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The Marietta Leader.
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No. 3.
TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1901.
bscriptlon Rat.es for Dally.
DellTcred by carrier, ten cenU per -week
or VB.00 per year IT paid In julvnnce. By
Mnall'lmldo TVnuhlngioo eonnty, 84.00 per
year, lly mall outside Wnslilngton county,
S t.CO per year, , tiki
(Te will eonilder It a (rent fnvorlf sao.
ccrlbers will report any failure to get their
Leader, or any carelessness on the part of
the carrier.
Subscribers will plense not pay the cni
rlera nnless the carrier punches his credit
tag In subscriber's presence.
The Dally Leader Is on Male at the fol
lowing places i
Marietta East Side.
Gates' Book Store ISOFront'St
HcottS: Ward 231 Putnam St.
Merchants' Delivery Co Tiber Way,
Union Depot News Stand,
Murlettn )Vet Side,
, K,. Buchanan's, Cor, Maple and Ullman
Republican Ticket.
For Governor,
GEORGE K. NASH, of Franklin.
For Lieutenant Governor,
CARL L. NIPPERT, of Hamilton.
For Supreme Judge,
JAMES L. PRICE, of Allen.
For Attorney General,
JOHN M. SHEETS, of Putnam.
For Clerk of Supreme Court,
For State Treasurer.
ISAAC B. CAMERON, of Columbiana.
For Member Board of Public Works,
W. G. JOHNSON, of Summit.
, State Senator,
DAVID H. MOORE of Athens.
Common Pleas Judge,
J. M. WOOD, of Athens.
: Representative,
Clerk of Courts.
Infirmary Director,
'"- . Surveyor,
A few college presidents are railing
at the gifts by millionaires to libraries
and educational institutions, but they
seem to be the kind that miss all the
good things in their line.
Fighting in South Africa has degen
erated into something like butchery.
Winter 1b coming on in that region,
and the world would be glad to hear of
less vengeance and more reason.
The Porto Ricans are, experiencing
American prosperity. Business of all
kinds in the island is better now than
in many years. Df course, it will be
still better as soon as the islanders be
come thoroughly Americanized and
.adopt American methods. The advan
ces, too, which will come soon In ths
island's political status will help all
sorts of trade among its people. A full
territorial government for the PortoL
Ricans is sure to be granted within th
next few years. Then state -government
will not be far in the distance. This
is the kind of "imperialism" which Is
in store for the newAmericans of the
Gulf of Mexico.
In the work of Americanizing Eng
land a few magnates from the United
States have obtained control of some of
London's street railways. This is n
good place to begin. The railroads are
going to be newly equipped, and in
this work American engineers will have
to be employed.' The British engineers
seem to be many years behind their
brethren on this side of the water. Tht
"English concern don't know the value
of a scrap heap," says Yerkes, the Chi
cago man, who has taken hold of Lon
don's underground railway. This is a
good time for the British, French and
German papers to repeat their cry
about Europe's financial subjugation
by the United States.
i i , Ladles' Aid Society.
evils'. '
$, .
Tho Ladies Aid Society of Dawes
Camp Son's .of Veterans will meet In
regular session, at 7:30 o'clock this eve
ning at thelf'ball on Putnam street,
arid a full attendance of the members is
most urgently requested.
Owner Made Happy.
Mr. Smith, the liveryman, lost a
pocketpook yesterday containing quite
a sum of money. Later It was found
by John Albright and restored to the
owner, The pocketbook contained
$270 In checks and ?25 in Money, '
.jWM'siJMMMLiutiiT.- , UEn vffjvv7zvrirwvwmmmmt
The remarlt"has boen frequently been
made In dlscuiond ofMhe Chinese lnT
domnlty question thatJapan should be
entitled" ti' an e-jjtra, pilawancebecauss
she would have to pay a. higher rate
of interest on a loan than some of the
other powers, her credit not .being bo,
good as theirs. , This, taken with the
te6ent abandonment of. .Important pub
lic works and the rebu'dtatlon of Vis
count Watanabets Bu'dgetTo'f which wo
have already spoken, would seem to In
dicate that Japan Is in a ba'd way finan
cially. Statements to that effect have
ben made, and Japan has been, held up
as "a 'horrible example" of a nation
mined through extravagant military
expenditures. As a matter of fact, Ja
pan Is suffering from a great scarcity
of ready money. Yet it is entirely
wrong t,o say that she is nearlng bank
ruptcy, that she. Is impoverished or
that her people are crushed by taxation.
The facts' are Just the .opposite of
these. Despite an enormous increase
in national revenues, taxation In Japan
Is actually lower than ever before. The
national revenue is now "more than
$100,000,000 a year, instead of $43,000,
000,000 ten years ago. But it must be
noted that the government's receipts
from its propeity and works were only
$4,000,000 then, while they are nearly
$24,000,000 now. So the receipts from
the liquor tax have risen from $7,500,
0000 to $27,000,000. In these two Items,
then, we have a gain of $40,000,000 in
revenue without the sllghest increase
in direct taxation. If the whole Bud
get be similarly analyzed It appears
that taxation has risen not from $43,
000,000 to $100',000,000, but from $26,
000,000 to $41,500,000, an Increase of
less than CO instead of more than 100
per cent. But we may go further than
this, and observe that If we take into
account the altered ratio between gold
and silver, and remember that the yen
Is now reckoned on .a gold basis, tax
ation is actually less in gross amount
than it was ten years ago.
Nor is this calculation theoretical.
It Is practically demonstrated by the
condition of the empire and its people.
There is an air of prosperity .every
where. Wages are rising they have
doubled in ten years. Business is good.
All industrial enterprises are making
money. And yet there is no stringency
in the money market. Government
bonds bearing 5 per cent, interest are
sold at 89, and it is believed that afresh
loan could not be placed at above 85
or 86. The reason of this state of af
fairs seems to be that the rapid expan
sion of Japanese Industries in recent
years has absorbed' and' fastened up all
available working capital, and for one
reason or another additional capital has
not been sought or received .from
abroad. Japan, In other words, is try
lng to carry on too much business on
too little capital. In time the situa
tion may be relieved through natural
processes, and Japan seems inclined to
seek such a solution of her difficulties
rather than Incur in any way .a heavy
foreign debt! In the meantime she
presents the strange spectacle of a rich
and prosperous nation in financial
Several items in the news of late
have emphasized the importance of
protecting the bedridden from the hu
mor of misguided friends. Only the
other day a young man was ignored in
the will of his uncle because he related
to that person, vho had outlived the
perils of 100 years, a stoiy so funny as
to cause the old man to swallow his
false teeth.
Similar is the case of Mrs. Mary
Zenn. She was only 22 years old, wa3
fair to see, had a good husband and
naturallj looked forward to many years
of peace and plenty. Some trifling
illness attacked her and several friends
who heard she was despondent went
to see her. One of these, in an at'
tempt to levive theinvalids' waning in
terst in life, told her the funniest story
she ever had heard. The young woman
laughed immoderately. She was too
weaok to do justice to theanecdote, evi
dently, for .after she laughed for an
hour or two she began to hiccough.
For ten dreadful ' days two doctors
sought to restore her gravity. It was
useless. Exhausted by the exertion
she departed this life. The grief-stricken
raconteur lied from her friend's bed
side after raising a gust of laughter
which, she saw too late, she could not
Those persons who invade tho Inval
Ids' chamber in these torrid July days
should not -give free rein to their sense
of humor. It may be that to die a
laughlng is the pleasantest exit from
this sphere of trouble, but-the average
invalid often prefers to live and groan
a little longer.
Improvement Association,
The meeting of the Marietta Im
provement Association will be hold at
the Relic Room at ten o'clock Tuesday
morning. The following program' will
be observed:
Readlng-of SJInutes,
Reports of Committees.
Beautiful Suburbs... Miss Willla Cotton
Suburbs of Marietta and How to Beau
tify Them
MIbb Frances Barbour
, ,kfirar DIbcubbJob, j-
- ..,,,l- AK. tJKl..A.r. - "I
SpBaks,of tln:,.!mp!inci
s i ' '" ' 4nM ' .'
By Associated Press.. . ,
Plttshiirr. JulrS. 'iThat WfilcV 1 be-
llevje. will prqye' ,ue tniost important
Conference in the historyJof capital and
labor will open In Pittsburg -next
Thursday morning, 'when the highest
.officials of the Amalgamated Associa
tion will meet with high officers of the
iron and steel Industries to settle
grave questions. . .
"Every Vice President of the .Amal
gamated Association, from Alabama
north, is hurrying towards Pittsburg
tonight on my telegraphic order. I
have considered it best that they be
called to confer at this time instead of
regular conferees who have met usu
ally with us to adjust differences.
"As yet I am in Ignorance as to who
will constitute the committee repre
senting the steel people, the employ
ers. I have been informed that Presi
dent Charles M. Schwab, of the United
States Steel Corporation, will, be pres
ent In person. Tho laboring man is at
present confronted with some peculiar
conditions which I hope will be adjust
ed at the coming conference.
"I believe the strike will be speedily
The above was the statement made
by President Shafer, of the Amalga
mated Association late this evening as
he emerged from ,the Carnegfe building
with a party of Amalgamated Associa
tion officers and officers of the Ameri
can Sheet Steel Company. It was evi
dently decided at the conference today
that' the best interests of both sides
demand that the wage conference oo
held at as early, a date as possible n
spite of the trouble at Wellsvllle, O.
Under the present arrangement the
Wellsvllle men all remain at work
pending a settlement or disagreement
on Thursday. .
.: - r- .,
An Ice Cream Treat.
Following the business meeting of
Dawes Camp Sdntol'VeteranS;Monday
evening, ,'tie njqinbers: thereof., to the
number of nearly forty, enjoyed an ics
cream treat at the hands of their
Brother Harry Babb, who became ,;r.
benedict a few days ago . It Isneedfess
to say that the whole crowd .dnj'oyed
In this connection it is In place5 to
say that another member otfeiDawo-j
Camp is seriously considering Itier Sub
ject of matrimony, and according k to
reports the happy event will transpire
along about the time when Fall oys
ters are good and ripe.. jHow about It,
Brother Jim?
Mrs, Mollle siien.
. Mrs. ilohfi&Bimf from heart
trouble at ItireSSt-Mpnday after
noon ather homeo'l-lfa South Fourth
street. Her agg was fifty-one years
and she leaves Lhusband .andAseverai
The remains will betaken to Cleve
land over the, C. & M; road today for
Taken to the Lock-up.
Jessie Venam, a young girl, was ar
rested and taken to the city prison
Monday morning, where she was locked
up for disturbing a religious meeting
on Hart street Sunday evening. She
was released In the afternoon by Mayor
Sykes and ordered to appear before him
Thursday morning to answer trial.
Kokomo, lnd Aug. 10, 1899.
Pepsin Syrup Co.,
Dear Sirs: For the past ten years I
was troubled with my stomach. About
'4 years ago wasi taken down with rheu
matism; was not able to do a day's
work for 3 years. All medicine seemed
of no benefit to me. A year ago I was
advised to take Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. I truly believe I would have
died but fox this medicine. My rheu
matism Is entirely gone and my stom
ach is in good condition. It has saved
mv life and I cannot recomend It too
Yours Respectfully,
Sold by
Tho Pa-ZI Laundry calls for and de
livers family washings on Fairview
Heights, Norwood and Wllllarastown.
Give us a trial.
About the Cost of the Lot
Is the price we havo on about twenty
houses In Marietta, They aro special
values and won't last long. Modern
houses sold pn easy terms, and no mat
ter how warm the weather, we havo
time to show tho prospective purchas
ers what they have been looking for.
This is tho best possible time of tho
year to Invest In Marietta real estate,
and we can always find time to treai,
you right. Remember the namo.
Marietta Real Estate Exchange,
City Electric, BUIify Front ' BatUt XwJjt .'
!!... - .' .. a'rf't "Tvjr;! raW v
. " .'j i k. j ww jmi m. jm at "v
After the 4th of tulv
5' Surtbniers REAL BARGAINS. .We havclmany lots of one, ,fwpl4lan.d three V
suits of a kind that-we -are goiri to 'CLOSE; .QpT, some athatfj pricnand all at
t greatly reduced prices. v ,, . ' u-j-- ",,ajv ,
If you are "a' big' man 6r a little m.an,and,w.ant a Coat and VeSt command see 4-
us We have an unusually large stock of Men's Shirts.- Weanake spetiali prices A-
on them." Straw Hats and Linen' Suits less than half price. (. k,, ,(ll 4-
Just drbpin,.please,.and see if we haven't something you can u,se at a very
W little price. ' ,:.,.
A '
Just received, and ' they are
Will yon look at them ? - Next
to Otto Bros.
Theis Shoe Co.,
Putnam Street.
DON'T through the 'phone, or
TALK ress the button expect-
BA.piC ing the bell to ring; or go
to sleep feeling secure from burglars un
less you know tho
Electrical Apparatus
is in perfect working order.
If it isn't send word here and nn
Experienced Electrician
supplied with tho best material, will re
spond and quickly make all necessary
repairs. No!, ,,Chdrges ore not high.,
B. S. Sprague,
Electric and blasting supplies. Phones,
399, No. 101 Putnam street.
A RESOLUTION To Improve North
and South Alley in Square No. ho.
From tho Northerly line of Seammel
Street, to the Southerly line of Woos
ter Street, in the City of Marietta,
Bo it resolved by tho City Council of
tho city of Marietta, Ohio,
two-thirds of tho whole num
ber of tho members elected thereto
concurring, that it is necessary and this
Council Tiereby declares that it is nec
essary to improve Noith and South Al
loy In Squaro No. 35. (commonly called
High School Lane) from the Northerly
lino of Seammel street, to tho South
erly lino of Wooster street, in tho City
of Marietta, by excavating, grading,
preparing foundations, setting a curb
on-each side of tho roadway, and pav
ing with brick said roadway, In ac
cordance with' tho plans and profiles re
lating to said improvement on file in
tho offlco of tho City Civil Engineer of
said City, that tho cost qn expense of
said improvement less one-fiftieth of
the entire cost and oxpenso thereof,
shall be assessed per front foot upon
tne lots and landsabuttlngthereon; said
assessments shall bopayableln ten semi
annual installments and bonds shall bo
Issued In anticipation of the collection
of such assessment; that the City Clerk
be, and he Is hereby directed to cause
this resolution to bo published for two
consecutive weeks In some newspaper
published and of general circulation in
the corporation. And Carl Becker Is
herby appointed to servo In the manner
provided by law for tho service of sum
mons In Civil ActlonsJnotlco of the
passage of this resolution upon the
owners of property abutting upon said
Improvement who are residents of
"Washington County. Ohio.
Adopted July 2, 1901.
., ;;. , . President of City OoviricU,
iARlr,iaKR, City. Clerk. ""
. - x
' ' ;
we Have sorted up ouri stock and
jT rrrTifiifflfiifcBlMMiii TiTT
The Moreo Electric Belt, Nature's Vitalizer, builds up and strengthensrelieves
and cures Rheumatism, Paralysis Liver, Kidney, Lame Back, Constrpation,
Stomach and all Nervous Diseases, . HHH
Three sizes, 83.00, $5.00, $7.00. As good as the best none better..
Jl. J
ttTGJH:j!jj&JD&, pharmaqst.
Opposite Bellevue Hotel, Front street.
Buy a gas range? Yes if you get a "Jewell' such.as we sell makes
less heat, less grease, less work than any range on the market.
Next get one of our tile lined refrigerators large stock to select
from at the general hardware store of ,
158 and J 60 Front Street.
We are now located in
?at Bellevue hotel where we will remain during the c
construction of the new Fiist National Bank"Build-' ife
Ling. As heretofore we will spare no pains or expense :&'
jto please our patients and give them high class
dentistry at reasonable prices. ; j.
gwill again be in onr old location with 'one or the
wbest equipped and finest Denta! OfficGs in Ohio.
We kindly ask our friends to assist in announcing
fethis change. Remember all our vork guaranteed.
Both Phones. J. P. PECKER, D. D. S., Mgr. m
Hours 8 a. m. to 8:00 p. m., except Sunday. . . , -
ij& Reception Room, Hotel Parlor. Lady in attendance. ijfc
Iron Frame Eccentric Pumping: .Powers
BMn0j&i$d&l!$i 'u?fe T h
Strong and Easy Running. ' .,
Ajax Iron Sucker Rod?, Wooden Sucker Rods. Iron Pull or Sur
face Rods and Shackle Work of Every Description, 'for lJumSur
WoIIe. Write for prices. . ,, pmy
Story in
It will tnko all my timo to rend tho
V attempt to bo nice,
ig book, Alice of Old
u go again." "irero is
rend that charming' book, "Alice of Old
A ico." "There you go again.' "Hero is Stringtown on the Pike,' Ebon Holden,
Eleanor and Orisis, thoy say that s iust sn end d. ti. -, ;' ' - '
Evidently has all tho new and popular
body is talking about that book and tho
or uio uest copy rigntod books in paper; A singular life, Philip WinwoodTfQU
dear, wlint shall wo get?" "Anything but the "Singular Ife." ho sa idVr
(To be
J 53 Colonial Block,
are now, ready, W give
our private dental parlors
&S S"'
t I
"Sweet Story" in vour fiice iio'-ronlled
Oh, "cut it off" she snldJdld-youevqr
Vincennes?" "No, but' I kriowarbottcr
Strmgtown on tho Pike.' Ebon Holder,.
Book Stort '"
books. Hero
peoplo it uortrfcvs h
is Ralph Mnrlowe, oyery
Then here aroeomo
Singular life," ho soid.
. i " '.-
continued.) ':':
... . .. "Front' Street,
u fWi
' ',
iii '.,
yVM 'tiJ

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