streets.
Ice ant! Preserving Company,
Manufacturers of distilled water
ico, hygienically pure. Factory,
and olllce Oor. Third and Butler
Sts. (Open at all times.) Both
phouos, Nos. 72.
L.iC. BRAUN, Pres. GEO. B. EYSSEN, Sec.
' I
J- JJ J.ll'.Hfeji :" ' '' V"-"- 1 i----;1-- f ..,m.Vin.ifnrirrmn.l1r1itwhWlw;yi
..A0- .iJRi
iAW'Vl. J jKUt.tlJUJX

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