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Marked the Close of the Republican
Senatorial Convention.
Special to tho Leader.
Athens, O., June G. At the conclus
ion of the 351st ballot, the Republican
Senatorial convention fof the Ninth
Fourteenth district took a recess last
night, with what seemed to be a posl
tvo deadlock In existence. During tho
evening there wero flying rumors of
alleged deals.but they all turned out to
be bubbles, add on' tho closing ballot
Morgan, gave nim 37. Rose received
C5 In Washington, 10 In Morgan and 12
in Noble, a total of 87,
The crisis seemed at hand and ex
citement inn high. Chairman McKlt
trlck, of Hocking, hastened to the
standard' of Washington county and
plead with Chairman Spcclman to
throw Washington to Bright, which ho
said would bring Fairfield back Into
voices gavo vent to a scries of krtgs
pont-up yells of the Comnncho Indian
typo, in tho midst of which thonomV
nee was carried to tho staeo on' tho
shoulders of a quartette of enthusiastic
supporters. His appearanco servedas
a signal for a second ed'tlon of lung
power demonstration, which mad6 tho
Mr. Moore made a neat Bpeech of ac
centano. thsu came adloarnment. anil
the gioau cbnvcntion was at an end."
rr ... fr-
Movements in the Oil Fields, Both Local
and General. ' -1
Republican Nomineo
for State Senator.
of the day Athens, Hocking and Wash
ington wore clinging to their respec
tlvo candidates, with Fairfield and
Hocking voting for Bright, Noblo for
Rose, and Morgan dividing between
the tin eo. '
It became appaient that no nomina
tion could be made during tho night,
and a motion was made to adjourn.
This, however, was" leslsted, and a
roll call of the counties resulted as
Athens 61 votes ycj
Fairfield , , 37 votes no
Hocking 29 votes yes
Morgan . . . 20 votes no
Noblo 12 votes no
.Washington G5 votes yes
After adjournment there wero num
erous conferences, and tho scouts wore
on the look-out until far into tho
night. Tho faithful were up with tho
laik and tho faces of tho leaders bore
detei milieu looks.
It was ton o'clock before the gavel
of Chairman Sayre fell, and as he call
ed the convention to order the respec
tive delegations were gathered into the
seats assigned them. Athens camo In
last, nftei having been in caucus for
two hours, dining which a test vote of
tho delegation was taken showing its
sentiment on tho question of second
choice, resulting as fallows:
Rose . , , 51
Bright 5
Moore 5
This word quickly spiead throughout
tho sevoral delegations and set things
all agog, as It meant, if carried out, the
nomination of Rose. Tho Bright fol
lowers wero panic stricken, and a hush
fell over tho hall, crowded with dele
gates and spectators, when Chairman
Sayre called for the 352d ballot.
Washington county led off with 65 for
Rose and ho also received the full vote
of twelvo from Noble and rten from
Morgan, Athens voted 61 for Moore,
and ho received eight from Morgan,
Tho votes of Fairfield and Hocking
wero cast for Bright, as were" eight of
tho Morgan votes. Tills continued foi'
three ballots, when Morgan cast 13
each for Rose and Mooro. Tho same
result was repeated twice, then Noblo
switched to Bright and voted for him
four times. On tfio 3Glst ballot Ath
ens and Falrfiold voted for Mooro and
lioalso received eight In Morgan, giv
ing him a total of 106. Hocking vot
ed for Bright, which with eight in
line for him, thus securing for him
tho nomination and defeating tho Ath
ens candidate. In icply the Washing
ton county chairman stated that such
a request was most unreasonablewhen
Rose showed a strength of 87 votes to
37 for Bright. Ho said that the proper
thing for Hocking to do would bo to
vote for Rose, which, with the help of
Morgan's 26, ready to come, would give
him 120 and the nomination, even
without tho vote of Noble whose posi
tion no one was able to figure out from
tho beglninng to tho end of the con
vention. Mr. McKittrlck was also as
sured thaj Washington county would
stand b'y Mr. Rose" to tho end.
At this juncture big George Falloon
came down the aisle in rapid stiides,
fearing that Washington was about to
break to Bright. He gave notice to
John White that unless Hocking camo
to Mooro, Athens' would nominate
Tuo 3G2nd ballot was called and'thc
respoctivo counties announced their
votes as follows:
Moore Athens, 61; Fairfield, 37,
Motgan, 13; Noblo, 12. Total, 123.
Rose Washington, 65; Morgan, 13.
Total, 78.
Bright Hocking, 20.
While tho secretaries weio figuring
un tho result. Chairman Foutz, of
Morgan, aioso and changed 13 votes
fiom Mooro to Rose, cutting down the
former to 110 and rising tho latter to
01. While this was going on McKit
trlck was pleading with Speelman to
come to"Brlght's lescuo, but Ufa latter
assured him that Washington, would
nover deseit Rose. Trembling wlth
oxcltement, McKittrlck started to re
turn to tho Hocking delegation, and
lust ns he ieached his seat. John
White sprang to lils feet and changed
tho 20 votes of, Hocking from Bright to
Moore. McKittrlck pulled vigorously
at White's coat-tails, but the irrepres
sible "haw-eater" refused to subside
Dozens of excited delegates were rush
Ini? down the aisles, many . clamoring
for recognition, und while tho uproar
was at its highest pitch, big Ed. Sayre,
tho convention chairman, pronounced
David H. Mooro to bo tho nomineo,
from tho fololwlng result:
Mooro Athons, 61; Fairfield, 37!
Hocking, 20; Noblo, 12. Total, 130.
Rose Washington, 05: Morgan, 26.
Total, 91.
At this announcement, a thousand
Tioiia :.$
Pennsylvania 1.0b
Corning ...'.88
Newcastle : ." ' .80
North Lima 79
South Lima ,. 74
Indiana 74
Somorbet 71
trlct, Ritchie county, tho Shawmut Oil
Co. is five feet in tho salt sand it its
'Nfl. 3 A. ttmu nnrl lino n liml Imln
By" Associated Prcs3.
'ilColcuttn, W. Va., June 5. K. T. Ed
Wards and the Tudor Oil Co. drilled in
holr No. 14 M. E Bachman and it Is
sfiowlng for a 60 ban el well.
Malfory Bros, are drilling their No.
EU II. J. and D. King.
Thc Cook Bros. Oil Co. will begin
jdrilllng Its No. 2 Jonathan Allison ro-jEfprrow.
si6 ij. yj. wnson e& (jo. s jno. j. oam
2t ,
uqjio, wmin was rcporicu as snowing
jffir eight barrels, 13 making 20 barrels
ner ilnv.
Associated Press.
St. Marjs, W. Va., June 5. The U.
S? Oil Co.'s No 17 F R Reynolds Is
completed and showing for 30 barrels
in the Cow Run sand.
To be Given in Honor of Grand Chancel
lor Ellenwood.
Shipments and runs of the Pennsyl
vania, Ohio and Indiana fields up.ti
and including Juno 3:
Shipments 100,575
Pioviously ropoited ',.157,300
Total 257,011
Daily n crage 83,981
Runs for the same timo , - 01,010
Previously Ropoited 73,001
Total . lGi,03O
Daily average ,.. 54,933
Shipments ... ..-, ,. .-,.-. 17,539
Previously Rpportcd . -., ..,.' . 74,970
Total ... , .,122,528
Daily average . . . , 40,813
Runs for tho same timo.,, - ,59,413
Previously .reported , ,42,930
Total :: .' 102,402
Daily averago - 31,100
, . .UU.WiJil.iLi t'lJSLiU. fej.
SpoclaLto the Leader.
Lowell,. O... Junrf 5j icuWUljSIaiJ
Special to tho Leader.
Chosternill, O., Juno 5. Davis t
Anion's No. 4 John Russell Is dillllng
Ellis Bros. & Co.'s -No. 6 Elihu Pal
mer is good for 5 barrels.
The. No. 2 Smith heirs Is dry.
The No. 4 Isaac Male has' its rig up
The Cumberland Oil Co.'s No. 9 Hen
ry Wagner has its rig up.
The Toiontb Oil Co.'s No. 1 Geo.
Geddes is drilling.
Spencer & Co.'s David Smith has ita
rig up.
Spin rier & Yocum's No. 5 J. C. Lam
bert Is a small well.
C. Schinbach's No. 1 R. B. Lambert
Is a small well.
Tho Cumberland Oil Co.'s No. 9
Henry Wagoner Is dillllng.
Eachel, Ritchie & Co.'s No. 31 E
Bowman is diy.
Wheeden & Co.'s No. 4 C. F. Fo id
good for five barrels.
Tho Southwestern Oil Co.'s No. 3 Os
born Smitli has its rig up.
The Woolman Farm Oil Co.'s No. 2
G. M. Woolman is dillllng.
Special to tho Leader.
Cave Run, A, Va., Juno 5 J. J. Car
ter has smarted to drill on his wild cat
well on the Jones farm.
Special to tho Leader.
Wolf Creek, 0 Juno 5. Tho Octo
Oil Co.'s No. 8 M. A". Martin Is good for
4u barrels.
The same company havo the rig. up
for No. 2 Chas. Spear.
Hochstetter & Foreman's No. 21 J.
P. Hoon 13 showing for a good well.
The same company's No. 1 ptls Codj
Is dry.
Tho Gusslo Oil Co. is drilling on Its
No. 2 W. W. Gadd.
Morrison & Co. aro drilling on No. 2
Robert Graham.
Special to tho Leader.
Eurpka, W, Va.,' June 5. Johnson
Bros,' No. 1 Commonwealth Oil Co.$
farm is completed and showing for 20
barrols In tho first Cow Run sand.
Spoclal to Tho Leader.
Bens Run, W. Va., June 5. Tho Nat
ional Oil Co. has started drilling on
No. 7 J. Copenhavon.
Tho Huobard'Oll Qo. has started ita
No. 7 C, E, Hubbard.
ByiAssocl4ted Press, ,
,',"ifcj,'nrlnn, W. Va., Juno Bf On cast
branch of McFarlan Creok.Murphy dis-
By Associated Press.
Rock Run, W. Va., June 5. Tho As
sociated Pioduccrs staited spudding
No. 1 N. P. Williamson today.
The South Penn Co.'s No. 1 Mai tin
heirs is through the Maxon sand and
This evening at tho Auditorium a
public reception will be gl;cn In honor
of Hon. L. W. Elicnwood, the newly
Installed Gland Chancellor of Knigths
of Pythias of Ohio, and to which all
citizens of Marietta are most cordial
ly Invited.
Tho excrclfi will open at 7:30
o'clock and the following progiam has
been prepared:
Adolphlan Glco Club.
The Past t
SI. A. 'Bridge, S. R., Columbui
Medley Head Liner Mackio
Marietta Band.
Our Record
,.Wm, Beatty, G. K. R. S., Toledo
"Sunshine and Shadows of Every
day Llfe".Robeit Love, Steubeuvillo
Massa's In tho Cold, Cold Ground..,
In tho St. Marys field tho Unitri
States Oil Company's No. 1G Is In the
sand and is good for 15 or 20 barrels.
The same company is building the ilg
for No. 24 Lan Reynolds.
A Bott & Co. havo made the loca
tlon for a well on Mil Shawc faun,
near Veto.
Campion and Sons wore due to reach
the sand in No. 1 Russoll In the Ches
terh ill development some time Wed
nesday night. No. 5 on the same lease
Is expected in some time Satuida.
Olsnissed lor Falsely Obtaining Permission
to Leave the Post
West Point, June G. Cadets S. B.
Veinon, of Syiacuse, and C. S. Perry,
of Iowa, wero dismissed from the Unit
ed States military academy today.
They were couit martlaled upon a
charge of having falsely obtained per
mission to leave the post. This per
mission naving been granted them
they were subsequently detected by an
ai my officer drinking at a bar In New
burgh. They staited for home Imme
diately. Fifty-six of the fifty-nine youns
men appointed cadets to the military
academy since Marcli 1, last, reported
for their entrance examination today.
Withdraws His Resignation, "If it be Law
ful to do So."
By Associated Press.
Columbia, S. C, June 5. Senator
Tillman, piotesting against the Gov
ernor's right to reject tho Senatoi's
lcslgnatlons tonight, withdiew his res
ignation. In his letter to Governor
McSwccney, Senator Tillman says.
"My chief regret is that I am forced by
your action to engage in what tho
outside world will consider a game of
opera bouff by withdrawing by lesig
natlon after Senator McLaurln's un
dignified and puerile actions, but the
purpose for which I tendered it has
been thwarted by Senator McLaurln's
precipitous acceptance of executive ad
vice. I have already said I had no
motive or purpose In resigning except
to force McLaurln's resignation, and
there is nothing for mo to do but ac
cept the situation and withdraw my
own resignation, it it be lawful to do
Buckskin Bill in the Storm.
By Associated Press.
tfancsvillo.'O., Juno 5. Whllo the af
ternoon performance of a wild west
show was In profress heie, a severs
wind and electrical storm broke over
tho city and wrecked tho tent. Henry
Butler and Wm. Caso were struck on
thohead by a tent polo and fatally
hurt. James Conn was caught by a
flying rope and choked Into Insensibil
ity befo'rd rescued, A dozen other per
sons wero badly injured.
, Mrs, McKlnley Is Doing Well.
ByAssociated Press.(
, Washington, D. C., Jnno 5. Dr.
Rifey remained half an hour at tho
White Houso tonight Ho said:
"Mrs. McKlnley is resting very com
fortably uow. She has gained a llttlo
thnV evening. Thero is no marked
change, SUo Is doing well."
' mS0 r :;1 '
Giaml Chancellor Ohio Knights of Pythias.
Maich Raynaid i-odgo No S2,H.Thcis
Manetta Band.
Annio Lauiic
Adelphlan Glee Club
Addiess of Welcome on Behalf of
Citizens Rev. E. A. Coll
Welcome on Behalf or Older
Bio. H. G. Williams
Oveiture Barber of Seville. ..Rossini
Marietta Band.
Response to Welcome
Hon. W. F. Bruce, G. I. G., Mt. Gilcad
Adelphlan Glco Club.
Tho Good of the Older
Mai ch The Advcntui or Dyer
Marietta Band.
This leceptlon, to be given under the
auspices of Raynaid Lodge No. 82, will
be followed bv a lunch and social ses
sion, to take place at the Elks' Club
All membeis and visiting Knights
aio urgently requested to present
Ono of tho Pvthian Orators.
Lover's Complaint Glanvtllo
Adelphlan Glee Clufi".
a. Narcussus ,. Neylno
b. Interniezzo Salomo .... ..Loinine
Marietta Band.
"What?"..Bro L. W. Elicnwood, G. C.
Givo a Rouso Bantock
Alcdphlan Gleo Club.
Pythianism .'
Unclo Joo Catiow, P. G. C German
town, Tho Supremo Lodge
Dr. J. T. Sutphen, S. R., Mlddletown
Laugh.ln,g ,,., .,,,,. ,,..Frauz, Apt
themselves at tho Lodpo - rooms
pi omptly at soyen o'clock for tho"'pur
pose of escorting tho Grand Lodgoof
flcois to tho, Auditorium.
Weather Forcast.
Ohio Thunderstorms and cooler
Thursday. Friday, showers and cool,
er, brisk southerly winds and squalls.
West Virginia Thunderstorms
Thursday, showors and cooler Friday,
aputh,erly winds.

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