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flutchison s Bdrgain to
Nos. 169 and 171 Front Street.
New Goods
Our many Departments require frequent
purchases and rapid selling prices soon run
out stocks.
Our Novelty Department on Second Floor
la n winner. The prices aro not mot anywhoro, nnd tho goods nro now and up-to-dato.
Tho vanoty is bowildoring. Ono can hardly imagine tho articles
Hint nro shown for tho monoy.
For Ono Cent many things that havo always brought 5 oonts.
ForTwq Cents tho bargains appear groaror, tho rango lnrgcr to solcct from
hundrods of articles that you always pay f to 10 rents for. For Three- Cents.
Larger, hotter and more of a variety, hotter quality, but tho bargains aro not ex
celled and for Five Cents many articles that bring 10 nnd 15 cents. Tho sur
prise becomes greater when you seo tho largo, the good, tho fine, tho unusual,
quality, size, stylo, nnd values, for such a small amount, and tho Ton Cent
offerings aro wonderful whon compand with tho usual prices naked for tho sam,o
goods olsowhere. Roll of flno Cropo Tissuo Paper, Fancy Coral Shades, Gold arid
Sllvor Plato Bracelets, Pair lloso Supporters, Largo Vnsos, China Cup nnd
Saucor, decorated China Plate, Hath Towel, Fine Harmonica. Shaving Mug, Dec
orated Cream Pitcher, Largo Docorated Bowl, Molasses Can, Lnrgo Glass Horry
Dish, Gents' Linon Handkerchiof, Fino Sea Shell, Windsor Ties, Box .'1 dikes
Toilet Soap, Pompadour Comb, full Trimmed Lump, largo Doll. Spring Scale
nnd Holder, decorated covered Soup Dish, decorated Spoon Holder, decorated
Soup Plates, Florodorn Print, Cabinet Photo Frames, largo Glass Pitchor, Wiro
Hair Brush, Aluminum Comb, Mirror, double noiseless slates, largo bottle of Bay
Rum, Glass Lantern, Comb nnd Brush Case, Vici Shoo Polish, bottle" Furniture
Polish, bottlo Tooth Powder, G 4Zinc Binding, largo jars and silvor Trays, school
Bags, Clothes Sprinkler, Clothes Brush, mountain cako pan, sauco pan, largo
feather duster, grauito biscuit pan, largo hammer, saw, curtain poles complete,
whisk broom, knifobox, broad wove border, wiro clothes lino, cuspidor, largo box
kite, hctchot, pair cuff buttons, belt buckle, back combs, pearl handio holder and
pen, good luck breastpin, baby ring, necklaces, baby button chnin sot, silver
pinto mustard spoon, silk watch guard, children's canton flannel drawers, nnd
ninny other ntticles of equal vnluo.
Six styles 3S-inch plaid dress goods, cotton, wool and silk mixtures, for school
drosses, ladies' skirts and suits, going at 12c a yard, regular 23c priced goods,
tho greatest bargain wo havo over offered.
Many other bargains in our dress goods department. Hundrods of rcmnnuts,
froni 2 ymds to 7 ynrds in length nt about half usunl prices.
Medium weight Capes for early fall wrar in plush t,nd cloth.
100 assorted nrticlos of Jowolry nnd fancy goods in tbo jowolrr department,
first floor, for 10 cents each, Tho greatest values over ottered.
Our stocks nro in fino shapo for early fall demands, nnd tho prices still lower,
Vou nro invited to call nnd seo how much wo enn snvo you on jour purchases nt
tho same had not been opened yet.
Ho asked that tho council satisfy
thomselves that they had tho legal
right ,to open tho alloy and then havo
the street commissioner do tho work.
Strain reported tho alley between
Tho Marietta Transfer Company and
Mr. Potter's In bad shape and that tho
Transfer Co. wanted
repair It. TMs was ordered done,
Matchott reported that the weeds on
Plko street between Hart and Wayne
streets had grown to such a height
that It was very difficult for people to
pass. The Mayor was Instructed
to notify the property owners to cut
clown the weeds.
After allowing tho following bills
council adjourned.
Hngan & Scliad $14.05
Geo. D. Schad, Sr ?.C0
Turning Diaw .'$2.70
wm. Urlggs J10.50
Crescent Supply Co $7.44
L. MeSwaney $1.60
Mailetta Elcctilc Co $.25
II. A. Athey jl.EO
U. S. Express Co $.40
Ft. Wayne Electrical Works.. $39.54
Traders Oil Co $1.75
Good Roads Machinery Co. ..$3.50
A. V. Iirnddock $15.00
L. T. Cisler $20.00
Hugan & Schad $C40
W. P. Mason $42.00
O. A. Brooks $10.50
Mr. Hancock $20.34
J. M. Williams $12.50
Chas. Wagner $18.00
Tom Highland $13.00
Mart Wilson $9.00
Jacob Lorenz $9.00
Peter Backus $9.00
John Day $9.00
Joe Hill $9.00
II. Lconhart $9.00
Geo. Bickcrt u. $0.00
L. Hose $9.00
Geo. Wellbrok $9.00
W. Danker $9.00
Pat Laurie i $9.00
H. Hunter $9.00
queer papei" tho PrcssAHAODODOO
Doctor's Statement.
By Associated Press.
Buffalo. N. Y., Sept., 17. In a signed
statement tho surgeons nnd physlclan3
wfto attended President McKlnlcy de
clared that all imeged Interviews re
cently published as coming from ond or
another of thonnndicatlng dissensions
and rccrlmlnatlonn nmnnn- ihnm or..
tho council to,fnlBe- Tney Bay thero wero no such In
terviews and that unusual harmony of
opinion and action prevailed all through
tife caso.
Tho unfortunato result they say
could not bo foreseen boforo thb un
favorable sympToms declared them
selves and could not have been pVe
selvec and could not havo boon pre
vented By any human action. Pending
tho completion nnd publication of the
official leports of tho postmortem,
they stato they refuse to mako any fur
ther statement.
One new Ladies' Bicycle, $18.00.
Ten New Gent's Bicycles,, $15.Q0 o ,$40,00.
trrmi .Viv lit) r.n ash I. . . . k
Twelve Ice Cream Fre6zers. ' - .
Six Porcelain-lined Water Coolers; l ;
Fifteen Hammocks.
Twelve Lawn Mowers.
We will sell the above goods at almost
clean up our stock.
Opp. Union Depot. 249 and 251 Second Street.
any price
Elks Observe Memorial.
169471 Front Street.
Marietta., Ohio.
mmmmmmmm m mmmmmmmm
Had no Show with
By Associated Pi ess.
Cincinnati, Sept. 17. Six well
bunched hits netted Pittsburg Ave
111ns. Tho result was never in
It. II. E.
Cincinnati 2 8 1
Pittsburg , 7 15 2
Batteries, Stlmmol and Peitz; Ches
bro and O'Connor.
Tho Exalted Bufer of tho local
has issued tho following:
Dear Brother:
You are hereby requested to moot at
the Lodge Room, B. P. O. D. No. 477,
Thursday, September 19th, 1901. at 1
o'clock P. M., thero to assemble in a
body, wearing your badge of mourning.
From tfiYlodge room the members will
proceed In a body to tho Auditorium,
thero to attend tho memorial services,
to bo hed at tho funeral hour of Wm.
McKlnley, lato President of tho United
Every member of tho lodge is expect
ed to be present. Let nothing Inter
fere. i t t
By order,
Exalted Ruler.
Marietta, Ohio, Sept. 17, 1901.
, Allied Third Party.
a.t COST.
The Ohio Valley Wagon Co. is closing out its fine stock
of Buggies, Phaetons and Surreys at cost.
Anyone wishing to buy anything in this line can get it at
frst cost by going to the salesroom of the Ohio Valley Wagon
Co. on Second street, opposite the Union Depot. '
We are closing out our retail business and can make it
wprth your while to buy of us.
The salesroom will be open every day until 8 p. m. so
so that those who are unable to come during the day will have
tb,e otportunity of doing so duting the evening.
By Associated Press.
Brooklyn, Sept. 17. NewYork won!
uy timely hitting. Attendance 1,500.
R. II. E.
NewYork 10 10 4
Biooklyn C 13 3
Batteries, Hickman and Warner;
Hughes and Farrell.
By Associated Press.
Kansas City, Sept. 18. Nearly 300
delegates are here to attend the Al
lied "Third party" conference, called
by J. A. Paiker, Chairman of the
Populist National Conference, to per
fect a union of all reform parties. Tho
delegates aro from 13 states and rep
resent tho public ownership parly,
the Liberal Socialists, the Middle of tbo
Road Populists, tho Populists, Silver
Republicans and Single Tax League.
Several parties today held a confer
ence meeting and aro considering the
foimatlon of a platform and choos
ing a name for the new organizations.
Coming to MARIETTA, O
The Cnief Consulting and Examining Physician of The France' Medical Institute Co.,
by request, will visit the above town on date named. CONSULTATION FREE and
If you nro suffering from any diseaso, weakness or disability, why noi consult
an liXpononccd, Educated Specialist; ouo thoroughly equipped with' all tho
necessary appliances known to medical scienco 1 .
srwj OUiijos of Hen ind rVemen Positively Cured by THL FRANCE-TflEATMltflT.
By Associated Press.
Boston, Sept. 17. Boston won by
timely hitting. Tho game was called
In the seventh limning on account of
of lain. Attendance 7545.
R. H. E.
Boston 6 o 4
Cleveland 0 3 1
Batteries, Young and Criger; Dow
ling and Connor.
On the West Side
At the Store of
A first-class Hardware Store the best ready
for use paints Refrigerators that refrigerate
Kitchen necessities in tin, enamel, porcelain
and steel. "We make a specialty of tin work and job
bing. Look at your roof and spouting then come and
poe lis.
Store and Shop at
119 Msxple St.,. West Side.
By Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Sept. 17. Both pitchers
dm good work, but Wlltso's support
vas much tho hotter. Attendance
038. ,
R. II. E.
Philadelphia 4 9 2
Detioit.. 1 8 5
Batteries, Wlltse and Powers; Mill
er and McAllister.
First Game.
By Associated Press.
Columbus, O., Sept. 17.
R. II.
Columbus l 4
Wheeling 8 C
Battel les, Walker, McMakin
Ziniam; Killcn and Fox.
Scottish Rite Masons.
By asQclated Press. ,
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 17. The Su
preme Council of Scottish Rlto Masons
of the Northern jurisdiction of the Un
ited Sfates met hero today. Most
Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander
Palmer, of Milwaukee, presided. Two
hundred and fifty members wero pres
ent. Mr. Palmer in his annual ad
dress referred In a feeling manner to
tho assassination of President McKln
ley. J ,
Band of 1400 Musicians.
By Associated Press.
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 17. In the
parado of" Odd Fellows this afternoon
25,000 men wero in line, including CS
brass bands.
clans in tho vlsViiog
Monument Place and played "Nearer
My God to Theo" and "Tho Star Span
gled Banner" S3 a crowd of llfly thous
and people. , ,
e ran
Columbia, Ohio;
Established XSGO. Lumrt Practlcennd Most Complete Institute ofUs filnD Our reeord"l
wonderful carei is rooond to none. During tho nt 20 enni we havo succenly treated thousands
)t cases, pur practice extends not only throughout tho United Stntci Canada, and Mexico bSt
5?.&c?5y?.a,,y '""A?!? cout.r,,cs- Our IoiiUx)CrIcnco, rcnwkabk i bWI L and SnlverSl ecce
tor tho past 20 years In Ohio, entitle us to tho full confidence of the nflllcted. The celebrated Franco
rrcatmentljacknowledBed by many, including prominent physicians, atbeine thfmost coinSleto
nd successful treatment known to ; the medical y orkl, for diseases of men and women? wSSJrliS
refer you to the First NationaJ MankVoV nny tank or reputabl'e U Uh,e & incEKta. .
Deaides any reliable mercantile agency can bo consulted as to our flnnnU.il ..Amli ,umDU. '
WHAT WE TREAT.nJff'rtc,? I , "ayA-re and sexual p.steASEs.-A
" : w....,, ..., .,.,.- K.t(MUlllClU 111 mi I until it rum TaaI
Manhood. Snermatorrlirpn. Hpmitmi vuni.t ... ....
fcctsol Youthful Indiscretion and Eextial JScoh-
tlon of Ideas, A eriion to liocicty. Loss oifMemorj
nnd Lncrgy, Imrotency, etc., quickly nnd jicnnoi
ncntly cured b- an original frcatment. Uonor.
r hoca, Bjphllls, Gleet, fatricturc. Hydrocele, and
Varicocele cured in the shortest possible time
without tho use of mercury or lilndranco from
buslnckS. Curable cases guaranteed when others,
havo failed. Low charges; consultation free.
nr?teiI5",c,0J8j,Etem,of P001 Treatment with
Medicated Tad for Men Is positively the most
complete nnd successful known for Varicocele and
Btrlcturo. also weak and undeveloped orams
pcrlcnce, there lias been discovered tho (trcatSl
euro known for all diseases peculiar to the sex.
lemalo aiseasis positUely cured by onewmeth.
od. Tho cure is cbcted by home treatn. T
DcipemtoUtheunUlio, Hourtand Liver Diseases:
dioou ana oKin ui'eascs, sucn as Kcromia, Ulcers
Ec?ama, Pimples, Frecklts, etc.; Femalo Diseases,
speclally those which ha;o lmfflcd tho skill ol
Jthcr physicians, lillcptlc Fits, Ilupturo perma
nently cured by a new, scientific method. Drain,
Spinal and Nervous Diseases, Paralysis, Locomo
tor Ataxia, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago, Head
line, Sleeplessness, Dizziness, Brain and Nenous
Exhaustion, nnd Splnnl Irritation, Cancer cured
without the use of a knife. Kidney and Bladder
Diseases, Ilright's Disease. Diabetes, Inflamma
tion of the Bladder, Knlargcd Prostate, frequent
ind dribbling Urination, etc. Throat, Lung and
Nasal Diseases, such as Catarrh, Bronchitis, Astli
ma. Consumption, Deafness, etc , cured by our
sriginal system of homo treatment.
It costs no more to employ an expert than to
tUk your life with ati inexperienced physician.
gr" -5I.OUB-H IP i c at TuroooGVe
tlreiy Harmless and easily arnlied.
and correspondence free nnd strictly confident
THE FRANCE URETHRAL TREATHENT Is a medicated Bougio for tho cure of Strlctm nrt n
terms of Diseases of the Bladder Urethra, and Prostate Gland. Tile Bougies are Inserted fiSS. J5
jrethral canal upon retiring aHii(tht. and slip into position w ithou Ttho fflght Sfcflort eouMn 2
Ihort time to dissolve. They, actlike a mild electric current, invigorating 'nnd imnart'lnvim ?
SSLfelte S?!F t- J'il f"rotl 9 cftect i3 'el.'. '"" the first npplicn ion. our sKr'SS
aimpletely dissolves th
Ireatment by
will receive a careful
wo havo never sten
Tonight the 1400 musl- ESSSfiSSSf
rtsKlhe bands united at wnsent of the patient. nxKMlvTmtzvttamrvAtaSSB
m i-rance meoicai institute Co., .38 wjay .,, Columbus, a
Second Gamo
B. H. K.
Columbus 2 5 2
Wheeling 10 1 1
Batteries, Williams and Ziniam;
Pfoister and Herbert.
By Associated I'ress.
Giand Rapids, Sopt. 17.
It. II. B.
Grand Haplds 9 12 3
Toledo 3 7 2
Battorits, Bailey and Zalusky; Par
dco and Grafllus.
By Associated Press,
Dayton, O., Sept. 17.-
B. H. E.
Dayton 2 4 2
Ft. Wayno 3 7 0
Batteries, Wright and Blue; Mull
en and Needham.
By Associated Press.
Now York, Sept. 17. Tho Brooklyn
Jockey Club opened Its fall meeting at
Gravesend today. Tho feature was tho
$15,000 Juiilor Champion Stakes, won
by aTiead from Ignltor.
Atiout six furlongs: Islo, first; Kilo
gram, second; Janice, third; Timo 1;11
Steepechaso, about two miles: Dr.
Rofehberg, lirst; Cneesemlto, second;
Jlmmio u.bbcn, third; time 4:02 2-5.
Junior, about six furlongs: Gold
smith, first; Ignltor, second; Itock
waler, tiird; time 1:11 2-5.
First Special, mile and one-quarter.
Advanco Guard, first; Blues, second,
Terminus, third; timo 2:08.
Fivo and one-half furlongs: Eddie
Busch, rirst; Schwabe, second; Pro
phed, third; timo 1:08 2-5.
Mile and ono -sixteenth: Intrusive,
first: Walt Not, second; Bluo Away,
third; time 1:49 4-G(
Reunion of Co. B 39th O. V.
Mr. George Mlddleswart extends an
invitation to all members of Co. B,
39th O. V. I., and their families, to
meet at his-home at Lower Newport,
September 25th, to participate in an all
day reunion with picnic dinner. Co.
vB will bo glad to meet any members of
the 39th who can bo present.
dly & wky.
Four Rounds.
By Associated Press.
Los Angeles, Cal., Sept. 18.
J. Jeffries faled to put out
Griffin, cololcd, in four rounds.
Funeral of Mrs. Saronl.
The funeral of Mrs. H. S. Saronl will
take place this morning ffoin the Epis
copal church.
Deputy U. S. Marshal Harness ar
rived home Tuesday from a business
trip up tho C. & M. IX. It.
In Justice's court Johu Jacobs
talned judgment against David
ono for $7.00 on an account.
Mr Theobald Wagner and wife
roturned home Tuesday from Cleveland
and Buffalo.
For fifty years Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry has been curing
Bummer complaint, dysentery, diarr
hoea, bloody flux, pain in tho stomach,
and it has nover yet failed to do every.
thing claimed for It.
Dont let tho little ones suffer from
eczema or other torturing skin diseas
es. No need for it. Doan'a Ointment
cures. Cant' harm tho most delicate
skin. At an drug storo, 50 cents,
Cill on or
prpf am
BBblfaD OJfl i feOBl
Wise Words to Sufferers
horn a Woman of Notre Dame, il
Iwlll mall,' frco of charce this Home Treatment
With full instructions, nnrl the histnrv nf .,..
rase to any,I(Jy suffering from female trouble. You
can euro yourself at home without tho aid of
any physician. It wlllcostyounothlnclo'eire
the treatment 'a trial, and if you decide to conuaus
it will only cost you about twolvo cents a nnelc
It wll not interfere with 'your work or occupation.
I havo notions to sell. Tell other sufferers of it
luqusuuA qpK. u curcaau, youngoroid,
ieciiEEupinc'spinca ucsire 10 cry frequently.
flashes, weariness, trenuent desire to nrini. n. if
you have Imconrhea (Whites), displacement or Tail
ing of the Womb. Profuse, Scanty or Painful Periods.
Tumors or Growths, address MRS. M. SUMMRR8.
NOTRE DAMtJ, IND. U. 8. A for the Finn
X UtfA Men s uiiu 1'ULIi IHFOKUlTlOtl.
Thousands besides myself have cured themselves with It. I send It In plain wrappers,
TO MOTHERS Oil DAUGHTERS I will explain a simple Home Treatment which speedily
and effectually cures Uuccrrhta, Grim Shkniss and Painful or Irrtgular Menstruation In j pung
ladles. It will javeyou anxtttynna exptttseana tint your uaugnicrini nummauon of explaining net
troubles to others. Plumpness and health always result from its use. "
Wherever you live I can refer you to well known ladles of your own state or county who ltnoff
and will gladly toll any suilerer that this Home Treatment really cures nil diseased condition
of our delicate female organism, thoroughly strengthens relaxed muscles ana ligaments which
a use displacement, and makca women woll. Write to-day, as this offer will not be madeagahig
Address MRS. H. SUMMERS. Box 22s Notre Dame, W,, U. S.&;
WANTED--A HCisbahd:
Must be strong and never have a lame bac'l$. Dr. Rankin's
cure perma-
Kidnsy Tablol;; stop the pain at once and
The formulao from which those tablets are compounded la that of the
famous physician whose nam.-, they bear and whoso marvelous discovery
?,? , ,ur? ,, Bu d'soaso rendered his name Colobratod thrpughput
the civilized world. They aro sold undpr an absolute fiuarantca to 6uro the
following, viz: . T ,
Brlght's Disease, Diabetes, Qravol, Incbntlnenco of TJrfno, Catarrh of,
Bladder. The tablets are a sure remedy for Dacliache, jAmbaso. Rhouma
Usm, Torpid Diver, Urinary Troubles, 'fliey aro without ' fall n splendid
blood purifier ni-d Fvstem cleanser. Ily mail, pb3tpaldr C cents pbr box,
Address Itanlun Drutr Oo.. Brown nm niH riAiiti nintnn Rt
nf.iMnn Til oi.i i.. T- .. .. -" . "... ,--r-r . --s""- i
wuivuhu, tu. duiu uy ueagie at Lijun
fist. Marietta. Ohio.
--, ' i
pruEglrts, and A. JwllIcliarJa, Drug-
SU ''limamlfrfvlViaUAiiilJilMifc&t-iSJl"
n n
Pi-inA--ft tejj

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