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Theory of a New Kingdom
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Tho morlts of tho Jews and Gentiles
woro dissimilar.
Text: Romans 3rd Chapter, 1st Verse.
"What advantage then hath the
Jow, or what profit Is there In circum
cision?" (1) Wo have shown that tho Abra
hamlc covenant survived Pentecost (2)
and that the old church came through
the change of dispensations without
losing her identity (3) and that the
change of dispensations did not alter
tho relation existing between the chur
ches. Wo assert then first there was at
the beginning of tho dispensation of re
ligion such a thing known ns the king
dom of Heaven nnd two distinct classes
of men to be taught, towlt: church
members and non-church members.
Jews and Gentiles, tho ono called tho
circumcision and tho other tho uncir-
cumcision. To the Jews all of the
privileges of tho church had been
granted but to tho other they wero de
nied. The fact that the Jews had su
perior advantage has much to do with
the discussion before us. Paul asks
"What advantage hath the Jews or
what profit Is there In circumcision?"
He answers the question this much ev
ery way chiefly because that unto them
were commlttted tho oracles of God.
Here It is expressly declared that the
Jew had the advantage and now on this
is based the dissimilarity of the wants
of tho two classes. A distinction Is
seen in Roman's 3rd, 30th Seeing it Is
one God which shall justify tho cir
cumcision by faith and the unclrcumcl
slon through faith. The Jew had faith,
faith cometh by hearing and tho Jew
had heard all his lifo about a coming
Christ. Before Christ came a faith
looking to a coining Christ was justi
fying. With ail tho Jew had heard he
had never learned to know his Christ
by the name of Jesus of Nazareth. He
needed only to be convinced that this
Jesus was tho one for whom he so long
looked and when he became thus con
vinced that Jesus Is the promised
Christ, the faltn that he had already had
centered on the proper object and he
was justified. Hence the burden of the
apostles preaching to the Jew was to
make this one point to be understood
namely that tills Jesus is" the Christ.
The Jews' faith reached completion on
learning to know Christ by the name of
Jesus and he learned -it for the first
time in tho very first sentence of the
New Testament but it is at this point
also that the Gentiles faith began he
learns the name for the first thing.
The Jew reached the top round of the
ladder when he learned the name and
was made acquainted with the man Jo
sus. But tho Gentile is but beginning
to ascend the ladder when he learns the
name and is introduced to the man Je
sus, or the Gentile's faith begins when
the Jew's faith reached a completion.
Dissimilarity is seen again in Galations
3: 25. Wherefore tho law was our
schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ
that wemight bo justified by faith. The
Gentiles were not brought to Christ
by the law but by tho gospel. He did
not have tho law; he was a heathen
and the law was done away before Sal
vation was offered to him at all. Again
the Jews were Abraham's children. Al
ready Christ said to the Jews "I know
that ye are Abraham's seed," the Gen
tiles were to become such. Galations
3rd, 7th, know ye therefore that they
which are of faith the same are the
children of Abraham in verse 29th and
if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham';
seed. In Romans 4: 11-12 And he re
ceived the sign of circumcision, a seal
of tho righteousness of tho faith which
ho had yet being unclrcumcized that he
might be tho father of all them that be
lieve though they be not circumcised
that righeousness might be imputed to
them also and the Father of circumci
sion to them which are not of tho cir
cumcision only but who walk in the
steps of that faith of our Father Abra
ham which he had being yet uucircum-
cised. Sco Romans 3, 4-10 nlso Ro
mans 4: 9-24, Galations 3: 7:28, read it.
The Jows were to remain tho children
of Abraham, tho Gentiles were to be
come his children, so the family of Ab
raham was never to bo broken up.
Again John 10: 1G. Other sheep I havo
which are not of this fold them also I
must bring and they shall hear my
voice and there shall bo one fold and
ono shepherd. Israel was always God's
flock, there Is a difference between
keoping those in which are already In
and bringing In those that never were
in. Peter waB keeping Jows in and
Paul's work was that of bringing in tho
-other sheop or Gentiles. Again tho
Gentiles wero aliens and foreigners
from tho covenants and tho. common
wealth of Israel while the Jews wero
citizens of tho household of God. The
Gentllo is to become a citizen. Here
read Epheslans 2: 11-18.
The Jews wero to remain citizens.
Tho Gontlles wero to become such, so
tho household was never to bo broken
up. The Gentiles wero far off. a wall
or partltltln separated them from tho
Immunities and bleaaingaot thq Church,,
This wall or partition was broken
down, not to force tho Jow out but to
let tho Gentile como in. Tho apostle
took up the Jew whbro tho law left him
and graduated him or put on him the
finishing touch and left him In the
Church. The Gu'ntilo needed more tuan
tho formal graduation. He had not
learned the A B C as yet and had yet
the entire course before him or had it
all to learn, but some one objects and
asks do we not read that there Is no
difference between the Jew and tho
Gentile and refer us to Romans 3: 22
"Even tho righteousness of God which is
by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and
upon all them that believe; for there
is no difference." True but Paul In
the same Chapter declares that the
Jew had tho advantage and that is
what we aro trying to prove and the
ground of what wo claim. Tho Jew
was no better by nature than a Gen
tile, botli are sinners. The difference is
in the circumstance of the two. Tho
Jew had been more favored he was in
the church and now what shall we do,
shall we put him out to get to bring
him in again or shall an arrangement
fbe made to keep Kim In? The latter
was done. Wo have seen that the old
Church was not done away, and now
what of the transition stage. In Daniel
9: 24-27 we find this scripture, seventy
weeks are determined upon thy people
to finish the transgression and to make
an end of sins and to make reconcilia
tion for iniquity and to bring in ever
lasting righteousness and to seal up the
vision and the prophecy and to anoint
the most holy, (this Is 490 years for God
commanded Israel to compute time by
weeks of years see Leviticus 25: 8) now
these seventy weeks or 490 years were
divided into three periods (see verse
25) know therefore and understand tnat
from the going forth of the command
ment to restore and to build Jerusalem
unto the Messiah the prince shall be
seven weeks and three score and two
weeks. Tho street shall be built again
and the wall even In troublous times.
And ho (the Messiah) shall confirm the
covenant with many for one week and
In the midst of the week he shall cause
the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.
1st division of tho time seven weeks or
49 years from the commandment to re
butrd Jerusalem to the setting of tho
Jewish state see the account of it in the
books of Ezra and Nehemia. 2nd divi
sion three score and two weeks or 434
years which brings us up to the open
ing of Jesus's ministry when ho began
to confirm tho covenant with the Jews
for one week or seven years in the
midst or middle of which he was to
cause the sacrifice and the oblation to
cease and it was at Jesus's death of ar
ter 3V years or the middle of the week
of years that the temple service was in
terrupted by the rending of the veil.
Concerning tills same matter Paul says
in Romans 15: 8 Now I say that Jesus
Christ was a minister of the circum
cision for the truth of God to confirm
tho promises made unto the Fathers. Is
not this what Daniel said he should do?
Daniel said it would require seven
years for the work. Jesus engaged In
t personally for 3 Mr years and then was
crucified and left this special work of
confirming the covenant in the hands of
the Jows and the Apostles to complete
in SMt years more. So then the special
work of Christ and the Apostles begin
ning at tho baptism of Christ and con
tinulng until 3& years after Pentecost
was tho work of confirming tho cove
nant with many (or the Jews) and the
Instruction given to tho Jews in that
period must be distinguished from gos
pel of tho circumcision which Is for the
Gentiles. We must not mistake this
conformation of the covenant with the
Jews for God's method of saving Gen
tiles, it must be remembered that tho
Apostles gave their attention exclusive
ly to tho Jews for a long time after
Pentecost. Tho idea was to save tho
Church all those who were already in
pllshed as far as possible then they
turned their attention to the Gentiles.
The Acts of tho Apostles on an average
the history of one year to each Chapter,
this wo learn from tho account of
Paul's two visits to Jerusalem after his
conversion as ho gives the account of
himsolf 1st and 2d Chapter, his second
visit fourteen years after tho first and
that was the time ho visited Church
Councils at Jerusalem which is main
tained in tho 15th Chapter so. then that
Church councils 'occurred at least 17
years after Paul's conversion. Therefore
say that each chapter of Acts records
on an average tho history of more than
a year, so then as the conversion of the
first Gentllo is recorded in tho 10th
Chapter of the Acts It is by no moans
extravagant to say that no Gentiles
wero received Into the Church until at
least 3 years aftor Pentecost. Tho
porlod alloted to tho work of preach
ing tho gospel of circumcision was not
completed before that time and that the
Gospel of circumcision novcr was In
tended for the Gontlles. John's minis
try wnsi Preliminary, n Qhaja.ct1evr,.ul$o
says it was to make ready p people pro
pared for tho Lord-
The mission of Christ and tho twelve
was also preliminary and preparatory,
Josu3 said "I am not sent but unto the
losh sheep of tho House f Israel." Ho
said to tho. twelvo "go not Into tho way
of tho Gontlles and Into any city of the
Samaritans enter yo not but go rather
to tho lost sheep of tho house of Israel.
Peter's mission was lnrgly preliminary,
ho regulated for a time in tho fold and
Christ having givou him the keys of
tho kingdom he opened tho door to tho
first Gentiles and then his active minis
try ceased and Paul the apostlo to the
Gentiles to whom was committed tho
gospel of the uncircumcislon became
the conspicuous figuro In tho bounds
of tho Church under tho ministry of
John the Baptist, tho Jew took tho first
step leading from Judaism and under
Peter's teaching ho took the final step1.
Wo notice then 1st John's ministry
was commenced with tho first of the
Churches transition. 2 Tho mission of
Christ and the twelvo prior to the Cru
cifixion, was connected with tho second
or midlo stage of the Churches tran
sition. 3rd Peter's ministry was con
nected with the third and final stage
of this transition from the awful dis
pensation to the gospel dispensation.
As I view it my good friends of the op
posite opinion aro holding ns funda
mental In and essential a Gentiles sal
vation a few sayings and teachings
which wero only incidental in and pecu
liar to the transition of the Church in
to a better form of development and the
transfer of its individual members to a
new and more glorious dispensation of
religion. We will now proceed to give
a summary of the foregoing
1st The Apostles had to do with two
distinct classes of men the circum
cised and the uncircumcised, ono in tho
Church and the other out of it. 2nd
Paul declared that the Jew had the
advantage. 3rd The Jew had a suffi
cient degree of faith before lie ever
heard of Jesus of Nazareth and when
Jesus came he only needed to be con
vinced that this Jesus was tho Christ
and openly accept him. 4th Tho Gen
tilo's faith not beginning until after Je
sus's death his attention had never
been called to the coming of a promised
Saviour he was not advanced In the
way of Salvation as was the Jew. 5th
The law was a schoolmaster to bring
tho Jew to Christ and the Gentllo had
no such schoolmaster. Gth The Jews
wero Abraham's children and the Gen
tiles wero to become such. 7th The
Jews were the sheep of God's flock, the
Gentiles were to become such. 8th The
Jows wero citizens of God's household,
the Gentiles wero to become such. 9th
Tho Apostles found tho Jew ready for
graduation but found tho Gentile whol
ly untutored. 10th The breaking of the
middle wall of partition was not for tho
purpose of putting the Jew out but to
let the Gentile in. 11th Daniel's pro
phecy gives three and a half years after
the death of Jesus for tho spiritual re
novation of tho Jew. 12th We learn in
the Acts that the word was preached
exclusively for some timo after Pente
cost to tho Jews. 13th We must not
mistake the means employed to estab
lish the Jew in the Church for God's
method of saving a Gentile from his
sins and bringing him into the Church.
Vincent, Ohio, July 13, 1901.
B. & 0. S-W. R R
TIMi: TAHI.R NO. 34, Jane IS.
Trnllu Arrive at anil Depart front Union
Cenlrr.l Standard Time,
3 lo am Athena, Chillicothe, ll 40 pm
Cincinnati, Louisville,
IS OOm St. Loula and all points 1 30 a m
West, South and b-weat
13 43 ni Delpre, Athene, Chll- G OO a ra
ltcotbe.and wav stations,
3 35pm L'olprn AthonJ Ml 01) a m
13 40 p in Helpro, FarKeisourtf. "l mpn
Chillicothe, Cincinnati
and way stations.
7 00 pm Bel pre. Pit risers- 8 00 p m
burg, Chillicothe, Cin
cinnati, Louisville, St.
Louis, Chicago and all
points west, south and
f 7 -to a m I'arkvrsburi? and Belpre Loos.
7 oo p m Uelpre, FarkersDurg, -(5 00 a m
Salem, Corn wallU,
Clarkeburg, Grafton,
and all way stations.
13 4ff p m Belpre, I'arkersburpr, 100 pm
Gralten, Washington,
Ualtlmore, Philadelph
ia and New York.
3 lOa m rarlrarsburg, Wa3h- 5 OOp m
lngton, Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York.
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lngton, UaltlmorePhll
adelphla, New York,
lioston and all poinw east.
Mariittta and Parkorjliurg Local.
1 20 am 1 30 a m
3 10am 0 n in ox H
7 40 it ni ex Sua 8 00am
40 a m 11 OOam
13 4fip ni 1 00 p m
3 35 p m ex 3 3 p m
4 10 p in z Sun D 00 p ui
7 00 p m 8 00 p in
10 00 pm 11 40 p in
f3fDall7. tEicept Sunday.
All trains of Marietta IMstrlct run to Park
ersburg. For through tickets to all points In the
United States, Canada and Mexico, with da.
tailed Information as to rates, routes, sleeplnn
car accommodations etc., please call on or
U. M. Payne, Ticket Agent, Marietta, O.
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O. P.MCCAKTY, Gen'l Passenger Agent.
Cincinnati, O
Marietta Division. Ji
snnsylvania Lines:
Trains Run by Central Standard Tim.
G12 030 eis
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No. 70.
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No. 11.
J 10 pm
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S 35 pm
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0 v) p m
7 fiO p m
7 00 am
1 Vi nra
M nrlolto It
Cay wood "
Stanleyville "
Whipple "
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Elbn "
Macksburg "
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Houth Olive "
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Ava "
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stone Creek. "
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Vulloy Junction ar.
t6 30
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flO 40
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1105 -fll
09 f
11 30
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M2 45
1 05
H 25
f j 33
fi 45
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f3 23
f4 m
15 03
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f5 22
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fc n
(6 18)
Valley Junction lv.
vanai liover
Yorktown- "
.Stone Creek.- "
Wolf- "
Newcomer, tonn"
Post Boy " f6 43f9 48
Guernsey " f6 49T9 66
Bird's llun " f6 E610fl0
1'yner :. "
Cnmbrldiro "
Hyesvllle -
Derwent - "
Pleasant City "
Glenwood "
Ava "
Belle Valley M
Caldwell "
t5 30',t6 1512 05
& bU 7 1H 2
f6 02f 7 32X2 37
16 10 7 50 2 45
f6 2218 10f2 57
6 33 9 20 3 08
3 18
3 24
3 31
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7 0610 35
17 1510f49f3 50
Dudley " V8 422
South Olive
Dexter City
Macksburg .
Cay wood
7 3011 30
7 461 1 00
V7 52f1 08
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L'B 02M 47
Irs 15 n 58
VB 23 2 16
8 3H250
8 54 3 34
9 00 3 51
4 05
4 25
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5 10
5 29
5 35
. " 9 06f 4 05 5 41
. " 9 IB
. " 9 2S 4 53) BJW
. " 19 3415 Mlb U
. f9 41S 151 6 1
, ar.iiO 00 5 4s; 6 35
Lv. Chicago
" Columbus .. .
" Zanesrllle....
' Malta
" Stockport
" Wateiford..
" Lowell
Ar Marietta
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lSS p in
S VJ p D.
4 58 pm
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All Trains Dally except Sunday.
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Mneajlllc with the B. A O. and Pan Had'
train for Columbus, Chicago nd the West.
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MTalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh Railway,
The Pan-American
Exposition Line . .
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Connection lenre Newcomtrstown
via IMttsburRli I1 vision. For Pittsburgh,
and the East, 2 43 am.'ll 31 am. 2 17 pm. For
Uhrlclisvllle and Denntson. t7 47 pm.
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and at. Loula, 11 25 pm. For Columbus ana
Chicago, 4 20 pm.
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points, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Intermediate
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xsy. uuuois ana urau
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Punxsy and DnBoIs Ac
corn Buffalo and Rochester
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Dally. tWeek Days.
9.00 a m train lias Cafe and f reeReclinlng Chair
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between Pittsburgh and Buffalo, Pittsburgh
ana uocuesier,
Ticket Ottlce, 500 Smlthfleld St., cor. Fifth
Geu. Pass. Agt., Div. Pass, Agt..
Rochester, N. Y. Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Ohio River Railroad.
ThnevTablo Effective Nov. 25th, 190
(Eastern Time )
Leavo Willamstown
d7:47 a. m to Wheelln
10:36 a. m to Now Martlnarllln
dl2:45 p. m to Pittsburg and Eaarl
(13:51 p. m... Wheeling and Int. points
5:19 p. m Ohio Valley Express Pitts
burg and East.
6.12 p. m..SIsterRville and int. polnti
9.07 p. m., New Martinsville and Int
8:56 a. m to Parkersburg
dll:17 a, m to Parkeraburg
12:03 p. m., Ohio Valley Express to
Huntington and Cincinnati.
d2:35 p. m to ICenora
4:45 p. m o Pt Pleasant
d7:06 p. va to Parkersburg
9:51 p. m to Parkersbura
D dally, dally except Sunday.
Gen. Pass. AeeuL
Examination of Teachers
For the pnbllo schools of Wushlnston County
will be held In the Marietta High School Room
on the second Saturday of each month except
January, July and August.
J. A. STONE, Marietta, Ohio.
President Board ot School Bf Wt? o;v
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