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Auditor, County
$1.50 PER YEAR
i y
" i
PUns Perfected for A Grand ' Rally
and Review of All Knight, of Py
thias la Fulton County, ia Wamaaoa
May Twenty-Fourth Committee
Appointed Fine Program .
The Wauaeon Ledjr Knigbta of Py
thia havo prelected their plana for a
grand Pythian Rally and Review In
Wattseon on May the. twenty-fourth
and are putting forth every effort to
carry out the plana to a successful
fluidh. -The Wauseon Lodge expects
to entertain all the Knight of Pythias
in Fulton county and any others that
may l coaxed over the Stat line
from adjoining states. They ara plan
ning; to do thia entertaining on a
frrana scale and it looks as though
May 241 were- likely to be a sure
enough "Red Letter Day" on Wau
sn s calendar. In the first place the
Wfiu.-woa Knights are aiming to make
their Lodge reach the 300 mark in
membership before the great event
tranr.pirea and every day they are
diag nearer to that goal.' There ia
not 'a snore patriotic order '.'nor one
whose working principles are nobler
or more worthy in America than is
the order of Knights of Pythias and
naturally it is bound to grow in num
ber ad strength; it appeaU alike to
the young man and to the-older man;
notie of its members are. likely to
forget the lessons it impresses upon
theot and those-who apply those les
sons in their daily life and conduct
cannot fail to be benefited themselves
and to be a benefit to everyone else in
the community; these facta are the
rea.K.ii for its growth aad the reason
why Wa'iseon Jodire will .reach the
"Three Hundred, Mark.
Hera is the "Line Up" that will car
ry, the "ball" over the 300 mark and
will make a great auccesa of Pythian
Db In Waaseon May 24th: .
( ctniTutt in Charge: R. 3. Camp
ben. C L. Coif, F. C. Smallman. This
committee is a member, "ex-officio of
all of the 1 following sub-committees
and as each member ia a "live wire",
reafUts are likely to bo attained by
evry committee. ,
R-wpfaon Committee: Earl Harger
Wm. Croninger, Wm. Fink. ,
S: vic Committee: Gordon Turn
bull. Kay Tumbull.
Refreshment Committee: W. J. Har
per, C E. Trory, D. B. Dill.
Iecrating Committee: Bert Dimke
John Itatt, F. J. Spencer. '
Advertising and publicity manager:
V7"vne B. Harris.
Committee responsible for the suc
cess of K. of P. Day, May 24th: Every
mmhr of Knights of Pythiaa Ledge
No. 156.
All together, Now I
May twenty fourth 3001! .
Th program ia one to inspire every
person in Wauseon; we are not going
to specify in detail this time, but here
are a few of the features Visiting
lodges from near and far. Teams that
have won enviable reputations for
their splendid work, our own famous
Wauseon Page Rank Team, The First
Prize, International, D. O. K. K. Drill
team of Toledo, A Great "Feed",
Vaudeville, to make "good digestion
watt on" appetite", a monster parade
headed by Wauseon Band. If you
want to know more, "see the large
billa." But get ready for a great
day in Wauseon May 24th.
The "forty-second Serai-Annual Con
vention of the York township Sunday
School Association will be held in Del
ta, Sunday April 30th, 1916. i, ,
Afternoon Session ' "
Standard Time Used
2:00 Song Service led by D. E. Corbin
2:20 Devotional '. ....H. G. Kelligg
Special Music
2:26 Address . .T. L. Rynder, Tuledo
2:65 Round Table ....O. J. Uodge
$40 County Work ... .A. Valentino
' Delta people invites country work
ers home to supper with them and en
Joy the evening session. ,
' Evening Session - . '.
7:00 -Song Service.
7:20 Devotional C. A. Price
7 :25 Report Executive Committee,
Election of Officers. -Offering.
Special Music ; :
7 ;40 Address T. L. Rynder, Toledo
Presentation of Flag
t O. J. Wisman
Arthur Valentine; President.
O. J. Wisman. Vico Pres.
' E. L. Sindel, Secretary
Will be awarded to the Sunday
School having the largest attendance
'if Teachers and Officers at each ses
sion. -
TVio Flag to be awarded at each con-
I All Superintendents "of Sunday
Schools of York Township are 're
quested to do present at i:4o p. m. ior
the nomination of officers for tho en
suing year.
H. A F. MEETING. ' .
Fulton County Horticultural and
Floricultural Societies will hold their
next meeting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Simon Wagner, near Shiloh
chnrch May 4th. . Topic for discussion
"The Retired Farmer Who Moves to
Town is a Detriment to the Commun
ity". T. 3. Halsey.
"Some Things Necessary in Corn
Growing". Oliver George.
"Do We Observe Decoration Day in
a Proper Manner." Mrs. Geo.' Reig-
Recitation, Miss Bebee.
- Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
From a small beginning the sale
I anft nejh aF tVt! ittiaHv h&R l-rr.pnrlAl
to all parts' nf the United States and
to many foreign countries. When you
have need of such a medicine give
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a trial
and vou will understand why it has
become so popular for coughs, colds
and croup. For sale by all dealers.
Package cakes Desert's Food Sil
verSpanish Fruit Sunshine just
like home made every Saturday
William'a Cash Grocery.
Celebration of Shakespeare Tercen
tenary in Wauseon, Thursday May
4th Stratford Shakespeare Class,
Schools and Clubs to Co-operate
The Wauseon Class is Toledo!
Some two years ago the Drama Lea
gue of America started a movement to
observe the tercentenary of the death
of Shakespeare. They have met with
a generous response, for throughout
the length and breadth of the land
this year, , various celebrations are
taking place, honoring the memory
of William Shakespeare -. His 'birth
and death occurred upon the same day
of the month April 23.
The Stratford Shakespeare Class of
Wauseon with the co-operation of the
schools and clubs have arranged an
interesting program and tree planting
for Thursday May 4th, at :30 p. m.
and they hope to make it a gala. This
is to be a community event of no small
importance so all ' are invited to be
present ta the court house grounds
promptly at the above hour when an
elm tree will be planted. '
"Since nature s own memorial will be
Most meet for him who loved her pass
ing well."
Mrs. Robert Morris, who- has in
stilled respect and love for the im
mortal bard, into the hearts of Wau
seon students of Shakespeare for the
past- eight years, will be present to
give an address. She is one of the best
known Shakespeare students in the
Song "Under the Greenwood Tree",
by grade pupils. .
Folk . Dance, High School Gymna
sium Class, v
Address, Mrs. Robert C. Morris.
Recitation, O, Little Town Avon,
Brandon Schnorf.
Planting of the tree ' with earth
thrown upon roots by various clubs. "
Musk, "Who is Sylvia", by High
School pupils. - v-
Should the weather be unfavorable
the exercises after the tree planting
will take place in the cou?t room.
The Ariel Class of Toledo will be
guests of the Stfatford Shakespeare
Class May 4. '
" This is Shakespeare week in Tole
do. They have three programs daily.
all free, something to suit both artist
and artisan. , 1
Twenty Wauseon ladies enjoyed the
luncheon at the , Woman's Building
I Monday when i over . -three hundred
, Shakespeare enthusiasts enjoyed songs
iand stunts, original and uniaue. The
Stratford Class made a decided hit, a
regular ovation was accorded them,
when they gave -their original song,
set to the tune of the -Australian re
cruting song.", The words for the
song were written by a member of the
Wauseon Class and the music was
sent from Brisbane. Australia by Mrs.
Ed. Eager. Mrs. Graham' Lyon sang
the verses and the entire class joined
in the chorus. The class received
many compliments upon the musical'
talent displayed. Following are the
words of the song and chorus:
You've heard of bills for Millinery j
And bills for women's clothes.
While gas and coal and ice buls.
Make the angels lachromose;
There are pork barrel bills in Congress
And 'dollar bills that fly,
But this "Bill" that we tell of
Has a name that cannot die,
So come and join our chorus,
Sing his praises to the sky.
Then here's to you, Bill Shakespeare
In our hearts you live to day,
O, wisest of sages, you'll live for aye;
You teach us and inspire us
If we to you are true,
And we love you, bless you. thank you;
Then Bill, here's to you.
Don't think us disrespectful,
When toe say just what we feel
For we've been reading Bernard Shaw
Whose gospel is "Be Real".
Tho our husbands fnme and bluster
We just calmly con Bill's lore,
And instead of cooking dinner
We send them to the store.
Then of our deep devotion
Need we tell you any more.
Mew officers of the Stratford Shake
speare Class elected at the last meet
ing are: . - '
President, Mrs. Frank H. Reighard.
Vice President, Mrs. Chas. Humph
reys. ,
Secretary, Mrs. Chas. P. Gnsier.
Treasurer, Mrs. M. L. Altstetter. '
Chairman Executive Committee.
Mrs. W. T. Campbell
Chairman Program Committee, Mrs.
W. H. Eager. . .
1 . i
The Social and Vital Statistical re
port of the Probate Court shows that
during the year, ending April 1st,
1916, there were forty three wills pro
bated and admitted to record, and
there are now about one hundred es
tates in the course of settlement, fifty
four of these appointments having
been made during the last year, and
there are now one hundred thiiy-eight
guardianships and trusteeships pend
ing in said court. During the year
twenty-five children were placed under
guardianship, as well as seven im
beciles and four insane people. -
June was the banner month for mar
riages, with 23 licenses issued and De
cember a close second with but one
less, April 1 1915, the lowest with only
eight couple united. . -'
There were twelve committed to
the Toledo State Hospital for treat
ment and a number sent to Gallipolis
for Epilepsy.
In addition to each estate, guar
dianship and trusteeship, there were
a number of pieces of real estate sold
through the court and a number of
duties performed which can not be
shown by statistical report.'
We desire to sincerely thank tne
rwiio-V.hr a nrl -friends who so kindlv
Ion tViair aid HT)H RVmTl&thv at the
death and burial of our uncle, Thomas
. nan. .
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Porter,
Presidential Preference Primary and
Election of State and National Dele
gates Brings Out Light Vote in Ohio
Only 757 Votes on President in
Fulton County.
Only The Latest Thought Can Be found Tailored in Our New
Summer Ladies' Models
Mits aoe Goats
Already for Your immediate antfcipatioti,-they are beautifully;
tailored creations that are bound to move you quickly and decidedly.
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you as?unusually big Values, Quality.
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please you.
Lm ieJr i La O
While Out Shopping You Will Do
t Well Shopping Here
The pressure distribuiton over the
American Continent and adjacent
oceans . is such as to indicate cool
weather during the week in all north
ern States, the Plains States, the
Kocky Mountain and Plateau regions.
and the Ohio Valley, and normal tem
peratures in the Southern and Pacific
fatates. The change to cooler will be
pronounced over the Northwestern
States by the middle of the week, and
t is probable that this cool wave will
be attended by general' frosts the lat
ter half of the week over the region of
the Great Lakes, the Ohio and upper
Mississippi Valleys, the Northern
Plains States and the Rocky Moun
tain region. There will be unsettled
weather at the beginning of the week
along the northern border from the
Great Lakes eastward, and it is pro
vable that a disturbance will develop
aver the far West Tuesday or Wednes
day advance to the middle West Thurs
day or Friday, and to the Easte rn States
near the end of the week. This dis
turbance will be attended by general
precipitation,, with some probability
of local Snows in the Northwest. Jiix
eept for the period of unsettled weath
er and precipitation attending this
disturbance and the unsettled weather
at the beginning of the 'week along
M-ie northern border the weather will
be generally fair during the week.
Dates of , Wauseon's 1916 Redpath
Chautauqua Alice Neilsen, Montra
yille Wood and Other Celebrities on
' The Program Full Seven Day Pro
gram. "
Early reports from over the State
indicate that only about twenty-five
per eeni. oi tne electors of Ohio par
ticipated in the first Presidential Pre
terence Primary and the election of
delegates to the State and National
Conventions by the direct vote of the
electors. By the attitude of the peo
ple of Ohio it would aDDear that this
inovation is rather unpopular and it
i3 pretty certain that here in Fulton
county if the people could have their
way it would be forever abolished.
Several were heard to remark that
they would not vote for a candidate
lor representative . who would not
promise to vote in the legislature to
have the law establishing this primary
repealed. 'Election Boards in all the
preciacts lolled around in the voting
places all day with practically noth
ing to do, and some of them did not
even cast a ballot for themselves. In
Lyons precinct there was just one
vote cast; not one of the Election
Board in that precinct voted. Over in
Amboy township there were just seven
rotes cast. There were 464 votes cast
in the county for Theodore E. Burton
by the Republicans and 293 for Wood
row Wilson' by the Democrats mak
ings a total of 757 votes and that is
practically the total vote cast in the
county last Tuesday. In Clinton town-
snip not a . single vote was cast by a
Democrat. Following is - the Count
unofficial, of the Presidential prefer-
e i TU J f tV. 101C U
nat were cast in the county. Kepubli-1 . ui ii.xu vyuouw.u4uo
can: Burton, 464, W. G. Webster 73. , aic, """"b-
DeWatea T ot-o-o. Tic,,.; AAn ea Dut it is understood that they will
Proctor 262. Sullivan 242 Willis 405! be?in ab?ut the ?rd .week . August
Giffin 238, Glaser J38, Tyler 125. ?Pa continue eignt nays. nans tor
Democratic: Wilson 293. Marshal, fori"1 "! WCCB- w.el!! meeting
Vice President 208, Monnett, vice! iusday a"ended by the local com
President 9.9. rWatAa t T snra-! mittee and J. A. Bumstead of the Red-
Campbell, 217, Cox 206, Harmon 200, IP31 company, oiumous. it is stat-,
fomerene lbb, Monnett 102., p-" ""uUmj, i-
The heaviest vote polled in the coun- """ yiiu j oe me most
, in Sw,n rair t?o moinnrf expensive ever oftered for a $2.00 sea-
where Burton received 77 votes and son ticket- . f
Wilson 56. Swan Creek township had Although there are to be no enter
a SDecial local ODtion election on and taimnents on Sunday, the full seven ;
uutb caiieu out me votes m tms town- p j f vgiflui wm uc given, great
ship; the township voted dry by a ' additional expense Manager M. V.;
majority of 67. . I narrison oi tne unautauqua uompany
Karly returns show that Burton has ' is aomg away with all Sunday pro
he majority of Republican votes cast grams, and is holding the talent and
with practically no opposition. Sena- equipment an extra day in each city,
tor Harding leads as Delegate at m oraer tnat a program oi tne usual
Large to the National Convention length may be enjoyed
with Governor Willis a close second. Among the other innovations to be
On the Democratic Ballot the name of introduced is the tour of Miss Alice
Henry Ford was written in on 2000 ' Nielsen, prima soprano of the Metro
ballots in Cleveland in the place of politan and Boston Opera Companies.
Woodrow Wilson. Campbell, Cox, 1 She is to come to this city in a private
Harmon and Pomerene all pledged to car, accompanied by a competent com
Wilson are without doubt elected as pany of supporting artists. Patrons
Delegates at Large to the -Demo-1 will be glad tol know that the greater
cratic National Convention. ipart ot her program is to be in En-
The Board of Deputy Supervisors gush. Miss Nielson, said to be this
of Elections finished their canvass of .country greatest lyric soprano, has
the vote on Thursday. It seems to take been called "The American Patti.
I III When a check is received bearing I
H I the name, "First National Bank", it - I
I I carries with it prestige and the Te- j
llll cipient knows the maker of the check 111
HI) has sound banking- connections. j
I II - , Irioffering the services of this bank, I
we are placing at your disposal bank- 11
I ing relations that must reflect to your . , J
I II advantage in ' all 'your business II j
I II - , dealings, which is prestige. I
First National Bank
"The BANK-BY-MAIL Bank ;
Wauseon, - , - - - Ohio
I For six weeks Napoleon, set his
. i men to work to build bridges across
1 the Danube so that he might , cross
I and successfully combat tne' Arch-
. 4j D tt -i - i duke, and by the cleve ruse, he mar
Austria Pays Heavily for Crossing ched li5o,000 troops to the opposite
Swords With Napoleon $16,000,000
, Disbanding Half The ", Standing
Army Besides the Severe Losses of
War, The Price Paid. V ,
By Earle M. Wood.
Austria had massed a 'large army
ready to strike Napoleon, when he
raced back from Spiin, determined to JS5':, Wh P Z
Hflni fi, v; t e . bombarded their center with his
Si.de under coveri of the darkness-
As Charles was strongly fortified at
Aspern, and was expecting reinforce
ments. Napoleon attacked the village
of Wagraim. in order to prevent the
xwoj amiee joining forces. ' Mar
shal Bernadotte opened the fight by
taking the village by storm, but it
was instantly retaken by the equally
courageous Austrians. The Aus
trian drive was now on in full fury,
and they were fast cutting their way"
to the Dridges, when the Emperor
Showing almost every NEW EFFECT, such as in most favor and demand. All Ideas in Millinery
T have broadened thi3 Season, thus giving an unlimited range of designs. Our Hats are not expensive, but
the distinctive Quality is veCV discernable just the same. Therefore you can secure Ideal Millinery, Quality,
: they are not high priced. -
Our Quality, Our Prices, are Not Comparative Features
PorSets TheSpencer-Edgar-VollmerCo,
W Wauseon's Exclusive Dry Goods Store
just as long to go through the for
mulas for a light vote as for a heavy
one ami it certainly 'tosts the county.
just as much.
On last Saturday night after M. W.
McConkey had retired his slumbers
were suddenly disturbed by the Honk,
Honk, of the Automobile and the next
he knew he -was ordered out of bed
and informed that this was his 48th
birthday and fifty-one of his friends
had taken possession of his home and
M. W. says I surrender, glad you came
but I wasn't looking for you.
After several hours of social chat
in fact about the last hour of Saturday
night, refreshments were served. The
following persons were present:
Mr. and Mrs. 1. McConkey; Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Blair and Lon Walters;
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ruhlin and grand
daughter Helen; Mr. and Mrs. Al Zim
merman and son George; Mr. and
Mrs. F. M. Newcomer and daughter
Louise: Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Sigg and
family; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Zimmer
man and family; Mr. and Mrs. Clair
Tedrow and family and Mr. Chas.
Tedrow; Mr. and Mrs. John Kaiser
and son; Mj. and Mrs. Jim Croninger;
Mrs. John Baumgardner and family;
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. McConkey; Mr. and
Mrs. Milton Griff m and son Blair;
Mr. and Mrs."E. J. Beebe and daughter
On Sunday at two o'clock of May
7th will be the dedication of the M. E.
church at Oak Shade, a little village
eight miles north of Wauseon. The
members have been holding their
services for the past sixteen
years in the school house but now are
so happy to have a pretty little
church of their own. The Ladies Aid
have done much toward gathering
monev while other members and
friends have contributed beautifully
with money and work ' to bring it
about. Rey. O. P. Hoffman of Wau
seon will officiate at the dedication
service at two while the nastor will
preach at 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sun
day School at a:3U a. m.
There will be special revival ser
vices all the week previous beginning
April 30. You are invited.
Fridav Anril 28th.
The Wauseon Methodist Orchestra
will give a program of orchestra se
lections, quartets, trios, etc. Also
snvSnhone and bell solos, vocal quar
tets and readings. One and one half
, 7- J! 1 1J 1. i nJ ftwi
nours ul guuu iiveiy muit uu j.uu.
The orchestra has more instruments
and a better program than ever be
fore. Commences at 8 o'clock p. m,
Come and eijoy the evening. Admis
sion 10 and 20 cents.
Salt Risins- bread Raisin Whole
wheat Bran Rye every Saturday
Williams Cash Grocery,
William Owen and Company are to
present Charles Rann Kennedy's
'Servant in tne House , on Chautau
qua's third night. Pallaria and his
New York band are featured on the
fifth day. Montraville Wood, with his
monorail car, gyroscopt car and ultra
violet ray, is to entertain on the fourth
night u , ; .
Among the other interesting fea
tures, details of which will be publish
ed soon, are the Music Makers, Signor
Bartolotta, Thomas Brooks Fletcher,
Fredrick W. Maurer, only American
survivor of the Stefarisson Arctic ex
pedition, Dr. James S. Kirtley, the
boys' man, and the American Girls.
The Wauseon Methodist Orchestra
will give a Concert at . the Taylor
M. E. church Friday evening May 5th.
The orchestra has more instruments
and a better program than ever before.
One and one half hours of good music
and entertainment. A free will offer
ing will be taken, one half of which
goes to the Taylor church. Come and
enjoy the evening.
Information For Women.
Housework is trying on health and
strength. Women are as inclined to
kidney and bladder trouble as men.
Aching back, stiff, sore joints and
muscles, blurred vision, puffness un
der eyes, should be given prompt at
tention. Foley Kidney lolls restore
healthy action to irritated kidneys
and bladder. Fink & Haumesser.
w, mab uiun. xuc XVUlli Ul OitA- : , 1 1 . . . .
ony and the King of Bavaria, who!avjL TSTy' ia-XT i ?T
to add to the mighty troops eady ! Mafshal Macdonald with a larp body
to add to tre mighty force of French, !- fantry. began to roll up the wmg
Italians, Dutch, Belgians and Ger? the enene,S army, , and , when
mans that he was leading against the Charles .saw that he could no longer
Hapsburgs.' The Austria! armies i
were under the command of the Arch-j lrom tpfr bloody fidd, beaten, I
duke Charles, and were in possession' - The Hapsburgs were then only too
of the fortress of Ratisbon, which the ' Slad 001116 to terms in order to pre- v
French moved acainat Th crarri son vent the bankruptcy of their "country.
uiaue a spirited resisience Dut tneyj--"0 iuiiii xcuw .uul.u.u
were compelled to retreat into Bo- i Pay $16,000,000 -to France and
hernia, and the French, quickly over-1 agreed to disband half his standing
powering all the minor keys to the!army- - ' ,l" - '
capital, iouna themselves in posses-. Jby the same treaty, .Napoleon cut a t
sion of Vienna in just three weeks.; slice from Austrian Poland and hand
But the Austrians who had evacuated i ed it to the Kine of Saxony, while
the city had destroyed - the bridges I other pieces of .territory were annex
over the Danube, and if Nanoleonied to Bavaria and Italy. Austria .
wished to crush the Austrian army, i had paid heavily for her vain attempt
he must bridge the river and march i to. crush Napoleon while his back
his troops across. ! was turned. .- - ',
. Operations for crossing the Danube ! ' ' ' "
were made at points near the villages j SEILER-HOCHSTETLER.
of Aspern and Essjing, and when' . . "- V '
about 35,000 French had crossed, the ,v0n, Wednesday evening April 12 at
Archduke hurled his mighty host up- the home of Mr; Mike A. Seller, one
on them to drive them into the river nd one half mlJes west of Tedrow
Marshal Lannes was in command as was th a very pretty and
Essling, and time and again he beat impressive weddmg when the daugh-
ott the attacks of the Arphdnke. "?x ui''u,i m.'
wmie tne village of Aspern was
taken and retaken, first by the Em
peror, then by the Archduke.
The following day ; the Austrians
opened the battle with a heavy ar
tillary bombardment. The Emperor
sent for re-enforcements and, under
standing that they were.' coming, he
ordered Lannes to direct a mighty
drive at the Austrian center. But
the Danube had, risen and the re
inforcements could not cross, and as
the Austrian attacks grew fiercer, he
was obliged to order a retreat.
As the iFrench vwerte re-cros'sing
to their main army, a few under Mar
shals Massena and Lannes held the
foe at bay. The latter had thir
teen battle wounds, when a shot car
ried away both his legs and he was
carried to the rear dying. ;
riage to Mr. Glen H Hochstetler of
Fayette. -The close relatives and a'
few invited guests were present, num
bering twenty in all. The wedding
ceremony was performed promptly
at eight o'clock by Rev. A. D. Miller
of Tedrow, the pastor of the bride..
After congratulations, the happy com
pany partook of a two-course wed
ding supper. Decorations were lilies
and carnations.
Mr. and Mrs. Hochstetler will be at
home to their. many friends ' on the
farm of his parents,' north west of
All players desirous of trying but
for the Wauseon team report at dia
mond next Sunday afternoon at one
City Conveniences
For Country Homes
You can have all the advantages of running water ' ySf j '
1 1 . 11- . - TT I T L- T.; - X
expense u y iiisiaiiiug a iiuumci x ucuuuiui. v, aicr
Supply System. Think what it would mean to
every member of your family to have hot and
cold running water in the kitchen, bath room and
laundry; how much time and work it would save
to have it piped to stock tanks, stables and other
points about the premises.
Hoosier Pneumatic Wafer Supply
are planned separately to exactly meet the conditions
under which they must operate. They may be inexpen
sively installed in old or new buildings. Come in and let
ns help you plan your system now. or write or phone and we will call, take measure
ments and quote you prices. You ofce it to every member of your family to do
away with the drudgery of pumping and carrying water, so act on thia matter now.
Hoosier Pneumatic Water
Supply Systems can be
operated by baad. wind
mill, fjasoline enQine ov
electric motor.
Telephone 628
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