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f TVVf" " (R ,HAflrtinrr7jM
, ' t
TTmnlit la a Mi4ta.
rT-Vt--i JeS3 jewel. Every-
A 1 ll'lff body admits that.
Yet tlie people who
irotcct their gold
ly burglar nlanns,
nd lock their dia
mouds in a steel
vault, make not the
lenst effort to pro
tect the jewel they
declare to be price
less. Some day they
find the jewel
gone, stolen by thief
Disease, and they
nm willitinr in rrvn
1 IjlJLJ everything to get it
The quickest and uircst way to the
recovery of lost henlth, is by the use of
that radical and rational remedy, Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. Dis
eases which originate in the stomach
must be cured through the stomach. A
host of chronic sufferers who had "doc
tored" for years for a diseased heart,
liver or spleen, have at last used "Golden
Medical Discovery" for the blood, stom
ach and organs of digestion and nutri
tion, and found n perfect cure of tho
hitherto incurable ailments. The most
convincing argument for a trial of the
"Golden Medical Discovery" is that it
lias cured so many people "given up"
by the doctors..
There is no alcohol, cocaine, opium
or other narcotic in "Golden Medical
"I have long felt It my duty to acknowledge
to you what your 'Golden Medical Discovery'
mm ' Favorite Prescription- have done for lute,"
writes Ml" Alice Hampton, of 1 90 Hnst 4tli St.,
Lexington, Ky. "I had intermittent feer (or
fever and ague) one year before taking your
medicines, and itas piononnced incurable. Had
a very had cough. .My anus and shoulders
woultf ache end nonictinics I would feel so
numb I thought I w.li thing. I had also a
bad cae of womb trouble from which I suffered
great pain. Had it not lwen for Dr. Tierce's
medicine I know I would have been in my
grave. I hae taken three bottles of each of
your medicines."
For stomach, bowels and liver, when
disordered, use Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Feather and
Wool Dusters
There's no question about the every
day usefulness of a feather or wool
duster. You can get along without
ono, but. oetter. with one. Save stoop
ing, reaching and climbing, and
will do some kinds of dusting
better than anything else.
The time was when the cost
made them luxuries, our prices ought
to make them necessities. After us
ing one a while you would as soon
thinic of getting along without a broom
as a duster. Our stock of dusters was
bought close and we can afford to sell
them In tho same way. We have Tur
key, Ostrich, Peacock and Wool.
DRUGGIST, :: : 210 Front Street.
Oh, acre's to tho health of you and to
And tho saving of wealth in prices.too.
There's nothing, old and there's noth
ing new
Each day's a hash of a left-over stew;
So, to save your dollais and to save
your dimes,
Just wade beyond these hashed up
From top to bottom, beginning to end,
You'll know then where your money to
And that I'm yet, with the same good
Tho "Fust" Rate Druggist,
Your Undo Bill.
Allen's Talcum Powder Be, 65c per doz
Armour's Extract of Beef 40c
American Extract of Beef 35o
Beef Wine and Iron 21c. 48 3
Bateman's Drops Cc
Bohemian Malt Extract 15c, $1.50 per d
Buttermilk Soap Cosmo 7c, 20c per box
Barker's Nerve and Bono Llnlment.lOc
Babbett's Potash 7c
Colgate's Barber Soap 5c.
Cashmero Bouquet Soap 23c
Cuticura Soap 20s
DcWHt's Colic Cure. . . .50c size for 25c
DoWitt's Early Pvisers 19c
Diamond Dyes 7c
Doan's Kidney Pills 39,c
Fellow's Hypophosphito $1.10
Gombault's Caustic Balsam...., .$1.10
Godfrey's Cordial 5c
Hall's Catarrh Cure GOc
Hand's Colic Cure 18c
Hood's Soap 19c
Listereno 19 and 75c
Lightning Hot Drops 19o
Lcibeg's Extract of Beef 40c
wMltn'SiOod 38c. 58c
Malted Milk 38c, 75e
Mcnnen's Talcum Powder 18c
Moth Balls ... '....8clb
Paris Green. M, lb 8c, lb 15c, 1 lb 25c
Perfection Dyes 7c
Perfumed Violet Talcum Powder
10c, 3 for 25c
Pinkham's Vegotablo Compound ..75c
Pear' sUnscentcdSoap 12c
Pabst Malt Extract 19c
Pcterman's Roach Food ...15c, 25c 40c
Rogers and Gallet Wood Violet Toil
et Water 50c
Red Ravon Snlits 12c
Rubber Gloves ..90c and $1.00 per pair
Sapollo 70
Williams' Barber Soap 5c
Wine of Cardul 79c
This Is only a little of what there is.
There is only ono, yes, one, only,
clean, complete, fair square, up-to-date,
modern and original cut-rate
drug store In tho city, and mine's it.
Goods delivered.
Telephono your commands.
Mail mo your wants, and should you
remit more than tho amount of your
purchase tho balance will bo returned.
Yours for business.
127 Greene street. Cut-rate Druggist.
Wealth Saver and Health Alder to the
Rick. -
Bell Phone 5G1. Marietta Phono 53.
Gn nnil Btenm 1'ltters.
210 dreeno Street.
Marietta, Ohio
uart I M
The Marietta Daily Leader.
FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 1901.
Personal and Pertinent.
C. E. Caldwell, of New Mntamoras,
ttanenctcd business In the city Thurs
day. Wm. Kemp spent Thursday In
Parkcrslmrg attending to business af
fairs. .Mrs. J. W. Smith and son, Master
Lee, arc visiting her brother, Mr. Allen
Dr. I). L. VanWInklc, of Bclpre,
spent a few hours Thursday tho guest
of Dr. Ballard,
W. D. Chambers, of New Mata
moras, was a buslncs visitor In. tho
city Thursday.
L. W. James, general freight and
passenger agent of the M. C. & C, has
gone to Cincinnati.
Mr. J. M. KIcKlnncy, of tho Col
lege, left yesterday for Hebron. W. Va.,
to spend his summer vacation.
Miss Mabel Duffy returned last
evening from Mt' do Chantel, whero
she has been attending school.
Mr. George Wharff has returned
fom Shawnee, whither ho went to at-
tontl tho obseo.ulcs of his father-in-law.
Mr. Dorr Patterson and Mrs. Dora
Sheets, of Stockport have been attend
ing the College commencement this
Miss Jcnnlo IJosworth, of Bel pre.
and Mrs. W. L. McMorris. of Paikers
burg, aro tho guests of Mr. A. G.
Newton Crlpps, of Aiken, S. C,
who has been visiting In this section
went to Parkersburg yesterday to
make a brief visit. '
Mrs. Schnaufer has as her ' guests
Mrs. Baxter, her mother, of Wells
burg, and 'Mrs. Mary Cornelius, of the
same place. She hold a reception
Thursday from 2 to 6 in their honor.
J. J. rtoth, member of '02, Mariet
ta College, left Thursday for Woods
flold to spend a few days before return
ing to tho city to take up work for
tho summer.
Mr. L. .7. Coburn, father of Mr. Al
len Coburn, came down from Stock
port to attend tho commencement ex
ercises of the Marietta College, of
which the latter was an active partici
pant, and will return home this morn
ing. New UnWersity-
By Associated Press.
Lincoln, Neb., June 12. The new
million dollar Millikln University, tn
bo composed of Lincoln college and
Decatur Industrial college, was or
ganized here today. A. R. Tayor, of
the State Normal College, at Emporia,
Kas., will accept tho Presidency and
complete the new organization. Dr.
W. J- Darby, of Evansvllle, Ind., was
electeu Vice Presllent of tho board,
which is composed of fifteen members
from the Cumberland Presbyterian
church of synods of Illinois, Indiana
and Iowa.
$500 REWARD!
Wo will pay tlio abovo reward for any caso of
Mvcr Complaint, Dyspepsia, Rick Headache,
Indigestion, Constipation or Costlvenesa wo
cannot euro with Llverita, tha Up-To-Dato
Littlo Liver rill, when tho directions are strict
ly complied with. They nre purely Vegetable,
and never fall to give satisfaction. 25c boxes
contain 100 Pills, 10a boxes contain 40 Pills, 6c
boxes contain 15 Pills. Oewaroof substitutions
and imitations. Sent by mail. Stamps taken.
NEItVITA Jir.DICAL CO., Cor. Clinton and
Jackson Sts., Chicago, I1L Sold by
Sold By Beaglo &. Lytle and A. J.
Richards, Druggists, Marietta, Ohio.
Wo Spoke.
By Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Juno 12 Tho most Im
portant event of today's sessions of the
Southern Industtial convention was an
address tonight by Wit Ting Fang, the
Chinese minister. Tho horticultural
hall was crowded. Tho dlstiguished
oriental diplomat spoUe on. "American
trade with the Orient," and told his
hearers that China was the greatest
market In the world for American
Wnnteil A IliiHbnnU
Must he strong and novcr have a lame
LETS stop tho pain, at onco and cure
permanently. Sold by Beagle & Ly
tlo and A. J. Richards, druggists, Mari
etta. Ohio
0, & L. K. R. R,
Low Rate Excursions Sunday June 16th,
Kanesvillo and return 11.00
Newark and return $1.50
Columbus and return ,.$2.00
Special train will leave Marietta at
G:40 a. m., arrive at Zanesvillc, 9:30 a.
m. Newark, 10:25 a. m. Columbus,
11:50. Return train will lcavo Colum
bus 6:00 p. m., Newark, 1:00 p. m.,
Zanesvillc, 8:00 p. m.
Havo your rugs made at the Pa-Zi.
Wc sell the Garfield, and
guarantee them to give satis
The' Marietta Mfg. Co.
In Jail Was Sentence Meeted out to
Washington County Boys,
Special to tho Leader. small, about 1G years old, and It s.eem-
Columbus, O., JuncMS. What prom- cd hard to commit them for a term of
Iscd to be an Interesting criminal ac- montus to a county jail,
tlon In tho United States Court Wed-' wlllIam Blako. of Mllford Center,
nesday was brought to an abrupt end
by tho defendant pleading guilty. The
caso was that of tho United States
against Jacob M. Frlttle, of Johns-
town, 0. Frlttle Is a druggist and ro-
cently engaged as tho manager of tho
Monitor, a nanor conducted bv a Mrs.
Hoffman. Tho purpose of tho publica
tion appears to have been to advertise
a medicine, the use of which Is pro
hibited by aw.
The paper contained a largo adver
tisement of the medicine and was sub
mitted to tho postoftico department
for Inspection upon an application to
mall. The department carried on some
correspondence with Frlttle about tho
matter without committing tho gov
ernment, and Frlttlo claims that he
thought tho department practically ap
proved tho character ot tho paper and
its advertisements, but was waiting for'. over the capture of J. W. Carnahan,
proof of circulation. The papers wore ' of Washington. Carnahan is the pres
malled with the advortisements and ident of the Army and Navy Publish
Frlttle was attested as the author of" lng company and sovcral of his agents
the advertisement. He pleaded not ( have been sent to the penitentiary for
guilty, but Wednesday morning chang- following hla printed instructions and
ed tho plea to guilty and was sentenced impersonating a United States ofTlcer.
to tho Montgomery county jail fot Just this week J. BO. Davis and Kobert
six months. r 1 Wlnslow were sent to the pen by the
Three little boys, William Fullcrton,
William Shears and John Shears, were
up for breaking into a littlo country
store down in Washington county and
taking somo money, a part of which
belonged to the government, the post
ofllce being in the store.
The judge gave tho boys six month3
each In the Miami county jail, but said
that the government ought to make
some arrangement with this state so
that children charged with such of
fenses could l)e sent to tho reformatory
institutions instacd of to the jails and
ponitontiary. While the government
can commit to the county jails and to
tho state penitentiary of Ohio it ap
pears that the Judge has no authority
to commit, even the youngest of pris
oners, to any other place of confine
ment or correction. The lads were-alL
Destroys the Shop of G. G. Stollar,
Blacksmith and Wagon Maker.
Special to tho Leader.
Whipple, O., Juno 12. Tho shop of
G. C. Stollar, blacksmith and wagon
maker, of this placo, took fit e today at
noon while lie was gone to dinner and
burned to the ground, burning all bib
tools and also two wagons, ono a new
boiler wagon, which was just complet
ed. There was no Insurance on any
thing. Only by the hard work of tho people
of this placo in carrying water to have
tne llouring mill from catching fire wa
tho vllfage saved from what would
have been a disastrous fire.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that Con
tain Mercury
as murcury will surely destroy the
qenso of smell and completely derange
tho whole system when entering
through tho mucous surfaces, Such
articles should never bo used except
on prescription from reputable physi
cians, as the damago they will do is
ten fold to the good you can possibly
derlvo from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury,
and is taken internnlly, acting directly
upon tho blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. In buying Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure bo suro you get tho gen
uine. It is taken internally, and made
in Toledo, Ohio, by E. J. Cheney &
Co. Testimonials freo.
Sold by druggists, price 75c per bot
tle. Hall's family pills aro the best.
Change at Sanatorium.
Prof. E. P. Mayberry arrived yester
day from Cincinnati and has taken
charge of tho massage, hot air and
bath system at tho Marietta Sanitar
ium. Prof. Mnyberry received his ed
ucation in tho East whero ho served
in various Hospitals of New York City,
Boston, etc., for several years. The
past year ho has had charge of the
Sprnguo Hot Air Hospital, of Cincin
nati, and comes hlglilj recommended.
Wo congratulate our Sanltorlum In so
curing such able assistance.
B. F. Mouser, druggist, at Chetopa,
Knnsas, says: "I have tho best sale
on Dr. Caldwoll's Syrup Pepsin ot any
articles in my store," So has Charles
R. Buchannan and Curtis & Hutch
man. It cures Constipation, Indlges
tlon.Sick Headache and Stomach Trou
' Marriage Licenses,
Charles O. Roberts, farmor, of
Beckett, and Clara M. Burgo, ot Beck
ett. RbV. J. C, Francis.
lcn a Ilno ot l0 "" committed
? Jal until ifc Is Paid, for cutting open
n mM sack- Blako indulges In largo
1MI"tltlcs of opium and his attorney,
2utlB0 G111' declared that I1I3 father and
Brandfttcr were both drunkards, and
that Dlake Iackcd 1" intelligence and
was an opium fiend.
It appears that tho mall pouch was
lost from tho train and was found by
Blake, who took It homo and cut it
open. Not flndlnc any monev In tha
sack he carried it to the postomce.
The Case of Leroy Hninos, the Jowett
express agent, charged with carrying
letters on his car in competition with
the United States mails, was up, but
went over until Tnursday. The case
will Involve law points and Is more of
a .est caso than a criminal action.
ilio district attorney Is delighted
United States court for impersonating
an officer and defrauding old soldiers.
Carnahan sells an army and navy rec
ord and his agents visit old soldiers
and pretend that the book is valuable
and of assistance to the pensioners.
Cainahan Is said to be well connect
ed and his brother, a Chicago attorney.
will defrnd him. Carnahan will arrive
here Thursu'.iy, 'but may not bo tried
this term. Thus far five of Carnahan's
agents have been convicted and sent to
the penitentiary, in this state.
The Great Southern Hotel case is be
ing argued before Judge Thompson in
the Circuit Court. The stylo of the
case Is. Jones and Laughlln Co. vs.
The Great Southern Fire Proof Hotel
Company, but there are a laige num
ber of other parties to thp suit, who
get in on crobs-pelitlons.
Page Purchases the Lease of the
St. James Hotel.
The St. James Hotel lias again
changed hands. The new proprietor
Is Capt. J. H. Page, of Parkersburg,
who assumed charge of the house
Thursday morning. Capt. Page is an
old llverman and has had a wide ac
quaintance with boatmen on tho Ohio
by whom he is well and favorably
known. The former host, L.-W. Zlnn,
expects to ieturti tt Uuchannon, W.
Va., from whence ho camo to tako
charge of tho hotel.
Tho now proprietor wll lmako num
erous changes In the equipment anil
furniture of the house. Painters and
paper hangers will be put to work and
tho work of retouching and repainting
will be begun at once. The money con
sideration remained private. The pur
chase includes only the lease and fiu
Locomotive Exploded.
By Associated Press.
Clarks, Neb., Juno 13. A locomotive
on a Union Pacific freight train ex
ploded hero today. Engineer Charlea
Fulmei', of Council Bluffs, and Fire
man David Jenkins, of Omaha, wero
killed. Brakeman Wm. Fleming, of
Omaha, was scalded and will die. The
train was running rapidly and the ac
cident wrecked It.
Headaches, dizzy spells, bad blood,
rheumatism, indigestion, constipation
absolutely cured if you tako Rocky
Mountain Tea made by Madison Medi
cine Co. 35c.
Discouraging Report.
By Associated Press.
Poirt Royal, Pa., Juno 13. Tho ex
plomtion party which went Into the
mine at this placo tills morning came
to tho surface at about 12:15 p. m.
Thoy aro confident that It is impossi
ble to get the bodies of the dead min
ors out.
Rumors False.
By Associated Press.
London, Juno 13. A. J. Balfour,
govcrnmant leader of tho Honso ot
Commons, today said tlint there was?
no foundation for rumors of peaco ne
gotiations with tho Boers. Tho Boer
strength In the field Is 17,000 men.
Tho Flag Grocery Is on tho hill,
whore high water and high prices don't
Stevens Organ and Piano Co.
Is still selling tho Bankrupt Stock of tho lato firm of Wilson & Young
This stock includes the following pianos
Also a largo stock of small instrumonta, Violins, 81.50 up.
lins $1.75 up. Guitars 82.00 up. Banjos $3.00 up. .
Graphophones .. and ..
Over 2,000 pieces of Sheet Music at
come beforo tho bvst is all gone,
Stevens Organ and Piano 06.
St. Clair Building, next to P. O.
Over 300 new and beautiful patterns to select from.
Look over our line and get our prices before buying.
Backer & TJlxrhaiie,
203 Second street, .Riley Block.
H Rubber Tires for Carnages. n
We have recently received a large shipment of JH
Rubber tires for carriages and can supply them on
short notice. We guarantee all tires to be first jj
quality and prices as low as the lowest. We also
repair vehicle tires. Call and get prices.
The Big Four Cycle Co. 1
Oil and Gas Wells, Pipe Lines, Refineries,
Steam, Gas and Water.
fygi. TIEiZEj -E-'A
Manufacturers of Paving,
Large stock constantly on
Phone 405. Works located at Norwood or Eas
Fresh Fruits.
I keep the largest and finest
stock of fruits in tne city.
sell more '
therefore I
than anyone else,
can afford to sell
My stock
has time to get old.
Front Street, and cor. Jail lot.
Marietta 'Phone 024,
at ,. Cost.
10 and 15 cents por copy. Better
and Common Brick,
and brick delivered
Loans money on diamonds, watches,
jewelry, etc. Buy and sell new and
second hand goods. Second hand shoe3
and clothing bought and sold.
If you want money, want to sell
or buy anything 'see us. Goods called
for and delivered.
E. Hknslky, Mgr., HI Front St., Phone
Putnam Street.
Physician and Surgeon,
No. 507 Fort Street, , Marietta. Ohio.
Diseases or SKin,
Diseases of Eyea.
Fitting Olasaea.
S9t. 14, 190ft.
, u
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