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Marietta Daily Leader.
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Ten Thousand Dollars Damage at
Special to tho Lcatlor.
Parkersburg, W. Vn., Sept. 27. A
disastrous firo occurred on lower Juli
ana street early this morning which
had Its origin In a room on tho second
floor of tho building owned by J. M.
Ruth, 119 Juliana street, where ho con
ducted a restnurant. Tho fire was dis
covered about 2 o'clock by an em
ploye of Varloy's livery stable which
Is located In tho rear of tho burned
An alarm was sent In by telcphono
and tho department responded prompt
ly, but when thoy arrived tho upper
part of the Ruth;bulldlng was a seeth
ing mass of flames and It was appar
ent that tho fire would bo. difficult to
subdue, and such proved (o bo tho
Tho flames soon spread to tho two
Btory brick building adjoining, on the
north, owned by Mrs. Magglo Lavin
and Mike McCoy, and to tho building
on the south occupied by Mis. Anna
E. Gallagher as a restaurant. By hard
work tho firo was confined to these
buildings, but not until after three
hours of hard work on tho part of the
flrp department.
The cause of thoflre is unknown and
will probably noyer bo known, but It
was first discovered In a back upstairs
Factory to be Built in Wil-
Jf&r- V-Fw,.- -'
Wllllamjfown? buRfentcrprisIng and1
progrcsslvd neighbor, just across tho
Ohio river, Is enjoying a substantial
growth, which is in evciy way char
acteristic of Its up-to-date popula
tion. Now additions are being laid
out, tovJn lots are selling rapldy and
at largely Increased figures, new houses
aro beng erected, new stores are be
ing opened and qverythlng Indicates
that tho thriving little city will con
tinue, to grow in impoi lance.
As'lato movo on tho part of the
pcoplo o" Wllllamstown Is tho one for
tho, establishment of a broom factory
thore, which Is now a certainty. Somo
of tho live people have donated a slto
of about thirty lots in a now addition
Asked to Have a Counsel in the Court
of Inquiry.
By Associated Press.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 27. In tho
Schley Court of Inquiry today a let
ter was presented from Sampson, ask
ing to bo allowed to bo represented Jn
tho Court by a counsel, but tho Court
refused on tho ground that tho "Coprt
does not at this time regard you as
a party to tho case.''
Tho principal witnesses of tho day
wero Lieut. John Hood, who com
manded tho dispatch boat Tho Hawk
during the Spanish war, and Capt
Bowman H, McCalla, -Commander of
tho Marblehead. Tho testimony of
both of these officers dealt with tho
delivery of dispatches from Sampson
to Schley.
McCalla testified that ho flrtt came
Into contact with tho Flying Squadron
on May 19th, 1898. When ho was
proceeding from Cuba to ICoy West
ho mot tho squadron on ltd' way to Cu
ba. Ho said that ho had not been
asked tp board tho Brooklyn and mako
a roport on conditions In Cuba, but
that ho mado a full roport to Capt
Ohadwlck, Sampson's Chief of Staff,
When ho arrived at Key West. On this
point he said "In addition to tho writ
ten "reports or dispatches which I car
ried, I explained to the Chief of Staff
tluj secret cqdo whlqh I had establish
ed with tho Cubans near Cicnfuegos.
TbBt wad not dono until I heard that
room in tho ltuth building. Tho spread
of tho firo was so lapld that there
wero several narrow escapes. When
Mrs. Lavin waa awakened she ran to
the room occupied by her sons Don
and Charles. Tho window of the looms
thoy wero occupying had burned out
and tho flames were within a few feet
of them when pulled out of bed.
L. E. Davidson and William Hop
kins, who weie occupying a room over
tho Buckeye restaurant where tho firo
originated, had narrow escape. When
awakened tho flames had eaten their
way into the loom and thoy had bare
ly tlmo to save thenlselves by jumping
out a second story window.
It was owing only to the splendid
woik of tho fire department that tho
entire block south' of tho ltuth build
ing was not destroyed. ,
The losses arc as follows:
J. M. ltuth, oyner of tho building
where the fire started, loss, $5,000; in
surance, $4,500. f
J. A. Coo, furniture dealer, loss,
$750; insurance", $1,000.
Mis. Magglq Lavin, brick building
and contents, loss $3,000; partially In
sured. Mike McCoy, brick building, loss
$500; fully insured.
Mrs. Anna'E. Gallagher, loss, $1,G00;
partially covered by insurance.
of tho town and in return aro to get
tho factory, which is to bo of brick,
C0xl20 feet, three storlcshigh.and with
a capacity for tho employment of p.
hundred workmen. It will bo com
pleted and ready for operation within
tho ncxUclght weeks.
" Geological SuYvoyStatlou.
"' V f
Special to tho Leador.
Parkersburg, W. Va., Sept. 27.
SIcdgo Tatum, of tho United States
Geological Survey Corps, who has been
hero for a few days, has been taking
measurements in this vicinity. Yes
terday ho placed a stone tablet on tho
top of tho hill on the S. W. Goff farm
on the Elizabeth PIko showing that
that point Is 350 feet above tBe level
of tho Ohio. A small framo station,
-with a whito banner, 8x12 feet, floating
from tho top, was built over the stone.
Weather Forecast.
Ohio Fair Saturday, waimcr In
northern portion. Sunday fair.
Schley was proceeding to Clonfuogos."
Speaking of. tho codo tho witness
said, "on tho 15th and ICth of May,
1898 I 'had been in communication
with Cuban Officers and two Private?
on tho Marblehead and I arranged with
Lieutenant Lavarcz a system of Bid
nals in caso they wished to communi
cate with tho Marblehead or with my
force. Thero wero to bo threo Hori
zontal lights at night and three horses
In lino by day."
He Bald that he had only communi
cated tho secret codo to Capt. Chad
wick, Chief of tho Staff, when he ar
rived at, Key West and wjion tho Fly
ing Squadron had been directed to
. McCalla next told of his return to
Clonfuegos on tho twenty-fourth of
May with dispatches for Schloy. He
Bald: "It was reported authoritatively
In Key West when I sailed on 'tho 21st
of May that tho Spanish squadron was
still at aSntlago." Ho said that Schlov
had told him that ho thought that tho
Spanish squadron was at CionfuegoB,
that ho had received newspapers from
tho Steamer Adula somo days previous
which contained n cablo dispatch from
Santiago and from that ho gathered
that tho Spanish force under Corvora
might hnvo sailod from Santiago In
tlmo to reach Clonfuogos JuBt boforo
tho arrival of tho force undor his com
mand. "I said that I had brought
arms, ammunition and dynamite for
tho Cuban camp to tho westward and
that If ho let mb go I would find out
at once whether they were in Cletifue
gos. Ho Immediately assented." Ho
then i elated how ho hnd gone ashore
near Cicnfuegos and found tho Cubans
drawn up In lino .Ho gave them food
and ammunition. "Wo found." ho
added, "that Ccrvera was not Insldo
the harbor and that tho situation In
Cicnfuegos was oxnetly as when wo
left it on the 16th of tho samo month.
McCalla said that ho had sent infor
mation to Schley by Eagle, followed
with Marblehead.
They reached tho Biooklyn between
threo and four o'clock, somewhat bo
hind tho Eagle. Ho said that thoy
went aboard the Brooklyn and con
firmed tho fact that Cervcra's fleet was
not in Cicnfuegos. "I saw then for
tho fiist timo that there were a set
of Instructions for Schloy. The Com
modoro asked me to read tho instruc
tions and after I had read them ho
asked mowhat I thought ho had bet
ter do. Previous to this he said ho
could not coal off Santiago, that tho
English had demonstrated that ships
could not coal at sea. Ho also ald
that if he returned to Key West ho
would bo court martlaled. It was af
ter thh that ho handed me the orders,
Of a RHarysvilie Couple is Tinged with
A pretty romanco culminated. late
Friday evening in the happy marriage
in our city of Mr. Charles Mac Lewis
and Miss Mary D. Klrby, popular and
favoiably known young people of
Mary8lllo, O.
,.MiSs TClrby is tho beautiful and ricjt
c9mRUhed".daughtci'iOt' Mr. and Mrs.'
A. G. Klrby, of Jtfaryqvljle, while Ito
MacLowls is one of tho leading dry
goods merchants of that place. Miss
Klrby has for several weeks been tho
guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. William
son, of Washington street. Their
wedding was set for some time in
In our city df Mis. Charles MacLcwls
arrived unexpectedly In tho city. Af
ter spending the afternoon pleasantly
Mr. MacLewls sprang a surpilso by
asking Mr. Williamson to diiett him
Beit Extends into Wirt County,
West Virginia.
Special to tho Leader.
Parkersburg, W.Va.,Sept. 27. Some
tlmo ago Doro Casto mado a tiip
tlnough tho Tucker Creek region In
Wirt county and leased about 4,000
acres of.wild cat territory in a deal
with Glenn and Schlomaker. of Sis
tersvillo. Ho bound tho firm down to
drill two wells on tho tract within a
specified time. One rig Is up and the
first woll will bo started Immediately
on tho Casto farm, a tract of COO acres
forming a part of tho 1,000 acie lease
Twice previously, tho Hendershot belt
has beon surveyed through tho Casto
farm and although tho territory is
wild thero Is evory reason to believe
that n ntrlko will bo mado.
Escape From Death
Wrecked Train,
By Associated Press.
Omaha, Sept. 27. A through pass
enger train from St. Louis to Omaha,
on tho Wabash, was wrecked near
Council Bluffs, tho entire train con
sisting of mall and baggage cars, two
day roaches, a chair and a pull
man lolled down an elglftecn foot em
bankment and turned sido up. The
train cnrrlcd nearly a hundred pass
engors and It is a miracle that nono
woro killed. Threo wero poihapa fat
ally Injured, 1G sorlously hurt and ft
which I read. After reading them I
said: 'Commodore, I think you must
return i to Santlngo oven If you do not
stay there.' "
"Tho Admiral then said: 'This mat
ter I shall have to decide myself, you
may return to your ship.' "
He said tho Commodoro did not say
anythlng'to him at that tlmeHo indi
cate whether his Intention was to go
on that evening or on the next day.
McCalla said that no effort was made
whllo ho was with the Flying Squad
ron off Clenfuegos to proventthoSpan
iards from constructing earthworks,
which ho had been ordered to do. He
said that tho squadron had not pro
ceeded with "all dispatch to Santia
go." After telling of tho cruise from
Cicnfuegos to Santiago, of the arrival
off that city, and of the retrograde
movement towaid the west, tho wit
ness was asked if the Marblehead
could have coaled on the afternoon
and evening of May 2Cth, when the
Flying Squadron arrived off Santiago.
Ho replied in tho affirmative but said
that tho vessel was not in need of coal.
Next ho l elated briefly the bombard
mont of tho Cristobal Colon on May.
When asked what had been left un
done to accomplish the destruction of
that vessel, he leplied, "Schley failed
to use his entiro force in maklnc the
attack." The Couit then adjourned.
to tho office whero mairlago licenses
aro issued. Tho happy' young couple
had decided that January was too
long to wait and agieed that their
wedding should tako place at once.
The necessary document was procur
ed, and at tho Presbyterian parsonage,
'inho presence of Mr. and Mrs. A, T.
Wll'farrisbn-and MnfLW. jE.. Itoo, tho
P(ri9y,;rrng' ceremony was' performed
by'Rqv. Dr. W. E. itoe. ' '
After tho marriage Mr. and Mrs.
MacLewls spent tho evening in call
ing on relatives In the city, among
them being Mr. and Mrs. Waller Klr
by, of Second sticet, and Mrs. It. K.
Moore, of tho West Side.
They leave this morning to call on
friends In Parkcrsbuig from which
place they stare on their wedding tour
through the East.
Gang Charged with Murder
and Other Crimes.
By Associated Press.
Plnovllle, Ky Sept. 27 Tho alleged
Ku KIux gang of outlaws .captuved
In Lotchcr county a few days ago, and
bi ought to this placo, owing to tho
Intense feeling against them In that
county, aro now on trial. Thoy aro
chaiged with murder, highway robbery
and attempting to wreck tiains.
Thirteen will bo tiled and tho first
caso called will be that of Manswrlght.
Tho gang Is alleged to bo composed
of tho Reynolds and White factions,
and has been operating In Letcher
and Bell counties for several yeais.
East, a members of the alleged gang
and Morgan Reynolds, aio still at
of Passengers on
ecoro of others recoivod minor bruises.
Tho badjy hurt aro: Conductor
Arthur F. Wilson, Council tiluffs, may
not recover; Mrs. Georgo Rue, Silver
City, Io.) Internal injuries nnd hip
crushed; infant daughter of A. H. Wil
son, Tekamah, Nob., head badly crush-,
od, will probably die. At tho time
of thcrwrectf tho tialn was running
30 miles por hour ami Engineer Rotlg
crson says it was caused by spreading
rails tji tho. curvo whero tho wreck oc
curred, ,
Will Expresses His Great Concern for
His Wife and Mother.
By Associated Press.
Canton, O., Sept. 27. Secretary Cor
tolyou camo hero today to assist Mis.
McKInlcy ill disposing of matters con
nected with tho lato President's es
tate. After meeting Mrs. McKinley tho
question of filing the McKinley will
was taken up. The trying task of
leading It to her was undertaken by
lho Secertary. Mrs. McKInlcy made
a heroic effort to bear up and suc
ceeded In doing so. All tho legal
foimalltlcs necessary for her to sub
scribe to were disposed of. In the
afternoon Judge Day and Secrctaiy
Coilelyou went to tho piobato judge
and offeied tho will for probate.
They can led with them the following:
"I, Ida S. McKinley, widow of Will
lam McKinley, deceased, hereby de
clines the administration of his estate
and recommend tho appointment of
William R. Day and Geoigc B. Coi
telyou as administrators of the will
annexed." This lccommendation
bears the date of Sept. 27, 1901.
Following is tho text ot tho will:
"Executive Mansion, Washington,
d. a
"I publish the following as my lat
ent will and testament and hereby re
voking all former wills. To my be
loved wife, Ida S. McKinley, I be
queath all my real csatc, wLc.cvcr
situated, and the Incor.'.e of an per
sonal pioperty of which 1 way be
possessed at my death, d.uing her
natural life. I mako the following
charge upon all of my ysopcrty, both
real and personal: To my mother
during her llfo a thousand dollars a
year and at her death said sum ib to
bo Pjjldroy slsfor Helon McKinley.
If my income from tho property bo
dnsufflctenrto keep my wife in gieat
comfoit and pay tho annuity above
privlded, then I direct that such of
my property bo sold so as to make
tho sum adequato for both purposes.
Whatever property remains at the
death of my wife I give to my brother
and sisters, share and share alike. My
chief concern is that my wife, from
my estate, shall have all she requires
for her comfoit and pleasure and that
my mother shall bo provided with
whatever money sho requires to make
her old ago comfortable and happy.
Witness my hand and seal, this 2Jnd
day of October 1S97,
The will is witnessed and signed
Of Indictment are
Tho Washington County grand jury
for tho September term reported on
Friday, as follows:
To Hon. D. W. Jones, Judgo of the
Court of Common Pleas.Washlngton
County, Ohio.
Tho grand jury of tho Court of Com
mon Pleas of said County of tho Sep
tember term, 1901, beg leave to report
that they havo been in session four
days, nnd herowith return to tho
Court tho lndtctmonts presented by
said Jury. Wo havo carefully exam
ined into such matters as have legiti
mately como to our notice, havlns ex
amined over ono hundred witnesses,
covering twenty-Blx cases, and presen
ted twpnty bills, and Ignored fivo
cases considered by us. Tho business
has been transacted in as expeditious
a manner as possible. Tho caso of
Frederick Moser was passed for con
sideration by tho next grand jury.
During our session we havo visited the
County Jail and made a complete ex
amination thereof, and find that tho
rules prescribed by tho Court for thq
cafo thereof, and for the Government
ot Us Inmates hnvo been carried out
and proporly enforced. Wo find that
tho license of Scott Riggs, nt Rlggs'
Landing for ferry has oxpliod and has
not boon renowed. '
by George B. Cortclyou and Charles
Lolller. It is given out that tlio Mc
Kinley cslato is worth $225,000 to
$230,000, including llfo Insuianco of
Aside from the $G7,000 mentioned,
tho estate consists of real estate hero
and contiguous to Canton nnd of de
posits in Washington banks. On
Monday morning tho probate court
probates tho will. Then' it is expect
ed, Cortelyou and Day will bo finally
appointed administrators of the cs
tnte. The will Is in the President's own
handwriting and on executive man
sion letter paper.
Laudanum for the Purpose of
About 11 o'clock last night Bcsslo
Leo, an inmato of Lizzlo White's
house, on Church street, attempted
to tako her life by swallowing a doBO
of laudanum. Sho had been out
walking with her lover, Thornlo
Ayers early In tho evening and ho told
her that ho was going to leave her
and go away fiom tho city. Sho did
not want him to go unless Bhe could
go with him, but to this ho would not
consent, so sho went Into tho house
and picked up a bottle of laudanum,
which, she had bought in the after
noon, and drank the contents. Dr.
Bales was called and Worked with her
for several houis beforo btlnglng her
This is tho second tlmo that she has
attempted tortake her' life within tho
last year. Duilng the laBt flood Bhe
jumped out of a second story window
of a houso on Ohlostreetahdwasgolng
down for the third tlmo when sho
was rescued.
New Electric Line.
Indianapolis, Ind Sept. 27. Tho
Indianapolis, Shelbyvllle and South
eastern Traction Company, capital
$000,000, has iieled articles of incor
poration with tho Secretary of State.
Tho road will be 25 miles long and
will extend frcm this city to Shelby
vllle. At that placo it wiil make
connections with another traction
lino tc Cincinnati.
Returned by the
Emerson Rlchey, forgery.
John Baker, rape.
Frank C. Wilson, pocket picking.
Wm. McBride, non-support.
Arthur L. Singer and Alonzo Qhldes
ter, burglary and larceny.
Kail Sadl and Abraham Halleck, re
ceiving stolen p-oods.
James Miller and Leslie Bucklln,
shooting at with Intent to kill.
Lesllo Bucklln, carylng concealed
James Miller, carrying concealed
weapons, i
Harry V. Clark, assault nnd bat
tery. Ei nest C. S. Holmboo, assault and
Edward B. Van Gleson, assault and
James D. Mason, ' threatening os
sault and battery,
George Frazlor, petit larceny,
Martin Williams, John Littleton and
Frank Littleton, house breaking.
Ida Carter, Blander.
Frederick Lozler, assault and bat
tery. Cyril Nelson, Louis Chnpln, -James
Dynr, assault and battery.
WJlllara W. Ritchie, assault; and
John D. Dick, assault.
? '

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