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Marietta daily leader. (Marietta, Ohio) 1895-1906, June 05, 1901, Image 7

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LB jHt B aHr
a ml Jll
Bl iH n K K
mB' WEwk Bh WA Bb Vjk BV IHi Bf siV
wk Am
If you havo sour stomach, indication, biliousness, constipation, b
breath, dizziness, inactive liver, heartburn, kidnev trmihlRn. twirart,... i
' of appetite, Insomnia, lack of energy, bad blood, blotched or muddy okln,
or any symptoms and disorders which tell the story or bad bowels and an
impaired digestive system, Laxakoln "Will Cure You.
It will clean out the bowels, stimulate the liver and kidneys, strengthen
the mucous membranes of the stomach, purify your blood and put you
"on your feet" again. Your appetito will return, your bowels move regu
larly, your liver and kidneys cease to trouble you, your skin will clear and
freshen and you will feel the old time energy and buoyancy.
Mothors necking- ttio proper medlclno to glvo their Httlo onoa for constipation,
diarrhea, colio and similar troubles, -will find Laxakola nn Ideal medicine for children.
It keeps their bowels regular without pain or griping, acts as a general tonic, assists
naturo, aids digestion, rcllovos restlessness, clears the coated tonguo, reduces fever,
causes rcf resiling, restful sleep and makes them well, happy and hearty. tST OMldren
like it and atk for it.
For Sale by
A. J. Richards,
fcinrrJin vi n.ly !ihe "IF effifient ' ' remtdlet, but tho moit economical, Ik
Si "ttw. l5?Al5!n.e!'JrKllV?llIe and lonict anl one price, 25c, or fcOc. M druzebts.
SSETCS '" :." waaiwuuv VU-flSZ Naisau Street, N.Y.. and mention the name of
?. Yr " P;9 , y oddreis on receipt of Wc. In stamps or post note, all
igo family size bottle oI'Laxakola, sufficient to Ia for a lonrr time.
lonrx time
cause It com
Send for f rea
vour druccUt.
choices prepaid, a
I SuddIv Co..
Manufacturers of and dealers in Oil and Gas Well Supplies
Boilers, Engines, Cordage and Pipe. Branch stores in all oil
Long Distance 'Phone 237.
For a SUMMER CRUISE take the
mm urn
TW Creatiit rerfrdlav 7n attUstdla
Ua&t lt.nilraLl.on.
Tcnr Trips per Week BetwMTi
roiedo, Detroit .'Mackinac
Bpctal tetrirc on account of Fan-AtarrltAa
KiMiuio at JtDffalo, -wilt be operated dorisc
July and August. Direct contectlon will te
made with 0 & H. Una on ulfbt and day
trip. Apvij (or Spttlat Ilatci.
Georgian Bay
The Oil Industry.
Ctery Day and
Mght Ii.iwben
nnd Buffalo
lag, ltturut)uaaiii) tltlautbirrttt.
IMj and ?.'cht Perrfco Betwrrn
Foro SI. SO Each Direction.
BirtLtt.W, J1.25. CUtrrooiD, it.lt.
Connections an made at Cleveland with
E&riivit Trains tvr all points East. South
nd hotuhwest, and at Petrols for all points
North and h.Tthwert. StiMUl MtlllT
Send !a lor Illustrated ramplilet. Addre.t,
1. A. SC1UNTZ, C.'r. A., DXTB01T. BICU.
Rates to Pan-American Exposition.
The Buffalo, Rochester and Pitts
burgh Ry will sell excursion tickets to
Buffalo, N. Y., account of the Pan
Americau Exposition at the following
rates, commencing April 30th.
beason tourist tickets will be sold
every day at $11.05 for the round trip
from Pittsburg, Pa., good returning to
and including October 31st.
Tickets limited 15 days will bo gold
every day at ?9.20 for the round trip
from Pittsburg.
On each Tuesday during May tick
ets will be sold at ?8.00 for the round
trip from Pittsburg, limited five days.
May Kith and 29th special excursions,
tickets limited three days.wlll be sold
at $5.25 for the round trip from Pitts
burg. Excursion tickets from other points
on the B. It. & P. Uy. will be sold
on above dates at proportionate rates.
Two fast solid vestlbuled trains leave
P. & W. Jiepot, Allegheny dally for
Buffalo at 9:00 a. ra. and 10:00 p. m
City time. All inqulrlles for informa
tion will receive prompt attention if
addressed to C. O'D Pascault. DIv.
Pass. Agent. No. 500 Smithfield St..
Pittsburg, Pa.
C. G. Lawrence, plaintiff
R. H. Cummlngs, defeminnt
Before "M. P. Hickman, J. p. ot
Palmer Tp., Washington Co,, Ohio.
On tho 23rd day of April A. D. ,1901,
said Justice issued an attachment in
the above action for tho sum of $34.00.
Browns Mills, May 14, 1901.
Wed-Mny 15th.
Reward will bq paid for
any case of Nnsnl Catarrh,
Catarrh of' Head or Ca-
rf w nW tnrrhol deafness that cm.
VF not lie permanently cured
CATARRHAL. Cures catarrh easily and
pleasantly. Cleanses, soothes and heals tho
membrane, crnntninn nn ninrcitrv nor other
injurious drug Is quickly absorbed. Gives
instant rpUpf nimnlm. !.. fiffv cntc. Knm.
J lie and full directions frceon request by C.W.
3eccJ, bons k Co., Chicago, III,
ItnteH to I'lin-Amerli'aii llxpnfiitloii vin
Iluffalo, Kucln'rtt.M'.t I'ltthlmrf Ily.
Rates for round trip tickets from
PIttsourg to Buffalo, account Pan-American
Exposition on and after June
1st, will be as follows:
Season tourist tickets on sale every
day at $11.05. good returning to and in
cluding October 31st, 1901.
Tickets on sale every day at J9.20,
good 15 days.
Tickets on sale every day at $8.00,
good 7 days.
Tickets on sale every Tuesday at
$5.2,". good three days.
Exclusion tickets from other points
on the B. R. & P. Ry. will bo Bold on
above dates at proportionate rates.
Two fast solid vestlbuled trains
leave P. & W. Depot, Allegheny 9:00 a.
m. and 10:00 p. m. City time; the
morning train is equipped with high
back seat dav coaches. Cafo and free
reclining chair cars, niglit train with
new coaches and latest patetrn of Pull
man sleepers.
Tickets" on sale at City Ticket office,
MI0 Smithfield St., Cor. Fifth Ave., or
P. & W. Depot. Allecheny.
AH Inquiries for information will re
ceive nrompt attention if addressed to
C. O, D. Pascault, Division Passen
ger Acont, 500 Smithfield St., Pitts,
burir. Pa.
Till Juno -. a.
Notice to Cadets.
AH cadets who expect to go camping
must report at tho drill hall Wednes
day ovoning, Juno 5th at 7:15 o'clock.
By order of
.Captain Commanding.
Attention Cos, L & H,
Tho fifth annual picnic of Co. L,
First O. V. G., and Co. H, Seventh O.
V. C, will be held with Comrade John
N. Riley up .the Muskingum ou Thurs
day, Juno 13th.
wHITNEY CORNER. Secretary.
Oil Interest aro bound to fluctuate.
MnWctta must look for that and must'
in the end expect to seo tho production
of oil dwlnlh so that It will not be
tho overshadowing Industiy -tiiat .It
now is, b'ut seo it subsldo to the prd-
portions of many of Marietta's other
What we want to call attention to'
Just now, however, is to the useless"-"
ncss of going to this field under pres
ent conditions. Wo are not posted as
to tho conditions as an expert would
be, nor do wo claim to have any inside
information, in regard to this field, but
can only judge from the facts as stat
ed In the newspapers and by men who
have visited the field recently.
If the base cf this oil Is asphalt and
consequently only a small percentage
of illuminating oil in It, then it is cer
tain that it will not be available for
refining into illuminating oil. If the
baso Is asphalt as claimed, then it is
only suitable for fuel and not being
very inflammable it can be induced to
burn only by spraying It Into a furnace
with steam.
Many hundreds of oil men If not
thousands, have gone to this field and
investd large sums of money, much of
It no doubt borrowed money, on which
interest must be paid. Many of these
men are no doubt small operators. A
large part of these operators have se
cured good territory and have put
down wells, struck the pay fluid and
then shut In the wells to await devel
opment. What are they waiting for?
lais: to see if the oil will be taken
by the commercial world and utilized
as a fuel. To see If some big rich cor
poration will lay a pipe line and take
their production as the Standard does
now with illurnlnting crude and where
all we have to do Is to gt a good well
and soon Its pipes are laid up to the
well anti a. we have to do is to go to
the office and draw the money. How
is it down in Beaumont? Is there any
big fellow down there with pipe lines
and checks, waiting for to strike ptiy
dirt and pay the market price for eveiy
barrel? Oh! no, the Standard as'we
understand it, does not handle fuel oil,
or at least has not yet taken hold of
the fuel oil of that section. Where
then will these producers sell their
oil? Wot at the coast, for the ocean
going steamships have not yet adopted
oil f6r fuel. Suppose they had adopt
ed It, the output of a few wells would
supply a whole fleet. No. it is plain as
the nose on your face, that a crisis Is
approaching down at Beaumont These
operators- can not always wait for a
customer for their oil. There are men
to pay for work, Interest to pay and no
prospect ahead for any market for
their oil, no matter how cheap they
may make it. It may be several years
before tho chemists and the commer
cial world get down to business and
fix a price on this oil. Indeed after
the price is fixed, will the demand be
suucient to justify the outlay of capi
tal to anv large extent in developing
this territory? now many years' will
It take for the fuel oil business to
reach the perfection and swing of thp
j illuminating oil business? These are
j serious Questions and must be an
swered by the oil operator, before he
leaves a field like that around Mariet
ta, to cast his lot in with such as that
at Beaumont, Texas.
Marie ta, however, should tak
warning and hedgo against a possible
subsidence of the oil interests in this
region and be prepared for tho worst.
Wo must have manufactures in such
numbers that when the subsidence
does begin, wo will go right along in
our growth and not feel the departure
of the oil men who have given such a
splendid impetus to tho business of ow
elty and county.
In saying this much it should not be
inferred that we are alarmists or that
wo fear any exodus of oil men to the
Beaumont field. If any number of our
oil men should at any time leave here
for that country 1 e are satisfied that
they would not take their families
down there among swamps and where
educational advantages are slim. V
are persuaded that he will only move
away from beautiful Marietta to that
region as a last resort and when
urged by dire necessity and exigencies
of business. S. J. H.
Steady Increase In Imports of Coun
try Is Shown.
KnllltiK OflT lluircvrp in the Importn-
' t 'hum- Cotton IN. Illicit!
Trtitilili-H of I.IUIe Nation Crc
ulu I nfuxoriinlr Condition,
, The I'oiiinierco of Japan, in whjeli
the rnitcd Status is grently inter
ested, is discussed by the Swiss con-Mil-geiiernl
tit Yokohama in a report
which has just reached the treasury
bureau of statistics. It shows a
steady incretiso In the importations
of .Inpnn in 'J00 over those of the
preceding year, tfioiigh in the mut
ter of raw cotton there has been o
innrkod decrease. Japan's importa
tions of raw cotton in 189!) were very
large, and, owing to the high price In
1000 and tho large Btock of American
cottons laid in during 1899, her im
ports of that single article from the
United Stiites in the nine mouths
ending with March, 1901, have been
but $1,729,580 in value, us against
$11,517,908 in the corresponding
months of the fiscal year 1900. As a
consequence the total figures of our
exports to Japan show a material de
crease, chargeable, lioweer, almost
exclusively to the single item of cot
ton. Kven with this great reduction
our total exports to Japan in the
nine months for which the bureau of
statistics lias completed its figures of
the present fiscal year are nearly
$2,000,000 in excess of the correspond
ing mouths of the fiscal year 1899,
though, as abtne observed, less than
those created by the abnormal im
portation ol American cottons in the
fiscal year 1900.
The following statement of com
mercial conditions in Japan is taken
from the fl-port of the Swiss consul
general above referred to:
"Owing to the recent political
troubles, Japan's foreign trade in
1900, unlike preceding years, shows n
considerable falling off. Money has
been scarce, one bank after another
has had to suspend payment, and the
Japanc&e merchants, unable to find
u market for ordered goods, simply
break their contracts. It is reported
that there are at present goods to
th" alue of about $20,00(),(i()(l which
luiw been ordered but not taken bj
Japanese merchants mid lnanufac-turer1-.
"The imports, as compared with
those of the preceding year, have
been higher by nbout $3:1,000,000,
while the exports have been lower by
$5,500,000. This means for Japan an
outflow of over $40,000,000. It is
hoped that nfter the end of the Chi
nese troubles, which impose upon
Japan altogether excessive sacrifices,
u turn to the better may take plaee.
The total value of the foreign trade
in 1900 was $24.1,791,000, an increase
of $27,000,000 over the figures of 1899.
This increase is due chiefly to the
extraordinary demand for rails and
other iron products, woolen cloths,
sugar and petroleum. The exports
show a decrease of $3,500,000, chiefly
owing to the depreciation in the
trade of raw silk, 'kaiki,' matches
and cotton yarns."
j Three I'ruurrfHNlvr StfltH.
A bulletin was issued by the cen-
fus ofiice at Washington the other
day showing the condition of the
manufacturing interests of the states
of Idaho, Xewidu and Wyoming, as
developed by the twelfth census. In
Idaho the value of manufacturing
products is $4,020,3:12 as against $1,-
I 390,090 in 1890, or a gain of 188 per
cent, in ten years. The number of
establishments increased from 140 to
591 in the same time. The average
number of wage earners in 1900 was
Nevada shows an increase of 48.7
per cent, in the value of products be
tween 1890 and 1900, the value for the
hitter year being $1,04:1,075. Six hun
dred persons are employed in that
state In manufacturing industries.
During the year 1900 Wyoming
manufactured $4,220,240 worth of
products, a gain of 7S.5 per cent, over
1890. There was a similar gain in
the number of establishments. The
Wyoming manufacturers gave em
ployment to 2,151 persons in 1900 as
against 1,022 in 1S90.
Mothers write us that they have
solved the problem of keeping their
children well. Glvo them Rocky Moun
tain Tea each week. A blessing to
mother and child.
Laying Lines-
The Marietta Fuel and Gas Company
is running Its lines up Maple street
which Is being torn up to admit of tho
placing of tho plpo along the long'h
of the street. Connections aro being
made cmily with tho homes of various
consumers along tho lino.
A woman in Idaho got a divorce
from her husband because ho would
not take her to tho Paris Exposition.
Ho testified in court that he was afraid
of water and that ho was afraid to got
into a bathtub oven, he got so seasick.
That man has indigestion just as a
good many others wo know arid should
take Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, Get
it at
ltelnn .Mcrcfilt-N iim n Tralnlntr Ship.
The former .Spanish cruiser Iteina
Mercedes is to be fitted upas a train
ing ship for landsmen. When the
work of repairing it has been com
pleted it will be placed in commission
without further delay. The Reina
Mercedes was sunk by the Spaniards
in Santiago harbor on July 4, 189S, to
prevent Sampson's ships from enter
ing. After 'the war it was raised and
taken to Norfolk, then to Portsmouth,
N. II., where, tins ship is now. It was
originally intended to cover over the
essel and use it as a receiving ship,
but an examination showed it could
be put in condition for sea service. All
the machinery will be new. The ltcinn
Mercedes will be the first vessel cap
tured from Spain to be placed in com
mission on the Atlantic coast. The
name will not be changed.
A MnKleiil DoorNtrniicr,
The late Sir Frederick Gore-Ouseley,
professor of music at Oxford, wns once
going to call on u friend in i'.ondon
and asked a fellow musician the num
ber in which he lived in a certain
street. "I don't know the number,"
nnswercd tho other, "but the note of
his doorscraper is C sharp." Sir Fred
erick went off, contentedly kicked tho
doorscrnpers all down the street until
lie came to thu right one, when he rang
the bell and went in.
Lvery tidy Housekeeper needs
"Tho Tidy Housekeeper," tho lat
ebt combination cupboard and
kitchen cabinet. Everything
neat, Jjundy and compact. Call
and ex itnme it at
Mnnufoeturcrs' Agent for Marietta.
Ward-Nichols Block, Second Street.
Marietta Division.
Etinsy Ivan ia Lines.
Trains nun by Central Standard Time,
M it r to tin lv.
Stanley vlllo "
Whipple "
Elba "
MackHburg -
Dexter City "
Houth Ollvo "
Caldvvoll "
liolle Valley
Avn "
Glenwood "
Pleasant City "
Denvent "
llycsvlllo -
C'iiuibrllj-o "
Tvner "
Klmbolton "
Bird's Hun "
Guernsey "
Post Hoy -
Xcwcomorntonrn "
Ston t'r.ek "
('mini Dover
Vk I Icy Junction ar
16 30
6 4H
f6 62
7 04
7 13
7 23
7 29
7 4
7 65
8 05
8 15:
8 26
8 31
8 67
f9 16
9 24
9 34
9 40
9 48
10 00
10 10
10 22
no so
10 45
11 05
h 25
17 30
f8 38
9 15
f 9 20
19 28
10 00,
10 25
no oi
'10 -7,
m 09
n 3q
12 IS
f 1? 45
1 OS
f 33,
2 35
12 57
3 25
13 38
4 39
5 00
12 15
12 33
f 2 37
2 49
3 14
13 24
f3 29
3 40
f4 00
14 U5
4 13
f4 1G
4 55
4 45
i"5 03
5 13
f5 22
15 28
5 5
16 0!
6 35J
6 50
Vn ' 1 e.v -I miction I v,
On .1 Hover "
Yir kluwn
sin ii Cr.ek "
STevt coincrnlown"
1'ni.l. II. y
Guer ii-ev "
Blnl'H Hun "
Klm'Hilton "
Cambridge "
nyesvlllo "
Derwent "
Pleanant City M
Glenwood "
Ava -
Hello Valley "
Caldwell "
Duilley "
Houth OllTe "
Dexter City -
Macksbure "
Warner "
Whipple -
HtaDloyvllle "
Cuywood "
Marietta ar,
t5 30G 152 05
D W, I 1M V X)
16 0217 32 9 XI
16 10 7 60 2 45
6 33 9 20 3 08
fG 43 fS 4ft 3 18
ffi 4919 E6 3 94
I6 6K10I10 3 31
(it; in 'jk z n-
17 15ll0f49,f3 51
I 3UU M 4 US
7 4& 1 00 4 25
7 ttt,
7 68
18 02f1 47
io loai Mi
IB Wi 1 II
8 3d 2 El
re 422 59
18 5033
8 54 3
9 003
9 2SU&S
19 34T5
19 41f 5
4 31
4 38
4 5!
5 It
cof I
m I ;
5 45
5 41
5 51
6 16
6 35
Bark Fus Agues, 7. M.tiEi, Iiglt Ha, I. H, tim.
Connection)) leare NevTroniaratown
via PlttRbnrRli IMvlMon. For Pittsburgh
and tho East, 2 43 an),1131nm. 217pm. For
Uhrlchsvllle and Dennlson, t7 47 pm.
For Columbus, tS 36 nm. For Columbus and
Clncln nntl, 11 23 am., 11 25 pm .. Indianapolis
and St. Loiiln, M125 pm. For Columbus and
Chicago, 4 20 pm.
Connections lenvo Cnnnl Dover via
Cleveland A Plttsbarcli Division. For
Cleveland, Canton and Fort Wayno Iloute
points, rhlcago, Pittsburgh and Intermediate
points, t7 20 am and f2 50 pm.
Dally. fExcept Sunday. fFlagstop.
Gtneral Hunger, Genenl Passenger AgecV
I1-2500.-N I'irrsnnnau, I'ekd'a.
For time cards, rates of fare, through tickets,
bm.'(.'no checks, and further Information re
tarding the running of trains, apply to any
igem of the Pennsylvania Lines.
nffalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh Railway.
The Pan-American
Exposition Line . .
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
and and
Buffalo Rochester
Equipped with Pullman Sleepers, Hand
some Day Conches, Cafe and Re
clining Chair Cars.
Quick Time Superior Service.
From P. & V Station, AlleRheny,
Eastern Standard Time. I heave. I Arrrivp.
Buffalo, Hocht'ifU'r, l'un
xsy, Dullois and Brad
ford Ex
Pnnxsy and DnBois Ac
com Buffalo and Rochester
9.00 a m
t 4.10 pm
10.00 pm
7.30 a m
Cltlnn'H KprttNoiic Imports.
Before 1880 Httlo waH known in
China of kerosene. Jn 1600 more than
100.000,000 sallono wire Imported.
Dallv. tWenk DnvB.
9.00a m train hnRCnfnnml fri.inni.ltntnr,PTint,.
oars, ruuman sieepinn (jars on lti.wi n m train
between Pittsburgh and Buffalo, Pittsburgh
and Rochester.
Ticket Office, 500 Bmithfleld St., cor. Fifth
Gen. Pass. Agt.. Dlv, Pass. Act..
Rochester. N. Y, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Carpet cleaning and carpet
laying, furniture packed and
cleaned. Work of all kinds
done promptly.
George W. Curtis,
724 Second Street.
Mcli. 19-tf.
Marietta Phono
No. 285.
Groceries and Genera! Produce.
Restaurant in Connection.
Meals at all Hours
Boll Phone, Wllliamstown, 48.
Ccr. Ferry Street and Railroad Avenue, Wil
Uamstown, W. Ya.
B. & 0. S-W. R R
Trains Arrlvo lit nntl Depart from Union
Central Standard Time,
AltlttVB ' WK8TWAUD. DurAK-r
3 11 a ra Athens, Chltlfcothe, 11 40 p m
Cincinnati, Louisville, "
n. Louts and all points
, .. West, South nnd.TWcut
12 15 p in Uelpre, Athens, Utall. t O 00 a m
Ilcothe.M"rt war otmious.
.t.pm ' firm Alliens '10Cnra
it is pin Helpii, -,ii Koreourp, 'ltopm
Chllllcothe, Cincinnati
and way utatlonn.
7 CO p m B e 1 p r e. Pa rliers- 7 !!() p rq
burtf, Chllllcothe. Cln-
cinnatl, Louisville, St.
Louis, Chicago and all
ptlnts west, uouth and
8 20 a m Parkersburg and Belpre Local
7 no p m-Belpre, Farkersn-ure, 15 oo a m
Salem. Corn wallls,
Clark-burir, Grafton,
., !- anJla," way station.
12 lopm Belpre, Parkersburg, lcopm
Graiton, Washington, '
Baltimore, 1'hlli.delpb
i ..., W? New York.
3 loa m-Parkersburp. Wash- -B lop m
ington, Baltimore,
.in ir-.P1Ula(!eIt'1,l!'a,,a' New York.
10 35 pm Parkersburp, Wash- 11 40 pm
tnpton. IlaltlmorePhll
adelphia, New York,
Boston and all points east,
., Bf "Dally, t Except Sunday.
ersburg S ' Marletla '"rlct run to Park.
nJuL'KS?8,1 AlokeiB t0 a" Points in tho
,?iS iaJs.'..CaDala ava Mexico, with de.
tailed information as to rates, routos, sleeping
car accommodations etc., please call on cr
af'nrcbs i
' .M-PATHl!i Ticket Agent, Marietta, O.
C nclnniti: 6 ' "" " -"fr "oi.
"Cohtmhus and Toledo Short Line."
(Formerly T. & O. C. Ext R. R.)
Trains arrive and depart from thS
Union Station dally except Sunday.
Time card effectivo May 10th, 1801.
(Central Standard Time.)
Depart Arrivo
(.55 a m Marietta 12.35 p m
2.50 p m 7.20 p m
Through Connections.
..7.35 a m o
.12.01 p m a
. G 50 a m s
, . h.iJO a m o
. 7.30 a m s
.. 7.30 p m o
..10.00 p m 3
. . 5.00 p m o
..10.35 p m s
x 2.25
x 7.55
x C.30
x 8.25
m Columuus..
m Columbus.. .
m St. Marys, O
m Bucyrus.. ..
m Toledo.. ..
m Toledo.. . .
m Detroit
COO a m Detroit.. . .
7.30 a m Chicago.
x 7.00 a m Mackinaw Cy..ll.l5 a m a
7.45 p m Mackinaw Cy.. 9.45 p mo
x COO a m Gr'd Rapids.. 7.00 a m o
1.50 p m Gra Rapids.. 6.50 p m s
9.15 p m Pctoskey. . . . 9.35 a m s
xll.15 a m Athens 4 21 p m s
x 1.37 p m Gallipolls.. .. 2.04 p m s
x.4.10 p m Charleston.. .11.40 a m 3
xll.59 a m Corning 10.05 a m o
5.20 p m Corning 2.20 p m s
x 2.35 p m Lancaster.. . 7.40 a m, o
7.45 p m Lancaster.. .10.00 a m a
x 3.28 p ra Circleville.. ..9.12 a m a
x 5.22 p m Springfield. .10.30 a m s
x C15 p m Dayton 9.53 a in 3
x Leae Marietta 7.55 a. m.
Leave Marietta at 2.50 p. m.
o Arrive Marietta 12.35 p m.
s Arrive Marietta .20 p. m.
All trains havo heen furnished with"
entire new equipments. The time has
been shortened and closer connections
made with Ohio Central and other rail
roads and hoat lines.
For information regarding rates,
routes and connections call or address,
City Ticket Agt. Genl. Pass. Agt.
Ohio River Railroad.
Time Table Effective Nov. 25th, 190.
(Eastorn Time)
Leave Wilian;3town
d7:47 a. m to Wheeling
10:36 a. m. to-Now MarUasvilla
dl2:45 p. m to Pittsburg and Easl
d3:51 p. m... Wheeling and Ink pointa
5:19 p. m., Ohio Valley Express Pitts-.
hurg and East.
6.12 p. m..SIstenville and int. point
9.07 p. m., New Martinsville and Int.
points. ,
8:56 a.m. to Parkersbura
dll:17 a. m to Parkershurg
12:03 p. m., Ohio Valley Express ta
Huntington and Cincinnati.
d2:35 p. m to Kenova
4:45 p. m o Pt. Pleasant
d7:06 p. m. to Parkersburg
9: 54 p. m to Parkersburg
D dally. dally except Sunday.
Gen. Pass. Ateut.
O. & L. K. R. HI.
.A Marietta 6 SO am 3 40pm
"Lowell 6 67 am siSpm
"Waterford 7 13am 8 8J p ra
"Stockport IIUio t 10 pra....
"Malta 8C8am 4S3pm
" ZancBTlllc OU am 6 40pm...,
Ar Columbus 11 Si am 1 to om .....
A r Chicago 2 00 pro 7 00 am.
fjSt rani 11 H5 am 1) S.1 pm
GOING SOUTH. No. 73 . ""
Lv, Chicago 7 00pm ...',
" Columbus 11 16 p m 1', S3 a m ......
" Zanesville 7 40am iHpra ,
"Malta 84tiam 8 M pm .......
"Stockport 9 12am 4 si pra ,
' Waterford.. . 8 4Uara 4t8pm
"Lowell 10 01 am SSSpm
Ar. Marietta 10 40 a n. E ce p m
All Trains Dally exoept Sunday.
Nob. 70 and 71 make oloto connections
7.n..Dl1l. .iil,k lio II .. r .. . IV a.
trains for Colnmbus, Chlcnironrd tb Wtst.
ti. 'turao.jiuu,vnii:rai manage!.
C. C. HARRISON. General PusenxerAffi
Examination of Teachers
F?,r. "epubllc schooU ol Washington County
will be held in tho Marietta High School Room
on tne second Saturnnv nf nh mm.ii. vnn.
January, July and August. o"i
J. A. STONE, Marietta, Ohio.
President Board of School Examiners.
-YJiAaj. J: Zl,'jrtt!l tt
i , - ii
&& .,.AuiAiU'l'..ia
nftoiinLt. i w .' uvAto. s xask-tiHat
Jk . M

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