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The Marietta Leader.
nj-u j-ij-j-Lnj-Li- fin 11 nfi" ----
No. 3
Subscription Rates for Daily.
Delivered by carrier, teu cents per week
or S3.00 per jenr It imlit In nil mice. My
mnll Innltle WnnhliiRton county, S4.00 per
jenr. Ht mnll ott"lle Washington county,
I.OOppr J ear,
i k i i!.,w' "0': .
to suitscmni:n'.
We will consider It n Krcnt fntorlf mill'
icrlber will report nnj fnlluretu Ret their
Lender, or nny tiireletsncsu on the lmrtoC
the carrier.
Subscribers will plenxe notpnytlie cm.
liers unless the currier punclien hit urtiltl
tag !n ubcrlborS presence.
llieDnlly Leader In on i-alo nt the fol
lowing plncen I
Mnriettn Ka-itblde.
(InteV Muk Storo IB0rrontt
Scott &Wnnl 331 rutnnm St
MerchnntH' Delivery Co Tiber Wny.
Union Depot 'eus Stand.
Jlarleltn AVckI Shin.
C It, I!ucU:luu', Cur, .Muplvnml (illiunu
Tlio Republican primaries in Marl
Otta will be held this evening between
the hours of 5 ami 7 o'clock, standard
time. The polling places for the sev
eral wards and precincts have been
decided upon as follows:
Garrison's store, Charles street.
City Electii chuildlng, Fron t and
Precinct A City Hall.
Precinct B Boat House.
Precinct C Kennedy's old stand.
Precinct A Old Engine House.
Precinct B C. D. Lyman's store.
Precinct C Delmar Sprague's store,
foot of Matthews street.
Kinnard's Coal Office.
"Wuncey's baiber shop.
The Republican primaries will be
held in Washington county today
Outside of Marietta they will take
place from 3 to C o'clock, and in the
city from 5 to 7 o'clock. The voting
-will be done at the usual polling places'
in the respective townships, precincts
and wards.
it is hoped that all Republicans will
turn out and contribute to the nomi
nation 01 a winning ticket.
Just before the battle.
Rally 'round the flag, boys.
Jerry Simpson didn't attend the
Peter Cooper Club banquet at Omaha
last week. Jerry was in Republican
prosperity head over heels and could
n't get away long enough to attend.
Following the example set by Sena
tor Quay, Mr. Bryan says that he has
no enemies to punish. He might have
added that from a political standpoint
he is short on rewards for his friends,
it is gratifying to know that th
voters of Washington county aie gi
lug no heed to the slanderous reports
that are hem? circulated about Mr.
Middleswart, whose personal character
Is unassailable and whose official rec
ord is without a defect.
The story is being told bv the "paid
agents" that Mr. Middleswart voted for
House Bill No. 94C. requiring net
fishermen to pay a license. Like all
of the other lies that are being peddled,
this one is refuted by the official rec
ord which shows that Mr. Middle
swart voted "NO."
Col. John Riley, a state senator from
Marietta in the legislature of Ohio, Is
very much opposed to rabbits, and pro
poses to extinguish the varmints by an
act of the legislature. Ho Is real ser
ious about it, and reminds one of tha
West Virginia legislator (who may
have been John for all we know) who
onco Introduced a bill to prevent the
owners of hogs from running at large.
i arkersDiirg Sentinel.
Ex-Lieutenant Governor A.W. Jones,
upon being asked at Youngstown last
night if he would be a candidate before
the state convention, replied: "No, sir
I will not. I am Just going down to
the convention to meet my friends
from all over the state who will be
there. I telegraphed to the Neil House
for my old room, which I occuplpd
when in Columbus, as I did not want
to walk the streets, but I do not in
tend to establish headquarters of any
Itlnd. Governor Nash will be renomi
nated by acclamation and I intend to
assist in bis reelection."
"""' ' " ' i ,. i, ;,...! ' ' -'- - . ''J'T-i't .- i ,. V "V. Vl W,,.
To the Tax Payers of Washington
County, Ohio:
Col. John H. Riley, who is n candi
date for tho nomination of Represen
tative to defeat Mr. Middleswart for
re-nomination announces in his num
eious letters sent throughout tho coun
ty that he Is in favor of a reduction of
taxes. Let us examine his record.
While a member of the 73rd General
Asemhly, ho worked and votc,d for a
bill which was finally amended by the
House to read as follows:
An Act to supplement Section 2CS0 of
tho Revised Statutes of Ohio. Section
1. Bo It enacted by tho General As
sembly of the State of Ohio, that See-J
lion 2080 of the Revised Statutes of
Ohio bo supplemented as follows:
Section 2G80cl. That in Washington
County in which such Libraray Asso
ciation is mentioned in said Section
2CS0 shall lie formed, and In which
there Is no police couit twenty-five per
cent or all fines and penalties which
are assossed and collected by Common
Pleas and Probate Courts of such coun
ties for offonses and mibdemeanors
prosecuted in paid Court, loss the
compensation allowed by law for the
Prosecuting Attorney for the county
In State Cases, shall be paid, quarterly,
by tho Clevis of ( ommoil Pleas and
Probate Judge lesptctively, to tho
Trustees of such Library Association,
and that one-fourth of all fines ana
penalties whietf arc nssesed and col
lected by the Mayor of the City of -Marietta,
prosecuted in tho name of the
said State or said City, shall be paid
quarterly by said Mayor to the Trustees
of such Library Association; all of
said sums so paid shall be expended in
the pm chase of LAW BOOKS and the
maintenance of such Association, sub
ject, in all other respects to the provi
sions said Section 2CS0.
Section 2. This Act shall take effect
from and after Its passage.
There is not a single county in the
faiate that has any such law as the one
passed by Col. Riley. While the Col.
was a member of the Legislature there
were but three counties in the state.
Columbiana, Darke and Butler, not
having a police court, whose repiesen
tathes had the nerve to ask for and
secure any such Legislation. V.iis
law still stands unrepealed, and can
be enforced at any time. Our new
Conrt House is rapidly nearing com
pletion, In which there js to bo a room
set apart for a Law Library. Do th3
tax payers of Washington County de
sire that a man represent them in the
Legislature who would work for the
passage of a bill that would cost them
annually ?C0O or $700 by a conserva
tive estimate? If you do, vote for a
Riley delegation. During the two
years that Col. Rliey was Senator from
this district the total amount of fines
collected was $3,405.00. Since that
time the amount of fines has steadily
increased and today the total amount
is not far from $3,000.00, collected dur
ing the last two years. Do the voters
of Washington County believe in elect
ing a man to represent them who
would legislate for a particular class,
as Col. Riley has done? If the Law
yers have a right to have a Library
maintained for them at the expense of
the tax payers, wonld not the Doctors
have the same right? This is but one
of tho many things done by the West
Virginian Statesman, and Perpetual
Office-SeeKer againts the best interests
of Washington County.
Had the bill first introduced by Col
Riley become a law, the tax payers of
this county would have had to pay
about $2,000.00 yearly to the support of
a Law Libraray.
It is no argument to say that tho
law has never been enforced. There
is little doubt but that it will be en
forced as soon as our new Court House
is completed, when there is a room in
which the Library can be placed.
In view of this fact, is it not the part
of wisdom to send a man to the
Legislature who will vote for its re
There Is one sure barometer of fi
nancial conditions in Kansas. When
ever the people feel rich they get up
senemes to bore in the ground after oil
or gas, or other valuable productions.
This propensity has given Kansas some
very valuable coal, gas, oil and salt
fields, and it is to be encouraged, not
deplored. Today something like fifty
towns are boring holes In the ground.
At one place out in Western Kansas
they are down close to 2,000 feet, and
still are cheerfully chugging away. At
Abilene $3,000 has just been raised by
popular subscription for the purpose of
boring, and the work la to be started at
once, in Hutchison a new sail wen is
going down at the rate of 200 feet a
day ad It is to have around it the
biggest, suit plant in the state. In
Southern Kansas derricks are as thick
as haystacks and they are finding
i. ilngs, too.
Saturday Market.
xou will find everything in the mar
ket at tho Flag Grocery! Let us havo
your Saturday order.
June 15--.it . ,.
jjitoftwsFAKii mum.
WW the Eiltm ef Mi Gwniry ire Saying
on Leading Topics.
Evidently it was a good fairy ' who
presided over tho birth, pf President
McKInley, for to him was not only
given kindness of heart, but along
with .t tho art of giving to his fpcllng
rare grace of expression. New York
"Sun." v" ' i'1 '
From Agulnaldo to the Tariff was a
long Jump; but Mr. Edward Atkinson
appears to have cleared the distance at
tne first trial and we will probably
learn much of tho evils of Protection
from Boston in future. Smutpu ','Trl
bune." -i-
a ,
Prominent statesmen are discussing
the question, What does the Demo
cratic party stand for? The answer
may be, Because it has no whore to;lay
Its "head. Tlonestn (Pa.) "Republi
can." "
There still remains to GroVOr Cflevq
land tho thought that ho Is at perfect
llbei ty to think If he wants to, that ho
could have done the same thing with
the country if ho nad been glven-ono
more chance. Lawrence (Kins.)
"Journal." ".
i v ', 'V , '
An alert and vigorous! Republican
patty Is what is wwtfed in the gjjujh,
and there is an excellent chance' that
this will be furnished in most of 'the
Southern states in the next few year&
Little Rock (Ark.l "Republican."' '
a ',
Economists who have been studying
the social and Industrial problems Qf
Eastern Asia predict that the Chinese
will soon become a bread eating' inj
stead of a nee eating people. The
president of the San Francisco Cham
ber of Commerce said, at the rate of
the present enormous increase in flour
exports to China there will, within
three Years, be employment for forty
first-class merchantmen carrying flour
from tho Pacific coast to the orient..
New Haven (Conn) "Journal."
Mr. Bryan has been predicting hard
times for a good while, but has no yet
taken occasion to point to the stock
market and remark, "These are those.".
Washington "Star."
In Manila there Is a large demand
for neckties, shirts, collars, cuffs and
other articles of men's wear, made in
the latest American style. Fashion
follows the flag Albany "Journal."-
The Flag Grocery is on the hill,
where high water and high prices don t
prevail. , -
Since the mails are being deluged,
with circulars proclaiming the Regis
ter's Riley to be the laboring man's
friend, it is but fair to look into his
official career along that line. An ex
amination of the records of the Ohio
Senate of the Seventy-third General
Asembly, when Mr. Riley was a mem
ber of that body, a measure was intro
duced by him in the early days of the
session, being Senate Bill No. 17,whlch
was calculated as a blow at every poor
man in the state. The bill as intro
duced is given in full herewith:
To amend Section G701 of the Revised
Statues of Ohio:
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Ohio,
That Section G701 of the Revised Stat
utes of Ohio be and the same is here
by amended so as to read as follows:
Section G701. Justices of the Peace
may previous to issuing process, com
mencing an action, or at any time be
fore trial, require the plaintiff to give
security for costs of suit, which may
be done by depositing a sum of money
deemed by the Justice to be sufficient
to discharge the costs that may accrue
In the action, or by giving an under
taking with surety approved by the
Justice, payable to the adverse party,
for the payment of all costs that may
accrue in tho action.
Section 2. Section G701 of the Re
vised Statutes of Ohio Is hereby re
pealed. Section 3. This act shall take effect
and be In foico from and after its
If this bill had been enacted Into
law it would have had a tendency to
shut tho poor man out of Justice's
courts, but thanks to the good judg
ment of the Senate, the measure was
put to sleep very quickly and most ef
fectively by being indefinitely postpon
ed. Under tho existing law any resi
dent, rich or poor, may bring suit in
the Justices' courts without executing
tlio rigid requirements called for In
tills pet measure of the Register's Ri
ley, who, as one of his first official acts
after getting into tho Senate attempt
ed to put a burden upon the laboring
man by compelling him to give secur
ity for the costs In case It became nec
essary for him ,to sue for his rights.
O, yes! this measure, like tho bill re
quiring tho maintenance of a library
for tho benefit of a chosen few. at a
very heavy expense to the people, Is
evidence that tho Register's Riley ia,a
"great friend" (7) of the laboring man.
H 'ffTX
I A. - n i i, " t It-
1 L
16, 17,
IB and 19.
We have a few light-colored Suits--fine goods--
ages 16, 17, 18 and I 9, that we must dispose of 4
even though we do not get cost for them. Ele-
gant values at $4, $5, $6 and $7. We give dis. $
count tickets.
a ir 17 C? O MliJ RfflLi 1 EJ5 Wa Sbi ig, 17,
I 6J'q X K. UHll Wit lift & bUi 18 and IS.
x ,uu"M - w" hbb -""
IN. SHOES,. V' lB' . :"
Just received, ami Uiey ae
beauties. . . -T
Will you look at t'ae'm ?
to Otto Bros.
TMs Shoe Go ,
Putnam Street.
Too M:my Iloctor.
Statistics of tlio country relating to
phyoiciaiis indicate the possibility, if
not the actuality, of oercrovding in
the medical inofession. it was found
in the census eiir that there was
one iegistered physician to every 055
people in the United States. That the
number is in excess of the need is
evidenced by a comparison with Ger
many, where, in lb9S, there vas only
one physician to each 2,114 inhab
itants, or relatively about one-third,
.as many as in the United States.
Sew York n Century Ago.
Jt An old copy of the New York Spec
tator shows that the population of
ys'ew York city just 100 yenrs ago this
may was G0,4b3. Philadelphia then
VUUtUIULU Mf,,WM J. ....
Klne 'I2lnrl'ii Since.
The kitig of ICngland has ten maces,
which are Kept in the Tower of Lon
don. They ate nil of different degree,
and nil v.ill be used nt the coronation.
The loids llao their own maces', and
will not allow the house of commons'
mace to enter llicir house. Jtaccom-
t'panies the commons to the door of
it. It.. I..lnl.l..' t .,.. 1.... !. l. ........
'left outside N Y YVoild.
3 - .Mint t lli- (lnnrrellnK.
"lulgar and I quauel all the time
'about automobiles; lie says he won't
li.ive a horse, and I say I won't have.
anything else "'
'if ".So you aie K"'11" to get a conrej-.
'mice of some kind?"
'f? ,lnh n-nmlni'vc un linlf flip tlm
iye can't scrape up street car fare."
Detroit Flee Picks.
IIiOjiIiik lllm.
'.'Mr; riackNv.ii d Well er yes, since
you ask me. 1 was thinking of con
sulting a fortune teller
-Miss Coy To find out whom you
will marry, eh?
"Why er yes, 1 "
"Why not ask me and s.inc the. for
tune teller's fee toward the price
of the ring?" Philadelphia Pi ess.
Veal ltltli Miieiiriuil,
Mince up cold veal with a slice of
bam, a little grated rind of lemon,
a little salt and a few .spoonfuls of
broth or gray. Simmer gently, tak
ing care that it does not boil. Serve
it upon small squaies of buttered
toast, and surround it with a border
of macaroni, cooked without cheese.
Cinei'inati Examiner.
B. F. Mouser, druggist, at Chetopa,
Kansas, says: "I have tho best sale
on Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin of any
articles In my store." So has Charles
R, Buchannan and Curtis & Hutch
man. It cures Constipation, Indlges
tion.Sick Headache and Stomach Trou
Something Good,,.
' On Fifth Street, bojond Wooster; a
full half nity lot, with fine fruit all
through yard, and a fairly good cottage.
A, wonderful bargain if old this week.
City Electric Bldg., Front & Butler Sts.
Hundreds of other bargains in Real
Estatejall over the citv. Fino lots in
Streulier Addition, Willis Place and
Sunny Side.
i- il.Hi. i-. .rmiiii i'l'" '" ""
.. ...AjidfaWamainanmMrthMtfutoimiinii .iriKWj;!""" ''"","
s Suits,
The Morse Electric Holt, Nnturo's Vitalizor, builds up and strengthens, rchovca
and cures Rheumatism, Paralysis Liver, Kidney, Lamo Hnck, JonBtipatioii',
Stomach and all Nervous Diseases, . "STs&KifSi
Three sires, $11.00, So.00, $7.00. As good as the best nono bettor.,
Opposite Bellevuo Hotel, Front street.
Buy a gas range?, Yes if you get a "Jewell"' such as we sell makes
less heat, less grease, less work than any range on the market.
Next get one of our tile lined refrigerators large stock to select
from xt, the general hardware store of
158 and J0 Front Street.
W We are now located in our private dental parlors
at Bellevue hotel where we will remain during the
construction of the new Fiist National Bank Build-
:ping. As heretofore we will spare no pains or expense k
Sto, please our patients and give them high class gj&
JXdentistry at reasonable prices.
After the new baiik building is completed we J?
will again be in our old location with one or the W
i?best equipped and finest Dental Offices in Ohio. F
We kindly ask our friends to assist in announcing
this change, Kemember all our vork guaranteed.
Both Phones. J. P. BECKER, D. D. S., Mgr.
Hours 8 a. in. to 8:00 p. m., except Sunday.
& Reception B om, Hotel ParJor. Lady in attendance.
Theodore Stoecker,
303 Gilman Street, (W. S.
Allender's Furniture Store.)
Telephone 314.
Repairing and Re-Upholstering of
FURNITURE, hair mattresses made
over. Parlor Suits and Spring Beds
aud Ilnir Top' Mattresses for Wood and
Iron Bedsteads. Also a specialty of
Turkish work, first class work only.
Special attention given to work for
churches, lodges, nnd hotels, hospitals,
infirmaries, etc. A trial solicited.
Repairing nnd Re-finishing of Valuable
old iYlahoganv.
Tho Economical Jeweler. While at
the Dime Savings Bank Building, hav
ing the place for business but not the
space, now moved and occupying part of
John BIckert's store, having the piace
and space where a magnificent display
of modern Watches, Clocks, Rings,
etc., is ready for your inspection
Prices on all purchases and first class
Watch and Jewelry repairing are
strictly economical.
14G Front Street, Opposite Commer
cial College Building,
Marietta, Ohio.
A Story in Stationery.
Sweet tilings had been written, but sweotor things were said during that
evening call, only one of them has n proper place in our story. The arrangement
for a day to bo spent together in tbe woods. A picnic for two. It was decided
that a HAMMOCK was indispensable, if they were going to secure the largest
measure of pnjoymont from tho outing. Whore- should they find tho one that '
would combiue all the conditions, of comfort required? Tho young woman quickly
settled the matter. They liuve tho best makes, newest colorings, and very low
priced, i navu pnueu ineuij ut wu '
Colonial Book Store
And it was arranged thut thoy should meet at this their favorite storo next dny.
I r
(To be continued.) l''
153 Colonial Block, - Front 'Street
. JEt VAN DERV00RT, Prop: '-' '"
J..I jjuttttrfH) ! J"""
fJkf 'K
18 and 19.
.?V--,t '
My name Is "Marietta." I was bore,
here. I think "Marietta" is tho best
plaee-, I mean the best Bicycle in the
l am biit five years old, yet strong.
In fact, stronger than any of my com
petitors. I havo always been healthy.
Never had any doctor, I mean I never
had any repair bills to Day. .
Everybody is Invited to call and
see me at the Factory.
225 Ohio St., Marietta O.
Ice and Preserving Company,
Manufacturers of distilled water
ice, hygienically pure. Factory
and office Cor. Third and Butler
Sts. (open at all times.) Both
phones, Nor. 72.
L. C. BRAUN, Pre3, GEO. B. EYSSEH, Sec.
I). & L, K, R. R. Excursion.
Cheap excursion Sunday, June lGth,
to Zanesville $1.00, to Newark $1.50, to
Columbus,' $2.00. Special trains both
wavs. Call at Union Denot or Tiber
Way ticket office for particulars.
. rs
xw re -wa- ay-i c yTt rttt-JfcAJSfagm

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