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The Marietta Daily Leader.
Tho Republicans of Ohio arc re
quested to meet In Delegate Conven
tion In tho city of Columbus on Mon
day and Tuesday, Juno 24 and 25, 1901,
for- tho purposo of nominating candi
dates for tho oiuces of
Lieutenant Governor.
Treasurer of State.
Member Board of Public Works.
Judge of tho Supremo Court.
Clerk of tho Supremo Court.
Tho basis of representation will be
ono (1) delegate for every COO votes
cast for Hon. William McKinley, Re
publican candidate for President at
the November election, 1900. and ono
for each majority fraction of 500.
Upon this basis the representation
of tho several counties in tho conven
tion will be as follows:
Counties. ' Delegates.
Adams 7
Allen 11
Ashland 0
Ashtabula 19
Athens 12
Auglaize C
JBelmont 10
Brown C
HlltlCr i tltlltlltl t tl HMH lfi
Carroll 5
Champaign 9
Clark 18
Clermont 8
Hnt9!tl llMl s
Columbiana,. . .. m m u 21
Coshocton ii i 1 1 7
Crawford.. 0
Cuyahoga 91
Darke 10
Dsfiance 6
r Delaware 8
Ene H
Fairfield 7
Fayette 7
Franklin 44
Fulton 7
Gallia 8
Geauga 0
Greene , 10
Guernsey 10
Hamilton Ill
Hancock 11
Hardin 9
Harrison 7
Henry 5
Highland 8
Hocking G
Holmes 3
Huron 10
Jackson 10
Jefferson IS
Knox 8
Lake 8
Lawrence 11
Licking 12
Logan 10
Lorain 17
Lucas 34
Madison .- G
Mahoning 18
Marion 8
Medina 7
Meigs 9
Mercer 4
Miami 12
Monroe 4
Montgomery 33
Morgan 5
Morrow 5
Muskingum i... 15
Noble 5
Ottawa -..: 4
Paulding 7
Perry 8
Pickaway G
Pike 5
Portage 9
Preble 7
Putnam G
Richland 11
Ross 11
Sandusky 8
Scioto 12
Seneca 10
Shelby 5
Stark 2G
Summit 20
Trumbull 15
Tuscarawas 13
Union 7
Van Wert 8
"Vinton 4
Warren 9
Washington 13
Wayne 8
Williams 7
Wood 14
Wyandot 5
Total 1.0S8
The delegates from the several con
gressional districts will convene on
Monday. June 24, 1901, for the purposo
of choosing Vice Presidents of the con
vention and members of the various
commmittees, including tho State
Central Committee.
The convention will be called to or
der on Monday, June 24 1901, at 1
o'clock p. m., for temporary organiza
tion, receiving reports of district
committees and for the transaction of
such other business as may be proper
ly brought beforo the convention.
The delegates to said convention
"shall be selected
First, by primary election, or
Second, by conventions composed of
delegates elected at primary elections
or caucuses regularly held In the sev
eral voting townships, wards or pre
or precincts of each county; or
Third, by mass conventions regular
ly held in such voting townships,
wards or precincts.
The call for said primary elections,
or for such conventions, to elect dele
gates, shall be made by tho various
Central, Controlling or Executive
Committees, and when such commit
tees authorize mass conventions for
tho selection of said delegates there
shall be given at least ten days notica
of the timo and place of holding such
But In no case shall any delegate be
appointed by any County. Central,
Controlling or Executive Committee,
and .ill delegates to tho State Conven
tion must be chosen at least three
days prior to the date of holding said
convention. If in any county, howev
er, delegates havo been selected prior
to tho date of this call, and In tho
manner herein provided, they will bo
recognized and admitted to tho con
vention s such delegates.
Chairman dhlo Republican State Cen
tral Committee.
MARK SLATER, 'Secretary.
Tho Republican electors of Wash
ington County, Ohio, nro hereby notifi
ed that primaries for the selection of a
Central Comrrilteetnnn and delegates
to tho Republican County Convention
will bo hold at tho usual voting place
In each voting precinct between the
hours of 3 o'clock and G o'clock, p m ,
in nil voting precincts outside of Mari
etta, and between tho hours of 5 and 7
o'clock p. m. within the city of Mari
etta, Saturday, Juno 15th, 1901, an-1
that the Republican County Conven
tion will bo held In the City Hall In
Marietta, O.,on Tuesday,Junol8th,1901.
at 11 o'clock a, m. for tho selection of
13 dolcgatcs and 13 alternates to the
Republican Stato Convention to be
hold In Columbus, Ohio, Juno 24th and
23th, and the nomination of a Republi
can candidate for each of tho following
o dices:
Representative, Clerk of Courts,
Treasurer, County Commissioner, In
firmary Director and County Surveyor
to bo elected In November next, and
that the basis of representation shall
bo one delegate for every 25 votes and
one delegate for each fraction of 13
votes or more cast for President Mc
Kinley In November. 1900.
Under this basis the representation
of tho different voting precincts will
be as follows:
Votes. ADelegates
Adams 205 S
Elba 109 ' TWvj 4
Macksburg 110 4
Barlow 280 Jl
Belpre Village 18o iwfllHST 7
Little Hocking ....119 ,. - 5
Rockland 93 4
Decatur.. .. 224 ," 0
Dunham 102 "" 4
Fairfield 92 4
Fearing G4 ' 3
Grandvlew 223 r 9
Independence 105
Cow Run 79 3
Upper Lawrence ...121 5
Liberty 209 8
Ludlow 87 " 3
Fultonburg 120 " 5
Harmar 99 4
Little Muskingum .170 7
First Ward 271 11
Second Ward 318 13
Third Ward, A ....174 " 7
Third Ward B ....141 f.
Third Warn C 170 7
Fourth Ward A ....191 S
Fourth Ward B.. ..1G2 G
Fourth Ward C. ..186 7
Fifth Ward 250 10
Sixth Ward 211 " S
Muskingum 143 G
Lower Newport .. .125 fi
UpDer Newport 179 7
Palmer 109 4
Salem 180 7
Warren 192 S
Watertown 119 r.
Waterford 341 1
Wesley 278 11
Total G542 2G1
By order of Washington County
Republican Central Committee.
E. L. BROWN. Chairman.
S. A. Seipel. Secretary.
And what they hare to Say of the Politica
As Governor Nash is a candidate for
renominatlon, the county conventions
must indorse him for renomination or
else go back on his administration,
which would be impolitic We do not
think any county will fall to indorse
Governor Nash for re-nomination. The
indorsements do not by any means In
dicate that he will get the full Repub
lican vote everywhere he is indorse I.
If Governor Nash Is renominated. Lieu
tenant Governor Caldwell can not be
turned down or froced into retirement.
He must be treated the same as Gover
nor Nash. To renominate Mr. Cald
well would be a factor in reducing the
ote of Governor Nash, as the Anti
Saloon Leagua will bitterly oppose his
election. The nomination of Nash
and Caldwell will mean a very hard
fight to elect them. The only wf.y out
of the dilemma is to nominate new
men for Governor and Lieutenant Gov
ernor. This can only be done by Gov
ernor Nash declaring against a renom
John J. Lentz is now a candidte for
Senator. This is not especially new,
but the matter in which his candidacy
is announced is the impoitant thing
Tom Johnson speaks for Lentz, and
Lentz when approached manifests a be
coming surprise and shyness. He says
he has been very busy with his law
practice. That is the usual way it is
put. Then he goes on to say that he
appreciates what such a gieat and good
man (Tom Johnson) says and that he,
himself, may say something later on.
This is sufficient; Lentz will be a can
Kllbotirne stock seems to be on the
rise since the Idea has gone out that
he Is tho McLean candidate. Tom
Johnson did It with his little interview
last week when "Weald that the "State
convention might Indorse John It. Mc
Lean for Senator and kill the ticket if
it wanted to." This Interview also de
stroyed Cleveland's prospect of land
ing the Democratic convention.
Tho leaders In the Democratic camp
are making a desperate effort to har
monize the brethren who havo travel
led In tho gold wagon tho last four
years, to retnrn to their first love, the
genuine Democratic party. McLean,
of Washington, D. C, seems to be chief
dictator In the scheme which means
tnat tho contents of his barrel will be
handed out liberally, providing tnero
la any show to accomplish anything.
The State platforms 6f the Detofr
nvrtHt nnrr rti 4Vir nnaf Iritril tit UVnSrHJ
1 j ,V p.
tury having been repudiated byJ
people, and rpttcd or becomo ob3qj(fto
tho leaders of the party nro jibvwp;
busy minting umoer wun wiucnjagio
lintl.1 n tiAni ntin fnt 1iA nnvt x.Jtnw?
UUUU U 11 VW uuu ui vww iifw.xu ? tytwil'
paign. what's tne matter wmi 'UGito
17 $
x.cjUAnui oajuv.
Ohio Prohibitionists nomln;
state ticuet at Akron, ror jing
plewho havo tho courage of 'ItliM
convictions mo rronius aro cnutiedltoj
first place. It will even lequlro'aip!
tlon to get their ticket printed oiuthe
ballot this fall.
During the present visit of LewIsjjG.
Bernard to mis city, the matter ofls
lcctlng a McLean Legislative ticket
will bo taken up. It is known' jthat
McLean has his preference in this.mati
ter, and the chosen ones will soonlpJo
known, neither Is it nny secret that
Sunday and yesterday Colonel Bernard
had conferences with several of tho
candidates with a view to learning
whether they were all right on.'ho
Senatorial Issue. Whoever are named
will be assisted by the McLean ma
chine to secure their nomination 'and
election. There are likely to be some
very interesting developments along
tnls line very shortly. If the tttll Of
those who ate left out In the, coid Is!
to be taken for anything.
it is little wonder that local Demo
crats are slow in saying which particu
lar boss will have their support. Two
years ago there v. as a split over reach
ing a decision between Kllbourno and
McLean. This year McLean and KI1
bourne are traveling in the same auto
mobile. It will be recalled that the
fight for the nomination at Zanesvllle
was most bitter, the Kilbourne men
claiming that their man was counted
out by the McLean floor managers. Be
fore this was done forty Kilbourne
delegates were unseated and their
places given to McLean. In view of
all this it is not strange that Mahon
ing Democrats aie backward about de
claring themselves. Truly politics
makes fringe bedfellows. ,
Thtt FilLourne has elements cf
f. engtii there i& no doubt. Thu'. l.e
has iioK'ha vcakness is as ceitaln.
He has a most pleasing personality
and is a gentleman in the best sense of
the word. But in politics Colonel Kil
bourne is an amateur and he has made
a number of blunders which have 'ar
oused the enmity of some of the lead
ing Democrats of the. State. It Is a
fact that many politicians think Colo
nel Kilbourne is too new to be made
a candidate for Governor and that,
while he is a nice fellow and an ex
cellent business man, ho should let
politics alone.
If Colonel Kilbourne is nominated by
the Ohio Democratic Convention he
will run on a platform dictated by
John R. McLean. McLean has been
quoted as saying that the time is now
ripe for tho party to enunciate a plat
form that is Democratic in every lino
and syllable. Kilbourne hates Popu
lism and free silver and other strange
gods whfch his party has been wander
ing after for the past few years. Hero
in lie the only harmonious possibilities
in the general Democratic situation.
Colonel Ki bourne is so sure of his
nomination for Governor that he is
bald to bo interesting himself in the
candidates for the other places on the
ticket. It is thought that the delegates
will be accorded the privilege of doing
the ratifying.
All the dust which the Democrats of
Ohio are trying to throw into the eyes
of tho Republicans regarding the al
leged strife in their ranks is but a ruse
to divert attention from the bitter
struggle and internecine war over the
Governorship and Senatorshlp in their
own ranks.
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Asks for Divorce.
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alimony be granted her. She alleges
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ess, extreme cnielty to her and guilty
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Work Delayed.
Tne work on the Court House is be
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Iron roos which are used by the Ran
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port for the floor. The stono and
brick masons have been working
steadily and the walls have risen to the
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I am a candidate for re-election ,&r
Representative for Wa&blneton county,
subject to the decision of the Republic
can nominating Convention.
Editor of Leader Please announce
that I am a candidate for the Repub
lican nomination for Representative.
Editor Leader : -Please announce mo
as a candidate for tho office of Treas
urer of Washington. County, subject to
the decision of tho RoDubllcan County
Convention. S. A. COFFMAN.
Editor Leader: Please announce my
name as n candidate for the office oi
County Treasurer, subject to the will
of the coming Republican convention.
Editor Leader: Please announce
that I am a candidate for Treasurer of
Washington county, subject to the will
of' the Republican nominating Conven
tion. J), O. THOMPSON,
Barlow Township.
Please announce that I am a candt
date for Treasurer, subject to the decis
ion of the Washington county Republi
can convention.
Beverly, O.
Editor Leader Pleaso announce the
name of F. F. Dana as a candidate;
for Treasurer at the coming county
convention subject to Republicans of
Washington county.
Editor Leader: Pleaso announce
that I will be a candidate for re-election
for tho office of Clerk of Courts
subject to the will of the coming Re
publican County Convention.
Editor Leader: Pleaso announce'
that I nm a candidate for Commission
er of Washington County, subject to
tbe decision of the Republican Conven
tion. M. McMILLIN.
Editor Leader: Pleaso announce
that 1 will bo a candidate for the office
of ConntT Commissioner of Washing
ton county subject to the decision of
the Republican nominating convention,
Kindly announce that the under
signed is a candidate for the nomina
tion of County Commissioner subject
to the decision of the Republican
County Convention to be held Juno 18,
Editor Leader: Please announce the!
name of Mat Augensteln, of Adding
Township, as a candidate for County,
Commisssioner, subject to tho decision
of the coming Republican County Con
Editor Leader Please announce my
name as a candidate for the office o
Infirmary Director from tho Foura
Ward subject to the will of tho coming
Republican County Convention.
Editor Leader: Please announce
that I will be a candidate for Infirmary
Director of Washington county at the
November election, subject to the de
cision of the Republican Convention.
R. E. HULL, FatrfleM Township.
Hear it Play the A. B.
Chase Piano.
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