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The Marietta Leader
(Daily arid Weekly.)
IH Officials of B, & 0. Road
Stili Continue.
Although-thcro la an, understanding
that there arc to bo no wholesale dln-'
churgeSjOl Baltimore & Ohio employes
iiiuTeifstho new. 'Management, yet It
woujd appear 'ad If there was some
thing going on which has started many
of tlie officials to guessing whoro they
ato .at. Tho resignation ' of Suserln
tendent Graham, of the Corindllsvtllo
division, and Mechanical Superintend
ent T. N. Barr conic In continuity,
and. tiro, taken as "something In, the
wind " Mr. Barr resigns to go with
tho Erie "railroad under President F. D.
Underwood, who left the Baltimore &
Ohio to take chargo of tho affairs of
tho Eric, system.
On the Baltimore & Ohio, President
Lorco has taken his closb friends with
him to fill tho most Important posi
tions, lie was always close to G. h.
Potter, L. 0. Haas and others who
are to fill high positions." with the Bal
timore &' Ohio.
Substantial proof 'of the fact that It
Is tho Intention of tho men now at the
head of tho Baltlmoro & Ohio to be
aggressive and progressive Is appar
ent In tho policy which President L. F.
Lorec is pursuing. President Loreo
has sanctjoncd tho plans prepared by
tho Baltimore & Ohio and Pittsburg
& Western civil engineers some months
ago, and the work will bo pushed to
completion without delay. Many im
portant contracts have been let for im
provements on the main lino and on
tho Pittsburg division, and an order
for $3,000,000 worth of new equipment
will bo given out this year.
Between 'Wheeling and Benwood
some sweeping changes are contem
plated. Th6 loop and bridge arc to
bo eliminated, and a direct line via the
Ohio' River Railroad established. The
Baltlmoro & Ohio is now practically
In control of the Ohio River railroad,
and it1 is to be mado part of tho
through car line between Pittsburg and
Cincinnati and St. Louis.
Nominated for Municipal Of
ficers of Beipre,
Special to the Lcadrr.
Beipre, O., Sept. 21. At a well at
tended meeting held at tho City Hall
thl3 evening tho following ticket
wa3 nominated, to bo voted on at the
coming municipal election, which will
take place October 22nd.
For Mayor, F. L. Murphy.
For Clerk, J. B. Waterman.
.For Marshal, Joseph Sharp.
For Councllmcn, T. S. Abbott, W.
S. Hazelrlgg, J. C. O'Ncil, E. J. Mill
er and William IIpwc.
This will bo tho first municipal
election in the history of Beipre,
which was but recently Incorporated.
Tho contest for tho nomination for
Mayor was quite spirited. Tho vote
stood: F. L. Murphy G9; J. N. Stum,
Tho mimical Campbell's arc with
tho Bronron Company at tho Auditor
iums Monday night.
. CL
Day of Cincinnati Shoot Was
Special to tiie Leader.
Cincinnati, O., Sspt. 27. The third
and last day's shoot of tho fall tourn
ament slvcn under tho auspices of the
Cincinnati Gun Club wan of great In
terest -inrt vnS largely attended. Ira
Post, of Spcnccrvilre, O., carried off
flrat honors, breaking ulncty-fivo out
of a possible hundred. Following aro
tho, 'scores' recorded in favor of the
shots from Marietta and St.Marys:
F. B. Mallory.. .... SI
J. F. Mallory 89
Li. f. Mallory ... .,...87
Charles Bailey 87
John Speary 8'2
Peter Schltchcr, Jr ' SG
When doctors fail try,.Burdock Blood
Bitters. Cures dyspepslu.coustipation;
Invigorates tho whole system.
Twenty Hounds.
By Assoqiaieq rross.
San Francisco, Sept. 27. Joo Walcot
gets tlio -decision In tjto . ypth round
over Gardner.
Haw Ane Yoar Ktdnvya
DrOtobj' mjrarai'pm. pure all kid per llli. flam.
-, , j 1-L
as the Keynote of ptesj&nf Up
Kinley's Last Public IJlerance .
Special to the Loador. .
WashiiiBton, D. C, Sept. 27. Reci
procity wnslho koy-n'ot of iho last
public utterance of William McKlnley.
Rrclprocity la the topic, that has al-
l cady engaged tho earnest attention of j
President Roosevelt hnd his cabinet.
Modification of tho tariff along con
servative lines Is admittedly tho great
and growing economic question for
both Congress and the dominant party
it represents. Tho lato Chief Magis
trate demonstrated in his farewell ro
niurk3 at Buffalo that ho had devoted
long study and deep thought to the
outlines of a policy that, at first
blush, seems repugnant to Republican
doctrine. But a careful consideration
of tho matter will dlscloso that modi
fication of duties is tho logical out
come of a' tariff for the protection of
infant imlustiy. That Mr. McKlnley
had reached the conclusion that a new
system of tariffs, framed on tho glvo
and lake principle, had become a nc
cc3sily was plainly manifested in his
last words of advlco to his party and
his country.
Since Mr. Roosevelt voluntarily of
fered to follow in tho footsteps of hit)
predecessor and to carry tho McKln
ley policies to completion, tho reci
procity question Is naturally taking
prccedciico in the deliberative coun
cils at tho White House. And there'
is no doubt uiat it will be presented
to tho coming Congress, in concrete
form at tho proper time. While in
a general way tho policy of which tho
celebrated Plumed Knight of the Pino
Tree Stato was tho father and adovl
cato Is not complicated, it will require
careful nandlir.g. That there will bo
opposition to the reduction of. duties
from certain portions of the country
and from thos-e Industries which do
not yet feel able, or at least inclined,
lo forego tho benefits of protection,
thci o is not the slightest doubt. In a
sense, tho change contemplated is
radical. But Republican leaders are
confident that, with tho exercise of
good judgment, reciprocity treaties
can bo so arranged that no hardship
will be imposed upon enterprises still1
in need of a safeguard against the
Tufncu3 competition of underpaid
foreign labor. ' Mr. Roosevelt has long
been a deep 'student of economic 'prob
lems and will, it Is stated by thoso who
have conferred with him, devoto his
oilorls to tho formulation of a plan
which will find expression in his com
ing message to Congress.
The prosperous state of tho country
is reflected In tho reports from the
Ticasury and in the information con
veyed to the President by Secretary
Gage. Before proceeding' westward,
to lcsumo his vacation which wa3 in
ter) uptcd by the lamentable tragedy at
Buffalo, Mr. Gage explained at tho
While House his arrangements to re
lievo tho money market by tho pur
chase of bonds and tho increase of
Gcivernnx-nt deposes in tho national
banks. Mr. Roosevelt expressed him
self as pleased with the stops taken
and fully approved the plans of tho
secretary to meet exigencies that may
develop during his absence. Since
September 1st, tho available cash bal
ance in the Treasury has increased
?8,00O.OU0, the amount now being held
?lS8,0O0.000. Up to September 23rd,
tho surplus was ucai'ly $9,000,000 for
that period alone, and since July 1st,
it has grown to bo over $11,000,000.
For tho fcamo period of 1S00, tho sur
plus amounted to only $2,500,000.
It will be a long time beforo Wash
ington thoroughly accustoni3 Itself to
the hws of President McKlnley. Whilo
grief is still keen and will not bo
thoroughly effaced during this genera
tion, all nsc graillled with the digni
ty and sympathetic forbearance of the
new Executive, who has taken tho
rolna of tfuvcram-int uudor cxtraoi'dl
nuiy t nlllons. Republicans aro
couviui'U'l that they have a strong
man who has stopped Into the breach
to (omjlctc tho work so well develop
ed by the statesman who twlcp led
them to victory and endowed tho na
tion with prospcrlt .
Mr. Roosevelt has in a very few
days dcmoustiated that lie Is to be a
working President. An'd ho has dis
carded hia alleged BtrcmiousucsH as
easily and naturally an ho laid asido'
the uniform of war when pcaco had
conic. Tho famous Nov Yorker, of
course, will not completely lose his, in
dividuality in tho great oflico to which
he va3 so suddenly elevated. It would
be u physical impossibility for Theo
dore Roosevelt to do that, and, in
truth, r.ono would' wish him to sup
prcE3 tho Amcilcan vim that led him
into battle for his country's honor,-
that nuuto l-.lm triumphant in hl3 con
test for tho Govcrndrahip of tho Em
pire Stato after one of' tho fiercest
struggle! of its political lilst6ry, arid
that has spiead his namo throughout
the country as an exponent of lioiK&t,
uncohipromtstng knit vigorous pat
riotism. ' S'dmo'KaVo- bde'h rnb'vcil'to
criticise MV. Roosovelt mildly and re
gretfully, for dismissing Iho itten pro
vldcil as' a h'ddy-fe'tiard for tho Presi
dent. The hew Ch'ref- faaglstratd, lils
f fiends defcitTro, Is" fully nolo to take
cai'o bf'himSotf'ln ah orrfcrgchcy and
espionage- Is 'nlis"bhitcly dls'ta'ste'fui to
him. During llls'walks rind his horse
back rldco ho desires 'to bo alono and'
insists that lie Shall "bo iihndcompari-i
led. '
Tho notoriously pcssinilstlcprcsshas
i'been 'dealing harshly with Cotamanden
Scaton Schroeder, Insinuating that
his duties as 'tho Governor of the
Island of Guam, erne of America's
newest possessions', had not Ticcn sat
isfactorily performed end that lio
would not bo continued at that post.
Notwithstanding, Scccrctary Long' has
Issued orders to Commander Schroe
der to return to tho Island as' tho head
o Its goVornmcnt. Officials of the
Navy Department state briefly, 'when
asked abtiut the1 case, that tho Secre
tary's order Is a complefo refutation
of tho l'umors that Mr. Long was dis
pleased with S.chroc'dcr for' enforcing'
the discipline of his command. Tho
sititatlon In the faraway island de
manded extraordinary treatment arid;
Commander Schroeder was equal 'to
tho occasion, although ho has been re
warded by vituperation from certain
quarters for tho performance of an un
pleasant duty.
Perhaps nothing has given moro
genuine satisfaction to' thoso who have
uu$incss at the Whlto House Irre
spective of patty affiliations, than tho
retention of Mr. dcorgo B. Cbrteloyu
by President Roosovelt as his" secre
tary, Mr. Cortolyou having acted In
that capacity for tho lato President.
As Mr. Roosoveit had his own secre
tary, who had long been confident-'
lally associated with him at Albany
and elsewhere, It was prophesied that
Mr. Cortolyou .would not bo retained;
but.Mr. Roosevelt paid a. delicate trih
uto to tiio departed "Chief Magistrate
by tho rc-appolritmcnt. Mr. Cprtel
you Avon Mr. ilcKinley's affection by
his fi'dc'H'ty an4 'his Intlofatlka'bll'lty.
To tho .lao. Exo'eutfvo ho was ,rnb''re,
than a mcra6fliciaf assistant;" ho. was'
u nivuu, vyuii'.iuiyii iiuu -uaiuifj uu-
viser. ' It- lias- b'cen 'salcf th'dt Mfi CoV
tclyou would hayo ovcTntually suc
ceeded to a cabinet position, had Mr.
MeKinloy lived. Tho doVo'tlon of the
Secretary to the President at Buffalo
is ono of tho hcatniful chapters 'of that
story of i cars'.' All heroes do not win
.commissions or wear shoulder straps.
Ladles admitted frco Monday 'night
to tho Bronson Cdmpahy show if ac
companied by a paid 30 e'ent ticket.
Wiieat Outlook is Very Prom
Special to the Leader.
St, Petersburg, Sept. 27. A report
issiiod by tii'o minister of finance, M.
'Do Wittc, sIioVb that the winter grain
crop In Uro. south western provinces Is
excellent htyl that it is abovo the
medium, in " Finland! Tho winter
crop is orily 'mcdt.corb in southeastern
Russia arid fn tho Viplga provinces.
The spring graiii crop, is everywhere
woiBQ than the winter crop, on ac
count of tho drought.
Takc3 the burn out; heals tho wound,
cures tho pain. Dr. Thomas' Eclcctrlo
Oil, the household Verncdy. "
Prospectors Reported Drowned.
j y Associated Press.
San Antonio, Tux., Sept. 27. A re
port from Presidio county, near the
Rio Graiido river, say3 that on Sep
tember 25 thirteen men prospecting
for clnlbar In Alamahto Creek lost
their Uvea In Hoods causod by a wa-.
icrspoui or a ciouuuurst. tiio men,
were asleep in a ravihewben a cloud
burst several miles up tho river and
a wall of wattr twenty feet high
tuahed down tho channel of tho ra
vine, sweeping over tho men. All
wcro drowned. - -
EdacatoYoar Bow6U"Wlth CaiearetC
Candy 'Cathartic, curo'coaslipatloa forerer.
t0o,S3o. JtC.O.O.tall.dfuoKl5tBrtMUDanoDCl.
Special to tho Leader.' '
EJvnnsvillo, Ind.,'Scpt. 27. Miss Vic
toria Ludlow has filed suit against Ed
ward McKIhzIe. Miss Ludlow alleges
sho was coaxctt Into' 'the roofrt liack of
McRlnijc'fe store and there McKinzlo
trixd to hug her. She demands $10,
000 damages.
.' u ' ' ? t . . ,..,7rT;. in . .
i NotliltiKilMtt n local
rnmotlf or elmiiffo of
cllhinto will euro
I'fti ppCclltcM
Ely's Cream Balm
Jl,! nulokly Al)SorIcV
Gfros Relief ulorich.
Uixmfiumicipnnsos inn
nneni rnssi
AllnjH Infliunm
Nncnl l'nssnBPS.
nva inlliunintitlnn
Henls nnd. 1'rotpctd tho
Ipmlirnnp. ltpstorcs tho Senses of Tnslo nml
Smell. NrvMorcitrr, No Injurlnns ilrmr. Itptfii
Inr Size, Ml couts ; Family 8izo,f l'UInt Drufisfslf
:i,Y ljUOTilEttS. &( W.nrron Street, Kow York.
Catarrh I Catarrhl Catarrjh..
All druggists aro authorized by thq
manufacturers of Bunscna' Cream, Ca
tarrhal to refund tho money if It falls'
to euro any case of Nasal Catarrh, Ca
tarrhal Deafness or Catarrh of tho
Head, no matter of how long staudlns
Ono application gives caso and rosti
Contnins no mercury or other Injurious,
drug. Bunscn's Cream Catarrhal is a
now discovery and Is tho only Catarrh
remedy oold on a pdsitivo guarantee.
No Cure, No pay. Crleo GO cents.
For salo by tho Klrby Drug Company.
(C) '
The Branson Company arc hero for
three nights only, Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday.
Prices 10, 20 and 30. cents.
For Good Government.
The committee appointed by the
citizens' meeting at the Court Room
a few weeks ago have prepared a plat
form for tho oruanizatlon of a Good
Government League. A meeting is
therefore called for next Moday eve
ning to bo held in Andrews Hall. All
interested in good government for our
city both men and .women should ar-
rrango to attend. The meeting will be
gin at half past seven.
Chairman of former meeting.
It's folly to suffer from that horrible
plaguo of tho night, itching piles.
Doan's Ointment cures, quickly and
permanently. At any drug store, &0
Now York Patterns,
Tho Vory latest.
Lizzie Biszantz Wells,
145 Front Street.
that keeping everlastingly
-j. Ml teiii;,-i!i: ' .5' :-' '
of good goods. and low prices
Eemember the. Millinery.
Marion Corner Store.
L. M. LUCHS. MaLnocger.
. ; , Speainl.EuRaccment for
' Thrco Nights commencing
MOHDAYJeit 30.
B Bronson
Headed by tho well known Harry and
Mno C!ody Langdon. A suporb .or
ganization of 2T nmiiuiment eour
tiors, I'Deludintj thoir xyn Oporn
tiu. Orchestra. Oppning in that
grand now production, "
MA Koyal Spy."
Spocltxl Frco ! Mr. yill O. Millard,
tho world's g'roatcst cyclist, will glvo ono
of Ills marvelous performances" at 11:30
o'clock, Monday, at tho Marietta Book
Prices for this extraordinary ontor-
taimucnt will bo 10, iiOnnUiSO conts, nnd
as, a treat for tho Indies, on Monday
night ovory Indy accompanied by n paid
30 cent ticket will bo admitted free. Ad
vnnco salo opens nt tho Mariolta Book
Storo Saturday, Sept. 23th. x
Baskets of Fresh
Concprd Grapes for
. .Saturday's trade.
15 Cerits
Eer Baskpt (ten
Epjinds,) Also a
' large stock of '
Cor 2nd & Putnam.
US ,,iiVTOnniig. success, , we.
i . '" VI.1 I"1 M ; "" " ' -
Colonial ; Book : Stores.
Wohltvo somo nCtrnetfvo
Stationery, Books and Picture!
vory much below rojtulnr, prlcps, inordorto olonn out and nrnko roonnJoritUp ,.
now feobcJs'whieh wlll'soon begin' to'ar'rlvov ' - -
Decorations for tho Carnival; In Purplb.ftnd W,hl(o, No'j; Bboka ; J
constuntly hrrivintr. Porlodlctxls, Ma.c.rlno8, otc. Opon six days" "
and-evonlng, closed SUnOhys'.'', '( ." ' ' ."?' '-r-
153 Colonial Black,, Front Si.,
Baking Powder
Wo bollovo that housowlvos wnnt to uso
puro cronm tartar and sodri Ilnkinp;
Powder, Wo bcjlovo thqy profor to find
a rollablo Powdor tliat thoy can iiso now
nnd for years "to corho With certainty
that it will nlwaysbo Jiuro and uniform
in rosults.. Wo proparo this powder nt
.fronu. nt intorvalg, to , in.suro frpshncss,
andf wo gunrnntoo its absoluto purity.
You will And satisfaction In usincr a
powder that's nlwnj-s alike in leavoning
jiowor, nnd that's, as pure and whloo-
somo as mo nqur itscir...,
40 cpnts abound.
DRUGGIST, ':: .: 240 Fronttroot,
Rumsey Pumps.
Buckeye Pumps. .
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Anti-Freezing Well Pumps.
Pump Supplies at
P. S. Win, Parrish, a practical
numn man. mav bo found at ho shon
it :.,i a.i'i '
at mi times.
Ice and, Preserving Company,
Manufacturers oi tfisiilled water
ico, liygienically pure. Factory
and oflico Oor. Third and Butler,
Sts. (Open at all times.). Both
phones, Nos. 72.
L. C. BBJUIH, Prp3. jm. B. EXSSEN, Sec.
, Attornpondlmrfonr.weknln IhnKnst
lenrnlim thATU6v"HRit' (A5'lorIhir.I
In'M'lTaw ri-ady to mnko radios' Tailor
oiiiiio suits, etc., wiiuouc utunff. tit
nnd workmHiiplilp (?anratiteod. All In
iIIoh nrninvitikl tocomo at)d inspect our
ilntost Hao of samples. ' ' ''
Yourofor business. ,
iQ, Front Strcnt, opp. Colonial Block,
Marietta, Ohfo. Y
' Ginghams,
Prints and other new goods
.lust in at JNJanon Corner
Store, Third and Marion.
Funeral Director and Embalmor
Prompt attention' to calls City o
Country Day or Night. Lady Assist
ant when needed. Riley Block. No.
Tiber Way between Front and Second
streets, Marietta, uuio. mono 2U5.
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sample yree. , ,
J. W. PEPPER, Publisher,
Elchtha'LocLmtStg., fhllndelphU, p,,'
Election Proclamation.
Tho electors .of. tho Second Ward of
tho City of Marietta. Ohio, will tak'j
notice that a special ejection will ho
hold at tho usnial vo'tlnc places in said
ward on Saturday (he 28th day of Sep.
tcmber, iD01r be.twoon tho hours of 5-ao
A. M. nnd (!:30 l. M at which election
a Counclman will ho chosen to nil tho
vacancy caused by tho resignation of
L, J. Cutter.
Mado. at Marietta, Ohio, this 18th day,
of September, A. D. 1901.
September 19-EGTMts.
(Seal.") W. B, SYKES, Mayor.
prlcos, and articles In"
jptt:r,:e5 - s
S"Watbh Hazel,
H . i. .. , : S.)t
iK. .
Has for salo or rent business ori-resl'
'denco property In tho city suburbs. vJIj
ou wish to buy, sell, or ,rent ca :,o;t
Mr. Sunderland. Valuable farms &.
jalo on easy tdrms.. Also lots. or. no
denecs in Norwood, Rathbono, Qlasi
Plant, Falrview Heights or lt, Evpr
ott additions. Oflico on Second, street,
opjiosjto Union Depot ;, -
Wo havo mado arrangemon'ts "where
by wo havo secured' ''tho exclusive
salo of "Morning' Sido,' Addition". 'dn6
of the most desirable, plqcpa .ini'ttifl
City for a fllno reaidcdc No,,dust,' ,,
no smoke, and! codttuiitr lots 'to -fe'fit.
front, plciity of room to build a.'flno
i.iiKo nouso or iwo smauci: nouses.
Arid just thing nbout It. Thesdilots
have n fino.v4ow of tjio OhloUlyor,
are all out of liigh Svajtcr.'and aro go
ing at ?2G0 and $300 Jdollars. , (Yds,'
and thoy are near tho. .eat1 lino tool)
Conjo, and sco us. . .. ','
Both phones 454, Room C Mills1 Bldg.
1 V Tr. t !fr -yi'-f ,iMi4iiiJfii jLi tivii.r
MiIIs.BIIdlnJ";,-; a tmwtwwm
i uvyiii nun nir , ( .V. ...... "
OnoNowModorn IIouso Prpnt SJtrc'oti C
Rooms, bath etc., lot '15S1S0. Must' bo
sold. Bargain $2,150,00 ' "'
Two Now IIousos upper 3rd St. Modern
and will bo sold cheap.'
Several Good farms for salo or trbdo.
Wo havo IIousss nnd lots for salo any--whore.
-,. ...... . . v
oomo iirst ciaes uargains.
Wo havo both telephones.
.....i. ...
;PH0HilS02 '
y ' -ji '
General Insurance ..
' -AND.- ' ;-
Rbal Estate"-
Room 2 Hag-an Block. "'"'
FOR SALE: ,; ,
Stop v PaLying RenS: '
Why pay roiit when ypu can buy (you
a Homo ou payments Rightly moro than '
you aro now paying lot rent. Wo.liavo
several houses from 81,000 to $l,'20O Uiiit
wo can sell for S100 cash nnd tho balance
5H.00 m.t month. Tho longer you Colay
tho longer you will bo in getting your
own homo.
Call'and sco.usrynra-Jfcholsjjqck. .
J. A. Plumer & Sol
Pon't Be Fooled?
Tke the cenvln, $tt?fc
Mado only Uy.MaOjKin Ak).
cliie' Co.. 'MadlionrWli.lir
Veeprijioa. well,. Qt:tr(l.
mtrk cut on each : rxckwr.'
Price, 3$ ctttti.' Hvr iol4
In . bulk. . Accept Bb u&u-
T TlTT TT T f ' fn
m i
( 4
i; i"i
C9Mrfll4Ttlw tt. Afk 8r tlglUV

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