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The Marietta Dally Leader.
Tho Republicans of Ohio arc re
quested tc meet In Delegnto Conven
tion In the city of Columbus on Mon
day and Tuesday, Juno 24 and 25, 1301,
lor tho purposo of nominating candi
dates for tho offices of
Lieutenant Governor.
Treasurer of State.
Member Board of Public Works.
Judgo of tho Supreme Court
Clerk of tho Supremo Court.
Tho basis of representation will he
ono (1) dclegato for every 500 votes
cast for Hon. William fllcKlnley, Re
publican candldato for " President at
the November election, 1900. and one
for each majority fraction of 500.
Upon this basis the representation
of tho several counties in the conven
tion will be as follows:
Counties. Delegates.
Adams 7
Allen 11
Ashland 5
Ashtabula 19
Athens 12
Auglaize C
Belmont 10
Brown C
Butler 12
Carroll 5
Champaign 9
Clark 18
Clermont 8
Clinton 8
Columbiana 21
Coshocton 7
Crawford C
Cuyahoga 91
Darke 10
Dsfiance 5
Delaware 8
Erie 11
Fairfield 7
Fayette 7
Franklin 44
Fulton 7
Gallia 8
Geauga G
Greene 10
Guernsey 10
Hamilton Ill
Hancock : 11
Hardin 9
Harrison 7
Henry 5
Highland.. , 8
Hocking G
Holmes 3
Huron 10
Jackson 10
Jefferson IS
Knox 8
Lake 8
Lawrence 11
Licking 12
Logan 10
Lorain 17
Lucas 34
Madison G
Mahoning 18
Marion 8
Medina 7
Meigs 9
Mercer A
Miami . ." 12
Monroe. . '. 4
Montgomery -...' 33
Morgan 5
Morrow 5
Muskingum 15
Noble 5
Ottawa 4
Paulding 7
Perry 8
Pickaway G
Pike 5
Portage 9
Preble 7
Putnam G
Richland 11
Ross 11
Sandusky 8
Scioto 12
Seneca 10
Shelby 5
Stark 2G
Summit 20
Trumbull 15
Tuscarawas -...13
Union 7
Van Wert 8
"Vinton 4
Warren 9j
Washington 13
Wayne 8
Williams 7
Wood 14
Wyandot 5
Total 1.08S
The delegates from the several con
gressional districts will convene on
Monday, June 24, 1901, for the purposo
of choosing Vice Presidents of the con
vention and members of the various
commmlttees, including the State
Central Committee.
The convention will bo called to or
der on Monday. June 24 1901, at 4
o'clock p. m., for temporary organiza
tion, receiving reports of district
committees and for the transaction of
such other business as may be proper
ly brought before the convention.
The delegates to said convention
shall be selected
First, by primary election, or
Second, by conventions composed of
delegates elected at primary elections
or caucuses regularly held In the sev
eral voting townships, wards or pre
or' precincts of each county; or
Third, by mass conventions regular
ly held in such voting townships,
wards or precincts.
The call for said primary elections,
or for such conventions, to elect dele
gates, shall be mado by the various
Central, Controlling or Executive
Committees, and when such commit
tees authorize mass conventions for
tho selection of said delegates there
shall bo given at least ten days' notlcs
of -the time and place of holding such
But in no case "shall any delegate be
appointed by any County, Central,
Controlling or Executive Committee,
and all delegates to the State Conven
tion must bo chosen at least three
days prior to tho date of holding said
convention. If In any county, howev
er, delegates havo been selected prior
to the date of this call, and In the
manner herein provided, they will bo
recognized and admitted to tho con
vention s such delegates.
Chairman Ohio Republican' State Cen
tral Committee.
MARK SLATER, Secretary.
The Republican electors of Wash
ington County, Ohio, are heroby notifi
ed that primaries for the selection of n
Central Commlteemnn and delegates
to tho Republican County Convention
will bo held at tho usual voting place
In cnoli voting precinct between tho
hours of 3 o'clock and C o'clock, p m.,
In all voting precincts outsido of Mari
etta, nnd between tho hours of G and ?
o'clock p. m. within tho city of Mari
etta, Saturday, Juno 15th, 1901, and
that tho Republican County Conven
tion will bo held in tho City Hall In
Mnrlettn, 0.,on Tuesday,JunelSth,1901.
at 11 o'clock n. m. for tho selection of
13 delegates and 13 alternates to tho
Republican Stato Convention to be
held in Columbus, Ohio, Juno 24th and
25th, and tho nomination of a Republi
can candidate for each of tho following
Representative, Clerk of Courts,
Treasurer, County Commissioner, In
firmary Director nnd County Surveyor
to bo elected in November next, nnd
that the basis of representation shall
bo ono delegate for every 25 votes and
one delegate for each fraction of 13
votes or more cast for President Mc
Klnley In November, 1900.
Under this basis the representation
of the different voting precincts will
bo as follows:
Votes. ADclegatea
Adams 205 S
Elba ". 109 "i 4
Macksburg 110
Barlow 280 11
Belpre Village 185 - - 7
Little Hocking ....119 5
Rockland 93 '"'"r 4
Decatur 224 0
Dunham 102 4
Fairfield 92 - 4
Fearing G4 """ 3
Grandvlew 223 9
Independence 105
Cow Run 79 t 3
Upper Lawrence ...121 " " 5
Liberty 209 3
Ludlow 87 " 3
Fultonburg 120 5
Harmar 99 4
Little Muskingum .170 7
First Ward 271 " ' 11
Second Ward 318 13
Third Ward. A ....174 "" 7
Third Ward B ....141 G
Third AVard C 170 ' 7
Fourth Ward A ....191 " S
Fourth AVard B.. ..1G2 " G
Fourth Ward C. ..18G 7
Fifth AVard 25G " 10
Sixth Ward 211 !
Muskintrum 143 G
Lower Newport .. .125 r
Upoer Newport 179 7
Palmer 109 4
Salem ISO 7
Warren 192 S
AVatertown 119 5
Watprford 341 1
Wesley 278 11
Total G542 2G1
Bv order of Washington County
Republican Central Committee.
E. L. BROWN. Chairman.
S. A. Seipel. Secretary.
K. P. Reception.
The members of the local lodge
Knights of Pythias will give a recep
tion to Grand Chancellor Ellenwood
and such other Grand Officers as may
be present, Thursday evening, June G,
the same having been postponed last
week on the account of tho date of his
arrival home being Decoration Day.
The general public are invited to the
Auditorium at 7:30 p. m. where an ad
dress of welcome by Rev. E. A. Coil
and response by His Honor, Mayor AV.
F .Bruce, of Mt. Gilead, O., and other
Grand Lodge Officers, will be made.
The Marietta orchestra will furnish
music for the occasion.
The order of Knights of Pythias has
had a phenomenal growth in Ohio. It
now numbers over 00,000. To have one
of its membeis chosen highest officer
in the state is an honor of which Ray
nald Lodge No. 82 Is justly proud and
take this occasion to show their ap
preciation of the bame and their good
will toward Brother Ellenwood. Pro
gram will be published later.
After the public exercises at the Au
ditorium, all members of the order are
invited to the Elks' Club Room to
lunch and to a social session.
No further Invitation to the public
or membeis of the order Is necessary.
It is desired that you come and enjoy
the evening.
By older of the committee,
II Vou
were to bump your head against a
brick wall you could not feel worse
than does anyone who suffers fiom
stomach troubles. AVe have a positive
cure in Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
, Claim's Son Married,
By Associated Press.
Washington, D. C, June 4. Miss
Martha Hichborn, daughter of Rear
Admiral Hichborn ,was married to
James G. Blaine, youngest son of tho
late Maine btatesmnn, today, at the
residence of her parents.
Warned A IIutlMinil
Must be strong and never have a lame
LETS fctop tho pain at onco and cure
permanently. Sold by Beagle & Lj
tlo and A. J. Rlchard3. druorirlKLq. Marl.
otta, Ohio
i:ciirHlniiH to Mm I-iMiiiKin lu I'i'iiiih
inula Linen,
July 5 to 12 inclusive the Venmyl
vanla Lines will sell excursion tickets
to San Francisco account EpwortH
League Convention. For particulars
and Information see ticket agents of
Pennsylvania Lines.
Ascendancy of United States Stirs,
Europe to Action.
l.lfcely Tluil itu Alliance Ilodvecn
Italy nml (icriniiiiy unit AiiNtrlu
Will He I'orinoil to Control
Ciininiprcc oC liiiroiic. .
A dispatch to the Journal nud Ad
vertiser fiom Paris sas: Addison
Harris, former United States minister
to Austria, Is now In Pans on his wnj
home. He gue lo the correspondent
the follow lug statement on the com
mercial sentiment of European na
tions against the United States:
"In IS87 the Austria-Hungarian min
ister of financial affairs urged on the
Austrian parliament the necessity for
a continental bund against the United
States of America. It was reported
that he also addressed notes on the
bubjeet to Europann courts. Austria,
in pursuance of this policy, is now en
gaged in framing a new tariff which it
is expected Hungary will ratify, tlrUs
making the new Austro-llungnrian
tariff take effect in 1903.
"That year the triple alliance ex
pires by limitation, as also do the com
mercial treati between the three
powers. It is reliably reported that
these powers will cooperate commer
cially at the same time as they renew
their martial alliance.
"The board of trade of Austria is
diligently engaged in collecting data
and framing schedules and the min
ister of finance will soon submit the
proposed new law to the Austrian par
liament. The teinis of the schedule
hae not yet been made public, but one
well informed said tome:
'"After we git our new and our
commercial treaties with Germany
and Italy, then if the United States
want to trade with us thej must offer
high inducements.'
"Of course, how Austria and .Hun
gary may formulate their common tar
iff is not entirely assured. On this the
commercial treaties with Germany and
Italy must rest. Hut the sentiinent'of
farmers and manufacturers is for high
protection, with fauiritism to -their
political allies.
"The operations of Mr. Morgan nnd
his associates hae energied the peo
ple of central Europe. They are not
afraid; they hae foreseen the fierce
struggle with the United States and
have been preparing for the fray.' In
cluding ltnl,, Germany and Austria,
there are 150,000,000 persons between
the Mediterranean and the Baltic.
They produce everything Me do' except
cotton. Germany's iron worksare sec
ond to none, and the question, every
morning with the merchants of Buda
pest h is, what is'the price of grain in
"The upholders of the triple alliance
claim they hae controlled the peace
of Europe during the last two jenrs.
They contend that with a similar com
mercial alliance they can regulate the
commerce of Europe.
"I do not think the Austrian minister
Kent invitations to the chancelleries
of Europe to join in a coalition against
the United States. If lie had he would
not tell. Anyway, the time is not ripe
for such action. European coalition
is not impossible, but it is exceeding
ly difficult."
LuiIIon of Queen Victoria's Court to
lime Small AniiiilliOH Civ en
The ladies of the late Queen Vic
toria's court, after anxious waiting,
have learned that tney are to receive
pensions, although minute ones. Many
of these former members of the royal
household, though of high lineage,
have meager fortunes, and the maids
of honor, etc., found their posts rich
er in honor than in profit. The excuse
for the meagerness of the pensions is
the inadequacy of the provisions for
the rojul expenses.
During the last few years Queen
Victoria was unable to make the civil
list meet the official expenditure and
was obliged to draw on her private
fortune. King Edward now has to
keep up Balmoral castle and Osborne
house, costing .'11,000 annually,
though he dislikes both places.
rreiieli CliemlNl I'imvuVi-n Volcanic
sioni'M nml 'I lien '1'rcnfn Iij-
IIuIIIiik in Water.
An eminent Trench chemist, M.
Armaud (lauticr, has reported a dis
covery to the Paris Academy of Sci
ences which may prove of great hy
gienic value. He has found that finely
powdered volcanic stones, treated by
boiling in water at a temperature of
2S0 to 300 degrees Celsius, jield a
liquid identical in composition with the
ordinary sulphur water of mineral
springs, except that it is stronger than
the latter.
Stciiiin-il it Mnuulaiii'N Journey.
A Lausanne correspondent writes
that the Swiss t ugiutcrs have succeed
ed in ariesting the progress of the
Moving mount, near Neuchatel. The
measures taken to save the village and
valley from destruction wereextreme
ly daring and original. They consisted
in building a huge cement wall to hold
up the mountain, whose sides were
full of small crevices, those also being
filled with cement. By these means
the mountain became firm and most of
the.dangerhus passed.
i:vlfftllllltllx of Life.
A boy Imliv a mouth old can expect
but IS J ears of life. When he Is five
years older his chances of living have
increased to 51 yeots G mouths.
' li-lr'nl Steel I't-im.
Tho first English steel pens were
Bold at 30 shillings each.
"Something New Uauef
Tho Sun,"
All Doctors havo tried to euro CA
TARRH by tho dso of powders, ncld
gases, Inhalers nnd drugs In pasto
form. Their powders dry up tho muc
ttous membranes causing them to crack
open anjl bleed. The powerful acids
used In tho inhalers havo entirely eat
en away tho same membranes that
their maitors have aimed to cure,
while pastes nnd ointments cannot
reach ti.o disease. An did and exper
ienced practitioner who has for many
years mndo a closo study and specialty
of tho treatment of CATARRH, has at
last perfected a Treatment which when
faithfully used, not only relieves at
once, but permanently cures CA
TARRH, by removing tho cause, stoo
ping tho discharges, and curing all In
flammation. It is tho only remedy
known to science that actually reaches
tho aflllcted parts. This wonderful
remedy Is known as "SNUFFLES, tho
and is sold at tho extremely low price
of ,One Dollar, each package contain
ing internal and external medicine suf
ficient for a full month's treatment and
everything necessary to Its perfect use.
"SNUFFLES" is tho only perfect
CATARRH CURE over mado and is
now recognized as tho only safo and
positive cure for that nnnoying and
disgusting disease. It cures all lnfla
matlon quickly and permanently and
is also wonderfully nulck to relieve
CATARRH when neglected often
FLES" will save you If you use It at
once. It is no ordinary remedy, but a
complete treatment which Is positive
ly guaranteed to euro CATARRH In
any form or stage If used according to
directions which accompany each pack
age. Don't delay but send for It at
once, and write full particulars as to
your condition, and you will receive
special advice from the discoverer of
this wonderful remedy regarding your
case without cost to you beyond the
retrular price of "SNUFFLES' the
Sent prepaid to any address in the
United States or Canada on receipt of
One Dollar. Address Dent. D212. ED
WIN B. GILES & COMPANY. 2330 and
2332 Market Street, Philadelphia.
Might School Commencement.
The commencement season Is al
ways a very important one in Mariet
ta. No educational event in our city
draws a larger attendance and enlists
a deeper Interest on the part of tho
public than the High School com
mencement. On Friday evening the
High School will graduate a class of
twenty-nine. Each one will appear on
the program with ashort essay or ora
tion. The Marietta orchestra, the
Adelphian double quartette and Mr.
George D. Schaa will furnish the mus
ical program.
Tickets will be placed on sale at
Beagle & Lytle's drug store this morn
ing. A uniform price of fiften cents
will be charged for seats In all parts
of the house.
Six Million Boxes a Year.
In 1895, none; in 1900, 6,000,000
boxes; that's Cascarets Candy Ca
thartic's jump into popularity. The
people have cast their verdict. Best
medicine for the bowels in the world.
All druggicts, 10c.
Public School Exhibit.
Thursday af tei noon from ono to four
o'clock and Friday forenoon, the pat
rons and pupils of the public schools
will be given an opportunity to see an
extensive exhibit of the work of tho
public schools. An exposition of the
written work, drawing, painting, etc.
will bo held at the Putnam school, cor
ner Third and Scammel, where work
from all the schools in tho city will be
exhibited. Everybody is cordially in
vited. This will certainly prove very
Interesting to parents and pupils alike.
Tho exhibit given two years ago was
on a smaller scalf than this one, and
parents will have better opportunity
to study the work and methods of tho
Tho enrollment this year has gone'
beyond tho 2700 mark much the larg
est In the history of the schools.
About Coughs and Colds.
Many broadminded physicians pre
scribe Bunsen's l'ine Tar Cough Honey
openly or give it unknown to the pat
ient. Physicians who havo tested It,
know that it will euro and leave no
chance lor tho diseases which follow
La-Grippe, Colds and Croup. Price
2t and 50 cents. For sale by Kirby
Drug Company.
Oter l'eniiKvlim'il.i I.Iu.- fur 1'nn-Anieil
fail KxiiokHIoii,
Excursion tickets to Buffalo for the
Pan-American Exposition are now on
sale at ticket offices of tho Pennsylva
nia Lines. Fares from Marietta, O.,
are as follows:
Tickets good returning ten days,
Tickets good returning fifteen days,
Season tickets .with return limit un
til October 31st, $15.00.
Special coach excursion tickets good
leaving Buffalo up to midnight of
Thursday following date of sale will
bo sold Tuesdays at $7.15.
Tourist tickets at special fares may
also be obtained for trips via Buffalo
to resorts In Canada. Such tickets will
bo good for stopping over at Buffalo to
seo the Pan-American Exposition, by
payment of $1 extra at Buffalo.
For tlmo tables and further Infor
mation apply to W, C. Adams, Ticket
Agent, Marietta, Ohio.
If you want to be in line you want to buy a fine buggy of
the Ohio Valley Wagon Co. We have one of the finest lots
of Buggies, Phaetons and Surreys that has ever come to
We handle the famous Columbus Buggy Co.'s work
which was 'awarded the Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition
in 1 900. We have a line of
work and manufacture one of the best farm wagons that there
is on the market. Also grocery and delivery wagons of all
You will not make any mistake in buying of The Ohio
Valley Wagon Co. We make the best buck wagon that is.
on the market. Call at our sales room opp. Union Depot and
see our fine stook.
The Ohio Valley Wagon Co.
We receive a car of bananas
every week. We are going
to sell them at 5 and JO cents
per dozen. The best lemons
at J 5c cer dozen; 2 dozen for
25c. We get our goods by
the car lots. We sell cheaper
than any fruit stand in town.
All fruit stands in town buy
their fruits from us. Just call
and see our prices. Pine ap
ples JOc apiece. Oranges 20
cents per doz. We would be
pleased to have you call and
see us! We have three of
the biggest fruit stands in the
city, No. 8 Tiber Way, But
ler .street; Putnam street, be
low the Post office; Corner
Green and Ohio.
Telephone 30?.
Two new 4-room houses, with city
vater, gas, hard finish mantles, etc., on
West Side, $1100 each. Terms, $200
cash, balance $15.00 per month.
A 5-room house and lot 45x180 ft
on Fourth street, near Montgomery
street, $2,000.
Four lots at the head of Fourth
street, $300 each.
Several lota on Ninth street, from
$100 to $150.
Also a good C-room house with sum
mer kitchen, cistern, well, etc., and
large lot for rent in tho upper part of
the city, $15.00 per month.
1. 1 Plnmer & Soil.
Ward-Nlehohi Block.
President. Ylce President.
S. L. ANGLE, Cashier.
Began Business August J, J 899
Foreign and Domestic
Exchange Bought
and Sold.
Estate of Mary A. Breach, deceased.
Tho undersigned has been appointed
and qualified as Executor of the Will
Estato of Mary A. Breach, late of
Washington county, O., deceased.
Dated this 11th C-ay of May, A. D.
May 15 3 wks Wed.
Academy -Game.
Tho Academy ball team and the nlno
of tho Parkorsburg High School aro
bcheduled to play a gamo on the Fair
Grounds Saturday afternoon. An ad
mission of fifteen cents will bo charg
ed. The Parkersburg High School re
cently' won famo and revenue by de
feating tho renowned bloomer girls'
othef high and medium grade
I am a candidate for re-electioni ao
RepresentaUve for WasblnEton county
subject t'o tlio decision of tho Republi
can nominating Convention.
Editor of Leader Please announce
that I am a candidate for tho Repub
lican nomination for Representative.
Editor Loader: 'Ploaso announce mo
as a candidate for tho office of Treas
urer of Washington County, subject toi
the decision of the Republican County
Convention. S. A. COFFMAN.
Editor Leader: PJease announce my
name as a candidate for the office oi
County Treasurer, subject to the wllli
of the coming Republican convention,
Editor Leader: Please announce
that I am a candidate for Treasurer or
Washington county, subject to the will'
of the Republican nominating Conven
tion. D. O. THOMPSON,
Barlow Township.
Please announce that I am a candi
date for Treasurer, Bubjoct to tho decis
ion of the Washington county Republi
can convention.
Beverly, O.
Editor Leader Please announce tho
name of F. F. Dana as a candldato
for Treasurer at the coming county
convention subject to Republicans of
Washington county.
Editor Leader: Please announce
that I will bo a candidate for re-election
for the office ofClerk of Courta
subject to tho will of the coming Re
publican County Convention.
Editor Leader: Please announce
that 1 am a candidate for Commission
er of Washington County, subject to.
tbe decision of the Republican Conven
tion. M. McMILLIN.
Editor Leader: Please announca
i-faa: I will be a candidate for the office
of Countr Commissioner of Washlur,
ton county subject to the decision o?
the Republican nominating convention.
Kindly announce that the under
signed is a candidate for tho nomina
tion of County Commissioner subject
to the decision of the Republican
County Convention to be held June 18,
Editor Leader: Please announce thd
narao of Mat. Augensteln, of Adams
Township, as a candidate for County
Commlsssioner, subject to the decision
of the coming Republican County Con
Editor Leader Pleaso announce my
name as a candidate for the office oj
Infirmary Director from the EouriO
Ward subject to the will of,tho coming
Republican County Convention.
Editor Leader: Please announco
that I will he a candidate for Infirmary
Itiioctor of Washington county at the
November election, subject to the de
cision of the Republican r'-nvpntIon.
R. E. HULL, Falrflel 1 rf,wnshlp.
Heat' it Play the A. B.
Chase Piano.
Recital Saturday evening at
Schneider & Alden,
Music and Picture Dealers,
HMMtWI Up- -- - - jj

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