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Invncdiut.-iy Mr, E, R. Cunning
ham's illustrated commentary on the rapid
growth experienced by Texas Eastern, many
present at the annual dinner confronted the
speaker with questions regarding the various
developments, such as new pipeline construc-
Texas Eastern had its begin
ning in 1047 when the original
pipeline, which traverses thru
Noble county, was purchased
:y private capital from the
Hearl Fund Drive In
Caldwell Nets $340
Mrs. Betty Murphy, heart fund
chairman for Noble county, re
ported today that a total of
8340.00 had been realized from
the heart fund solicitation made
Sunday in Caldwell and more
•unds are still being received.
The homes were canvassed
Sunday afternoon in connection
'.vith the heart fund campaign
vhich terminates this month.
VIrs. Murphy stated that en
velopes were left at homes
vhere nobody was contacted and
ihese envelopes are' still being
The following teenage groups
'rom the local church organiza
ions assisted in the solicitation:
Gary Davis, Gerald Rex, Marvin
Jackson, Gary Pezzopane, Jim
Watson, Shirley Cunningham,
Nancy Hinkle, Darrel Secrest,
Michael Ball, Stephen Ball, Alan
Brown, Jim Heddieson, Ruth
Lantz, Stevie Johnson, Ray
Heddieson, Janet Buckey, Grace
Brumbach, Melanie Johnson,
Mrs. Twila Ball, and Orton
Mrs. Murphy said she was very
thankful for the fine coopera
tion given to her during the
campaign, and that donations for
the cause are still being received
from anyone wishing to- con
Ed. Ball returned to his home
on East street, Saturday after
being a patient for the past
several weeks in the Good Sam
aritan hospital, Zanesville.
NOTICE—My beauty shop will
be closed until March 18. Opal's
Beauty Shop, Caldwell. 35
FORTY-EIGHT half-size dresses,
141- to 24'a. S5.98. Another
shipment of Toni Todd, sizes 10
to 20 and also sizes 14 to 22, priced
at $7.95 and up. Madge's Spec
ialty 35
WINDOW GLASS cut to accu
rate size. See us for your needs.
D. D. Nichols, Caldwell, O. tf.
"Texas Company
Figures reaching astronomical
proportions were quoted reflect
ing the phenomenal growth of
Texas Eastern Transmission
Corp. since its inception in 1947
by its vice president of opera
tions, Mr. E. R. Cunningham, of
Shrevep-ort, La.
Speaking at the annual Noble
County Chamber of Commerce
dinne'% held Tuesday evening at
'h: Fi: l"V ?shy t".«}vi church,
Mr. Cunningham's well-accepted
explanation of the world's fast
est growinjg company easily
raptivated the imagination of his
listeners as his success story
The speaker illustrated the
various phases of the company's
rapid growth from a large map
in respect to its vast network
of pipelines, stretching as far
-outh as Mexico and Texas
to New Jersey and the eastern
eoast line.
United States government, with
the latter realizing a net profit
of $5,000,000 from its investment.
Relating the company's close
association with Noble county,
the speaker stated that^ it had
81 miles of pipeline within its
confines and employs 29 per
sons at the compressor station,
near Summerfield. One percent
of the company's over-all invest
ment is represented it- hold-
Results of the official counting
of Iballots cast by members of
the Noble County Chamber .of
Commerce to name eight direc
tors were announced Tuesday I
President Robert Whitcomb.
The new board immediately
elected Joe Yontz, of the Yonl
Elswick insurance Agency, pre -i
dent Robert Whitcomb, of
tion and new c«.-u:pro iL-r itatkuii. The map
in the background shows the company's hold
ings over the 1700-mile route, extending from
Mexico to the country's eastern coastline.
Pictured above left to right are: Walter
Quick, D. S. Patton of Seymour, Ind., Joe
Yontz, and Mr.' Cunningham.
S. & H. Laboratories, Inc.,
president and Kenneth Leightor.
plant manager of CGB, secie
The 45 percent of the ballet
returned by members named tlu
following directors: M. A
Brienza, Attorney John W. Ha/
ard, Richard Wehr, William
Davis, Walter Quick, C. J.
Estadt, Dr. Robert Rudge, and
C. D. Elliott.
Elliott is the only new mem
ber of the board.
It is expected that President
Yontz will call a special meet
ing of the officers and directors
to formulate plans for the com
ing year.
Offices of the Noble County
Chamiber of Commerce are now
located on the third floor'of the
county courthouse.
Mrs. Robert Weisend and in
fant son were returned to their
home in Lewisville Sunday,
February 24 from Thompson's
hospital. The trip was made in
the Murphy ambulance.
I AM NOT MAKING out income
tax returns now. Thanks to all
those whose returns I have made
Charles L. Dyer
SEE US FOR your Bottle Gas
needs. D. D. Nichols, Caldwell,
Ohio. tf.
9 9
ings here in Noble county.
In Ohio, Texas Eastern has
746 miles of pipeline.
Mr. Cunningham explained
other developments of the com
pany, with particular stress
directed to the huge under
ground storage project in Penn
Accompanying the speaker to
Caldwell was his wife, Mrs. Cun
Continued on Pago Tvyo)
Vice President
The fact that Cong. J. Harry
McGregor, of West Lafayette,
recently "stormed a blast of
irresponsible words" at the idea
of placing USR 21 on the inter
state highway system with the
possibility of securing additional
federal aid comes as a "grain
of salt".
His provocation lends one to
believe that his action is com
parable to that of a child at
play irregardless of the good
that can result from any major
road improvement in Ohio (his
thinking is such) it can't be good
Richard D. Lafollette, Pleasant
City, was arrested by the state
patrol Tuesday on a charge of
illegal parking. He was fined
$10 and costs in the JP court.
Rachel H. Huffman, of West
Virginia, forfeited a bond of $10
when she appeared before JP
Carter to answer to a charge of
unsafe operation, Friday. She
was arrested by the sheriff's
Roger Kent Miller, of Akron,
was arrested Friday by the
sheriff's department on a charge
of speeding. He was fined $15
and costs by JP Carter.
Alvis Sarver, of Akron, was
arrested by Sheriff Don Conaway
Saturday and charged with
speeding. He appeared in the
JP court where he received a
fine of $10 and costs.
Earl O. Adkins, of Cleveland,
was fined $20 and costs when
he appeared before the Justice
of the Peace, Sunday to answer
to a charge of speeding. He was
arrested by the state patrol.
Arvin Leon Burgess, of Cleve
land, was arrested for speeding,
Sunday. He was taken into
custody by the sheriffs depart
ment and fined $15 and costs in
the JP court.
(Lyle Roy, of Cleveland, re
ceived a fine of $15 and costs
Sunday when he appeared before
JP Leo Carter. He was arrested
by the sheriff's department.
Nolan Hendershott, 23, of the
Harriettsville community, was
taken into custody Saturday
evening by the local sheriff's
department on a warrant from
Washington county. He was in
dicted by the courts there for
COVERS NOBLE. County L/-£ m£ SUN[-NIN-E.
Speeders Are
Given Fines By
JP Leo Carter
Leo E. Carter, Justice of the
Peace, reported seven cases in
the JP court last week. They
were as follows:
400 Noble County
Korean Veterans
Eligible For Bonus
Some 250,000 living veterans
of the Korean Conflict includ
ing 400 from Noble county ahe
expected to file application for
the Ohio compensation, Director
C. W. Goble of the Korean Con
flict Compensation Fund, report
ed here today.
"We are making our plans for
handling this number based on
the best /possible information
available," he said.
The director pointed out mem
bers of the armed forces of the
United States on active duty
between June 25, 1950 and July
19, 1953, may be eligible for $10
a month compensation for dom
estic duty and $15 for foreign
The term "armed forces of the
United States" includes the army
of the United States, the United
States air force, the United
States navy, the United States
marine corps, the United States
coast guard, the army nurse
corps, the women's army cor s.
The term does not include
ROTC, academy cadets, Ameri
can Red Cross, YMCA, the Sal
vation Army, the FBI or similar
agencies and does not include
any reserve duty for training
Director Goble listed the num
ber of estimated Korean Con
flict veterans from this district
who will make application when
the blanks are available some
time in March:
Noble, 400 Monroe, 501 Mor
gan, 446 Muskingum, 2170
Guernsey, 1368 Washington,
1745 and Perry, 863.
Red Cross Drive For runcir
Will Open Friday, March 1
To finance its ever-growing services in the world today, the
American Red Cross will launch its annual campaign for members
and funds in Noble county March 1 and continue the solicitation
during the entire month.
Mrs. Edna Davis is serving as chapter chairman and Franz Mc
Nutt is the fund chairman for the^drive which opens Friday.
Various chairmen have been
Hit And Run Accident
Reported By Sheriff
A hit and run accident is being
investigated by Sheriff Donald
Conaway, which occurred Sat
urday evening at 6:37 o'clock on
USR 21, north of Caldwell.
The sheriff said that two other
cars were involved. William
Montgomery, 32, of Charlotte,
N. C., and Gary Pezzopane, 18,
of Park Heights, were the driv
ers of the two cars.
Both these vehicles were
going north on USR 21 when
they were struck by a south
bound vehicle.
The drivers reported to the
sheriff's department that the hit
and skip vehicle was a Stude
baker with a maroon bottom and
yellow top. It was probably
damaged on the left side, includ
ing the fender, side and head
light, Sheriff Conaway said.
This investigation is being con
tinued with the officials on the
lookout for the above described
damaged Studebaker.
Three members of the local
unit of Ohio National Guards left
recently for six months of active
training at Fort Knox, Ky. The
group included James A. Sholtis
of Mt. Ephraim: Dennis Gerst of
Caldwell and Carlos Bryan of
Ava. The guardsmen will return
to their homes in August.
Icebergs Appear Dangerous—
Efforts Made to Block USR 21
if it doesn't render "me" the
most good.
The Ohio law-maker was
severely taken to task for his
action by The Cleveland Plain
Dealer for his efforts in attempt
ing to block the progress of
making USR 2t a major north
and south highway, plus the
consideration given the route in
regard to placing it on the inter
state system.
Cong. McGregor says the best
route for USR 21 would be thru
his "home town" of West
Lafayette. For^the congressman
designated in the 15 townships
of the county and they will make
a personal solicitation in an
effort to raise their quota of
$2560 for this community.
Executive Secretary E. E. Cun
ningham said that expenditures
in the year ending last June 30
—around 116 millions—were the
largest in 10 years, largely be
cause the great floods on East
and West coasts made the cost
liest disaster year in Red Cross
Fund Chairman McNutt said
"We tend to accept as 'normal'
the situation of nearly 3,000,000
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Monroe Countians Are
Fined On Drunk Charge
Thomas Leasure, 20, oi Monroe
county, near Stafford, and Wil
liam K. Cecil, 38, of Woodsfield,
were arrested Saturday evening
by the local sheriff's department
for drunkenness and disorderly
conduct at the Virginia restaur
Leasure was fined $20.00 and
costs when he appeared before
JP Leo Carter and Cecil received
a fine of $10.00 and costs when
he was arraigned. Both fines
were paid and the men released.
Madge Davis of Walnut street
underwent major surgery Mon
day, Feb. 25 at the Guernsey
Memorial hospital, Cambridge.
to say anything to the contrary
one might think his action
"could be of a selfish nature".
We think his reasoning is
quite obvious, and yet, a person
of his stature in the political
limeligrht should consider all the
facts that which would serve
the greatest good for the great
est number of people in the
The recent consideration given
USR 21 by the three congressmen
thru whose districts the route
traverses, ceijEainly manifests
the interest importance of
County Board of Health In Favor of
Inoculation of Pre-School Children
Public Inoculation Will Be
Studied at Saturday Meeting
The Noble county board of health favors the mass
inoculation of all pre-school children and the administering
of the first, second or third shot of the Salk vaccine to all
school children, according to a spokesman of the board.
Whether a mass inoculation for the general public
could be worked out will be
Gordon Wood, general foreman
of fabrication at the Caldwell
plant, Cleveland Graphite Bronze
company, has been transferred to
the main plant in Cleveland and
assumed his new duties Monday
In his new capacity, Mr. Wood
will serve as a field engineer for
the Cleveland plant. He and his
family moved to Caldwell two
years ago from the St. Thomas
%lant in Canada. The family will
continue their residence in Cald
well until the end of the current
school year.
Manager K. M. Leighton of the
Caldwell plant, announced that
George Daugherty had been
named general foreman to fill
the vacancy. He was promoted
from shift foreman. Eddie Cox,
of the Mt. Ephraim community,
was also advanced from his post
as assistant to shift foreman.
Meningitis Victim Taken
To Her Home In Florence
Miss Anna Mae Lichwarcik.
who was stricken with a con
tagious type of meningitis two
weeks ago, was dismissed to her
home in Florence, Tuesday after
No paralysis resulted from the
disease according to hospital
attendants a{ the Guernsey Me
morial hospital. She is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lich
warcik, and she has two other
sisters of the home, Helen, 12,
and Dorothy, 11.
According to Dr. N. S. Reed,
Noble county health commission
er, the Lichwarcik case of men
ingitis was an isolated case and
no other persons in the county
contracted the disease.
Clifford Stiers, of Ava, an
employee of the Barnhouse
Chevrolet Co., was injured Fri
day, Feb. 22 when he fell several
feet from a ladder. He was
treated at the Guernsey Memor
ial hospital, Cambridge and was
A paper drive will be held
Saturday, March 2 in Belle Val
ley and Caldwell. This drive is
being sponsored by the Belle
Valley American Legion and
everyone is asked to have their
paper in bundles at the curb.
the work being done to realize
for their districts a type of road
that is necessary^ to carry the
increased flow of traffic evident
with the industrial growth
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us help you select your choice
of style shoes you'll need for the
Spring Concert and Dance. Stop
in early! Carl's Shoe Store, Cald
well, Ohio. 35 36 3
this week for the fire depart
meat. 31 tf*|,
discussed Saturday, March 2,
when their monthly meeting
is held at the courthouse.
Health Commissioner Dr. N.
S. Reed said today that he
favors charging for the vaccine
shot and particularly should a
mass inoculation be approved for
this county
Arthur Rich is president of the
Noble county health board and
members are Howard Gill, Earl
Jennings and Dr. E. G. Ditch.
The other member. Leroy Miller
resigned two months ago and
this vacancy has not yet been
filled by the health council,
which includes the mayors of
all the villages in the county
The health board will defini
tely decide next Saturday about
the Salk vaccine for the pre
school children and all others
in school who have not received
their full three shots. This woulid
not include adults.
A mass inoculation fpr the
public in general would have to
administered in an entirely
Including the deficit in the
general fund, this makes a grand
total of general village funds
showing a balance of $31,404.76.
In addition to the above, the
water works fund has a balance
of $16,121.00 the electric light
fund, $26,497.32 construction
fund, $28,880.76 and the general
improvement fund (special),
(Continued on Page Two)
Owen H. Pickenpaugh, employ
ee of the Noble Tractor Sales,
severely mashed his hand one
day last week when he caught
it in a door at the place of his
employment. He was treated at
the office of Dr. E. G. Ditch.
Program Initiated
To Preserve Trees
!n Courthouse Park
In an ail out eitort to protect
and preserve the trees in the
courthouse public square park,
the Ncble county commissioners
unanimously approved all nec
essary means to resolve that end.
At their meeting held Monday,
the board authorized Paul Davis
of the Davis Tree Service, of
Sarahsville, to perform what
work is necessary to prune and
remove all dead wood from trees
in the park.
They also requested that work
be done to treat the trees and
place them in as good a condi
tion as possible.
The commissioners set aside
the sum of $400.00 for this tree
preserving detail.
The need to initiate a program
to preserve the trees has become
more apparent in recent years,
since severe damages have
resulted during the past winters
from heavy ice accumulations on
the branches, causing many to
break at points where the trees
have suffered perhaps irrepar
able damages.
(Continued on Page Two) |l county's temple of justice.
The program will undoubtedly
be a factor in maintaining the
natural beauty of the park which
provides a scenic setting for the
Village General Fund Ends
Up In The "Red" For 1956
It's an old atory but the geneiai fund of the Village of Caldwell
again ended up in the "red" for the year just passed, according to
the financial report released by Clerk Violet Morgareidge.
At theiclose of business in 1955, the general fund was in the reef
in the amount of $2,810.55. Duiing 1956, receipts amounted to $35,170.
34 and the expenditures, $34,453.85. which also reduced th# deficit
to $2,099.06.
All the other funds show a
balance, including the street
construction maintenance at
$21,421.22 the gasoline tax stree
repair and state highway im
provement fund, balance of
$877.02 cemetery fund,'balance
of $101.75, and the parking meter
fund, $11,103.83.
Telegraph Service
Is Discontinued
The Western Union telegraph
company, with fourth district
headquarters in Columbus, an
nounced today that their tele
phone-operated agency office at
Caldwell has been discontinued.
For many years an agency has
been maintained at the freight
depot of the Pennsylvania rail
road company on Main street,
under the management of J. W.
All telegrams from this section
are now sent by calling the Cam
bridge office and having it
charged to your telephone bill.
Two drivers successfully pass
ed their driver's examinations
Monday and received their op
erator's licenses. The tests were
given by the state patrol. Those
who passed their tests were Terry
Lee Lantz, Caldwell and Phyllis
Charlene Palmer.
License Plates To Go On Sale, Friday
The 1957 auto plates, which must be displayed by April 1,
will go on sale Friday, March 1 at the Sinclair service station in
Caldwell, owned and operated by Mike Brienza.
Brienza and Mrs. Mary Hanes are shown here looking over
the first plate which will be issued to John George Noll of Cald
well route 1 that morning.
Noble county will have the W-G, W-H and W-K series. Mrs.
Hazel Starr of Belle Valley is the other registrar in this county
for the Belle Valley community.

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