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Pige Two
Club Entertained
Council Acts
Demage To Spillway At Local Reservoirl
Mrs. Jack Wilson, Mrs. Joseph I
Buckey, Mrs. Clarence Estadt, I
Mrs. John McWilliams, Mrs.
M.N.0. Bridge Club
Plays In Ferrell Home
to Mrs. Robert Stevenson and
Mrs. Gordon Wood.
Thor,e present were Mrs. Don
ald Mc-Diffitt, Mrs. Joseph
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ment will be placed on the
proposed list.
The two streets, according to
Mayor Nichols, which will get
first consideration, are: the alley
leading up to the grade school
building, and the lower sectiop
of Cliff road from Fairground
street to Mill street, both show
Rumors in C.tldwell, inw.lving ouiie a consequent in! matter.I
Grand Slam Bridge l,he.verBe
Oliver On Leave
Officer Jack Oliver was grant
ed a month's leave of absenct
to fully recuperate from the self
inflicted leg wound which he
received when his pistol ac
cidently discharged.
Clarence Wiley, of West street,
was named to fill in during his
absence. Officer Willis Ralph
was asked to assume the day
schedule and Wiley will
were spiked when a thorough investigation revealed tnat the ser-l store operated was changed tol
the Grand Slam Bridge club on|iarge hole had developed in the Feed store, located on the corner I
from reC
Refreshments were served bylentire length of the
the hostesses to the following: I
the time a Iarge
Kjng to repiace the
Robert Robey, Mrs. Robert Vogel.i ^ue many wash-outs from|
Mrs. Harold Hune, Mrs. Donald I heavy rains over the years.
Moore, and Mrs. John Hazard.
Mrs. Clarence Estadt, Mrs
Robert Searle, Mrs. Robert Stev
enson, Mrs. Gordon Wood, Mrs. I ted
William Davis and the hostess.
The annual 4-II talent show
will be held Wednesday, July 11
in the Caldwell high school audi
torium according to associate
county agent Paul Jonard. The
talents will be divided into four
different groups vocaT music for
two or more, instrumental music
for two or more, dramatics and
dancing. In past years Noble
county has had one or more to
win first place in the district|
talent show.
It is believed that the settling
of the earth-fill in the spillway
caused the thin layer of cdhcrete'
to break. Repairs are scheduled I
to be made as soon as the water
flow is such as to permit the|
village maintenance crew
The M.N.0 Bridge club played
Tuesday evening in the home. concrete
of Mrs. Jack Ferrell in Bronze|
rushed the
lak^ a"d
!oanfy Cffidafs Get
il 38,954 in Salaries
Noble county officials received
otal salaries amounting to $188
154.00 for 1955, according to a
report submitted by State Audi
,or James A. Rhodes, obtained
Pike county showed the high-1
:st per capita cost of county pay
rolls in 1955 with $19.03. Champ
lign was next with $16.59 and|
•hen Noble county.
The 1946 salaries and wages I
for Noble county was listed at
Driver' Toil Monday
the village during the night.
Firemen's Request Granted
Joe Yontz, in the interest of|
the Caldwell volunteer fire
department, was granted permis
sion to use the north side of the
public square for their festival|
which will be held July 25-28. In
the event that additional spacel
will be necessary, a portion of|
the east side of the square will
also be made available to them.
To Concrete Lot
Paul McVay, local funeral
director, was granted permission
to concrete a portion of the alley
Because of complaints regis-1.son, three daughters 15 grand
tered by Paul McKee, of North children, 11 great-grandchildren,
street, work will be resumed to| and two sisters. Three brothers
complete the job of taking out and a sister are deceased
the remaining foots where the| Funeral services will be held
tree« were removed to correct Saturday at 1:30 p. m. at the
the water surface flow on Miller I Clyde E. Thompson funeral home
street. Walter Puling, it was I at Duncan Falls with Rev. Robert
stated, has agreed to complete
his work.
Bond Issue
Council approved necessary
legislation to conform with the
request of the Ohio state pollu
tion board to submit to the voters
of the village at this coming
November elecion a bond issueI Circle Three, W.S.C.S. of the
in the amount of $71,000.00 fori First Methodist church met Tues
the installation of a complete| day evening, July 3 in the church
sewer system and a sewage treat
ment plant.
Mayor Nichols read to council
a letter he had received from
the pollution board stating that
the village had been given
Hannum of Belle Valley
W. Herbert LaGrange
W i i I a 1 i i e o 4
ret i led pa in: ing eo'it i a. tor. form-l
erly of Caldwell, was found dead
located between his present fu-l at his home near Rex Mills lat
ncral home and the newly-1 Tuesday afternooi. IT n tded
acquired lot area purchased from| alone and was four u ai! ny a
the Beymer property. relative
McVay plans to enlarge his I Muskingum county coroner Dr.
parking facilities, thus alleviat-| S. S. Daw, said death was due to
ing the congested traffic con-|a heart attack
dition during the time when| Mr. LaGrange, who was born
funerals are being conducted in Washington county, spent his
from the funeral establishment. boyhood days in Caldwell.
Will Complete Work Surviving are his widow: a
Circle Meeting Held
Tuesday Evening
extension on their permit
install a sewer system until Dec
15. Their action was based up
dining room with Mildred Fink,
Ola Shafer, Elsie Kirehner,
Grace Wilson and Minerva Fraz-|
ier as hostesses.
The meeting opened withl
eidge read the current bill
which were approved for pa
ment. Councilmen present at ti
meeting were wight Will
president Ernest Duton, G.
Jennings, Dean Jennings, ar
Walter Culky. Robert Johnsc
was the councilman absent. I July 22 to 28 has been set aside|
Mayor ©. D. Nichols preside 5 as National Farm Safety Week.
Sunshine Feed store
Is Not Serious, According To Auihoriiies Preparing For Camp
ioss of earth without any change.
an analysis of annual fi-
i8 county auditors.
For Noble county, this repre-|
ented a per capita cost of $16.08,
me of the highest in the state.
The per capita cost is arrived at I
jy dividing the 1950 census
figure into the total amount spent
in a county for salaries and
which the Sunshine Feed I \(,
iousness of its- developement was considerably less in nature than I Wayne Feed Supply Co. The|thru. 21 at Camp Piedmont inl Ethel Pryor. An executive meet
iirst learned.
I change affected the entire group I Belmont county, according tol
Last Friday rumors were floating in the village that the spill-1 stores operated by the nation-1associate county agent Paul Jon-1
way at the Caldwell lake had developed a serious leak and the en-l
... lower section of the concrete| by the company. from July 17-21, they will be| public is invited.
Mrs. Myron Merry entertained I
had occurred and that a I Hereafter the local Sunshine I
Monday evening at her home on I earth-fill resulting from the I of Cumberland and Sprucel Associate agent Jonard said
No-rth street. tremendous volume of water streets, will be the known as the I that all reservations for mem
Bridge was the diversion of the I flowing thru the lake's spillway I Wayne Feed Supply Co. Nojbers who plan to attend Junioi
evening with Mrs. Jack Wilson, I
ent rains. I change will be made in the local I
Mrs. Joseph Buckey and Mrs. I Last year the board of public store. County Extension Office no later
John Hazard receiving the prizes. I
ffairs extended the apron the| Denver McKee will continue I
earth-fill jobl bookkeeper. Other personnel em-l hjs camping session are as fol-
completed by Lawrence I ployed in the store will continue I jows. iaster casting, lamp mak-
Barnharls' Holding
Truckload" Sale
over the broken section. led two semi-truck loads of ap-| in pure clean water.
i The impact of the rumor I pliances. R.C.A. Estate ranees
caused quite a stir in the village I will be featured this coming
and immediately upon being I week, and R.C.A. "1957" tele
advised of the matter, Merwin I vision sets will be on sale at a
Ball, village maintenance fore-1 later date.
.. man, and Officer Jack Oliver The Estate ranges are both
reported I gas and electric and run from
the incident to be less serious I $129.99 up. At the present, tele
in nature than originally re-| vision sets of all sizes, shapes and
descriptions are in stock as a
result of the recent shipment.
James Bill
(Continued from page one
The local governments, includ-1
ing Noble county, will have suf
fered three kinds of losses, as|
reports prepared by thelment. jSSUPd f0 financial institu-
means of certificates of abate-1
They were as follows: Mar-I plementary local government I over to the state department
John Ritterbeck of Zanesville,I financial institution to pay taxes| Thursday, their
obtained chauffeur'.-- license. which would have been allocable| have undoubted
ployed by, financial institutions!
located in the state.
Dick Wehr
roup singing with Mrs. Lela
eyser at the piano. The de-|Wehr migrated to the Wheeling one
otional service was conductedl Blues. I caused the minds to move
y Mrs. Winnie Johnson and Mrs.I While Wehr was at West! more serious avenues the
information submitted to themI iva Guiler was the program lead-1 Liberty, his team won the firstlend result clearly identifies
by the mayor indicating the vil-1 er. Interesting articles werel West Virginia "state inter-col-1 itself
lage's position on the proposed I piven by Mrs. Guiler, Mrs. Ednal legiate conference championship.I Just what good will be derived
bond issue. I Kacey and Mrs. Lois Ziler. I He is a grandson of Mrs. Ednal from placing a water fountain
Bills Allowed I The program calendar for thel Wehr, Lewis street. I in the "imps" stead one
Village Clerk Violet Morgar-1 ensuing year was announced by I Billy Jones will continue asl hardly imagine
Mrs. Sophia Gray. Prayer wasl head football coach and Marvin I good resulting.
'fered by Mrs. Opal Ullman and I P. Wood will go back to his many| Commenting on the situation,
e meeting closed with tin
ord's Prayer in unison.
Refreshments were served by
e hostesses to 15 members.
14-H Club Members
u {y
known Wayne Feed com-larc|
An investigation revealed thatlmade to better identify the busi-l^e camping with HarrisonI hold their social and dance Sat
in the spillway a break in thel£ess with the feed line featured I
I as store manager and Miss Mar-1
4-11 mcinbii.
j)i camping from July 13
tire earth installation was onl Pany- I Junior 4-H camp will be heldl The Altar and Rosary society
°breaking thr»-....Ichurch.
Fuida, wm
mping with Harrison and Bel-
't counties.
ith a thin layer of concrete. At|ce^a Snider will remain thel^ers will be instructed in during
senior camp, must be in the
Monday July 9.
enameled copper jewelry,
wood chip carving, leather work.
«.J»r r_!_ I The camping troop will also
enjoy swimming in a rebuilt
Barnhart's Appliance Store inl swimming pool, according to Mr.
Caldwell is planning a truck-1 Jonard. The pool, which was re
load sale of television sets and I built during the last year
to| ranges. I painted sides and a water filter.
The local establishment receiv-1 so each 4-Her will be swimmin
The loss resulting in 1956 from
the use of certificates of abate-1 resulted to both cars but no oiu
was hospitalized. No changt
were filed by the state patrol.
tions whose capital is not divided
into shares or which have nol
capital stock. The state.tax on[
the capital employed by these
institutions has been held invalid
by the supreme court and there
fore their past payments of the
tax are subject to refund, byI
classes and
Two Cars Damaqed
In USR 21 Accidenl
Dola lJichmond. 12.), of Akron,
suffered minor bruises am
abrasions to her leg in a two-car
collision that occurred on USR
(Continued from .pane one)
and Clarence J. Estadt, car
Charles R. Ankrom, car Paul
Huffman, car George W. Rice
mcnt which can be applied! James A. Phipps, station wagon
against future taxes. The amount I
of this loss to local governments Schafer, truck.
is estimated at approximately I Helen Bober, station wagon
$1,900,000. I Charles W. Remington, cat
The loss resulting from thel Donald W. Drake, car William
fact that, during 1956 and untilf
i _0 i.i -A. Lori, car Paul Kacovec, cat
ing signs of severe erosion be-l or less tnan one-naiti the James bill is enacted, federal I Doris D. Edwards, car
cause of the recent heavy rains. °f what they were in 1955 securities have been and must be I Davis, car Joseph E. Dougla
deducted from the base of the! ear Herman Gressel, car Cl.yae
EStfn f»3tt I tax upon capital of financial in-| Secrest, car Calvin Mendenhali
nvi, rail Institutions generally. This loss isl .ar Myron L. Hannahs, car, am
estimated at $2,025,000 for 1956.1 Richard Robbins. car.
Five peisons wetc successfulI which will result from use turned over to the Treasurer
in taU ing their driver's examina-1 eertificates of abatement in that I Noble county and $108.50 to 1
tions in Caldwell, Monday under I year is estimated at $8,600,000. I Treasurer of the state from 1
the jurisdiction of the state high-l The James bill would create! sale of automobiles during Ju
way patrol. I a new fund known as the "sup-1 The amount of $4.00 was turn
The anticipated loss in 1957| a total amount of $392.72 v..i:
fund" in which appropriated! wildlife from the sale of fishing
moneys would be placed. The! license.
Lela Louise Hill of Summerfield
route 1 Dale L. Fleeman ofl losses suffered by local govern
Lower Salem and John Henry I ment because of the use of cer
Feldner ot Sarahsville route 1,1 tificates of abatement would be
all passed their tests for opera-1 offset by a provision that, when-| -Continued Ironi page one)
tors license. One applicant, Larl| ever a certificate is used by a|to view the ''wreckage" last
actions would
undoubtedly thwarted
to a particular county, thel aims of those in authority a:
auditor of state would draw his| directing the work of de^tr
warrant on the fund, in favor ofltion.
that county, for the amount ofl Instead, one now views i
the certificate used. I location a drinking fountain,
Michael J. Malenda, car
Betts, car Crock and
Garden Spot
'Continued Ir»
to view the
The local government revenue I accepted public convenience
osses resulting from the deduc-lwhen the public square v\
a n of federal securities froml graciously adorned with hit'
:ax base, would be offset! ing racks, a scene common
separately, the bill would pro-1 the yesteryears the horse
vide that each county would re-1 and bug era.
ceive a portion of the money I What would this i:npi\
appropriated for this purpose, I are we transcending or
in the ratio that the value of the grossing in Noble county at
shares of, and capital employed I a time when all the efforts
by, financial institutions whose I our good citizens should b»
principal offices are in the I t)i dinated to attract l'avora
county, bears to the total value I consideration and comment fi
of the shares of, and capital em- those from without!
It is indeed difficult to aco
(Continued from page one)
Institute and after sandwichingI iature "imp" without first hav
in a semester at West Liberty| planned a program to retain
Lawrence officiating. Burial I college, W. Va., picked up his some of the beauty originally ai
will be made in the Duncan Falls
bachelor's degree at Dennisonl forded by the courthouse par
university in Granville. He then I "flower garden".
earned his master's degree in I It is authoritively told that
physical education at Pitt uni-| the merchants of Caldwell
versity. 1 1934 gave
Wehr also played professional|beautiful garden spot within
basketball during 1947 and 19491 the courthouse square. Because
with the Wheeling Blues, after| of a time element, the dedication
he joined the club from the of the courthouse was set up in
Indianapolis Jets of the old Na-| advance of the original proposed
tional Professional basketball date and something of a tempor
league. Kcustsky, a pioneer of|ary nature was provided instead
the pro cage world, broke up his| of a permanent park ornamental,
team after Alex Groza and bis I In 1934 it was suggested that a
Kentucky mates moved into the (fountain spray be installed
Indiana city and that is when| and the installation provided for|
but the passing of time
other teaching duties, after pinch I Monday, the county commission
hitting last year as basketball! ers plan something in the near
coach. I "future'' to replace the dis-i
The only other business trans-|! carded fish pool and possibly
schedule a replanting of several
acted by the board Monday
evening was approval of thel
1956-57 school year budget.
to provide
The general meeting of the
W.S.C.S. of the First Methodist
church will meet Tuesday even
ing, July 10 at 7:30 o'clock in the
memoirs! church dining room. Hostesses
will be Nannie Cheadle and
scheduled for 7:00 o'clock.
Senior camp will be heldl urday evening, July 7. The
of the crafts 4-H mem-
ROBIN HOOD A Real Flour Special!
2 1
near Ava, Friday at 9:45 p. m.
The patrol said the accident
occurred when a southbound cai
operated by Carl Richmond, ofI
Akron, swerved left of center to
avoid hitting another car which
stopped suddenly on the high
way and crashed headon with
northbound auto operated by
James Lomas, 25, of Marietta.
Moderate property damage
45 New Cars
6 i
Cashew Halves
LlOl'IH -l ull *uart
the action of our officials wh
a decision such as this w as i
played in el n.:.nating the on,
a a i v e i s o o e o w n
u a n e o e n- i s u s s e n a n
an I
of the evergreens in the "garden]
A FLO Quart 18c
Liquid Starch
4K's with ltJ I liF.K!
Frank Triplett, of Summer
field, was injured on June 28
while working for the Union
Carbide Corp., at Dexter City.
He was treated at the office of
a local physician for injuries
that he received on his left hand
when he caught it between two
pieces of heavy metal.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gilbey
and son, Jerry of Salem, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Donald W.
Sanford and family of West
gg 2 E S3 fi
69' 59£ 39C 25E
12-OZ PK
'2 gal.
SPONGES -10' 19C
The honor roll of 104 students
achieving high scholastic attain
ments in Ohio State University's
college of agriculture during the
spring quarter included C. Dan
iel Schramm of Harriettsville,
and Larry C. Philpot, of Sum
Most large milk markets in
Ohio are under a federal order.
These orders establish a mini
mum price to milk producers and
do not directly affect or establish
retail milk prices.
25-Lb. Sack
Buy 1 Lb. for 39c Get Lb. FfGc!
»1» S139
In Cello Tube of 4
Potatoes 10
LIBBYS No. 303 Size Can
Spanish Full Lb. Bag—
Toilet Paper 4,
plete. Tables have two extr.i
extension boards. Also gas kit
chen range. Leighton Archer.
832 Lewis street, Caldwell, Ohio
1 od
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Larson
and sons, of Massillon, visited
July 4 with Mrs. Kenneth
Ziler and son, of Florence.
Mrs. Bell Johnson and Mrs.
Shirley Martin and daughter of
Columbus, visited recently with
Mrs. Laura Blake, Bridge street.
.1 I'M
Vacuum Packed
7-OZ. CAN 9
Tomatoes 29
Oranges 2
Blanched Full Lb. Bag—
Open Evenings Until 9:00
For Your Shopping Convenience!
One Delivery Daily 3:30 P. M.

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