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Pictured above is a part of the group from
Mt. Ephraim who are participating in "The
Lord's Acre" project the first of its kind
ever attempted in Noble County. The project
is designed for the benefit of the Methodist
i:hup, !i Mt. Eph ratio The ro.«p who "h/oke"
JA jrs:'
Congregation Begins Project "The Lord's Acre
^v, oa^, v •-,, .tl 'f,. i.
v **?lrX--r
.' *. *%K
working for several hours with their tractors on a plot of
ground. Dallas Law is chairman of the committee in charge
of "The Lord's Acre" with all members of the church plan
ning to participate in various ways.
Inoculations For Polio
Congregation Honors
Pastor, Rev. J. L. Mason
'Mi v James L. Mason, pastor
of the Free Methodist church in
Caldwell since August, 1954, was
pleasantly surprised by members
of his congregation in a unique
manner on his birthday, May 1st.
Rev. Mason is now building a
cottage for himself and family
at their camping grounds in
Mansfield, where they spend at
least five weeks out of the year.
In keeping with this plan, the
Sunday school class constructed
a miniature cottage and all mem
bers dropped their birthday
cards in the box, complete with
a donation.
The "surprise" for their
pastor netted him the tidy sum
of $315.00.
Notice To Our Patrons and Far
mer Customers: We have a
complete line of DeKalb and
Ohio Certified Seed Corn. Check
your needs now. We also have
bur line of Agrico Fertilizers
available. Caldwell Implement
Company, Caldwell, Ohio.
42 43 44 45 46 47
Pa! O
Auditor C. R. Atkinson is
moving forward in his cam
paign to put Noble county on
a pay-as-you-go basis, even
though he is faced with an
overdrawn general county
fund and an overdraft in the
road and bridge fund.
In conjunction with this
policy, a general lay-off of men
employed on the county high
way department was ordered
last Saturday morning by
Engineer Homer Weedon.
There have been 73 em
ployees on the county highway
payroll and with an overdraft
in the road and bridge fund,
Auditor Atkinson pointed out
that it was impossible to meet
the payroll figures.
This temporary lay-off is
expected to continue to May
20, when the distribution of
the January tax collection is
made by the auditor to the
political sub-divisions of the
Howe County
Health Commissioner Or. N. S. Reed Will
Comply With Order From State Department
Theie will be nu-more inoculations with the Saik vaccine
ill Noble county until health officials have received the go
ahead signal from the state health department, according to
a statement released today "by County Health Commissioner
Dr. N. S. Reed.
Even those children who
are eligible for their first in
oculations with the vaccine
and who were absent from
school when their classmates
received it will not be vac
cinated until
A basket dinner will be ser
ved at noon at the Noble county
Rev. Floyd Gaugler, pastor of
the First Methodist church in
Caldwell, will be the speaker at
the afternoon session.
Everyone is requested to bring
their own table service and
All grangers in the county are
cordially invited to attend.
the first soil included: 1 to r.. William H. Rich,
John R. Watson, Robert Larrick of Noble Trac
tor Sales, Oral Watson, Harry Miley, Dallas
•Law, Dallas Bates, Wallace Rich and Chelcie
McConnell. Not present when the picture was
taken was ien Bates.
i) LlC!
the temporary ban
is lifted.
The following telegram was
received Monday by ,Dr. Reed,
relative to the vaccine:
"On basis of announcement
released by surgeon general, U,
S. Public Health Service, all
vaccinations should be postpon
ed. Details will follow by regular
channels. Following information
requested by Ohio Department
(Continued on Page Two)
Granges To Observe
Rural Sunday, May 15
Noble county grangers will
observe Rural Life SUnday on
Sunday, May 15th.
county and the various funds.
At the end of March 30th, a
financial report compiled by
Auditor Atkinson revealed that
the general county fund was
overdrawn in the amount of
$27,550.17, while the road and
bridge fund had an overdraft
of $61,185.40.
During the ensuing month of
April, Auditor Atkinson was
able to reduce the road and
bridge fund considerably but
on April 30, there was still an
overdraft of $4,696.75.
But the overdraft in the
general fund continued to
mount and the end of April
30, it stood at $35,328.57.
Disbursements for the entire
county during the month of
April were listed by Auditor
Atkinson at $79,261.75.
The auditor of Monroe
county visited one day the past
week in the Noble county
courthouse and he told Auditor
v4n 1V
*. $
The Lord's Acre"
Project Underway
At Mt.
Congregation Combines
Its Talents To Finance
Remodeling Of Church
The first such project of its
kind ever attempted in Noble
county "The Lord's Acre" got
under way in Mt. Ephraim last
Saturday when a group of men
and their tractors corrtbined their
talents to plow and plant over
eight acres of corn there.
The proceeds from the harvest
will go to help finance the
extensive remodeling of the Mt.
Ephraim Methodist church,
under the pastorate of Dr. Leo
Myers,^ of Senecaville.
later date the people "\yUJ
-get together again" an3 plant a
patch of cane.
One strip of the land used for
the corn planting project is
owned by the Pittsburgh Con
solidated Coal company and
leased by Timothy R. Bates.
The other strip is leased by
Dallas Bates. Both men donated
the land for "The Lord's Acre"
project. The church will also
realize the profits after the land
is planted for wheat.
A new basement is being con
structed under the Mt. Ephraim
church and the entire structure
is being raised approximately 30
The extensive remodeling will
cost the congregation several
thousand dollars and it is hoped
that the project will be financed
by the proceeds from "The Lord's
Acre," together with several
other financial contributions.
Baltimore And Ohio
Files Civil Action
A civil action has been filed
in Noble County Common Pleas
court by the Baltimore and Ohio
railroad company against The
Commercial Fuel Company of
Brookficld "township for money
The plaintiff is asking judg
ment in the amount of $1,191.74
for damages said to have incur
red at the mine site to several
of their coal cars.
The plaintiff says that on or
about April 28, 1953, two of its
coal cars were damaged at the
tipple, due to the negligence of
the employees of Commercial
Fuel company.
Due to- the cars being braked
insufficiently, several of them
were struck when others were
being moved from the tipple,
causing them to go down a slight
incline which resulted in their
being damaged.
Atkinson that they showed a
balance in everyone of their
funds. He credited this excel
lent showing to the very same
campaign inaugurated there
several years ago when the
requisition system was set-up.
He told the local auditor that
other officials would growl
for a while but all would soon
see the fairness of the system
and in no time at all the county
would be in the black, due to
a saving here and a saving
The requisition system for
anything and everything pur
chased by county officials will
be enforced strictly by the
auditor. If not, the bills will be
laid aside and not honored.
A monthly report to the
people of Noble county will be
made by Auditor Atkinson,
relative to the financial stand
ing of the county.
*lew Cars Sold
In Nable County
During Past Month
Clerk Of Courts
John H. Snyder
Collects $410.41
There were 33 new cars sold
for the month of April accord
ng to a report released here
oday by Clerk of Courts, John
tf. Snyder.
In addition *to the above there
vere 212 used cars that changed
ownership, 20' trucks, 11 pickups
ind seven others.
Individuals who purchased
new vehicles included the fol
lowing: O. H. Pickenpaugh, car
Noble County Commissioners,
car O. H. Pickenpaugh, car
William Harr, car Roy Smith,
\ir Jerry Hupp, car Clyde
Stephens, car Denver Moore,
car Baker Sales and Service,
car :0. H. Pickenpaugh, car
Fred Yont?, car Marie Mellow,
Carl B. Ogle, car Glenn Slay,
truck Os H. Pickenpaugh, car
O. H. Pickenpaugh, car Ina
Swain, car Walter Douglass,
car Otis King, car Ivan Wick
ham, pickup James Cox, car
Clair Murphy, car O. H. Pick
enpaugh, car O. H. Picken
paugh, car Ollie Miller, car
Charles and Francis Teters. car
Francheon Warfield, car Ernest
Rohrer, car Donald Nichols,
car Clessen Hercher, car L.
Young, car S. J. Doudna,
and Cecil Cain, car.
Clerk Snyder turned over
$315.16 to the county treasurer
and $95.25 to the state.
several of the cars.
Trial Dale Sel For
Rufus B. (Jay) Wiley
Covers Nobl^p°UNry Li-£ tu£ fuNf-u in-£
In addition to the above, al
of the new car dealers in Cald
well also received titles
Nine Sheriffs Descend
On Caldwell, Tuesday
Meeting Of Area
Association Held
Sheriff Donald Conaway wjfB
host to members of the South
eastern Ohio Sheriff's association
at a luncheon meeting held
Tuesday at Ogle's, souffl
Dexter City.
There were eight counties rep
resented at the meeting, in ad
dition to Noble county. Th
association is comprised* ot
eleven counties.
Trustees Carl E. Rose, o
Lawrence county, and David
Weissert of Muskingum county,
were the honored guests.
The luncheon meeting was fol
lowed by a business session and
a general discussion of the pro
blems facing the law enforcing
officials in this district.
Those attending the luncheon
included: Sheriff and Mrs. Cloyd
L. Barrick, of Belmont county
Sheriff and Mrs. Dudley Crider,
of Fairfield county Sheriff and
Mrs. Dean D. Ellis, of Washing
ton county Sheriff S. A. Mc
Connell, of Morgan county
Sheriff and Mrs. Carl E. Rose,
of Lawrence county Sheriff and
Mrs. Francis Sulsbergei\ of Mon
roe, county: Sheriff and Mrs.
David tL. Trago, of Jackson
county: Sheriff and Mrs. David
Weissert, of Muskingum county
Judge W. Vernon Archer, Pro
secutor Fred Fox, Special De
puties Don Thomas, of Caldwell
and Brady Archer, of Summer
field, John D. Wheeler, a guest,
and host, Sheriff and Mrs. Don
ald Conaway.
iiuius "Jay" Wiley, 58, of the
Sharon community, entered a
plea of not guilty Friday morn
ing when arraigned before Judge
W. Vernon Archer on a grand
jury indictment of larceny.
Represented by Atty. E. G.
James, his bond was reduced
from $1,000 to $500 and his trial
date set for Friday morning, May
The larceny charge grew out
of the alleged theft of four sheep
from the Joseph Foraker farm
in Sharon community. Wiley is
charged with having attempted
to sell the sheep at the Marietta
Livestock market.
Driver Injured In
Early Morning Wreck
Dayle Miller, 18, of Caldwell,
sustained lacerations of the right
leg, hand injuries and chest in
juries Sunday morning at 1:40
o'clock when he was involved
in an accident with Frank Linci
come, 22, Dexter City.
Sheriff Donald Conaway said
the accident occurred on State
Route 564, east of Ashton Inn,
and was caused by Lineicomc
driving on the wrong side of the
Lincicome paid a fine of $15.00
and costs when he appeared
before Mayor Homer Johnson.
Mary Sorg, of Columbus, was
a passenger in the Lincicome
car but was not injured.
Both vehicles were badly dam
SEE US FOR your Bottle Gas
needs. D. D. Nichols, Caldwell
r- ..j
Boy Koul Iroop To
Sponsor Bake Sale
20 Years In Ohio Power
Caldwell Residenl Serving As District
Serviceman in This Area Since 19S2
William T. (Bill) Robertson, district service for the Ohio
Power Company in Caldwell, completed 20 years of con
tinuous service with the company on May 8.
Mr. Robertson was employed on May 8, 1935, as a ground
man in the construction department in Cambridge. On
April 1, 1937, he was changed to field clerk in the distribution
department. On July 16, 1937,
it ibii i exactly accui'diug to
custom but the Boy Scout troops
in Caldwell are going to sponsor
a bake sale on the courthouse
lawn, Saturday, May 14, begin
ning at 2 p. m.
This announcement was made
(oday by Scoutmaster Billy Jones
and the sponsoring committee of
the V.F.W. post.
The scout troop needs money
for their rooms and summer pro
gram and the mothers are going
to assist by baking the pie or
cookies or cake for the members
to take to the sale.
Anyone else who wishes to
donate baked goods for this sale
and aid the cause of Scouti'm
should contact Jack Barnha:!
Bud Ralston, Robert Vogel
Charles Rice and they will
arrange to pick up the contri
butions next Saturday and see
that it gets to the courthouse
Baked goods of any descrip
tion will be accepted. Here is
your opportunity to reverse the
tables and do a "good turn" for
the Boy Scouts in your com
In the event of rain, the sale
will be held at Barnhart's Ap
pliance store.
Miss Eleanor Brown
Awarded Scholarship
Miss Eleanor Kuith Brown, of
the Sharon community, has been
awarded the Nina Weigel Music
scholarship for the coming year
at Ohio State University, Co
lumbus, according to an an
nouncement made today.
The Ohio State University
school of music announced ^he
award of scholarships for 1955-56
to eleven students, including
Miss Brown.
Miss Brown is a junior at Ohio
State University and is majoring
in education. She is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Brown,
of Caldwell route 5.
She is a graduate of Forest
Grove high school and was very
active in county musical activi
—A— i.
., A.gt-igjg.
& jSA y X' y
*4ls® 'S^Ees
'4 ll
This is an artist's conception of how the first outdoor-type
boilers on the American Gas & Electric Co. system will look.
A boiler similar to the one pictured above is to be installed
at Muskingum River plant, making it the largest of AGE'S
12 major plants.
he was made groundman-A in
the same department. On Feb
1, 1940, he was advanced
Injured in Auto Wreck
franklin P. Dudley, 21,
Dudley apparently laid in
the wreckage for several hours
before his car was noticed by
passing motorists.
Highway patrolmen said their
investigation revealed that the
accident occurred around 4:30
o'clock a. m. The youth's mother
told that he got up about 3:00
o'clock and left his home in
Noble county for Zanesville a
short time later.
He is a route driver for the
Ward Baking Company.
The highway patrol received
the call about 6:30 and the Tom
ambulance, of Cumberland, re
moved him to the Bethesda hos
pital around 7:00 o'clock. After
an examination at Bethesda hos
pital, he was taken in a Hearing
Bryan-DeLong ambulance to
Grant hospital at Columbus.
He sustained a fractured skull,
fractures to both jaw and lacera
(Contiaufcd on Page Two)
?ITY RT. 1
Efedricify Generated Al Muskingum
Plant Feeds Voiiage Lines In County
Sollitt Construction ("!mpyny
Power is a subsidiary
Earthmoving equipment pre
sently is engaged in moving
160,000 cubic yards of earth. The
excavation will be 50 feet deep
and coyer two acres on the
south side of the Muskingum
River plant, located at Beverly,
The outdoor-type boiler at
Muskingum plant and one *being
constructed at Glen Lyn plant of
Appalachian Electric Power Co.
will be the first of this type to
be built on the AGE System.
Decision to change from con
ventionally-housed boilers to
outdoor boilers was made after
studies indicated substantial
savings in investment cost could
be realized.
Outdoor boilers have been
used in warmer areas for many
years and recently several in
stallations have been tried and
proved successful in areas with
climatic conditions similar to
(Continued on Page Two)
Caldwell Board Lifts
Ban On First Graders
increoscd Enrollment
third class lineman, and on May
1, 1942 he was made second class
lineman, and on September 16,
19444, first class lineman. On
October 1, 1946 he was made a
meter serviceman-A in the meter
department and worked in this
position until he was made dis
trict serviceman on August 16,
1952 in his present position at
Mr. Robertson is a member of
the Caldwell M. E. church, Cald
well Boosters club, Noble county
Fish and Game association,
Moose Lodge and the Noble
county Chamber of Commerce
{Continued on Pace Two*
work at Ohio Power Company's Muskingum River plant as
the first step in constructing a new outdoor-type boiler at
the plant. 1
Construction of the boilerland a 225,000-kilowatt steam"
electric generating unit wi!!l raw the plant's generating
capability to 655.000 kilowatts,
making it the largest of the
12 major plants in the Amer
ican Gas and Electric Co. sys
At the regular meeting of the
Caldwell Exempted Village
Board of Edu£alio& tveld Wed
nesday, a resolution was adopted
by a unanimous vote to perir.it
all children who will have reach
ed their sixth birthday on or
prior to December 31, 1955 to
enter school September 6, 1955
and that testing as a require
ment, for those reaching their
sixth birthday between Septem
ber 1, and December 31, 1955,
be discontinued for the 1955
school year.
The compulsory school age for
first grade is seven but the board
wishes to encourage the enroll
ment of all who will be six by
December 31 because the enum
eration survey shows a total of
for first grade in September
1955 and a total of 80 for first
grade in September 1956. There
fore, this action is taken by the
board in order to prevent the
first grade from having to go
on half day sessions during 1956,
In all probability it will be
necessary for the board to only
admit those who have reached
the age of six prior to Septem
ber 1 for the school year begin
ning September 1956.
The board of education also
authorized Superintendent G. W
Webb to investigate the possibili
ties cf establishing a class in
special education in the Caldwell
The board has not yet tackled
the recommendation of their
appointed Citizens Survey com
mittee that they return to the
Noble county school system.
Condition Al Gun! Hospital In Columbus
Franklin P. Dudley, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Dudley, of Buffalo township, remains in a critical condition
at Grant hospital, Columbus,I where he is being treated for
injuries sustained Thursday I morning when his auto left
State Route 146, midway between Chandlersville and Cum
berland, and crashed into a
tree. Richard
Sesfcrhcnn Is
County s Lone inductee
Richard Lewis Sesterhenn, of
Canton, formerly of Caldwell,
will be Noble county's lone in
ductee for May, according to a
report released today by Mrs.
Lucy Jennings, clerk.
Sesterhenn leaves Friday,
May 13, for Fort Hayes, Colum
bus, where he will be inducted.
He is a son of Mrs. William Koch
of Canton, formerly of Caldwell.
He is married to the former
Donna Pitts, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Athel Pitts.
On Monday. May 16, James
Nelson Bettinger, of Caldweli
route 1, will report to Fort Hayes
for his pre-induction physical
BABY CHICKS! Popular breeds.
See us for your needs. Donald
D. Nichols, Caldwell, Ohio.
sta: tnd excavation
Floyd Davis Will
Head Local Teachers
Association in 19S5
George Kienzlc Of
Borden Company
Is Main Speaker
The annual meeting of
Noble county teacher's associa
tion was held Monday evening
at 6:30 o'clock at the Methodist
church dining room.
The meeting opened with H. C.
Secre«t, superintendent of Noble
county schools, giving the in
vocation. Dinner was served by
the Homebuilder's class of the
Methodist church. Following the
dinner hour, Gilbert Weekley,
president of the association, gave
a few remarks and secretary,
Leone Barnhouse, read the
A musical duet was given by
Marilyn Pitts and Evelyn Chris
topher accompanied on the
piano by Gary Lyons. Joy and
Dewey Wells gave a musical
duet and Gary Wells, a piano
solo, following an encore by
Gary Wells and Gary Lyons.
H. C. Secrest gave a talk con
cerning school legislation and
Harry Fast, gave a report on the
O.E.A. convention which he at
tended recently.
Election of officers was held
and the nominating committee
composed of Ward Bishop, chair
nv»Br ot Sumnxerfieltl, James
Carter, of Dexter City., and
Byron Steen, of Caldwell, made
the following report for officers
for the coming year 1955-56.
Floyd Davis, of Buffalo, is the
new president Harry Fast, of
Belle Valley, vice president, and
Sadie Brothers, of Caldwell, the
new secretary-treasurer of the
The guest speaker, George
Kienzle, vice president in charge
of public relations for the mid
west division of the Borden
Company gave a very humorous
and informative talk entitled
"An Apple For Eve."
There were 120 present for this
annual affair. The entire meet
ing was in charge of Gilbert
Weekley, who is the outgoing
David Wilson, Jr. Is
Placed On Probation
David Wiison, Jr., of Musk
ingum county, entered a plea of
guilty to a grand jury indict
ment charging him with non-.
support Saturday morning when
he appeared before Judge W.
Vernon Archer. He* was rep
resented by Atty. Edmund G.
Wilson's sentence was deferred
by Judge Archer and he was
placed on probation for one
year on the following conditions:
That he pay the court costs,
which amounted to $24.15 that
he be gainfully employed that
he make payments for the sup
port of his two minor children
and that he report to the Com
mon Pleas court in Michigan,
where he hopes to be employed.
Eight Complete
First Aid Coarse
Eight Noble Countians have
completed the first aid course
sponsored by the Red Cross
society and instructed for the
past several weeks by Reuben
W. Parks.
Those who will receive their
certificates in first aid will in
Mrs. Clyde Stowe, of Cald
well Forest Howell, of Dexter
City Mrs. Lou Kimbrell, of Cald
well route 3 Mrs. Cecelia Ost
roski, of Fulda Mrs. Violet
Crum, of Fulda Mrs. Lillian
Still, of Caldwell Mi's. Charlotte
Fleming, of Caldwell, and Mrs*
Vera Cunningham, CaldwelL
Mrs. Susanna Ann Minyo, wife
of Pete Minyo, was granted her
citizenship papers, Thursday, in
a naturalization hearing before
Judge W. Vernon Archer, Thurs
day morning. Charles Parten, of
Cincinnati, was the examiner in
charge. Mr. and Mrs. Minyo
have three children.
NEW SUPPLY of Dekalb Seed
corn. Planting time Is near.
Get yours at Raymond Watson's
Service station, Senecaville, Ohio,
1 on State Route 147.
44, 45,

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