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Thv. Marietta Daily Leader.
SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1901.
Decollete Gowns.
An Interesting story Is told showing
how Virginia Pair (now Mrs. William
K. Vanderhllt) happened to become
sponsor for the mode In voguo among
tho lady acrobats to appear before theli
audiences In decqlletc gowns. It wa.
while attending u performance of the
Forepaugh and Sells Brothers Com-
blned Circuses at Central Park, San
Francisco, two years ago, that Mls3
Fair suggested to tho Forepaugh treas
urer, who, by the way, was a life-long
friend of the late Senator Fair, that It
would be far more becoming and of
much greater interest if the ladle3
would discard tho more or less vulgar
bloomero for the ever-popular evening
It so happened before the closo of the
ten days' season at the Golden Gate
City, that Miss Fair had the pleasure
of seeing her suggestions acted upon,
but she never dreamed that they woul 1
create so much contusion and excite
ment in the western metropolis. It
seems that tho several lady acrobat3
with the show, upon deciding to adopt
the evening costume, fell to discussing
the respective merits of the different
modistes, and tho 'fact developed that
each had a favorite. In placing their
orders for fancy gowns each took spp
clal pains to mention the fact that hoi
asociates were naving their costumes
by other modistes, and that she wish
ed, of course to have the prettiest of
Thus rivalry, keen and intense, was
created among the modistes, each of
whom was anxious to design the most
elaborate gown. Of course, the lord
high executioner of my lady's appar
el divulged the secret to her friends
and asked them to be present nnd cheer
lustily when her patron made an ap
pearance. In this, she had lilt upon m
identical plan adopted by her competi
tors. The result was that the young
lady acrobats scored the hit of tnelr
lives. The applause once started, the
strain was taken up by the vast aud
ience, and the acrobats were the lion
of the evening. Prior to that time
their exhibition, which was replete
with difficult feats, had been lost
sight of in the wealth of equestrian,
hippodromatlc and aeriallstic exploits
which characterize the Forepaugh and
Sells Brothers combination.
The Greatest Purifier.
Do Bells Kidney Pills cure all dis
eases of the kidneys. That is why Do
Bell's Kidney Pills cure Bright's dis
eases. Diabetes, Rheumatism, Neural
gia, Heart disease. Female troubles and
Urinary and Bladder complaints.
These diseases are the results of un
healthy or disordered klndneys. De
Bell's Kidney Pills cure Invariably and
Anally. They have never failed yet.
No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents per
For sale by the Kirby Drug Company.
Best on Earth
Tho Harris circus, tho biggest and
best one-ring circus on earth, put up a
very Interesting and attractive parade
today, and gave a performance this af
ternoon at tho showgroundj to a very
fair patronage. The circus is a fine
one, of the old-fashioned one-ring var
iety. Richmond, (Ind.) Palladium,
May 11th.
Will exhibit at Marietta Monday,
July 22.
Victory nt Last.
For ten long yoa.ia I was a sufferer
with kidney dyspepsia and rheuma
tism disease. I treated with many Co
lumbus doctors; took patent medicine.
No results whatever until I discovered
apd took ONE bottle of DENN'3
three days I threw down my crutches.
Ordinary cases cured in one day.
Only 25 and 75 cents at A. J. Rich
ards and W. H. Str . Samples frae
Mr. Brown Will Not Resign.
The Ohio State Journal states that J.
D. Brbwn's resignation will soon be
banded to the- governor as member of
the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Hos
pital for Epileptics at Galllpolis. Mr.
Brown has no Intention whatever of
resigning and Gov. Nash will not ask
for his resignation as there will be no
cause for Buch action on the part of tho
governor. Athens Gazette.
Summer Coughs.
The best results are found by those
V7ho use Bunson's Pine Tar Cough
Honey. One dose gives ease and rest.
This is a new discovery and tho only
Cough remedy sold on a positive guar
anteeNo Cure, No Pay. Price 25 and
50 cents.
For sale by tho Klrby Drug Company.
An International exhibition will bo
opened In August at Copenhagen for
apparatus for tho killing of rats, and
several prizes will bo offered for the
best devices. ( jf
One of nature's remedies; cannot
harm the weakest constitution; never
falls to cure summercomplaint of young
or old. Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild
Experience of
In the
Special to the Leader.
Wheeling, W. Va., July 10. William
S. Grcenllef, a railway mail clerk, who
was Injured In tho wreck at Paden3
Valley Monday night, is in better con
dition today and talked freely of tho
wreck. However, time can only deter
mine the full extent of his hurts. He
"There were two of us In tho mail
car when tho collision occurred, Clerk
P. L. Roush and myself. Roush was en
gaged at the letter case. Just at the
outskirts of Slstersvllle some kind
hearted citizen tosesd three Wheeling
perfectoa In at tho door where I was
standing. These stogies were wrapped
In a postal card which I placed in tho
pioper box, and going to the front end
of the car I put the stogies In my coat
pocket, which was hanging In the clos
et. I then started for the paper rack
to complete some work, and had reach
ed a point between the side doors vaen
I felt a shock as if the air was being
turned on. Almost coincident with this
came the horrible crash.
"It threw me across the edge of the
linn fifT rack bi Using my si'e ter
ribly. I grabbed the rack with both
hands, and then pandemonium seemed
to break loose. The noise was terrible
A million cannon crackers would havp
been as the soothing tones of an Aeo
lian harp. Flying timbers from the
front end of the car and coal from th
tender fell all about me. They came a
rush of steam whichwas followed by a
deluge of cold water from the tank.
This water in such great quantities
surely saved our lives as It condensed
Great Snake Story
Special to the Leader.
Horton, W. Va., July 19. Passengers
on the northbound train of the Dry
Fork Railway yesterday had one of the
most exciting experiences In the his
tory of mountain railroading in this
part of the state. As the train was
slowly making its way around a curve
near an almost precipltlous mountain
side at Carr's Camp between Harmou
and Hendrricks, a huge rattlesnake
leaped through a window into the
coach, almost frightening the women
and children In the train to death,
while the men were about equally anx
ious to secure places of safety.
The train was stopped and Conduc
k River News. y
Bessie Smith left for Pittsburg today
In the place of the Ben Ilur which Is
laid up on account of low water.
The Kanawha will leave for Pitts
burg at 1 p. m.
The Valley Belle will eave for Gal
llpolis at 8:30 a. m.
The Greenwood for Charleston at 4
p. m.
Te Bedford will pass down at 9 a. m
Sunday for Blennerhassett Island.
Wuutttcl A Jlu-thfitul .
Musi be strong and never have a lame
LETS stop tho pain at once and cure
permanently. Sold by Beagle & Ly-
tle and A. J. Richards, druggists, Mari
etta, Ohio
There Is a veritable plague of locust3
in Southern Egypt. The corn crops In
the east region are being devoured, and
in one district there Is not a single
cotton plant left visible.
We have a good sale on Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin because we guarantee it
and refund your money if it does not
do just as we represent it. Call for
booklet that tells you all about it at
Churches In the New York Presby
tery last year exceeded In their money,
gifts those of any previous year. They
gave $1,109,242, more than $150,000
ahead of last year.
Itchiness of the skin, horrible plague.
Most everybody afflicted in one way or
another. Only one safe, never falling
cure. Doan's Ointment. At any drug
store, 50 cents.
A vessel goln from Montreal to Port
Arthur has to ascend COO feet.
Educate Yonr Boirela With Caieareti.
Candy Cathartic, euro constipation forerer.'
wo, sac. 1 1 u. u. u, iaii, anigKisis reiuna raoney.
a Man
Recent Wreck,
the hot steam which filled the car.
"The car heaved and tossed like a
bucking broncho as It climbed up over
the wreckage of tender and engine,
with a shower of letters and papers in
my face and with splinters, coal and
water falling on my head and back
I still mannged to retain my hold on
tho rack and when we stopped I was
by tho sr9o of Roush, who was penned
In a corner by the letter case badly
biulsed and shaken. We could l-ardly
see each other for the steam and the
cries of the wounded outsldo were
heartrending. Roush broke a window
with his fist and climbed to tho roof.
I couldn't get through tho hole he made
so I stayed there until he helped me
out. The mall car was demolished to
the side doors, and where I had stood
but a moment before the stove, weigh
ing 2,000 pounds, now lay bruised and
"Our escape from Instant death was
miraculous. I may have been near
at some time In my life to death In a
mild form, but I surely shook hands
with the real thing this time. A hun
dred bruises and a crippled side gently
remind me that I had a close shave."
Speaking of Engineer Al. Courtrlte,
Mr. Grcenllef said:
"His hand was still on the throttle
and he went down to his death to save
the passengers on his train and with
the railroad's usual luck not a passen
ger was killed. The train was a vesti
bule anil demonstrated their good qual
ities over the old style and which was
the chief cause of saving the passen
gers' lives.
West Virginia.
tor Nicholson, assisted by members of
his crew, and some of the less panic
stricken passengers, dispatched the rep
tile, which measured 13 feet in lengt'i
and 25 inches In circumference and had
39 rattles. It is supposed that th
snake was coiled against the mountain
and angered by the passing train
sprang at it, landing through the win
dow more by accident than otherwise.
Four of the women have not yet re
covered from the fright, and fears that
some of them may not are entertained
by the physicians In attendance. Much
discussion Is going on among the men
as to what disposition that will be made
of the skin and rattles of the reptile.
Handed Down by Judge Jones In Common
Pleas Court.
Judge Jones sent the following de;
clslons by mall yesterday.
Henry Roeser vs. Perry Co. Oil Co.,
Demurr to answer sustained.
Mutual Reserve Life Association vs.
C. O. Webster. Demurr to answer bus
talned with leave to amend by August
A.G. Snob vs. Farnsworth. Motion
to strike out parts of answer sustained,
Alonzo Hall vs. Emily Smith, Admr.
Judgment given defendant for costs
and motion for new trial filed and over
ruled. Catherine Wagner vs. Frederick Rad
aker. Motion for new trial overruled
except as to minor defendant and mo
tlon for guardian of Phillip Wagner,
Jr., Is granted and Phillip Wagner was
appointed guardian.
The damage case of Henry E. Stew
art vs. Marietta Telephone Company.
Motion to petition overruled to all
branches of tho motion except three
which were sustained.
Wanted A Wife
Must be strong ana never have a lame
LETS atop the pain at once and cure
permanently. Sold by Beagle & Ly
t'e and A. J. Richards, druggists, Mari
etta, Ohio.
Rjmoruber the Flag Groceries, Nos.
1 and 2.
Buckeye Torpedo Co.
H. O. NELSON, Mgr.
All kinds of oil and gas well shooting.
Electric shots a specialty. All orders
received by telephone or telegraph will
receive prompt attention.
Office 229 Second street. Bell phone 590.
Jnimneae CloYornmcnt Propones to
Iterrurd Uirla Who Marry Col-
Iobo Student.
Maidens of Japan who succeed In
interesting' young Japanese students
long enough to Induce them to got
married will bo rewarded In the near
future with matrimonial dowries by
the mikado's government If the plans
of leading Japanese statesmen prove
us successful as expected, ueeordlng
to Secretary Yoinmn, of the Japan
ese constitute In Chicago, reports the
What led tho secretary to make the
announcement as to the prospective
husband bounty bill was tho pub
lished nccotuit of the leeturo in which
Prof. Stnrr, of the University of Chi
cago, made tho beniutlonul state
ment before his class In nnthropol
ogy that tho marvelous advance of
the Japanese in the learning and civ
ilization of tho western countries had
proted too rapid and was making
them the victims of nn epidemic of
brain fever tlut threatened their ex
tinction us n nation.
"Statistics show that students in
Jap.in nre affected more by eye trou
bles from overstudy than by brain
fever," said Secretary Yommu. "It is
true that our young men are very
studious, but our young women are
not expected to be scholars. They
nre encouraged in the cultivation bf
feminine graces and chnrtns, and it is
becoming n fnd with some of our
statesmen to advocate n liberal mnr
rl.ige bounty for the maiden who
proves herself aufllcientty in.xciuntiiig
to cause a young man at college to
forsake his books long enough to get
'I Iu-t lvi n Sinn No Chance to Crux
Ills I.ck" Complaint of
an Kplcurp.
"I have discovered n very great de
fect in the architecture of the dlnin"
tabic," remarked an epicure the oth
er day to n New Orleans Times-Democrat
man, "and the defect is univer
sal. I have found in my time but
very few tables built after my ideal,
and it seems to me that some man in.
tcrested in matters of this sort ought
to start n revolution along these
lines. When I sit down to a meal I
want to re.st. Fating and resting
ought to go together, itest fulness at
meal time, absolute comfort nt the
table nnd good food of the whole
some Kind nre things that will com
nipud themselves to most men.
"Now, I have what I may call n
mealtime hobby. I always want to
cross my legs under the table. Most
men do, I believe. And why not? It
is a comfortable position. It enables
one to .sit more erect, too. I do not
know what etiquette says about one's
legs and feet during meal time, but I
suppose It goes no further than to
suggest that they should be kept un
der the table, which is correct, I
ween. But I insist that among my
inalienable rights is the right to cross
my legs, and to cross them under the
mahogany at that if it pleases me to
do bo and adds to my comfort.
"And yet It is a fact that one rare
ly enjoys this gracious privilege be
cause of the awkward, grotesque and
unhappy architecture of the dining
table. The tables ought to be differ
ently mnde. They ought to be
roomier, o thnt a fellow would have
ample space in which to cross his
legs If it pleased him to do so. Of
course, if one does not want to cross
one's1 legs at meal times one need
not do it, so the chnnge could do no
The Old furniture In the Caittlu Will
lie llurneil to Prevent
Ita Clrrnlntlon.
. His majesty Intends to clear out
a good deal of the old furniture and
fittings at Windsor castle and replace
them with his own. Having this in
view, old residents have been on the
lookout for signs of a bonfire some
where in the precincts of the castle,
for in past times, when any chairs
and tables nnd other articles therein
were condemned, it was the practice
to have them burned, says Modern
The object of thN was to prevent
pieces of furniture stamped with the
queen's monograms from being let
loose, as it were, and so allowed to
drift into the hands of brokers, and
thence into the possession of persons
having no right to them, but willing
to pay utmost any prlco to be nble
to display such royal articles in their
own houses. It was a wasteful ex
pedient, but one can understand tho
need of Mich a precaution. There
have been so many Instances of roy
nl gifts nnd discarded articles being
found in shops nnd stores that some
means o' prevention are quite neces
sary. But up to the present time
there have been no indications of a
CItlea That Itemlntl Yoa of People.
According to n writer in the July
number of Harper's Magazine, cities,
like human beings, have distinct per
sonalities, are frivolous, progressive,
somber or gay, much after the people
about us, and produce as vivid Impres
sions on the mind. Denver and Chi
cago are cordial good fellows who slap
one on the back and cnll new acquaint
ances by their Christian names. When
Salem or Annapolis Is mentioned a
vision is Invoked of mittcneU and ker
chiefed old ladies drinking tea from
dishes of rare Nanking. New- York is
therosplendentwlfeof a bunker, push
ing her noisy wnyin the world and daz
zllng foreign courts with her dia
monds, much to the disgust of passe
Mistress Boston.
"Something Ken Under
Tho sun,"
All Doctors havo tried to euro CA
TARRH oy tho uso fit powders, acid
gases, inhalers and drugs In paste
form. Their powders dry up the muc
uous membranes causing them to crack
open and bleed. The powerful acids
used In tho Inhalers havo entirely eat
on away tho same membranes that
their makcr3 havo aimed to cure,
while pastes and olntmonts cannot
reach tne disease. An old and exper
ienced practitioner who has for many
years made a closo study and specialty
of tho treatment of CATARRH, has at
last perfected & Treatment which when
faithfully used, not only relievos at
once, but permanently cures CA
TARRH, by removing tho cause, stop
ping the discharges, and curing all In
flammation. It Is the only remedj
known to sctenco that actually reachel
tho afflicted parts; This wonderful
remedy Is known as "SNUFFLES, tin
and Is sold at tho extremely low prlct
of Ono Dollar, each package contain
lng internal and external medicine suf
ficient for a full month's treatment and
everything necessary to its perfect use.
"SNUFFLES" is the only perfect
CATARRH CURE ever made and Is
now recognized as the only safe and
positive cure for that annoying and
disgusting disease. It cures all infla
mntlon quickly and permanently and
Is also wonderfully quick to relieve
CATARRH when neglected often
FLES" will save you If you use It at
once. It Is no ordinary remedy, hut a
complete treatment which Is positive
ly guaranteed to euro CATARRH In
any form or stage If used according to
directions which accompany each pack
age. Don't delay but send for It at
once, and write full particulars as to
your condition, and you will receive
special advice from the discoverer of
this wonderful remedy regarding your
case without cost to you beyond the
regulnr price of "SNUFFLES" the
Sent .prepaid to any address In the
United States or Canada on receipt of
One Dollar. Address Dept. D212. ED
WIN B. GILES & COMPANY, 2330 and
2332 Market Street, Philadelphia.
Real Estate.
A 5-room house and lot on Montgom
ery street, near Sixth street, ?1,000. A
five-room house on Matthews street,
$1,200, $200 cash and balance ?15 per
month. Several lots on Fourth street,
below Marlon street, from $300 to $700.
Several houses Irom $1000 to $1,200 on
payment of $150 cash and balance on
monthly payments.
Some desirable lots for speculation
at $100 each. They are the best In
vestment In the city.
I A. Plnier &
Ward-NIchoU Bl'uk.
Rumsey Pumps.
Buckeye Pumps.
Meyers Pumps.
Anti-Freezing Well Pumps.
Pump Supplies at
P. S. Wm. Parrish, a practical
pump man, may be found at he shop
at all times.
We receive a car of bananas
every week. We are going
to sell them at 5 and 10 cents
per dozen. The best lemons
at 15c per dozen; 2 dozen for
25c. We get our goods by
the car lots. We sell cheaper
than any fruit stand in town.
All fruit stands in town buy
their fruits from us. Just call
and see our prices. Pine ap
ples 10c apiece. Oranges 20
cents per doz. We would be
pleased to have you call and
see us! We have three of
the biggest fruit stands in the
city, No. 8 Tiber Way. But
ler street; f utnam street, be
low the Post office! Corner
Green and Ohio.
Telephone 309.
On Excursion Tickets Over the Pennsylvania
Excursion tickets to Nnw Vnrt- ......
bo obtained at principal ticket offices
or mo .Pennsylvania i,incs, good going
and returning over tho Pennsylvania
Lines or coiner via Pnnnovtwoio u...
and returning via the other direct lines
irom now iorK, inciuaing the route3
via Buffalo with privilege of stopping
over at that point to take in the Pan
Amorlcan Exposition and Niagara
a,& or rpturnlns via Washington
D. C., with Btop-ovor at that point.
Full information will be furnished in
reply to Inquiries addressed to Ticket
AgontB of tho Pennsylvania Lines.
Subscribe for tho Weekly Loadfcff.
, :ftt:r,:e
i "Witch. Hazel,
S -A0J- . g
Has for sale or rent business or real
dence property In tho city euburba. 4
rou wish to buy, sell or rent call 04
Jfr. Sunderland. Valuable farms fc
ale on easy terms. Also lots or resi
dences In Norwood. Rathbono. Glass
Plant, Falrview Heights or ML Ever
ett additions. Office on Second street,
opposite UnloD Depot
Real estate can bo turned into money
at any time, but it is seldom that money
can be turned into real estate such aa
wo havo to offer now.
Wo have a fine business location, al
ready fitted up for operation, and it ia
located right in tho heart of the city.
Also nearly 100 lots in fine location, out
of high water, for $230 to $400, and
residence properties of all kinds all over
tho city. Call and see us at rooms,
Mills Building, or call us up by either
phone, No. 454.
Goffman & Palmer
Room 6. Milu Building.
Real Estate, Loans and General Insurance-
Room 10. Mills RllilrliniT. f!nr Qnrl
and Putnam streets.
We have a list of bargains
m Keal Estate of every de
scription, including houses.
lots, business property, farms,
etc. We have a brand new-
house On Front street, near
Montgomery, consisting of 6
rooms, batr., etc., lot 4U x J80-
big bargain $2200.00. If
you want to buy, sell, ex
change or rent property of any
Kind come and see us. We
have both telephones.
PHONE 402.
General Insurance
Real Estate,
Room 2 Hagan Block.
Vice Prasldiint.
O. 0. 1IEHT,
AasUtaut Cashier,
CAPITAL 5180,000. SURPLUS, S190.000,
John Mills, W. D. Devol, Charles Pen
w Thos. W. Moore. Wm. W. Mills.
President. Gm'l Mer. nnd Supt
Portland Cement Pavements.
Layers of ftamnnt aMniiio nnii.m
Marietta Artificial
Stone Company.
Yards, Carriage Houses, &c,
Office: City. Electric Building, corner
Front and Butler Btroota.
Telephone; Marietta, 735.
All Work Guaranteed
. .. " (t
"- --
iWfrft ifitt

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