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Marietta Daily Leader.
I i
Confirmed Three Important Appointments
; Last Evening.
Hancock. For Electrician, Young1 For Wharfmaster, Ansell
For Pfpeman Other Business Transacted.
All tho members or the Council
wore present Inst, night and a great
deal of busincfs was transacted.
Tho reading or tho minutes was dis
pensed with, and building permits
were granted to A. T. Nye & Sons on
Ohio and Muskingum street, to J. A.
Stone, on Cutler street; to Mrs. Sar
ah Lclnntl, on Sixth abovo Tupper and
to Dana Raybold and Dan Schllch, on
Lancaster extension.
The Mayor sent In tho following ap
pointments which woro confirmed:
For City Electrician, Thos. Hancock;
for Wharfmaster, J. H. Young and
Hobert Ansell, second plpeman In
placo of Fred Mlraben, resigned.
Tho electric workers ha'ving organ
ized, needed' a placo of meeting, and
made a proposition lo Council to fix
up the second floor of tho West Sido
flro station-and pay the city $1 per
month for tho uso of tho hall as a
weekly meeting place. Tho proposi
tion was accepted and the Solicitor in
structed to draw up a contract with
tho organization.
Tho city accepted tho third district
sower and the Clerk was Instructed to
settlo with Adams Bros, so far as
specifications were complied with.
The Light committee found that the
light for Elm street and Maple street
waa Impossible under existing condi
tions, because another light at Maple
and Elm would tax the machine to its
utmost capacity and tho least trou
ble wquld rnake the wholo system of
lights Useless.' Tho opinion seemed to
prevail that (ho, light was needed, but
thpro was no way to -provide . forMt,
The report was received and placed on
Somo lots adjoining Maple street ex-
tension were ordered surveyed In or
der to determine, tho ownership of
parts of tho lots.
Tho Engineer was also Instructed
to make an estimate for tho t paving
of tho newly graded road down to tho
Tho Council then Instructed the
Street Commissioner to clean the
grass frcm the sidewalk ol weeds and
other materials.
Thq stono pllo at the corner of Sec
ond and Butler was spoken of and 'he
City Engineer reported them on the
street. Tho Street Commlssrenoll234
street. Tho Street Commissioner wns
Instructed to seo that they were re
moved. Tho Engineer reported that tho
surface water from Montgomery and
Warren streets did not havo a suf
ficiently large sower to conduct tho
water to tho river. Tho Street Com
missioner reported that tho overflow
waa caused by trash thrown in tho
Streets obstructing the sewer. The
Engineer thought that a 21 Inch sew
er was ncceesaiy.
Kerns then presented two plana and
bids for tho shed to bo used for a city
tool Bhop. A Ave mlnuto recess waff
talcon to look at the plans. There
wcro two bids received. Ono from
Androw Hart of $81.25 and the other
from U. H. Merrltt for ?120. The bid
of Hart was accepted.
Tho question of opening Now street
across tho' railroad to somo now build
' ings was referred to tho railroad com
mittee. Tho Engineer Was Instructed to fur
nish a grade on Qeorgo street for n
sidewalk on tho west sldo of the
North Hart aircot was reported in
bad condition and tho matter was re
ferred to the sheet committee. At
Fifth and Warren the flush pipe oxj
tends twelve Inches ubovo tho surface
o tho street. Tho Engineer roportcd
that nothing could remedy tho mat,
ter;bua a now flush tank and naw slj
phon, Tho Engineer was Instructed
to look after tho matter anil put ltf
now siphons, '
Kerns1 brpught up tho fact that a
stono stops'- from tho city tsleetrlo
building had,, been. -taken up and
brought up and placed behind the
City Hall. Tho stono was worth ?5,
It waa left with tho building commit
tco to dispose of tho stone. Marsch
reported that It was Impossible to lay
a slilowalk on Meigs street without
laying a small sewer ot 200 feet j'ln
Tho woods woro ordered cut on Jho
. w
?Mt sjac, or .Hurt street from Fourth",
to tho Midcaslio place on Sixtli be
tween Charles and Hart.
Tho Hev. Thomas was granted the
use of tho Auditorium September 2u,
Emancipation Day, for $5.
Curtis called the attention of the
Railroad committee to the crossings nt
Second and at Oilman street, which
were In bad condition.
Tho Boll Tel. Co. and tho Street
Car Co. were requested to level up the
paving where the rough places were
made by their operations.
The Pennsylvania load was re
quested not to obstruct Third street
ciossings with rais.
An ordinance for the opening of
Seventh stiect was tabled until next
Tho follovlng bills wore allowed.
Jno. Wilklng ? 20.00'
Crescent Supply Co 44.53
Marietta Manufacturing Co ... .00
G. A. Stanfleld & Co S.21
Christ Conrath G.10
llitam Cave 25
O. W. Ward &. Co 10.S0
Buckeye Engine Co 4.00
W. P. Mason 28.00
A. F. Braddoclc 18.00
L. T. Cisler 21.00
Wm. Griggs 10.50
Arthur Harris 8.25
howls Sears 8.25l
James Harris 0.02
O. A. Brooks.. .' 1S.00
Mai ietta Transfer Co H.S0
Butts & McCormlck 20.28
J. L. Mason.: ...., ,.,. 10.00
Cutting weeds..'"..-'., ,.,'h. .'. 17.25
W..F. MclntyVp '.'.... 8.40
a.'-Darf' ;r. ; '' .? ,10
'M.' A; Kr'opil 1.20.
Strcef Pay roll 115.21
Marietta Artificial Stono' Co. .. 3 17.48
Of the Institute Increases the
Tuesday morning's cession of the
Teachers' Institute opened with devo
tional exercises o about twenty min
utes, led by Superintendent Humph
rey. Superintendent Williams then gave
Ills lecturo on "Training to Think."
His thought was that boys and girls
will think and it depends on the
teacher as to how they think. He de
fined a good teacher as one that asked
good questions or asked questions ait
fully to draw out what tho pupil
knows. He fuithor stated that every
field of'kuowlengo was covered by tho
threo questions, "What?" "Why?"
"How?" After showing tho truth of
this statement, tho steps In good
thinking, four In number, were-taken
up. Tho first step Is to think clearly.
Tho second la to think distinctly. The
third is to think in relation to other
tilings. Tho fourth is to think ox
naustlvcly. In discussion of tho. second step Mr.
Williams said: "There aro two
kinds of education a systematic edu
cation, and an attic cducatlon.or simp
ly unclassified knowledge."
A shoit recess was then taken. Tho
Instituto being called to order, Prof,
Humphrey gavo his address on "The
ory and i-ractice." Tho first part of
the talk was on patriotism. Ho sppko
of its valuo and ot tho peculiar op
portunity for teaching it in Marietta,
so rich In historic sites nnd legends.
Ho compared Germany with tho Unit
ed States and showed wherein Ameri
can institutions were better than Ger
man. Tho next part of tho talk was de
voted to tho teaching program. Ho
Impressed tho fact that a program Is
necessary and must be strictly adher
ed to, both as to tlmo and order.
Ho believed -that just so much, work
as could lio completed In a given reci
tation should ho attempted and no
more. ,
. A short intermission wns taken, af
tor which Miss Farls began hor pri
mary number, Hor Idea was not to
mako drills too long and repeat them
as often as possible. Five minutes la
long enough to drill. Repetition is
the thing In primary teaching.
Tho 'afternoon session began with n
song scrylco, led by Prof. Bird.
Mr. Wagner thou announced uu ox-
amlnatlon for teachers to Hjo hold at
tho Washington street building.
Supt. Humphrey followed with n
lectuie on "Formation of tho Union."
In this lecturo ho defined history ns
tho herald of antiquity, and then trac
ed tho formation of the Union from
certain significant acts of tho colonies
and pointed tho significance of each.
After a short Intermission, SUpt.
Williams spoke on "Reading nnd Lit
erature." He guvo his opinion that
books woro written to mako people
hotter; and further If any ono could
not visualize he might as well stop,
f L
Dean Chamberlain, of tho College,
Invlted the teachers to visit the Col-T
lego library and museum between the,
hours of 11:30 and 1:00 Wednesday;
nnd extended a welcome to tho toaclw
ers and to tho county. .'
Miss Fails next gavo a lecturo on5
"Primary Language." She advocated)
giving seven-twelfths of tho tlmo to
language and flvo-twelfths to writing
music numbers and other work. Tho:
Instructor cautioned especially
against the uso of slang. "i
Mr. Williams' round table work was
next taken up and tho Mibject of,
"Rnlpntlftn TiimnprnTipn" dlafiicaprl"
Temperance teaching by example1 la
the best and opportunities should b'ej
sought to teacli It by example, taklm
care not to overdraw. Tho cigarette.
was especially condemned. ft
After announcements tho Instltut
adjourned until 8 o'clock when Suptg
Humphrey delivered Ills masterly iec3
but very valuable and entertnlnlngrV
The following teachers eurolicu
Tuesday: -
Florence McNeal, Marietta. J
Lucy E. McGIrr, Marietta. ,. ' '
Nora F. Thornton. Marietta. ,
Jennie D. Hutc'ilu&nu, Marietta.' ."' j
Bonn J. Fcrgtibon, Marietta.
Laura Alden, Marietta. , 1
Retta Newton, Lowell.
, Ellen Varner, Layman.
Rama C. Cox, Macksburg.
Geo. A, Becker, Marietta.
Susan L. Daniels, Marietta.
Mary L. Dabele, Marietta.
W. A. Cooper, Marietta.
Lizzlo Dickinson, Vincent.
S. E. Weaver, Belpre.
Named by Republican Committee for
Clerk of Courts.
Pursuant to the call of tho chair
man, the Republican Executive Com
mittee met at ono o'clock Tuesday af
ternoon, with tho following members
II. V. Speelman, Chairman.
S. S. McGee, Vlco Chairman.
J. M. Doan, Secretary.
J. L. Toller, Treasurer.
Junius Greonw6od.
James il. King.
Tho siib-commltteo on headquarters
reported that after a thorough inves
tigation, two rooms in tho now Lead
er building, No. ail Second street,
were found to bo the most available,
and by a unanimous vote of the com
mittee theso rooms wcro agreed upon.
Tho following communication was
received from Clerk of Courts Trot
ter: Marietta, Ohio, August 20, 1901.
To tho Republican Executrvo Com
mittee oZ Washington County, Ohio,
Tho condition of my health at tha
present time makes It necessary for
me to withdraw from tho ticket as a
candidate for Clerk ot Courts.
In vlow of tho fnct that I am serving
my first term I havo the honor to re
quest under tho circumstances that
Nitro-Glycerine scares Citi
zens of Macksburg,
Special to tho Leader.
Macksburg, 0., Aug. 20. An oc
currence which might have resulted In
tho destruction of il largo part of this
villago and tho loss of many lives
took pjaeo hero this morning. Whllo
preparing to thoot a well on tho
Rothley place, ono mile north ot
town, a team drawing a load of 32
quarts of glycerine, bolonglng to tho
Marietta Torpedo Co., was left stand
ing In tho road while- the glycerlno
could bo unloaded. In somo way tho
horses hecamo frlghtoncd and started
for town with wild speed, taking tho
32 quarts ot deadly stuff with theiri.
Those who saw them start Watched
with bMcd breath, expecting p ox-
Dora Wngner, Marietta.
E. W. Jordan, Lower Salem.
'Jesse Place, Qualey.
Ollio Place, Qualey.
Mercia Root, Fillmore.
Gladys Gage, Bartlett.
Alma K. Becker, Marietta.
Wm. B. Stevens, Waterford.
Lain a A. Varner, Browns Mills.
Madge E. Gage, Bartlett.
Sadie Gruhain, Cadiz.
E. L. Howell, Whipple.
Callle M. Becker, Marietta.
Hammond Burton, Saltpetre.
Edna Cloisman, Glouslcr.
L. H. Ludwlg, Marietta.
Serena Watson, Marietta.
Hattio M. Smith, Mai letta.
Maine E. O'Llnn, Churchtown.
E. C. Ludwlg, Tunnel.
Noia Trapp, Mcrlettn.
Peinii Wolfort, Bonn.
M. Phoebe Dabele, Marietta.
Mary Pugh, Marietta.
C. O. Dye, Torch.
N. W Kidd. Newells Run.
A. K. MeCnll, Macksburg.
May Kidd. Marietta.
Annn C. Roeser, Marietta.
J. W. Gorby. Marietta.
F. F. Cook, Marietta.
Claiio Greene, Marietta.
Wm. A. Dauber, Dye.
Theodosla Briggs, Graved Bank.
May Hamilton, Watcrfoid.
C. W. Cramer, Lowell.
Daisy Baitlctt, Bnitlrtt.
Latua A. Hill, Marietta.
Stella Spiague, Marietta.
P. D. Musters, Harrletsvllle.
IT. M. Barr, Layman.
E. E. Baruhart, Reno
Ch.is. W. Hadloy, Fifteen.
Borlha A. Varner, Layman.
Nellie L. Varner, Layman.
Carrie Sheldon, Waterfoid.
Gurtrude Hat Holt, Bartlett.
M. A. Adams, Sitka.
Mayme Hoffman, Reno.
Lctlia Malster, Waterford.
J. F. McClead, Wingett Run.
Catherine wcnuelkon, Marietta.
Chas. Arnold. Waterford
.1. H. Lawton, BarloiV.
H. E. Cntt, Deucher.
Eva Bell, Layman.
Luella A. Caskoy, Layman.
Stella A. Mueller, Corncrvlllo.
J. F. Wagner, Beverly.
J. J. Merrill, Decaturvllle.
Mary A. Stone, Youba, O.
Sibyl Marshall, Browns Mills.
A. M. Farlow, Barlow
Elsie Petty, Frost.
Ella Paddcn, Marietta.
Mary McDcrmott, Clnirchtown.
Arabellc Johnston, Marietta.
Sadie E. Gracoy. Dalzell.
Anna Schilling, Chtuvhtown.
Kathcrine Mueller, Marietta.
tlio name of Elmer Trotter, my son,
who lins practically had charge of the
office during my Illness, be placed up
on tho ticket to fill the vacancy.
Very respectfully submitted,
After a full discussion of tho com
munication, on motion of Mr. Toller
tho resignation was accepted by the
unanimous vote of the committee.
Tho following letter from Mr. Trot
ter's son was read:
Marietta, Ohio, August 20, 1301.
To tho Republican Executive Commit
tee of Washington County, Ohio.
In connection with the letter of my
father withdrawing from the Repub
lican Tlqket as a candidate for Clerk
of cotnts on account of the condition
of his health, I desire to state for your
Information that If my namo Is placed
on the ticket I will not bo a candidate
for a renomlnatlon in 1904.
Very respectfully,
Oil motion of Mr. Greenwood, tho
uamo of Elmer E. Trotter was ordered
placed on tho Republican County tick
et to occupy the vacancy caused by
Orlando Trotter's withdrawal. The
vote ot tho commltteo on this propo
sition was unnnlmous.
After! tho transaction of routine
work tho commltteo adjourned.
plosion to occur at, any second, yet
hoping that when the awful Instant
camo It would bo when no human
lives were near. Tho team sped on
and was finally within tho limits of
tho village.
Thoso who saw' tho team tearing
through the town woro panic
stricken. As the horses ran for their
stable the wagon became broken In
somo way and tho horses were final
ly stopped. That tho deadly nitro
glycerine did not explode under such
rough usage is a miracle
Heavyweight Championship.
By Associated Press.
San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 20. Jim
Joffrics and Qua Ruhlln signed an
ngreoment today to light for tho
heavyweight championship of tho
world.olthcr In November or Decem
ber, beforo tho club offering tho larg
est purso. Tho articles call for a di
vision of tho gato lecolpts on a basis
of 75 per cent to tho winner and 25
per cent to the loser.
Driven From a Missouri City by an
Infuriated Mob.
Several Lynched For Awful Grimes and all are Ordered
Never to Return to the City,'
3y Associated Press.
Pierco City, Mo., Aug. 20 For near
ly fifteen hours, ending about noon
today, this town of .1000 people, has
been In the hands of a mob of armed
whiles, determined to drive every ne
gro fiom its precincts. In addition to
the lynching last night of Will God
ley, accused of the wanton murder of
Miss Gazello Wild, and the shooting
to death of his grandfather, Fiench
Godloy, ihe mob today cremated Pete
Hampton, an aged negro, in ins home,
and set the torch to the houses of five
blacks and with the state militia
rifles, stolen from the local company's
arsenal, drove dozens of negroes fiom
town. After noon tho excitement
died down and tho mob gradually dis
persed, more fiom lack of negroes
on which to wreak their hatred than
fiom any other cause.
Many negroes whe fled from the
city are hiding in the surioundlng
woods, while others have gone dis
tances In seek'ng safety.
Every" negro has left town except a
few railway porters known to be le
spectable', but who must al.so leave.
Tho citizens fay that ns the negroes
have committed several such crimes
In the last ten years, none shall live
there in the future and the same feel
ing already exists at Monnett, four
miles cast of Pierco City and at the
end of the Frisco passenger division.
It is now believed that Will Godley,
who was lynched, Is not the real
culprit. A negro named Starks, un
der arrest at Tulsa, I. T., acioss the
border from, hero, tallies exactly
with the description of tho murderer.
'Ho Is Held there awaiting identifica
tion. Unless tho man is brought back
hero it is believed there will be no
Says He is Nol Connected
With Steel Men.
By Associated Press.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 20. Attor
ney General Knox In a letter to the
Joint committee of the American Anti-Trust
.League and District Assemb
ly No. Ofi Kights of Labor, in reply to
ono from tho committee requesting In
formation from Knox regarding tho
United States Steel Corporation, says:
"I do not know who tho Individuals
aro who organized the United States
Steel Corporation. I never Haw and
never was in any way connected
with them and tho constituent mem
bers of the Steel Corporation. Neith
er nt the tlmo of the formation of tho
United States Steel Coiporatiou nor at
any tlmo was I officially connected
with the Carnegie Steel Co. 1 wah
formerly its icgnl adviser in tho con
duction of tho manufacturing business
but was ucver consulted in referenco
to tho United States Steel Corpora
tion nor in relation to the sale of
company shares of stock held by
stockholders of the Carncigc Co."
Mob iBurns a Negro Murderer
at the Stake,
Dy Associated Press.
Whitesboro, Tex., Aug. 20. The uo
gro, A.lf Wilder, charged with tho
murder of Mrs. Caldwell, wlfo of a
Grayson county farmer, Saturday last,
was captured by a mob this evening
and burned at Nelson's raneh.two and
ono half miles cast of Red Ranch,
The mob was composed ot threo hun
dred men.
Tho negro was taken to a treo and
swung up In tho air. Wood and fod
der was piled beneath tho body and a
hot flro made.
Then it was suggested that tho man
ought not to dio too quickly. Ho was
let down to tho ground, whllo tho
party went to Dexter, two miles dis
tant, and procured coal oil, This was
thrown on tho flames and tho work
further trouble. If returned hero ho
will surely be lynched.
Another suspect. Joe Lark, Is under
arrest at Springfield, Mo. Eugcuo
Barrett, also known as Carter, In a
confession with a rope around his
neck today, accused Joe Lark, a Fris
co ranroad porter, of being Implicated
in tho crime and Lark was nrrcstcd
today at Springfield.
This afternoon Lark gave a detail
ed statement as to his whereabouts
Sunday and ho is not believed guilty.
It Is not likely that either suspect
will be taken to Pierce City whllo the
excitement runs high.
The funeral of Miss Wild took place
today and was witnessed by several
thousand people.
Picn-e City is near the junction of
four railroads and trains from alMli
lections bi ought In a large number of
armed men today, bent on bloodshed,
if necessary. When the mob went to
tho escctiou ot the city occupied by ne
gioes some one in the cabins opened
fire, but no one was hurt. The mob
then destroyed five houses, but tlio
financial loss was small. Reckless fir
ing broke several plate glass win
dows and a train was fired Into. None
of tho passengers were hurt. Tho
rifles were taken from tho Pierce City
military company and U is expected
that all will he returned. Members
of Hie company themselves nro out
hunting for the escaped negroes with
rifies, and this suggested tho idea ot
taking all tho guns. The local hard
ware stores sold out their arms early,
bjit several applications from negroes
were refused. The mob wa3 compos
ed of a thousand or more. No. masks
were used and thirty negro families
were driven from their houses.
In the Strike-Neither Side
Taking Action,
By Associated Press.
Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 20. There was
a lull today In tho great strike, neith
er sido taking decisive action that
showed up on tho surface. Joseph
Bishop, tho Ohio arbitrator, appeared
hero again today, but both sides
promptly repudiated ,the suggestion
of another move ior peace being con
sidered. Tho steel managers succeoded In
starting the Inst idle mill at the Clark
plant, and evidently arc planning a
sales of extensions nt every point
wnero theio Is. a chance of success.
The tielng up of the Pennsylvania
anil Continntal tubo plants of tho
National Tube Co., of tins city, com
menced last night nnd was complet
ed today. Eighteen hundred men went
out and both plants aro Bhut down.
Golconda Disaster,
By Associated Press. '
Paducah, Ky., Aug. 20. The horror
of tlib City of Golconda' disaster nt
Cottonwood bar, four miles above Pa
ducah last night, is just beginning to
bo fully comprehended by the pcoplo
of Paducah, as body after body Is
In ought Into tho city and taken to tho
Tho boat's register Is not yet re
covered, but it is certain that tho
death list numbers seventeen and pos
sibly '22.
a An official Investigation will bo
Tnado as it 'seems certain that tho
niost culpable carelessness caused, tho
Baptist Association.
Tho sixty-soventh anniversary of
tho Marietta Baptist Association be
gins its session today. AJ1 day yes
terday delegates and visitors wcro ar
riving In tho city and were taken to
places assigned to them In tho city.
There aro about 300 visitors expected,
and tho peOplo of tho Baptist church
aro ready to take caro of then). 'An
interesting program hots been prepared,
41 G
i. . '
'Wff ' I
) '

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