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imclisois Mpii Stores
The greatest mill remnant sale of merchandise ever offered
in the city of Marietta.
$40,000 To $50,000
Worth of Goods
Of all kin Is. This tremendous sale will take place
I etaflay Morning, June 12111,
Continuing to June 22nd
Mill remnants meaus a tremendous saving to the purchasing
public. They are the ends of the goods, from the looms to us, and
range from 4 yards up to 12 yards in length, and lots of all other
oods offered at about half the tegular prices.
Dress Goods. Hosiery.
Gauze Vests. Notionp.
Veilings. Laces. Eibbon.
Ladies' Neckwear.
Foster Kid Gloves.
Bulk Perfumes. Stationery.
Underskirts. " Dress Skirts.
Ladies' Colored Dress Duck
Clocks and Jewelry Corsets.
Embroidery. Table Linen.
Men's Furniohincs.
Trip Fre To All Customers I
During this salo wo will pay return fare to purchasers of J." and upwards of
goods to Stanleyville and hippie, on the Pennsylvania R. R., and all points
to Lowell on the O. & h. K. R. R., andall points to St. Marys on the O. R. R.
R., and to all points to Dunbar on the M. C. & C. R, R., and on purchases o
$10.00 and upward to all points to Caldwell on the Pennsylvania R. R.
and to al points to Roxbury on the 0. & L. K. x. R., and to all points to
Slstersvllle on the 0. R. R., and to all points to Sharpsburg and Amesvllle on
the M. C. : C. R. R.; and on all purchases of $15.00 and upward to all
points to Malta and McConnelsvllle ou the 0. & L. K. R. R.; and all purchases
of $20 and upward to all points to Camorldge on the Pennsylvania R. R.
Bring your Ollette Tickets and we will punch them during this sale.
Nos. 1694 7 1 FRONT ST.,
Cnelmiil'M .'New Sovereign Iliijoy H
.lokc as Well ns Oilier
King- Edward of England is a merry
monarch. At least he was reputed to
be merry before he attained his pres
ent august' dignity.
Some yi'iirs ago. v. lien Arthur Hub
erts n:i- singing' his snug "We are a
merry family, we lire, we are, we a re!"
the prince was ai-hcd for the solution
of a knotty point, lie merely shrugged
his shoulders a i,d s;i ;(; : "We are a
royal fmni;.. V. II.. V. I!.. V. I,'.:" j
lie was at llie theater one night
watching the famous Fletcher plac
ing "Itoberl .laeaiie." The ntlvcu- ;
turer's eo.it was apparently a mass ot
rents a nil' patches., but the prince'.".
Keen eye iiiicli!,v noted that the gar
ment was .singularly well cut. After
the pla, the prince sent fur I'tcher
and asked him who his tailor was. The
actor replied that Mr. 1'oole had made
the coat he was wearing. The next day
the prince sent for the tailor, who trom
that hoitr was a made man.
All the world knows that both the
jarriagc and saddle horses of the prince
of Wales have as part of their equip
ment a forehead band of the color
hnnvvn as ro,,il scarlet. When the
princ" and his daughters ride in Il,de
park their horses are. therefore, dis
tinguished from thoe of other people
by these particular forehead bands.
One morning the horses of a certain
linaneier and his two daughters were
conspicuously adorned with red bands
that arc by etiquette icserved for the
Use of ro.Milly. The prince and the
young princesses, who were riding in
the row, could not help noticing this
vulgarity. Ou the followingday it was
seen that the prince had replaced his
scarlet forehead b.inds by others of
plain black leather, and the financier
and his daughters had it all their own
way in the matter of royal red.
IiiNt 1,11.4 it Womnii.
Dixon They say llockefeller makei
25 cents every time the clock ticks.
Mrs., DNon-Mercy! ,1'd think he'd
be worried for fear the clock would
run down. Chicago Daily News.
'.Educate Vonr novroln TVlth Caacarets.
Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forever.
100,23c. If C. O. O, Jail, drucplstn refund money.
Public Notice.
Many complaints having been made
to us of the abuse of the Public
Grounds of the City by noisy ball play
ing, accompanied with profanity, to
the great annoyanco of the neighbor,
hoods; and also by the beating of car
pets thereon, the same are hereby prj
hiblted under penalty of arrest.
By order of
June Cth.
Mackintoshes. Overshoes.
Men's Hats. Clothing.
Queenswaro Department."
Six Oflice Oloqks. Sewing
50 Bed Cots. Jardiniers.
Musical Instruments
W'll Paper. Picture Frames
10c to $1.98.
Eooks. Plated Ware.
Fine Art Toilet Soaps
(3 stories) MARIETTA, 0
I'lie Vi b; lliishiiml of liM'en V'll-
lieliillmi AcIm In ii i.
Olllelnl INisitlon.
Queen Wilhelmina's new husband
has acquired distinction in the vicin
ity of the royal resilience by acting
as a game warden. Two jolly Dutch
men fond of poaching' entered the for
est of l,ii(i u few dn.sngoin the hope
of being nble to snare a few par
tridges, says a London ei ,' ige.
In this task they were quite success
ful, but as hey were sneaking home
through the trees at a little distance
from the royal castle in which Queen
Wilhclminn and the prince of Mecklenburg-
are spending; their honeymoon
they found theiuselws iace to face
with another sportsman.
It was, in fact, the prince of Meck
lenburg himself.
The poachers did not know' him. and
the two Dutchmen never .sus
pecting that Ibis handsome young
gentleman was layinga trap, told him
all about themselves anil consequently
were surprised when the prince told
them to hand over their partridges
and gie him their mimes. They com
plied sullenly and then weit home,
where they were arrested a few hours
later on the charge of poaching.
The prince of Mecklenburg has
never been popular with the people
of Holland, 11 nil his action on this oc
casion has helped to intensify the ill
feeling against him, since the general
opinion is that a man in his position
could afford to overlook the peccadillo
of which the two Dutchmen were
floltl In tlir CucjicIn.
An order has gone out from the
treasury department that before tle,
various superintendents submit their
reports for the current year thoy
shall burn the rug's and carpets on
the floors of the rooms where smelt
ing ami refining of gold and silver
takes place. All the old cloths,
.floves and other paraphernalia used
in handling the precious metals are
,tb be burned also and careful stock
taken of the residue. The govern
ment expects to save anywhere from
$j'0,0f) to $11)0,0(10. from this process.
It is customary to go through this
formula every .venr or so and glean
out it 11 flakes of gold that may have
been scraped or clipped oil' and lost
to sight, Even the towels the em
ployes wash their hands ou are saved
and btibmittcd to lire.
U. P. Mouaor, druggist, at Chetopa,
Kansas, says: "I have tho best sale
on Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin of any
nrtlcles In my store." So has Charles
R. Buchannan' and Curtis & Hutch
man. It cures Constipation, Indlges
tlon.SIck Headache and Stomach Trou
Czar Gives Most Interesting Inter
view to Frederick W. Holls.
Sxprcmie Deepest C.rnllllijnlloii liver
(Jorillnl Support of (lie United
Slntex Government mill People
tu The Hititue Conference.
Frederick W. Holls, of the Interna
tional court of arbitration, left for
Warsaw the other night, after hav
ing' been received In special audience
by Emperor Nicholas at I'etcrhof pal
ee at noon that day. The conference
was extended and most cordial. It Is
understood that the emperor thanked
Mr. Hollis for his history of the
peace confercnce.dedicatcd to hts ma
jesty, and expressed the deepest
gratification over the cordial support
from the American people and tho
United Stntes government, declaring
that he wished to thank the various
American organizations, such as
eliiirche's and chambers of commerce,
for their enthusiastic efforts in be
half of peace.
It is also understood that the, em
peror spoke warmly of the excellent
relations historical, traditionnl and
actual between the United States
and Kussia, and expressed a hope
that both powers, with their great re
sources, would continue to stand for
pence and the strengthening of The
Hague tribunal and the bloodless ad
justment of international dlillculties.
His majesty expressed a conviction
that the peace conference marked an
important step In advance, but that
tli tribunal must seek support, first
and foremost, in the intelligent opin
ion of the world, adding that in this
matter American opinion was uni
versally recognized as leading. With
out the backing of the American gov
ernment and people, the emperor ob
served, the conference could not have
been such a success.
OenlKiier Watson Com plalllM Thnt
Trial Iliices oi' .Shamrock II. loit
Kulrly Show Wlmt She Can Do.
A dispatch to the New York World
from Glasgow says: Designer Wnt
son is greatly worried by criticisms
passed on his workmanship on the
challenger. He tifld Upton he did not
place iin.v value on the result of the
trial races on the European side, lie
built the yacht with an eye to Amer
ican Milling' conditions, and nothing
lias happened to alter his judgment
that she will prove the fastest chal
lenger he ever sent across.
dipt. Sycamore expresses entire
agreement with this view. He says if
he and Watson had had their way the
challenger would have been taken
straight across the Atlantic when she
was launched, to be tuned up there,
but l.ipton did not want this, as Ids
only chance of getting the king as his
guest was to have the Solent trials."
They were accordingly arranged.
Watson disapproved of them from the
tirsl. Jlc blames the hurry with which
the boiit was fitted in order to bring
them off. The accident and indiffer
ent performances will cost l.ipton an
other $3.1.01)0 to send'Shnmrock I. to
Sundy Hook, but evpense never de
terred him doing anything to assist in
enabling him to lift the cup.
I'lnils Germ to Slny Huts.
The rats at the city hospital of Cin
cinnati are now under a plague which
promises to rid the institution of their
presence. Itecently one of the doc
tors employed' in the new laboratory
discovered that a disease which as
sumed epidemic tendencies had broken
out among a collection of rats which
were being held fbr experimental pur
poses. Further investigations were
made to determine the cause of the
trouble and from the liver and Npleen
of the affected animals a bacillus was
detached which pi oved on inoculation
e.vtremeiy tsitni to both rats and mice,
.Nearly viry rat m the establishmen
seems to have caught the disease, an
they are dying otV in large numbers
J nose aileetcil Have a peculiar. stiiilleo
cough, which may be heard from thei
Haunts nelore 1 lie disease has pro
gressed siiuieieiitly to make thcmtal
to the open in search of fresh air an
CnlilirlfH In n , Church Choir,
The "Children's dm" services
Trinity Methodist church, at Atlanta,
On., the other morning were rendered
absolutely uuiqiW by the presence of
hundreds of singing canaries in cages
suspended from the walls and fixtures
of the edifice. Several days ago the
church wardens determined to differ
entiate tliis occasion from others, and
secured the necessary number of song
sters. The cages were swung in con
venient places and at the morning,
services the canaries started a perfect
Niagara of melody, which continued
throughout the service and made it
almost impossible to distinguish the
words of tie preachers. When the
congregational singing began the
canaries were tremendously excited,
and the accompaniment of their shrill
chirruping made the occasion one
never to be forgotten.
Omul I'ohI o Tl To-,
Down in Tennessee the other day a
man named (iatepost was married to
a girl named Haliis. It is not speci
fied, however, says the Chicago Record-Herald,
that this Is a case of
throwing the reins over the gate
post, Smooth, i -Oilocrat
is a'new'word ('nliied'to'ilt
the new conditions .which have been
"developed of Mate fir the" 'Htfflnin'rfnt
district of Texas, says the San I'ran
cisco Chronicle. Our vocubuhiry--aa
well as our pockets U thus being en-rlihed.
rrocrnx Tlirouah Which the Silver
in l'ut llefore It Ilccomcn
it Coin,
Under the law, a silver dollar may
be a grain and a half over weight, and
this "limit of tolerance" nppllcs to all
of our silver coins, in other words,
they are not allowed to vary more than
that much from .standard. In flic case
of gold pieces, the limit is half a grain
cither way, up to the eagle; a variation
of as much as one grain being permis
sible in the $10 and $:.() pieces, says the
Saturday livening Post.
Whenever a fresh batch of dollars Is
turned out at the mint, samples are
forwarded to the treasury at Washing
ton, where they are put through a
very curious process. lCach dollar Is
lit i weighed on exquisitely delicate
tcaleb, to make sure that it is heavy
enough, and yet not too heavy. Then it
passes between two steel rollers again
and again, until it Is flattened out and
transformed into a thin strip of sil
ver a sort of ribbon a foot and a half
in length. Then it Is put beneath a
little machine .provided with several
small punches, by which hundreds of
liny disks are punched out of the
metal htrlp.
Now, the object of this performance
is to obtain samples of metal from all
parts of the dollar, inasmuch as it is
conceivable tfiat one portion might be
richer in silver than another. The
little disks are sliuflled together, and
a few of them, taken at randonifrom
the lot, arc subjected to an assay. Thus
the fineness of the material.of the dol
lar is ascertained vvitli absolute ac
curacy, and, the weight having been
already determined, the value and cor
rectness of that coin are perfectly
The sample pieces having been found
correct, it is inferred that the entire
batch of dollars is al! right.
Employe In the Clilctitfo Deportment
AVho Him Aeeompll.iheit
u AV'oniler.
There is a woman on the Chicago
post oflice force who is doing what
no other woman in the city can do,
and very few men, says an exchange
of that city.
About three years ago Miss Hen
rich was put on us a substitute clerk
fit the Lincoln park substation, which
distributes mail to one of the largest
districts in the city. During last
year .",00(),n(l(l piece of mail were
handled there.
While Miss Henrieh was serving as
substitute she had plenty of spare
time, which she .spent in learning the
"distribution scheme," which is the
burden oft every green employe's life.
The ".scheme" is an arrangement of
pigeonholes where the mail Is thrown
before being delivered. At Lincoln
park station there are (U holes, one
for each carrier, and the various
streets and dividing numbers of each
carrier's district must be thoroughly
memorised, so that when the mail is
dumped on the distributing table in
large sack loads no delay will icsult
in "throwing" the letters properly.
l.nst November .Miss llenrich was
appointed a regular clerk, and at a
test given to the clerks by Superin
tendent Herman i.ieb, the woman
employe asked to be allowed to com
pete, nnil she made as good a record
as any of her fellow-employes by
making only one error in "throwing"
500 letters. This has been repented
every day since her entry into the
We Xo (ii-ovr ('.Inn Unix. ,
vvnn i ue riiinppincs we have ac
quired quite a remarkable addition
to our oology in a giant bat that far
exceeds ill sie his cousins on this
continent. He is a repulsive looking,
stupid, slow-flying creature, that
often reaches the measurement of 30
inches from tip to tip of his demonic
wings, says the New York Herald.
With all of his hoirible appearance
he Is not only harmless, but to some
extent useful, in destroying noxious
Insects and in furnishing a small
amount of not very nppeli.ing food'.
In the evenings these bats ,swoop
through the streets of the' towns, in
large numbers, slowly, and apparent
ly without ability to dodge objects
that present danger, so they arc read
ily struck down with clubs. They
are sold in the market at less than
two cents each, being bought only by
the very poor natives, who get a lit
tle quantity of meat off each side of
them under the wings. The rest is
too tough and strong, even for a poor
hungry Filipino.
Seven Di'iioiiilinit Ioiin In Weilillni;.
"The college roommate of n friend
of mini) was engaged to a ladv in New
York," writes iiev. D. M. Steele in Ills
article on "Some People 1 Have Mar
ried," in Ladies' Home Journal. "His
people are Congrcgationallsts, but
while at Yale he became n Unitarian.
Her parents arc Iioman Catholics,
but she wiis a member of the Kthicnl
Culture society at Carnegie hall. In
compliance with her motfier's wish
he asked five different prrests to mar
ry them, but all refused, in despair
lie came for me. I married them, an
Episcopalian, with the ritual service
Jn u Presbyterian chapel. The Roman
Catholic brother of the bride and the
Congregational sister of the groom
weru present, Tills sister acted as
one witness; the other witness was
a Jewess,"
ChcHl.init lirowlnic lii franco, '
In no part of the world docs the
business of growing chestnuts re
ce'lve so' much a'ttcntlon and Involve
theputjax of so much capital as. In
Praiice, These delieioi7s"7ihd fioptililr
nutH are shipped from Krancu to all
other countries, the United States re
ceiving u goodly share.
Base Bail,
By Associated Press.
Cincinnati, 0, Juno 15,-rTodny's
gnnio was'playcd in a drizzling rain.
The gnmo was called In tho fifth In
ning. Philadelphia won becauso thoy
proved better mud horses.
R. H. E
Cincinnati .,4 C 2
Philadelphia 5 8 0
Battorlcs Phillips and Bergen; Don
ohuo and Douglass,
Oy Associated Press.
Pittsburg, June IB. After tho sec
ond inning tho game was played i'n a
Bteady downpour of rain. In splto of
tho rain the game was full of brilliant
playing. Attendance G600.
R. H. K
Pittsburg :..l 5 0
Boston .' 0 4 1
Batteries Chcsbro and O'Connor1
Dlnecn and Moran.
By Associated Press.
Chicago, June 15. Mntthewson tried
hard. The hits off Waddell were scat
tered. Atenrlance 12,000.
R. H. E.
Chicago 9 13 0
New York 2 G 3
Batteries Waddell, Kllng and Ka
hoe; Matthovvson and Warner.
St. Louis, June 15. Powell almost
allowed Brooklyn enough clean hits In
the opening inning to scoro three runs.
St. Louis was unable, to overcome the
lead. Attendance 10.000.
R. H. E
St. Louis 2 10 0
Brooklyn 3 8 0
Batteries Powell and Nichols; Mc
James and Farrell.
By Associated Press.
Washington, Juno 15. Washington
outplayed Cleveland, but was unable
to hit opportunely. Tho visitors were
fortunate in bunching hits. Tho gama
was called at the end of tho eighth on
account of darkness. Attendance
Washington 3 11 1
Cleveland 5 4 4
Batteries Gear and Clark; Scott and
By Associated Press.
Boston, June 15. Detroit played
very stupidly. Boston had no trouble
winning. Winters, for Boston, pitch
ed a fair game. Attendance 5817.
R. H. E.
Boston '. 12 11 2
Detroit 4 7 C
Batteries Winters, Schrlver, Owen
ens, Solvers, Shaw, Bttelow.
Louisville, G; Toledo, 1.
Indianapolis, 11; Marlon, 5.
Columbus, 0; Wheeling, 3.
Dayton, 7; Ft. Wayne, 8, eleven in
Michigan, 11; Cornell, 9.
Chicago University, 14; Northwest
ern, 7.
Harvard, 20; Carlisle, 4.
Princeton, 5; Yale, 2.
This was the deciding game of the
Yale-Princeton series, each entering
today's contests with a game to their
Alcedo's Victory.
By Associated Press.
Now York, June 15. Before 20,000
people at Sheepshead Bay, one one of
the most disagreeable days the Subur
ban was ever run, J. II. McCormlck'.i
Alcedo camo home winner In but two
fifth of a second more than when Sal
vator made the record eleven years
ago. Tho crowd cheered wildly for
there was a hot tip on him and he won
easily. Toddy managed to hold sec
ond place until by a few Jumps Water
Cure passed him and left him third.'
Tho favorite Ethelbert was badly beat
en and away back in the ruck. There
was a cold northeast wind.
Ethelbert was at all times a consis
tent favorite for the Suburban, al
though a lot of monoy went In on Alcc
do. iho sixth break was sent off with
Water Curo in front Alcedo second
Ethelbert third, Utar Bright fourth
and tho rest close up. On tho way to
the grand stand they settled in tho
stretch and as they came to tho lower
turn Alcedo got to tho front, but only
by a fractlon.with All Gold second and
Ethelbert third. Around the turn td
tho half mile polo of tho back stretch
there was a little shifting of positions,
All Gold falling to fourth pace. Thero
was a pretty race between tho leaden
up tho back stretch and everybody
shouted at tho streak of bluo and
white, for'Toddy elected to make his
run then and at tho thrco-qtiai ter polo
ho was a neck best of Alcedo and two
lengths and a haU,'lnlront of Blues, ho
In turn being JubC clear of Ethelbert,
who Beemed t,o bo slowly slipping back.
In almost' tho twinkling pf an eyo the
head pt Toddy was a half length, then
a length, and then an open length, a3
they swung around the broad upper
turn. Spencer, on Alccdo, at tho aoven
furlong polo, pulled on Alcedo, who re
sponded bravely In n scries ot her
culean bounds' ho passed Kcene's four
year old almost as if standing still.
In tho tromondous burst of speed they
headed Into tho last quarter. Alccdo
was a length to tho good over Toddy,
who was two lengths in front of tho
rest of tho field, till of whom were drop
ping back, beaten with tho exception
of Water Cure, on whom Shaw was
making a desperato effort. Ethelbert
was badly beaten and was nwny back
in tho i uck and losing ground at every
stride. At last, straightened out for
home, tho prize was one for Alcedo.and
Spencer took a steadying pull on tho
leader, but him kept well in stride. In
the meantime little Smith was riding
hnrd and doing his best to hold Toddy
In second place. Ho almost succeeded
but Shaw had a better horse under
him. Water Curo took second place
few Jumps from tho wire. In thfa
meantime Alccdo was running along
comfortably In front and When tho
wire was reached he carried the great
race. Tho crowd snouted as loudly as
If Ethelbert were the winner.
By Associated Press
Cincinnati, 0 Juno 15. -The track
at Newport was muddy today, but tho
racing was very Interesting from tho
time standpoint.
Mile: Bentley B., first; Brown Vail,
second; Robert Morrison, third. TImo,
Six furlongs: Puro Wood, flr3t;
The Bronze Demon, second; Juniper,
third. Time, 1:1G.
Six furlongs: Eva Wilson, first;
Sweet Dream, second; Jim Gore, tlhrd.
Time, 1:10.
Mile and eighteenth: Charlie
O'Brien, first; Albert Vale second;
Strathbroeck, third. TImel:5G.
Four and one-half furlongs: Inso
lence, first; Faleta, second; The Wid
ow, third. Time, .56.
Six furlongs: Robert Gray, first;
Galloocan, second; Phophorus, third.
Time, 1:10.
1, Louis
By Associated Press.
St. Louis, June 15. Sllverdalo car
ried the colors of John W. Schorr to
Victory in the St. Louis derby, cover
ing a mlleand a half in 2:35, which Is
within a second of the track record
for the distance. Racing continues
perfect. Silverdale was the favorite,
G to 5. Sannazarro and Gaherls were
next best liked.
"Duelist made a running to tho mile
post, where he quit. Sannazarro then
assumed command and showed theway
Into the stretch. When straightened
out for home Woods went to bat and
Silverdale responding gamely and
pressed rapidly, tiring Sannazarro ar.
the last furlong.
Lady Schorr,
fly Associated Press.
Chicago, June 15. The Lewis Clark
stakes, run at Harlem, was won by
Lady Schorr. Lady Schorr went to the
front and stayed there, winning easily
by a length and a half. There was a
great crowd In attendance. The weath
er was fine.
M. Lewis Clark stakes, mile and
eighth: Lady Schorr, first; Operator,
second; Six Shooter, third. Tlmo,
1:54 3-5.
Yearlings Sold.
By Associated Press.
Now York, June 15. Tho rancho Del
Paso yearlings, tho property of J. B.
Haggln, were sold at auction today at
Sheepshead Bay. The best sales were:
Bay colt, by Watercress-Arnette,
Sidney Paget, ?2,500.
Bay colt, by Sir Modred-Baby, P. P.
Stanton, $2,700.
Bay colt, by Gold Flnch-Bavria, P.
Wittmer, $2,000.
Bay colt, by Star Rttby-Bedotte, Sid
ncy Pagett, $3,000.
Bay colt, by Golden Garter-Boule Do
NIcge, Sidney Pagett, 12,500.
Bny filly, by St. Gatlan-Chlmo Ha,
Sidney Pagett, ?!,000.
Bay or brown filly, by Star Ruby
Connemara, Sidney Pagett, ?3,000. .
Bay colt, by Water Cress-Cottago
Girl, W. J. Arkell, ?1,C00.
Bay colt, by St. Andt'ews-Danleleto,
T. Welsh, $4,500.
Forty-tnreo head brought $47,350.
By Associated Press.
London, Juno 15. Crosby and B.
Leroy Woodaid, ot Campcllo, Mas3
made tho highest scores in tho, compe
tition between American and British
teams for the second gold up. Each
got 14 out of 15. In tho scond trial
Crosby Eot 14 out of 15 to Woodard'a
13 out of 15.
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