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Marietta daily leader. (Marietta, Ohio) 1895-1906, June 16, 1901, Image 7

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" t i' frf, .' . .'.' a
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. lT, ilf l' ""' lt fl1"1
r.1 i.n I,, i jii)iliiu.li,.wtii.ij,inytVii.i.ii.iiV'"v
1 ' J J I.
tf'1 th gwf
1 i Sir ? l AT W
fl v
1 fl SlBJVW'.Li : .Jri j. J . i3 v v-l n i
j '2 vj a m re
j you nnve ootir utomach, ir.di3cc.i0n, biliousness, constipation, lit!
tenth, diriincsa, inncth c liver, heartburn, l.idncy troubles, bcefcnehe, loC
ii appetite, Insomnia, latA of cncrey, bad I it, ml, blotched cr muddy sl:ir..
or any cymptoma and dioc-.dcrs whiih tell the ctory cf bad bowch and an
impaired digestive cytem, Laxa:oln Will G'uro You.
It will clean out the bowclr, stimulate C.e liver end kidneys, strengthen
the mt-sbus membranes cf Co ctor.iucb, pu;.:y ycur blood and put you
'en your feet" again. Vour appetite will rtu:n, your bowcln move regu
larly, your liver and-hidnqyo tease to trouble you, your chin will clear and
freshen and you will feel the old t.mc cr.crc; and buoyancy.
Mothers socking tlio rrnptr r.itdli h.o to jim their Uttlo ono for constipation,
(.larrlira, collo and drjiSur t: utiWt ..! l.u.l I.jiuUolii ;m UlmI modlclno for chlhlrcn.
It Uceps their bowcliicBiilar without pnin or trlplu,',;.i la as a central tonic, assists
nattiic, aids digestion, lclluvrii U'stU'Somno, l:.n t:.o coutul tongne, rt'ducci fever,
auscs refreshing, tcstful lIccii aai ::.ui.c i theu . c :'., Lu;i.iy uud hearty. JT Children
M.c it anil ask far t(.
For Saf by : $ : A. J. Richards,
t'uwni ..... .LA ?? 1!2 Na"a" Street, .s'. Y., and rocniion the name of your drcKclst.
mm ' m H E
Manufacturers of and dealers in Oil and Gas Well 'Supplies
Boilers, Engines, Cordage and Pipe. Branch stores in all oil
Long Distance 'Phone 237.
Th iirMtut VtrTtttlan ?ft (tttJotdta
liofcl Ivnitrntllos.
Fcmr Trlpi per Wetk Uetween
I'lilUiLtl, "THE 800,' .riiltQL'ETTE
fpcUl Mtrlcooa account of ranAraerIw
Kipvilllon nt UuSalu, will he operatfd dartii
JulbDtl Aoffnat, Uircct count cttoui will to
uudti with C A: li. Ud oa ritt and dy
tripi. 'i.p)y (or special JUf e
E. I T0
I Ever? Da zl
Jiigbt Ltwttn i
and Buffalo
Send 2c tor Uloatrfcled F&mpblet. Addrtti,
A. A. SllllMZ. 0. 1'. A.. DETU01T. HI ML,
International Convention
pworth League
San Francisco
July 18th to 21st, 1901,
July Cth'to 12th inclusive; also on July
Kith for such trains as deliver passen
gers to western linos at St. Louis,
Beardstown or other B. & O. S-W. Junc
tion points on tho snmo day.
Ueforo piirchasing ticKets via nny
other lino consult Afjents B. & O. S-W.
R. K. for full particulars regarding stop
ovors and other accommodations. Com
plete folder can bo becured on applica
tion. O. P. McCARTY,
General Pnssongor Agent.
Vour Llfeawayl
You can be cured of any form of tobacco usliu;
easily, be madb well, strong, macnetic, full of
new life and vigor by taking NO-TO-DAC,
that makes weak men strong, Many gain
ten pounds In ten days. Over 500,000
cured. All druggista. Cure guaranteed. Hook
let and advice l'llltrt Address gTBRUNQ
JiTiMFPYCO. ri-'o rr -t "- . "
'r .'. ft Mtttf
j. r.' ... a aV vn fi
nifliJV'? .f-!H fcl (FY r.'ln
CRUISE take the E
Georgian Bay
, Chicago
f tiXttrlsu.FBtpnirr 1,1 rdkll: r rnl.lt
Isr, L'eirlli.iibiia lfllelcull'trTU..
Vaj anil Xitt Serrlco Hctwccn
Fare SI. SO Each Direction.
Eirlli. $l.(0, Jl.-'o. Slilrroom, ):,:C.
Cor.ntcf ion are made at Clvl&rjJ w llh
EarJ.ekt Traini for all points Eatt, Sooth
aii.l hobthittst, anJ at Putrolt for all point
.North and Nurlbire.L St.MIAl .MI.llV
iiura Dtni.su btiu.sot'.viWciTius.
IlnteM tn raii-Ainerh'nii Kxposltlon lu
Iliitfnlo, ltdiliesli-r .V I'lttxliurg Ity,
Rates for round trip tickets from
Pittsutirg to Buffalo, account Pali-American
Exposition on and after June
1st, will be as follows:
Season tourist tickets on sale every
day at $11.05, good returning'to and in
cluding October 31st, 1901.
Tickets on sale every day at $9.20,
good 15 days.
Tickets on sale every day at $8.00,
good 7 days.
Tickets on sale every Tuesday at
$5.25, good three days.
Excursion tickets from other points
on tho B. R. & P. Ry. will bo sold on
above dates at proportionate rates.
Two fast solid vestibuled trains
leave P. & W. Depot, Allegheny 9:00 a.
m. and 10:00 p. m. City time; the
morning train is equipped with high
back seat day coaches, Cafe and free
reclining chair cars, night train with
now coaches and latest patetrn of Pull
man sleepers.
Tickets on sale at City Ticket office,
500 Smlthfleld St., Cor. Fifth Ave., or
P. Sr W. Depot. Allegheny.
All inquiries for information will re
ceivo prompt attention if addressed to
C. O, D. Pascault, Division Passen
ger Agent, 500 Smlthfleld St., Pitts
burg. Pn.
Till June - ".
Tor Infanta and Children.
Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought
Bears tho j
Signature of C&a
T0 mMmnm
I Blood & Liverlf
Program of Services for
Wayne Street Sunday School at 2
p. m. Christian Endeavor at 0:15, and
preaching services at 7:00 p. m., W.
R. Blackner, pastor.
St. Luke's Lutheran Services held
at Andrews Hall. Morning service atH
10:30 a. m. Sunday School at 0:30 "a.
m. Christian Endeavor meeting at
0:30 p. m. A special Children's Day
service will bo held at Andrews Hall
at 7:30 p. m. Sunday evening. A good
nrocrnm has heon nrranired which
promises to he of Interest. Everybody
First Baptist Preaching morning
and evening by the pastor, Dr. Klrt-i
ley. In the morning theie will bo
children's ci.urrh; a special sermon for
th'o children. The course of lecture
will bo continued in the evening.
Komo Bible School, 9:15, C. H. Turner,,
superintendent. Norwood Bible School
2:30, Harry Cogswell, superintendent
C. E. 0:30. Everyone welcome. "it
A ).
First Presbyterian -W. E. Roe, pasf.
w;r. liio exerciser oi iiiiiiuuii u'l;.
in the morning, with baptism of injv
fants. The pastor will preach in th
evening on the theme, "Everydajj
Virtues Honesty." Sunday School ft'
0:13 a.m. C. E. at C;30 p. m. A cpr-
dial Invitation
given .
to all the
lervlces is
Oilman Avenue M E. Rev. A. J,
Haw!:, pastor. Sunday School, Junior
Epworth League at usual hours. At
10:30 a. m. Children's Day services.
At 7:30 ). m. the pastor's topic will
be "Tho Cmld Jesus." All aie cordi
ally Invited.
Unitarian Rev. E. A. Coil, pastor.
Morning subject'LIght Thrown on' the
Enigmas cf Life by Jesus." Text,
"He groaned in the spirit and was
troubled." Sunday School and Young
People's meeting at tht usual hours.
No preaching service in the evening.
Central Christian Church. Fourth
street. F. F. Cook, Pastor. Sunday
School at 0:15. Communion Service at
10:30. E. C. Dawes Camp, Sons of Vet
erans will attend the evening service
A woaan in Idaho got a divorce
from her husband because he would
not take her to the Paris Exposition.
He testified in court that he was afraid
of water and that he was afraid to get
into a bathtub even, he got so seasick.
That man has indigestion just as a
good many others we know and should
take Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Get
it at
W..C. T. U. Convention:
The sixteenth annual convention of
the Woman's Christian Temperance
Union of Washington county was held
at New Matamoras, June 13 and i4.
Ti.e convention was one of tho most
profitable held. Special credit is due
the President Miss Julia Rea, of New
port, for its success.
Reports were heard from the union
proving good woik done ana progress
made. Excellent addresses were made
talks given and papers read.
The convention unanimously elected
the following officers: President, Miss
Julia Rea, Newport; Corresponding
Secretary, Miss Lou Hines, Newport,
Recording Secretary, Mrs. N. H. Dye,
Marietta; Treasurer, Mrs. A. V. Mar
tin, Matamoras.
The following superintendents were
elected: Flower Mission, Mrs. Wat
son Dana, Newport; Purity, Mrs. W.
C. Bennett, Marietta; Evangelistic,
Mrs. Marlowe, Matamoras; Scientific
Temperance Instruction, Mrs. Mary
Ogle, Marietta; Non Alcholic Medica
tion, Mrs. List, Matamoras; Mothers'
Meetings and Suffrage, Mrs. J. W.
Sturgiss, Marietta; Loyal Temperance
Legion, Mrs. J. Greenwood, Newport;
Jail and Prison Work. Mrs. Sadie
Swingle, Marietta; Sunday School
Work, Miss Tirzah Rufner.Pine Ridge;
Fair Work, Mrs. Morse, Marietta;
Savings Bank, Miss B. Adanibon, Mat
amoras. Tho organization and others fro .1
Matamoras welcomed and entertained
the delegates In a delightful raannes .
Their kindnss and good will shall ever
bo remembered. Ten delegates fwffl
Marietta Uilon were present. Mtuv
from adjoining places attended.
Press Superintendent
Try DeBell's Kidney Pills.
They are tho only kidney medicine
that positively cure all diseases aris
ing from disordered kidneys, poor
nerves and a thin watery condition
of the blood such as nervous headache,
dizziness, weak back, rheumatism, dia
betes, scalding urine and other kidney
troubles, DeBell's Kidney Pills, the
great kidney remedy. Every box war
ranted, 25 cents per box. (C)dly only
The Pa-Zl Laundry calls for and de
livers family washings on Falrviow
Heights, Norwood and WHHamstovyn.
the Churches of Marietta.
in a body. Subject of services In tho
evening, "The Greatest Battle Field."
A eoruial Invitation to all services.
First Congregational The morning
service will be held at tho Auditorium,
and a brief evening service at the
chapel. The Sunday School and Young
People's meeting us usual. In the
morning tho pastor will speak on "A
Christian Institution Imperiled." A
cordial welcome to all of these ser
vices. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Low '
Ma-s aud Communion at 7:30 a. m.; ;
High Ma-s and' sermon at 9:30 a. m.,
Sunday School at 1:30 p. m.; Vesper
serv.rei and benediction at 2:30 p. m.
Fi'-t M. E. At 10:30 a. m. preach
ing by tbp pastor, Rev. V. D. Chev
rlnsion, and at 7:30 p. m. short ad-1
drews by Mr. A. B. Bourquard and i
the paMrr. All the services at the ,
usual hours. All are invited.
o tn $
Hivinw Congregational V. Boyer,
jast"r. Morning subject, "Tho Sacrod-
ijiu-ic of Lilo. ' In tho evening tho :m-
riusl f'i'ild.en's Day exerciser. Kiir
"da .- 1 (,(.! .it 9:15 a. m. All ire vo!
c.o:..( .
W'-U.an Chffiiron's Day 10. f
a. w. Preaching by Rev. E. B. Jack
son. 1 ::o p. m. Sunday School 7:30
preaching by Rev. P. Tollver.of Park
erso"'!.' You are welcome.
Hr'itl A. 'M. E. Rev. V. H.
Thon.as. pastor. Strvices at 10:30 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m., conducted by Rev.
Mr. Jackson. Sunday School at 2 p.
m., .!. A. Dingus. Supt. Class meet
ing immediately after morning sei
vice. Lyceum at S p. m. Wednesday,
instead cf Thursday on account of ro-
cept'en at Wesleyan church. Ques-tio-i
for discussion: "Resolved that
v.-hii-key has been more destructive to
the country than war," by Mr. W. H
Johnson and others. All are invited.
in-,s.tlan Scientists. Room 9, Law
Building, Putnam street. Service Sun
day 10:30 a. m. Subject: "God, ie
Preserver of Man." Wednesday 7 p.
m. All we'eome.
The Right Remedy.
Hundreds who have exhausted the
skill of doctors and vainly sought re
lief in the many modes of local treat
ment have been cured of Rheumatism,
Bacnache and Kidney troubles by De
Bell's Kidney Pills even after having
good reason to think themselves incur
able. DeBell's Kidney Pills goes direct
to the cause of the disease and a sure
and permanent cure results. Price 23
cents per box. (C) dly only.
Mission Calender for Week,
Mission services for week commenc
ing June 16;
bmle Class, Sunday 3:00 p. m.
Mr. Callander, Sunday evening.
W. A. Decker, Monday evening.
Miss F. Wittlig, Tuesday evening.
Mr Stotsberry, Wednesday evening.
J. R. Stewart, Thursday evening.
J. H. Hecker, Friday evening.
G. W.Stewart, Saturday evening.
MRS. NAN H. DYE. Chairman.
! They Work While You Sleep.
While your mind and body rest Cas
i carets Candy Cathartic repair your
j digestion, your liver, your bowels,
put them in perfect order. Genuine
. tablets stamped C. C. C. Never sold
in bulk. All druggists, ioc.
The Steel Corporation.
By Assoclateu Press.
Cleveland, O., June 15. The Leader
says: The United States Steel Corpo
ration is preparing to control its four
big competitors and thereby lay the
foundation for a monopoly of steel
industries in the United States. Tno
Cambria Steel Company, the Pennsyl
vania Steel Company, the Bethlehem
Iron Company and the Jones and
Laughlin Company will be brought un
der control before winter.
Victory lit Lust.
For ten loag yea.j I was a sufferer
with kidney dyspepsia and rheuma
tism disease. I treated with many Co
lumbus doctors; took patent medicine.
No results whatever until I discovered
and took ONE bottk of DENN'S
three days I threw aown my crutches.
Ordinary cases cured In one day.
Only 25 and 75 cent3 at A. J. Rich
ards and W. H. StyRi . Samplei 7 ra
Texas Fire.
Conroe, Texas, Junol5. A fire which
started in a drug store this morning,
destroyed 22 business houses, compris
ing nearly all of tho stores here.
Few of the contents were saved. Loss
$100,000, Insurance $25,000.
YVnnteil A Wife
Must be 6trong and never have a lame
LETS stop tho pain at once and euro
permanently. Sold toy Beagle & Ly
tje and A. J. Richards, druggists, Mari
etta. Ohio.
Lvery tidy Uoc6ckeeper Deeds
"The Tidy HnuFekeeuer," the lnt
e&t cnrnbiimtion cupboard and
kitchen cabinet. E en thing
neat, hn tidy :uid corapi.i't. Call
and x-im.n-) it at
Manufacturers' Agent for Marietta,
Ward-Nichols Block, Second Street.
Marietta Division. '
ennsylvania Lines.
Trains Run by Central Standard Time.
16 30
6 48
16 E5 -12 15
I f 7 25 (2 33
Btiinli'.vvlllc "
Whipple "
Warner. "
i:iti.i "
MucUBliurK "
Dexter City "
buutli Olive "
Dudley "
Caldwell "
Hello Valley "
A vh "
Clemrood, "
Pleasant City "
Derwent "
llyesvlllo "
CiiiuWrldKO "
Tvner "
KlinholKin "
Bird's Ilun "
(liternsey "
Post Hoy -
Xeuciiinerstwnn "
Wolf "
storin CTrelt "
Yorlttnwn "
CiimiiI Dover "
Valley Junction ar
16 52 17 E0 f2 37i
7 04 8 00 2 49
7 13. B 2C 2 5t
7 23 18 36, 3 US
7 291 9 00 3 14
7 35' 9 15l 3 20
7 39, f9 20 13 24
441 f 9 28. 13 29
7 5S 10 TO' 3 41
8 05l 10 25 3 SI
8 15'flO 0 f4 00
8 20110 n 14 05
8 28 11 05 4 13
8 31 f 11 09 f4 1G
8 39 11 30 4 25
8 571 12 55 4 45
f9 15 f12 45 f 5 03
9 24 j 1 05 5 13
9 34' fl 25 f5 22
9 40 f 1 33 f5 28
9 48 fl 45 f5 36
10 CO 2 35 5 48
110 101 fl 57 f5 57
10 22l 3 25 16 09
110 30. f3 38 16 18
10 45
11 05
4 30
6 35
6 50
I'M '
5 00
Vnlley.lunotloiilv.rt5 3016 1512 05
i CiiunB Hover..
5 50 7 15 2 25
iorutown "
1 Stone Creek "
16 02,17 3212 SI
'?& 10 7 50 2 45
Wolf "
Post Hoy "
OueniBey "
Iilrd's Hun "
Klmliolton "
Tyner "
Cnmbrldfrc "
Hyevllle "
Derwent "
Ple.mnnt City "
16 22T8 1012 57
6 331 9 20
3 08
3 18
3 24
i6 43f9 C8
f6 4919 66
16 6610fl0
7 0610 35
3 31
3 4i
f7 iKhnfdaf en
7 3011 30 4 05
7 4611 00 4 25
17 B2,f1 08! 4 31
7 58 1 41 4 38
(8 02T1 47
n " 18 I5f1 58 4 50
Hello Valley
f8 251 2 16 4 5!
Caldwell "
Dudley "
Houth OIIto "
Dexter City
Mucltstiurc "
Elba "
Warner "
atauleyvllle "
8 36 2 50 5 1
ra joro cq!
8 50,13 24
5 25!
5 29
8 64 3 34
9 00 3 51
9 06T4 05
5 35
5 41
a 1R & OK' ; r,1
S 25 4 S31 fi 00
IO 34X5 036 09
T9 4115 15! 6 16
Murletlu ar. 10 00 5 45 S ii
Biri Tut Cgirn, P. )! tin. Light hea, 1. U. time.
Connections leave Nen-eoiiiemloivn
via IMtfNlllircli Division. For 1'ltlabuiKh
and the East, 2 43 am, 11 31 ntn. 2 17 P'n. For
UhrlcliHvllle and Ocnnlson. t7 47 pm.
For Columbus. t5 36nm. For Columbus nnd
Cincinnati, ll 23 ntn.,11 25 ptn Indianapolis
and St. Loui-, 11 25 pm. For ColumbUB and
Chicago, 4 20 Pra-
Connections Ipnvo CnnnI Dover vln
Cleveland A lMMsunrcli Ulvialon. For
Cleveland, Canton and Kort Wnyno Iloute
points, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Intermediate
point", t7 20 am and r2 50 pm.
Dally. fExcept Sunday, f Flag stop.
CiLtnl Masigir, Generil PtssMjer Igtat'
I1-25 00.-Xs l'lTTSnUKQir, PlINN'A,
For time cards, rates of fare, through tickets,
bacguge cheeks, nnd further Information re-8-ardlnc
the running of trains, apply to any
tgent of the Pennsylvania Lines.
Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never sold In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
"somethints iust as rjood."
The Sifett, Surest soil Onlr
Price $1.00 per box. PialC wrapper.
pvtrn clritnirth. 1C9 OH n.. hn. Uv
mail, postpaid. Address Dr. Morkau & Co.,
Brown Hio..' Bide., S. Clinton St, Chicago, 111.
Sold By Beagle & Lytle and A. J.
Richards. Druggists, Marietta, Ohio.
uffalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh Railway,
The Pan-American
Exposition Line . .
Equipped with Pullman Sleepers, Hand
Bome Day Coaches, Cafo and Re
clining Chair Cars.
Quick Timo Superior Service.
FromP.'& W Station, Allegheny.
Eastern Standard Time. I Leave.
Buffalo, Rochester, I'un-
X8y, unuois auu urau-
ford Ex....
Fnnxey nnd DuBols Ac-
Ilntlalo and Rochester
Ex ,
9.00 a m
t .10pra
10.00 pm
6.43 pra
tll.00 a m
7.30 a m
Dally. iWeek Days.
e.00 a m train has Cafo and f reolteclinins Chair
Cars. I'ullman Bleeping Cars on 10,00 p in train
between Pittsburgh and Buffalo, Pittsburgh
unci Rochester.
Ticket Office, 600 Bmlthfleld St., cor. Fifth
(Jen. Pass. Agt., Div. Pass, Agt..
Rochester, N. Y, Pittsburgh, Pa.
? ff
B. & 0, S-W. R R
TIMIi TAIlI.i: NO. S4, June 1.
TrnlUK Arrive nt ami Depart from Union
Central StniuliiKlTlmc,
AliniVE vVESTWAKU. Dkpabt
3 10 a m Athens, Chllllcothe, 11 4i p m
Cluclnnatl, Loul8vlll,
IS (Him M. Lonls and all iointa 1 ao a m
West. south and n-nest
la 4 p ni llelpre. Athene, Chll- -f C OO a m
Icottie '' wv ntlooE.
31 p in i virr Atheni 11 on a m
1M J8 p iu Ilelpie, fuiKeirottrB, itopm
Chllllcothe, Cincinnati
and way stations.
7 00 p rn II e 1 p r e. I'a rliers- i K 00 p ra
bury. ChlKlcotl.e Cin
cinnati. Louisville. St.
Louie, Chicago and all
prints west, south and
I , u a tn j'arKersmirg and llelpre Local
j nASTWAJll).
7 cio prn-lleiprc, rarkcrsonrp, 10 OOam
I Salem. Corn walild,
ClHrurburc Uialton,
i. .. and all way stations.
US 4S p ta llelpre, Parliersbnrp, ! CO p ro
Italtitanre, 1'hll. delph
la and New Yorh.
3 loa in I'nrkersbuifr. Wash- T, 00p ra
lag ton, lialtlmoie,
Phlladelnalaand New York.
10 p (to in Parltersimrvr. Wlkij. 'll-iopm
, inuton.iUitlmoroPhil
adelphla. New York,
lto.-.ton and nil points east.
Murl'.tti nml rnrkelur(C Local.
1 20 a ni :io m
j '" " "i 5 ii m ox S
. JO a in ex Sun K nil a in
0 10 a in li iina in.
1 - ;i in I (in p ni
; ;'' 1 '" , ex S i m
1 HI pin cz Sun ,- no put
O" v in K mi pm
10 mi pm li in p ,
tST'Ilally 'Exrept Snnt.hy.
All trains of M.rif'tu-i Mlmrlic inn io Park-
I'n through tickets to all polnaln'tbo
uu,ifu a.utes, banana ao Me,.u, witn ue-
t.-.iitd inronuutlon as lor.ues. routes, sleoplnit
car nccommodatlons etc., please call on tr
iKldrt-s-. :
h. M. Pwne, Ticket Afc-ent, Marietta, O.
A. H. Snidfc. Passcnjibr Agt , Mnrlttta, O
U. l'..lvCAl.TY. Gen'l P..hMin?tr Awni.
('nclnn.it!. O
"Columbus and Toledo Short Line."1
(Formerly T. & O. C. Ext. R. R.)
Trains arrive and depart from thd
Union Station daily except Sunday.
Time card effective May 19th, 1901.
(Central Standard Time.)
Depart Arrive
7.55 a m Marietta 12.35 p m.
2.50 p m " 7.20 p m
Through Connections.
Arrive Leavo
x 2.25 p m Columbus.. ..7.35 a m o
7.55 p m Columbus.. ..12.01 p m s
x 7.55 p m St Marys, O. C 50 a m s
9.55 p m Bucyrus
, .. 5.30 a m o
. 7.30 a m s
. . 7.30 p m o
...10.00 p m 3
.. 5.00 p m o
..10.35 p m s
x C.30 p m Toledo..
11.45 p m Toledo..
x 8.25 p m Detroit...
COO a m Detroit..
7.30 a ra Chicago...
x 7.U0 a in Mackinaw Cy..lla5 a m s
7.45 p m Mackinaw Cy.. 9.45 p m o
x COO a m Gr'd Rapids.. 7.00 a ra o
1.50 p m Gru Rapids.. C50 p m o
9.15 p m Pctoskey.. .. 9.35 a m s
xll.15 a m Athens 4 21 p m a
x 1.37 p m Gallipolls.
x.4.10 p m Charleston
xll.59 a m Corning. .
.. 2.04 p m s
. .11.40 a m a
...10.05 a m o
.. 2.20 p m a
. 7.40 a in o
p m Corning. . .
x 2.35
p m Lancaster..
x 3.2J
x 5.2S
x C.1E
p m Lancaster.,
p m Clrcleville. .
p m Springfield.
.10.00 a m s
..9.12 a in 3
. 9.53
m 3
m 3
p m Dayton... ,
x Leave Marietta 7.55 a. m.
Leave Marietta at 2.50 p. m. '
o Arrive Marietta 12.35 p m.
s Arrive Marietta (.20 p. m.
All trains have been furnished with!
entire new equipments. The time has
been shortened and closer connections
made with Ohio Central and other rail
roadF and boat lines.
For information regarding rates,
routes and connections call or address
either ,
City Ticket Agt. Genl. Pass. Agt.
Ohio River Railroad.
Time Table Effective Nov. 25th,
(Eastern Time )
Leave Willanstown
d7:47 a. m to Wheeling
10: 3G a. m. to Now Martinsvill
dl2:45 p. m to Pittsburg and Easl
d3:51 p. m... Wheeling and lnt points
5:19 p. m., Ohio Valley Erpress Pitlts
burg and East.
'6,12 p. m..Sistersvillo and int. polnti
9.07 p. m., New Martinsville and Int.
8:5C a. m ,to Parkersburs
dll:17 a. m to Parkersburg
12:03 p. m., Ohio Valley Express ta
Huntington and Cincinnati.
d2:35 p. m to Kenova
4:45 p. m o Ft. Pleasant
d7:0C p. m. to Parkersburg
9:54 p. m to Parkersbura
D dally. dally except Sunday.
Gen. Pass. Aceut,
O. & L. K. R. R.
UOlNlj NCJltTH No. 70. No. 14.
.A Marietta CSOftm Hi p T . ...
" Loweii 0 67 u ro 8 18 p m . ...
" Watorforcl 7 18 n re 8 et p m . ..
' Stockport 7 Cf. a in i 10 tei . ...
-Malts 8 08 am 4 6Spm. ..
" Zaner-Tllle I'll am ecnpm1. .. .
Ar CoVumtms ....... 11 85 a m 7M ml.,..
Ar chIc.go SOOpra 7 00n.ru, ...
frBtPanl lieanm li tf nml. ...
GOING fcOTJTH. ,u. 7H .tt,
Lv. Chicago 7 CO p m '.'..'.'.
" Columbtia 11 It pm 1' 78 s m ......
" ZanebVllle 7 to a SSS pra .....,
"Malta 8 111 am 3 Ml p n.
"Stockport Illtn 4 SI p m
" Waterford... . 8Bam Wpm
"Lowell 10 0-1 am iSilpn
Ar. Marietta 10 40 an. t cs ptn
All Trains Dally except Sunday.
Noe. 7C and 71 maVe olote connections
Zanesrtlle with the II. A. O. and Fan H.iuV.
trains lor Columbus, (Ihtcsro vi the tVc St.
J. HOPE SUlOlt. General Managei.
O, O. nARUIHOK Ornersl Prr Agent
Examination of Teachers
For the public EcbooUot Washington County
will be held In the Marietta High School Room
on the second Saturday ot each month except
January, July and August. '.
J. A. STONE. MarietU, Ohio, . ;'
Prtelileut Doard ot School Examiners.-
- &!t9

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