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Noble County Commissioner Spend
$2,536.38 On General Routine Bills
The Noble county comnMssioners spent $2,586.38 last Monday
when the allowed general operating and routine bills for the
maintenance of the county and courthouse.
Mr. Biedenhoiz stressed that
the "disability freeze," while
protecting workers' rights under
old-age and survivors insurance,
is tied into the Administra
tion's program of vocational re
habilitation. "Our program," he
said ,is not only to help a per
son to protect his rights but to
help him out of the distress in
which he finds himself due to
his disability." The Federal-State
program of vocational rehabilita
tion is aimed to make the worker
self-supporting. While he is be
ing rehabilitated or becoming
self-supporting, his rights under
old-age and survivors insurance
are maintained in the same way
that, a waiver of premium works
in connection with private insur
Under the "disability freeze"
provision, the years before age
65 when a person is totally dis
abled for work are disregarded
in determining whether (1) he
or his survivors are eligible for
jmonthly benefits, and (2) the
amount of those benefits. In
order to qualify for the advan
tages of the "disability freeze,'
he must have a fairly long record
of work under social security
5 out of the 10 years before his
disability began, and 1 Vz years
out of the three years just be
fore he became disabled.
Workers who have been totally
disabled for work for 6 months
or more may inquire at their
social security office in person
or by mail, or they may have
some other member of the fam
ily inquire for them. The office
in Caldwell is located in post
office every Tuesday, 9:00 to
12 00 and again at 2:00.
One out of every 17 persons in
Ohio was injured sevfrely en
ough to require medical atten
tion last year.
Most of the bills were of a general nature and are as follows:
Rodney Williams, $60.00, keep
%A V£.
Elmer H. Biedenhoiz, assistant
manager of the Zanesville Social
Security District Office Depart
ment of Health, Education and
Welfare, today urged totally dis
abled people who worked under
social security before they be
came disabled to get in touch
with their social security office
soon as can. This is advisable
in order to protect their families'
social security rights under the
"disability freeze" provision in
the 1954 social security amend
"Many disabled workers al
ready receiving social security
retirement benefits (and who
became disabled before 65) may
become eligible for increases in
their July checks," Mr. Biecten
holz pointed out, "if they apply
before soon to have their
social security records frozen.
This date is also especially im
portant to younger disabled
workers or any disabled people
with families. They should see
about making an application be
fore the end of this month, be
cause if they should die at any
time after July 1 without having
made the aplication, none of the
increased benefits of the dis
ability freeze would be avail
able to their families. Their
future benefit rights and those
of their families will be protect
ed against reduction or loss by
this timely application. The July
date is not a 'deadline' Mr.
Biedenhoiz stressed, "for a dis
abled beneficiary may make this
application any time up to July
1, 1957, and still get the advan
tages offered by the 'disability
freeze' provision, including back
payments on any increases due.
"If I ever live
through this I'm
goin to start
using COBA
of Sammy Dye, general fund
Plumbing and Heating,
24.55, work and supplies on
ouses occupied by H. Simonton
nd M. Franklin, emergency
ousing fund Wm. Hill and Cc.,
ic., $59.03, Mdse Simonton
ouse and Mdse. M. Franklin
ouse, emergency housing fund
he Caldwell Journal Publish
ig Co., $12.00, publishing ro^d
etition in Journal and Leader,
... eneral.
Standard Oil Co., Cleveland,
1.91, account of commissioners,
^eneral Wright Typewriter Ex
change, Zanesville, $130.00,
Remington i5' typiv/riter gen
eral (soldiers ar.u sailors jtuef
office) Wright Typewriter Ex
change, Zanesville, $240.1 0,
Remington Adder, general
Mike's Tire shop, $1.2o. general
The Journal-Leader. 14,
500 oil and gas returns 200 state
ments of semi annual apportion
ment of taxes forms, general
fund Journal-Leader, $7.50. out
standing warrant sheets, gen
eral fund C. R. Atkinson, $1.20,
postage, general fund Columbus
Blank Book Co., budgets, $42.90,
general fund.
Wm. Lillenthal and Sons,
Cambridge, $18.00, delinquent
tax forms and binder, general
fund George N. Morris, Zanes
ville, $27.91, repairing adding
machine, general fund Monroe
Calculation Co., Orange, New
Jersey, $28.17, repair to Monroe
adding machine, general fund.
Journal-Leader, $12.70, sup
plies and advertising, general
fund Wm. Lillenthal and Son,
Cambridge, $68.00, binding 2
volumes real estate duplicates
(1.953) and furnishing 9 tabbed
division sheets, general fund
Journal-Leader, $3.75, 500 mem
orandum, general fund Barrett
Brothers, Springfield, $58.95,
supplies, general fund.
Journal-Leader, $41.90, IM
stamped envelopes, general fund
Slakalta Manufacturing Co.,
$79.81, one petition record, gen
eral fund Barrett Brothers,
$8.20, supplies, general fund
Wright Typewriter Exchange,
$27.00, cleaning and repairing
Remington, cleaning and repair
ing L. Smith typewriters, one
ribbon-clerk of courts, general
Wright Typewriter Exchange,
Zanesville, .90, three rolls adding
paper, general fund Wright
Typewriter Exchange, $1.00, type
ribbon, general fund Wm. Lil
lienthal and Sons, $33.00, sup
plies, general fund Mike's Tiro
Shop, $1.60, supplies for jani
tor, general fund Donald Nich
ols, $3.96, 2 sponge mops, gen
eral fund Paten's Appliance
Center, $14.95, hand sweeper,
general fund Mike's Tire Shop,
$.40. supplies for janitor, general
Caldwell Implement and Sup
plies Co., $2.73, pipe and elbow
for courthouse, general fund
Blake Plumbing and Heating,
$1.00, flue brush for courthouse,
general fund Blake Plumbing
and Heating, $17.70, mainten
ance and labor at jail, general
Wright Typewriter Exchange,
$15.00, supplies and repair, gen
eral fund Ohio Supply Co.,
Zanesville, $3.95, steel drawer
racks, general fund Barrett
Brothers, Springfield, legal
forms, $6.00, general fund Don
ald D. Nichols, $4.43, varnish
general fund Lorenz and Sons,
$10.13, sheriff's supplies, general
fund Charles E. Clark. $15.00,
technical services, general fund.
Hayes Service Station, $6.88,
sheriff's account, general fund
Charles E. ClarK, $19.53, techni
cal service and supplies, general
fund Sinclair Refining Co.,
Illinois, $45.55, sheriff's account,
general fund O. H. ckenpaugh,
$165.30, sheriff's account, general
fund Standard Oil Co., Cleve
land, $16.84 sheriff's account,
general fund.
Shell Oil Co., Cleveland,
$75.81, sheriff's account, general
fund Wright Typewriter Ex
change, $13.00, repairs and clean-
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COBA, and breeding to COBA Selected
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Caldwell 100
County Extension Offtoft
Farmer-Owned and Operated
Affiliated with the Centra? Ohio Breeding Association
Vehicle Daman^H Al flno lap? Utidna
Frank Reed, $119.86, insurance
premiums for fairground build
ings, general fund Colley Insur
ance Agency, $119.86, insurance
premiums for fairground build
ings, general fund Rocky Glen
Sanatorium, $14.00, medicine,
general fund Dr. A. I. Bender,
Mr. Vernon, $60.00, services,
general fund.
Journal-Leader, $6.50, supplies,
general fund Kegerreis stores,
$126.67, 80 dozen flages, general
fund (soldier's relief) General
Telephone Co., $26.10, road and
bridge, phone, general fund
Forest McCune, $93.43, expenses
incurred on tri pto get distiibu
tor mounted, road and bridge
Edward Gildow, $9.43, ex
penses incurred on trip to get
distributor mounted, road and
bridge fund Mrs. John Atkinson,
president, Legion Auxiliary No.
578, Batesville, $50.00, Memorial
Day expenses, general fun
Laura Fowler, treasurer, Daugh
ters of Veterans, $35.00, Memor
ial Day expenses, general fund
Martha Kirkbride, treasurer,
Jane Bell Tent, No. Ill, Sarahs
ville, $50.00, Memorial Day ex
penses, general fund.
Dwight W. Hill, vice command
er, Noble D.A.V. Chapter, \To. 87,
Disabled American Veterans,
$50.00, Memorial Day expenses,
general fund Charles Wells,
Q.M, Belmont, United Spanish
War Veterans, Major J. H.
Hovey, Camp No. 117, Caldwell.
$50.00, Memorial day expenses,
general fund Mrs. Ruth McDon
ald, secretary, V.F.W. Auxiliary
No. 4721, $50.00, Memorial Day
expenses, general fund.
Helen Meek, president, Sum
merfield American Legion Aux
iliary, $50.00, Memorial Day ex
penses, general fund Cecil Car
ter, Noble Post No. 252, Ameri
can Legion, $50.00, Memorial
Day expenses, general fund
Fred H. Bode, American Legion
Post No. 415, Summerfield,
$50.00, Memorial Day expenses,
general* fund.
John F. Sklenar, Post Adj.,
American Legion, Belle Valley,
Post No. 641, $50.00, Memorial
Day expenses, general fund.
Sarahsville Hi. 1
weather at this writing, Satur
day is very dry and hot. We
need a good soaking rain for
crops. The hot sun is damaging
gardens. Some have reported
new potatoes so large they have
to pry them out with a crowbar.
Fourth of July visitors in this
community were Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Hannahs, of Little Rock, Ark.
and Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Han
nahs, of Binghanton, N. J. and
Stanley Hannahs, of Sacramento,
Mrs. Amy Stevens was a recent
guest of her sister, Mrs. Laura
Blake, of Caldwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Grimes, of
Rix Mills, visited relatives here
over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Somers,
of Batesville, were Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George
Mrs. Hannah Milton, of Byes
ville, visited relatives here re
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Robbins
and son, of Columbus, spent the
weekend with Mrs. Luna Butler.
Mr. and Mrs. William Malcolm
of Canton, were recent guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Redman Archer.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Watson, of
New Jersey, arrived home to
visit relatives here.
Spray potatoes for leafhop
perp and flea bettles.
••4 y*
Above is the 1949 DeSoto which was struck Tuesday even
ing at the one lane bridge, south of Caldwell on route 21. The
car, owned by Lucy Thomas and driven by Mary Lee Peters,
both of West Virginia, was hit by a Hennis cement truck
driven by Virgil DeLong, of Ilancaster.
ing, general fund The Journal
Leader, $1.80, supplies, general
fund The Journal Leader,
$12.00, legal envelopes, general
v V,
MT. TABOR Mr. Orville
Warfield was calling at Mr. Otis
Martin, Tuesday afternoon and
Mrs. Otis Martin was calling
on Miss Elsie Wright, Wednes
day morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Martin and
children were business callers in
Caldwell, Wednesday evening.
Mr. Wiley Thompson and Mr.
Reed Thompson were callers at
Martin, Wednesday evening.
Roger Lee Martin visited Mr.
and Mrs. Wiley Thompson and
daughter, Shila, Thursday.
Nancy Lee Martin visited Shila
Thompson, Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Thoburn Leasure and
children visited the past week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence Leasure.
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomp
son and Mr. Frank Wright called
at Mr. Otis Martin's, Thursday
Mrs. Byron Sharkey, of Colum
bus, visited her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. D. D. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanford
and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Hanson and daughters, Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Sanford, Larry San
ford and Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Sanford and son visited their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brinkley
and son are visiting Ruth L.
Harper and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tidd and
family visited Mr. «nd Mrs.
Pearl Rowlands.
Mrs. Grace Keeton visited her
mother, Mrs. Marjory Love and
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis called
at the home of their son, Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Davis.
Mrs. Connie Weston and chil
dren visited her grandmother,
Mrs. Vinnie Warren.
Mrs. Gerald Harper, Garry
Davis and Ruth L. Harper and
son, Willard were visitors in
Marietta, Friday night.
Mr. Howard Devoll, Sr. and
Mr. Fred McDonald and son,
visited Mi. and Mrs. Howard
Devoll, Jr. and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Rowlands
spent the fourth with Mr. and
Mrs. Jim Tidd and family.
Mr. and Mrs. James Whetstone
and daughter, Mr. and Mis.
Peter J. Brinkley and son, Miss
Hazel Gressel, Ruth L. Harper,
Wayne, Willard and Willa Ruth
Harper, enjoyed a picnic at
Seneca Lake, the fourth of July
(Monday) and a weiner roast at
Roadside park at Caldwell in
the evening.
Mrs. Mary Wagner and Miss
Donella Swain, of Canton, visit
ed their aunt, Ruth L. Harper
and family a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Raruage
are announcing the birth of a
son at Thompson hospital, Cald
well, one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Cheatham
were callers in Caldwell last
Earnest Ball, Jr., of Canton,
visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Earnest Ball.
Donnie Danford and boy friend
called on his aunt, Mrs. Ruth V.
Mrs. Vinnie Warren was a call
er in Caldwell one day last
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BEX AH. STORK. Caldwell. Ohio.
Farley-Yontz Agency
Phone 14 Caldwell, Ohio
Guernsey Memorials, Inc.
IJ WIS E. YOI Manager
Por Sunday Appointments Phone 268-M
Or See Lewis E. Young, 845 Walnut Street
men's Society of Christian Serv
ice has issued the following cal
endar for 1955-56:
July—Devotionals, Vera Kline
cnicht program, Bernice Hall
refreshments, Mildred Herron,
Erma Mann, Kate Ward, Eliza
beth Barnett and Emma West.
August Devotionals, Vera
Bates, program, Ruth McCoy
refreshments, Francis Watts, Ida
Moore, Esther Hawkins, and
Stella Dalrymple.
September—Devotionals, Grace
McFerren, program, Lillian Yei
an, refreshments, Mary Howe l.
Etta Nelson, Eulalia Taylor, Be
tha Taylor and Carrie Lepage.
•October Devotionals, Ic
Gaither, program, Bernice All
son refreshments, Helen Scol
Isa Conn, Anna Glass, Betty
ons and Alice Langley.
November—Devotionals, Ler^
Shaw program, Margaret S
crest refreshments, Lillian Yeri
an Stella Watson, Bernice Hall,
Ruth McCoy and Vivian Johnson.
December—Devotionals, Helen
Scott program, Esther Hawkins
refreshments, Alta Gregg, Dorcas
Gregg, Jean Roberts, Grace Mc
Ferren and Ruthie Davis.
January—Devotionals, Mildred
Herron program, Fiances Watts
refreshments, Bernice Allison,
Ida Gaither, Lois Klinecnecht,
Mae McKee and Vada Ghrist.
February—Devotionals, Betty
Lyons program, Ida Moore re
freshments, Hazel Scott, Nellie
McDoniels, Nellie LaGrange, Ed
na Harper and Gertrude Harper.
March— Devotionals, Eleanor
Bell program, Hazel Shuster
refreshments, Margaret Secrest,
Goldie King, Mae Paisley, Lena
Shaw and Clanche Conner.
April Devotionals, Vada
Ghrist program, Dorcas Gregg
refreshments, Eleanor Bell, Ha
zel Shuster, Burnice Cogar, Ellen
Hickle and Mary Monroe.
May— Devotionals, Elizabeth
Simons program, Mary Evelyn
Scott refreshments, "share a
dish" committee, Linnie Dudley
and Vera Klinecnecht.
June—Devotionals, Mrs. Kate
Ward program, Ellen Hickle
refreshments, Vera Bates, Freda
Ziler, Mary Evelyn Scott, Eliza
beth Simmons and Mary Mc
Grange To Meet
Cumberland grange will meet
on Monday evening, July 11 at
8:30 o'clock in the IOOF hall. The
refreshment committee is Mr.
and Mrs. George Reynolds, Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Bates, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Conn, Rev. and Mrs.
David Hively, Mr. and Mrs. Har
old Moore, Marjorie Moore, Ruth
Koontz and Ruthie Davis.
Floyd K. Martin, of Lower
Salem route 1, didn't have to
spoil his Fourth of July by going
to court to answer to a traffic
charge. He appeared instead on
July 6. He was forced tc use his
own car when his milk truck
broke down and he was caught
in a traffic check trying to reach
the United Dairy Co., for help
so the milK wouldn't spoil.
Sup*r "2S" h_
IN n tor defdh—md e jmasMinl
Revive! Speaker
Evangelists George and Estelle
Koontz of Pasadena, California,
opened special revival services
Tuesday night at the big tent
located* one fourth mile north of
Ava on route 21.
These services are scheduled
to continue each night except
Monday for two weeks or longer.
Mrs. Koontz is the featured
vocalist and Rev. Koontz does
all the preaching. These evangel
ists came to Ava from Cam
bridge where they have just con
cluded three weeks of special
meetings in the church of the
four square gospel. Rev. Koontz
has conducted more than three
hundred evangelistic campaigns
in the United States and Canada.
Rev. and Mrs. Baker and
members of their local group,
who are sponsoring these meet
ings extended a cordial invitation
to one and all to attend the.se
services each evening at 7:30.
AVA Ben Jones, of Cam
bridge, is spending a few weeks
with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Neis
wonger and son.
Zella Danford spent the week
end with her mother, Lena Bur
lingame and her sister, Ila Dun
Henry Robinson, of Canton,
spent the weekend with his
father, Fred Robinson.
Mr. and Mrs. Davg Alton visit
ed Luther Rayner and wife re
Mr. and Mrs. Shine Rayner
and daughter, Darla, Mr. and
Mrs. Hobart Davis attended the
shower given for Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Trenner recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bates,
of Zanesville, spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bates.
Mr. and Mrs. Allbritian and
son, Danny visited the iatter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harley
Bates, Monday.
Mrs. Bessie Davis is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Ellis Oney in
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Danford
and daughter and Linda Schott,
of Columbus, spent the weekend
with relatives here.
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i y***
Mr. and Mrs. Detmer Eichholtz
of Beech Bottom, are spending a
few days with Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Mitchell and other rela
tives at Middleburg.
Miss Adeline Clark spent
Tuesday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. HaTdy Clark, of near
Mrs. Kathryn Poland and chil
dren, Dick and Beverly, spent
Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Morison and daughter,
Elizabeth Morrison visited
Lenora Estadt, Wednesday after
William Brotton, Evelyn Antill
and Diana Antill spent Friday
at Zanesville.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitchell,
and Mr. and Mrs. Detmer Eich
holtz spent the fourth with Mrs.
Thelma Clark and family, of
Zanesville and other relatives.
Mrs. Evelyn Antill was a call
er in Caldwell, Wednesday after
Mary Lou Clark and daughter,
Becky spent Wednesday after
noon with Mrs. Frieda Clark and
Mrs. Leona Morrison and chil
dren, of Crum's Ridge, visited
Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Morrison and family here.
Mr. and Mrs. John Antill and
sons, Jack and Jeff and Miss
Diana Antill were callers at
Marietta, Saturday.
A club meeting was held at
the home of Mrs. Ida Brotton,
of Rado, last week. Those pre
sent were Mrs. Sara Sailing, Mrs.
Elizabeth Sailing and son, Mrs.
Bertha Nau and daughter, Mrs.
Mary Pilcher and children, Mrs.
Bertha Sailing and Mrs. Mary
Wickham and children.
Mrs. Alice Fogle and children,
Mrs. Evelyn Antill and sons.
Lunch was served at noon and
afternoon was enjoyed with
playing bingo. Mrs. Bertha Nau
won contest prizes.
Mr. Hanford Boyd, of Colum
bus, was a caller at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Arnold
over the weekend, visiting his
wife and children there.
Mrs. Kathryn Poland and Mrs.
Lenora Estadt were busy as
bumble bees, cutting down
weeds, trees and bushes, Thurs
day morning.
Mrs. Dessie Clark visited
Thursday forenoon with Mrs.
Evelyn Antill and boys.
Mrs. Laurie Harriman and
boys visited Wednesday after
noon with Mrs. Ida Brotton and
family, of Rado.
Those who spent Thursday
evening with Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Estadt were Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Morrison and daughter,
Sherry, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mor
rison, Mrs. Kathryn Poland and
children, Dick and Beverly, Mrs.
Ida Broton and Edward Gildow.
Charles Mitchell, Detmer Eich
holtz, and Adeline Clark were
callers at Marietta on Friday
Dock Morrison of Crum's
Ridge, was a caller at Middle-
Thay stand out
IS/I o
Thurvfav, July 7. !H 5
MIDDLERUKG Mr. Charles burg. Friday.
Morrison, of Barberton, visited
Sunday evening with his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mor
rison and family.
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Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark and
children, of Crooksville, spent
the weekend with Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Clark and son and Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Stanberry and
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Morrison
of Old Virginia, were visiting
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Morrison and
family here.
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Morrison and daughter.
Sherry, Sunday. Chicken dinner
was served outside under shade
trees with the trimmings. Those
enjoyed the occasion were Mr.
and Mrs. George Krospought and
son, Danny, Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Morrison and Mrs. Kathryn Pol
and and son, Dick and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Morrison
and daughter, Sherry and Mrs.
Kathryn Poland spent Saturday'
evening at Caldwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Canter
and family, of -Canton, were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hayes and family, of
below Middleburg.
Pori liiakey
Blinkey as well as Macksburg,
join in a welcome to our pastor.
Rev. W. H. Brown and family
back on the /Macksburg-Dexter
City charge'Tor another year.
To show our appreciation a re
ception vyft's given them Sunday
evening after preaching services.
Former Resident Dies
We are sorry to learn of the
passing of a former resident,
Mrs. Addie Archer, of Colum
bus at the home of her daughter,
Angie McConnell. Another dear
old lady, Mrs. Hattie Pyles, pass
ed away, July 4, at her home
here. She was a member of the
Dorcas church school class, tho
unable to attend. She will be
missed by all.
A letter was received from H»
M. Snyder, now of Ashtabula,
saying "Nellie and all the rest
of the family are feeling fine,"
so glad to hear it.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Huffman,'
of Newark, and Mr. and Mrs.
Gerald Alban, of Bexley, spent
the weekend with their sister
and aunt, Lucy Howiler.
Sunday visitors at the Howiler
Lewis home were Mr. and Mrs.
Rudy Combs and daughters,
Ruth, Gladys Ann and baby
Debra. Mr. and Mrs. Hamer Par
cell and son, Ronnie, were also
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Blake, of
Carey, visited at the home of
his father, E. E. Blake, Sunday.
Mr. Blake has accepted a posi
tion as superintendent of the
Logan city schools and will re
move his family soon to Logan.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murrey
and son, Eddie, of Sistersville,
and Miss Josephine Blake, of
Dexter City, were all guests at
the Blake home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Blake call
ed at the home of Robert Mus
grave in Williamstown, W. Va.,
U. S. Rawitf 21 S&^lt

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