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After the holidays we are more
than likely to find stains on table
tops and table linens, so let's lay
Ln a supply of stain removing agents
and get things back to good condi
Glycerine Is one of the most effec
tive stain removers for beverages—
tea, coffee, chocolate and even beer.
To remove coffee and chocolate
spots apply glycerine to the stain
with a small sponge, let it stand
a few
A Newspaper In and For Caldwell and Noble County.
Published Every Thursday at Caldwell, Ohio.
Office No. 309—Main Street. Phone No. 98.
A* Independent Democrat newspaper that goes into the homes of Noble
County and covers the Caldwell business zone like the sunshine.
(Outside Noble County)
One year ............................ $2.00 Eight Months ............................ $1.50
(Within Ndble County and Radius)
One year............................ $1.50 Six Months ......................... $ .75
Entered at the post office at Caldwell, Noble County, as second class mail
matter under Act of Congress of Match 3, 1870
'I''HE day of heroic leadership seemed to be passing as
General Charles de Gaulle, fiery French patriot, stepped
down in that country as had wartime leaders in many other
Churchill, whose intrepidity and eloquence had
spurred Britain in its darkest hours, had already
sunk to the post of minority leader. He was current
ly taking it easy in Florida, and would not even
criticize the party in power while vacationing.
De Gaulle, it was announced, would soon be a tourist in
The world, which in the not too distant past could trace
the course of history the actions of a few outstanding men,
now finds things more complicated. Men who are only aver
age, or comparatively unknown, many cases hold the
reins of government
The people of the world are fearful of putting
their faith in these men’s leadership as new scien
tific discoveries are announced. The significance of
human leadership pales in view of the power of the
atomic bomb and of the new radar contact which
has been made with the moon.
We wonder if any leaders, no matter how brilliant, will
be able to steer us on the right course during the portentous
years ahead.
minutes and then wash as
Tea stains respond best to slight
ly different treatment. Stretch the
stained cloth over a bowl, pour
(glycerine on the tea-marked area
and rub in. Let stand for 30 min
utes and then wash as usual.
Beer stains are removed by soak
ing in equal parts of ammonium
chloride, alcohol and glycerine com
bined with water to equal the
amount of the first three ingredi
ents. If the stain is on upholstery,
sponge the spot with the prepara
tion and then rinse in clear water
by sponging.
Fruit stains that have dried in or
have a sugar base should be soaked
in glycerine for several hours. Then
pour boiling v ater through the stain
just as if the stain were fresh.
Stained marble can be cleaned by
using a mixture of sodium citrate
crystals glycerine, whiting and wa
ter. To a solution of one part sodi
um citrate crystals in six parts
■water, add an equal amount of
glycerine. Mix thoroughly. Then
add enough whiting to this mixture
•r add
the mixture to whiting, to
make a thick paste that will cover
the spots with a layer about one
fourth inch in thickness. Leave the
paste on until it dries. Then re
place with a new layer or moisten
by adding more of the solution. Re
peat as often as necessary until
Mains are no longer noticeable.
Small rugs in bathroom and kitch
en have a way of kicking up after
they are washed. If you dip them
tn starch and dry them fiat on a
Clean floor they acquire an appre
ciable amount of body that keeps
them where they belong Also they
will wear better and require less
With cold weather, moisture is
apt to form on the window panes.
Then it condenses and runs down
onto the window frame and sill,
spoiling varnish and loosening
paint. A coating of floor or fur
niture wax will protect the finish
and keep the window frames and
sills looking like new. This coating
of wax makes for easier cleaning,
The color of flower and leaf of
houseplants is improved if the
plants are watered with a weak
soot water. Also, instead of empty
ing ash trays in the fireplace, throw
the left-over tobacco into water.
This solution used for watering
houseplants keeps the soil in good
A successful war experiment may
result in canned ham and eggs soon
appearing on the market.
Casein extracted from milk is the
basis of a bouillon which has a rich,
beefy flavor but no beed in its con
weather reports—which may save farmers
millions of dollars are expected as a result of the
weather bureau’s decision to use balloons, radio and radar
to gather information twelve miles above the earth
The method is highly technical—but there is every reason
to believe that it will result in greatly increased accuracy,
both for short and long-term reports. Present methods of
observation are greatly handicapped by fog and clouds, but
the new method, known as “rason,” will have1 no such
By 1947 it is expected that “rason” reports will
have replaced the present methods of getting weath
er information. From then on. there will be few
arguments with the weather man When he says
“rain,” the chances will be ten to one that it will
But already the weather bureau is protecting itself
against wrong predictions by pointing out that even the
“twelve-mile up” reports will not be perfect The next
move, already under consideration, is to get reports from
the upper stratosphere—sixty miles up When that plan has
been worked out, oui weather prediction problems will be
NWNS Sports Writer
It is reported from Billy Conn’s
training quarters in the East that
the heavyweight challenger is not
nearly so fast on his feet as he
was when he met Joe Louis be
fore This may be a fatal weakness,
unless he can speed up a lot in the
intervening months. Conn never
was one for serious training the
grinding sort that is so tedious.
Most fighters don't like it. Only
Gene Tunney in the big time was
an exponent of tough workouts,
even when fights were far away.
The Cardinals seem to have an
overwhelming edge in high quality
material, with eight tfrack outfield
ers. as many good to excellent in
fielders, and a dozen fine pitchers
available on their minor teams, as
well as on the big league club it
self. What the ultimate destination
of this classy lineup will be is a
mystery. Proper distribution of
these up-and-coming stars could go
far toward equalizing the major
teams, some of which were little
better last year than class A
minors used to be.
Madison Square Garden,
New York City, was years
old in December. This arena
haa been the scene of most of
the Important fights of the last
two decades, as well as of
many other events six day
bicycle races, hockey matches,
basketball games, ice skating
shows, rodeos, track meets,
tennis matches and circuses. It
was originally intended for
boxing only. Tex Rickard was
the promoter and organiser of
the Garden corporation.
Notre Dame U. has been play
ing basketball since 1897 ... in
the intervening years the Irish have
won 528 games, lost 216. They have
scored 25.773 points against 20,175
Pop Warner, at 74. wants to get
back into football coaching. He
would like a setup where he could
have complete charge of the offen
sive. while a young assistant
would carry out plans and do the
leg work. This was the way he had
it at San Jose college. Calif. Pop
invented the famous double wing
back formation when at Carlisle
Indian college in 1901.
Le Roy Dissinger, a scout for the
St. Louis Cardinals, has resigned
to become chief scout and direc
tor of "farm teams" for the New
Orleans Pelicans. A former FBI
man has been chosen to head the
Thorobred Racing association of
America. The new organization,
with members from 33 leading
tracks, is intended to curb abuses
that have been creeping into the
game lately. Two flagrant doping
cases last season stirred the rac
ing fraternity into counteraction.
The U. S. Public Health Service
warns that some cases of skin irri
tation have been trac to the wear
ing of garments lined with a spun
glass fabric. The material was used
in womens’ and infants’ wear.
Forest and shade trees are not
harmed by the powerful new insec
ticide, DDT, but care should be ex
ercised in its use as some of the
emulsifyng agents bum the folage.
OBID'1 Oil i
Steub•nville Ohio. Carl A.
Court of
oi jcnersoi
1st, 1937,
nounced andidaev fop Judge of
tnp Cm
rt. OI
Apneals in this 7th
Appellate District, subject to the
voters in the Republican Primary
May 7th.
Judge Weinman, President of the
Common Deas Judges Association
of Ohio, in announcing his candidacy
made it clear that he is no* opposing
either Judge Elmer T. Phillips, of
Youngstown, or Judge William M.
Carter, of Warren, present Appeals
Judges, since neither of their terms
of office expire for some years.
Water which comes into a build
ing through a leaky roof spreads out
under tho roofing to the roof boards
the plates and studs and into the
walls and floors. In addPion to dam
age to the building itself, there is
loss of contents and the develop
ment. of unfa orable cond tions for
the livestock or human beings which
the structure was supposed to pro
rhree-deck, 42-berth sleeping ears
equipped with every convenience,
are included in the $1 ’',000,000 im
provement program planned by
Class I railroads for the first three
Do«t-war years.
CHICAGO Soil conservation
measures building the fertility of
our farm lands can do more to im
prove the nation’s peacetime health
standards than all the pills and drug
store panaceas put together, ac
cording to a statement made public
here by the Middle West Soil Im
provement Committee.
"Human health depends on the
soil,” the statement points out. “If
Fertile Soils Build Healthy Bodies
the soil is fertile, then the crops it
produces will build strong bodies
and sturdy physical characteristics.
If the soil is poor, the crops it pro
duces will be deficient in vitamins,
minerals and proteins necessary for
insuring healthy humans.
“The remedy for diet deficiencies
lies in putting essential minerals in
the form of mixed fertilizers into
Nature’s hands so that she can fab
ricate them into health building
foods for the human body.”
Friction from a steel cable pass
ing around a dry stump started a
forest fire in Oregon’s Wilson Riv
er area in 1933 which destroyed
more than 260,000 acres of the fin
est virgin timber valued above $20,
Once more the farmer is being asked to break
all food production records. To plow more acres,
feed more livestock and harvest more crops than ever
before. He is being asked to do this so that America
may continue to feed and clothe the needy throughout
the world, as well as our own folks at home.
To carry out this job the farmer must have tools of
production. Most of those he owns have taken a
terrific beating. They can’t be tied together much
longer with rusty fence wire.
In the teeth of this situation, the farmer ran into a
strike in the steel industry a strike which hit at
the heart of food production.
When the steel plants shut down, manufacturers
of farm
machinery and equipment, farm trucks and
cannot get steel for their products.
This year the farmer won’t receive as many of the
replacements he desperately needs. He’ll fight ahead
with his old, broken machinery trying to crack an
other food production record, but the cards are
stacked against him.
All this means more headaches for the farmer
loss of vital food production, and a bad dent in his
Facts Too Frequently Omitted
The steel strike was called by the United Steel
workers of America CJO, which insists on a wage
increase totaling $166,000,000. The U. S. Steel
Corporation has offered a wage rise which if applied
Marietta, Ohio, January 23,
The Trustee of Marietta College,
Marietta, Ohio, have recently an
nounced the appointment of Stuart
I'. Small an inst. ucioislup in
classical languages, archeology, and
ancient history. Mr. Small comes to
the college from war service, arriv
ing for the spring semester in Feb-
A svmma cui.i
Bowdin College,
uectarate in nhi*
Fellow in Classic
ct Cincinnati. In
the National Scholarship for
study at the z,me'ican School of
classical Studies in Feme, but was
unable to take advantage of the a
ward because cf the outbreak of
war. His forty months of service in
tic Army in'lude a year and a half
as first lieutenant in the French
li.-.i on section.
American scientists and engineers
predict that eventual control of the
release of atomic energy will result
in the cheap conversion of mercury
into gold, thereby probably erasing
gold’s value as a monetary unit.
The United States has a proved
natural gas reserve sufficient to
supply the anticipated normal rate
of consumption for at least 50
More Headaches for the Farmer
American Iron and Steel Institute
350 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N. Y.
95 Per Cent Of The Workers In The Steel Industry Are Employed By Our Company Members
GET THE FACTS—FREE—Send postcard for copies of recent interviews with steel company leaders
CHICAGO—Peacetime prosperity
of Midwestern agriculture will de
pend not on the size of the farm
operated, but on the crop yield per
acre, a statement by the Middle
West Soil Improvement Committee
points out.
“That includes the meat output
from beef cattle, and the dairy pro
duction from milk cows as well as
the yield from grain and field
crops,” the statement declares.
“In the competitive years ahead,
the advantage will lie with the
farmer who is able to boost his per
Small took his
■phy and was a
a1 the Urivers ty
was award-
Livestock Thrive on Soil
acre production and lower his costs.
“War time experience has taught
farmers the value of adequate fer
"The farmer’s peacetime produc
tion program will be greatly aided
by the fertilizer industry which is
ready to meet his postwar needs.”
Lengths of runways at Army air
fields are determined to exact ratio
to the altitude of the airfield. The
higher the airfield above sea level,
the more rarefied becomes the air
with lessened lifting power for
OPA administrator Chester Bow
les told Ohio dairy farmers at Ohio
State University he was willing to
support a policy of raising price
ceilings on dairy products when sub
sidy payments are stopped._________
throughout the industry would amount to
Steel workers are already among the highest paid
wage-earners in America. Before the strike their
average earnings were approximately $1.16 an hour,
$9.26 a day and $46.32 a week on a forty-hour
week. The U. S. Steel offer would have given them
about $1.31 an hour, $10.46 a day and $52.32 a week.
But they refused it, and accused the steel industry of
conspiring to ruin the union with an offered wage
increase of $25 a month, the highest increase in the
industry’s history.
The strike is a direct violation of the contract be
tween the union and the steel companies. The union
wanted a long-term contract and got it. The union
agreed not to strike during the life of the contract.
Yet, the union struck on January 21.
Fighting for a Way of Life
Farmers have a big stake in continuous steel pro
duction. They have an opportunity to say what they
think about unchecked labor monopolies which bring
to a stop the nation’s recovery efforts, through ex
cessive wage demands which could only add to in
flation and cause soaring prices.
Not until enough of them protest unfair, dictatorial
actions and urge proper safeguards against arro
gant, heedless union leadership and onesided labor
laws will the country get back to sane, profitable
production where everyone works together toward a
better standard of living.
Thursday, February 7, 1946
Tom Ireland. Republican candidate
for United States Senator, unexpired
term, was in Caldwell last week,
furthering his campaign for this
office at the May 7 primary.
Ireland is a native of Cleveland.
He makes no bones about the fact
that he wants the "Title”. Ireland is
doing intensive study of the cau-es of
Wor?d War I and II. He believes that
the title will help him meet statesmen
in foreign countries and from them
to obtain truthful and accurate in
formation for a book on the most
practical way to prevent World
War HI.
Ireland is a Republican.
Experiments are being conducted to
develop an electronic aid far the
blind consisting of a miniature ra
dio sending and receiving station
and a compact, powerful battery
built on the “Mini-Max” principle,
similar to the device used in one of
the war’s greatest weapon the ra
dio proximity fust. Radio waves sent
out by the mechanism reflect from
any solid object to inform the blind
ed* operator of obstructions in his
The tree-devouring locust, a heavy
bodied creature which has large and
transparent wings with pink \eins,
will not appear again until 1962.

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